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Subtitles for Cheonnyeon Ho 2003 CD1.

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Cheonnyeon Ho 2003 CD1

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Presented by Cinema Service
Produced by Hanmac Films
57 B.C. As the tribal age of darkness
and incantation was coming to its end with the birth of new kingdoms
the kingdom of Shilla, founded by PARK Hyokkose began to annex
nearby tribes with its military power Auta The Leader of Moon
Tribe PARK Hyokkose The First Emperor of Shilla
Why do you bear such hatred to kill my people?
How can I forgive those who disgrace my land with wicked spells
Your land?
We have resided here as long as that Great Tree had been!
How dare you to claim this land as yours?
I had given you a chance to become a servant of my kingdom
but you've refused!
I'll grind your skin and bones into ashes!
As long as this sword is here, you will not trouble the world again!
896 A.D. - The 9th year under the reign of Queen Chinsong of Shilla
The rebels are everywhere and our people are crossing the border...
Our country is in distress
They say a hero is born in troubled times
If you could help us to... CHUNG Jun-ho
I never heard of a subject choosing it's own monarch KIM Hyo-jin
Do not misunderstand KIM Hae-ri CHOl Won-seok
I meant people suffer because of monarch's wrongdoing
Then, you must faithfully serve Her Majesty
One only sees what he wishes to see
I'm helpless to protect Shilla alone from all the rebels
The Great Emperor of Shilla
please grant me the strength to defend the 1000 year sovereignty of Shilla.
Executive Producer KANG Woo-suk Thomas LEONG
Screenplay HONG Joo-ri
Adaptation LEE Seung-moo LEE Kwang-hoon
Cinematography KIM Yoon-soo LU Yue
Lighting LEE Seung-ku HAO Feng
I have alerted the rear guards
Sound KIM Bum-su JIANG Biao
Martial Arts Director YUEN Tak
Editing LEE Hyun-mi
Music LEE Dong-joon
Sound Supervisor LEE Kyu-seok
Even after a victory, they look like bunch of stragglers
Hold your tongue.
You haven't even engaged in a decent battle, General BANG.
Your Majesty, my duty is to guard you. So no chance was ever given to me. Assistant Director LEE Jin-gu
Co-producers CHOl Hee-il DOH Seong-hee
Producer Jonathan KIM
Director LEE Kwang-hoon
How will we control the overwhelming power of the rebels?
We have to make sure our people do not sympathize with them
Your Majesty, we should send an envoy to China and await for their reply.
I'm afraid China will attack Shilla under the pretext of reinforcements.
You must abolish the aristocratic system and find men of ability.
I believe your duty is in National Defense, not in domestic affairs.
You should mind your own duties.
The country is filled with thieves and
the palace is filled with conspiracies to over throw the throne.
Will you stay and protect me till the end?
Your Majesty, I'll do my best as your royal servant.
Your Majesty.
Jaunbie was the name?
Don't get caught up with a peasant like her.
Master, how have you been?
Your wound seems severe. It must've been a fierce battle.
I'll be ok. Please don't be worried about me.
Will you marry me?
About Biharang's girl...
Her father was executed for helping the rebels.
Your Majesty, how can you trust a man who refuses marriage proposals
from royal families for a peasant girl?
I have killed too many to save my country.
That is your fate.
If you hold on to a passing fate, it becomes yours.
Your Majesty! The rebels have invaded Mujinju.
Their force is too strong. We must send Gen. Biharang.
The Capital was recently attacked by the revolting peasants.
Send Gen. KIM instead to Mujinju for the back up!
Your Majesty!
Your Majesty, the rebels have captured Mujinju!
What happened to the governor of Mujinju?
He was killed mercilessly.
Your Majesty, only Gen. Biharang can save us from the rebels.
Your Majesty, losing Daeya Fortress will put Shilla in a great danger.
Allow me to defend Shilla from the rebels.
I've put you back out in the battlefield, again.
That is my duty.
Already 9 years have passed.
If there weren't so many battles,
you and I could've been together.
Back then...
I needed Prime Minister Wihong to protect the throne.
the only one I ever cherished in my heart was...
Your Majesty.
I heard he was concerned about you even on his death bed.
Yes, he was.
if the battle becomes too critical, spare yourself and return to me.
It will protect you.
You must be strong. Love turns into hatred when it's broken.
- General BANG, - Yes, sir.
Her Majesty shows too much affection to Gen. Biharang...
General has been seriously wounded. Come with me now.
Don't blame me for killing you. I'm only carrying out an order.
Let's get a little taste before we kill her.
I must be off. Take care of the rest thoroughly.
There might be an ambush. You shouldn't go alone.
The sword has vanished.
This place gives me creeps.
Let's get out of here quick.
Let's split up and look for her.
Be careful!
- Jaunbie! - General!
Get off me!
- General! It's no use! - Jaunbie! Jaunbie!
Though she wanted to be my wife...
she never asked me of anything.
And she never said anything
for she feared she might hinder my future.
The seal set by Emperor Hyokkose 1000 years ago has been broken.
And, now the evil spirit of Auta is free again.
Auta! Who is he?
Before the time of Shilla, there were many tribes who shared this land.
Auta was a leader of one of the tribes.
My ancestors were commissioned by Emperor Hyokkose to guard the seal.
The duty was passed down to me for thousand years.
And Jaunbie was to succeed me...
on my way home, I saw officers dressed in black.
One of them had a large scar on his face.
Aren't they the Royal Guards?
Who dare stops us?
Kill them!
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