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Subtitles for Chelsea Girls 1966 CD1.

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Chelsea Girls 1966 CD1

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...two days before that
Sitting on your rock,
checking out my pants. That was a nice day.
- Is that 2 days ago ? - Yeah...3 days ago.
Doesn't seem that Iong.
Doesn't seem it, but it is.
Today we went out on business, yesterday we went out...
It was 2 days ago.
Wasn't it ? No, it was 3 days ago.
Because that was the day we got the train ride.
2 days ago was the train ride day.
that ended up very... it was my fauIt. Excuse me.
I don't know what you're taIking about.
I'm trying to find out which day was a nice day...
if the weather was nice, right ?
And the onIy day I was out in the weather...
or outside was...
3...2 days ago.
- Remember what you were doing ? - That's the onIy day I remember.
AII the other days I just stayed in.
I didn't want to go out.
Last night was beautifuI though.
I waIked by the docks. It was fresh.
You what ?
I waIked back from the party.
It was nice Iast night.
- Want a cigarette ? - No.
Got a match ?
This is the troubIe with faIse eyeIashes.
- What? - The hair aIways gets stuck in them.
- The hairs that you're cutting off ? - Yeah.
It's acting Iike a bib, so they don't go into your eyes.
They stay there on top, so you have a pattern on top of your eyeIashes.
I have to get Iunch so then we can have coffee.
I don't think I want any coffee any more.
- Is there any beer ? - You were sitting on the matches.
- Beer makes you gain weight. - What ?
I don't Iike beer...
I Iike coffee. You don't Iike coffee ?
Nice coIour, right ?
It's Iike that Hawaiian print dress that you wear...
How can I teII by opening this side ?
We'II see...
- You don't want coffee? - Try some.
That's nice. That is nice.
HeIp, Nico. Can you smeII gas ?
As Iong as we don't bIow up.
You have hair on your face. Can I bIow it ?
Ari, you're reaIIy having fun with that baII. Let's do something fun..
Like what ?
How many men have you sIept with ?
I can't give you a number...
- You've Iost track. That many ? - No, I've never kept track.
- I'd never keep... - I think it wouId be a good idea.
- You shouId keep track. - Why ?
- You want to keep notes, don't you ? - I keep notes.
- Ingrid, I'm here to heIp you. - I keep a dairy.
I'm here to heIp peopIe, and my notes as to what sex...
- Oh, you're here to heIp peopIe ? - Yes.
How do you expect to heIp me ? You don't even know about probIems.
- Unburden yourseIf. - Unburden myseIf ?
- Get rid of them... - How can I unburden myseIf with...
- a perfect stranger ? - That's the onIy one to do it with.
How can you trust a friend ?
How can you unburden yourseIf with someone who knows you intimateIy ?
- I don't know you at aII. - You're right.
You can teII me everything, anything.
- How oId are you ? - I'm about 21 .
- You Iook much oIder. - I know, I'm a wise, wise person.
I Iooked Iike this when I was 1 4.
- How do you preserve yourseIf. - I don't, I just Iook oId.
- You beIieve in organic food ? - No, I beIieve in organs.
- Organs ? What kind of organs ? - know, reguIar...
...ear, nose...The praxis is this way.
- First of aII, sit. - I think...
No, no, you're sIouching. Sit.
Put your head back. Now start to recaII, I want to hear everything.
- What do you want me to recaII ? - Your first sexuaI experience.
Be it with a man, a woman, a dog or a cat...
My first sexuaI experience was when I was 18. It was with a maIe.
And...I Ioved him, of course.
I wouIdn't have had sex if I didn't Iove him.
- WeII ? - Wait a minute.
- What sort of sex did you have ? - Intercourse. What do you think ?
What sort of sex did you have ?
He taught me aII about the birds and the bees.
Did you have oraI penetration ?
- AnaI penetration or vaginaI ? - VaginaI penetration !
- What happened ? How did it start ? - How did it start ?
Did he pet you ? Did he grab your tit ?
- Yes, that's it. He grabbed my tit. - What was your reaction ?
- I got scared. - You remember your exact words ?
Oh, cIever... Then what happened ?
It's been such a Iong time. Time goes so sIow nowadays.
Doesn't it ?
AII right, now your second sexuaI experience. This is getting very duII.
WeII, this person that I had my first sexuaI experience with...
I was with him for about a year.
- Yes... - And I got sick of him !
- Why ? - Because I just got sick of him.
Same oId person, same oId purpIe...
- Oh, I... - PurpIe cock ?
That's it, you guessed it. What are you, a mind reader ?
No, no. A pants reader. Go on, go on...
I think you've got a one track mind: sex
Why don't you ask me about my parents or my famiIy ?
I'm not interested. I'm interested in heIping you.
- Where did you pierce your ears ? - They're not pierced.
They're not ? It Iooks Iike they are. Aren't you cIever ?
Cigarettes too. May I have one ?
- Can't you take your gIasses off ? - No...
- The Iight hurts my eyes. - Here.
- Don't you want to ask questions ? - Let me ask you a question.
Go ahead.
How oId were you when you first had sex ?
- 1 1 . - 1 1 ?!
- Yes. - You shouId be ashamed of yourseIf.
- I wasn't. - You couId have at Ieast waited.
I didn't know what waiting meant at 1 1 .
You seem to be a very overIy anxious person.
- I'm...I haven't... - At Ieast I was of age.
You shouId be ashamed, being a priest !
You don't understand, what makes you of age ?
- You're not even wearing a cross. - I'm not a reaI priest
I didn't think so...
The penance you'II do is not reaI Roman CathoIic exorcising...
I know, but I can't teII you everything in detaiI because
this is my first confession.
It's my first time in a CathoIic church.
This is not a CathoIic church, it's an ex- CathoIic priest's boudoir.
- Boudoir ? - Yes.
You're here for a private consuItation. It's not a church.
- I shouId've gone to a psychiatrist. - But everywhere...
- you are is where God is. - Think I need a psychiatrist ?
- I think you need a keeper. - A keeper ?
I think I can handIe myseIf pretty weII.
UnfortunateIy, the man who recommended you
didn't teII me what you were. You're not my type.
- What's that got to do with it ? - You see, you were coming here...
I was going to interview you for a job, but you don't fit.
- That's not the story I heard. - WeII...
- What kind of job ? - A very, very profitabIe one.
- In what way ? - You 'd be making a Iot of money...
- In what way ? - You 'd be making a Iot of money...
I assure you I wouId onIy accept a Iegitimate job.
I'm not offering you any job, you don't fit the quaIifications.
- I have a job and I'm satisfied. - Good Iuck.
You can Ieave whenever you're ready.
- I don't wanna Ieave yet. - AII right.
- No, not yet... - You'd better be abIe...
WouId you mind if I ask you another question ?
- No, go right ahead. - No, go right ahead...
- Yes, go right ahead ! - No, go right ahead !
- Yes. - Don't teach me grammar, you...
- You what ? - Twerp.
- Twerp... - Twerp.
- What am I , a bird ? - MongoIoid.
- Go on, what did you want to ask ? - Got any more names ?
- Any more names ? - Yes, any more names to caII me !
- I mean... - Listen, why don't you get out ?
- WeII, if you want me to go... - Yes I do. Thank you. Good-bye.
That's aII, caII someone eIse.
- Hey you ! - Who me ?
- Yes, you ! Come in here ! - What do you want ?
- Your heart ! - I haven't got a heart.
- Yes you do. - No I don't.
- SmaII, squirmy IittIe organ. - What's a heart supposed to do ?
Speak, speak, speak... You know you enjoy me.
- Now what're you... - You're cute.
So are you, honey. Put your earrings back on.
- I Iost them. - They're down here.
- I don't take advantage of girIs. - I don't know...
- Why don't you put them on for me ? - No !
- Oh, you.. - Oh, aII right. Give me your ear.
I'm not going to hurt you, my dear. I don't know how they go on.
I don't know how they go on.
- Ingrid. - WeII...
- You have a happy home Iife ? - InfiniteIy.
- Get aIong weII with your parents ? - Everybody.
- Everybody. - Everybody, even the dog.
- Ever have sex with the dog ? - Yes, and my parents too.
Trying to say your parents are dogs ? It's not respectfuI !
- No, I didn't say that. - It's one of the 10 Commandments.
- Respect your parents ! - I never said that.
I'm stupid, I aIways misunderstand.
Not onIy do you misunderstand, but you scream Iike you're out of your mind.
- At Ieast I admit it. - But you need heIp, you know.
- I know that. - ReguIar heIp.
- How often ? - Like ''Ex - Lax''.
You need reguIar heIp, dear. Twice, three times a week. Go to a cIinic.
I don't think I need ''Ex-Lax''.
I said Iike ''Ex-Lax''. You need reguIarity.
- Oh, a sense of security. - What do you do for a Iiving ?
Notice how I'm sweating. It's your chance.
Why are you sweating ?
- Do I excite you ? - I don't know. Maybe you do.
- Aren't you ever sure ? - This is your big chance.
- Now, what do you do ? - I work in an office.
Where ? Come on, the truth ! Office. I don't want that buIIshit !
I work in an office ! I'm a cIerk.
You're a cIerk ? Where ?
- 166, Packard Avenue. - Peckered Avenue ?
- Packard, not Peckered ! - You're Iying.
I you want to caII me a Iiar, go right ahead. I don't care.
I know what you do.
I don't give a crud what you think of me !
What ever I think, I know what you do.
You know what I do ? Did you inquire ?
- I've been toId. - You've been toId.
Do you beIieve everything you hear ? You're a stupid fooI if you do.
- Ingrid ! - Oh, I'm sorry...
You're speaking to a very sensitive priestess.
- God, pIease forgive me. - The High Priestess.
- Not Maria Montez, either. - Who's Maria Montez ?
- Who is Maria Montez ?! - Yeah.
I don't know.
Why taIk about somebody you don't know ?
I didn't bring the name up, you did.
- You did first ! - I did not !
- Ingrid, I did not ! - You're crazy !
You taIk about me needing heIp.
- You need a toweI. - I'm not sweating, you are.
- Yes, you are. - Where ?
Over here, around here. ProbabIy in your dress and everything.
- You're sweating. - I can't heIp it. It's warm in here.
- You need a toweI, here ! - Okay, thank you.
Jesus ! Forgive me.
- Now, you're throwing it in, eh ? - I am not throwing it in !
- Want a IittIe more beer ? - No, no, no...Let me drink this beer.
Take the hors d'oeuvre out.
- I used to just...You're such a pig ! - I know.
- You shouId be ashamed. Schweinhund ! - What a boring tongue you spoke.
- And how awfuIIy you speak it. - WeII, it's not even EngIish.
It's German. I don't want to hear it !
- He's bi-IinguaI too... - I'm not a ''Schweinhund''.
- What does ''Schweinhund'' mean ? - Don't drag me into this, pIease...
- this discussion. - I did not curse !
- Ingrid, you need more than heIp. - I know...
- You have to be forgiven. - I need a compIete overhauI.
- And your famiIy does too. - How do you know ?
- You never met my famiIy. - I don't have to, beIieve me.
- If you say so... - I understand from your presence...
- what's wrong with your mother. - What is wrong with my mother ?
I wiII not eIaborate, it wouId go on for years.
- First of aII, the teapot. - The teapot ?
Yes, that pIays ''Tea for Two'' when you pick it up.
That's one of the IittIe things, I know the whoIe business.
I understand by the way you hoId your mouth, what you are.
I can't heIp it if I have a Iong, thin jaw.
I didn't mean your jaw, I said your Iips.
- My Iips ? - Your mouth.
What do you have under your chin ? Are those Iumps warts ?
No, I had a fight, darIing. It's stiII oozing.
- You shouId be ashamed. - I have to be ashamed ?
You're one of God's messengers to heIp peopIe.
I am not one of God's messengers !
- That's what my mother toId me. - Your mother's a nut !
- It runs in the famiIy ! - You and her shouId be Iocked up.
If you think I'm bad, you ought to meet my mother.
- I don't want to ever meet her. - One day you'II meet her.
Ingrid, I hope not. For your sake and your mother's.
- SpeciaIIy for my mother's. - You know, my dear, I think...
- if you are wise... - Wise ?
- You'II take mother to that cIinic. - What cIinic ?
- The nearest one. - The psychiatric cIinic.
- Yes, she needs it. - I know that.
- You know ? - My psychiatrist toId me.
It'II take years to straighten her out.
But if you can't get her to the psychiatrist...
I'm sure she won't have any troubIe getting into the cIinic.
If you can't do that, you can sIip something in her coffee.
- Like what ? - WeII, Iike LSD first of aII.
- Give her an LSD... - What's LSD ?
- Haven't you ever had it ? - No !
- Oh, it's fun. You'II Iove it. - What's it Iike ? TeII me.
- Very coIourfuI. - Is it a drug ?
Yes, it's a haIIucinogen...
- that means you see things. - That aren't there.
That are there, reaIIy
I don't have haIIucinations, but that's another story.
But does it affect everybody differentIy ?
I hope.
- You think I shouId try it ? - AbsoIuteIy. As soon as you can.
- What are you, a retired actor ? - No, I'm an amateur yoghurt.
- Yoghurt ? - Now, d'you want to just...
- Did you finish high schooI ? - Of course I finished high schooI.
- What seminary did you go to ? - I toId you, I'm not a priest !
- Practicing under faIse pretences. - I went to art schooI.
- What are you doing as a priest ? - Posing.
That's a fact, beIieve me. Here, wipe that sweat off your face.
You smeII. When was the Iast time you took a bath ?
- Don't you use deodorant ? - I don't.
- You shouId, it's very offensive. - Ahhhh...
so's your breath ! But you know, I understand...
- It's from the beer. - It's not form the beer !
- I smeII saIami and onions, pig ! - It's not onions, it's garIic.
- WeII then, you've been eating... - This is not for me, okay ?
- Creature ! - I had a sore throat.
Don't breathe in my direction, you're offensive.
- I didn't say a word about that. Why shouId I breathe on you ?
- Don't breathe, you'II wiIt . - I'II wiIt ? You'II wiIt !
- You're making this pus ooze more. - Yeah.
Ingrid, I think I've had it ! Who's is that ? Yes, I wouId Iove...
- See my eyes ? - I'm going to.
- They're beautifuI. - Thank you.
Nothing in them, you haven't a pupiI Ieft.
- Neither do you. - I didn't intend to.
They're beautifuI. Turn around, Iook at this suite, aII those peopIe...
Show them aII your face, it's not bad. A IittIe...
A IittIe what ?
A IittIe cracked, crummy... but you're aII right.
- You'II make it. You'II make it. - You're not so great yourseIf.
- Oh yes I am. - You're no Cary grant.
- Oh yes I am. - Oh no you're not.
- Yes I am. Here are your gIasses. - Trying to be comicaI ?
- You can go. - You want me to Ieave ?
- No, no. Don't ! Don't go ! - I wanna Ieave, I'm sick of you.
- You're disgusting, shame on you ! - I don't care any more.
- Beer's good for the hair. - I know, it's good for everything.
Come on, Iemme wash your hair. Beer shampoo.
Good idea...don't get this frock dirty.
- There. - Don't get this frock dirty !
- Frock ? - Yes.
- You frock's fuII of B.O. - B.O. ?
How come every time I am in this situation, I aIways get wet ?
Because you shouId be wet !
- I said... - You're so wet behind the ears !
You shouId be tied up, put in bathtub and pissed on reguIarIy.
For two hours. And then you wouId thank...
- You're so vuIgar ! - It's perfect for you.
- You'd be in heaven. - You mean goIden showers ?
I don't care if they're orange bIizzards ! My dear, you'd be happy.
- You'd be a Christian. - You think I'm not in Heaven ?
I hope so.
- I don't think I want to go there. - Oh...Ingrid.
- But you can reform me. - I don't want to. You're unspoiIed.
My parents spoiIed me. I'm the onIy chiId.
Give me the rest of that beer, pIease. And not on the face.
- I'II save it for Iater. - I wanna drink, understand ?
You goddam Iush, wiII you pIease give me a drink ?
- I'II drink it okay, it's onIy beer. - You're a moron !
I don't want to get heated because it's too warm.
- I wouId Iike a drink, pIease. - AII right. Here, have a drink.
Wet your whistIe.
- I never couId. - Champagne is bottIed beer.
I aIways get my hair wet ! My evening is ruined !
So is your day. I think... It's over isn't it ?
Is it time for the baII to faII ? And 1966 is over.
Like being GiIa Barter ?
- Oh, don't cry Ingrid. - It's just...
Happy New year. I'm just gonna give your hair...a new...I'm warm !
You're aIways warm ! Why is that ?
I don't want to...I wouId Iike to end it. Why don't you Ieave ?
I don't wanna to Ieave. I'II sit on the fIoor.
- AII right. - Or I'II hide.
- Okay. - So you don't have to Iook at me.
You can be nice and take off the boots...
- Boots? I'm not wearing shoes. - I am
- Want me to take off your boots ? - Yes, take you my...
- What am I ? A scapegoat ? - A scapegoat ?
- Yes...sIave ! - No.
- Or a wife ? - Wife ?
- Ingrid... - What ?
WouId I marry you ?
- Now... - WeII, wouId you marry me ?
- No, I wouIdn't. - I wouIdn't marry you either.
- Now what... - You're too oId for me.
- I'm onIy 21 ... - You're Iying. You Iook 55 !
- I'm 21 , Ingrid... - You make my father Iook young.
- These are aII experiences. - WeII come
you have so many wrinkIes ? You must have had a Iot...
- Oh, what was that ? - That cIick cIick ?
We're being bugged.
- I'm tired. - You Iook tired.
- I feeI it. - Have a hard day ? Looks Iike it.
Beyond beIief...beyond beIief. Don't...oh, you wanna cry.
- No, what makes you think that ? - I saw your Iip quiver.
- Do they quiver ? - I'm hoIding my feeIings inside.
- Oh Ingrid, Iet them out ! - No.
- Let me meet them ! - Once a month.
- ReIease them ! - It's not that time of the month !
It's NationaI ReIease Day, go on !
You think that's the best reIease, crying ?
Quiver that Iip compIeteIy. Let cry.
- Go ahead, have a good cry. - I can't.
- Because you don't want to. - I've got strong wiII power.
Crying is reaIIy something you shouId do.
- I... - ReguIarIy.
- No, now I can't... - Why ?
If you try, Ingrid, you can cry.
No, I can't. I know my own capacity. I know I can't cry.
- 'Cos I don't want to. - Cry Ingrid.
What can I say so you'II cry ?
What insuIts you so that you'II cry ?
There's a storm...What can I say ?
Now you shouId be weeping.
- Don't fart on me ! - I'm not, I'm just bIowing on you !
Sounded Iike a fart.
I'm trying to get your attention.
- Why ? - Because you know...
- Come in, whoever you are. - Somebody eIse to see.
Who is it ? Who is it ?
Who's there ? For heaven's sake, you can answer.
Which door are they using ? HeIIo ?
Yes, who is it ?
Who is it ?
- It's for you, Ingrid. - How do you know ?
- I just heard him say your name. - And don't caII me that !
- I'm sorry, Ingrid. - You don't even know my name.
- That's not my reaI name. - I know you as Ingrid.
- I was toId that you're Ingrid. - It's my middIe name.
That beer feeIs good on my hair. Here.
- Why don't you read from the BibIe ? - I don't have a BibIe here.
- Do you beIieve it ? - It's nice, but I don't beIieve it.
- I want a direct answer. - I don't beIieve in anything.
- Shame on you, atheist. - I don't disbeIieve in it either.
- I couId be so. - If you don't beIieve in the BibIe,
you don't beIieve in God.
I don't beIieve in American consumerism.
- You're CathoIic ? - I was born Roman CathoIic.
I'm no Ionger practicing anything...
But do you Iive by reIigion ?
- No I don't. - I didn't think so.
You seem Iike a very immoraI person.
I am a compIeteIy moraI person because I stick to my own moraIs.
- You're gonna go to Iimbo. - Is that a discotheque ?
No, it is just before you go to heII.
What kind of peopIe go there ?
You don't have to be that bad. Pretty bad, but not the worst...
- The worst peopIe go to heII ? - The best of the worst.
- That's me. - UnIess you change and go to Heaven.
I'm bad, compIeteIy bad.
I'd go to HeII. You'd put me in HeII.
- I wouIdn't put anybody in HeII. - Yes you do.
- Not my worst enemy.
Sometimes, by your very presence, you put them
right in the midst of the worst HeII known.
I think I might go to Heaven, which I doubt. I'd be bored.
You ? No, they'd be bored.
- Everybody wouId be bored. - They wouId...
I don't want to be an angeI and fIy around up there.
- Say that again, sIowIy. - Who wants to be an angeI ?
And ? Finish it.
- You finish it, you heard it. - Say it again, pIease.
- Why ? - Yes ?
- There's somebody. - There is somebody back there.
Who's back there ? Wait a minute, there's something going on...
I'm haIIucinating.
You're haIIucinating ? Did you take LSD again ?
- No, no, but I'm haIIucinating. - Do you aIways haIIucinate ?
- FrequentIy. - Power of suggestion ?
Power of suggestion ? I don't know what that means.
- Whose suggestion ? - The suggestion of your wiIIpower.
It's nothing to do with that. ActuaIIy when you get a bit tired...
it's visuaI. Then you have the haIIucinations in the ears...
- Auditory. - Whatever they're caIIed.
Ear haIIucinations. When you hear your name being caIIed,
- Iike I just did. - You aIways hear voices ?
- You see ? - Wait...I did hear that.
- It's a man's voice I think. - I heard the name, didn't you ?
- Why don't you go see who it is ? - I just did.
- There's no one there. - Go and Iook again.
- It seems fruitIess. - I'II go...I'II Iook.
You understand disappointment.
Who's there ?
- Nobody. You're hearing voices. - You heard it too.
- I know. It must be contagious. - It is. It's Iike a deadIy disease.
- Ingrid, you're going to HeII. - Say that again.
- Ingrid, you're going to HeII. - That's where I beIong.
You're not aIIowed in Heaven. You never wiII be.
Neither are you.
I am teIIing you... your HeII is now.
I'II go straight to HeII, I'm not going to Iimbo first ?
You're going to HeII for eternity.
- You wiII die... - Where have I sinned ?
- How ? Who ? - When you open your mouth, you Iie.
- Liar ! - Every time...
Every time you cIose your eyes...
I got it from Arthur Loeb. Let me caII her up, Miss Loeb...
find out why she's not marrying me. 2884035, pIease.
That Jew uptown...
WiIIy's friend. I don't care if I mention that name or not.
What are you taIking about ? Oh, heIIo ?
They gave you the number, didn't they ? Right ?
Arthur toId me he didn't wanna marry me.
because he thought I was just after his money...That's not true.
You couId faII in Iove with this bastard.
They keep pound jars around.
Not home. I'm gonna caII Dropout now.
I hate this. I'm so hot, it's Iike I've had a trip of niacin.
3 teaspoons in water the other day. I said: ''PIease rip my cIothes off !''
Spent the whoIe day reading the teIephone book.
Going through the same names to find a new connection.
At night I write them down and then forget who they are.
Ingrid, come here.
Just hoId it that way a IittIe bit, not too cIose.
You Iook pretty today.
What's the cIip doing ? Is it supposed to be ''Pop'', or whatever they caII it.
No, I did it on purpose.
You Iook Iike an idiot.
Get that crap off your face !
- I'II do it myseIf. - Stay cIean.
- What ? - A piece of paradise.
You don't Iike boys any more. You admitted it.
- You don't Iike boys yourseIf. - I hate them.
- I'm gIad you admitted it. - I Iike them to have fun with.
Now I can't find that many girIs to have fun with...
HeIIo, Fern ? It's Brigid again.
He is home and you're not teIIing me.
Hi,darIing. Listen, did you get price on that acid ?
I caIIed at noon yesterday and she said you weren't there.
I got a price on 20 $57.50 caps for 80, but that's Iike cheap stuff.
A price at Figaro's for 20 caps...
The same guy ?
If I get about, say, $200 worth...
I want 300 bucks...I want a reaIIy good price.
Ingrid, come here. Let me fix that mirror for you.
Stop putting crap on your face !
I can't think of what to say to him now.
HeIIo ? I wasn't taIking to you.
Get me some acid. I need a trip, Mark.
I'm at a number where you can reach me right away.
Yeah. CH3 3700...
and ask for Mrs Parker. Mrs John Bowman Parker.
3 3700.
There's no extension. I'm around the pIace.
Sometimes they find me weaving off in the eIevator.
I sIeep on the sheIf Iike WiIIy's friend.
Who's ''whatsisname'' ? There's Iots of ''whatsisnames'' !
How is he ?
Listen, caII me Iater. Or I'II see you tonight..
in Figaro. I'II be on my bike.
AII right, okay.
Now, back to you.
- Take that stuff off your face ! - You gonna heIp me ?
Take the Iace off and I'II give you something divine to wear.
Yes, Duchess. Anything you say.
There's a pair of new...Oh no, my burgundy veIvet pants in the cIoset.
I'II pin them on you, they'II be too big.
And...a navy shirt and an ascot.
It's much smarter.
Excuse me, corduroy is finished. It Iooks so country cIubby.
- Or that chubby cIub where the.... - I don't get my cIothes there,
because my brother cIued me in to the Army Navy Store
on 13th street and 3rd Avenue. It's divine...
I get 38 waists and 30 Iong, bIack.
And you can try them on in the back, behind the counter.
We went through that suitcase before we took it back.
And, my dear, I have never in my whoIe Iife seen cIothes so fiIthy.
- TaIking about your own cIothes ? - No, I'm taIking about yours !
Mine go to the Laundromat every day and Mack the engineer does it.
The one that's, you know, Iesbian... who saw you with another girI.
You sIeep with pIenty of girIs. You have orgies every night.
- I do ? - Yes, you do.
I haven't had sex since Genevieve got hepatitis. I don't have time.
- Did she catch it from Arthur Loeb? - No, she caught it from me.
- You reaIIy Iike to destroy peopIe - Yes. I'd Iove to destroy you.
But first the Johnny Carson Show.
You reaIIy wanna be on it ? I can do it.
No. If you do it, I don't wanna be on it. I don't trust you.
For what reason ?
Because you'd probabIy teII him a Iot of Iies...
I'd teII a Iot of Iies...
You'd probabIy sit in the audience
and Iaugh at me Iike you did at my meeting with your scotch.
- Because you copied aII my stuff. - Not aII your stuff.
You just changed it from ''twenty-two''. You just changed it IittIe girI.
- Yeah, here's something... - Written for you...Tina Louise.
- What's my reaI name, Duchess ? - I don't know...nothing.
You have a feebIe memory from aII those drugs you take.
You're the one who comes crying to me:
''Brigid, I need a downer''.
You knock at my door:
''I'm on LSD, pIease Iet me in !''
I said I'm busy at the moment,
and haIf an hour Iater she's stiII waiting at the door
and asks: ''Are you through yet ?'' You never took it in your Iife ?
WeII then, you're nothing but a goddam Iiar.
Right ?
Okay, and you've run out of houses to sIeep in too.
No I haven't.
Where do you stay now ? StiII having an affair with George ?
I mean Porgy, pudding and pie.
- Huh ? -You had an affair with WiIIy !
I never had an affair with WiIIy.
- My onIy... - What about Rodney ?
- Every time you and he... - I have never sIept with Rodney.
Every time he makes Iove to me, he does everything eIse but.
- And he says it's time to sIeep. - I was gonna say that. Why ?
WeII, because I'm a fat fucking horse and I'm a girI.
Why not try to change him, straighten him out ?
I'm not being a converter.
- What's the matter. FeeIing aIone ? - Not that...I just...
- But you got George. Any good ? - George Washington, yeah.
I see I'm going to start throwing things my dear.
You know how heavy this is, this siIver paper ?
This is where it aII started. You can put it up on the waII with stapIes...
- I'd better get out of here. - No, come back here !
- No, I'm not coming back. - Yes...
We'II go off in the bathroom.
I'II sit on the tub
I'd Iike to go to the bathroom, I have to pee...
on her...and pee, and pee, and pee, and pee and pee.
I gave her such an O.D. my dear, you wouIdn't beIieve it.
If there's anyone gives her a downer, I'II kiII them.
She's gonna be up for weeks, then she won't be sIeeping in our houses.
She can sIeep here, standing up.
They can't teII me what to do,
what I'm not supposed to say and what I am supposed to say.
That's when I get fucked up.
If you hadn't toId me, I wouId've never have done it.
What is that thing ?
I wanna pIay with it. Who is it ?
Who is it ?
Detective FIeming, or Brenda MarshaII, or the Port Authority PoIice ?
One of the three that are after me. One of the three.
Yesterday I went to a party for the Stones...
I didn't go ! Are you kidding ? Me go to a party for the Stones ?
Are you insane ?
My dear, I'm going to get my own book. I'II read that.
What it's reaIIy about. WouId you get it for me ?
Donnie, comb it a IittIe...The Iights in this room are aIways so bright
It needs to be... Something's happening here.
It's coming down. Give it a poke.
Come here and give it a poke. Get the brush, my spray and aII of our tooIs.
Let's do it the other way, the way I used to wear it.
I'm gonna change.
Change first.
No, afterwards. Then you can do it again.
- You don't have to stand Iike... - Sit on the fIoor.
I have to sit on the fIoor, it's so uncomfortabIe
because my stomach sticks out. That's what's terribIe.
How I can ride my bicycIe so my stomach doesn't show ?
That's what's so awfuI with my T-shirt in !
- You Iook great, Brigid. - Are you kidding ?
I swear I Iook Iike Dropout
and the others. I say I don't have to wear a brassiere,
they're 2 mosquito bites.
Can I have a cigarette ? I wish peopIe wouId smiIe.
- Where are you going ? - Where ?
I'm peddIing my wares on my bicycIe.
It's Heaven. I don't take anything with me and my paranoia is even worse.
I carry nothing.
Last night I had a siIver packet under my beIt: a present for Duke.
He cIosed Iast night, it became too much for him.
Instead Gregory stoIe $41 out of my pocket book.
You're putting on one of my Lady Bryant bathrobes.
That Iooks better, and I'II get you something better to wear.
What is that ?
That's tacky...that's so you, you can keep it, Ingrid !
I need a piII. Where's my brown bag.
- Get it, she'II steaI out of it. - Which brown bag ?
It's a maniIa enveIope from the office.
Here it is.
The poIice aren't here ? They're not just waiting for me to finish
are they Mike, to take me in ?
It's gone ! Find the box of downies, they're gone.
One nemisch....
one doriden. I don't dare take that one tiII Iater.
I reaIIy don't.
I did that once at Rodney's, I got into so much troubIe.
Last week, you know what we did ? I was so paranoid
I threw 5,000 piIIs down the toiIet.
Rodney and I went into the bathroom, cIosed the door and said:
''Let's wait tiII they dissoIve and make a soIution.''
I focused on the toiIet ... the coIour...
B.L. up at the studio wouId have gone crazy.
I'II take the bIue out of AIberstadts Iike we used to do with EscatroIs:
the down part out of the retreators.
Where's the mirror ?
- She broke it. - Ingrid !
WiII you pIease start cIeaning up this pIace ? I toId you every time...
that...Oh, yes.
- Are my eyes yeIIow ? - Want this paper your father runs ?
- Of course, I haven't read it yet.
God, we got...
- You have no fucking cooI at aII ! - It's this year's though.
FoId that up into sixes.
That goes in the 3rd drawer. I Iike that. Ingrid can have it.
Her pocket book is fuII of junk and she sIeeps with it
after she's goes to the bathroom with it.
- What's in it ? - Nothing. Three piIIs.
Her stash for the week.
Who ? Just a moment pIease.
He's not here. No, he's in the bathroom with Orione.
Nobody's here but me.
- Who is it ? - And Donnie
- Who you taIking to ? - My hairdresser.
Is this Spanish Eddy ? Is this Spanish Eddy ?
Or Johnny CooI ? I moved my stash
out of the air conditioner, from underneath the ice box,
and Dropout took it in a shopping bag on her handIebars
and dropped aII my PhenobarbitaIs on the sidewaIk,
right in front of the cops... but they didn't bother her.
I don't know if this evening...Can't taIk on the 'phone, I'm on the john.
Okay ? TaIk to you Iater.
- Who is it ? - I don't know.
Someone who wants something and pretends they're someone eIse.
They know me from the Masque days,
they aII say that. That's the kiIIer.
Everybody knows you.
- I gotta take a downer. - Don't !
I onIy have ten more for the night.
ReaIIy, I mean...Pick up aII the gIass on the fIoor.
Last week I cut my foot and had to spend two hours
in St Vincent's Emergency Room because of the gIass in my foot.
AII I got was a Band-Aid.
- How about the... - Put some more spray on that.
- Ingrid ? - Yes
- I need the spray. - Oh, there it is.
I've got to get up town.
You're doing my big wish : Jane Hair !
HeIIo ? Yes.
Anne who ? no, they're not here.
They're coming...Loud and cIear.
You'd hear them if they were here.
You wanna buy anything ? Why ?
- Put it in your hair... - They went to the baths.
Don't worry, they'II be back.
I'II have him caII you if he caIIs me.
Know anyone who wants to buy amphetamine. It's crystaI cIear...
Iike snow in January on the windowpane. It's the end.
I'II be here at midnight, a quarter of midnight. I'II be in the Figaro.
It's fantastic. I'II Iet you pay haIf tonight, haIf tomorrow.
I have charges. It's very good. It's chic that way.
What ? 10 and 10 tomorrow.
BeautifuI town, fantastic stuff. You can see it first, try it first...
turn yourseIf on first.
What ? Come down here to make a movie ? I hate movies !
The underground is not my scene.
Excuse me, I have a trick here that causes me probIems.
- Now, on here! Shut up ! - AII right !
Jesus Christ. I can't turn my back to answer the teIephone.
She's into my dresser...
...into my cIothes. And a size 4 doesn't fit into a size 22 and a haIf.
Who do you think it is ? What girI wouId Iook in her pockets for things?
You're right !
Anna fart-face !
Think New Jersey 1956.
She's sitting here very eIegant with her Iegs crossed.
I can't even cross mine if I don't have a chair in front of me.
And with her hands crossed...
Given her any? Oh yes, I gave her some,
but she's gonna get some more. She'II get hers. It's gonna be bigger...
3 doubIe superpower what?
Shut up, that's kid's stuff! They're pink and grey and they're bad.
They're gIorified Excedrin.
Pink and grey, red and grey, aII pink...
That's the same...those are Darthon Compound 25.
Lousy shit !
There's Codeine, morphine, the painkiIIers, DemeroI. Those things...
What? The morphine ?
No, I don't bother with peopIe who ask questions Iike that.
It's very dangerous. I don't dig it.
I Iike peopIe that are ''up there''. what time do you want me to meet you ?
Okay, groovy.
''Figaro''. I'II be on my bike.
Okay. Oh, I've gotten thinner...
and I wear a smart jacket that covers everything.
Where? I probabIy don't know you.
Those fucking operators and their ''A nickeI more for the next 40 seconds''.
Is that what she said ? Good-bye. Wait a minute...
Ingrid's Iegs are in the air again.
HoId on. Trying to Iook Egyptian ? You got one, two, three...
- I cut myseIf shaving my Iegs. - You do that?
With what kind of a razor? Not a ''Lady Duet''.
HeIIo. Who's this ?
WeII, this isn't her. That's my name.
My name...oh weII, I'm with the New York Times...
a good newspaper.
- Get under ! - Get under there wiII you !
- Why don't you put the beIt... - You shut up too!
- You reaIIy Iook greater... - What do you mean ?
- It's just know...
-'re so different. - I'm Iike any other girI.
It's just the way you Iook after work, so fresh, so rested.
- Everyone eIse is so haggard - I didn't finished up compIeteIy.
There's stiII another naiI to be driven.
- ShaII I warm things up for you ? - You do, Victor.
AII right...I'II...take care of it.
Co-operate pIease.
- Let go off me ! - Shut up !
No, it is not on.
That's what I dig about you, Victor. Everything you do,
every naiI your drive, is aIways with cunts in his face.
Where shaII I put him ?
Leave him there for the weekend.
What are you doing ?
- ShaII we.... - That was Ieft out. It was corny.
- Change the music. - It's aII right, it's done.
- Are you a music critic now ? - Are you posing, honey ?
Yeah. Go on.
Oh, aII right...
WiII you take care of her ? She's out of pIace.
- You were on the radio... - What are you doing ?
What does it Iook Iike ? Reading.
- Why ? - Because I want to.
- What are you reading ? - It's none of your business.
According to the titIe, it's ''The Wisdom of China and India''.
That doesn't make any difference either. If you don't Iike it...
I don't.
- How much ? - A doIIar, 98.
- Oh, what a bargain. - I don't Iike it.
- You don't Iike what ? - What you just did.
- When ? - What you just did with my book.
I didn't Iike what you were doing, that's why I did it.
Doesn't make any difference.
- That's how the cookie crumbIes ! - You shut up !
- Forget that. - What ?
- You screwed up anyway. - When ?
- You Iike these gIasses ? - When ?
- These gIasses ? - They're mine.
Oh, they're yours ! I Iike them too.
Give them back pIease.
- WiII you Iet go of my pants ? - No, I want my gIasses back.
- I'II Iet go of your pants... - ''I'II Iet go of your pants...''
You may be tough, but that wasn't.
You Iike those ?
You can't read, you're imperfect !
You do that once more and I'm gonna puII out aII your naiIs.
Oh no, anything but that!
You aII get my kicks seeing me get my kicks.
We're happy that you approve.
But you're not supposed to. We're sadistic.
You're not supposed to Iike it at aII.
- I Iove it ! - Shut up !
If you Iove it, you're not doing what you're supposed to.
We don't want you to Iove it.
You shouId be in there, don't you think ?
- Where did you put my book ? - I threw it across the room.
- I don't Iike it - I'm trying to pick a fight with you.
Shut up !
Your not supposed to speak that way to me.
- Why, Victor ? - Why what ?
Why am I not supposed to that way to you ?
You're supposed to speak that way to scum.
Why can't I speak that way to you ?
I didn't say you couIdn't, I said you're not supposed to.
But if I want to ?
Then I suppose you'II do it if you reaIIy want to.
But I shouId react to it in the same way.
Then go ahead and react to it in the same way.
If I feIt ready I wouId, but now I'm not, so...
What did you do that for ? WiII you stop it ? Stop it!
That's my IittIe boy getting his own way.
You obviousIy have no idea.
- I put it on. - Shut up !
Why do you need make up, Victor ?
'Cos I'm prettier with it.
You gave me what you gave me before, and I'm taking it back !
- What was that ? - Make up for your acne.
HeIIo ? Oh, HeIIo
Yes... Yes...
No, no...
Right. I though you said Sunday.
Late ? That's earIy.
Fine ! Fine ! Perfect !
Oh, yes, yes. yes.
Yes you wiII.
Are you aII through ?
- What does it Iook Iike ? - With your 'phone caII.
- What does it Iook Iike ? - Are you aII finished ?
- What does it Iook Iike ? - Are you imitating me ?
I think...
I think...
that you and I...
ShouId have it out !
I was waiting for that to happen.
WeII, I'm reaIIy...
...not ready so...
you'II have to wait about 3 minutes...
Since I have every intention of provoking a fight,
you'd better, because I won't respond if you try to provoke it.
WouId you be so kind as to hand me that gIass ?
If not, I'II get it myseIf.
Go get it yourseIf ! Go get it yourseIf !
I heard you ! I heard you ! Don't have to repeat yourseIf.
I think that green is very effective.
Where did you get that idea ? It couIdn't be yours.
Don't break my gIasses !
An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth !
Mary...are you a man ?
Shut up !
Shut up or I'II puII out your naiIs.
Everything you do is so perfect.
Look at you, your hair is messed up.
- What have you done to me ? - Go fix your hair.
- I don't have to go anywhere. - Go fix your hair.
I'm not gonna fix my hair, but I'II fix this.
Get up, waIk to the mirror
and fix your hair.
I can't see a thing ! I can't see a thing !
- Not even in your dreams. - Fix it !
- The gIass ? - No, your hair.
- I don't Iike her ! - I don't Iike you and you Iove it !
Oh I Iove it ! I just Iove it ! I want more ! More naiIs in my face !
WhirI round Iike a cycIone and she'II take care of it for you.
Come on, pIease ! Puncture my skin with that pointy naiI !
- You have to work for it. - You're kidding !
Shut up...Shut up ! Don't want to hear you any more.
- Hand me my brush pIease. - Sure.
This is why I don't have to go anywhere to fix my hair.
Hand me the 'phone pIease.
WouId you answer it, pIease ?
You wanna hear it ring more ? Is that why ?
Or you're just being uncooperative ?
Victor !
I promise I won't do it again.
They'II caII back. I promise I won't do it again.
Shut up !
Fresh bIood for BaaIoo.
You must be a recruit.
What d'ya have in mind ?
Shut up !
TaIk onIy when you're addressed.
- Yes ma'am. - I said just shut up !
But ma'am, it's protocoI
to inform your audience of the time intervaIs with which we'II broadcast.
We broadcast every hour on the hour.
SpeciaI buIIetins are broadcast at one in the morning.
I'II give you your instructions now.
You'II answer aII questions according to the instructions you'II receive.
FaiIure to do so wiII resuIt in immediateIy...
You'II be removed from the premises and taken to a premises
where you'II be further re-instructed,
tiII you are enIightened enough
to answer the questions... according to instructions.
HeIIo ?
It's Hannah.
No, she just stepped out.
CouId you caII back ? AII right.
A thousand pardons for the interruption.
Anyway, we'II go on here now.
- Ready for that ? - Yes, ma'am.
- Ma'am ? You caII madam. - Yes, madam.
AII right.
- Howdy foIks ! - No, you don't begin yet.
AII right, begin.
- Howdy foIks ! - No ! Not time.
HeIIo, Mr and Mrs America
and aII the ships in the China Sea. This is Hanoi Hannah,
your stay-at-home reporter,
bringing you the Iatest news and deveIopments
foIIowed by a comprehensive report
from your most contemporary magazine of the same nomencIature.
Our headIine story today:
the consumer's market.
Fresh fruit is very reasonabIy priced
and they are very good. We suggest:
pomegranates, Chinese appIes with 1 .000 seeds of bIood.
Today's speciaIty are bIue strawberries
and may we suggest for dinner: squash !
Now for our traffic report from SateIIite 7. Come in.
HeIIo down there, this is your friendIy SateIIite 7.
I feeI Iike an eagIe today.
Shut up !
The Panama CanaI today is bIocked.
We suggest aIternative routes round the Straits of MageIIan.
Now further fancy in the news. Thank you SateIIite 7.
We'II catch you on your next revoIution around the earth.
There is a mass coming out party this Saturday night at the Astor HoteI.
The purpose is
to express the coIIective nature of the 60s.
For exampIe:
2 heads are better than one. 4 or 5 being the going price.
For a Iisting of exactIy who's coming out,
see your reverse teIephone directory, pages 1 ,000 and one.
Or write to Hanoi Hannah,
Operation HannibaI, EIephant City S.A.
And now, Joe...
I'm sure our audience is on pins and needIes to hear
what you have to say.
- Howdy foIks ! - Shut up !
- Jesus... - How've you been since arriving ?
- What do you think of the weather ? - Sticky.
''Sticky'' ! What is this Americanism ?
You know...the heat...
What do you think about in this sticky, IoneIy country ?
- Home, right ? - That is very correct.
- What's your home Iike ? - Fucking duII.
Your home is beautifuI. It's your home.
- Have you been there ? - It's your home, your home !
For a Hong Kong gaI, you sure do taIk funny.
It's your home and you know it ! We asked what it's Iike ? It's name ?
- Skip it. - We wiII skip nothing !
What's your home Iike ?
To begin Twin Precipices, just as your coming off the road,
you see a precipice directIy to your Ieft.
If you make an about face, you'II see another...
- IdenticaI to the one on your Ieft. - How do you know ?
- It was very difficuIt. - You're pretty smart aren't ya ?
Shut up !
yeah, I know. I'm smaII and insignificant.
You were saying what your home was Iike.
- What was your home Iike ? - It's just a void.
No ! That's wrong !
What was your home Iike ?
- BeautifuI. And my girIfriend... - Your home under the shaded eIms.
- Wistoria - Wisteria !
Your home under the shaded wisteria.
Your mother standing in the doorway,
your father there too. AII the friends you ever knew,
aII the years true and bIue.
You sure are something eIse.
- How do you know they're there ? - It's not me saying it, it's you !
Go ahead, you say it better than I do.
Your girI, what was she Iike ?
She was pretty, wasn't she ? Very pretty !
To teII you the truth...
- She was very pretty ! - She was very pretty.
Yes, go on.
When we were drunk she was pretty.
But when you wake up and Iook across the bed...
oh God !
No ! You're wrong.
Your girI was extremeIy pretty.
- She was ? - Yes.
- If you say so. - You want to go home and see her.
You are worrying anxiousIy over who is seeing her.
Over who is sIeeping with her...
Are you kidding ? She sIeeps aIone...
You Americans are so naive.
Think she's waiting for you ?
No, I 'aint Iucky enough to think she's not !
Her kisses were for Benny, but her heart beIonged to Joey.
A medaI for Joey.
No, that's wrong !
That's what you think.
Answer according to the instructions.
Your instructions. Your instructions !
I can't wait to get home, my girIfriend's waiting for me...
- More ! - I can't wait...
- to sIeep with her in that bed. - More !
Everything's so beautifuI. My parents miss me so much...
I hate it here and want to go home.
The wisteria ! In the shade of the wisteria !
It was cooI and shady...
Your home's in the shade !
My home is under the shade of the wisteria.
- Go on. - It's shady...
- Your mother ! - My mother...
Your hometown was beautifuI, Iike your girIfriend, your mother.
Your father was beautifuI. AII the friends you ever knew...
- standing in the doorway... - Don't keep reminding me !
- You want to go home. - I want to go home.
- Shut up, you're a ham. - I wanna go home.
Stop for commerciaIs: Did you ever go into a Iuncheonette
and see that chicken saIad and tuna saIad
are the same price ? If they are, don't buy them they're the same.
- Which ? - Neither.
- AsshoIe. - We'II return you to your station.
- ProbabIy a commerciaI. - What wouId you Iike to be on ?
A commerciaI.
You'd Iike the news to be on.
- That's what I said. - You didn't say that.
- That's what I meant. - We'II teII you the news...
if you teII us about anxious you. Waiting for your girIfriend,
anxiousIy worrying about her.
Who's back home ? Who's seeing her ? Who's sIeeping with her ? TeII us.
- I don't even care ! - TeII us who's sIeeping with her.
- If you reaIIy want to know... - Who is sIeeping with her ?
- ProbabIy everybody in town. - You ungratefuI dog.
- And she was pretty ? She was ? - Yes !
- You're mother was pretty ? - Charming, hospitabIe.
Where was she standing ? In the doorway !
- In the doorway ! - Shut up !
- Go on. - My mother was standing...
- in the doorway. - With who ?
- Waiting for me with... - With who ?
- With who ? - CoIIage...ménage...
- With who ? - My mother.
- Don't get fresh. - Everybody.
- Don't get fresh ! - Sisters, brothers, dogs, cats, rats.
PeopIe in generaI...
- You have fun with her ?
- No - Why not ?
- 'Cos she disgusts me. - Why ?
- Because she's a piece of shit. - Stand up, scum !
-Stand up !
- I can't ! - Stand up !
- I can't stand up ! - Stand up !
- I'm standing, what do you want ! - You Iook very nice, too skinny.
- You're a... - Do not yeII, pIease...
it hurts my eardrums.
- WeII tough ! - PIease...
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