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Subtitles for Celos (1999) - Jealousy.

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Celos (1999) - Jealousy

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I toss my hair in the wind, I toss my hair, I toss my hair,
and I move my hips as I dance over the ground.
I toss my hair, I toss my hair...
And he's on the road.
We should bring in the washing. Will you help me?
We're Iooking for a song about the rain, Iisteners,...
...because right now it's absoIuteIy pouring down.
Once again the weatherman has been surprised... this cIimatic phenomenon which is so common here.
And it's worsened by the fact that we have haiIstones too.
Yes, it's actually haiIing now. Do you want to hear it?
Our windows will hoId up, but the orange bIossom is in danger.
Arturo seems to have found a very appropriate song.
"Singing in the rain"? Forget it, Arturo.
ls Antonio on the road?
I'll get it.
Why are you out in this weather? Come in.
What's up with you now?
-Come on. -Your bosom buddy.
Did the roof fall in?
What brings you here?
Something must be up.
St. Pancras came to see me and he said I'm going to get...
...hitched in church!
Dressed in white, like her.
Come with me.
That idiot finally got around to proposing. lt was so funny.
He'd just balanced the till. He was stuttering,...
...his crotch was swollen, he was shaking like a jelly,...
...and he couldn't take his eyes off my legs,...
...because at that moment I just happened to be fixing my tights.
Were you pulling up your tights or dropping your panties?
What would you do? From salesclerk to owner.
When will you get tired of being a prick-teaser?
One day, somebody's going to cut up rough on you.
lt's them. They're the ones who want to ball me.
As soon as I look at them they start talking about marriage.
What can I do?
-l even show them my lame leg. -You don't notice that in bed.
What shall I tell Andrés?
The same as you'll tell lgnacio.
-Want a bit of advice? -Not if it's the usual one.
When they're on top of you,...
Shout, scratch, bite.
Come into me.
Come into me!
They flip, because what they really want is to give you an orgasm.
-Where did you learn all that? -From you.
Where was Antonio coming from?
From Tarragona.
-On the freeway? -He never takes the freeway.
The radio said there was a bad crash on the coast road.
A crash?
Don't worry, your Antonio has a star on his ass.
-Has she seen the star? -Be quiet.
Get back, ma'am! Get back!
Contact headquarters and see if they can find Sergeant Ramírez.
The tachometer's wrecked. This is what's left.
-They didn't find anything else? -Nothing.
Listen, everyone. You'd better turn back.
lt'll take several hours to clear the road.
-Do we jump over the median strip? -Then you'll have to wait.
Did any of you know the driver?
lt depends on the shift. That truck had three drivers.
lt can't be Artemio, he's in hospital.
-Can I look in the cab? -Come on.
-Give me the torch. -Here, catch.
lt's full of stuff.
You can't tell who was at the wheel.
Luis Atienza.
Luis Atienza.
Do you know him?
A wife and three kids.
Gloria, help me with this.
-Can you give me a lift? -Yes.
Look at this.
The past doesn't matter. What's important is that from now on... know how to make the most of your experiences.
Love surrounds this sign in a very special way.
There's no passion but there is true love.
Ruling planet, the moon. Magic color, apricot.
Days for love, January 12, September 13...
Let's go.
Antonio, hold me.
-Tell me you love me. -l love you very much, Carmen.
l was worried.
Because of a storm?
Cinderella, her prince and the glass slipper.
What's this?
Why are you laughing?
What are you laughing at?
lt took a long time to get here.
The photographer promised to send a copy to each of us.
Strangers, outsiders.
-l know nobody in the group. -What do you mean? Look.
That's Cinta and Andrés, when they started going out.
Who else?
Well, you know me.
How do you think I look? Younger?
A bit younger. When was the photo taken? A year ago?
There was still nothing between us, if that's what's worrying you.
We hadn't even met.
And who's he?
A guy. What does it matter now?
Don't you remember?
l don't want to remember.
All right, you tear it up.
Were you two involved?
l swear.
l like that you're jealous.
I'll buy you another coffee.
Two coffees.
I've got a load of oranges for Hamburg. I want to sleep in Lyons.
l won't stop you. lt's just a minute.
Two coffees.
Who is he?
You want cigars?
-What's your fiancée laughing at? -That's what I want to know.
Who is he?
-Who's who? -The good looker with the earring.
Fuck it. I introduce you to the prettiest girl in town,...
...the smartest, kindest and sweetest girl,...
...and a month before the wedding you start doubting.
-You need a good kicking. -Doubting?
There's no fucking doubting. l don't have any doubts.
l just want to know who's the guy embracing my fiancée.
-Who is he? -He's nobody.
The friend of a friend, the cousin of a cousin.
l don't fucking know.
He's nobody.
-He doesn't have a name? -No.
He doesn't.
And he isn't embracing her.
He's got his arm around her shoulder, that's all.
What about you?
You don't have a photo of Rosa with your hand on her crotch?
That's history.
That's exactly what it is. History.
You said it.
So long.
l know what happens in these cases.
There's a story, and everyone knows it except the person affected.
There's always a story. Always.
-And you know it. -l know nothing.
lt's a pity.
l just want to know the story, then I'll be happy.
You think so?
Even if I knew what it was, l wouldn't tell you.
l know that you know.
...from Orense. Hello, DanieI. What do you want to tell us?
Well, I was away this summer, studying in EngIand.
I've got a sister who's seven.
When I came back, I found that she'd really changed.
I feIt attracted by her.
At first I tried to avoid it, but my eyes wandered.
So did my hands and my mouth.
I'm scared...
...I might do something worse.
And howdoes she react?
She thinks it's a game and nowshe comes after me.
She toId me that she prefers me to bath her instead ofMom.
Luis is right.
What is it to you what she did or didn't do before she met you?
You're right, Luis.
ln this world, everything's secondhand.
This doesn't fit, Mom.
20 years ago, I wasn't any thinner than you.
You look beautiful.
Girls today have got more bones.
And bigger ones. lt's the vitamins they take.
But there's no problem.
There's enough material in the seams and the hem.
Why do I have to get married in white? lt's ridiculous!
White is for purity.
Sure, the white dove. Anyway, I've had my fling.
lf the priest knew, he wouldn't marry me.
What's so funny?
What do you think? You are.
lf I told you what was so funny!
I've been with my second husband for 25 years.
l got married in white a year after being widowed by the first.
l swore nothing had happened in the 5 years with my late husband,...
...and he believed me!
Serve this lady.
Here. See if these fit the kid.
I'm faithful to Carmen.
To Carmen, to lgnacio, to Andrés, and to that widower.
Yes, to all four.
You know that isn't what I'm here for.
Say one word against Carmen and I'm out of here, bad leg or not.
lf a woman like Carmen notices someone like you... should go on your knees to her.
Who's the pretty boy with the earrings?
José... At last I know his name.
The name of my rival.
What do you mean? Carmen never got a look-in. I was the one...
...who got him into bed.
You're lying.
l swear.
You swear very easily. Tell me what you know about him,...
...about José.
Come on, talk.
He was Andalusian, he was here as a seasonal worker.
He was amusing, serious looking, and told very funny jokes.
He was very handsome, and all the girls had their eye on him.
All of them? Carmen too?
No! For Crissake! Carmen didn't.
l had that guy all to myself, like always.
You won him over with your tits.
With my tits...
...and with what's inside.
Want to try it?
That's all you need. You'd have to be faithful to five.
To six, if we include José.
l won't put José on the list until he tells me.
I'm sure he'll tell me something else.
Are you calling me a liar and a whore, you faggot?
More a liar than a whore!
Get out, all of you!
What's wrong?
Nothing, leave them be.
His name's José.
Cinta told me.
Antonio, what is it?
Here he is,... the photo, with an arm around your shoulders.
You're lying. Cinta's lying.
-You're all lying. -What did that lunatic tell you?
Where did you sleep with him?
ln a ditch after having a picnic with the gang?
The day of the photo... Where had you been?
-What were you laughing at? -l don't recognize you.
I'm the one who doesn't recognize you, or who recognizes you now.
Who's that bastard called José? And why did you...
...never tell me about him?
-And fucking cover yourself up! -Why are you treating me like this?
What right have you got?
Since we've been together, I've never looked at another man.
What is it to you what happened before I met you?
You, and your friend Cinta.
You're both the same.
A pair of bitches sniffing around men's crotches.
Do you want me not to care?
lf you want to know the truth, I'll tell you.
Yes, I had a boyfriend. His name was José.
l was crazy about him and I slept with him,...
...not once but 1 ,000 times.
-2,000 times!
l want everyone to know!
We're finished.
l hope I never see you again, you fascist son of a bitch!
When's the wedding, Carmen?
Don't be such a brute!
Better alone than in bad company, right?
I'll soon find someone to tickle my pussy.
Go and see Cinta at the shoestore. Talk to her.
What shall I say?
-You know why I'm here? -To act like an idiot.
Try on some shoes or the widower will get annoyed.
Boy, they stink.
l just got back this morning and I've had no time.
Don't worry, we're well used to it. Let's hear the speech.
Antonio wants to make it up with Carmen.
Why are you telling me?
So you can tell her that Antonio forgives her.
Take this.
-What for? -So you can eat it.
Boil it well and then eat it, like Chaplin.
You eat the shoe and I'll tell that to Carmen.
What did he want?
To grope my ass.
You go on ahead.
Why are you here?
l couldn't help it, I'm being a good angel.
lf that's it, you can save your wind for a fart.
lt's going to rain.
l don't even want to think about José.
l want to wipe him from my mind.
But I dreamed about him last night, because of Antonio.
Your Antonio's got nothing to do with it. I dreamed about José too.
What did you dream?
He came to the store to buy some shoes,...
...and he went off wearing just one, limping like me.
What about you?
José was eating.
What was he eating?
A banana?
My hands.
l love Antonio and I don't like that he makes me dream of José.
Did he dump you or didn't he?
Of course he did, and when a guy dumps you, you never forget him.
Look, I wouldn't go back with José if he begged me on his knees.
The rapist who raped me when I was 15...
...was a fucking pimp, l swear it.
The last thing he said to me was "Go get fucked by a monkey".
lf he were to turn up here now, scratching his balls,... pussy would be dripping. l swear to God.
-Let's go home. lt's late. -Come here.
Come on.
Look over there.
He wants to make up.
A guy who's eaten up with jealousy never changes, does he?
lt's just another way of loving.
He's going to be my husband forever.
l want to be loved, not tortured.
lmagine if he knew what really happened.
He'll never know.
Unless you tell him.
He'll never know, I swear.
lf you ever let it slip out I'll sew your mouth with wire.
l know how to fix this.
I'm going to show him that he's the best.
Luis says that there aren't guys like me anymore.
That I'm old-fashioned.
Listen where you shouldn't, hear what you don't like.
No one will ever love you as I do.
They made me promise that...
Cinta and Luis told me l was to apologize.
And I'm to swear to you...
-Swear that I'll... -Don't say anything.
José, bring some beer from the kitchen too.
Your father hardly uses the car and you can tell.
lt's got no spark.
Well, I've got plenty.
Like I was going to explode.
l feel you beside me and I want to shout, from pure happiness.
Hurry, hurry.
l want a big bed, a really big bed!
I've never, ever felt it so strong.
Who was it with the first time?
Was it José?
Does he look like José?
Just a little, perhaps. Why?
lf it were José, would you speak to him?
lt isn't José, and it's totally impossible that it were.
Because José is dead.
Life on the road is tough.
You eat and sleep where you can.
Your only company is the radio.
I've always lived like that, getting by as I could.
l got in a truck when I was sixteen...
...and I feel like l got out of it to marry you.
These few days...
...are the best I've ever had.
They're the best we've had until now,...
...but we'll have a lot more.
-An occasional Sunday. -l could travel with you.
Until I get pregnant.
That is, if I'm not already.
l hate to think of leaving you alone.
l want to get pregnant so that you aren't so miserable on the road.
Know what you have to do to get pregnant?
You have to fuck.
Fuck all day long.
Shall we go?
You were lucky.
What did you say?
l was thinking about your José.
l was wondering if you fucked him all day long,...
...but fortunately... didn't get pregnant.
Forget about José.
Look at what I'm like inside.
You see my clit like Tom Thumb's weenie?
lt's trembling.
lt's blushing.
And it's about to shout...
I'm going to make you forget even your name.
A widow for four days!
Three and a half!
When you get back, you won't recognize this place!
l promise!
You only need a few bits of furniture.
Antonio wants the very best, even if it's expensive.
I'll go with you if you want. l know a bit about it.
lt's best if I go with Antonio.
-Has he asked you? -He hasn't had the chance.
What shall you say if he does?
I'll act stupid. l know nothing about anything.
And it's true.
What do I know about you? Hardly anything.
You know I ran away with José.
Goddam José.
You give too much importance to bed, love.
lt's men who give it importance, Mom.
Were you involved with any other men before you married Dad?
Nothing important.
...did you sleep with that "nothing important"?
Leave me alone. You should be thinking about your own affairs.
l am.
Where are you going?
To Murcia.
But only I'm going.
Get in.
I'm sorry.
No problem, don't worry about me.
Your girlfriend?
I'll never see her again.
Everyone says that, but it never happens.
ln my case, it will.
She's got someone else and doesn't know who got her pregnant.
Or she doesn't want to say.
Did she tell you to go, that she loves the other guy?
Do you love her?
Then go back to her.
Do as I say. lt's good advice.
Don't think.
Don't ask.
Go back and be happy with her.
How are things?
Thank you.
You like her?
As if I'd tell you.
Know what they call her?
The wolf. Juana the wolf.
So what?
Wait, I want to tell you something.
She's given the no to all of us...
...but we think she's giving you the glad eye.
-ls that right? -Ask her.
"Starchy" already did.
And what did she say?
She'd do it with you anywhere.
Why is he called "Starchy"?
lt's what he transports.
They call me "Mirlindas".
Well, what about it?
Tell "Starchy" I've got a wife who satisfies me. I don't need more.
Fuck, now I have to pay for lunch.
lt seems "Starchy" knows you better than your own mother.
Forgive the joke.
So long.
So long.
Regards to Carmen.
You know her?
From other times.
"Virtue enslaves you to your whore".
What did they call her? The Blender?
The lioness.
First class. She wore you out completely.
You had her for 5 notes in Barcelona.
10 notes.
Careful, here comes the Viking.
Viking or not, he's as odd as two lefts.
Viking or a dunce.
He's from the south, isn't he?
They say he's from a little island where they're all cousins.
From an island with a lot of wind.
lt wasn't the wind that drove him crazy, it was her.
Careful, he's coming.
Can we talk?
After the game.
Stay here.
You know him?
The one with the earring?
What's his name?
José? ls his name José?
Everyone's called José.
José what?
José Carmona, I think, but I'm not sure.
No one's sure of anything when l ask about him. Why's that?
Because he was a bastard.
Go on.
That's all, he was a bad person.
How did he harm Carmen?
He harmed everyone.
He stole 100,000 pesetas from me.
Was he Carmen's boyfriend?
Don't make me laugh. That guy was a faggot.
As camp as a row of tents.
He swung both ways.
Thank you.
ls he dead?
Queers like that never die.
He's alive.
And he's living in the province of Teruel, in Montoro.
l don't know the address.
lf you see him, tell him from me to stick a fencepost up his ass.
What's he looking for?
His own downfall.
An eavesdropper never hears good of himself.
José Carmona, Montoro, province of Teruel.
José Carmona, Montoro, province of Teruel.
José Carmona, Montoro, province of Teruel.
José Carmona, Montoro, province of TerueI.
He's aIive! He's aIive!
Right, take a ball like this.
And then... put these two fingers here,...
...and your thumb here.
When you've got a good grip,... take four steps,... crouch down as low as you can...
...and you let go of it here,...
...but gently, without using too much force.
Let me see you do it.
" Bowling ball, here's what to do, go to the hole waiting for you."
Come on.
lt got away from me!
Now watch me.
One, two, three...
This time, concentrate.
Take a ball.
My darling!
-How was the trip? -Fine.
l missed you.
You playing, Antonio?
lt's my turn.
l see how you practice.
That's how it is.
lt had to happen.
lt's serious.
Cinta's willing to leave the widower with the shoestore.
And I really like her.
What do I do?
Leave her.
She's had 1 ,000 boyfriends.
What number are you?
The fifteenth? The forty seventh?
She's only good for bed.
l don't care.
We get on really well, both in bed and out of it.
lt's an act.
She's used to pretending.
All women pretend, Toñito. Even a child knows that.
All except yours.
Hang on, it's my turn. With my eyes closed.
Today, with my eyes closed.
A guy called "Starchy"... Do you know him?
Well, he knows you.
He says he's alive.
His name's José Carmona, isn't it?
l don't know.
l just want you to tell me one thing.
Do you think of him...
...when you're fucking with me?
Chastity is the rose of virtues.
It makes men and women simiIar to the angeIs.
Nothing is beautifuI ifit isn't pure...
...and the purity ofhumans is chastity.
Chastity isn't a mysticaI virtue,...
...a cIoistered virtue for the initiated.
It is a moraI and sociaI virtue,...
...a necessary virtue for the coexistence of...
lf I were born again, I'd fall in love with a cousin,...
...or a niece.
I'd fall in love with my sister.
Then I could watch her night and day.
I'd make sure no one came near her.
Just for me.
From the cradle to the grave.
Hello. I'm looking for the Carmonas.
lt's in the square, up the hill to your right.
Who are you looking for?
-José Carmona. -Who?
José Carmona. Doesn't he live here?
No, he doesn't. José Carmona's is that door down there.
But José...
You won't find José there.
A harvester cut his head off, didn't it, Lali?
José was sliced up by one of those tractors with blades.
He fell asleep on the threshing floor and it sliced him up.
Were you friends?
He lived across the way, in number 32.
Listen, his mother hasn't got over it yet.
Don't upset her.
Thank you.
-Good morning, ma'am. -Good morning.
l was looking for José Carmona.
l knew him years ago and it's been some time...
-...since I've seen him. -They killed him.
They killed my son!
They killed him!
What do you want?
Nothing. I was just asking.
I'm sorry.
We were good friends.
I'm sorry, friend, but when they told me you'd passed away...
...l was delighted.
lt's a different story now.
And if he'd been alive?
What if he'd opened the door and said, What do you want?
What do I want?
María José.
You lied.
You lied, but now it's true.
He's dead.
Didn't you know?
Are you happy?
l like men like that.
lt hurts when they embrace you.
That guy's a brute.
He had a girlfriend who threw herself off a roof, in Valencia.
Does Carmen know?
l told her when they were dating.
But she said that was her lucky day.
That that man was for her and only her.
The greedy guts.
Do you have to pant like that?
I'm sorry.
lt's easy being in bed with you.
You exaggerate, but you like it.
You like it so much you scare me.
Was it like this with him too?
How often did you do it in one night?
Antonio, I have to tell you.
José isn't dead.
José is alive.
That José who died is someone else.
Cinta got a postcard from him.
José is alive. I'd rather you knew.
But I also want you to know that for me...'re the best in the world.
What do I have to do for you to believe me?
Not lie.
When are you telling the truth? Now, before,...
...or after?
This dream has many meanings.
Pretty hands, a sign of success in business and domestic peace.
lf one is studying them, this predicts illness.
Washing them signifies worries.
lf the hand is cut, the loss of a good friendship.
And if someone eats your hand?
What does it mean if someone eats your hand?
Come in.
Come in.
The widower's out of town and there are no customers yet.
Now what's the matter?
That postcard...
What postcard?
The one you got from that José.
lt's a letter, not a postcard.
The letter, then.
lf I want to.
Of course you do.
I'm giving it to you because l think it's good for Carmen.
"As for me, I can't stand Montoro any longer.
Friends in the north have offered me a business set-up I like."
José Cárdenas.
lt wasn't Carmona, "Starchy".
What are all these little "X"s?
-Kisses? -On the mouth.
How do I know this letter isn't for Carmen?
Look at the envelope.
Cinta Vidal.
José Cárdenas, Highway 228, Kilometer 25, Montoro, Teruel.
You won't be able to sleep thinking about which one will win your heart.
Tell Carmen I've gone on a trip.
Tell her yourself, dickhead!
What are you going to do?
What's that place on the Teruel highway?
You can imagine.
Let him find out whatever he wants.
lf he prefers the truth, I'll have to tell him.
Don't do it, you'd be crazy.
I'm sick of this.
Can't I have been mad at 18? Can't I have loved another man?
Can't I have made a mistake?
Of course, and above all, can't you have a bit of pleasure...
...when you're offered it and you're young and pretty?
José Cárdenas?
-Who did you want to see? -José Cárdenas.
Silence, everyone keep quiet.
ls he a friend of yours?
Since we were kids. We went to school together.
He isn't here.
-Do you know where he lives? -ln Bilbao.
He moved to Bilbao last week.
-Have you got his address? -Even if I had, you wouldn't get it.
Are you from the police?
Of course not.
lf you're not a cop, l won't give it to you.
And if you were, I'd give you a false one. ls that clear?
As clear as day.
Jesus fucking Christ!
What's your name?
Trini. What's yours?
You want to make love, Pedro?
Get in.
Normal is 3,000.
With a blow-job, 5,000.
From behind, you can forget it.
lf you want to do it in the truck, drive down to the bend.
You got a place?
Yes, but that's 2,000 more.
I've come with you because you smell clean.
Even the truck's clean and tidy.
You don't know what I have to put up with.
The other day, one guy came here...
...and he had bug bites that size on the end of his dick.
l gave him back his money and told him to fuck off.
Not even with a rubber.
He can fuck his old lady.
Are you going to do it with your pants on?
You're really down, aren't you?
Do you know a José Cárdenas?
What do you know about him?
Do you want to fuck or ask questions?
Ask questions.
Asking questions costs more.
l just wanted to know if you were a cop.
They never pay to ask questions.
Ask away.
What do you know?
He's a fucking pimp, to start with.
He went to Bilbao with my savings, with Vanesa's and with Charo's.
-Three dummies. -You have his address in Bilbao?
...apart from being a bastard, that faggot is a mechanic.
l think he's working in a factory...
...called Otanca, or something like that,... fool the police...
...and until he susses out...
...the whoring set-up.
What else do you want to know?
What else do you know?
On the personal side, a fucking machine.
He satisfied the three of us in one night.
Three idiots crazy about that creep.
Shall we fuck?
Without the condom.
Some other day.
I'll hang it on the balcony.
This stupid plant doesn't know how to live inside the house.
Like you.
l think that all women resist being shut up in the house.
Don't we?
We also dream about someone who'll shut us up in the house.
Someone who loves us to the point of exaggeration.
Like your Antonio.
All I want now is to live in peace with my Antonio.
Will you help me?
Your Antonio is jealous. He suspects something.
Yes, I know.
I'm scared you're tempted to open your mouth and let everything out.
Don't do it. An old woman's advice.
l don't want to lie anymore. lf it all goes to hell, so be it.
And your José?
lf your José suddenly appeared, what would you do?
l don't know.
Well, I do.
Don't tell Antonio your story. Take my advice.
José, you were right to wait.
I'm more and more anxious to meet you.
You started as a specialist mechanic,...
...and now you've moved up and become a pimp.
That's enough!
That's enough!
José has to be buried.
Even if he is alive.
Cinta's disappeared.
-What? -Cinta's gone, she's disappeared.
She got a phone call and then she vanished.
Did you talk to the widower?
Yes, he knows nothing. Just about the phone call.
The sexed up little whore.
l was afraid of this.
Her cunt's been itching for days.
l can hear you, for Crissake!
He's a pimp.
He exploits women.
There's a devil living in my head.
A black demon that tells me things about you two.
You're groaning and demanding more,... a crazy voice l don't recognize.
You scream, you shout.
Your lips are trembling, you're naked,...
...sweat pouring off you.
There's also a white angel which tells me to forget,... close my eyes,... strangle my thoughts.
That you're the woman for me, my wife.
That I won't find another who'll love me more.
l love you as much as I hate José.
And I know that you love me although you don't tell me.
And I pray with all my soul...
...that you won't love me less if I tell you the truth.
l don't have the strength to listen to more truths.
You must listen to me...
...because I want to escape from this hell too,...
...even if I have to crawl out.
l don't want to know any more!
l was crazy about José and I had a child by him!
l was crazy about José...
...and I had a child by him.
A child José didn't want.
A child who disappeared when he was two years old.
l suspected that José was responsible...
...for my child's disappearance.
But at night...
...that man would drive me wild...
...and stop me thinking about my child.
l sacrificed everything, without reservation.
l even let them sell my body.
So as to forget.
And so as not lose that bastard's love.
My parents tracked me down in Barcelona...
...and came to get me.
lt wasn't easy.
l didn't want to give up what was my life by then.
l never heard of José again.
Nor did I want to.
Until today.
When you appeared,... life lit up again.
The past stopped hurting.
Say something.
Say something.
What would you do...
Tell me, what would you do...
...if one day,..., tomorrow or some day,...
...José were to appear and hold out his hand to you?
I've only got one feeling for him.
l want to see him dead.
Hold me.
Hold me, for God's sake. Hold me!
Here's your soup.
-I've only had one glass. -Three, one after another.
You want her to come back?
Even like that,...
...soiled, fucked a thousand times by some low-life creep?
Or more than one.
Even like that.
Get a room and sleep for a while.
You're in no shape to drive.
Come on, Luis.
Pull yourself together.
Why this way?
And who with?
What does it matter?
With somebody.
Women have tits. They don't think like you and me.
-Forget her. -l can't forget her.
I'd like to kill someone.
l don't know if her or him, if I knew who he was.
-Or both of them. -Him, him.
We all want to kill him.
Kill him...
...and lock her up in a room forever.
She wouldn't see anybody.
Nobody would touch her but me.
Don't laugh.
When I hear you saying what I'd say, it makes me laugh.
Don't kill anyone, Luis.
The world is full of pimps lying in wait...
...and we'll never get rid of them.
One can appear at any time with an earring in his nose...
...and steal your wife.
That's how it is.
There's nothing you can do.
He's in charge.
I've got a run to Bilbao.
When this is all over,...
...when this nightmare ends,...
...we'll always go together, like now.
With you beside me, I'll stop talking to myself.
Do you do that?
Long conversations.
And who do you talk to?
To me?
To José.
Recently, to José.
For example, if I were alone now,...
...I'd say,...
...Oh, José! José!
lf you knew the harm you've done to me,...
...and are still doing.
lt's crazy!
You were in love with the woman who's my wife now.
She says she doesn't remember you anymore. She loves me now.
She only thinks about me.
She prefers me, she likes me more than you.
Or if not more, the same.
She says so and I want to believe her.
Stop it! Stop it!
Through tiny hoIes in the heavens...
A brandy.
...there fiIters the spIendor of God.
A ray shone in your eyes
and my heart was broken in two.
I've got a scarf
embroidered with tears and stars.
I stoIe it from you that night
when we sIept on the ground.
So give me a manzanilla
and Iet's go back home,
for I can feeI a Iump
in my throat.
For I can feeI a Iump
rising in my throat.
Want some?
Let's go home.
What do you expect?
That I'll faint when I see him?
l know you won't run into his arms.
But I'll be looking at you.
I'll read your thoughts.
l hate him. I swear I hate him.
l hate him!
You hate him, but you think about him.
l don't have husband or boyfriend. l have a horrible animal.
A monster with two heads.
And two cocks.
We're going home.
Not now.
l want to go the whole way.
l want to see your face.
And guess what your thoughts are.
Point him out when you see him.
l want you to point him out
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