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"A velvety smoke's..."
"That gives you a high even when you are sober"
"Kissing lips..."
"playing with breaths..."
"forgetting this world..."
"If you get it..."
"it's like getting love"
"If you don't get it..."
"then crave"
Thousands of people come to holiday in the mountains.
"They look at them from far away, and leave."
"But there are some, who want to get inside the mountains..."
and want to know them.
He's Sam... Sam Higgins.
He is a Botany student. Had come to India to Study Ayurveda.
Policeman... that's his name.
He cultivates the hemp plant and makes marijuana from it.
The best quality marijuana comes from his fields.
No one knows where his fields are.
And no one knows how he got that special name.
"But it is said, since he has entered the jungles, he has never left them."
He has an eye. Keep his passport.
"Respected Prime Minister, I am an Indian living in London."
I have been living in London since the past 56 years.
But I have lived my India in my every moment.
The situation there today torments me.
"Gujarat, Bihar, corruption, communalism."
What's wrong with this country?
I desire that we accept our mistakes and reform.
Only saying ' My India is great' will not make India great.
"Grandpa... grandpa, I have good news. I am going to India."
Shall I also come along? I want to meet the Prime Minister.
Has he ever replied to any letter of yours until today?
This must be your 20th letter to him in three months.
I must meet him. I know whose hand it is that wants to destroy India.
That I'll only tell the Prime Minister.
"Grandpa, I am going to India."
I will take your letter and meet the Prime Minister.
Will you go to Delhi? - Yes.
Do go to our old home.
I couldn't even take your father there.
"You know, your grandma and my home were this close."
And you used to fly kites to send her letters.
Because grandma was Muslim and you were a Hindu.
And you could never meet.
What kites! And the wind!
It always helped me.
It always blew in the direction of your grandma's home.
And the kite would very conveniently land on your grandma's rooftop.
Wonder what's happened to those winds now.
There are some people who are polluting the atmosphere.
I even want to tell the Prime Minister...
"Grandpa, I am going to India for the first time."
Tell me what I should and should not do.
Should I find myself a girl there?
Your taste where girls are concerned is very bad.
"Take me along, I'll find you a girl who will make you shine."
Don't forget your vitamins.
Praful Tiwari. A minister by profession.
He's never hesitated in doing any illegal dealings.
"From liquor to arms dealings, he has a share in every business."
The distribution of marijuana is his responsibility.
He is the only one who can contact Policeman.
But only over the phone.
"Mr. Tim May, Praful Tiwari's international version."
He enjoys all the benefits of being an Englishman. Lots of them.
Connect me to the IG.
"Rest assured, sir. What's his name did you say?"
His grandfather was a freedom fighter.
Even he had set off to make the country proud.
"But today, he considers serving some ministers his duty."
That's how the system moves.
But it is said he does miss his grandfather very much sometimes.
"Dev Anand. Don't worry, sir."
Dev... Dev Anand. He always says his name with a pause in between.
His parents were great fans of Dev Anand.
Both were scientists. Both were killed in a car accident.
It is said they had come to know of certain things...
which would harm the government.
"Today, Dev has set out to work for that same government."
Do you want one? - Yes.
What's that? That green thing. - That?
Who... who is it? ...Hey!
Hey stop!
Ashraf. They say he is a good guy. He only has one bad habit.
He always interferes in others matters.
But the truth is that he always wants to prove something.
"For one, he is a Muslim."
"And they say, someone had called him a traitor once."
Strange place. - They need passports.
You find such cheapskates everywhere.
Cheapskates? - Crooks; the petty kind.
Where are you from?
"You must be having them even there. - Yes, we do."
"You helped me, so I..."
"Just say a nice thank you, that's enough."
Have you ever eaten this? - This?
Aloo Chat. It's a speciality of Delhi.
"Kaka, give two plates."
Isn't it good?
"Have you come for some work? - Yes, on business."
What do you do? - Everything.
Tell me one or two of them.
I don't give names to my work. I do whatever I enjoy.
"For now, I am a guide to two French girls and taking them to see the Taj."
Like the mountains? - Who doesn't the like vast openness?
Will you come with me as a guide?
How are you going? - By taxi.
No... on bike.
And not like that. - Why?
What... what are you doing!
"The paths sway and tell us to move on"
"The weather wants us to wait and meet the flowers"
"But we are zany"
"Whether it's the path, or destination"
"Whether the sea or shore"
"We are unaware, of everything, and uncaring"
"We go where the heart takes us"
"We are here today"
"Who knows where we will be tomorrow"
"The sights, the streams, ask us..."
"what we desire"
"Blooms, buds, stars, ask us..."
"who we want to meet"
"We are zany!"
"But we say we want to stay just this way"
"We want to flow in the stream of joy always"
"We go where the heart takes us"
"We are here today"
"Who knows where we will be tomorrow"
"Charming eyes, velvety arms bind us"
"We broke those bonds"
"As the moonlight spread, dreams rolled out"
"We even left behind those dreams"
"We are zany!"
"Our heart is a vagabond, it roams free like a gypsy"
"It may be a vagabond, but we love it"
"We go where the heart takes us"
"We are here today"
"Who knows where we will be tomorrow"
"It's getting dark. Shall we move on, or set camp here?"
"You stay here, I am moving on."
What a rude girl! Not once...
Why don't you stay back?
"I mean, I bored talking to him."
My name is Dev... Dev Anand.
What is your name?
I am a teacher in a school in the village ahead.
I know all the ways.
Take care.
"You are brave, but night is after all night."
It makes one make mistakes.
You must not challenge the night.
"I am not trying to act brave, I really am getting late."
So what difference does it make?
It's a small mistake.
"They are school children after all, they'll forgive you."
Stay... this night will look after you.
We will put up our tent over there.
Now you will want a copy of this.
"Do one thing, give me your address."
I will send it to your home.
I don't like pictures.
"Pictures bring back memories, and memories make you sad."
Whether they are good or bad?
Hey... a team is formed here.
I like pictures. I'll have it enlarged and put it near my bed.
I will look at you two... and... cry.
Why don't you go to sleep? - I'm going.
Or you two will sing a lullaby and put me to sleep.
Your friend is very clean hearted.
Is it? How do you know? - His smile says it.
And me?
You haven't smiled yet.
Life has taught you quite a lot.
"Life teaches everyone. Only, people don't remember."
Since when are you living here? - 4-5 years.
Who do you have in your family? - I live alone here.
"I am feeling sleepy, I want to sleep."
"Yes, go and sleep in the tent."
"No, I'll sleep here."
I told you this night will look after you.
"My smile may say something else, but even my heart is clean."
Go and sleep.
Keep this.
Dev... that girl... Naina... Where did she go?
I don't know. - What do you mean?
She was strange.
"Tell me, wasn't she?"
"We gave her a lift, gave her a place to stay the night."
'This night will look after you'
She could have atleast said a 'thank you'.
Atleast to you.
"If she's gone, she's gone."
What happened? Actually fell in love with her?
Does one fall in love like that? Within hours?
Ofcourse. One moves with a long face for a few days.
Then realizes he's in love.
Listen... good you came to know soon what type of a girl she was.
What type?
She did things with You. Give her whatever name you like.
"No, she wasn't like that."
"I'd gone to sleep. What happened between you two, why she left..."
whether she got angry... I have no idea.
What did you do? - Shut-up!
She left because she'd have had to hear your nonsense...
in the morning otherwise.
"No... 'the guy is clean hearted, his smile says so"'
So you were listening?
"Don't worry, we'll find her."
That we will.
Done? - Yes.
There are foreigners here too. What's the use of coming to India?
What's the time? - Must be 2 O'clock.
I'll make a call. Don't you want to inform anyone?
I don't have anyone. I even save on telephone calls.
Greetings grandpa. Everything okay?
What will happen to me? Did you reach safely?
Yes grandpa. - What about that boy?
I have just reached. I'll set to work from tomorrow.
"Be careful, and don't forget you are an Indian..."
who is working for the British government.
"Grandpa, your theories make the whole life a spy story."
It's a small job. I have come as a tourist.
"You are a kid, you don't know how the world runs."
Speak to my friend.
My grandpa wants to talk to you.
Yes grandpa. - What is your name?
Ashraf. - Which city are you from?
Delhi. - Great! OId Delhi?
Yes. - Even we had a house there.
In Balli Maran. Do show it to Dev. - Sure.
"And listen, he is very naive, people take advantage of him."
Take care of him. - Don't worry.
"Give it to me. ...Grandpa, I'll speak to you again."
Do take your vitamins.
He was talking about me?
Is it? What was he saying?
He was saying I should keep you away from girls.
He cannot say that. - Why?
Because he knows I cannot do that.
"Hey Hero, have change of Rs.500?"
You have come from Delhi to here showing me that Rs.500 note.
And haven't got it changed yet.
I just want an ice-cream. - Your lips are going dry?
"What have you done, Hero! How will I buy ice-cream now?"
My name is Dev... Dev Anand.
"You are Indian, aren't you?"
I'll tell you if you treat me to one more.
Hero... the courier service of marijuana.
"There are 50 more like him, but no one knows each other."
Stay alive... safe yourself.
I have to get quite a lot of money from you yet.
What? What's here?
Hello... how's your cultivation going?
"Until it is spared of your evil eye, it will hopefully run well."
Who can eye you? No one has even seen your picture.
"I don't like city people, especially ministers."
"You are talking to me, and I can get your foul smell here."
And it is already annoying me. So come to the point.
Even the Italian mafia has heard about you. They want to deal with you.
"Look Tiwari, this is my place, I rule here."
I run it the way I want.
"I either make outsiders my clients, or my slaves, not my business partners"
They do business first and then try to rule you.
"Tiwari, this place is blessed by the God of Happiness."
Hey! Call me later.
They have sent a man and a woman. They'll contact you in a few days.
"Now that they have sent someone, let them come. As you wish."
You didn't tell him a cop has come after him from England.
He is not human.
He's a Yeti (mountain animal). He's an animal.
Listen... - Shut-up idiot!
My name is Dev... Dev Anand.
"We are booked, sir."
I don't want a room... - Indians don't like our rooms.
They are small. Why don't you try a three star?
"I don't want a room, I want to ask you something."
What? - Have you seen him?
He had come and stayed here about 18 months ago.
I am his brother-in-law. - Do you have a warrant?
How can you question me? Are you the police?
Look... - How can you question me like that?
"Who is Marsha? Look, I..."
"Get out of here, you thief!"
Get out!
"The monkey's name was Murge. He was little, like you."
"Bye kids, I'll continue the story later."
Don't be seen here again. - I won't.
"Do you think we don't know who is a tourist and who, a journalist?"
You think we mountain people are fools?
What friend? - Hey!
You forgot all about me just because I was your guide.
Ofcourse not. - Where are you since yesterday?
"I've been around. This is India, I thought I'll meet my people."
Try to know what I don't. ...about culture.
Now I think I'll have to go back without learning anything.
"Seeing a girl, had you gone to collect details for marriage?"
I have to do that too. There are so many girls here.
What if someone proposes to me?
"Forget that, tell me, did you find your girl?"
"No. If you meet her, do take her address."
"I'll address her as sister-in-law immediately, don't worry."
Here's your guide fees.
I'll stay here a few days; you can leave if you want to.
Even I'll stay back here until I find a tourist like you.
But... - I'll meet you before leaving.
I'll take it then.
"Uncle, are you two policemen?"
Why? Do we look like the police?
It would be nice if you were the police.
"His name is Teli, this town's money exchanger."
He sells Indian currency to foreigners.
But actually his office is Policeman's post office.
Every parcel that comes from anywhere comes here first.
He is actually Praful Tiwari's man.
Yes Teli? - He has come.
Did you check? - I checked it myself.
"Is he the one? - Yes, it's him."
"All right, I'll send him in the evening."
Today evening? AII right. - Explain to him.
But how? He doesn't even know English.
Do something. Atleast do some work yourself.
Explain to him. - All right.
I am speaking English.
He lives in Italy and doesn't know English?
"Forget it. Tell me, have you seen him?"
"No, I haven't. - Look carefully."
"You can't force me. - Ofcourse I cannot, but..."
What but? Are you a journalist?
Are you a journalist?
I am talking to you.
I was only joking. Don't take it seriously.
Bought it when you were a kid?
Buy a new one this Divali.
This is India...
but looks like it's not in its place.
It seems outsiders are not allowed here.
"By outsiders, I mean, Indians."
"Israelis, Italians, Germans..."
people from all around have not come here only to roam the mountains.
"Sam Higgins will also be here somewhere, but who do I ask?"
"All the people here are either scared, or a part of a very big racket."
There is a police station too here.
Preparations are on for the folk dance festival.
Even the inspector is participating. Great!
The faces of all of them hides a secret.
The silence of the people here says there is something here.
Something that the outsiders should not know.
Even Sam Higgins is a part of this silence.
Give the camera... give the camera... - Stay away!
Keep the knife away. - Give the camera... hit him!
Run... run!
Leave the knife!
Let me go.
You live here? On the roof top? Call your papa.
Call him... where is he?
There. - Where?
Call your family.
Do you know what your son does?
"He loots tourists, and do you know how?"
By threatening them with a knife. Do you know about it?
"Truly, no one cares. Forget the government, even the parents don't."
Do you know how spoilt your son is? Do you?
He's not mine. - What?
He is not my son.
So he fooled me?
"He didn't fool us, he helped us meet."
What do you mean?
"Look, those who want to buy trekking stuff come to me."
But you have come for some other reason.
There are other shops here which sell trekking stuff.
See! You are not a journalist either.
You have a good sense of smell.
Have you seen him? Had he also come here to buy trekking material?
"You are not even his friend, then why do you want to know?"
His grandparents are worried about him.
"They are very old, and he is their only support."
I live in England. I know their family very well.
"I was coming to India, that's why I came here to trace him."
I cannot see.
"Yet, tell me his name."
He came here in August 2002.
12th October 2002.
He took material from here but didn't come back.
No... he didn't.
How do you know he didn't?
I collect a deposit of Rs.5000 for six months.
Only then do I supply the material.
He didn't even come to collect his deposit.
"And let me tell you, I won't return it."
It's 13 months now.
Where had he gone? - To roam in these mountains.
Then why didn't he come back?
"Some people come to roam here, and some come to go missing."
What do you mean?
"Look son, thousands of foreigners live in these mountains..."
without visa and passport.
They are staying here since 15-20 years.
They are those missing people who want to stay missing.
What's in these mountains?
What's he saying? - What everyone says.
He wants to sell our stuff in Europe and Japan.
He wants a 50% partnership.
I said I don't want partnership.
He doesn't understand. He doesn't know English.
I am speaking like an Italian. What do I do with you?
Tell him that what he spoke just now were his last words.
How can I say that?
When I said I don't want a partnership...
Hold him.
"This smoke..."
"Beauty and love..."
"everyone is in a trance here"
"Everywhere, every place..."
"this smoke is spreading"
"This smoke"
"The breaths are sleeping"
"The heartbeats awake"
"The bodies are melted"
"Oozing fragrance"
"And swirling and whirling..."
"is this smoke"
"Neither is there light here"
"Nor any darkness"
"Neither will evening come in"
"Nor will dawn break here"
"It clings to every gaze..."
"and all the doors and walls..."
"this smoke"
"Beauty and love..."
"everyone is in a trance here"
"Everywhere, every place..."
"this smoke is spreading"
"his smoke!"
I need to discuss something with you
Have some ice-cream and stay quiet
I don't want ice-cream. - Shut up
Let me work
You haven't shown me the place where the policeman stays
I promised to take you there
But I haven't gone there yet myself
"Bal will take me there. Talk to him. - No, he won't take you there"
He's scared of me
Why were you enquiring about Sam Higgins?
He's a friend. - Friend?
Look mister...
you can leave. - I can fix a meeting
Which newspaper do you work for? - I'm not a journalist
"I'm Sam's friend, from London... - I know him, I can..."
But what?
Hey tell me...
"What's up, guys? - Who was he?"
Don't know. Just poking his nose
"So, did you meet the girl?"
"No, buddy"
"However, this girl has been watching you for sure"
Introduce me to Bal. - Who the hell is Bal?
"No, don't you meet Bal"
I'll take you to that guy
What kind of a girl are you?
Came to rescue her? Wanna do some action?
"I won't take that much time. Only "Dishum"
"Would you come for a walk with me, Piya?"
All she needs is marijuana and ice-cream
Why do you go around with that guy?
"Why do you pity me? - In fact, everyone pities you"
"Of all, why did you come to my rescue?"
Because I wanted to take you for a walk
Why me?
"You've been eyeing me for quite some time now, I've been noticing"
So I thought I'd rather ask you
Where are you from? - Delhi
For sightseeing? Or...?
You're boring
Is it?
All right
I got it
Got what? - Your type
What type? - Almost the type I like
But I guess I see that this girl is unsafe
She is something else for the others. Am I right?
Are you a palmist?
Yes. - Oh well?
May I? - You sure?
May I...?
I think I was a little hasty
But I'm clean at heart
Excuse me...
I'll talk for money
"You want to know about the policeman, don't you?"
Policeman? Who?
"You want to know about the policeman, don't you?"
I want to know about Sam. Sam Higgins
It will cost you. - How much?
"All right, 1000 will do"
The fare to my place
Your name?
I am... - Hang on! Look there
I'm Sumit Joshi
I came here 20 years ago
This place was beautiful then
The policeman changed it. - Who is this policeman?
"You want to know about Sam Higgins, right?"
He's alive. He lives in the hills
is a scientist
Researching what? - Narcotic substances
For which he is so famous
He manipulates the hemp leaves
He marries them off
That's how marijuana is born
The best marijuana in the world
I'm Sam's monkey
"He conducted all the experiments on me, so I..."
"Is policeman his name, or...?"
Why is he called a policeman? - If you try to delve deep into it...
there will be people coming in tomorrow to find you
"Say something, will you?"
You wanted to know about Sam Higgins. He stays with the policeman
"I can't give you 100,000. All I can offer you is 10,000"
I won't give you the description of the place in detail
My destination...
is very close. - Listen
Go to the cafe and order a heavy breakfast
I'll be right there
Where is Sam Higgins? - How'd I know?
You guys are incorrigible
Last year he called me up from Goa. When is he giving me my money?
"Money? How much? - 400,000"
He borrowed that for setting up a restaurant last year
"Ever since, he has vanished"
I have good company here. - One second
I pose no danger
"Look, I'm Sam's friend"
"I've come from England, only to trace him"
Many of his so-called friends came looking for him
All they could tell me was that he's dead
"And two months later, Sam was seen at the fair at Pushkar"
So stop spreading rumours and quit this city
"After you go back, you will do two things"
Tell Sam Higgins that we'll trace him out
And tell his folks at home that he is dead
Mr Ashraf...
"your uncle had called. Call him up, it's urgent"
"How are you? - Pretty good, sir"
What about that boy Dev?
"Sir, this area is hot. Much is happening here"
I can make a report if you wish
"Look son, just perform the task you've been given"
"If you try to concentrate on something else, you will be in a mess"
I hope you understand
What have you done to the boy? - Scared him somewhat
Also thrashed him a bit. - Thrashed? Stop the car!
What are you doing? - One minute
What...? Why stop the car?
"Look, he is a British citizen. He mustn't be harmed"
For God's sake! If you don't disconnect now...
One minute. - I'll take a taxi
"Look, you won't touch him. We have no evidence against him"
He's only a suspect. - Suspected for?
You don't need to know that
"I don't need...? Look sir, I'm good at my work"
But I can't work like an ass. I want to know what I'm doing...
and why? Only then it's fun
Tell me please. What is it all about?
Even I don't know that
It's something serious
What's up? All alone and gloomy?
Is that the girl...? - Not the girl again
This place is sick
Drugs have gone to the roots of this place
An innocent crime. This country is plagued with greater problems
"Exactly. Unless the problem becomes a menace, it is overlooked"
Ever seen a policeman around? - No
So this place is turning out to be another Columbia
Is there anyone called Dev Anand here?
Yes? - That's nice
You look exactly like him. - Like?
Like the actor Dev Anand. - Are you a policeman?
"Don't I look like a policeman? - You could be a lookalike, like me"
Oh no. I'm Kripa Shankar Singh I'm an inspector
Did you meet an old man? He wears those long boots
"Yes, I did. - When did you meet him?"
Yesterday. Why? What happened?
He is dead
We found his corpse 45 minutes back
What did he tell you?
"Look, I'm a British citizen. I'm a journalist"
It's a big problem. - Right
You will have to hand over your documents to me
And you can't leave this place till the investigation is through
How long will it take? - How long do you think?
Our country has the best marijuana in the world
Foreigners have been producing as well as smuggling it
No knowing since how long they have been trading in our country
You will be baffled...
"I have names of ministers. Some from here, some from other countries"
But Policeman tops the list
"Hiding in hills, he exports marijuana worth 2 billion every year"
is a primitive word
So primitive that we forget its origin
The innocent offence of the ascetics in the name of religion
"In reality, it's lethal"
"Valiant effort, honestly"
How did you manage it all alone? - A friend helped me somewhat
I have mentioned him in the article. - Who is he?
Dev. - An ascetic?
Dev Anand
The parliament is baffled. An enquiry committee will be instituted
The commissioner and the superintendent have been summoned
I have stopped betting
I don't bet!
The writer is a good friend of Dev. - I told you
"Sir, the case can be twisted. - So twist it!"
I'm doing it. - When?
I'll have to think. I'll call you. - I'll have you killed in an encounter
The news created havoc
Another bomb exploded;...
The Italian Mafia remembered its brother
Policeman had killed him
The biggest mistake Policeman ever committed
"Brother-in-law, we were never responsible for that Italian"
I'm not at fault. - He wanted to meet Policeman
We only fixed the meeting. They are trying to...
take undue advantage of your innocence. - I'll kill you! You talk
He spoke too fast
"Brother-in-law, call from London"
"The Italians wanted Policeman and the Afghans, marijuana"
But how do the Afghans get their hands on the marijuana?
Praful Tiwari would negotiate it
And Tim May would deal with Dev Anand
He was giving me an idea. - Pardon me?
He gave me an idea. - What idea?
It is that cop... - Who wrote the article?
Yes. Just consider that he is a Pakistani spy
He's trying to ruin India's image
This chap will prove that. - Mr May?
Right. - Wonderful
That saves you. So why have you pulled up a long face?
Some Afghans have to be settled there with Policeman
What for? - Just know that I've lost power
Someone has to go to India...
who has good knowledge about directions and wireless communication
Who can tell us about the secret place where hemp is cultivated
It's very profitable
"Inform Amin. - Right, sir"
Father wants you
What happened? - Something important
Perhaps you'll have to go to Hindustan
Who was he?
An American journalist
It was only a job. - Then why did you kill him?
Father wants me
I don't perform two tasks at a time
I'm not getting through. I'd rather throw it away!
What are you upto? You can't even take care of your cellphone
And you vie for Telecom Ministry
"Listen... I hear, we've been exposed in some magazine"
It's true. You'd have faced a disaster
Disaster? - Yes
There's a guy pitched up at your place from Scotland Yard
He was enquiring about Sam Higgins. I found it a bit serious
So I took help from some friends
So what do you want?
I have some friends whom you'll have to put up with you for some days
The CIA is after them. - Who are they?
Some Afghans
"No way. I don't deal with terrorists, Tiwari"
They are the ones who sent the Italians last time
They kept mum then. I can't turn them down everytime
"International mafia, after all. - Is it a suggestion? Or a threat?"
I'm not that wise to advice you
"I'm not an ass either, to threaten you"
Well said
This is the trait of a fox
"Master, you rule over all the animals"
Now that some poor animals are seeking help...
please help them. Only three Afghans
They will lie down in some corner
"But Tiwari, if this is a trick, then the world's too short for you to hide"
Done? - Sort of
Yes? New Zealand versus Australia?
"Bet on Australia. Yes, half a million"
"No comments, please"
The court will do the talking
"A warrant has been issued for the arrest of the writer, the girl"
"And that guy who thinks he's an actor, is in fact a Pakistani spy"
"Piya, the Crime Branch guys came to the office and enquired about you"
Crime Branch?
"Hi Ashraf. - Dev, I thought you quit this place"
So what's up? - Going fine
Did you read the magazine? - I'm famous
That girl Piya... she made an ass out of me
"You will have to come with me, Dev"
Sure. Where to?
Back to Delhi
I haven't finished my task as yet. You can go ahead
"It's all over, buddy. Pack up and come on"
"I'm not in danger, buddy. I'm fine. You go ahead"
"You are not, but we are in danger"
We...? - Yes... our government
Danger from me?
You're kidding
Assistant Commissioner of Police
I had suspicions
But I trusted you as a friend. - Look...
"come with me to Delhi, contact your embassy..."
How serious is this case? - The Home Ministry has ordered...
on the basis of Intelligence reports
"I'm also a policeman like you. Trust me, Ashraf"
"Ashraf, let me free for twenty days"
I'll return to you with evidence. - I'll look for evidence
How many times have you sold yourself off for money?
"For once, sell yourself off for friendship"
Stay tied up. I'll be back after I make a call
"Hey guide! Here, take your fees"
Anything else? - Yes. Something sweet
Hurry up
"Move it! Hurry up, I say! - He's a cop"
"He's not a cop, I say. Move it!"
Don't shoot him!
Shoot him!
How did the cop come here? - How'd I know?
How do you know he's a cop? - I've seen him long back in Delhi
"We were told that this place is safe. Hey girl, why did he follow you?"
Speak! Does he know you? - How'd he know me?
He must've seen this guy
"This place isn't safe like it used to be, I guess"
The cop you shot... do you know him?
Saw him in Delhi some years back. - Delhi?
Call up Teli and ask if there's something wrong in the city
You guys will be staying there... at the back
Can we have something? - What?
"If you ask again, you will have no need to ask again"
And you will shy away from women
Is this how you treat your guests? - Guests? Those who barge in...
"aren't guests, but trouble"
I spoke to Teli
"He says, the cop survived"
"Go on, take some rest. If you are hungry, call"
Deposit your weapons there. - We can't let go our weapons
This place is not impregnable. - Not what?
It's not impregnable. - Impregnable? What's that?
It's not safe
Then go back home
This is not Afghanistan. This is my territory
You will depend on me
take some men with you and knock that cop out
These Afghans are dead scared
"Grandpa, greetings. How are you?"
"I hope you are fine, son?"
I'm fine... but you don't sound all right
"If you are fine, I'll deal with these guys"
"Deal with whom? What's going on, grandpa?"
They say they are policemen from your department
They say we are Pakistani spies. - What...?
Let me talk to them. - They are listening. It's no use
One minute. Just let me talk to them
"Don't talk to them, Dev. - Let me explain to them, grandpa"
"Listen, son..."
your work could be putting someone to risk
That's why they are trying to disgrace us
"Carry on with your work, and son..."
"Grandpa, don't weep"
It won't do me any good
"Trust me, I'll set everything right, grandpa"
"Victory will be ours, grandpa"
I hope you are having the bitter-apples?
"You're Sidhu, aren't you?"
I don't know you
I don't know you. And forget that you ever saw me
"Sidhu, listen to me..."
"Ashraf, go away. I'll go back and tell my boss that the cop has run away"
Tell whom? Who is your boss? - Get out of here
"Sidhu, listen to me! - Try to understand!"
Rathod? - You are wrong
"It's true, isn't it? - I..."
I'll shoot you
I'll shoot you
Forget it! - Where have you been for five years?
"Sidhu, listen..."
"I looked for you everywhere, buddy"
And today...
we couldn't even embrace
We were in the same team
Randhir Singh Rathod...
Randhir Singh Rathod!
"Something important? - No, sir..."
Just like that. - Then come to the canteen
The three of you
They goofed up. They dumped the arms elsewhere
For refuelling they stopped at Calcutta airport
The Crime Branch already had information
So they quit the plane and ran off
Those Afghans are in Delhi right now
Which area in Delhi?
"Sir, I'd like to be included in this case"
"Really? - Sit down, Ashraf"
I want... to be with you
"Actually, there's no need"
"There will be a need, sir"
"They are fatigued, and I haven't gone hunting for days now"
"There's no need, Ashraf. - I've read the case, sir"
"They are four or five, they must have contacts too, and I think..."
We'll work together on some other case
"Why not on this one, sir? - Not on this one"
Why not? - I don't have an answer
Because I'm a Muslim
And I can't be trusted
You are a new recruit and this case is quite delicate...
"This Muslim's case is a delicate one too, sir"
"Why do you want to get martyred, Mr Ashraf?"
"To win trust, sir"
"For which, in this country some Muslims have to get martyred"
How about eating? The samosas will get cold
"What's the plan, sir?"
Here's the order
"The Ministry wants the names of the people in your team, sir"
"After the job is over. - It's an official formality, you know"
"I, Randhir Singh Rathod..."
"King Shivaji, Sardar Vallabhai Patel..."
the godman Dayanand Saraswati...
Well sir...? - Do send the list
"Sir, it's a direct order from the Home Ministry"
Shut up! I don't work for any Ministry
We work for the country. Get that?
Go and complete the formality
"What now, sir?"
"How about some kebabs before we start? - You asked too late, sir"
I shouldn't have had my breakfast. - So you won't eat now?
"Well, order for me too"
How is it? - Delicious
No chutney? - That's why it is so cost-effective
"24/1, Lajpat Nagar"
"You stay in the jeep. Can you drive? - Let me come with you, sir"
First rule. Obey the orders without questioning
"I'm part of your team, sir..."
There's still time. - I won't give a chance to complain
Keep the engine running. I don't want the engine cold if we have to chase
"Will that be done? Okay? - I'll try, sir"
Who is it?
"Your cable guy. Rent, please"
"24/1, Lajpat Nagar. Is it the right address?"
235 bucks
Two hundred and...? - Two hundred and thirty five
"We're coming up with a new scheme, sir"
"600 bucks for three months, 65 channels"
"No, thanks"
Also blue films every night
"No, no. - English, Hindi, Malayalam"
"Malayalam, too. - No!"
"Sir...? - No, I'm fine. Look for evidence"
"If anyone is breathing, call for ambulance"
"Are you all right, sir? - First-class"
Call for the ambulance
Go and check
Who shot you?
Someone shot them. Where's he?
"Who, sir?"
I told you to sit in the jeep. What are you doing here?
Where is Yashpal?
"Sir, my wife... - Nothing will happen to you, son"
Do you hear me? Which way did he go?
"My wife, sir..."
"Where the hell were you? - Sir, I..."
Open the door!
Get in... move
"Where did you go? - Sir, I went after him"
After whom? - The Afghan...
who shot Chopra and Yashpal... - Where is he?
"Sir, I chased him... he jumped off..."
The altitude...
The court ordered the release of Sergei Kromonov...
whom the Delhi police had arrested some days ago
"In a press meeting, he said..."
"I'm grateful to the Indian government..."
"for helping an innocent man get justice"
"I was labelled a terrorist"
"The truth is, those Afghans had held me captive"
"Sir, keep lying... what are you doing?"
Call up the Foreign secretary. Look at that man!
"He wasn't a captive, in fact..."
"he was in cahoots with the Afghans. - I know, sir"
Who filed the report? - Ashraf did
None of us know what charges were levelled against him
"He will escape. Call up, quick! - Sir, before you came around..."
I got a call from our bosses
From our superiors. - Who...?
Who the hell is up there who always gives a call?
Please lie down. Doctor!
Who? When? - I'll call up right away
"With pride, I now call upon ACP Sidharth Negi..."
ACP Ashraf A. Khan and DCP Randhir Singh Rathod
"I've had a bit, sir... please don't mind"
I will now request DCP Rathod to share his experiences with us
don't know whether I should be saying this or not
A joke is being played on this country
Also with those that have been martyred!
And that Russian businessman was an arms dealer!
I was the one who caught him red-handed!
Shut him up
And I don't know what happened! Who called or who chickened out
And that bastard bid us a good-bye with a smile on his lips
The truth was buried in the ground...
and it was adorned with this function!
With garlands and these medals!
Why am I being given this...? What for?
They also give it to those...
from whose hands the enemy escaped!
This medal...
is stained with the blood of two of my companions
Give these to them
I loved my country very much. But...
I will leave now
"To the Government, we entrust the country"
"Why have you come away? - Because you came away, sir"
"Will you jump into a well, if I did? - I will, sir"
"Now look, because of me... - Sir... no"
"Not because of you, sir. Because of Yashpal and Chopra, sir"
Ashraf Miyan...? What brings you here?
"We're part of the same team, aren't we, sir?"
Team? Which team? The team which never was
Two were killed in the waters. Two were killed by the government...
and you were never part of my team
"He who claims to be brave, but weakens hen the occasion arrives..."
"is either a liar, or..."
he's a traitor
"Chopra and Yashpal were very good friends of mine too, sir"
And what did you do?
God had given you the opportunity to be a good friend
But how could you attack your own men?
"It would be a betrayal of the community, isn't it?"
"You can call me a weakling, sir. But don't call me a traitor"
"Traitor. - You're not in your senses, sir"
"Traitor. - I have great respect for you, sir..."
Traitor! Traitor!
"You are my ideal, sir"
And you are my traitor! Remember that
"I'll make you say it some day, sir!"
"Ashraf, I wish you were part of my team"
I've called to tell you...
"that I'm making some changes in your orders, sir"
"What do you mean? - There's a man in this area, sir..."
whom everyone knows by the name of the Policeman
Do you know him? - Never mind all that
"Have you arrested Dev or not? - I'm talking about the Policeman, sir"
"And I suspect it's none other than Randhir Singh Rathod, sir"
Do you recall something?
"Now look, son. This is your personal affair"
Just follow your orders and come back. Immediately
"That's not possible, sir. It's not happening"
Looks like this time it's an order from the Almighty
"I can see the enemies together, sir"
They're mocking me. They challenging me to face them if I have the guts!
"All this doesn't happen just like that, sir"
The Almighty bids me...
to complete the incomplete story of my life...
"and make a new beginning. And this order, I must comply with sir"
A frying-pan and a match-box. Okay?
A deposit of five thousand. - Here's another thousand
"If someone asks about me, say you know nothing"
I don't collect money for telling lies
I've done this only for my friends
Keep it. What'll I do with it in the jungle?
"You're in trouble. So be patient, okay?"
Don't worry. I'll soon be back to collect my deposit
I see
We'll have to come along the river Pias
We'll leave a sign on the way. - What is the strength?
Not many men. About a dozen or so
All right
What are you guys doing here?
Studying. - Really?
We're not used to these surroundings
This is the only place where the filth is a bit less
There's a jungle all around. You could have gone anywhere
"We're newcomers, you see. We could lose our way"
What are you upto? Who were you talking to?
To family
All well...? Is all well at home?
"Thanks to Allah, all is well"
How bad is this habit of talking to family?
How bad is this habit?
"Because so long as you stay here, you guys must forget this habit"
Come here
"Else, your family will only have memories of you"
Okay? So go out and see what a lot of water there is
I'm sure you haven't seen so much of water in Afghanistan
Catch some fish and give your families the stories together... go on
"Take a drag"
"You'll forget your sorrows"
"you take a drag..."
"every moment..."
"your heart will say..."
"hail Almighty"
"Why think of what happened and why it all came about?"
"Why think of what you've gained, what you've lost...? Why?"
"Whatever's happening..."
"why is it..."
"making you lament its occurrence?"
"Should you indulge in the mischief..."
"every moment, your heart will say..."
"hail Almighty"
Think. About the hero... the real hero
The deceit and the attempt to establish oneself
"I'm trying to make you see sense. A moron, you already are"
So think... to be on the run all the time...
racing around in panic on a motorcycle...
is this any life...? - Now listen. I...
The police and the government you're running scared of...
are the ones who will salute you some day
If you really wish to enjoy your name...
you must find out about the Policeman... that's it
"You've written so much about us, haven't you?"
Hey you... take a drag and have a ball
"If I squeeze the trigger, you'll end up in a heap"
Wow! Fantastic!
Keep the money. There's still a fair bit of the journey left
You can't stop me from getting to the Policeman
I'm not here to stop you. I'm going with you
I don't need any guide
But this Policeman you're looking for...
"is perhaps an old relative of mine, who went missing many years ago"
You've got to prove your innocence
And I've got some questions to ask him. That's it
Really? What special relations do you share with him?
The relationship of hate is the strongest one
He's the only one I share that relationship with. So he's special
I don't get it
Maybe I'm hungry. Are you?
"Feels good, isn't it?"
"The forest, the hills, the chirping birds..."
and noodles. My favourite
Don't you think this is the last meal of our lives?
"Now look, let's chat... but not rubbish"
Want me to talk about girls? - Forget it
That's the only common factor between the two of us
"Both of us met those girls, both of us fell in love"
"We did... you, too"
Not as much as you
I'm talking about our hearts. - Nothing of the sort happened!
Why're you yelling? - I'm not
"You are too! And I'm not yelling, despite being fooled by those girls"
You're the one who's yelling. - There's someone around
Let go!
"When you went away without even meeting me, I felt very bad"
"And now that I meet you again, I feel even worse"
Who are you?
Certainly not a school teacher. Right?
"You're working for some Policeman with those Afghanis, isn't it?"
You know Sidhu? What was he doing here?
"Sidhu, who? - Sidhu!"
ACP Sidharth Negi. My friend!
I don't know any Sidhu. - But you surely know Policeman? Huh?
We're all going together now. And also camp at night
"Just as we did that night, okay?"
And if you don't take us to Policeman's den by tomorrow morning...
we'll kill you
Not you... I'll kill her
One moment
Is this...
the right way?
Is that a question or your suspicion?
Why shouldn't we be?
I can't do anything about your suspicion
"As for your question, you'll get the answer by tomorrow morning"
"Hero, you haven't seen the way. So think again"
I never see the way. I go by the smell
The fragrance of marijuana will take us to the right place
We were out fishing
Naina... can't see her around
Sid hasn't yet returned yet. And Naina's not to be seen either
"What's happening here? - Yes, I called Teli..."
but he's not taking the call. Want me to go to the city?
This is no time to loaf around
"Don't you find something unusual? - Yes, it's warm. Slightly hot"
It's never been the case that things don't happen on time
Phone Tiwari
Tell him that I'm sending the Afghanis back tomorrow
Just tell him that. Don't listen to anything he says. Just tell him
Where's the gun?
Pick it up. Raise it to your shoulder
where's your gun? - My gun?
No slugs?
Your gun's like a bloody joint! Put bullets inside!
"Bal, don't give any marijuana to our guys. Keep them in their senses"
"Senses, I say!"
"Will you jump into a well, if I did? - I will, sir"
Keep an eye on the stuff
"Remember something, sir?"
How can I forget you? - Correct
"I couldn't forget you for a moment either, sir"
And it never occurred to me that when I met you next...
I'd point a gun at you
"And you even opened fire, sir"
I thought you were here to settle an old score
"You treated me like an enemy for no rhyme or reason, sir"
And I always considered you to be my ideal
So make good your earlier mistake
Alas! You are in government service. A cop has to file an application...
even to sacrifice himself for his motherland!
You agree with me? Better serve your motherland!
I'm glad I came away
If I had stayed on in your nation...
"by God, I'd have wreaked bigger terror!"
"Not your gun, not all your official behaviour would help"
"Sir, maybe I'm not a known marksman but a marksman, I am"
I'm a good shot too
Make me part of your team at least today
"And I implore you, sir, after winning this battle..."
you must go back with me
"Let me tell you something more, sir"
These Afghanis are the guys who had killed Chopra and Yashpal
Hey Ashraf!
"Sit here, teammate"
"Rather I be your captive than your government's, Ashraf"
"Forgive me, my friend"
Back off
This is Inspector Dev Anand from Scotland Yard
And he has cracked a huge drug-racket here
What hey...? I'm saying it for your own benefit
"How else will people know that you've done all this, Dev?"
"That's my camera, right? Where's the rest of the stuff?"
"If I've made a mistake, do please forgive me"
This is a place nobody even knew about
"And here, Dev and I have got together to expose a deadly drug-racket"
"You...? - Yes. The two of us, Dev"
"Yes, the two of us are going to London where we're getting married next month"
I was search of a girl who was so clean-hearted...
who was so honest...
"hold this, will you?"
And someone so beautiful
Return it to me later
What am I to with you? - What's there to do?
Collect your money. And leave
Give me the money then
The meeting's underway... no interview
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