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Subtitles for Chalte Chalte.

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Chalte Chalte

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How you find my shot|Mind Blowing
l guess you didn't like shot much
Relex OK lt was'nt that good
You ain't won the world cup,|that you are so happy
The one who won the world cup|what have they done
Hi guy where are you all for|such a long time these days
They'll kill me
Hey who's this with Depak
l think a Girl
Thanks man Thanks
Handle it ok
Hey buddy how are you
Hey Boy
Meet Aditiya and she's|his beautyful wife Rashmi
He's Vivake still looking for a girl
And meet my fieance Shetal
You've got engaged and|didnt even tell us
What a friend you are?
Everything happened so urgently
Even i didnt got the chance to|know that i got engaged
You allways do'nt know anything
Wait Wait Stop
Please sit sit
You are here first time please sit
Hey Vivake whats the matter|saleem called us
all hear and didnt tell the reason
You know the reason why we are here
He always keeps a suspense
Hello Saleem where are you we are all|waiting for you over here
You are stuck in Trafic
Come fast man just come
Still stuck in the tarfic
He always have same|excuse of getting late
Hey whats this book?
Love Story (Beric Segal)
lts a beautyful book
You know if we same love story|in our real life it will be a pleasure
Here we go!
Depak you did'nt tell her|the love story of our Raj?
No man did'nt got the chance
You are mad
lf you would have told her|she would'nt be talking like this
You are trying say that this romance|in books also exist in real life
l dont belive it.
First listen then get to|some conclusions
l'll tell you how they met
Hey hold on a second|you are going on and on
Hey before telling the love story|tell her something about Raj
Wait Wait|Hey i'll tell no i'll tell
Ok you tell
Ok see Raj is from panjab
His father is a farmer over there
So Raj also do farming there
No No Raj wants to be an engineer|thats why he came to the city
Oh you mean Raj is an engineer
No No Raj came here for engineering|but his mind was in exporting business
And now
He dose'nt even do exporting yeah
Your Raj do something or not?
Hey this is Raj
He never did what he think off
And what he did never|think off ever again
Hey Brother Raj
So howz it all going
Very Good
Hey dont touch this tape
This is GADAR'S tape
And Sunny Deol our favourite hero
Brother Raj you came in 2 days|instead of 3 from Banglor
And you come in|3 days instead of 2
What should i do brother Raj your truck|is the problem thats why i get late
Oh Yeah? My truck is the problem
You know at Pune's check post|suddenly 3 girls came in front...
And started shouting|Brother-in-law Brother-in-law
You Scoundrel you meet your|sisters-in-law over there
And tells me that my|truck is the problem
Now Listen i have put 1000/20 tyres
And in there is a|routry pump engine
Now don't put that|garbage oil in it
You'll put this Castrol in it
Now u dont have|any reason of getting late
Brother Raj phone for you|What phone!
Phone of the owner of TradeLink company
Oh TradeLink give it to me|quick quick
Shit! l forgot the meeting again|hey idots where s my coat
lts there Brother Raj
You son of bitch|don't sing don't sing
What are you saying Trucks did'nt reach
You idiots you'll get us screwed|why are the truck still here
Actually there is air in the pump
l'll pump the air in you|l'll put the whole pump in you
Sir it will be there
l'll just ask my engineer sir|and tell you
You owl when it'll get ready
He's asking
lt will take half or|an hour or so
Half an hour? l'll kick you,|l'll beat you down with my slippers
Hello sir truck is there sir
No sir its on its way sir
Sir l've got a line to|mobile number sir
l mostly do lunch at Oberoye's sir
You Guys l'll see you all
Make it fast|quick quick
lts going on brother
l would like to meet Raj
Yeah why not
Tell any one he'll|say the same
Hey you guys were telling me|the love story of Raj
Now tell me whos the girl|in this love story
Priya use to live in Greece|She was born and brought up there
Now after Graduation|she came to lndia
And lives with her aunt
And Her first Show|was such a hit that!
Raj is like that and|Priya so Sophisticated
But tell me how they|met each other
On high with an accident
Accident? Yeah accident
ln Mahabaleshwer|Raj's truck and Priya's car
Hey Mr Driver you dont|know how to drive
Accident would have|happened then what
Madam its your mistake
Cant you see such|a big truck
You tell me|mr Driver you dont know how to drive
Who gave you the licence
Why you speaking in english so much|He's a driver will he under stand
Hey do u know Hindi
Priya may be he's dumb
Brother Raj.
Shut up! Shut up!
He's not dumb|He's not dumb
You said Shut Up to me
Not you him
You can say ShutUp to your cleaner|And you can stare at me...
But you ca'nt say sorry to me
You guys are all same|stupid driver
Look at that
Look what
You look
Not down behind
My car came from the back
l over take from|the right thats it
Your car is going back of you
What is this|back and front
You tell me from where|my car was comming
Now its gone
You were say that your car|was comming from the back
l said its going|from your back
Hi Saleem
You are sleem's bride and|just looking like ANAR KALl
And from me a|small gift for you
You look in a very|poetic mood
You look quite change
You know why|cause of muslim wedding
Thats why this poetic style is
And secondly the thing happened|to me on the way comming here
What happened in the way
On the way i had|an accident with a girl
What are you saying|is everything alright
Notthing is alright Saleem|not at all not at all
Farah i met that girl
Then she left and now will she ever|meet again or not i dont know
l am telling you the truth
What a girl she was
What a girl she was|what a girl she was
What a girl she is
Hey this is the girl.|Hey Saleem whose this girl?
Who?|Hey this one in white dress.
Hey thats my friend Priya|Such a nice friend Priya
She is comming over here|ask her how was her journey
What! Just dont ask questions|Saleem just give her Divorce
She ask too many questions.|Ask her common, ok ok.
Hey Priya...|How was your journey
Today l almost had a tarrible|accident with a truck
Oh l see!|l even stoped that truck
That truck driver was really weired
Well... These truck drivers are|really ill mannered
No No... He was not ill mannered.|lnfact l shouted at him so much
But he kept on staring & staring at me
Then What happed?
Then as usuall l forgot to|pull my hand break
And the car went into the pitt
l think lf he wanted to he would|have stoped your car
Yes he came forward to stop the car|but l was unable to understand & l Stoped him
lt means he was a good man
Yeah!|i was thinking the same
l should have thanked him
Yeah right!|Offcource
Then Thank him now
l think you are not|recognising me
l should wear the|same dress and come
l was driving
Priya meet Raj Saleem's friend
He looks like a|truck driver but he's not
Raj meet Priya|My very special friend
l've already met her
Yeah Yeah come come
l should come hear. Farah your|are comming in the middle
Saleem move man|move! Move!
l should come here.|Please take it
l was really angry|at that moment
But afterwards i realised|that it was my mistake
Yeah Yeah l already knew|that it was your mistake
But in anger i dont know|what have l said to you?
What What!|You said
But still you were silenced
You know when you are angry|there's a special shine comes in your eyes
Yeah it comes
You ca'nt see it because you|are in anger at that time
l kept watching that and did'nt|realised that what was right...
or what was wrong
For that incident i really|want to say sorry now
No No!|Now a sorry wo'nt help.
Then...!|now you will get the punishment.
Punishment?|What punishment...!
Your punishment is|that tommorow from here...
Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar|you will go with me
ln a truck...!|ln a truck? Yeah...
Don't say no...
You said that i was a menace|to the society i really felt bad
l just said sorry.|Please dont say no please please!
Sorry it was a fly.
Hey get off the truck.
Whats the matter why you've|stopped the vehicle! What happened?
You're asking what happened?
You do'nt see the road?
What happened Raj? Notthing|don't worry i'll handdle it
WOW. l've seen this first time that guy|chilling out with a girl in a truck
A new and good Style.
What style? Lf i have a|truck then what should i do
Whats your problem?
l do'nt have any problem.|Can you see that sign board?
Whats written?|ca'nt you see?
l am short sighted.|Oh yeah i'll tell you.
Oh...!|Common move your vehicle.
Sir please two minutes.|l'll just drop her there
And then strait to highway
Hey what you think of trafic laws...!|A joke?
Raj do'nt worry|l'll manage it myself
Did you listen did you?|She said she'll go by herself.
So. l am hear for|the service man.
Common just move|your vehicle.
Ok Ok l am moving wait.
What is it a non byeing zone?|Can i just say bye? Please.
This sugarcane for you.
Why you are standing|here go with the girl...
Yeah. But you just|move your vehicle quickly.
Yeah Yeah moving.
Bye Priya. Bye...!
i'll call you.
Phone...! Phone...!|l'll call you. Call you...!
Wait... a minute|Wait... a minute
He's saying that|he will call you.
But he did'nt|take my number.
Hey you did'nt|take the number!
No No...
Oh...! My my
Just a second...|Just a second...
What you do man.
Please ask her...|Number? Number?
Tell your number.
Common say it clearly.
l am saying it clearly.
Why are you shouting?
Hey...... ... . .!|Yeah Yeah Done.
Just say a little|bye bye to her
Ok Ok thats enough just|move your car move it.
Hey Priya where were you.
Hey... Aunty just listen listen.
You had to be here by 12.00|lts 6.30 now... ...!
Aunty have ever stolen|sgugarcane from a feiled.
Did you ate a stolen one.
l did'nt said that i stolen it|and the farmer ran after me...
with such a big thick stick.
Child are you alright? You know|what you are saying?
Yes Aunty...
You just and take a bath|you look so dirty...
Take bath...? Ok|Yeah Yeah go...
But Aunty is there water|in the the hand pump.
Yeah there is.
Hand pump...?|You mean in shower.
What happened to this girl?|She'll make me mad one day.
Anna aunty that was|Priya's voice i heard
She's here?
She came and went to bath.
Wow...! l am waiting for her|since morning and you did'nt tell her
Oh son i completely forgot.
She's talking in a really weird manner.
l'll just go and tell her.
You do'nt go i'll just|go and surprise her
Hey what nando you|always sing the same old song
You should sing this song.
Your song is really nice.|ls it...? Then Sing this one.
Sing?|Yeah Yeah Sing.
You wo'nt change nando you|will aleays sing the same song...
l am happy in it, one life,|one girl, one love, one song.
Hey me too|same...!
One life, one girl,|one love, one song.
So this is how|Raj and Priya met...
Met? That was only|there frist meeting.
lf lovers met so easily
Then there wouldn't be any|lovestories in this world
But! Tell me one thing...
lf they love each other so much,|then what was the problem?
What was the problem...!
Problem was that|piece of paper
on which Raj wrote|Priya's number
Just see this whole|number is washed...
You would have atleast|checked before taking the clothes
You idot
Every cleaner in this world at least|check pocket once before washing...
For if he could incidently find|some money
Excuse me sir, for past five years l|hav'nt find a single penny in your pockets
Alright...!|And now l have quite checking...
You have quite checking?|l will give you slap...
Hey Raj...|l made some snacks
Come to our home...
Sister thanks... no snacks|Brother Manu tell her to go back home
Leave it Sabeeta...|You know there so much tension here...
Priya's numer is washed away,|we are trying to find that...
Hey... Whats the name of|Priya's friend Pune...
Farah...!|Yeah... Farah
Call her and ask the number...|No No... brother Muno...
Saleem and Farah just got married...
They are on honeymoon for a|month and l don't know where
Oh... What the hell
Hey whats this... whats this...
How my shirt came in Raj's place|How tell me...
See see... for past three weeks|l'm looking for this shirt & its here
Brother Manu you are worried about the|shirt, what about my problem
Give me some idea
lts your problem...|You solve it yourself
l'm looking for this shirt for past|3 weeks just see, this is what Gunpat do
l say just hand him over to police...
Brother Muno thanks,|And you also...
5 - 6 - 9 - 4...|How many times you will you repeat this
There are 7 to 8 digits in a telephone|number, you are telling me only 4
lts difficult now...
Why its difficult?
l am a traffic guy and l am use to|remembering only 4 digits of a car...
Thats it...
Now what should l do then|Why don't you go at girl's place
Oh...|You are afraid of her father...
Hell be afraid of her father,|lf l know the place
That day was our first meeting...
And you stopped us...
Oh man... its terrible|Now what should we do...
But there is one thing...|She lives some where near this area
Remember she walked way her home...|Yes you are right...!
Ok... lets do one thing...|Ask that shopkeeper
Hurry up lets go...
Come Come...|Don't you worry, These are all our guys
Greetings Brother|Greetings Mr. Pandat
Hey say it man
Mr Pandit...|l am looking for a girl
She lives someehere near
Let me describe you her face|May be you would have seen her.
Hey man Taivari i am|always busy with my shop...
l don't have any|time to see girls.
Take him to Luxman you|will deffinetly find out there...
No No Mr Tevari i|only look Radha...
No one else ever.
Just think Luxman think...
Don't be afraid of me,|see how long he is searching her
Tell Him lf you know...|Oh! l don't know...
Well... l really l don't
All it happened becouse of me...
l was helpless because of my duty
l have an idea...
you wamt address,|Contact the postman Ganga
He must know that...|Do you know him?
Thank you...
Give me chocolate...
Why are you asking for chocolate,|Take my Heart instead...
No way...
Priya Chopra...
There is one Copra,|who lives in Shoner Lane...
Who have two sons
He don't have daughter
Hey Ganga... there is one|Chopra who is lives in Akash Ganga...
He also have a daughter...
Yes...|He must have a daughter. Ganga
One minute
That girl is only eight years old...
Oh Sorry...
Eight years old...
No No, mine is elder...
She must be elder...
There is one more Chopra...
Who have only one daughter
But she lives in Australia with her aunt
That will be fine...
Priya also lives with her aunt...
Then tell her aunt's name...
Oh yes... Aunt's name is...!
l don't know her name...
don't know...?
Teewari...|He don't know anything...
How can we find her...
Brother Raj, what we will do now|He also don't know, say something
What we will do...
Whoever say anything...
But l know my fate...|l can find her...
Aunt or...|No aunt...
How will he find her?
No Name, no address,|l also told him that...
How will he find her,|in air?
Raj...|Are you searching me for 20 days?
Yes... every place...
Day, Night, Evening|And l found you
Can l ask you a dinner tonight|and then a drive...
Sorry Raj...|l don't go with you
Why?|Why you are not coming with me...
l am going Athens tonight
Athens! Why?
Running in Olympic
Don't joke
My family is waiting me their
We will call them and make some excuse
No excuse is going to work
l really have to go
Oh, what so important that it can't|happen without you?
l am getting enggaged Raj
l thought that you liked me
Thats the reason l am here
Then why did'nt you say so...|earlier about marriage and all
How could l tell you,|this was decieded last week
Last week?|- Yes
Papa called,|he asked me about the engagement
And l said yes
And the person whom you don't know|you agreed to marry that guy?
l am sure he won't have a driver's license too
Raj Sameer is my childhood friend
And i know her very well
Now if you didn't meet me in my childhood,|then whats my fault
You can know me now
Please give me a chance
Then after that what ever you want to decide,|just make up your mind
The decisions of life are|not taken like that
And life is not spent the way you|think about it
Commitment is also something,|London Paris America
From every where my relatives|are coming to Athens
lnfact they must have reached there
My presence over there is|really very important, Raj
And what about me?
Raj you are a very nice person
And definatly you will get a nice girl
l got one, but she also wants to go
l have to go
Should l leave you some where?
You already left me...
Oh moti
This is so old that you were not even born
She used to live there
Every day l used to look at her
Some times in the Balcony,|some times at the door
Some times while comming,|some times when she went
But she went away with some one else
lt was my fault too
l wish, i would have told her
That l...
Then may be...
When she bcame a wife and was leaving
Every body was singing
l also sang
Oh brother, Priya is going to Grecce
Why are you paking?
l am paking beacause
i am going to Greece as well
You don't discuss, you pack please
Greece is not a local place that|you can just go
l have decieded
For Priya l can go to anywhere in the world
l have called Vivik|he is comming to the airport with the Visa
You just pack this
Yes this all is fine but why are you going...
Why am i going?
Priya is going there to get enggaged
And you will attend that
She is going to get enggaged,|she is not engagged
l dont want to discuss it with you
Sister, you see Nandu every day?|- Yes
Many years ago he didn't stop his girl firend
And till today he is roaming on the street|with a dog and a bottle in his hand
And he says the same thing that,|''i wish i could have stoped her''
And Sister i dont want to|wish for the rest of my life
Give me my Credit Card
l don't have it its in the drawer
Make him understand
This is the only chance i have
Sister you too are talking about money
What will l do with the money if|Priya is not there
lts not that
Tommoro is the meeting of|Truck Owners Assosiation
And its really important for you to be there
Or else they will cancel you subsi diary
lts not subsi dairy,|its subsidry
Yes that, it will be cancelled
Forget that,|- What! ls this the way to do business
Brother Manu i dont know|how to do business
But love is done this ways
Oh what hell love is done like that!
He says love is done this ways
ls love done this ways?
l am also comming to greece, i mean going
Priya now what should l say...
Actually, in my child hood i heard a story
A love story
The Heroin is leaving the hero
And the hero gives up
Then the whole life he thinks that,|if he would have stoped her or atleast try
Then may be it would make it
l know priya, i dont have a chance
But l dont want to wish for it my whole life
Raj how many times i have|made you understand
l have understood it well,|but this heart doesn't
You sit please
We are in the same plane now...
Excuse me uncle
We both are together
So what can i do?
l was thinking that can i sit here?
You will sit on me?
No why would l sit on you Uncle
l meant my seat is over there 3c
Where that Aunti is sitting
There, i dont sit there!
Oh Uncle please,|just one time can you reconsider?
Oh go away i said l dont sit there!
Thankyou Uncle
You dident go!
l am just going
Actually i wanted to sit with that girl
She is my friend
So what can i do?
Mam l was thinking that if you|could pleaseGo to that seat
And i could call her here
Actually the problem is,|i requested the man sitting next to her
But he didn't say yes
He is a vey shrewed person
l know
He is my husband
Well you people should sit together?
Husband wife
We have a fight since a week
lts too bad!
Do you have a phone?
Papa, yes
The weather in Athens is really bad,|you know that
Flight is 8 hours late
Papa please make every one understand
That guy, isn't it sad|he has been playing for so long
No one is paying him
You know why
Neither his music is strong nor his tune|and his rythme is aslo week
You know alot about Music?
Dont you remeber!
You saw how nicely i sing
Every day, i will wake you up with a song|and make you sleep with a song
Your walking talking All india radio
How ugly is this dog
How cutly ugly dog is that
Did you like it?
You want it?
Can l buy it for you?
Wow superb, what a marksmen you are
May be the can is at the wrong place
No no, i was just practicing
Laugh laugh
You aim at that can,|i am going to eat ice cream
You can't do it, Raj
Raj you cant do it
l know uncle i cant do it,|but what should i do?
True?|- Lie
Then how did you get this?|- He just gave it to me
He gave it for free?
He saw how much love i have for you
He saw this and gave it to me
But sadly
what happened?
A person who is a forigner|understands my heart
But the one who must understand|she doesn't
Priya i have decieded
That after marriage l will cook for one time
Listen, l will take care of the kids
l know Homeopathy as well,|you will never catch cold fever or anything
Your small problems, i'll solve it in|a click
And i am a mechanic too
Raj that womens wish has come true
This is nice, you throw a coin in the water
A naked kid goes into the water and|brings the coin, your wish comes true
Raj people believe it here
Do you believe?|- Yes
Do you have some money?
l have just a single coin, dont loose it
Found it!
Why did you jump into the water?
To get the coin
l know that
But who told you to?
Your face...
l am not joking raj
l am not joking either
Your face said, Raj jump so Raj jumped
Priya what did you wish?
At the Wishing Well
Oh, tell me what did you wish for
You must have wished for some thing?
Come on say it
l wished that...
l reach home on time
You wished that!
You know if l would have wished,|what would l ask for?
Yes i know
No this is a new one
Raj l know|- Really, listen for a minute
No Raj i know|- No listen to me once
l dont want to listen|- Oh listen to me Priya
Priya, Priya listen to me
Dont be tensed l found out every thing
lf the Flight would be late 12 more hours,|there are many places we have'nt seen
Look l brought the Map too
Please Raj
l have heard that the Night spots here...|- Please Raj
lts really important for me to reach home
Every body must be waiting
Papa told me to reach a day or two earlier
lts all my fault
l delayed every thing
Oh Priya...
Priya Priya Priya...
Please do'nt cry
You have to reach Athens?
l'll take you there
Just dont Cry
[Speaking Roman]
Not now, First let me take you there
When do you have to reach there?
11'o Clock
l'll take you there before 7:30
You are going to drive the whole night?
Wont you get tired?|- Too much
But once l leave you there...
Then its rest all time
Come on
We reached home?
14 minutes before
Why did'nt you wake me up?
l was thinking to wake you up
But then i thought
lf i had,|you would wake up
lf you woke,|you would have left
lf you would have gone,|how could l see you so closely
We have spent a very short period together
But a nice one,|right?
Then dont talk like this,|when i am leaving
Fine, i'll take your luggage out
Are you keeping my jacket with you?
l have got some things in here,|Look at this
These are our boarding passes
From Mumbai to here
l'll keep yours
And these are amusment park tickets,|i'll keep one
Bills of restaurent etc... ,|One of these...
And yes,|this coin, you keep it
l took it out from the lake for you
All of this
Whenever you'll come in my memories
l'll have all of this with me
This photograph is left
You keep this
Things should be equally divided
This... you...
Sister Priya...
lts time to go, right?
Raj but i had to go
Thats also the True
Can l pray for you?|- What?
l am just feeling to
Priya ''May you always be happy in life''
ln your life you would never
wish for anything
Like my...
Like the hero of my story wished for...
You get ever thing, that your heart desires
Remember this Priya
There is a person in this world,|who is really happy...
Beacuse you are happy
Thats it...
Do'nt ask me to come inside
l can't refuse you
Cannot come inside too
Come on Priya sister
Come on, Priya sister
Come on, Priya sister
[Engagment Song]
Congratulation on your daugther's Engagment
By the way where is she?
Where is she?|- She is just coming
They are singing so nicely
She is still getting ready?
Oh she is a girl
lt takes time to get ready
l know Priya i do'nt stand a chance,|but i do'nt want wish it for the rest of my life
How many time i have made you understad|Raj
l understood Priya
l understood, but this heart dose'nt...
A distant forigner, understands my heart
But the person who should understand,|she dose'nt
Raj...|- Priya i have decieded
That after marriage l will cook food for|one time
And l will take care of the children
Remeber Priya, that there is person in this|world who will always be happy
Beacause you are happy
l want to tell you some thing
Grandmother Grandmother,|what happned?
But what is there to think about?
She will say anything and you people will|understand
Priya will marry Sameer and only Sameer
Aunti Priya,|wont be happy with this marriage
And i know this quite well
But Sameer...
l do'nt want that this relation should|start from an agreement
l came here to get enggaged
But i did'nt knew that in the way|this all would happen
l do understand Priya
You are not understading anything, Sameer
And why are you quite?
You are the Father of the Bride
Say some thing?
Daughter are you sure that he is a|nice person
And he will keep you happy?
Why do'nt you meet him '?
What has happend to you people?
Now you want to meet him?
Aunti, Whats wrong in meeting him?
He must be in the Plane now,|he went 4 hours earlier
No aunti, he would not have left
Papa if l know him, he is still waiting
Papa, can i go and stop Raj?
Priya, in our house,|the first step should be yours
Come on
One second!
Let me go inside, i am just comming
l have a little important work to do,|i'll do that and come
Do'nt worry, i'll take you inside
l married you
One minute, One minute
Raj|- l am comming in a minute
l am comming inside Raj
Oh wait wait...
No one should say that, we did'nt fufill|the traditions
Normally the mother does this,|but for now
And this...
Sorry l was just taking out red ink
l'll do this
And this tradition is also perfromed|by the elders
But now l am doing it all, then its me...
And now this is left
Who performs this tradition,|i dont know
But in know they also perform this
l know this
Can i come in?
Please, but carefully,|its powder dont slip
Priya this is our house
lts nice
You woke up Raj?
l dide'nt sleep the whole night
But l never slept so nicely, ever before
What did you wear right now, Raj?
This is God Almighty
God Almighty?
That saleem,|- Yes
His mother gave me this
You know,|What ever l desire
What ever i ask him for
He gives it to me
Like you, isnt it.
Do you always keep him with your self?
He is always with me
You know l feel incomplete without him
You wont give this to me?
Ok, one minute, one minute
What happened?
God if some thing happens to me
Or if l wont be alive
Then take care of my Priya
She, her self dose'nt know,|how much i love her
l love Priya too much
Raj we will always be together, Raj
l dide'nt even read a love story|like that in the books
Sorry guys l am late,|l am really tensed because of the traffic
Look at the watch
The Truck was'nt moving
And i told you too, you are never early
And she... she...
Saleem, saleem this is my Fiance, Sheetal
Sheetal this is Saleem and his wife Farah
Sorry, we are little late,|actually we were stuck in the traffic
l told him
No, its not that
Actually while waiting for you,|l heard a very nice love story
Our Raj and Priya's
And you know,|i want to meet Raj and Priya some day
Yes yes, Why not
Because today is their first Anniversiry
And today we are going to his surprise party
You! ...|you could'nt tell me this on the telephone?
lf l would have told you,|the whole world would know about it
lt would'nt be a surprise
Come on we are getting late
But where is the party
On their head,|oh its on the roof of their building
Come on come on
Come on sister, here here
Brother Manu
Why have you called us on the roof?
Oh dont ask questions,|you just look
Oh just a minute
What will we see in the dark
One and two and three
l am Sheetal, Depak's fiance
You know when l was told your story,|i could not believe it
That in today's days|any one can romace like that
Brother Manu, we are having real fun,|of the surprise party
Now just shut up, since last two hours|it was the same going on in the house
Now you want to fight here as well
l am not fighting Raj you are
Priya Priya... you have changed alot|since last year
l hav'nt changed, its you who has changed
lts our first anniversiry and you are fighting...|i have changed? l have changed?
Raj do you think that i like it|to fight with you on the first anniversiry?
But now you are not the same person whom|i married!
lt was your marriage and|you married the wrong person
Then do one thing leave me
What are you doing sweeten up|one another's mouth
Yes come on
l guess madam's mood is not fine today
You came late too
l did'nt sleep properly in the night
You dide'nt sleep, thats nice
You were thinking about me?
No way
l was thinking marriage is a big problem
What? Meaning
lf you do it, its a problem|if not, again its a problem
Why are you saying like that?
Now look, look at Raj and Priya
What happened now?
Yes, then what happened?
Are you talking about last night?
There are,|small differences between couples
That does'nt means that|they are not happy together
He loves Priya, he loves her too much
Loving your wife does'nt means that you are|a very nice husband
Oh, listening to you feels as if you have done|your PHd in marriage
You did'nt say this to anyone?
Please dont say this
People will laugh at you, make jokes out of it
Raj and Priya love each other alot
This Raj is always late
Although he knows Priya does'nt likes this|at all
Your son-in-law has'nt arrieved yet?
now what should i say
l asked him and arranged the poja
but today's generation
His phone is'nt working
did you see your friend,|he is still not here
He is a bit late but i am sure|He is on his way
Daughter the pooja is over but your|husband has not arrieved
Sir preist, he is comming form his office,|he will be here any moment
Daughter, it was really important for|both of you to be here in the whorship
Now What should i do
The pious time has aready gone
We cannot wait more, my daughter
Ok, Sir Priest as u feel suitable
Daughter, now we will pray to our god
God bless u both
Thank you
This Spinich looks really nice
The Chic peas smell really nice
No one cooks Chic peas like you
Thats it, Thats it
You sit as well...
Priya now, how is this going to work
l said sorry, i asked your forgivness
Already so much has happened
Atleast talk with me
Now if you wont talk, how is this going to work
Please Priya... Priya, hello!
ok, if your are not eating with me,|i am not going to eat either
Priya, Priya
Talk with me... l told you it was my mistake
l am sorry
Your said sorry but Anut kept that prayers|what about that
l felt so humiliated, do you realise that
l realise that, that's why i am saying sorry
And look i was comming, its not lilke that
but at the last minute Mr Manotra came
Manotra right!
And your know how important he is|for our business
l know how important is your business
Where was your business then,|when you followed me till Greece
Oh Priya...|Then it was the matter of love
Love! Then now where is your love
Now i have married you
What do you mean!
Meaning...|- What!
One marries a person whom he loves
And love remains, if not then how is the|marriage going to remain
Meaning after marriage|loves goes in the back ground
yes, i love you, your love me
We both are lovely
What am i saying!
Listen to me|What i said there, i dident mean it
l mean l was confused
l was saying that after marriage|your responisbilites increase
Then you are saying,|that your are responsible
Ya, Ya l am 100%/%/ responsible
You are 100%/%/ responsible right?
This is your shirt?|And you threw it here
Raj if you wanted you could keep|it in the Laundry as well
But no|And always your shoes...
What shoes?
You Kept them right now?
Yes, right now
Yes l picked them right now,|but i did pick them!
But raj why cant you pick them earlier
And Please stop smiling|l am serious
Ok, l wont smile
But can we decide some thing now?
What are you compalning of?
l dident reach the temple,|l came late, my shirt, my smile...
What, what is the complain Priya?
Raj i have got problem with all of your things
With all of my things?
Raj there is way of living together
One second, now you are|going to teach me?
hey! Shut up
Shut up!
What are u singing from down there?
We are fighting here!
Listen Priya
l am not a kid anymore,
Shut up!
Please stop this lecturing me,|please
Raj, pointing out some one's fault is|not a bad thing
No, keep this
Priya, Priya you
Priya your are calling it a mistake but|its not my fault, every time
But mostly the fault is yours,|and i have to say sorry
You want to say that you are perfect
Perfect me!|Did i say that...
l am not perfect
You are not...
What do you think, Nandu is perfect!
Nandu is not perfect at all
None of us is perfect|Priya
Oh gosh! l work all day and come home
My heart says that i should sit|and talk with you
Here in the balcony we sit and dirnk|coffe and romance
You want to Romance|- Ya!
You want to talk|- Too much
With the TV on?|- Yes
No, no
l switched on the TV because...
Raj, this is your daily routine
You come home and watch TV
Raj i also feel that,|when you come home we could talk
l switched off the TV
And lets talk
What did you do in the office?
Oh Priya dont Talk about the Office|- Why
Beacuse i get irritated talking about|Office, the whole day
When i come home, i feel that i should talk|something else
But Raj you dont talk something else|your start watching TV
l just watch the news on the TV
Today, news...|Tommoro Cricket mach... and
You are right and i am worng|ok?
- No no...|l am worng... i am wrong
Raj i am saying that, please|Stop staying sorry
And today they way i got insulted|i will never forget that
Now where did this insult come from?
For that i am sor...|Oh i cant say sorry now
l have to sleep|- Go sleep
just leave it, take your diner|and Switch Off the Light
Why should i eat,|i was eating you picked it up from there
And lights off!
And what ever you want|is going to happen?
No one is going to Switch off the light,|lets see who switches them off
Ok then, dont switch them off
Can't you come a bit early|why?
Your boss is eating up my Brain since 7 'o Clock
Give me Tea Give me Tea
Oh sister, when the cow is going to|give the milk only then we can come
Every day you have an Excuse
lf you dont come on time form tommoro
l will leave your milk and start buying that|packet milk
Did you understand that?|- Ok sister
Hey Come here
give me milk for 2 rupess
Give me milk of 2 rupess
Nandu Brother, u left Drinking and started drinking|milk?
Oh not for me for moti
Cant u see how much has he shrank
Try and smell him
Oh he is really sick, he needs Calcium
Raj your Juice|- Yes
l'ev kept the breakfast on the table,|eat it when you go
ok|- And u dont take proper luch
Raj l just moped the Floor,|what is this?
Whats this?|- Raj the pillow is getting wet
ohh Priya its my pillow,|l sleep here
And if|ok
ls it fine now?
Now whats this?
Raj the Bed Sheet is going to be wet
Oh priya what kind of fights we|involve our selfs Right in the morning
l am not fighting Raj
Look how your are...
Now how am i gona work in the office|with this mood?
Your mood goes bad on every thing Raj
My mood will go bad, Priya
You always talk like this
On every thing you go like, u have to do this|your have to put this here.
This is not fine, that is fine
keep the shoes at its place,|some one will fall
Oh should i keep the shoes on my head?
How can a person fall by shoes?
This iron stand is here,|did some one fall off this?
This bed is here since months,|do you fall off this?
fall off shoes, you just keep after shoes
Raj what have i said so harsh,|just to make the house clean
lf the house is clean what bad is it?
lts Bad, it is bad|i like my room dirty
l want that one of my shoe should be there|and one over there
Lets see, who falls off them
You know what?|l am an illitrate, i am a savage
Raj!|- l like that the pillow should be here
And before we sleep,|there should be no blankets on the bed
Even this should not be here
And this Towel,|where ever ii take it off its fine over there
i acept that i dont know how to live properly|not at all
Only u know it
But what can i do, what shoud i do,|its my first marriage
This is my Fist marriage as well, Raj
Throw the Bed Sheet as well
Priya! What are you doing Priya
Priya! Priya!|People are watching there
Oh borhter keep it safe its a small car,|better dos'nt gets lost some where
Priya, Priya
Look i am saying this to you again, when ever|i go to your society parties my mood goes bad
Look they way my car is small here among|these cars, its the same i will feel
Raj again, sameer|has invited us with so much love
l know, so u should go|Brother lrfan's Garage is near i'll go there
l'll have tea when ever your party ends|call me i'll be here
Raj after marriage it does|not feels good to go alone in a party
You are not alone, its your family there|your friends and all
what will do there?|ok
Ok Ok,|i am comming as well, lets go
Hey Raj
Hi sameer Congratulations,
Your are looking more beautiful in this sari,|what do you say raj?
You remeber we went to|athents for our vacations
Ofcourse i remember and you know Raj|there was this beautiful river near that place
Where me and sameer used to enjoy boating|the whole day
Do you remember that we asked our|parents for that same house, do u remember?
l do remeber
And l fulfilled our desire
That means you have...|- l have bought that house
Raj you have to look at that house
Why dont you take Raj there and enjoy holidays
And Raj you will also get a break buddy
No no
Some other time
Your are talking about this, and you your|self are weraing Versace
The Girl who is going to marry you|is really going to be lucky
Forgive me,|Business friends
And why are you people standing|here and being a bore couple
Come on lets go and dance
You'll have to take permission?|Sir give us permission
Raj... Raj
Drink Sir
Listen-yes sir
- How is my suit?|- lts nice
l bought this in my marriage,|- Very nice sir
This watch?|- This is also nice sir
How much is the Lady Figer for?|- 10 per Quater kg
Have you gone mad?
You liked it here uncle?|- Yes it was very nice
The Buiscuits were really nice too
These sweets are for you
Aunti, hiwhataplesentsurprise, Comeincomein
You all please come again|- You too
Ok they Bye
Come on come inside|- Bye
Autni,|what a plesent surprise
Now first of all tell me what will you drink?|Tea, coffee, soft Drink
l dont want any thing, just tell me that|these people come here as well?
Oh no auntie, it has been a long time since|they met me so they came by to meet me
But you just tell me, how are you?
l am perfectly fine but...|- Hello-hello
How many eggs?|- 6 Eggs keep them in the fridge
Listen keep them safe, they should'nt break
Yes auntie|- Priya whats hapening?
Down Stairs that Vegetable man, here that|egg man
Are these the only people left in your life?
Aunti its not like that
Heloo madam -hi|- Clothes
Ghanpat have you brought my sari?|- Yes
Then just keep them here,|i'll keep them inside after wards
Ok madam|bye -bye
Priya you know the name of|your laundry man?
Yes aunti
What is your life? What were you and what have|you become
We had thought so much about you
Aunti its nutthing like that, i am really|very happy
Now look at this, i am starting my work|and Raj is also getting a new Contract
What new Contract we have been listining about|this contract since a long time
Anyways i have decieded, take this, these are two|tickets for Greece
You people go and enjoy holidays
But aunti how can i take this now,|i am married now
Why cant you take this? l am jus like your|mother
And a mother can give her daughter anything|at anytime
lts her right come on take it
[lndian Song]
Oh sorry sorry sorry
One should not sing in the night
No problem Nandu Today you can sing|- Can i sing today?
Can i sing in the night too?|- Oh today you can sing for the whole night
Oh wow!
So tonight i will sing for brother Raj|- Yes
Hey Raj, you can also sing, some|times come in the night i feel really lonely
Some other time Nandu, tonight actually|i plan to romance
Really? -Oh yes
Then you give a bit background music|i'll go and romance
Bye Bye
Does Mr Raj Mathur lives here?
Yes he lives here, but he is not at home
Whats the rush? Lts a very nice thing that|Raj Mathur is not at home
l'll close the door for you
But you-yeh me
l am your Closest Neighbour
That front building 3rd Floor 3rd Window
Yes, i have seen you|- l have also seen you watching
You know what? Since how many days i was|waiting for this moment
Should i say the truth? Me too
me too... what... what do you mean?
l'll make you understand
Come on lets go, lets avail this chace
What chance And he is not all free from his trucks
You take your hands down and talk
He has to work, wont earn money?
Then let him earn you come inside
You are doing this with a stranger
Priya Priya what all this,|you are joking right?
Now what happend Mr neighbour
You know i have never seen you like this|but i think its very very sexy
Today i am really happy Raj|- You should always be happy
But not with the neighbour
ok listen to me, i have to give you 2 good news
Ok then tell me the second one first
Do you remember that i gave my designes to that|Australian company
Yes yes -they liked them
Really -congratulations
Listen to the first one as well|- Priya Come back
Look at this, these are two tickets for Greece
Tickets for Greece, you won some lottery?
How come this?|- Aneversery Dear, our gift
Aunt Anna gave this?|- We dident go for vacation any where
So Anna Aunt said that go to Greece
You know Raj its going to be so much fun
And i|- Ok
What happned?
Just one second
What happned?|- One Second
Nutthing -whats wrong Raj tell me
Priya if you dont mind|can i tell you some thing
Listen we will go to Greece|but with our own money
But this is also our money right?|- No this is not our money
This is Anna Aunties money
But Anna Aunti is also like our Mother
Look she is for you, not for me?|and l am sorry
But without any reason|why are you making this a prestige lssue
What priya, this is... this is...|not the matter of prestige
Then what is this?
What is this? What is this?|- Yes
l'll tell you this
l feel this from the very begning
Your folks
Are not that happy from our marriage
l feel this
May be they think that,|if you would have married Samir
Then it would have been better
Beacuse he could have given you all thoes|things that i could not give you
And this is the truth
lts not the matter of prestige
Raj i feel that,|you have'nt understood me yet
Have i ever told you about this?
no|- Have i ever complained?
Then why do you think wrong?
Dont speak too loud...
You think wrong,|Priya you, you understand this
They want you to go for vacations|they want you to be happy, not me
To bare me is their ristriction because|Unfortunatly l am their Son-in-Law
They send me these tickets
l dont know, you take a thing from where to where
You think about thoes thing|which don't have any meanings to it
No meaning, no meaning,|For you they dont mean anything
But for me its the truth
Which i feel every day,|And you know that Priya
You... no meaning...
Fine you are right,|can we finish this right now?
Yes please
You are sleeping?
Yes i am sleeping, beacuse|there is notthing else to do
Unless you want to...|- No i dont want anything
Just sleep
Some thing is worng with Priya sister again
No there is notthing wrong with Priya
Oh there has been a problem
OK ok, fine, yesterday night again|i had a fight with Priya
What hell happy!
Now listen to me, When we buy a new car|it also has some problems in the begining
No no let me complete
Now if we buy a new truck that too|stops if its over heated
Yes it stops
Then what do we do?
We cool it and carry it forward
So this marriage and|a truck is not that different at all
Both of them need a bit of adjustments
Then adjust and somehow|push the story forward
How to push the story forward?
You too talk so strangely
Are cars and marrige alike brother Manu?
is'nt it her fault aswell?
Hey hey listen, in the matters of a husband
and a wife we dont see who's right or who is worng
You have to say sorry and finish it off right there
l do the same thing also
l am ready to say sorry,|am i fond of fighting?
l dont want to fight but...
But its the same for her too
Look look
Now you dont try to make fuss
You also have a lot of problems and i know that
What... whats my problem whats my problem
Should i count them?|should i count them one bye one
l know brother Manu, i have a problem|i have a problem
Yes thats why i say, that listen to my idea
What should i do brother Manu?
Today go to your wife like a perfect husband
Like me
[Speaking Gujrati]
Perfect Husband
This, Priya this... these vegitables
l brought them from the shop
And this too
All of this... - Fridge
...will keep it in the fridge
We keep it in the fridge
Actually i bought it from a whole sale shop
You know the shop keeper there,|thought that i was a fool
l asked him how much are the carrots for
he said 30 rupees per Kg
l said move, 30 rupess per Kg!|lf you want them give me i'll pay you 20
Or else i am going
he gave it to me in 20 rupess
How much do you buy them for?
10 rupees per Kilo
He told me that these are really freash|and they are red too
Anyways Priya, Priya if there is|work in the house
Tell me about it i am...|i am in the mood to help you
Come on a man should work|around the house
l'd like to help
These dishes, i'll clean them
Today l am in the mood, to wash dishes
l like to wash dishes
Oh i forgot to tell you about the Office
Today was surprising, brother Manu came|in the office had tea and went
Then after that brother Muhammed also came
Had tea and... he also went away
Aah, Vivik, Vivik came and|asked me for two trucks
l told him Oh buddy i dont have them
They are gone for service,|actually one of them is damaged
The other one's Liver was not working
l told him Brother Vivik You cant have the Trucks
So i told him that come, sit have tea and go...
So he also went
Today every one in the office just went away
Where should i keep these dishes Priya?
Keep them there... from where you picked them
Ofcourse, yes... here|- Cleaned dishes are kept
l had cleaned them
So i cleaned them again
You know, dishes kept like that,|become dirty
So when ever you get the chance|clean them out
See this nice and shinney
Raj l know what do you want to say
But you dont have to do this all,|you realised and thats enought for me
Thankyou Priya, thank you very much|Priya
You go and sit i have to cook the food
Oh no, no|today we will have Carrot sweet with food
And i will cook|- You know How to cook?
No but l will try till you wont give me a hug
Ok -and whats the big deal|in making Carrot sweet
Cut pieces of carrot and
Raj i told you not to!|- No, no not this one
ls it paining alot?
Priya can i tell you a thing?|- Hmm
This finger is not bleeding, its this one
l have a bleeding fingure,|please give me a hug
Brother Manu are you comming for the tea?
Where are you comming from?
Just came after taking the round of Sitara
Good Morning brother Manu|- What hell Good morning?
Have you left reading news papers?|- Why what happened?
Yours and your wife's fight was printed|in the paper?
You'r not Laughing whats worng?
Look at this, the company u used|is closed overnight
What are you saying brother manu?|- Read, read
Yes Brother Raj it has been a very big problem
The Bank hascalled thrice and have called you also
how is he going to arrange 25 Lac rupess ln a week
l cant do anything about this
Mr Mathur
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Cock - The Foghorn Leghorn (1948)
Cockleshell Heroes The
Cold Comfort Farm 1995
Cold Mountain 2003 CD1
Cold Mountain 2003 CD2
Cold Mountain CD1
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Cold Mountain CD3
Collateral 2004
Collateral Damage
Collector The
Colour Of The Truth
Coma (1978)
Comandante (Oliver Stone 2003)
Come And See CD1
Come And See CD2
Commitments The
Como Agua Para Chocolate
Company Man
Company Of Wolves The CD1
Company Of Wolves The CD2
Company The CD1
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Con Air
Conan The Barbabian (uncut)
Conan the Barbarian
Conan the Destroyer
Confessions of Sorority Girls
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
Connie and Carla
Conquest of the Planet of the Apes
Conspiracy Theory 1997
Control 2004
Conversation The CD1
Conversation The CD2
Cook The Thief His Wife And Her Lover The 1989
Cookies Fortune 1999
Cookout The
Cool Hand Luke 1967
Cool World
Cooler The
Cooley High
Cop Land
Corbeau Le
Corky Romano
Couch Trip The 1988
Counterfeit Traitor The 1962 CD1
Counterfeit Traitor The 1962 CD2
Countess Dracula (1970)
Country of my Skull
Cousin Bette
Cover Girl (Charles Vidor+1944)
Cowboy (Delmer Daves 1958)
Coyote - Dont Give Up the Sheep (1953)
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Coyote Ugly
Craddle 2 The Grave
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Cravan vs Cravan
Crazy Beautiful
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Crazy in Alabama
Creature from the Black Lagoon
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Cries And Whispers (Bergman Ingmar)
Crime Scene Investigation 3x01 - Revenge Is Best Served Cold
Crime Scene Investigation 3x02 - The Accused Is Entitled
Crime Scene Investigation 3x03 - Let The Seller Beware
Crime Scene Investigation 3x04 - A Little Murder
Crime Scene Investigation 3x05 - Abra Cadaver
Crime Scene Investigation 3x06 - The Execution Of Catherine Willows
Crime Scene Investigation 3x07 - Fight Night
Crime Scene Investigation 3x08 - Snuff
Crime Scene Investigation 3x09 - Blood Lust
Crime Scene Investigation 3x10 - High And Low
Crime Scene Investigation 3x11 - Recipe For Murder
Crime of Padre Amaro The
Criminal Lovers (1999)
Crimson Pirate The
Crimson Rivers 2 - Angels Of The Apocalypse
Crimson Rivers 2 Angels of the Apocalypse
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Cristina Quer Casar
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Cronos 1993
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