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At the end of a war which lasted 50 years
The Great Asian Federation has defeated the European Federation
Almost all of the Eurasian continent has been brought under control
But the severe discrimination and oppression of the government which strived for Unitarianism
has ignited terrorist uprisings everywhere. Among which the war of the 7th district
has worsened dramatically.
The Military Department has decided to assign more troops in order to crush the resistance.
Many young people are being sent there.
-*-C A S S H E R N-*-
...That I, today, on this meeting of the Health Department of the Glorious Asian Federate Republic
...may present the findings of my research to you is truly a great honour.
As you all know
Our country has improved prosperity on the whole of the Eurasian continent
But we should not stop here and rest
We should strive for even greater prosperity.
The very first issue to solve is Public Health.
radioactive and Industrial waste, bacteria used in chemical warfare
More than 60% of all our citizens suffer from these life-threatening diseases
The situation is becoming dangerous
Especially the physical mutation rate has risen to a hopeless level
Already our current medical technology fails to offer treatment.
I will now present you the results of our research
Which is ShinzoSepo ( Neo-Cell)!
The findings of my research was the discovery of the existence
of a special cell which I call NeoCell.
The NeoCell is the sourcecell which can be transformed into any kind of human cells.
Into all organs, skin, bone, sinew, nails, haircells.
Since this NeoCell is biologically produced
Whenever you need an organ you can make one.
Just like that!
You could even generate a body unrestricted !
And there are no rejection syptoms
This is exactly what we all have waited for.
It is the dream of new technology.
What is the practical use of it?
If I had the facilities then I could now..
Its only a theory... we have many researchprojects too.
Father, are you going to listen to this?
Until now this theory could not be tested
if you provide me with the facilities and the budget for my research
then all citizens could benefit greatly from this.
You and your children...
Your parents...and..
your beloved wife!
Let's get married when the war is over.
Are we fighting so that we may see this kind of landscape?
50 years is so awfully long.
Now I don't even have the strength left to crawl...
I read your thesis.
Regeneration through NeoCells
It is really a marvel of new technology.
IF you really can make it work.
Of course I can.
if you can continue your research, right?
Dr. Azuma!
Those bunch of Health Department stiffheads can't recognise the value of your research.
No, it wouldn't be good if they would.
Because here the word for 'original human'
has become a taboo.
I believe I haven't introduced myself yet,
I am Naito Kairo from the Nitco Hairol Company
Actually we were ordered by someone to build a researchfacility
for you using your thesis as directive.
What... How? -The Military gets around..
General Kamijo?
Perhaps if you would like to come by tomorrow?
The Army base is where your research facility is.
Your wife...
You said she was ill?
What do you have to say?
we can make our dreams come true.
- Azuma Residence - Mr. Kozuki! Just a little bit to the right..
Yes, that's good.
And perhaps if you put your hand on your daughter's shoulder?
Aah yes, great.
Are you thinking of going to Kyoko (city)?
Even though you are sick?
Does Luna have another plan again?
If my friends are fighting I can't just stay behind.
Don't you want to become a doctor?
I only want to serve my country.
You don't know what war is!
Well, it's better than being a coward.
Can't we get along just only for today?
Enough mother!
Keep taking pictures, please.
Congratulations with your engagement!
Thanks, father!
Kozuki! I'm so sorry!
Please excuse me, but I have to prepare for the new research facility
- 1 Year Later -
- The 7th District Frontline -
Shoot! Fire damn it!
If you don't shoot he will shoot you!
Just hold on a little bit longer...
I will come back and save you!
- Asian Federation Military Base -
Please wait a moment.
Dr. Azuma!
Dr Kozuki is waiting in the lobby.
send him in
In here?
- Yes! - Yes, sir.
I'm sorry that I called you over.
- Did you come with Luna? - Yes, she's waiting in the lobby.
She wanted to have dinner with Midori.
That's a good idea! Let's get together and talk sometime.
Midori must be lonely too, now.
Yes... Already 1 year has passed.
It seems that Luna is having a hardtime cause of this Tetsuya punk.
Still no word from him?
At the very least he should write me...!
For starters he enlisted into the army just to defy me!
Well, he's a man and isn't it natural for a man to want to surpass their father?
That prick doesn't respect me.
Because I am too absorbed in my research I have thrown away your family life
And I still haven't been able to save Midori
But aren't you almost finished? Your NeoCells...
Amazing! already this much...
Good work!
aah well...
If you get injured at the front you can replace it with that.
You make people like me, who make armor suits, useless, I'll lose my job.
It's not finished yet
But there's no time anymore!
Midori... Is her situation that bad?
She is almost completely blind
But she still continues working
The structure of the leaves are being destroyed.
The color is darkening
Aren't they taken care of?
How are the delegates?
- I don't know... - wait!
Did you hear that?
no I didn't hear anything...
No, someone's coming.
- I'm sorry but would you check it out for me? - yes
I'm back!
You said you couldn't make it.
Wouldn't it be better if I was next to you?
I have to make it work!
No really...!
I can't believe it... You have come back!
I will have to thank the Gods!
Have you met Luna yet?
I am about to.
You have to, she has been waiting for you!
I know..
Oh just look at how I behave!
She is coming to our house to have dinner with us.
Everybody will be so surprised!
What's wrong?
They say he's dead!
Sergeant Techuya Azuma...
On 16 September...
has died with honour
Sergeant Techuya Azuma has bravely fullfilled his mission till the very end
He was truly..
Truly a great soldier
He was an gentleman with great understanding
He was...
a great warrior.
The Military will take care of the funeral of second lieutenant Azuma.
We will pay for everything, arrange it according your wishes.
I have left you alone for meaningless work
Even though the most precious thing was right here sitting next to me
I didn't realise that time goes past so fast
I know I am too late
But from now, I will always be with you
His remains will be sent here
They will hold a State Funeral for him,
Did you tell Midori...?
They already informed him
Abnormality in the Bio-chamber!
We don't know what's causing it!
Tank! Tank! The circuit can not regenerate!
We have to cut the synclines!
What 's that?
The Bio signature is changing
It's the NeoCell!
They are joining on their own... It is regenerating!
Dr Azuma! What is going on?
Code 206 sound the alarm! Code 206 !
Its me! Naito! Do it...!
Hurry up!
Dr. Azuma! We have to leave!
Open the door!
Open the damn door!
- Who has ordered a 206! - Director Naito...
That stupid shitbrain!
It probably has escaped through the drainage
- Look for it ! - wait!
wait! Bloody wait!
We're done inside, search outside. Outside !
We don't take orders from you.
I am the one who had the General talk to you!
Your soldiers should just obey me!
Go outside!
Inform the Headoffice!
My daughter is inside!
I'll come with you.
What's wrong?
It is going this way
I will inform you as soon as I know more...
Let's go inside
Get a hold of yourself !
What are you doing?
What are you doing! Azuma!
Techuya is dead!
I don't want to come back, father!
Stop I said!
Kozuki! Help me
What happened?
Let's go out through that door
Techuya asked you
Techuya asked? What do you mean...?
He asked you not to change imperfect humans
Don't die...
You have to live
Don't freakin' die on me!
What did you do!
What the hell did you do...!
Thank you. Proceed
They might go to the 7th district
-Kozuki Residence-
This is a prototype armor suit which I have developed
Its not finished yet but it can withstand all kinds of outer pressure
It is designed for fast attacks
Techuya's muscles have grown excessively
If it continues he will burst out of his skin
We have to block this pressure
You don't like war, do you!
People dying...
Its pretty stupid, isn't it?
When will it end?
How many more have to die to make this end?
Will there ever be peace?
We live!
Yes, we undoubtedly are alive
But the humans don't see it that way
They not only hunt us down, but also slaughter us
As if they bring justice to the evil...
But we have the same rights as they do!
Life is a struggle for survival!
The wish to be alive is stronger than anything else!
Is it so superior to only glorify one kind of life?
There are no grounds for that!
But the humans have created us (for visible balance)
If that is their right to do, than the opposite must be true too
We also have that right and the possibility.
We will build ourselves an Empire
A place to give our lives to... A place to live for...
A place to guide our dreams
We will found an Empire of the dead Shinzo ! (Mutant human)
We will exterminate...
All humans!
We are the Shinzo!
Is everything ready for the next attack?
All strategies to counter any kind of attack are in place.
According to the report they have 8 scientists
They have scientists who are working on Computer, Armor suit, Nuclear Programs
It is safe to use it as our new facilities
What is the situation of the facility?
Then we will pursue our goals of an Empire through these scientists
never mind...
According to this new info the Shinzo are going after this facility
It says they will use the scientists to make robots
The Military has from now on, not only to all keyfigures of the government
but also to all scientists, biologists, physicists, issued an official warning
This is as much as I can do
It's not finished but it will stop Techuya bodily pressure
You are Kozuki of the special Armor Suit Research team, right?
I will escort you!
The fate you have to bear
is so harsh...
But that also...
must have a meaning
It undoubtedly has
You have to realise that
I'm so sorry!
Don't look back
Techuya! stand up!
You have to get up!
Who the fuck are you?
How come you are still alive?
Get out! - Get lost!
Are the NeoCells not finished yet?
I don't have much time left!
If you say it's not finished yet then there's no need for you to be alive!
No you can not! Naito!
You are all the same!
You don't care about anyone else - Say it again!
I said you only care about your own ass.
As a son of the General you should know better!
Can you not see the enemy who is right in front of you? The Shinzo.
That even in this situation you petty people just continue on
You rule this Nation...
I just can't ignore it.
Do you have any idea what you are saying?
OF course!
From now on the Great Asian Federation is under my rule!
I'm sorry but the time in which old men rule us is over!
Are you satisfied?
General Kamichu!
Let me introduce
I'm Dr. Azuma
You are that bastard who made those mutants!
Why would you do such a thing?
I didn't mean to!
I thought you would be happier...
I didn't create them!
You didn't say how they started to move!
Shall I tell them that you came here but you have no answers?
The Shinzo are growing stronger every day
If you can not brief the Military on their weakpoints or how to attack them
then we are all in danger!
You can continue your research
but your wife will be the responsiblity of the Military
Maybe it's because you made those Shinzo
Wouldn't that be the best thing for now?
Your time will come in the end
Why do people fight?
IF you don't want to get hurt you be the one to hit first
Dying, trying not to die ...
It's always the same
Look! How did I do that?
Look at what?
aah that
Even my father died...
what should I do?
what you should do? Do that!
If you think it's allright to pick up a gun
If you do you could end this sorrow right now.
Stop that!
Don't say anything stupid!
You fought, didn't you!
It seems that that is all I can do for my country...
You went to battle of your own free will.
You don't know what war is like!
You don't know what war is...
You don't know!
What's that sound?
If you are with me you will die
You are leaving me behind?
Do you want me to be lonely?
Can't you see
what humans did to them!
If you look at yourself
you are obviously human
you are a warm and lovely human!
I am not human!
I don't have anyone else but Techuya...
Techuya... - Luna!
Get yourself together!
Don't die!
You have to live!
Follow me!
Beloved citizens of the Great EastAsian Federation
I bring you sad news
A few days ago our General Kamichu
has fallen in a violent anti-government Terrorist attack
Luckily he is still alive But he can not resume his duties
Therefore the Senate has decided to appoint me Kamichu Mikio
To take over my father's duties
He called me Frenda (friend?)
But we are not even close...
Typical Airpollution...
We have to take drastic measurements
- For humans, By humans, We have to build our ideal State
It should be a country as good to live in as its name...
What were you two doing over there?
that is so polluted it is dangerous to be there...
You should not go there if you don't have a good reason to be there!
What's your name?
I'm Techuya
I had a son of your age...
Did you see the wastepiles on the way here?
Many people must have died...
Here's nothing left anymore
What happened?
Don't let anyone in!
What's so dangerous?
Don't you know there are Spies!
You are paranoid!
They believed there used to be here a Protector (God) called Casshern
Because of that believe...
We lived together without any problems
But not long ago this peace wasn't meant to be anymore
because of petty rivalry with our neigbouring countries
Without cause these violent Terrorist released their anger...
Fear and paranoia has frozen our hearts to ice
We, bunch of mistrusting lot
We invaded other countries in the name of selfdefense (sounds like George Bush^^)
Casshern has probably already left us
In the end a joined invasion was staged
They're humans, aren't they!
Let's go!
Stop it!
Why do you attack them?
We can not let them get away
This place is already dead!
No, not yet!
These Terrorist keep on coming!
Maybe they are terrorists too!
I don't know!
I am just following orders
I don't know whether I should kill you or not
Come on, I'm on your side
He is one who has lost everything because of them.
Can this village be saved?
That bloody bastard!
It's fair now!
Who the fuck are you?
You have a human body!
Open it!
Kill them all!
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