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Subtitles for Cercle rouge Le 1970 CD1.

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Cercle rouge Le 1970 CD1

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Siddhartha Gautama,|the Buddha,
drew a circle with|a piece of red chalk
and said:
"When men,|even unknowingly,
are to meet one day,
whatever may|befall each,
whatever their|diverging paths,
on the said day,
they will inevitably|come together
in the red circle."
A red light. Tough!
Good news:|You get out tomorrow.
- Thanks for the tip-off, boss.|- That's not all.
Time's short.|The watch is due.
What's the game, boss?
I've known you five years.|You're the only man for this job.
Classic. Easy. No risk.
If done right.
And if not?
Sorry. I'm not coming back here.|- Well, I want out of here.
When you hear the details,|you'll warm up.
I doubt it.
What's with you, Corey?
With your pedigree and your time inside,|who'd offer you decent work?
They're ahead of schedule.
Leave nothing to chance, boss.
That's why I fixed the lock|so no one knows I'm in here.
I'm offering you the job|because I can't take risks.
You can't foresee them all.
Let's hear it anyway.
My brother-in-law's worked|for a firm for 15 years.
They've just installed|a new security system.
{y:i}One billfold.
{y:i}Three hundred francs.
{y:i}Three photos.
One driver's license.
One passport.|- Expired.
One watch, platinum.
One set of keys, and that's it.
Your photos.
The telephone, please.
Police here.|Get me the gendarmerie.
Have a map of the area?|- Behind you.
- Where are we?|- Mersault-L'Hôpital.
- This road?|- D23.
This is Inspector Mattei,|Criminal Investigations, Paris.
The prisoner I was escorting|got away.
Right. Set up roadblocks|on all roads
between Arnay-le-Duc,|Nuits-St-Georges, Beaune,
Chalon-sur-Saône,|Le Creusot, Autun.
I'm at the level crossing at Mersault.
Right, on the D23. What?
Then tell your captain to come down.|I'll explain.
One other thing.
Ask the prefect to put|the Rex Plan into effect,
and use dogs for the dragnet.
I'll wait here.|And make it snappy.
What do I do?
There are other trains running.
Bring me my coat and jacket,
the handcuffs and the two hats,
and get the train moving.
If anyone had told me|you'd be my wake-up call...
I was released early.
For good behavior.
Just a little poker game.
So I see.
If I haven't been in touch|for the past four years...
- Five.|- Sorry, five...
it's because during the investigation|and trial, you didn't mention my name.
So I figured it was better,|for you and for me...
You don't say.
Don't believe me?
Now that you're out,|you can count on me.
It's 7:30.|The banks open at 9:00.
I'll write you a check.|- No checks.
Loan me a few thousand.|I'll pay you back.
You're nuts. Wait till 9:00.
Let me give you something sizeable.|I owe you.
Just lend me what I need.
I don't have enough cash here.|Wait till 9:00.
And in here?
Nothing.Just a few thousand.
That'll do.
As you like.
I'll pay you back.
Sure you will.
- What is it?|- Nothing.
Hello, Paul?
We're closed, mister.
Ripping off Rico at home.
You lost your manners in prison.
Give it back, Corey.
I lost, anyway.
Hello, police?
Papers, please.
You just bought the car?
At 9:00 this morning,|before leaving Marseille.
Register it in your name|before next week.
Your address still the same?
Yes, 19 Avenue Paul Doumer.
Would you open your trunk, please?
Fine, thank you.
Go on.
- Still nothing?|- We lost his trail at the stream.
We've got to find it again.
Comb every inch of the region.
- Are they still searching?|- Yes.
But I think it's useless.
The interior minister|won't put up roadblocks all over France.
This isn't a terrorist.
Think he'll slip through?
He'll manage.
What makes you say that?
Hunter's instinct, maybe.
And for once the prey is intelligent.
The chief wants to see you.
You don't say.
As soon as you get in.
Good day, sir.|Registration, please.
It's not in your name.
I know. Your colleague warned me.|I'll see to it tomorrow.
Open your trunk, please.
They forgot to give me the key.
I can't open all my crates!
Expect me to dismantle|the doors, too?
Why not the wheels, the tires,|and the toolbox, too?
You're out of your mind!
You're free to go, sir.
Come out.|The coast is clear.
Hands up.
- Fine way to thank me.|- You see me climb in?
Sure. Or I wouldn't suggest|you get some air.
Why run a risk like that?
Answer my question.
After I lower my hands.
And rich, to boot.
Put your hands down.
This morning?
That's unbelievable.
What'd you think|seeing me hide in your car?
That you're the fugitive|the radio mentioned.
I'd just passed|a roadblock at Chalon.
And you weren't afraid?
What of?
Me, to start with.
And of them finding me|in your trunk,
for instance.
Come on.|Paris is your best bet.
In case we don't meet again, thanks.
Hello, Fiorello.
Hello, you.
Hello, Grifollet.
Hello, Ofrène.
Time to eat.
Come on, children.
You're sulking because|I was away for three days.
Come on, Grifollet.
Coming, Ofrène?
Come on, baby.|Come on, Ofrène.
Take the forest road.
Get out on my side.
End of the line, Corey.
{y:i}One move and you're dead.|{y:i}Hands up.
Let's go, quick.|Someone might've heard the shots.
- Only chance can help now.|- Chance hasn't had much luck.
Mr. Mattei,
didn't you know that a suspect|must be considered guilty?
Not for me, sir.
I've dealt with so many suspects|who were innocent...
You must be joking!|No one is innocent.
All men are guilty.
They're born innocent,|but it doesn't last.
Sir, my chief just told you|that only chance can catch Vogel now.
Chance and myself, actually.
Mr. Mattei,|I don't doubt your goodwill,
but allow me to doubt
your efficiency in arresting culprits.
Mattei has the finest service record|in 1 5 years on the force.
So what?|People change in 15 years.
You think I'm the man|I was in 1955?
We all change
for the worse.
I'm ready to resign if-
That would be too easy.
No, you're to find Vogel|by hook or by crook.
No matter what the cost.
You know him the best here.
Traveling together in a sleeping car|creates a bond,
even if the journey's cut short.
Very well. I'll find him.
I'm sure he will.
I hope so for both your sakes,
since you vouch for your subordinate,|my dear director.
Indeed. I'll vouch for him.
And don't forget: all guilty.
- Even policemen?|- All men, Mr. Mattei.
- Was he kidding?|- He meant it.
It's his doctrine: Crime lurks within us.|We have to flush it out.
Strange man.
A man to be feared.
Where will you start?
The usual channels.
- Did you hear?|- I did, sir.
But why the name "Mattei"?
Blond hair, blue eyes.
That's not very Corsican.
Bring me his file, will you?
Along with his concierge's reports|and the list of his informers.
- I can't imagine him as an informer.|- That's because he isn't.
- It's not the barmaid?|- It is.
It's hard to find|a guy on the lam if he's smart.
Yes, I know.
Just find a way to bait him.
I don't even know the guy.|What's he bite at?
Spoons, flies, worms, maggots?
Is the fish you're after|pike or perch?
Spare me the fishing lesson.
You've got lots of imagination.
The neighborhood's changed.
Hoods use new tactics|since the open-air market moved.
The neighborhood's dead.
- Change neighborhoods.|- People know me.
Do as I do: Work through others.
But tell me one thing.
You sure he's guilty?
I am.
So, Santi, forgetting|our old friends, are we?
Why come to my club, Inspector?
So that everyone sees you|and thinks I'm a snitch?
You really want to burn me.
Don't lay it on so thick.|Not at all.
Just say you had some problems|with the police over some call girls.
If you won't help me,|I have to try scaring you.
You've tried before to no avail.
Think so?|Don't believe it.
I've nothing to say.
With this clientele?
I don't know what's said here,|and even if I did -
You wouldn't tell me. I know.
I'm warning you, Santi.
I hushed up your little affair...|for the time being.
Don't make me regret it.
You slipped up. I have to use it.
Even if it's against your nature,|you have to help me.
If not, I promise you|you'll be in deep water.
All police have informers.
You know that.
You read the papers, listen to radio,|watch television.
Find me Vogel.
Is that all!|I don't even know him.
And this?
He a look-alike?
So you'll hear about him.
After this visit, I doubt it.
I repeat, tell them|it concerns your affair.
If you like, I can help out.
I can have you hauled in|for 48 hours.
That way
your honor remains intact.
- Vogel never dealt with the mob.|- But he will now.
To lay low, he'll ask for help.
You'll hear about it.|And so will I.
See you tomorrow.
Where to?
You, wherever you like.|Me, I'm going to bed.
I've been dying to for 48 hours.
I know.
Ajob coming from a prison guard|sounds dubious.
But we can start by checking it out.
That'll prove nothing.
But it'll be something to go by.
Okay. Let's say we decide|to go ahead with the job.
We still need a marksman.
That's why I'm talking to you.
Me? Get it out of your head.
Between shooting two men|six feet away
and hitting a target at 100 feet,
there's a certain difference.
It's the difference between|an amateur and a professional.
And, despite appearances,|I'm no professional.
I knew a really good marksman|four or five years ago.
A policeman.
A crack policeman.
One of the best shots on the force.
But the corruption of his work|environment finally got to him.
Between my prison guard and your cop,|aren't we overdoing it?
Go see him.
We'll take that risk.|Talk to him.
I remember his number.
He may not have moved.
Excuse me.|I was in the shower.
Who's this?
You don't know me.
A friend of a friend.|Can we meet?
Yes. Of course.
When and where?
I don't know.
Around midnight?
Sure. Where?
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