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Subtitles for Chase The.

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Chase The

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Hey. No, man.
Two years since I had my hand on a car.
Let's go. Plenty of gas. You take his coat. Give me the shirt.
We'll fight about the pants in Mexico.
I'll tie him and gag him here.
Good Lord.
Hey, what'd you do it for?
Hey, you bastard. Hey, come back here!
Hey, come on. Come on back here, you butcher!
- Turn your head back. - He's got on a prison suit.
Turn your head and keep it there.
Grandma, he's got on a prison suit!
We gotta do nothing, except let white men take care of white men's troubles.
Sit you still, boy.
Hey, Lem, JL.
I come to report a tire and jack stolen from a car.
Excuse me.
Yeah, just a minute. It's long-distance.
Tell them I'm sleeping.
Or was.
He's sleeping, or was. Who is it?
It's Hearst at the state farm.
He says he don't care who you're sleeping with.
All right, I'll take care of y'all now.
- Where was your car? - Front of my house.
He busted out?
- When did he bust out? - Is he talking loud enough for y'all?
No, I haven't heard nothing.
Well, Bubber isn't gonna be that big a fool to come up around here, now.
- I'll let you know if we find anything. - All right.
I'll see Reeves, but I don't believe he's gonna know anything about Bubber.
All right, I'll call you back.
- Hey, Leroy. - Yeah?
- Bubber Reeves escaped from pen. - Is that so?
Hey, Jim, Bubber Reeves just broke out of the pen.
Bubber Reeves escaped.
Is there any other news I can give you gentlemen?
- Yeah. Did you hear how he got out? - Nope.
I bet he's gonna give you some trouble before you get him back.
- I'm glad you're worrying. - Sure, I'm worried about it.
- He stole one of my diamond watches. - How many cars did he steal?
Leroy, Sheriff Calder don't remember that.
He just remembers Val Rogers.
Bubber Reeves smashed up his Cadillac...
...and he marched him straight off to jail.
That's cute, but I heard Bubber got sent up for driving an airplane drunk.
I like your version better.
- Whose airplane? - Val Rogers' airplane.
We gotta keep it all in the family.
You know, Jake Rogers and Bubber Reeves, they trade things...
...back and forth, like wives and airplanes.
Hold on, Lem.
...what are you saying, Lem?
Well, it was Val Rogers' airplane.
That's right.
I'll tell you what, you buy yourself an airplane...
...and get somebody to borrow it, and then I'll come and arrest them.
- Calder? - Yeah.
I hope there ain't gonna be trouble tonight.
Dental boys may not like it.
I know what those boys are gonna like tonight, and so do you.
You going out to see Mr. And Mrs. Reeves?
That's nice. Mighty nice.
I'm sorry to have kept you waiting, Mr. Sam.
- That ain't a good sign. - Oh, what ain't a good sign?
You call me mister when I ain't got the mortgage interest payments.
No, that ain't true, Mr. Sam. You see, I'm respectful toward colored people...
...unlike a lot of other people in this town.
Mr. Sam, why don't you sell that little picayune farm of yours.
Awful hard for a man to make a living these days on just a one-man farm.
Tell you what, I will cancel your interest payments...
...I'll cancel your mortgage, and I'll give you $500.
A man born to love a farm, he ain't got no place to go when it's gone.
That's what's the matter with the sheriff.
I'll stick with it, Mr. Briggs, and hope to bring the payment on my next crop.
In that case, Sam, I...
In that case, you'll have to raise the interest, and you don't like to, but...
No, I don't mind.
You see, I may be many other things, Sam, but I ain't no liar.
- I'd like to raise the interest. - No, sir.
You may be many other things, but you ain't no liar.
Well, I can't say that I like the science much, Mr. Rogers.
That's no way to talk. Defeatist talk never brings up oil.
You better tell your father that I checked...
...all the soil tests, and I'm worried.
When my father smells oil, nature repents. And there'll be oil.
And when it flows, and flow it will... father will be right here with a bonus for everybody.
It'll be Saturday night in a few hours. I've one more duty... see our Mexican workers and wish them a safe journey home.
You all have a happy weekend and wish me one.
We labored hard and deserve the happiness...
...that all Americans know to be their birthright.
Good to see you, Mr. Rogers.
They say to thank your father for the television and all he has given.
No, he didn't. He said my father, the unclean son of a pig...
...could keep his television and pay more money.
The cotton's all chopped.
Vaya con Dios. See you back again at the rice crop.
They are ungrateful and ignorant, Mr. Rogers.
Are you grateful? Are you grateful, Mrs. Ella?
We are grateful. A full year's job, two healthy children and a good wife.
You have a very pretty wife, Mr. Rogers.
I cut out her picture every time I see it in the newspapers.
And I bet soon you will have a fine son.
Oh, I don't think so.
- You must not be discouraged. - I'm not.
I guess you won't be helping out around here tonight, huh?
You ask me that every Saturday night, and every Saturday night, I say no.
What if I should drop dead?
Want me to leave a note with the motel...
...where they can find you almost every weekend?
Don't bother, I'll be back for the funeral celebration.
Look, I'm your father. I got a right to know.
- You're not my father. - I married your mother.
That didn't make you my father.
Well, she said sometimes maybe I was.
You're lying.
She told me who he was, and he's dead.
I don't want you around here no more.
As soon as Bubber's out of the pen, I'm gonna ask him to take you away.
Pay me my mother's part of this business...
...and I will be out of here in one hour.
Man, I wish I could.
I sit here thinking...
...and sometimes I think I know where I can find that money.
You just try it.
You try it, and you're not gonna live an hour past it. You've got my word.
Howdy, Mrs. Reeves.
What is it?
I was wondering if I could come on in and talk to you and Mr. Reeves.
Mr. Reeves, the sheriff's here.
Well, what is it?
I got a call a while ago from the state farm...
...and Hearst says that Bubber's busted out.
- Where is he? - Well, we don't know.
What'll they do to him?
Howdy, Mr. Reeves.
Most likely, they'll catch him and send him back and add to his sentence.
That's too bad, because Bubber just had a few months to go.
And I figured that Bubber isn't gonna...
Well, he's got enough sense not to come back here...
...but if you get in touch with him, try and talk him into going back...
...because it'll be a whole lot easier on him.
He escaped with a real hard-knocked fella.
- I'm sorry about it, Mrs. Reeves. - I don't believe you're sorry.
Mr. Reeves.
He won't come home.
Do you think Anna will hear from Bubber?
I don't want to hear her name. I told you that.
I've been thinking and thinking.
What did I do wrong?
Other people had bad boys. Leroy, Jake Rogers.
Jake Rogers.
They all grew out of their boy meanness.
What did I do wrong?
- What are we gonna do tonight? - Well, nothing would be nice.
It's Saturday night.
Why don't you ask Val Rogers to ask us to his party.
- When he wants us, he'll ask us. - He'll never ask us.
Never ask his own vice president. I think it's a disgrace.
- Always asks the sheriff and Ruby. - Now, Emily, it's not our business.
- Where's Damon? - Go shopping or something.
Mr. Rogers doesn't much like visitors around.
You got it ready?
Hello, Damon.
- I said, hello, Damon. - Hello, Emily.
And now a happy birthday to a great gentleman, Mr. Val.
- Thank you. - Happy birthday, Mr. Rogers.
Thank you all very much. I'm really...
Thank you. Well, good day.
Have a pleasant weekend.
- Ask him. Go on. - Mr. Rogers, before you go...
Edwin would like to invite you to have a birthday drink with us.
- Just a few of us. - Thank you, I'm having guests.
Yes, we all heard that.
Just thought you'd like to see how the lower classes live.
Are you the lower classes? Goodbye.
My wife's joking, sir.
Don't apologize for me. I don't like it, Junior.
We all miss you, Damon.
Why the hell haven't you answered my calls?
Because I didn't hell feel like it.
It's not as easy as it was, and my wife isn't as stupid as...
Yes, she is.
Damon, I wanna see you tonight.
Now, don't use that tone to me.
Try it on the other vice president. He likes it.
He married you for it.
How is she in bed?
I don't carry a computer to bed.
What are you talking about?
Talking about that girl I saw you with.
You're lying.
You want me to prove it to you?
Or the very moral Val Rogers.
Goodbye, Emily. I'll see you.
Hey, Bubber Reeves escaped today.
- Did he? When? - I don't know. I just heard about it.
That'll give them something to talk about for a few hours.
Lock their doors tonight.
Pretending Bubber's something to be frightened of.
Maybe you should be frightened.
- Emily, I told you that in secret. - You told me about that in bed.
Well, I guess I'd better tell you.
Remember, just before Bubber got sent up last time?
Well, Damon and I, and some other people, of course...
...were all sitting around Sol's Cafe, beering it up.
Well, Bubber was there, right.
Well, I told it to him for a joke.
- I don't believe it. - I thought it'd be nice... prove to him that you were sorry after all these years.
Oh, look at you, upset about anything and everything. Everybody laughed.
Did Bubber laugh?
No, he didn't. He just stared.
You know how he does. That funny stare... everything has gone all wrong, and he just can't figure out why.
Welcome to Terrell. It's dull, but it's nice.
Why, child, you can always come back to Houston with me.
Watch it. They're wolves and old enough to be your granddad.
My, look how they wear their shirts down here.
What are you doing?
- Pray for us, Ms. Henderson. - I'm praying for you, honey.
I'm praying for us all. I'm praying for you too, honey.
Much obliged, ma'am, and bless your old heart.
That's very nice of you. We sure do appreciate it...
...but why don't you go home and pray.
- All right, honey. - Now, thank you very much.
Bless the strangers within our gates...
Sol, tell Anna I wanna see her.
Tell her yourself, if you can find her before Monday.
Hi, there.
Well... don't see horns much anymore.
How come you got horns, boy?
Who ain't, like the man said.
Going home?
Where are you going?
Give up, boys.
I'm a good shot.
I'll follow you down. All roasted.
I'm hungry.
You've been sitting there for the last hour, staring at nothing.
- Is there something the matter, Edwin? - No.
Something the matter with me.
It's funny to have indigestion before supper.
Sweetheart, would you fix this corset?
Where's my cuff link, now?
That's a beauty.
- I like it dyed like that. - It's not dyed.
It's new.
It cost a dollar to shorten and maybe a thousand to buy.
Val sent it.
Val sent you that dress?
For his birthday party.
That was nice of him.
- Turn around, honey. - Val sent you that?
- What's the matter? - Nothing.
I just wish I had $ 1000 to buy you a dress like that.
Where's Calder? I wanna see him.
Well, I wanna see him.
- Somebody to see you. - Hello, Edwin.
- Evening, Ruby. - Hi, Ed.
- You going out to Rogers' for dinner? - Yes.
We're not invited. Never are. I wonder why.
Oh, you mean you wonder why he invites poor people like us?
Well, maybe that's because...
...we're so beautiful, so charming, so witty...
What do you want, Ed?
- Is there any news about Bubber? - Nope.
Do you think he's heading for here?
What's the matter with you? Can't you think of some way... get yourself excited on a Saturday night besides all that?
Well, my wife's frightened.
She wants a deputy sent to our house.
What the hell's the matter with you, Edwin?
Well, when I was 16 years, Bubber was too, you know.
And that was the year Bubber was sent to reform school...
...the first time, I mean.
Listen, Ed, we're running real late tonight, now...
Look, I'm coming to it.
We both worked in a grocery store and $50 was missing...
...and Sunshine was sheriff then, and he blamed it on Bubber.
So to keep him out of reform school...
...his mother marched him in there with a store full of customers...
...and made him give that money back and say he was sorry he stole.
A bunch of boys began to yell things to tease him.
And you hate to be different, so I teased him.
He grabbed a butcher knife...
- Come on... - Please listen to me.
He never stole that $50. I did.
Well, that's nice going.
I was scared to say so then...
...but a few years later, I went to the sheriff, old Sunshine.
- He told me not to worry. - Yeah.
If it makes you feel any better to come tell me all this...
...then you did it, and I don't like it. Now it's time to go on home, Edwin.
- We'll see you. - Well, I don't like it either.
Well, a lot of years go by... All right, here it is.
Night before Bubber goes to jail this last time...
...somebody tells him the story.
And he acted mighty mean when he heard it.
My wife was there, and she's frightened he's coming for revenge.
Forget about it. This is the last place in the world...
...that Bubber's gonna come to.
If Val Rogers asked for a deputy, you'd send one fast.
What do you mean by that?
You mean there's something I'd do for Val Rogers I wouldn't do for you?
- Good night. Good night, Ruby. - Wait a minute. Come back.
Don't. Don't.
We're late.
So what?
You scared of being late to Val Rogers' party?
Well, take off that dress, Ruby, and put on the old one.
The one that I paid for.
- All right. - Wrap that one up and give it back.
You didn't have to tell me that.
Look at that helicopter up there with a sign on it.
Happy birthday, Mr. Rogers. Happy birthday.
Oh, look, that's ours.
- That's ours. - That belongs to me, madam.
What's the matter with you? Are you crazy or something? It's ours.
Mrs. Sifftifieus, I'm telling you, that's mine.
Honey, isn't that our sign up there in the sky flying around?
- Isn't it ours, honey? - No, that's a helicopter.
- Your husband bought a jet. - That's a helicopter?
Oh, well, everybody just likes to argue about everything all the time.
So I was wrong. Come on, let's do the Jerk.
Anything wrong?
No, no, no, everything's all right, Father.
Everything always is.
Crane, I was sorry to hear about your operation.
I haven't had an operation.
At your age, it must've been very painful...
...but money buys everything.
They put on quite a show, don't they?
I had to invite them here to help raise money for the college.
You didn't like the dress I sent you?
Yeah, she liked it, but I didn't like it, because I didn't buy it for her.
- Oh, I'm sorry. - My husband's a proud man.
Sometimes silly proud, but I can't do anything about it.
Well, he ought to be generous and let me do him a favor.
You already done me a favor, Val. You appointed me sheriff.
That was very little.
I know you want to go back to farming.
- I want you to pick land around here. - I don't want you to give me anything.
I think I'll have enough money pretty soon to buy my dad's farm back.
- There's oil wells out there. - I don't think they hurt the land.
Well, if that's what you want, take it. I'll give it to you.
I don't want you to give me anything.
I'll stay on as sheriff long enough so I'll have enough money to pay for it.
You'll get along all right wherever you are.
You like the woman you live with.
I wanted that for my son, but...
Please, I've got to get out of here.
Now, our marriage contract includes getting through a party for my father.
And we will.
What game do they play for my benefit?
We'll talk about the land tomorrow.
You're a little edgy tonight.
- You having a good time? - But of course. Thank you.
Let me see you dance together. I love to see you dance.
I can't stand these people.
I can't stand them either...
...but we'll have to put up with them until the party's over.
Heaven knows how long it'll last.
Planning to meet your friend?
She'll wait for you no matter how late it is?
Yeah, she'll wait for me. We've been waiting for each other all our lives.
What about your friends?
I'm driving to Houston. We'll have breakfast in the morning.
Where are you going?
You're going home.
You're going home.
You just keep telling yourself there's no other place to go.
Your deputy's outside. He says it's urgent.
- Slim? - Yes, sir.
Thank you.
- Be back in a minute. - Okay.
I don't want you drinking a whole lot tonight, Jake.
I said, I don't want you to drink!
I want you to stop giving me orders, Father.
You're right, Jake.
You're right to want it.
Ladies and gentlemen, your attention, please.
It is my pleasure to acknowledge a gift to Rogers College...
...from Mr. Theodore Crane for $500,000... endow a dormitory for women.
A dormitory for women?
Why, you old goat. Are you up to it?
Thank you.
- Thank you. Thank you. - Born here?
- Thank... - Born here, I was not.
But to Texas, I come.
- Americans must... Americans... - Mr. Sifftifieus.
Mr. Sifftifieus says we Americans must lead the world's ignorant masses.
Only from the world of books can man become free.
And so Mr. Sifftifieus pledges 1 million.
Now, our host, Mr. Val Rogers.
It's a model of the college.
It's for you, Dad. Happy birthday.
Thank you.
We are building here in this county... of the finest colleges that money can buy... that our young men and women will never have to leave here... my son did, to be educated.
And it is my desire...
...that before my next birthday...
Jake, Bubber Reeves escaped from prison this afternoon.
- To turn my job over to my son, Jake.
He's been seen over to the Mexican section.
He and his wife...
...and hopefully their children...
...will continue to build all that was begun here years ago.
And that when he has his 60th birthday...
...he can say, as genuinely as I can... has been a wonderful, rich and fulfilling life.
- Jake, tell Anna I wanna see her. - Now, leave Anna alone.
- Now, listen, I can't leave her alone. - She's got nothing to tell you.
- They're waiting for your speech. - I'm sorry.
- What's happened? - There's no time.
- You can't leave. - It isn't the time.
- Why? - I've got to go!
- Stop running away from me. - We can't resolve it now.
We can't go on disappointing...
Jake, stop running away from me!
What's happening?
I've known for a long time, and I've said nothing...
...hoping it would change.
I love Jake.
Maybe, as an only child and only son, I loved too much.
- Where's he going? - Val, I can't tell you...
...what Jake doesn't wanna tell you. - You must tell me.
I demand to know!
- Come on, Val. - You owe it to me, Calder.
You owe it to me!
You'd better think about that, Val.
You'd better think about that a whole lot.
That's about it, isn't it, Val?
Somehow, it always winds up with what's owed you.
I wonder what's gonna happen...
...when he finds out just what is going on.
It's so quiet out here...
...after all those people and all that noise.
What were we doing there?
What in the hell were we doing there?
We'll make it.
Yes, sir.
Sitting out in the dark, eh?
Well, maybe that's the best way.
Oh, we...
We heard about Bubber.
You know, there never was any real meanness in that boy.
No, he was just wild, that's all.
I hope he don't find out about how his wife's been carrying on.
That'll make him sure enough wild.
We never had any children.
It's hard when you don't.
And it's hard when you do, I guess, as you folks sure know.
Yeah, they're bound to catch him, you know.
So they always do.
What is that I smell so sweet?
Jasmine and honeysuckle.
You folks sure have done wonders with this garden.
I like this house. I always have.
If ever you make up your mind to sell it, just think of me.
Phone's ringing.
Answer the damn phone.
Barrett? Calder.
No, not yet. They claim they saw him up to the Mexican section...
...but nothing turned out.
McCormack? Never heard of him. What's that got to do with Bubber?
Are you sure?
Well, I'll try to find out, then.
Look, just keep your shirt on till I do.
A guy got killed up in Siddonsville...
...and Bubber's fingerprints is all over him.
I don't...
I don't believe Bubber...
Listen, run in there and get my stuff, honey, will you?
And here are the results of yesterday's major league games.
Hi, honey.
Get up, get some drinks for people. You haven't moved all evening.
What the devil's the matter with you?
Who wants a drink?
Who wants to dance with me?
Oh, come on, honey, let's dance.
I need a partner.
Sweetheart, let's dance.
- How about you, honey? - Mary.
- Nobody dance, I dance by myself. - Mary.
Honey, you're drunk.
And nobody's gonna dance with you when you're all tanked up.
So why don't we just go upstairs and lie down and sleep it off.
You'd like that, wouldn't you?
No, sir, loving husband, I don't close my eyes.
This portion of the news, Spotlight on Texas, is brought to you by...
What the devil are you doing in here all evening?
At Confederate Soldier, everybody knows you can...
Oh, my God.
You're trying to find out if your old pal Bubber Reeves is back.
Oh, honey, I told you to stop worrying about it.
Be quiet, Emily.
- We'll protect him, won't we, Damon? - We sure will.
Now, listen, if he comes around here and tries to bother you...
...I'll just pull out my pistol and go, "Bang, bang!"
Bang, bang!
Bang, bang, bang!
- not 2000, but for only $662.
Old Edwin.
Old Edwin's a fox.
He's not studying about Bubber Reeves.
He's sitting there watching them little girls dancing with them little boys.
God knows what goes on over there.
Stop looking at them little girls.
You like them younger and younger, don't you, honey?
- I sure do. - Come on.
Don't you, son?
Don't you like them younger and younger?
I wasn't thinking about things like that. I was thinking about myself then.
All the things I wanted and believed would happen.
Here we go. My husband, the Saturday-night philosopher.
Hi, Archie! Welcome to the party.
Hi, Archie. Give me a kiss.
Old Archie's come to help protect Edwin from Bubber.
I don't need anybody to protect me, I've told you a dozen times.
Yes, you do.
Who's afraid of Bubber Reeves Bubber Reeves, Bubber Reeves?
My Edwin!
Oh, baby, I wouldn't hurt you. You know that.
- Bang, bang! - Bang, bang!
Put that away, you crazy fool! You wanna kill somebody?
Get him out of here! I don't want him in my house!
You get him out, if you're man enough.
Oh, take it easy, little buddy.
If Bubber Reeves comes around, just take out your pistol and shoot.
No, he can't do that. He don't have no pistol.
Hey, you don't have no pistol, boy? Here, take mine.
I don't want your pistol, Damon.
- We heard a shot! - What happened?
We heard a pistol shot. What's going on?
We were just playing a game.
Pretending we were looking for old Bubber Reeves.
- Lem got carried away. - Why don't you get carried away.
I'll pretend I'm Bubber Reeves, and you come looking for me.
Why don't you go hide, and maybe I will.
I'm Bubber Reeves. Get me!
Wow! Look at that. Look at that!
I think I'm gonna go hide myself too so she can come find me.
I think you ought to stay here with me.
What you doing, Edwin?
Nothing. Thinking.
Let's us dance. Let's show Damon and Emily.
I don't dance, Mary. You know that.
Look at that.
Emily likes to dance, and Damon likes to dance.
They call it that.
Listen, Edwin, I got something to tell you.
My husband and your wife are having an...
I don't like men who slap women.
You don't like men who do anything to women.
A lot of the kids are really rich.
New money, of course.
An old saying, "New money dances itself away...
...while old money waits for them to weary."
Is that so? I never heard that saying before.
It's nice.
The rich ain't serious anymore.
Don't have to be.
Not like us.
People say you're rich, Billy.
People's the biggest liars on earth.
Caught you in the act.
- Having a party? - Yes, sir.
I caught him out here smooching. What do you think of that?
Well, folks don't seem to think much...
...of married couples changing partners these days.
Of course, Mrs. Briggs and I are old-fashioned.
...I've often wondered if Val Rogers...
...knows about his son and Anna.
Do you think he does?
How should I know, Mr. Briggs? Mr. Rogers doesn't confide in me.
...somebody ought to tell him...
...if only for the boy's sake.
Bubber Reeves running around loose, God knows where.
Why don't you tell him.
I think he might appreciate it.
Brewster's sister told me he's in the house.
Would you go ask him to come out? I wanna talk to him.
Brewster! Hey, Calder wants to see you.
- Hope I'm not busting up your party. - Anytime, Calder.
Lem, could a traveling jewelry salesman... the name of McCormack been on his way here to see you?
- No, I never heard of him. Why? - He's dead.
- Dead? - Yeah.
Do you think he was killed?
- Yeah. - Come on.
Come on, let's have a party!
- Have a drink with us, Calder. - I don't believe I will now.
No, he don't drink with poor folks, honey.
I sure do wish that I knew your secret charms for Val Rogers.
I bet you do.
You stop around one day, and I'll give you a lesson.
Do you think Bubber Reeves killed this McCormack?
- Nope. - Don't worry, Edwin, we'll protect you.
Calder, why don't you stay and help us protect him.
All you need to come to my party is a pistol, and you got one.
With all the pistols you got there, I don't believe there's room for mine.
Don't you understand, Emily? He's got to put a guard at that motel... be sure Mr. Jake and Miss Anna aren't interrupted.
How much did Mr. Val pay you for that, boy?
You know, every year on my birthday, I think:
"Calder, give yourself a present and take a sock at Damon Fuller."
And this year, about eight days from now, I think I'm gonna treat myself.
Hey, Calder!
If he comes back and you need deputies...
...every man here would be glad to help.
We don't need your help, Lem.
The state says anybody can own a gun...
...and most of you got two, but deputies you ain't.
So you just stay drunk and forget about it.
You see, I don't drink, myself.
Except possibly the occasional bottle of beer.
- That's good. - And I respect the law.
Well, that makes two of us in town.
He's not always a sweet-tempered man.
No, he isn't.
What's the matter?
I fell asleep.
You're early.
- Hey, you're shaking. - No, look what I have.
- For a whole year? - No, for tonight.
You've got the jitters.
- Was it bad at home? - No, no worse.
Like always.
I can't take much more of it.
Now, how many times did I say that?
Every Saturday night.
You're the only woman I ever knew who never has to talk.
First thing I ever noticed about you.
Even when you were a little girl.
I got a present for you.
Well, open it, darling.
How much did they cost?
Five hundred dollars?
- Eight hundred? Nine hundred? - Why do you have to know?
Two thousand.
Jake, where am I gonna wear them?
You keep giving me things like that.
They're just gonna sit in a rotten drawer, and I'll stare at them.
I didn't marry first, Anna, you did.
I didn't marry first, you did.
Oh, Jake, I heard you.
Come on, stop talking foolish.
Stop talking anything.
Next year, this time...
...maybe even tomorrow...'ll be far away.
Why do you say that? I don't ask you for it.
No, you don't ask me for anything. Why don't you?
Because I wouldn't get it.
Don't be sure. Don't be sure that if you'd ever said, "Leave...
...leave, leave now."
I said it once, years ago.
I was very young. I thought it wouldn't hurt us to wait.
Jake, you talk too much.
Tell me that you love me.
I love you.
I always have. You've always known it.
- Tell me that you love nobody else. - I love nobody else as I love you.
He escaped this afternoon.
Where is he?
Calder said he's headed home.
Oh, poor Bubber.
- Where you going? - I'm gonna find him.
- Tomorrow. - No.
Anna, you won't find him at night. Tomorrow!
If he's come this way, it's because he needs help.
And he needs it now.
He's gonna need money.
I like Bubber, Jake.
I love Bubber, Jake.
So do I.
I love you as I've never loved anybody else.
I waited all those years and all these years.
Bubber had a bad time, Jake, and so did I.
And there isn't any time to say all the things that don't need saying.
Give me the keys, Jake.
Go away, Jake. It's Bubber's trouble.
- Leave me alone. - I'm coming with you.
- It's me, Bubber. - What you doing here?
- Lester, I'm in trouble. - When you ain't been?
- You got a car? - Ain't nothing here that runs.
You got any money?
Lester, I'm in trouble.
Yeah, yeah. So you got to get away from here fast.
Now look, Lester, this time it's big.
If I'm running in the luck I'm used to...
...I'm gonna get blamed for a murder I didn't do.
But I can't. I ain't got nothing.
...go away, please. - No.
Now, Lester, you owe me a favor.
I took a rap for you once. You swore you'd pay me back someday.
I remember.
But this 4 bits I got here in my pocket won't take you far.
Does my wife still live above the place?
- Last I heard. - All right.
Now, you go find her.
Bring her back here. Have her bring some money and clothes.
You can trust her?
Well, you know any reason why I can't?
I guess not.
Now, you stay here...
...and if somebody come by, they'll think it's me.
Okay. I'll be at the wharf. Just go. Go fast.
- All right. - Go on.
- when my office was informed by the warden...
... of the escape of Simmons and Reeves.
We went into immediate action.
We set up roadblocks surrounding the entire area.
We got dogs tracking that bottomland down there.
That's how we discovered McCormack's body an hour ago.
There's no doubt that they killed him.
Their fingerprints have been identified.
That is the kind of officer we need in this county.
That McCormack was a fine man.
You said you never saw him. Didn't even know him.
Prince of a fella.
Lem, you just said you never saw him before.
I remember him now. I seen him on TV.
Oh, hell, I don't believe you.
I don't. You're a clown. All of you are clowns!
God, I'm sick of sitting around looking at dead men on a Saturday night.
Fine way to spend a Saturday night. Let's go down to the club and dance.
Dancing? Is that what they call it now?
That McCormack...
...he had a wife...
...and three little babies.
Help! Help! Help!
- What's the matter? - I didn't do anything to her.
I saw Bubber. He's over there. There's Bubber. He's over there.
Hey, whoever you are, stop where you stand.
- What's the matter? - Nothing. Just go on home.
You were going after me with a gun, mister.
Somebody thought you were somebody else.
So you run after me with a gun?
Listen, boy, now get.
You were snooping around white kids' parties.
That's not true. I was taking a walk.
Walk where you belong.
You got a private street with a white sidewalk?
Well, what the hell's going on, Arch?
I was taking a walk, Mr. Calder.
Oh, Lem, put the damn gun away. Come on.
Go on home, now.
Roy, go on home.
Come on.
Good to see you patrolling.
I'm not patrolling. I was just looking for an ice-cream cone.
Taxes of this town pay your salary, Calder, to protect the place.
Well, if anything happens to you, Lem, we'll give you a refund.
Come on, Damon. Come on, my dancing darling. Let's get out of here.
You go ahead. We'll be there in 10 minutes.
We're going down to Sol's. We'll be there in about 20 minutes.
Damon, take me with you. Can I go with y'all?
- No, Mary, no drunken driving. - Don't leave me here alone.
- Please take me. - Come on, get in. Come on, let's go.
I felt sure he'd be here.
I thought I'd walk in here and find him like I used to when we were kids.
Where will we look now?
He's not going to come to my place.
If he tries to get to me, he'll see all the people and be frightened away.
Have you ever written to him about us?
To make it worse for him in prison?
I'm afraid I'm going to lose you.
I don't want to lose you. I want to marry you.
I waited all these bad years to hear you say that.
It's just like you to say it at the wrong time.
Just like you.
Now look, you.
I want to find Bubber tonight, and that is all I want.
It's Bubber who is in trouble, Jake, not you.
You and I can wait, as you made us wait so many years.
Things come so late...
...I guess, for most people.
They found a traveling salesman dead.
They say that Bubber and the man he escaped with murdered...
My boy never murdered nobody.
- Don't come around here saying that. - But I didn't come to upset you.
- I come to pray for you and Bubber. - We don't need your prayers.
- Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine - My boy hasn't killed anybody!
Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine
Briggs says he wants to buy the house.
I'll find him.
I'll tell Calder we'll have 5000 by Monday morning.
We're not gonna sell the house.
I'm not gonna...
This is all I have. I've saved for it all these years.
I'm not gonna sell the house.
He's our son.
No matter what happens, he's our son.
Now, what's our hardworking sheriff doing in here?
Well, I think he's still looking for my daughter.
But he ain't going to find her until Monday morning, just like always.
You don't wanna wait that long.
She'll be in before Monday. Tell her I'm looking for her.
Anna, the sheriff wants to see you.
Guess why.
- Well, what the...? Who's up there? - What's going on?
Well, come on down here, boy.
- All right, Mr. Sol. - What in the hell is going on?
What are you doing up there?
I was walking by and I just thought maybe Anna was...
He says, "Anna."
Maybe he's got the right to leave out the "Miss" before a white girl's name.
Mr. Sol, don't you remember me?
I'm Lester Johnson.
- I just come along to... - Visit in a white girl's room?
And go in that room and make yourself at home?
- You mix yourself a drink? - No, no. I didn't come to visit nobody.
You expect white men to stand by while you carry on like that?
Cut the talk.
Now, come on down, boy.
- Put your knife away. - Knife?
I got no knife.
Yes, you have, so put it away and put your hands up.
Hey! Hold it!
Who's doing all that damn firing? Damon?
Hell, yes, I'm firing. We caught him in Anna's room.
Sheriff, I ain't done nothing.
I was going to leave a message.
I was just stopping by to say hello.
He was just stopping by to say hello to a white woman.
Hello, Pappy. Hello, Grandpappy. You turning over in your nice graves?
Where you from, boy, up north?
I was born right here. And y'all know that.
Come on, Lester.
Come on.
Put your damn gun up.
Lester, didn't you have trouble a long time ago with Bubber Reeves?
- You're tied up with Bubber Reeves? - Come on, now. Get in the car, Lester.
- Hey, officer, no physical... - Get in the car.
You boys go on home, now.
You really love his kind, don't you?
Come on, Calder. Let us talk to him a little while.
I'll bet we could get some news about Bubber out of him.
Why don't you go on home and open another bottle and...
...get back in bed with your friend's wife.
Yeah, well, you go on back to Val Rogers' dinner party, and you...
...tuck him in bed and kiss his hand or something.
You're a real lucky fellow, Johnson.
Real fortunate fellow.
Where's Bubber?
I don't know.
- Where's Bubber, Johnson? - I don't know.
What message were you going to leave Anna?
There was no message. It was nothing.
I just come by to say hello. If you'll stop here, I'll get out and go home.
I'm going to have to lock you up anyway.
For what?
I've done nothing, sheriff. You've got no right to do that.
- You can't lock a man up for... - Not telling me what I wanna know.
That's right.
I'll get you a lawyer on Monday, and he can tell me all about that.
I'm sorry I have to do it, Johnson, but it's for your own protection.
Come on, Lester.
It's not a bad jail.
Good grub.
You'll have the whole place to yourself...
...and we won't have none of our citizens bothering you.
You just go on and wait a second. I'll get you the key, and you can...
...Iock yourself up and make it a little easier.
My wife will bring you coffee later. It's right down to the left there.
Go ahead, Johnson, you'll be all right.
You go on out there and patrol.
- I'm going to hang around for a while. - Yes, sir.
Some of those people out there are just nuts.
They're just nuts.
- I've got some coffee on the stove... - I've gotta lock a man up here...
...who didn't do a damn thing...
...just to keep those maniacs from killing him.
They're not interested in nothing but getting drunk and making trouble.
I'm sick of it.
I'm sick of living here...
...sick of this job.
I just wish...
...we had adopted children.
I'm not going to bring children up over a jail.
- Mr. Rogers. - Yes, Ed.
- Congratulations on your birthday. - Thanks. What is it?
Well, it's kind of hard to say...
...but I felt it was my duty.
- Well, there it is. - There what is?
I find it very difficult to come here, Mr. Rogers.
If it's business at the bank, it can wait until Monday.
No, it can't wait until Monday.
If it had been about the bank...
...I wouldn't have interrupted your party, an uninvited guest.
Edwin, will you get to the point? I've been telling you that for years.
Yes, sir.
You know, Jake's been having an affair of the heart with Anna Reeves...
...for a long, long time.
Bubber Reeves escaped from jail today.
He's roaming around in the country, and they think he killed a man today.
I thought you ought to know...
...because Bubber ain't gonna like Jake having an affair with his wife.
If you see what I mean. I mean, a murderer.
If you see what I mean, Mr. Rogers.
I see what you mean.
There's a fellow in there by the name of Lester Johnson.
He's been looking for you, Anna.
I think he's got a message from Bubber.
Cell 2, downstairs.
The Three Musketeers.
Come on in here.
Lots of people running around here tonight...
...who'd be better off at home reading a book, if they could read.
You read a book since you been back?
Yeah, I read a book.
How do you feel about Bubber being back here? You scared?
No, are you?
Why don't you go home before your father finds out about you and Anna.
I'm going to tell him tomorrow.
The best thing about turning over a new leaf on Saturday night... it disappears with a Sunday-morning hangover.
Well, this one will last.
You like the girl?
I love the girl.
That's gonna be kind of tough.
If there's anything I can do for you, Jake, you let me know.
Thanks. I won't need it.
Well, I might need you before this night's over.
Where's Bubber?
Well, Lester just came by to see me, Calder.
We've known each other since we were kids. When he's broke...
I'm going to go home and get it.
...Anna and Jake are on their way out. Stay on their tail until I tell you to quit.
You don't have a chance of meeting Bubber.
Not a chance.
- Where is he? - I don't talk to sheriffs. You know that.
Do you know that a fellow was murdered today...
...and Bubber's being accused of it? - Bubber never murdered anybody!
I don't believe he would either, but his fingerprints are on the body.
It'd be a whole lot better if he came in here voluntarily.
And be punished for something he didn't do?
You got money that's not your father's... you can get Bubber a good lawyer?
I've got enough that isn't my father's.
Well, then, maybe he's got a good chance.
...listen to me, and listen to me real good.
I haven't asked for any outside help here tonight...
...and I should have, the first time they spotted Bubber here.
I've just been stalling around, waiting for you, hoping you'd help me...
...before those damn people in town find out where he is.
If you'd been to Sol's Cafe tonight, you'd have seen...
...them monkeys want to get ahold of a man they thought was a murderer.
I'm the only chance that he's got of going back safe.
I think I've risked something to give him that chance.
I'm going to give you one hour... find Bubber and talk him into surrendering.
And when you do, I want you to call me.
I'll go get him and get him back here safe.
And don't be damn fool enough not to call me...
...because it'll just take a little bit longer and then they'll get him.
You got far to go?
Well, you'd better walk where you're going.
And walk fast.
The luck that Bubber has coming to him has run out long before tonight.
- What's happening? - I don't know.
Well, if you don't, nobody does.
- Where do you want me? - Forget it.
Drive around and turn off that party hat.
I'd like to see your wife.
All right.
Ruby, Mrs. Reeves wants to see you. Do you want to see Mrs. Reeves?
Come in.
I'm scared to death. Please help me.
How can I help you?
Ask your husband not to harm Bubber if he catches him.
I know he'll send him back to the penitentiary...
...but I don't want him hurt.
He's sometimes wild, but Bubber's not bad.
Maybe I'm to blame for how he is.
Monday, I can bring some money...
My husband does not want to harm your son.
- But people say that... - She's been told you'll hurt Bubber...
...if he comes back here.
- Who's been saying that? - Everybody.
On account of Jake Rogers and Anna Reeves.
Everyone knows that Bubber's wife is Jake Rogers' whore.
- Everybody says that... - Everybody is wrong, Mrs. Reeves.
I wanna help, and I've just given Anna an hour... find Bubber so he could come back and surrender.
- Where is he? - I don't know.
Calder, where is Bubber? I want to go to him.
I've done many wrong things to him. Give me a chance to help.
I'll make him surrender. He won't trust that whore.
I don't know where he is, Mrs. Reeves.
You're lying to me.
Look, I can pay you.
Now, this is all I have now...
...but Monday, I'm selling the house to Briggs for $5000.
- I'll give that... - Go on, get on home, now.
What's the matter, isn't my money good enough for you?
If it were Val Rogers' money, you'd take it.
Well, my money is as good as his money...
...and I love my son as much as he loves his son.
Val Rogers has bought you. He owns your very soul.
You're going to kill Bubber to protect Jake Rogers.
- Shut up, you damn crazy woman! - You're a murderer!
- Get the hell out of here! - You're a murderer.
You're a murderer and a liar.
That's what you are, a murderer.
Calder is a murderer!
He's a murderer and a liar.
Val Rogers is his master. He owns him.
He's bought his soul.
He won't listen to me.
He's going to try to kill Bubber. I know it. I know it.
- I can't listen to that any longer. - Liar!
Liar! Liar!
You know what?
I guess you are the sexual revolution all by yourselves.
You know, I bet that nigger in that jail told him where Bubber is.
Hello, Mr. Rogers.
Why don't you come down to the club and have a drink. You look tired.
- No, thank you. Another time. - Hello, Mr. Rogers.
Do you believe in the sexual revolution? My husband does.
You keep it up, kid. You just keep it up.
You remember when we invited you to our wedding?
How many ice ages ago that was.
- Ice ages. - What is all this?
As near as I can figure it out, there's a Negro man in jail...
...who knows where Bubber Reeves is because...
...Anna comes here and Calder tells her she's got one hour to find Bubber.
I've heard a strange story. Is it true?
Well, if I'm guessing right, it is.
Yes, that you gave the Reeves boy an hour to escape?
No, I gave Anna an hour to find Bubber and get him to surrender.
I heard tonight that Jake and Bubber's wife...
Is that where he went when he left the party?
- Do you know where he is now? - Yeah, I know.
He's with Anna finding Bubber.
Why aren't you out looking for him instead of sending my son?
Because this damn county's 200 miles long and 40 miles wide...
...and they know where he is and I don't.
I don't have to answer those questions.
You do!
You are my friend.
I've been good to you. I would've been better...
Hold on! Hold on!
Hold it right there, Val.
Go on home...
...and I'm going to sit here and ask myself...
...what I did to get so many people to believe that they could buy me off.
I was told there is a Negro in this jail who knows where Reeves is.
- Go on home, Val. - Is that true?
- That's none of your damn business. - I wanna talk to the man.
Come here! Val, wait a minute.
Come here! Val, wait a minute.
Hold it right there.
I wanna see that Negro.
- $ 100 will make him talk. - I don't care if you've got $500.
- Don't be bullheaded. - Listen, Val.
Just hold him still for a few minutes. Have him sit down.
Gentlemen, please!
I think hitting the sheriff is against the law.
Well, you clowns really want to play.
Come on, Calder.
Happy birthday.
I ain't seen him.
- You need $ 100? - You bet. Who don't?
- I'm in a hurry. - I don't know.
- Be cheating to take the money. - There's more.
- Be cheating even more. - I'm in a hurry!
- Nobody has a right to come in here. - Go away, please.
Damn it! Don't hit me, man!
For God's sakes, stop it!
He's going to be all right. He's all right.
Damn you, Calder!
Get some help! Get somebody!
I told you, man.
That's enough. You're gonna kill him!
That's enough!
You could have killed him.
Hey, come on, let's go see Lester.
My God!
- Where's Bubber, Lester? - Take it easy, boys.
Val Rogers already knows where Bubber Reeves is hiding.
Down by Lester's place, up at the wharf.
You dirty cowards!
Oh, my baby!
Hold this. Come on, come on.
Hold it, stop walking. Don't walk around.
- I'm all right. - Sit down.
I'm all right. I'm all right.
Slim! Slim!
- Don't move! - Yeah, Ruby?
Slim, get back to the jail right away. Calder needs you.
Don't walk. Don't go away. Sit down.
I'm all right. Now, I need your help. Please don't make it hard for me now.
- Did you tell him? - Yeah.
- Where is he? - The wharf.
Back of the junkyard.
Look, get my coat there. Get my hat.
Wait for Slim!
No, don't drive. Don't try to drive.
- Calder, please. - Go on in there.
Get on in there and lock the door. Lock the door.
It's been a long day.
It's been a long two years.
You all right? Are you?
You look good.
You look good.
I guess I don't look so good.
I missed you, Anna.
Like a lifetime.
I wish we could go home.
Right now.
No, no sense to that kind of talk, though, is there?
So Lester got to you all right, huh?
- No, Lester's in jail. - What?
Wait. He didn't tell Calder where you were.
- He waited for me. - What are you talking about?
Calder's given me an hour.
You haven't got a chance. The whole state's looking for you.
He says he'll get you back safe.
You gotta trust me. There isn't any other way.
Since when you bring messages from Calder?
I guess it's big this time.
It's big.
This time, it's really big.
But you didn't do it. You can't be convicted.
It don't matter I didn't do it.
Something will go wrong.
Listen, I gotta move.
- You got a car? - No.
Anna, I need a car. Bring me some clothes.
Find Jake and have him bring me money and a car.
- Bubber. - Come on.
Who is that?
- Hey! God, hi. - Hi.
I'd guessed. It doesn't take much sense to guess. I always knew.
- Bubber. - No, hey, don't...
Why not? Sure, it don't matter. It doesn't make any difference.
Jail took things like that away from me.
Maybe for good.
Hope not...
...but maybe.
I'll write when I get someplace.
- You can't... - I'm gonna get someplace.
A little luck this time, just a little.
And I'll send for you. Come if you want, don't if you don't...
I will want.
Jake, come on, where's your car?
You won't make it. The whole state's looking.
You know me and cars. The whole state won't find me.
- Where is your car? - The car's in town.
That's all we could do. We would have been followed here.
- Okay, go now and get it. - You've got to have some sense.
Now, you can't get away.
- You didn't kill that guy, so say it. - Say it?
Do you think I believe in truth and things?
That's for you, kid. You ain't been to no jail.
- We're gonna get you lawyers... - Lawyers? No.
You're not gonna get me nothing.
I was coming to the end of me.
I don't know how I knew it, but I knew it.
I was holding on so tight...
...just a year and three days more. Anybody can stand that.
And then the pork was on the plate.
And he said, "Eat it."
And I said, "No."
He said, "Do you know what this means?"
I said, "Nobody's going to make me. It smells and it's rotten."
And up I got. I got right up.
And I didn't care what they'd do...
...because I'd come to the end of me.
I said, "Next time anybody tries to make me do anything...
...they'll be talking to me when I'm dead."
I said, "All right.
All right, boy, you're free...
...because when you're willing to die...
...nobody can make you do anything anymore."
Well, that was night before last.
So I'm not going back.
There's no chance. I'm not going back.
Now, the both of you do what you want.
- But that's the way it's gonna be. - Okay, you wait here.
So Calder gave you an hour, huh?
You, your father and who else?
- No, I don't believe it. - Jake, get him out of here.
Jake, answer me!
I know you're out there!
I want you to come with me now!
Please answer me.
I know about you and Anna.
- What's the matter? - Go on, do something.
Bubber Reeves, I know you're out there!
God help you if...
Bubber, let Jake walk forward...
...and if he's all right...
...I'll give you my car and see that you get away from here...
...without anybody bothering you.
He can do that?
- Why don't you answer me? - Yeah, he can do that.
- What a world. - Bubber!
What a world.
I warn you, there's not much time!
All right, I'm coming. I'm coming.
Send Jake out first.
Damon, what the hell?!
We were just worried about you.
You get the hell out of here. Leave me alone.
Go on, get out! Get them out of here too!
Get out of here! Get them out!
Come on, fast!
Jake, you and Bubber go over by the embankment across the way.
Then take my car, make a run for it.
I'll take Bubber out by the dirt road.
- Get the hell out of here! - You don't own down here!
Hold those cars up there! Hold them cars, will you?
Charlie! Get out of the way! Come on, come on, come on.
Hey, Bubber, remember me? I'm Cutie Bess.
- Hey, Bubber's back there. - Hey, remember my sister?
Let me through!
Hey, Bubber, come on out of there.
- Hey, it's Rogers. - Look out! Get out of the way.
- Let Mr. Rogers get through. - Get out of the way.
- He's gotta come out soon. - Let's burn him out.
Hey, hey, give me a box.
Oh, honey, that's a hell of a way to hold on to a man.
Gee, ain't it pretty?
Look at that. Isn't that marvelous?
All this shooting is dangerous.
Oh, no! Drop dead!
Now, honey, you just hush up your crying.
We want the whole world happy tonight, now, don't we?
- I lost my husband. - You lost your husband?
Well, good for you, sweetheart. I'm going to drink to that.
Okay, give me your hand. Give me your hand, Jake.
Come back, Jake! Come back!
Bubber, Bubber, Bubber Come out wherever you are
Or we'll come in and get you We're gonna come in and get you
Look out, Bubber We're going to get you, Bubber
I'd love you forever if you got my earring for me.
Through fire, through war.
Hey, that's my girl!
Sheriff, he just went up the hill.
Bubber Reeves! He's got a girl with him.
Went up the hill. Two or three of them.
Let's get these cars out of here.
Whose car is this right here? Let's get out!
Get the hell out of there! Come on!
Calder here.
I've come to take you back to jail.
I'll take you out safe.
Now, come on here to me.
The water! Get to the water.
- Now, come on here to me. - Break it up, fellas!
Come on, come on, now!
Let's give him as much time as we can.
Calder, how do we get out of here?
Can you see my light?
Run forward. Come on, let's get in the cars!
You people, get up here and get these cars.
Now, everybody back! Let's break this thing up, now.
All right, let's go.
Move those cars!
Get out of here! Everybody run! It's gonna blow!
- Come on, get out of here! - It's gonna go up!
Help! Help!
Help! Calder!
- Slim! - What is it?
Get over here and bring a stretcher, quick!
Jake, I love you!
- Get out of the water. - Bubber looks right at home.
Calder's not getting by with letting you get away.
Now, get over here.
I mean business!
Bubber, come on.
Anna! Anna!
That's my girl, Dad.
When I was very young, I tried to tell you.
So many years wasted.
We've got plenty of time now. Plenty of time now.
Haven't we, Anna? Haven't we?
We got plenty of time now, haven't we?
Foolishness, it was.
Bubber, I'm Cutie Bess. Remember my sister?
Get out of there. Go on, now.
Oh, I'm drunk.
Oh, I'm so drunk!
Damon, help me.
- I'm not Damon. I'm Edwin. - Help me.
She's gonna pass out. Please help me, Leroy.
They say Bubber shot Jake Rogers because he was sleeping with his wife.
Shoot a man for sleeping with someone's wife? That's silly.
Half the town would be wiped out.
He sure gave them a run for their money.
He's going to need a good lawyer.
Maybe he can hire my daddy.
He'll need a better lawyer than your daddy.
Go on.
- Charlie, your mother wants... - Bubber.
Bubber, we're going to sell the house tomorrow... this time we can get you a lawyer.
Son, I'll do everything I can.
Come on, boy.
I'm sorry for what I've done.
Believe me, I'm sorry.
Say you forgive me, please?
Say you forgive your mama.
I'm going to pray for you now, Bubber. I'm going to pray for you.
You'll do a whole lot better over here, Ms. Henderson.
There's the son of a bitch that's caused everything.
Calder! Calder!
Get out of here!
What happened?
Oh, my God.
Calder, let's go.
Come on.
My son died at 5:00.
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