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Subtitles for Charisma (Karisuma).

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Charisma (Karisuma)

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NIKKATSU present
Awake, Yabuike!
- You were awake all the night? - Yes.
The suspect confessed several hours ago.
Ah... really?
Where do you go?
I must prepare the file.
It was already received.
Sit down.
Is your wife well?
I think...
You should take a leave all the next week.
But not, I hold out.
- Tomorrow, if you want. - Thank you, but i'm ok.
Head, be careful. He took a deputy as an hostage.
Let us restore Rules of the World
I will transmit the message...
We just had the hospital.
They died, both.
The criminal and the hostage too.
Well Ah?
Why you did not shoot at the criminal?
Finally, the one you have sacrificed is the deputy.
In fact, I wanted to save them both.
Why to save a ruined man ?
I thought that they had to be safe both.
I do not know how to say...
Would this be a rule of the World?
Sit down.
Finally, both died for this.
I should have given you a leave earlier.
Where do we go?
You are too much perfectionist, head.
It complicates the organization work.
That's all.
By the way
shouldn't you prevent your family?
It is you, Shinji?
Is your mom there?
Not, leave it.
You will transmit the message to her.
I will miss some days, because of my job.
It is still dead.
You planted it three days ago.
We plants in vain without slackening, they die.
you say you are a specialist, not?
It died.
If we don't do anything,
we will have to continue this job eternally.
Do something, It's a request.
But what it has, this forest?
I serve you a drink?
With pleasure. Thank you.
What do you make by here?
There was no bus.
You lost yourselves by trotting here?
It is that. Yes, it is well that
It is bitter, this juice
It is wild juice of vine.
I will not question you not more.
anyway, all those who are here have a history.
Nakasone, I can borrow you one of your men?
Not question.
Just to transport my things.
I do not like that you use my workmen as you like.
I am Tsuboi, of the Office municipal of the environment.
Yabuike, magic.
- You are of Tokyo? - Yes.
do you traverse the mountain all alone?
If you want.
You are what is called asocial, what!
don't worry
I do not know how you are there,
but I understand what brings you.
A desire to find yourself
thanks to the contact of nature.
You could hold me that?
What do you think of this tree?
I could not say...
Except what is around it,
it does not present no characteristic.
It is at least what can think an amateur,
but it is false.
It is undoubtedly a variety of loosestrife
but it is also for me a discovery.
It is perhaps a rare species
or then a mutant.
You can release, thank you.
Not this way! It is a private property.
Mr. Yabuike, return.
It is dangerous to trail by there
In fact, there is a young boy
who pursues any person approaching this tree.
Pure furious madness or what, nobody knows
Where does he live?
In the mountain, so that one knows.
I will have warned you!
Mr. Tsuboi, I am a police inspector.
Yesterday evening, I was stolen my things.
The robber could be this boy. Good Bye.
Hello? It is you, Yabuike?
Where are you?
Hello, do you listen to me?
Your leave is prolonged.
It became unlimited.
You must come to bring back your plate and your weapon.
Hello, Yabuike...
Grand... Hotel?
I would like a room.
What's that?
Do you care so much?
Good, I give them back to you.
In exchange...
you give me your heart.
It appears that you are cop.
What a cop comes to make here?
Do not puff out those tricks.
Did you not finish , not?
Where did you find that?
It was in your pocket.
Perhaps at the bottom of the forest.
You remember the place?
'' a laughing boletus ''!
You are a champion! You have a sense of smell of cop well!
It is super! The top of mushrooms!
The ground turns! It turns!
This time, it's my turn to use it.
It should be well nourished.
I already drew up dogs.
Be careful! It perhaps will bite you.
Nobody in sight
Good. Let us make quickly!
Its roots are harshly tough!
What do they have all? All crazy!
It was you, the other day?
Yes, and then?
You were thus not a spectrum.
- What do you make there? - Nothing.
It is what, that?
A tree. As you can see, not?
Yes, of course.
It is done.
This branch died.
It however went so well!
It seems to be better that others.
You made him something?
- Not. - do not lie!
I didn't do anything to it.
What are you doing? Do not touch there!
I return. Carry my things to me.
You want to laugh?
Hey! Await me!
You go too quickly!
Listen well. I am not a dog.
You do not give me orders!
I did not come here to puff out. Ok?
- I badly expressed myself. - Precisely.
When one asks something,
it's better to care one's language.
It is what here, precisely?
Nothing else that wild plants.
Thank you.
What's your name?
Listen to me... I am...
I know. It was registered on your plate.
Yabuike Goro. You are cop, not?
It is that
Here, that does not have importance.
It is true.
She is the widow of the director of the sanatorium.
It used to be a house of cure here.
You find me weird?
Do not stare at me like that, then!
He, it is Charisma.
Perhaps it cannot to live elsewhere.
It is what said the director.
You know what it is, a great man?
It is a man who is tall.
Its heart is of an unknown scale
at the ordinary men.
The director was one.
But he died, three years ago
Since, it is me who cares of this tree.
But, I do not know why...
it weakens little by little,
whereas I did not change anything.
Why thus?
Me either, I am not expert in botany.
Of course.
You can touch it.
It will surely live thousands of years.
I wonder who care of it after you or me
Are you ok?
I am not able to release myself.
I will do it.
Thank you.
It is a trap for large animals.
Set up by the poachers.
I removed much of it, however.
Are you ok? You can walk? 225 00:30:46,60 --> 00:30:48,218 Yes, i'm allright
It is finished.
I thank you.
It is dangerous to traverse the mountain
when one does not know.
As soon as one deviates a little the way,
something is risked.
What is your name?
Mr. Yabuike...
Jinbo. Pleased to meet you.
It is a "dorasena".
It was sick, but it is much better.
- is your leg better? - Yes, it is better
Sorry, but...
you could put it there, beside the table?
Thank you.
You make research on the plants?
University of Musashino...
You are professor of university?
You want to listen?
You hear this whistle?
Veins of the tree aspire water.
With that, we can know the health of the plant.
If the sound is regular, there is no problem.
If the sound is intermittent,
it is that the plant is weakened.
You understood?
I can borrow you that?
Just a little... a day.
It is to Miss Jinbo?
What did it record there?
Nothing special.
Do not believe her
She is a large academic head but unimportant.
I do not take account of it.
Listen to me well.
In the forest
there is only that... that...
and that which can be useful.
Remember that.
It does not matter. You will understand it soon.
Mr. Yabuike!
Hello. Thank you to have lent it to me.
- was it useful to you? - Yes.
Go up one moment to take tea.
Not, thank you.
My little sister.
Mr. Yabuike, a relashionship.
It is compressed air.
If it is run up against, That is likely to explode!
- Really? - Made attention.
Nevertheless, it is surprising.
I believed that the forest was a calm and serene place
but I was wrong.
How that?
A lot of forces confront themselves with it...
For example?
For example, the force of life...
the force of extermination...
What does it give concretely?
I saw it with my own eyes. I saw...
a tree on the point to die
who fights to death to live.
Or a very young tree who breaks down and who dies.
They are your forces of life there or of extermination?
If one wants.
But it is the same force, not?
You believe?
It is by desire of living that the other should be killed.
It is by killing it that one gain its own vital space.
You do not believe?
It is complicated...
But it is you, Mr. Yabuike, who started!
It is true. It is true but...
- I can...? - please.
I know you, Mr. Yabuike.
In fact... it is me who took you from the car on fire
Here, all is horrible.
Full of stinking ozone, ultraviolet rays,
and plants, snakes
and insects who are poisonous.
All here oozes the poison.
I am fed up.
Why did you...?
If not, you would have died, not?
It is true.
I was wrong?
remember it well.
It is me, Mr. Yabuike, who chose you.
Mr. Yabuike!
Ah! Hello.
You seek wild young plants?
With my opinion...
you wouldn't have to
Plants and wild bays
that you can find here
are bad for health.
They contain powerful carcinogenic products.
Consumed over a long period,
they have irreversible effects.
We bought some food downtown.
I will give some to you.
I suffer...
I did not close one eye this night...
I would like so much not to suffer anymore...
and blow.
it is removed.
Do not touch there!
I will kill you all!
One moment, young man! It is dangerous!
Come here!
Come! Approach!
Catch me!
It is very dangerous...
Do Yabuike, you come in reinforcement?
It is strong! It is well a cop!
Nakasone, you see the scene.
Don't come back here anymore
But tell me, Yabuike... What's that ? That
Is it so valuable?
It is an ordinary tree.
Say, what will you make?
What do you mean ?
What will you make of them?
Thus say, Yabuike,
on which side are you?
Neither of nor other.
You will betray me?
Certainly not.
Let's give up.
Go, we return.
Say, little stupid!
Do not forget!
We return?
Do not give me up, hu!
You returned, darling?
It falls well!
I have just gathered your prefered wild mousserons.
How are your patients?
By the way...
today, it is absolutely necessary
that I speak to you about something.
you are of course the person most significant here,
since you are the director.
Everyone loves you and respects you.
I know it very well.
But it would be necessary that you recognize
that each one of your patients has the right to have
its own freedom.
Especially Kiriyama...
He is still very young.
It has certainly learned much here
The only thing that you ever taught to him,
it is freedom.
It is not well.
For Kiriyama, exists another world out from here.
I think that it is time, now.
You should think to release it soon.
When I was student
the plants were studied one by one
Finally, nothing was understood.
It is similar for all those which are here
They endeavour to see the value
of each tree one by one,
but nobody attempt to consider the forest
as a whole.
Are you so disturbed as that?
Yes, it is true...
Which is the origin of all that?
It is perhaps because this tree is attractive.
Kiriyama calls it Charisma.
Charisma... it is its usual name
but it is not its scientific name.
And you, Mr. Yabuike, what do you think about it?
How to say?
I think that I must make something.
Something like what?
This tree will live several thousands of years.
Kiriyama says it
It is necessary thus that there is somebody to protect it.
Everyone is mistaken.
And you too.
It is the late director of the house of cure
who bring this tree from the continent.
It is an unclassable species.
Which kind of tree is this?
It is a kind of monster
who brings devastator evils.
You noticed
how all the forest around decayed.
This tree is the cause of the evil. Charisma is responsible of this.
Ecosystems, Does that interest you?
Yes, I heard about that.
It's about the cycles of life in the interior of nature.
From that point of view,
this Charisma is extremely dangerous.
I will speak to you of the forest as a whole.
With the origin, this forest was dominated by the beeches.
It is what one calls a biotope.
It was very beautiful,
and one could say that it was perfect in its kind.
Here is what it was at the origin.
And a day,
this Charisma came from elsewhere was transplanted.
The forest started sudden to decay.
One never saw a forest decay
at such a speed.
The cause of the decline
reside in this Charisma
the roots secrete a toxin.
To live, this Charisma use all the means.
While being given a frail appearences,
it poisons other trees
and arranges itself to be only to thrive.
It functions like that.
what is strange,
it is that instead of rejecting this Charisma,
other trees
approach, as if they were attracted.
And they die struck down, young people at first.
It is what is most disconcerting.
It is like if
they had been doped.
Mr. Yabuike,
you see that this tree is really alarming.
If we let it make,
if we keep this only tree, all the forest will die.
Our camp should be chosen.
Time came for you to choose.
In any case, that's what I think.
There is not way to save both?
The forest and Charisma, both.
It is impossible.
Nothing to do.
Leave me... alone.
Why you imply yourselves as much?
All that does not have anything to see with your own life
Then, what did Jinbo learn to you?
That it was necessary to think with the forest,
that this tree was a monster, that's it?
It's wrong. Completely.
It's only a lie invented by humans.
The forest is a battle field.
All kinds of plants live and die there.
Even if Charisma was the only tree to survive,
if it is the rule, what to make there?
The strong ones win, it is the rule here
Me, I like that it is like that
To save all the forest, why ?
Is it good for humanity?
To walk quietly in the wood?
what is that, all that?
Finally, everyone only think of the humans.
What a selfishness!
What a nonsense!
Me, what I want,
it is to restore the Rules Forest.
They are perhaps the Rules of the World...
You understand?
I need an army for that.
For this reason I need you.
Don't tell me that you came here to be free!
Of course.
Freedom, is a kind of disease.
Truly, what wishes any healthy man,
it to subject itself.
You must understand me, you are cop.
it would be time to join us.
Say, Mr. Yabuike,
whatare you going to do?
We all wait to see what you are going to do.
The water of this well is the one who irrigates all the forest.
It is what i was said
And that, you know is what it?
i was said that it was a product
to improve the ground
It is poison
anyway, for the plants.
It makes one year that my sister puts some in the well.
She wants to make die all the forest.
She says that it is the only way
to restore original ecosystem.
It is for that that all vegetation of the forest
decays little by little
It is insane.
nobody should believe what she says
Say, Mr. Yabuike...
you do not find
that that becomes increasingly absurd?
To remain here a too long time, anybody becomes nut.
The nearest city is at one hour of walk.
From there, you travel by a train and you are soon at Tokyo.
You must have so much to do!
Not this way!
The city, it is by there
When I think of it... wouldn't it be you
who burn the car?
Help me. I need your strenght.
A trap?
I release you.
- We were waiting for you. - Nekojima, pleased to meet you.
- And here Nakasone. - Pleased to meet you.
It is not so far. We can go near by truck.
Thus, it is really a tree of price?
We prepare.
- did my photographs help you? - Yes, thank you.
Why kind of people
wish to have this kind of tree?
Sometimes botanical gardens.
How much do they pay?
It is not given.
Mr. Tsuboi, you do not worry
You will have your share.
Didn't you envisage too much large?
We can meet sometimes dangerous animals.
Yes, of course.
There must be some.
Big some, even!
What is there?
A burst tire.
They had us
It will take time.
I leave first.
we explore a little, while waiting?
Let's turn back!
We had it
You killed it?
I touched it at the leg only
Let's go from here!
Come with us.
I saw enough!
I was never wounded by ball.
Does it hurt?
What? It is finished?
Yes. we did not come here to hunt.
It turns! The ground turns!
Nishi! Let us go in forest!
I found another of them. It is perhaps Charisma.
You want to see it, not?
You come?
Thus come!
What meaning does it have?
No meaning.
I only want to make it live again.
In any case, it is not Charisma.
You believe?
Then, what to do ?
How that?
Perhaps this tree will live thousands of years...
It is too much for me
It's beyond my reason.
Return when you want!
There is another Charisma.
It is not what you think.
Well ?
Unfortunately, it is only an ordinary tree.
In this case, what does we do with it?
How that?
Mrs. the professor, you let it live
or kill it ?
It doesn't matter.
This tree doesn't have any influence
on the forest as a whole.
Then, it is what, this tree?
I told it to you
It is only one dead tree.
But if it live again ,
perhaps it will kill others.
It is impossible.
Do you believe?
Mr. Yabuike, what do you try to tell me?
I don't hold you
Mrs. the professor...
return to see it another time.
Who is there?
Mr. Yabuike, what do you plot?
Which are your plans for everyone?
Go, Mr. Yabuike...
you can tell it to me, to me only!
Take me along with you. Everywhere.
You can come... if you want.
What is it?
An old tree.
- Do you laugh at me? - Not.
It is not where I wanted to go.
Then, where?
In the world. Out from here.
It's full inside.
You either, you are not normal.
I am completely normal.
What you have the intention to do?
How that?
An ordinary man can only make
ordinary things.
I hate what is ordinary.
I don't want to become like that
Tell me,
if you had to choose between a special tree
and a whole forest...
which you would choose to make live?
It is a very difficult question.
But there 's finally only one answer.
There is not another way that to make live both.
The force of living and the force to kill are the same force.
It is your sister who taught it to me.
Thus, how to do?
If the one lives, the other dies.
If both try to live,
by bad luck, both can die.
There is not answer.
Or rather...
the problem comes from the fact
to put the question in these terms.
Since both try of living,
that both live then.
It happens like that.
Of course, if both kill each other, it is the end
This also occures.
But in this case, the world becomes chaos.
To avoid that,
rules are needed and an army, according to Kiriyama.
Until very recently,
myself, without remorse,
I achieved my job in this spirit.
But I finally understood.
It is enough for me to be like I am, an ordinary man.
This fits perfectly to me.
It is not any more matter of only one special tree.
Not more than of a whole forest.
There's just ...
everywhere, lots of ordinary of trees
who grow on their own side.
That's all.
Then, what will you make?
To let live some
and to kill others.
To leave the things as they are.
I cannot understand you.
I have here
10 millions of yen
As an advance that the client brought to me this morning.
It's great temptation, not?
It is for you
In exchange, we carry this tree. You agree?
This tree had always been there
You still make obstruction?
Make as you wish. I do not want money.
Well, I take note.
You are only stupid.
I understood. I give you this tree.
Make as you want.
Nakasone, you were deceived.
Let's catch up with her!
It's a deal!
Do not touch this tree!
Move away!
I return. Do not approach you!
Impossible to leave out of this forest.
I understand nothing there.
Shut up and walk!
I am hungry.
And then?
Stop, stupid! They are perhaps poisonous!
it is harshly good
I am sorry...
I lost myself in the forest.
Water, could I have a glass of water?
I go away.
Take care on the tree.
It is you, Charisma.
Good Bye!
The hell!
therefore, you hate so much this tree?
Whereas it is just a dead tree.
Perhaps... Is it just the beginning?
I go away.
I thank you for all.
Don't touch!
This tree belongs to me.
I will kill you all.
But first, Yabuike,
tear off it from the roots.
Go ahead gently, does not damage it.
Wait one moment!
Throw me your weapon.
Do not aim me. Throw it!
You're going to kill her, idiot!
Don't worry. I will not kill you.
I borrow you your case of help.
Do not die
Do not die
You should not die.
I will take you along to the hospital.
I leave you the plants.
Let it live or kill it. As you want.
I can come with you?
Hello, Boss?
It is you, Yabuike?
Where were you?
What did you make?
I return.
Yabuike: Yakusho Koji
The young person: Ikeuchi Hiroyuki
Nakasone: Osugi Ren
Chizuru: Doguchi Yoriko
Matsushige Yutaka
OTAKA Akiyoshi
Miss Jinbo: Fubuki Jun
Associate producers:
Nakamura Masaya IKEGUCHl Nobuo
Kanno Satoshi Shimod AAtsuyuki
Camera: HAYASHl Jun' ichiro
Light: TOMlYAMA Meicho
Decorations: Maruo Tomoyuki
Sound: Ika Makio
Music: Ashiya Gary
Cut: KIKUCHl Jun' ichi
Script: Yaginuma Yukari
First assistant Director:
Yoshimura Tatsuya
Direction and screenplay: Kurosawa Kiyoshi
French Subtitles : Catherine Cadou English Subtitles : Systran 3
Subtitling Tvs - TlTRA Film
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Cock - The Foghorn Leghorn (1948)
Cockleshell Heroes The
Cold Comfort Farm 1995
Cold Mountain 2003 CD1
Cold Mountain 2003 CD2
Cold Mountain CD1
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Cold Mountain CD3
Collateral 2004
Collateral Damage
Collector The
Colour Of The Truth
Coma (1978)
Comandante (Oliver Stone 2003)
Come And See CD1
Come And See CD2
Commitments The
Como Agua Para Chocolate
Company Man
Company Of Wolves The CD1
Company Of Wolves The CD2
Company The CD1
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Con Air
Conan The Barbabian (uncut)
Conan the Barbarian
Conan the Destroyer
Confessions of Sorority Girls
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
Connie and Carla
Conquest of the Planet of the Apes
Conspiracy Theory 1997
Control 2004
Conversation The CD1
Conversation The CD2
Cook The Thief His Wife And Her Lover The 1989
Cookies Fortune 1999
Cookout The
Cool Hand Luke 1967
Cool World
Cooler The
Cooley High
Cop Land
Corbeau Le
Corky Romano
Couch Trip The 1988
Counterfeit Traitor The 1962 CD1
Counterfeit Traitor The 1962 CD2
Countess Dracula (1970)
Country of my Skull
Cousin Bette
Cover Girl (Charles Vidor+1944)
Cowboy (Delmer Daves 1958)
Coyote - Dont Give Up the Sheep (1953)
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Coyote Ugly
Craddle 2 The Grave
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Cravan vs Cravan
Crazy Beautiful
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Crazy in Alabama
Creature from the Black Lagoon
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Cries And Whispers (Bergman Ingmar)
Crime Scene Investigation 3x01 - Revenge Is Best Served Cold
Crime Scene Investigation 3x02 - The Accused Is Entitled
Crime Scene Investigation 3x03 - Let The Seller Beware
Crime Scene Investigation 3x04 - A Little Murder
Crime Scene Investigation 3x05 - Abra Cadaver
Crime Scene Investigation 3x06 - The Execution Of Catherine Willows
Crime Scene Investigation 3x07 - Fight Night
Crime Scene Investigation 3x08 - Snuff
Crime Scene Investigation 3x09 - Blood Lust
Crime Scene Investigation 3x10 - High And Low
Crime Scene Investigation 3x11 - Recipe For Murder
Crime of Padre Amaro The
Criminal Lovers (1999)
Crimson Pirate The
Crimson Rivers 2 - Angels Of The Apocalypse
Crimson Rivers 2 Angels of the Apocalypse
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Cristina Quer Casar
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Cronos 1993
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