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Subtitles for Cats Meow The CD2.

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Cats Meow The CD2

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00:00:03:But Marion could never|leave the castle 00:00:06:'cause if she did she'd realize|she'd never really lived. 00:00:08:- Why are you doing this to me?|- Because we're meant to be. 00:00:11:- Just words...|- No, passion! 00:00:14:I don't mean|passion for... yachts 00:00:16:or gin or dope 00:00:18:or the goddamn Charleston! 00:00:20:I'm talking about... 00:00:22:I'm talking about... 00:00:32:Tom: Now that, 00:00:33:boy, that is|a thing of beauty, WR. 00:00:36:I tell you,|I may be married to Nell, 00:00:39:but boating is my secret love. 00:00:42:What? Oh, yes.|Secret love. 00:00:45:And this boat... 00:00:47:has always|made me happy. Calm. 00:00:49:My God,|it practically purrs! 00:00:52:When I come down here,|this sound calms me. 00:00:55:You're a civilized man, WR. 00:00:57:Why does that surprise you? 00:00:59:Tom: Because, you have the power|to act uncivilized. 00:01:02:You could overstep the rules,|but you don't. 00:01:05:Before I'd call you|a rich or a powerful man, 00:01:08:I'd simply call you decent. 00:01:10:- Thank you, Tom.|- I'm notjust saying that. 00:01:13:It's amazing to me|how civilized 00:01:16:you've been|behaving all weekend. 00:01:18:- I mean... considering.|- Considering what? 00:01:23:Well, it's clear... 00:01:25:Chaplin has designs on Marion. 00:01:27:I mean... 00:01:29:the nerve of him|flirting so blatantly. 00:01:31:After you. 00:01:33:Everyone knows|what he's up to. 00:01:36:It must be so infuriating. 00:01:38:Yes, I have everything|under control. 00:01:40:- What do you mean "everyone"?|- What? 00:01:43:You just said "everyone" knows.|Who's everyone? 00:01:45:Well... 00:01:46:everyone on this boat|for example. 00:01:49:If someone|was coming after my Nell, 00:01:51:I don't know that|I'd be able to exercise such... 00:01:54:impressive restraint. 00:01:57:You always|have to keep control. 00:02:02:Otherwise you're|just like everybody else. 00:02:04:Dr. Goodman: Excuse me... 00:02:05:- Could I get into the library?|- Damn! I locked it! 00:02:09:Sorry about that, Dan.|I'll see you up top, Tom. 00:02:12:"Up Top, Tom," try to say|that three times fast. 00:02:16:WR? 00:02:22:Thanks for the weekend. 00:02:23:Ohh. 00:03:08:- Lolly: Thanks for playing with me.|- Don't mention it. 00:03:11:It really is|rather dull, isn't it? 00:03:13:- What is?|- Ping-pong. 00:03:15:- I thought you wanted to play.|- I did. I want to get better. 00:03:19:Anybody who's anybody|plays ping-pong. 00:03:22:It is rather dull. I only play|'cause I can beat Tom. 00:03:25:- Tom Ince?|- That's right. 00:03:27:Why should it matter|if you can beat Tom Ince? 00:03:29:Because Tom Ince is my lover. 00:03:33:That is fascinating. 00:03:35:I mean,|that is truly fascinating. 00:03:37:We only just met, 00:03:39:and yet you instinctively|feel like you can trust me. 00:03:44:You know something,|Margaret, 00:03:46:that's happened to me|all my life. 00:03:48:People feel|that they can confide 00:03:51:their deepest|darkest secrets in me. 00:03:53:Like you just did. 00:03:55:I hate to burst your bubble,|I would have told whoever 00:03:57:was on the other side|of that ping-pong table. 00:04:00:Yes, but how fortunate 00:04:02:that I just learned how|to play ping-pong 00:04:04:or else you might have told|the wrong person. 00:04:06:There are wrong people,|you know. 00:04:11:Yes, I know. 00:04:13:Don't worry,|your secret is safe with me. 00:04:16:My serve? 00:04:22:... I'm just wild about Tommy 00:04:26: And Tommy's wild about me... 00:04:29:(cork pops) 00:04:31:Marion! Marion! 00:04:33:Bring it in! 00:04:35:Happy birthday, Tom! 00:04:38:(crowd cheering) 00:04:40:Make a wish! 00:04:43:All right, here it goes. 00:04:48:(applause and cheering) 00:04:52:Would you take it to be cut?|Thank you. 00:04:56:All right, hold it down back there.|Hold it down. 00:04:59:I want to propose|a birthday toast 00:05:01:to my good friend|and cowboy creator, 00:05:04:- Thomas Harper Ince,|- (cheering) 00:05:06:one of the giants|of the motion picture industry. 00:05:10:Tojust give you an idea|of how big he is, 00:05:13:he's just made a proposal|that we merge our holdings 00:05:16:in the motion picture industry. 00:05:18:We haven't come|to an agreement yet, 00:05:20:but I can say, that he's one of|the most insightful and... 00:05:24:observant men|I've ever known. 00:05:28:Perhaps now's the time... 00:05:30:I hereby call this meeting|of the board of directors 00:05:32:- Officially over!|- Hearst: All right, all right. 00:05:36:Music, music!|Here's to Tom! 00:05:39:(music plays) 00:05:40:Thank you, WR. 00:05:42:You're too generous. 00:06:03:Now the real thing on everyone's|mind is whether or not 00:06:05:Willie will let us have|another glass of champagne? 00:06:09:Is that what's on everybody's mind?|A second glass of champagne? 00:06:12:Well, it's on my mind,|I can tell you that. 00:06:17:I do not ask much. 00:06:20:But the little I do ask I... 00:06:22:must be respected. 00:06:25:Hearst: I don't say this... 00:06:27:as a threat, 00:06:29:It's just a wish|I have as a man. 00:06:37:I... 00:06:39:I... 00:06:43:I'm a man|asking for people to... 00:06:45:behave according to my wishes... 00:06:50:on my boat. 00:06:51:Why is that|so difficult to understand? 00:06:58:Charleston! Charleston! 00:07:00:Charleston! 00:07:02:Dah-da-da-da-da... 00:07:25:Excuse me for one moment. 00:07:27:I'll be right back. 00:07:29:- Everything all right, Tom?|- Yeah. Damn ulcer. It'll pass. 00:07:38:Didi: Watch it, Charlie, 00:07:40:we're doing the tramp now. 00:08:08:I'm proud of you. 00:08:10:Proud of what?|I'm observant, I'm insightful 00:08:12:but I still|don't have a deal yet. 00:08:14:- Tom, for God's sake...|- You don't understand. 00:08:18:I need a firm decision from him|or this whole weekend is worthless. 00:08:22:- Let's dance, Georgie-Porgie.|- Certainly. 00:08:31:Ladies and gentlemen, 00:08:33:I give you Marion Davies, 00:08:36:The New Tramp. 00:09:24:WR. 00:09:25:Hello, Tom. 00:09:27:I have to thank you again|for making this birthday so memorable. 00:09:31:Don't mention it. 00:09:32:Tom: I also want to thank you|for your kind words 00:09:35:about my business proposition. 00:09:37:I really think|we'd make a great team. 00:09:39:Yes, Tom. 00:09:42:Partnerships of any kind|are based on two things, 00:09:45:trust... 00:09:47:and sharing. 00:09:50:If you had information to share|with me I'd trust you to do so. 00:09:54:That's why I think it best that|I bring something to your attention. 00:09:58:While you've been busy|being such a gracious host, 00:10:01:I've been keeping an eye|on another situation. 00:10:26:Thank you, Tom. 00:10:28:I needed to know. 00:10:31:Now I'll... 00:10:32:I'll handle this matter. 00:10:41:Lolly:|You see what I want, 00:10:43:I want Mr. Hearst to listen to me|but I don't want to be rude. 00:10:46:You'll get nowhere with WR|by behaving politely. 00:10:49:Really? 00:10:50:Good manners are|for waiters and doormen. 00:10:52:Writers and artists are exonerated|from such impractical behavior. 00:10:56:(chattering)|(giggling) 00:10:59:Best to avert your eyes, dear. 00:11:03:But what about the baby, Charlie? 00:11:05:Willie'll turn the lead|into the biggest scandal. 00:11:08:The press knows already.|There hasn't been a scandal yet. 00:11:10:It'll be a scandal|if you don't marry her. 00:11:12:Or worse, if you run off|with some gorgeous blonde. 00:11:15:They'll rip you to pieces. 00:11:18:You'll look so pretty|while you're digging my grave. 00:11:20:Stop. 00:11:50:- (knocking)|- Come in. 00:11:53:I did it. 00:11:55:I got to Hearst. 00:11:57:(chuckling) 00:11:58:You didn't get him just yet. 00:12:01:I've taken care of any worries|the old man might have. 00:12:03:I'm glad someone's worries|have been taken care of. 00:12:06:Oh, come on, honey.|I mean... 00:12:09:I'm feeling good right now. 00:12:11:Don't spoil it for me, okay? 00:12:13:I wouldn't want|to spoil anything. 00:12:15:I'm having the best time, 00:12:17:playing ping-pong|with Lolly Parsons 00:12:19:and hanging around for those|moments you want to screw! 00:12:23:I'm sorry that in the middle of|trying to save my professional life 00:12:26:I wasn't able to give|your acting career a boost. 00:12:29:Margaret: This isn't about|my acting career, God damn you! 00:12:31:This is about us! 00:12:34:I... really don't have|time for this. 00:12:37:I want out. 00:12:39:Not again. 00:12:41:- No, not again. This is it.|- I'm liable to take you seriously. 00:12:44:Really?|That would be the first time. 00:12:49:All right. 00:12:50:I can see that you're in no mood|to discuss this rationally so, 00:12:54:I'll take a walk on deck,|let you calm down. 00:12:57:But, if you still want out, 00:13:00:please have the decency|to be discreet. 00:13:02:Why, I'm the very flower|of decency. 00:13:11:Here's your|goddamn birthday present! 00:13:14:(music box plays faintly) 00:13:29:Shut the hell up! 00:13:52:(chattering) 00:14:10:We've got to say the hell|with the press and Lita and Willie 00:14:13:- 'cause we believe in us.|- Charlie... 00:14:16:I know, I know.|Time, time... 00:14:17:My mother always said,|"Romantic love fades. 00:14:20:Marry for sympathy|and friendship." 00:14:22:But you're not married. 00:14:25:Yet. 00:14:27:Uh-hmm. 00:14:43:Maybe Marion's awake. 00:15:11:I loved Willie...|or I still love him. 00:15:13:- You gotta think about us now.|- Hey, have faith in me, okay? 00:15:16:I have faith.|What do you think about this? 00:15:18:"The Gold Rush," starring|Charlie Chaplin and Marion Davies. 00:15:22:- What?!|- I gotta replace Lita. 00:15:25:- So, I'm your second choice?|- You would've been my first if... 00:15:28:If I had slept with you sooner. 00:15:31:Both: Yeah. 00:15:40:We were good tonight. 00:15:43:Well, I was good. 00:15:45:I was better. 00:16:08:Oh my God! 00:16:18:Tom: Marion? 00:16:21:- Tom. It's you.|- Who were you expecting? 00:16:23:No one.|I... had a chill for a moment. 00:16:30:Can I be frank with you? 00:16:35:If I'm going to be|overseeing your pictures, 00:16:37:I need for us to come to terms|about a few things. 00:16:40:Things that are... 00:16:43:troubling WR. 00:16:45:Like? 00:16:47:Like you and... 00:16:49:Charlie. 00:17:00:And I'd be the first to admit|that I had my share of indiscretions. 00:17:06:But I need|to know the truth 00:17:08:in order to balance|your needs with... 00:17:10:with those of WR. 00:17:14:(footsteps approach) 00:17:16:(thud) 00:17:22:He will find out, you know. 00:17:26:And when he does, I'd rather be|someone who can help you. 00:17:31:How do I look?|Silly, right? 00:17:47:Charlie had certain feelings for me. 00:17:51:But I've convinced him|that it's useless to pursue me. 00:18:04:Marion:|He says he loves me. 00:18:06:But there was never any love. 00:18:08:At least not from my side|there wasn't. 00:18:10:I don't love him.|I never have. 00:18:13:So... that's it. 00:18:18:That's really all there is. 00:18:41:Noo! Nooo!! 00:18:43:What? Be quiet!! 00:18:59:Oh my God, Willie,|what the hell did you do? 00:19:25:(telephone rings) 00:19:29:Yes? 00:19:30:I'll be right there. 00:19:34:(ringing) 00:19:40:Hello? 00:19:43:- What?!|- Marion: Hurry! Please! 00:19:45:Oh, Christ's sake! 00:20:12:I didn't mean to do it. 00:20:15:It was an accident. 00:20:39:Ahhh!! 00:20:41:Oh, for God's sake! 00:20:44:Dr. Goodman: Joe. 00:20:45:Shut her up. 00:20:58:- Is he dead?|- Dr. Goodman: No. 00:21:02:It's okay, Lolly.|It's all right. 00:21:07:Ahh! 00:21:09:Shh... it's okay. 00:21:13:Come on,|let's get you to your room. 00:21:17:We've got to get him|to some real facilities. 00:21:19:Where's the closest port? 00:21:21:Chief?|Where's the closest port? 00:21:26:It must be San Diego. 00:21:29:Come on, Pops,|let's stand up. 00:21:36:Marion:|Here, let's go this way. 00:21:48:Willie... 00:21:50:- That was Tom.|- Willie. 00:21:52:That was Tom. 00:21:54:Look at me. 00:21:55:- Huh? What?|- You've got to be strong. 00:21:59:Why? 00:22:02:Why did you say... 00:22:04:there was never any love? 00:22:11:That wasn't about you. 00:22:13:Who then? 00:22:15:Charlie. 00:22:17:I was talking about Charlie. 00:22:20:Is that true? 00:22:22:Yes! That's who|I was talking about. 00:22:28:You see, 00:22:30:you are my... 00:22:32:my whole...|whole world! 00:22:49:Is he gonna die? 00:22:51:- Maybe.|- God help us. 00:22:54:- God is who we work for.|- Then God's in trouble. 00:22:57:Come on, who do you think|got Coolidge elected President? 00:23:00:It's just Tom Ince|lying here, right? 00:23:03:- Who knows Tom Ince?|- Just a guy, I guess. 00:23:06:Less than that. 00:23:09:Hearst: lf... 00:23:10:if we move him,|what are his chances? 00:23:13:It's hard to say, WR, 00:23:15:there doesn't seem|to be an exit wound. 00:23:19:The bullet's in his brain|and he's still alive? 00:23:21:It's not uncommon.|Lincoln didn't die right away. 00:23:25:If they'd known more about bullets|and brains he might've survived. 00:23:28:- We know any surgeons in San Diego?|- Nobody we can trust. 00:23:31:I'd rather get a private ambulance|from Los Angeles and treat him up there. 00:23:35:Then get cars for the others|two hours later. No sooner, Joe. 00:23:38:Hearst:|Lincoln was overrated. 00:23:40:Let's move Tom now so we can|get him off the boat fast. 00:23:43:- Your cabin would be best.|- All right. 00:23:45:I think he's trying|to say something. 00:23:47:WR, 00:23:49:why don't you take Marion|to her cabin and... 00:23:52:you give her these. 00:23:54:It'll help her sleep. 00:23:56:You can handle that? 00:23:58:Of course I can.|I'm not a child! 00:24:00:Tom's gonna be all right.|Aren't you, Tom? 00:24:23:Is everything all right?|I thought I heard noises. 00:24:26:Everything's fine, George.|Go to sleep. 00:24:39:l... I'm sorry... 00:24:41:I just... 00:24:44:Poor Tom... 00:24:46:I feel so... 00:24:48:He's gonna live. 00:24:50:I know it. 00:24:53:Hearst:|Dr. Goodman told me. 00:24:55:He said that... 00:24:58:Abraham Lincoln was...|never mind that. 00:25:03:Here. 00:25:05:You have to take these. 00:25:32:- Grab him!|- I got him. 00:25:36:Yes?|Is someone there? 00:25:39:It's just Dr. Goodman... 00:25:41:(music playing)|(faint chatter) 00:25:44:Dr. Goodman:|...sorry to wake you. 00:25:46:That's all right. 00:26:13:(door closes) 00:26:23:- All right.|- Joseph: Okay. 00:26:27:I'll get things started. 00:28:52:- WR?|- Hmm? 00:28:55:Hearst:|Joe, yes, yes. 00:29:05:Dr. Goodman: Be careful,|just lift him very gently. 00:29:09:That's it. 00:29:12:Be careful.|Watch his head. 00:29:17:Hearst: What the hell?! 00:29:18:I thought we said the cars|wouldn't be here for two hours. 00:29:22:I don't know|what he's doing here so soon. 00:29:25:- Hearst: He's not one of mine.|- Joseph: I called Chaplin's driver. 00:29:28:- God damn it, Joe!|- He always insists on his own man. 00:29:32:I didn't want to arouse|any more suspicion than necessary. 00:29:38:Hearst: Oh no.|No suspicion at all! 00:29:52:Woman's voice:|Hello? Hello? 00:29:54:Nell? WR Hearst here. 00:29:57:Nell:|Mr. Hearst, how are you? 00:29:59:- I'm fine, Nell.|- I'm glad to hear it. 00:30:01:Unfortunately, Tom's had|an accident. A bad one. 00:30:04:Nell:|Oh dear God! What happened? 00:30:06:- Nell,|- Yes? 00:30:08:I don't know to tell you this,|except to start by saying that 00:30:12:Tom's been very depressed|about his business lately. 00:30:15:Nell: I know. 00:30:17:Well, I hate to be|the one to tell you, 00:30:20:- He's been unfaithful.|- What do you mean?! 00:30:22:Just let me get there,|will you? 00:30:26:He uh... 00:30:27:he's taken to her|very strongly, 00:30:29:and to the best of my knowledge...|she tried to end it. 00:30:33:Nell: Please, tell me|what's happened to Tom. 00:30:35:Now, Nell... 00:30:37:well, God-save-'im,|he shot himself. 00:30:39:Huh? Shot himself? 00:30:40:Nell, he's alive, 00:30:43:and he's getting|the best of care. 00:30:45:Our Dr. Goodman|is escorting him to your home 00:30:48:by private ambulance. 00:30:51:Nell? 00:30:54:Nell: I'm here. 00:30:57:Give me the name of his|private physician. Can you do that? 00:31:00:Nell:|Yes. It's Dr. Glasgow... 00:31:04:Ira Glasgow in... 00:31:05:Hearst:|That's fine. 00:31:07:By God, Nell, I'll make sure|none of this gets in the papers. 00:31:10:- Nell: Oh my God, you have to!|- I just said I would, Nell. 00:31:14:Now... 00:31:15:you've got to remain strong|and silent, 00:31:18:and wait for Dr. Glasgow. 00:31:20:We'll have him there|any time now. 00:31:23:Nell: I'll wait for the doctor...|bless you, Mr. Hearst. 00:31:25:No one will ever find out. 00:31:28:I value Tom's friendship|too much for that. 00:31:31:- Sorry, what did you say?|- His friendship, Nell!! 00:31:34:- Of course...|- We... 00:31:35:we're telling everyone|that it's his stomach. 00:31:39:- His ulcers.|- Ulcers, yes. 00:31:42:I know this is hard, 00:31:44:but I've got to hang up now|and call Dr. Glasgow. 00:31:47:- You just sit and wait.|- Just sit and wait... 00:31:50:- Goodbye, Nell.|- Tom. Poor Tom... 00:31:52:(Nell sobs) 00:31:54:Goodbye. 00:32:30:(light knocking) 00:32:32:Yes? 00:32:35:Good morning, Chief. 00:32:37:You seem well rested. 00:32:40:Yes, well... 00:32:42:whatever Dr. Goodman gave me 00:32:44:put me right to sleep,|thank goodness. 00:32:49:I'm so glad. 00:32:53:It was a tragic accident,|Mr. Hearst. 00:32:56:Yes, Lolly? 00:32:58:Still... 00:33:00:these things do happen,|as they say. 00:33:03:It's nobody's fault, really,|when you consider all sides. 00:33:08:You're very good at that,|considering all sides. 00:33:11:You meet so few people|capable of considering all sides. 00:33:16:It's a goddamn gift. 00:33:19:Mr. Hearst, 00:33:21:I must confess, and... 00:33:24:I know I've been|a bit obvious but l... 00:33:26:you have a second to talk? 00:33:28:I have two|and one half minutes. 00:33:32:Good. 00:33:34:Well, I was gonna break one of|your golden rules this weekend 00:33:38:by mixing|business with pleasure. 00:33:40:I was going to ask you|about expanding my syndication 00:33:43:with a more prominent by-line. 00:33:45:Why didn't you say something?|I'm sure we can arrange... 00:33:48:I was going to say something|but then I started thinking, 00:33:52:and the only way I can have|a real effect on the readers 00:33:55:and the community that|I'm covering, 00:33:57:is if I have time. 00:33:59:Lots of time, 00:34:01:WR. 00:34:03:I agree with you, 1 00%. 00:34:06:I'll have the office draw up...|an eight-year contract. 00:34:09:Eight years? 00:34:10:WR, now really. 00:34:12:Eight years won't do|either of us any good. 00:34:16:We're at the point|in our careers 00:34:18:where we need security. 00:34:20:Security? 00:34:23:Security from whom? 00:34:26:The wrong people. 00:34:29:There are wrong people,|you know. 00:34:33:I know. 00:34:35:I'm willing to devote my life|to Hearst newspapers. 00:34:39:But I need to know|here and now 00:34:42:that you're willing|to grant me the life I want. 00:34:46:You give me my security... 00:34:48:and I'll give you yours, WR. 00:34:53:For a lifetime. 00:34:58:Lifetime contract... 00:35:04:Is that a question 00:35:07:or an answer, WR? 00:35:16:(chuckling) 00:35:20:I swear I heard a shot. 00:35:22:Celia: Some people|will say anything to get attention. 00:35:26:I did! 00:35:27:I heard noises all night.|But not a gunshot. 00:35:29:The only shot Didi was close to|had whiskey in it. 00:35:33:(laughing) 00:35:35:Be quiet,|I know what I heard. 00:35:37:- George: I heard noises too.|- Margaret: Have you seen Tom? 00:35:40:George: No. 00:35:41:Barham: Why have we stopped?|Where are we? 00:35:43:Waiter:|We're in San Diego, sir. 00:35:45:But I don't know the plan.|We weren't scheduled to stop here. 00:35:48:Barham: I'm aware of that. 00:35:50:Elinor: Perhaps he's|taken up shooting fish. 00:35:52:(laughter) 00:35:59:(door opens) 00:36:03:It's just me. 00:36:05:- I love you.|- Is he all right? 00:36:07:He's gonna be fine.|Everything is. 00:36:10:Now you go back to sleep. 00:36:20:Kono. 00:36:22:What brings you to San Diego? 00:36:24:They told me change in plans. 00:36:26:- Who told you?|- Mr. Hearst's office. 00:36:28:- Has anybody left yet?|- Just the doctor and the injured man. 00:36:31:- Injured?|- There were bandages on his head. 00:36:34:- There was blood.|- What man? 00:36:36:I don't know. For a minute|I thought he was you. 00:36:39:- Was he conscious?|- Not to my eyes. 00:36:50:Goddamn Jap! 00:36:54:...Or WR shot an albatross|for our breakfast! 00:36:56:Hearst: You know it's bad luck|to shoot an albatross. 00:36:59:- Good morning, Charlie.|- Good morning. 00:37:01:- All: Good morning.|- Unfortunately, I have bad news. 00:37:04:Tom Ince took ill last night|and decided to leave early. 00:37:07:- What was wrong with him?|- He said his ulcers were acting up. 00:37:11:- Why didn't anyone call me?|- Hell, we wanted to, 00:37:13:but Tom said|not to bother you. 00:37:15:He's fine.|Dr. Goodman is taking him home. 00:37:18:Where's Marion and Lolly? 00:37:20:Ah... they looked after Tom|during his difficulties. 00:37:23:You know,|Lolly has an ulcer herself. 00:37:25:They were up half the night.|They're both still resting. 00:37:30:Which... 00:37:32:given the delay, 00:37:33:means that we have to cut|ourjourney short here in San Diego. 00:37:36:- You're kidding.|- All: Oh, no. 00:37:39:Don't worry,|I've already got cars for everyone. 00:37:41:Didi: We must go up|and visit the birthday boy. 00:37:44:Hearst: That's a splendid idea. 00:37:46:However, there is one thing|I want to ask you, 00:37:50:and I can't say this|with enough seriousness. 00:37:56:To our eyes,|Tom Ince left this boat 00:37:59:with a bout of angry ulcers. 00:38:02:But I can't begin to imagine|what the press is going to make up. 00:38:05:Wild birthday party,|illegal alcohol, orgies... 00:38:10:Reputations are...|so fragile. 00:38:13:Just terrible. 00:38:15:They'll link|Tom's innocent ulcers 00:38:17:to every secret|everyone of us ever kept. 00:38:21:And drag us all down. 00:38:24:So, 00:38:25:I'm asking you tojoin me 00:38:28:in uh... 00:38:29:in an oath of silence. 00:38:31:Just a little one. 00:38:33:You were asleep,|you left early, 00:38:36:any excuse you like. 00:38:38:But you do not know 00:38:39:what happened to Tom Ince|aboard this boat. 00:38:45:I would love|to take an oath... any oath. 00:38:47:Me too!|Let's make it in blood. 00:38:50:(laughing) 00:38:51:Rather dramatic, WR,|but I'll take an oath to that. 00:38:54:- Barham: Of course, why not?|- Hearst: Good. Thank you all. 00:39:02:Marion? 00:39:10:Oh, Charlie... 00:39:13:Are you all right? 00:39:16:What the hell|is going on here? 00:39:20:I'm sure I speak for Tom when I say|thank you all for coming 00:39:23:and making his birthday|such a memorable event. 00:39:26:Why don't we all pack|and meet on deck in an hour? 00:39:30:George: WR! 00:39:33:Did all this happen|before or after I saw you? 00:39:36:Saw me? When? 00:39:38:Last night, in the corridor. 00:39:40:You didn't see me, Tom. 00:39:42:It's George, and... 00:39:44:All you have to do is get|in that limousine and go home. 00:39:51:But he doesn't|even look like me! 00:39:53:He... he... put on your hat,|it was dark... 00:39:57:Willie... 00:40:00:Jesus! 00:40:06:Excuse me, Mr. Hearst.|Are you sure Tom's all right? 00:40:09:He's just fine. 00:40:10:Everybody is talking about noises... 00:40:13:sounds, gunshots... 00:40:15:I haven't had the chance to tell you|you're quite a fine actress. 00:40:18:Thank you, but if Tom|wasn't feeling well... 00:40:21:Please, don't worry,|he's getting the best of care. 00:40:24:We need to meet at the studio.|God, you're good! 00:40:27:I saw that picture that you did|and you played the... uh... 00:40:30:the lovely young woman,|what was it called? 00:40:33:Oh, I can't remember the title,|but you were splendid. 00:40:36:What about next week?|Friday? How's that? 00:40:39:Oh...|Friday. Uhm... 00:40:42:I... I want you to know 00:40:44:that Tom spoke|very lovingly about you 00:40:47:and he wanted you|to know that 00:40:48:he's very sorry|about what happened. 00:40:51:Why wasn't I awakened?|Didn't he want me to accompany him? 00:40:54:Accompany him? 00:40:56:Child, you're his mistress. 00:40:59:You can't accompany him home 00:41:01:to greet his wife and children. 00:41:04:I'll see you Friday. 00:41:14:What are you waiting for?|Let's get off this bloody boat! 00:41:17:(door opens) 00:41:22:- You have things to do.|- I just bet he does. 00:41:33:Okay, WR, here I am. 00:41:36:Easier to hit than a seagull. 00:41:44:You left this in his room. 00:41:55:There's something|for your scrapbook, Charlie. 00:42:04:I sure as hell didn't get|Tom Ince's blood on it! 00:42:07:You two are the reason|for that blood! 00:42:09:Charlie: Haven't you|any sense of responsibility? 00:42:12:Did I pull the trigger|or shoot him in the head?! 00:42:14:That version of events|can be arranged, Charlie. 00:42:17:I can produce three witnesses|on this boat alone. 00:42:21:You see?|It's better for everyone 00:42:23:if Tom Ince|had an ulcerous attack. 00:42:26:And you, Marion?|Better for you? 00:42:27:Hearst: Only Marion|knows what's best for her. 00:42:29:As long as it agrees|with her master's voice. 00:42:32:Hearst: No. 00:42:33:All I want|is to see Marion happy. 00:42:37:That's what I devoted my life to|for the past seven years. 00:42:41:And all the years|I've got left. 00:42:44:Can you promise that, Charlie? 00:42:47:If he can, Marion, 00:42:49:and if you can believe him... 00:42:52:then go. 00:42:55:Go. 00:43:00:Good luck to both of you. 00:43:11:Come on. 00:43:14:For how long? 00:43:17:For now, forever,|for as long as you want! 00:43:20:For as long as you want. 00:43:22:You're not telling me|that this... 00:43:24:attempted murder has|rekindled your love for Willie? 00:43:31:Just leave, Charlie. 00:43:38:Leave with me. 00:43:49:I love you. 00:44:02:Old goat's really got you,|hasn't he? 00:44:04:No... 00:44:06:I've got me. 00:45:55:I am not here. 00:45:57:Driver: Ma'am? 00:46:00:Elinor's voice: Like others with|tiny bullets hiding in their skulls, 00:46:03:Thomas Ince held on|unconscious for two days 00:46:06:before dying in his own bed. 00:46:09:There was plenty of misinformation|in the days following his death, 00:46:12:much of it coming straight|from the Hearst press machine, 00:46:15:which inexplicably reported|that Ince was "stricken unconscious" 00:46:20:while visiting Hearst|at his upstate ranch! 00:46:23:Three weeks later,|the San Diego District Attorney 00:46:26:conducted an obligatory|investigation and was, 00:46:30:"satisfied that the death|of Thomas H. Ince 00:46:33:was caused by heart failure|as a result of acute indigestion." 00:46:37:He did not examine the body because|Ince had been cremated immediately, 00:46:41:and except for Dr. Goodman, 00:46:43:no member of the boating party|was ever questioned, 00:46:45:including Hearst. 00:46:48:The San Diego DA suggested 00:46:50:that the Los Angeles office|continue the investigation. 00:46:53:They politely declined. 00:46:55:(crowd calling, "Charlie!") 00:47:04:Marion. 00:47:19:Hello. 00:47:21:Charlie, what are you doing,|you dope? 00:47:22:Don't you have a ride? 00:47:25:I just... 00:47:27:I wanted to see you. 00:47:29:Here I am. 00:47:38:He's... 00:47:42:dead, Charlie. 00:47:45:I know. 00:47:47:I know. 00:47:52:I move to Mexico|in a couple of days. 00:47:56:Mexico? 00:47:58:Another try|at the old marriage game. 00:48:02:How bad can it be? 00:48:07:Come on, Charlie. 00:48:10:Get in. 00:48:16:And go where? 00:48:21:I've got arrangements to make, 00:48:23:avoiding the press|and that kind of fun stuff. 00:48:29:Come on, I'm not as pathetic|as all that, am I? 00:48:42:Goodbye, Charlie. 00:48:50:I'll send you a postcard. 00:48:52:"Love and Kisses|from me and the missus." 00:49:22:Elinor's voice: To this day, 00:49:24:no two accounts of that|weekend cruise are the same, 00:49:27:including who, in fact,|was on the boat. 00:49:29:There are no logs, you see,|no records or photographs of any kind. 00:49:34:And not a single person involved|wrote or spoke about that weekend... 00:49:38:that is... until significantly|after the old man's death, 00:49:41:and even then only in riddles. 00:49:45:Soon after Tom's death,|Margaret Livingston's salary 00:49:48:inexplicably jumped from $300|to $1,000 dollars a week. 00:49:52:Eventually, she retired to manage|her husband, Paul Whiteman, 00:49:56:the bandleader who popularized|the Charleston. 00:50:00:Lolly got her lifetime contract, 00:50:03:and for the next 30 years, 00:50:05:became the most powerful and feared|gossip columnist in America. 00:50:09:Three days after Tom's funeral,|Charlie married Lita Grey in Mexico. 00:50:14:It lasted two years. 00:50:16:He did, however,|recast her role in "The Gold Rush," 00:50:19:and re-shoot all her scenes. 00:50:21:Despite costing a small fortune,|the picture was a smashing success. 00:50:27:It took three more years for WR|to let Marion do a full-fledged comedy. 00:50:32:As Charlie predicted,|she triumphed. 00:50:35:She retired in 193 7,|but stayed by Hearst's side 00:50:39:until his death|at the age of 88. 00:50:44:I've had|a recurring dream recently... 00:50:47:I'm back on the Oneida, 00:50:49:having a glorious time. 00:51:17:But I'm watching how ridiculous|everyone else looks 00:51:21:and I wonder why|they don't realize it. 00:51:25:Then I see that, in fact,|I too look like a fool. 00:51:30:Yet, it's so much fun... 00:51:31:that none of us can stop. 00:51:35:If we stopped... 00:51:37:we'd have nothing. 00:51:43:Come on, everybody! 00:51:45:(all cheer) 00:52:31: After you've gone 00:52:33: And left me crying 00:52:36: After you've gone 00:52:39: There's no denying 00:52:41: You'll feel blue 00:52:44: You'll feel sad 00:52:48: You'll miss the dearest pal|you've ever had 00:52:53: There'll come a time 00:52:55: Now, don't forget it 00:52:58: There'll come a time 00:53:01: When you'll regret it 00:53:03: Some day when you grow lonely 00:53:09: Your heart will break like mine|and you'll want me only 00:53:14: After you've gone 00:53:17: After you've gone away 00:54:07: After you've gone 00:54:10: And left me crying 00:54:12: After you've gone 00:54:15: There's no denying 00:54:17: You'll feel blue 00:54:19: You'll feel sad 00:54:22: You'll miss the dearest pal|you've ever had 00:54:26: There'll come a time 00:54:29: Now, don't forget it 00:54:31: There'll come a time 00:54:34: When you'll regret it 00:54:36: Some day when you grow lonely 00:54:41: Your heart will break like mine|and you'll want me only 00:54:46: After you've gone 00:54:49: After you've gone 00:54:51: A-way. 00:55:05: California 00:55:07: Here I come 00:55:09: Right back where 00:55:11: I started from 00:55:12: Where bowers of flowers 00:55:14: Bloom in the spring 00:55:16: Each morning at dawning 00:55:18: Birdies sing and everything 00:55:20: A sunkist miss said 00:55:22: Don't be late 00:55:24: That's why I can hardly wait 00:55:27: Open up that Golden Gate 00:55:31: California 00:55:33: Here I come 00:56:08: California 00:56:09: Here I come, yeah! 00:56:13: Right back where 00:56:14: I started from 00:56:17: Where bowers of flowers 00:56:20: Bloom in the spring 00:56:22: Each morning at dawning 00:56:24: Birdies sing and everything 00:56:27: A sunkist miss said 00:56:29: Don't be late, ah! 00:56:32: That's why I can hardly wait 00:56:35: Come on! Come on! 00:56:37: Open up, open up, open up! 00:56:39: That Golden Gate 00:56:41: California 00:56:43: Here I... 00:56:45: Come. 00:00:00:
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