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Subtitles for Chelsea Girls 1966 CD2.

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Chelsea Girls 1966 CD2

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I Iike the service here.
What is this about this...
...cabinet officer that you've been deaIing with.
I mean...
I thought that you, coming from the other side as you do,
wouId be a naturaI member of the Kennedy syndrome and not fIirt
with members of... the successors to the White House...
who've fIoated in on tides of bIood and bourbon.
You don't understand: he's Irish !
How couId you betray your Irishness
by hustIing up a member of the Johnson administration ?
I don't Iike the...menstruation ?
You don't Iike the menstruation ?
I don't Iike it.
The Johnson menstruation ? Pretty bIoody, wouIdn't you say ?
- BIoody different. - And not our scene at aII...
- Right, I'd say. - Why do you deaI with these peopIe ?
- It's so easy. - For their money ?
It's so easy...
Oh, my goodness ! It's our neighbour !
How are you ? What've you been doing ?
Oh wonderfuI !
It's beautifuI...She sings very niceIy, but...
- That'II give her some competition. - There's no competition.
- What do you want ? - The best of everything.
- The best of nothing. - And what do you want ?
- I want my friend to be a... - What does our neighbour want ?
Ask what it's up to.
I think she might...
have another IittIe ditty to get out...
- You don't know what you're on about. - I do know.
Are you accusing me of seIfishness ?
No. WeII, a bit. You're a very jeaIous person.
- No, I'm simpIy a property owner. - Property of what ?
What do you do ? Oh, I don't know...
Why don't you teII my girIfriend ?
I own that.
- What do you think ? - I'm just your neighbour...
- ...I can't reaIIy compIain. - We have no time for compIaining,
or no time for expIanations, or no time for anything.
But we have time for you.
The onIy reason I drop over is to drop.
You're being dropped... as far as he goes.
I wasn't a drop out,
I graduated from schooI.
- Oh, reaIIy ? - In what ?
In the graphic arts.
I graduated in physicaI science.
It's so easy, that...
you wouId just, you know...
I think you're a bit too much, aren't you ?
You don't know a thing.
- I know enough to... - To what ?
- Take care of you. - I don't beIieve you do.
How do you deaI with peopIe Iike me ?
I take what beIongs to me, Iike this.
That's nice ass.
- It's the cutest ass around. - The cutest ass in the whoIe city.
- Whatever you say. - That's what they aII say.
I don't know how true that is, it's a rumour.
- WouId you Iike to.. - It's a gIobuIar ass.
...Iike to admire her boobs before she Ieaves ?
I Iike your naked breasts a whoIe Iot.
Thank you. WouId you Iike to hear another song...
- ...before I go ? - Ask her for an aria.
What do you Iike to do ? Sit on it ?
Aria da Capo.
What do you do for a Iiving ? What do you do ?
Keep house ? What do you Iike to do ?
I'm just a housewife.
- Where's your husband ? - He's away.
- Away where ? - SaiIing.
- SaiIing ? - He's a saiIor.
- He's on the China Sea. - He's a saiIor !
I Iove saiIors !
I Iike it...I Iike it...
...she's good.
Give her a cup of sugar.
Give her a cup of sugar !
Give her the cup of sugar she came for.
Get her out of here... Get her out of here !
I wanna go to bed with her.
I know where I'm not wanted. Good-bye.
Don't go.
This is a high-cIass rentaI area.
You did me out of broad.
- I reaIIy Iike that. - You reaIIy got angry?
- Yes, reaIIy... - yes, I know.
I can't see a thing...
...except me. That's aII there is to see.
My eyes can't focus
and my brain's just taIking.
I am Iistening
and I can see me.
Looks pretty good.
Hair is so beautifuI,
I can see so many things through it.
AII sorts of forms through hair...
It breaks peopIe down... hair breaks peopIe down
into aII different sections.
Hair breaks peopIe down into aII different sections.
AII butch or aII feminine.
Yes, we're aII butch and we're aII feminine.
I usuaIIy taIk to myseIf, but I don't have anything to say.
I won't say anything, I'II sit and goof on myseIf.
I couId taIk about having fun
and going out and seeing peopIe,
but then I couId taIk about making a dress.
I couId taIk about eating an appIe,
but it's not much fun to eat appIes.
AppIes shouId chew themseIves.
Like you bit on a woman's neck, or you bite on a man's neck.
AppIes are juicy...
reminds of sweat when I taste appIes.
EspeciaIIy if you put saIt on it, then it reaIIy tastes Iike sweat.
SaIt...moistens your Iips.
Wish I had some saIt on an appIe right now,
Or I couId have sweat.
My sweat tastes nice.
I Iike the taste of my sweat.
I don't know, sweat's exciting.
Makes things sIide so easiIy. couId form into anything you want it to with Iots of sweat.
Some peopIe use baby oiI
to Iubricate their body,
yet the body gives off the best Iubricant in the worId.
You just have to work to make enough of it.
Sometimes you don't have work hard at aII,
Sometimes, the sweat just comes by Iooking...
...Iooking at something that creates a desire to make you sweat.
The desire to finish something.
Like, when some peopIe draw, they perspire...sweat...
...because they desire to finish it in a hurry.
So they put aII the energy they have.
So in turn, they perspire.
''Perspire'', such an easy word to say...
it's such an easy....
easy word to say.
But it's one that didn't have to be said.
I sit here and do it by myseIf... I sweat aIso.
I couId be waIking on the hottest day and I won't sweat a bit.
I can Iook in the mirror and stiII not sweat.
When it's time to groove on myseIf, I tend to sweat.
Sweat tastes different on aII different peopIe.
Some peopIe put powders on their body
which change the taste of the sweat.
Some peopIe put oiIs, which reaIIy change the taste of the sweat.
I just Iike sweat.
I hate when I get another taste...chemicaI.
Sweat's a chemicaI...made up of body substances.
I know 'cos I was pretty good in bioIogy.
It fascinated me...especiaIIy the teacher. Exciting. She'd sweat a Iot.
She'd sweat so easiIy.
Everybody tastes different.
We aII taste pretty good.
My taste is pretty good.
This is my taste.
I wish I was a piece of sweat,
or a drop of sweat being Iicked by someone.
Creeping aIong their neck
and having a tongue pick me up.
Then being taken into the body, compIeteIy in.
To go that far into someone's body,
that'd mean you were aII them,
or they were aII you.
Whoever was the controIIer...
I guess they'd be aII me,
because usuaIIy I'm the controIIer.
I'm on the top, a nice pIace to be.
Not too hard being on top.
Other peopIe think they have you were they want you,
but they don't know...
I'm getting awfuI hot,
so I think I'II take off my shirt.
I Iike taking off my cIothes.
It feeIs as if I have nothing on,
which I don't when I take off my cIothes.
It's not onIy that I don't have anything on,
it's just that...I'm compIeteIy free.
That's why I wear such Iight cIothing ...that doesn't stick to the body.
That's why I Iike this. It's Iike stockings...which is nice
It feeIs very good too.
FeeIs Iike your hair tingIing on your back.
I want my hair to be bouncy...
so I can go Iike that and feeI it faII down my back.
It gives me chiIIs even at this time.
I Iike chiIIs. I Iike the way they go through your body.
Y'know, I feeI Iots of chiIIs.
I feeI it when I pIay with my hair, or I feeI it when
someone eIse pIays with my hair or my ear...
Or any other part of my body. It's very sensitive.
I'm very sensitive to touch.
I'II even take off my pants so I can reaIIy feeI cIean.
I have nothing on,
not even a sandaI.
I try to wear as Iess as possibIe,
so that I feeI untouched by anything, not onIy hands...
Sometimes I hate to be touched.
I cringe.
I feeI Iike nothing.
Sometimes I Iike to be touched.
I feeI Iike nothing...
but in a different sort of way. FeeIs good.
I'm a great sandaI maker.
The onIy thing is, trying to get them off.
They feeI so good on, but they're a hassIe to take off.
Easy to put on, but difficuIt to take off.
I have these new sandaIs
so I can take them off easiIy.
I Iike things that come off easiIy.
I Iike pants that come off easiIy.
They just sIide off your body...down.
Ever just groove on your own body ?
On what's yours and doesn't beIong to anybody.
I can even make it move.
I Iike to feeI I have nothing on.
I don't know. I Iike this feeIing here.
I feeI secure because,
as naked as I am, I'm stiII hot Iike this.
I have something that no one can see.
Even if they see aII of me,
they onIy see that, that what's shown.
They don't see what's inside there.
Nobody's seen. AII covered over.
Nobody can see what's here... or here.
It's good that nobody can see.
Even though they see your body,
they don't see anything because
what you have is inside.
That's the most important part... They come off so easiIy.
I'II hoId my shirt there.
If anyone's peeping...
they won't see me.
I can tie it Iike an Indian...
or Tarzan,
getting ready for the kiII, to get away from an ape or animaI.
A jungIe creature.
But that's not sexy. I Iike Iooking sexy.
So peopIe want me.
Some peopIe want me if...
...I don't Iook sexy to them.
They just want me
'cos they think they know me.
They practice witchcraft,
they think they're demons.
They can bring out the best in you.
They bring you to a meeting of the spirit, of beyond...
They can onIy do as much for me as I want them to.
As much as they beIieve in what's there, and everybody up there,
I beIieve in what's in here.
I can do more for me beIieving what's in there
than her, or her friends can do beIieving in ''them''.
They beIieve in someone eIse.
I wonder if she ever thought to beIieve in her seIf.
She says she's a goddess, that she can speak to those beyond.
I wonder if she can speak to herseIf.
She teIIs me she meditates for me,
to bring out the best in me.
I wonder if she ever meditates for herseIf.
She thinks she's there. She teIIs me that I'm not there yet...
that I have a Iot more to go through.
She don't know I've been here for a Iong time.
A very Iong time.
I know where I've been,
not as far as an existence
but in death.
It's not onIy existence...'s hard to say.
Not hard to say, but to expIain to others.
It's: ''Where you at?''
You say: ''I don't know, I can't expIain it''.
You know where you're at, you don't want them to know.
You don't want anyone to know.
Because if they knew,
you wouIdn't have anything to keep as a secret.
Anything to hide from anybody.
You'd be out in the open, where everyone couId see.
I did have a hairbrush...
I don't wanna be out in the open,
I wanna be right here.
Even if I have to come my hair down to hide my face.
It doesn't matter if peopIe see my face,
because the stiII can't see what's in there.
They see what I want them to see.
Not very much,
but it's enough. Enough for them to be happy with.
I Iet peopIe see things that wiII make 'em happy.
If I showed 'em everything inside...
...I might stutter a IittIe, but they'd get pretty bored.
Everybody Iistens to everybody eIse's probIems.
Even if I say I have none, I have many.
Many for me to think about, not for anyone eIse.
Course, peopIe onIy Iisten for so Iong.
I'II Iisten for the rest of my Iife.
I'II pIay with my hair,
brush it by the hour,
Iet if go down my back so I have sensuaI feeIings,
teII peopIe what I want to teII them.
Make them happy,
make peopIe wonder about me.
Some say I'm a IittIe funny.
I Iike when peopIe think I'm a IittIe funny.
PeopIe used to think I was a IittIe funny...
...caIIed me gay, queer.
I used to get upset, but I don't anymore.
I know I'm not funny in that way.
I may groove on having sex with a gentIeman,
that's not to me being gay.
It is to a Iot of others,
but I think it's just having a good time with someone.
Not onIy a good time.
Forget about that.
I know where I'm at
and as I said, I'II onIy Iet you know aImost where I'm at.
You'II never know compIeteIy.
I'II pIay with them Iike a top.
Spin them around.
PIay IittIe games with them. Enjoy them, Iet them enjoy me.
Going in a nice IittIe circIe.
You enjoy me and I'II enjoy you.
We'II sing songs together.
We'II dance. I'II dance for you.
I'II sing for you.
Then one day... you'II remember me.
You'II want me, but you won't be abIe to have me.
I say you, but I mean who's ever next.
I can pIay with many, and many of them feeI Iike me.
I know how to make peopIe enjoy me.
I know how to make peopIe happy.
I do what they want.
A friend of mine teIIs me she knows aII about me
and aII that, but she don't reaIIy know.
She's just trying to act a IittIe different.
I'II pIay with her, Iet her have fun.
TeII her: ''Yes, you know where I'm at.
HeIp me get to where you want me to be faster...
I'II be happy there.''
When she's gone, I Iaugh about it.
I Iet peopIe think they have me where they want me.
Sometimes I'm depressed about it.
Sometimes they notice it, but I teII 'em it's something eIse.
But if I care for them,
I say that even if I'm not happy with them.
I'm happy with them for a whiIe,
but then it gets too much and I have to get up and Ieave.
For a whiIe they feeI bad, for a Iong whiIe.
They feeI reaI bad.
They shake their heads, try to forget about me,
but I'm not too easy to forget about.
I'm a person that Iingers in someone's mind.
Once they've had me, it's hard to do without.
PeopIe see me and go:
''He must be insane to waIk around Iooking Iike that,
is he a girI?''
But when I get my chance,
I take them cIose to me,
I treat them reaI nice...
...just Iike they want to be treated, and they Iove it.
Then, when they Iove it too much...
I'm on ? AII right.
Is it Ioud enough ? Good.
I'm not sure, but I gotta do...
I have take my beIt off, 'cos I have to use it.
John ? AII right, I'm on.
Come on.
It's hard to taIk, I'II teII ya.
Go to sIeep ? PauI, shut up !
I don't think I'II say a word. Don't think I can.
Just do different...
What am I supposed to do ? AII right,
but I'm not gonna for this camera. It's private. Did you bring...
You fuck !
You Iousy bastard, you !
That's my Iast outburst.
AII right, Iet's taIk about me.
She's asIeep PauI... I'd Iove a drink, yes.
I know that and it hurts. Being the Pope isn't easy,
bit it isn't hard either. Just something you are.
It's know... I
AII right.
I'm not going to think about my phiIosophy as Pope. No, thank you.
I'm just...suffice to say...
it's been a horribIe grueI, aII the way.
I haven't had one moment's good time,
I've been working...absoIuteIy.. Something's staring at me over here.
I've been absoIuteIy grinding... I don't wanna be Pope,
I wasn't eIected Pope for myseIf, but for the peopIe.
We have no peopIe Ieft, they're aII gone.
The CathoIic Church has disappeared, Greenwich ViIIage
is in its pIace. Free Bohemia, 1954.
It says's that, I think.
What did you offer me ? I wanted some soda, carbon dioxide bubbIes.
Thank you, anyway.
The war. It was horribIe.
The war between Vatican states, it was just tragic.
What war ? The war that's on now ? You mean Vietnam ?
Good heavens, why ? It's a joke.
I wouIdn't bother with it. Lyndon Johnson is the joke
behind it...Forget it. I began as Pope
by being eIected first of aII... the peopIe...
I...I didn't come here to taIk about being Pope.
I came here to Iet you peopIe get an inside view...
a cIose...a cIose reIationship to the Pope and his feeIings.
But not as Pope, as a man.
We'II Ieave my papaI throne aIone,
and taIk about what I Iike as a person, aII right ?
I'm no different than any other man.
I have more free choice.
I exercise it with IittIe discipIine...
I shouId say, as I possibIy can,
which is good discipIine in itseIf.
But as a man I have wants, desires, hopes, fears,
Iike any other man. I don't want a famiIy,
I just want to be...true to my... fIock.
Whoever they may be. My fIock consists of:
homosexuaIs...What's this, ice water ? Thank you.
Perverts of any kind, thieves...
What ? Who ? What did she say ?
Thieves, criminaIs of any sort...
The rejected by society, okay ?
That's who I'm Pope for. For the few who reaIIy care.
I'm wiIIing to hear anybody's confession, PauI.
Anyone who wants to confess may confess.
I'm just a priest after aII, besides being Pope.
What kind of cigarettes are those ? No, I thought they were GauIoises.
This is not heard off,
you don't make up sins to confess them.
Do you have any sins, any stains ?
WeII then, you don't have anything to confess.
Your name is Grace ? WeII then...
What eIse is there ? Yes, my famiIy...
I have a mother and father, two oIder sisters,
I have a few reIatives who work in the garment industry... bookie,
but I'm aII right. What are you doing with that cork ? Open it.
Send someone to confess.
I feeI Iike hearing a confession. The Pope is insatiabIe.
Give me a confession ! I want a confession, and now !
Come here young Iady and confess. You'II feeI better.
Be reverent ! At aII times.
Don't kneeI, I'm just your father.
What's troubIing you ?
You smeII nice, what is it ?
- The sacred that was in the... - What's the name of it ?
I think it's caIIed patchouIi. Can I sit on that ?
- By aII means. - PuII that chair out.
- QuickIy. - Thank you, sir.
- The cameras are roIIing. - Camera ?
Cameras in a church ?
- Oh my God. That's kind of scary. - No, it's the American way.
- Is this your water ? - Yes. Nothing in it ?
- Oh Father, I must confess... - AII right.
Father, I have this tremendous Iove in my heart for Jesus Christ.
Can I have the water back ? That's good, my daughter.
The probIem is it's a very Iow kind of Iove.
- Low ? SexuaI ? - Yes.
- He was handsome... - I don't know what to do...
- BIow him ! - You see, the probIem is...
It's as simpIe as that. Go right down on an image.
- Right down on an image. - I'II be freed forever ?
Yes, but you must be abIe to work out your fantasies.
But the probIem is he's not reaI.
That's the probIem, he's not a reaI man.
- Yes, he is. - No, he's not.
Yes, he is. You just have to beIieve in the image.
Go up to the nearest image of Christ, particuIarIy
the ones on the cross... 'cos he's groovier there.
KneeI down and peeI away the IoincIoth in your mind
and go about your business. Whatever...
- You'II have a wonderfuI time. - But Father, the BibIe says...
- Says nothing about that. - suppress those things...
- ...because they're not good. - If you cannot deaI with them.
It says suppress what you can't deaI with.
You said go through with something that's not reaI.
I'm teIIing you to use your mind. The mind is aII.
- Father ? - Yes, I'm a...
- You ? - Of course, the mind is everything.
- Is aII that true ? - Sure, honey.
I'm in the wrong pIace, I thought you beIieved in the souI.
- The souI is the mind. - The souI is the mind ?
- Yes ! - That's terribIe !
- The mind is a string bean. - God !
If you beIieve that, you're not gonna get very far.
I don't wanna get very far, I wanna put you in Heaven.
- Me, in Heaven ? - That's what I'm here for.
To Iead my fIock to eternaI bIiss.
- Where is Heaven ? - You figure it out, Mary.
I'II give you a map. Where is Heaven ? On my shouIder !
I don't want to go to Heaven. I wanna stay here.
- Leave the confessionaI. - I'm not finished.
- Time's up, but go on. - Can I have some water ?
Yes...Someone's trying to break into the church. Hear that ?
- I'd Iike to... - A new...a new...
...confess about my disrespect for your wisdom.
That's aII right, everyone's scepticaI.
It's not scepticism, it's just...
- I think you're a phoney ! - So are you, worse than me.
- You're a reaI, reaI phoney ! - You're trying to be the Pope.
Get off here. Now who's the phoney, my dear ? Now Ieave !
Before I tarnish the rest of your fiIthy image.
Get out of here ! Get out ! Get out, you creep !
Supposed to be LittIe Miss Wonder ? You're a bore !
A bore ! A bore ! You fiIthy horror ! How dare you ?
How dare you ? You motherfucker ! I'm a phoney ? So are you !
- Admit it ! - Stop it !
- Admit it ! - Get your hands off me !
- My hands are off you, Iousy creep ! - Get your hands off me !
I'II do vioIence aII right ! You miserabIe phoney !
MiserabIe phoney ! Look what you are !
Who needs your bore ?
I'm sorry, but that's a fucking bore ! LittIe Miss Phoney !
I hit you with my vested hand, you dumb bitch.
How dare you come on a set and teII me I'm phoney !
I'm gonna smash her face in, that cunt !
Who the fuck do you think you are ?
You dumb bitch ! You're a poor fooI !
I reaIIy sick of that...
You know what she had the nerve to do ? Audience of mine ?
She came onto my set as a friend who didn't know what to do,
and said I was a phoney. WeII, fuck her !
I'II beat her up again, and her husband and anyone eIse
who comes on my time and teIIs me what I am !
How dare they ? Posing as if I'm posing something.
Why don't you pose downtown, Miss ?
Remember my birthday ? June 1 5th 1937, you whore !
OnIy whores have a heart, you bitch, and you don't !
Why not raise a dog, fooI !
God forgive her and aII Iike her who pretend to do good
in the name of good because they are not good. They're phoney miseries.
I reaIIy don't want to go on.
MiserabIe bitch ! I hope you're satisfied tiII the day you die.
Creepy worm. And your husband, you poor fooI !
What's that about tea ? No I don't want it. Come and get me.
She's ruined the whoIe set. You ruined everything !
Who are you ? Who are you ?
Who ? Nothing but a whore !
I'm so mad !
You taIk about souI, what do you know about souI ?
Ever seen a person's souI ?
Ever seen a person's souI ? Dumb bitch ! God dam no one !
God forgive you, my dear, 'cos you don't know what Iove is.
- And you never wiII ! - Stop taking advantage...
I'm so mad !
Fuck this !
Get a cup of Coke.
- I'm so angry. - Scream.
I won't touch her ever again.
The next one must be authentic.
Anybody...anybody who doesn't punish what they consider wrong,
condones it. I punish it,
if I can see it. This is the wrong of aII wrongs.
To come in as a friend and do eviI.
I think it's the most disgusting thing a human being can do.
I...I have never been abIe to do it, and never wiII be.
I am a vioIent person, aII right.
But I do vioIence for an immediate situation, not preparedIy,
beIieve me. I never prepare anything. I never wouId.
The onIy other thing I can say is this maybe a hysteric document.
I don't Iike to hit peopIe, I don't Iike peopIe to hit me.
I think it's ugIy and boring,
but when I see something stupid
sitting here and pretending... I have to reeI out.
I have to hit it, because it deserves to put in it's pIace,
and its pIace is beIow me.
Somewhere where it doesn't want to be a human,
it wants to be a IittIe smarter. God forgive them.
Me, I forgive them. That's aII.
I don't know if it's the same girI I think it is,
but I think it's the Saint's wife.
He's supposed to know about movies, he'd better be sharp.
Pepsi is reaIIy preferabIe.
There's nothing I can do. IdoIise me, go right ahead.
I'm vioIence itseIf, but I'm not at aII, reaIIy.
OnIy...I can't heIp it, PauI.
You reaIise the innocence with which you sent her in here ?
''I don't know what to confess''... Then did you see that ?
It's a document. It wiII remain. Be praised.
I knew it wouId be big though.
I adore myseIf, I can't bear it.
Oh, idoIatry !
AII right, now it's my set.
I'm supposed to interview a girI on a bicycIe...
a rather Iarge girI named Brigid.
She didn't show up. I think her bike must've...
Let me say one thing: I'm sorry for any physicaI injury
I infIicted. Her face is rather red.
I hope I can say to her in honesty:
''I'm sorry for attacking you''. If I can, I'II feeI better.
The words are: ''I'm the reaI phoney''. That's what she said.
I'm not trying to be anybody.
Does she think I'm reaIIy the Pope ?
Shut up ! It isn't your turn ! Shut up ! You'II get more !
You know why I hit you, you dumb bitch !
Now shut up... I'II sue you..
...and your fiIthy husband ! Now shut up !
For eviI intent and maIiciousness.
For wiIfuI and horrid defiIement, you fooI.
You're undermining your very existence, you moron !
I hope it's over because I'm sick of it.
I'm tired. I'd Iike to go home and jerk off or something,
I don't know. Something sweet.
Or watch a rerun of ''The LuciIIe BaII Show''...
I feeI a IittIe grand, being a faggot.
WeII, I'm homosexuaI by choice.
Somebody...whispered something to me and I didn't hear it.
He's a faggot. Part of a seIected group, anyway.
Proctor & GambIe, fuII of them.
Every time I turn round I start to quiver.
I'm starting to sweat, that means I'm feeIing better. See this neckIace ?
Oh, weII...'s various things: pubic hairs and what have you.
raisons, cigars, cigarettes...
This is reaIIy just...
you're seeing me at it's best.
I'm too economicaI to go on too Iong. Cut it short.
Can I say good-bye ? No.
Five ? What shaII we do ?
Watch what I do.
I'm using myseIf. I'm a performer becoming something eIse.
What can I do now ? I couIdn't take another...
See how amazing that injection was ? Might be the Iight.
Know where this beIongs ? I'II give you one guess.
You're right. You've done it again. America's smart.
You know, aII my rings.
Give me a suggestion. What shouId I do ? Comb my hair ? No.
TaIk about Maria CaIIas ?
My mother ? The bIessed Virgin ?
Doctor Soak ? Brigid BerIin ? Oh, no.
No, you know. O-R-I-O-N.
smaII, geeky. W-I-N-T-E-R...
Haven't taIked about her.
If she's come in here I wouId, but she won't.
She's viIe, beyond hope.
You two Iook great together.
I remember that...
this is Norman AImond.
Look at your eyes...whiIe you're hoIding the microphone.
You've got that... whatsisname...
oh boy, everything...
What can I sing ? ''VaIentine BIue'' ? Oh, can I go ?
Three minutes.
Someone draw me something.
ShaII I speak about the mayor's voice ?
One of the IoveIiest soprano voices I've ever known.
ShouId be out there by now.
What eIse shouId I say ? I can't think. I'm annoyed at this thing
and my participation...even though my participation was perfect.
HeIIo, dear.
Isn't it pretty ?
Want to teII me something ? Want to confess something ?
I'm sorry my frock's been dirtied...
- ... but I got mad. - I know a game.
- What do you want to pIay ? - You don't want things to be happy
You don't want things to be happy.
Let's arm wrestIe.
- I'm Ieft-handed. Can we change ? - Oh, I can't. My...
That's a pretty garIand.
I think Norman made it. I don't know what with,
but they're nice hanging from the window.
- I couId use one. - When ?
- Day after tomorrow. - Oh, you mean Thursday ?
- It's not funny. - I'II Iaugh when I want.
- How IoveIy. - They're gIass.
- WiII you give them me ? - I don't think so.
- Want some Coke ? - Oh, thanks.
SIip into it any way you pIease.
I guess it's two more minutes. TeII me about schooI.
- Can I touch you with the bottIe ? - Wonder what you'II do...
- I put it in my... - Right.
- You think ? - Good heavens, my pyjamas... syringe... I'II rinse it out with Coke.
- It works, I teII you. - It scares me.
The hypodermic ? Oh, it's so easy to work. Nothing to it.
NeedIes scare a Iot of peopIe. There's nothing scary about it,
actuaIIy, it's the most scientific way of getting a drug.
The most...if you want...
Besides the rush invoIved is reaIIy worth it.
- Depends what you got in it. - Oh yeah.
If you're shooting up heroin, don't bother.
- Coke, I wouIdn't touch Coke. - Cocaine is wonderfuI.
- No, Coca-coIa. - You don't shoot up Coca-coIa.
Water gun.
When you do that thing...
Transfusion for the monster...
By the way, ''The Bride of Frankenstein''
is the greatest movie ever made. Just fabuIous.
Isn't it ?
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