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Subtitles for Cherry Falls.

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Cherry Falls

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In my planet, the women are barren.
I traveled secretly...
across the depths of space, assuming human form...
so I'd may came to know earthly women...
and repopulate my desolated planet.
I wish for you to know my true name. Xunobulax.
Our race makes love just once.
We put all our cosmic energy into that one explosive... act...
and then, like your terrestrial mayfly...
we die of a sweet early content.
I want to make love to you in the manner of my people.
I want it to be my last act.
Keep that up and it will be your last act.
- I have to accomplish my mission. - I said stop.
- I want my first time to be with you. - And so do I.
Cool, I understand. Please, Stacy.
What the fuck is this?
Hold on.
Ben! Get your ass over here!
Mark, is that you in there?
This isn't funny!
What the hell...
No! Rod!
Oh, my God!
I was supposed to be home 15 minutes ago.
Sixth graders can stay out later than you can.
Doesn't it ever bother you you could die a virgin?
It 's right up there with global warming.
- We should see other people. - What?
We've been dating for about a year, and I don't think it 's working out.
All right?
- Hi, Mrs. Marken. - You two having fun?
Hi, mom.
Kenny, you'd happen to have a cigarette for me?
Mrs. Marken, smoking is really bad for you.
The industrial strength.
I owe you.
I'll have to smoke this here.
Brent doesn't like me to smoke in the house.
- It 's my last guilty pleasure. - Is daddy still up?
- You were out late tonight. - Kenny was just leaving.
Too bad.
It looks like the coast is clear.
If you want to beat the heat, you better hurry up.
Mrs. Marken?
- Your headlights are on. - Very observant.
Thanks. Good night.
So, is this goodbye or good night?
Pick one.
- Pick one. - I think it 's up to you.
Don't... slam the door.
Like a little tiny mouse.
Good night.
- Do you know what time it is? - Don't scare me like that.
You're grounded the next two Friday nights.
- Most 6th graders stay out later. - They're not the sheriff's daughter.
I'll get down there as soon as I can.
- You're the only one here? - First on the scene.
The forensics and Homicide are on their way.
That 's the victim's car. It 's covered in blood.
Over here, I found the boy faced down in the water...
with about a million stab wounds. And the girl...
nailed to a tree.
A lot of blood pumped out of her wounds, which means...
Which means all this was done while she was still alive.
I'm trying to pump out a special edition of the paper before lunch.
It you tell me all that you know, I'll be your best friend...
and you can be co-editor of the paper, what do you think?
Don't be silent like that. Talk to your daddy and snoop dog for me.
I don't have a clue what you're talking about.
You haven't heard about Rod e Stacy?
Are you taking fun notes for your pathetic gossip column?
- Did they break up? - Break up? Wake up, they're dead!
They shuffled up the mortal coil, they went to see their maker.
How can you be so critically uninformed?
Look, the whole school is buzzing with that music.
Look! Maybe there's something for my pathetic gossip column after all.
Like I'm not paying attention.
Mr. Sisler, sheriff Marken is here. Shall I bring him in?
Thank you, Diana.
- It 's been a while, Brent. - Tom!
I don't need to tell you what an uproar the school is in.
I canceled all the regular classes...
and asked the teachers to counsel and console the kids.
I know there are professionals for this sort of situation...
...but I thought it 'd be best... - I'll have to stop by some classes.
Ask a few questions.
I would like to start with the ones those two kids attended.
Naturally, you're all horrified...
by the sudden senseless loss of your classmates.
Perhaps some of you feel guilty that you weren't nicer to them...
or maybe you're...
haunted by something unpleasant you might have said to one of them.
Once, in the 8th grade, I had a fight with Rod...
I told him to fuck off and die!
Come on, guys.
It 's alright, Heather.
Maybe we'll all feel better if we talk about them and how we feel.
Mark, you were friends with Rod. Do you want to say something?
Oh, man...
I don't know, I'm just...
Thank you.
How about you, Sandy?
I guess at times like this...
...I just hope there is a heaven. - Lame.
Cindy, come on!
It 's important in times like this we offer each other some support.
I'd like to offer the killer some support in the electric chair.
It 's alright, but the means of execution is by lethal injection.
Ben, I know you have a different point of view regarding the tragedy.
Go head.
I'd like to know whether this killer...
removed any body parts, or sexually defiled any orifice of the victims.
You're sick.
I wanna know, because if he didn't, I think he deserves thumbs down.
- How can you be so insensitive? - And you are Mother Teresa?
- You told him to drop dead. - You're fooling yourself with this.
Jackass, you're not playing Death quake, this is the real world.
Fuck you.
It 's Ben's pathetic concept of cool, just to pretend he's not afraid.
Hello Cindy Freud. What 's your concept of cool?
Bang the entire senior class starting with "A"?
If I'm what you just said, why do you try to hook me up nonstop?
- I find the experience attractive. - Shut up now, would you please?
What 's wrong with you people?
certainly I can count on you to say something singularly constructive.
Please, excuse the intrusion, Mr. Marliston...
but sheriff Marken would like to address the class.
- It 's a pleasure to meet you, sir. - Likewise.
Class, please give your attention to sheriff Marken.
Two of your fellow students, Rod Harper and Stacy Twelfmann...
were murdered last night at the falls...
by a person or persons unknown, in a cold-blooded fashion.
The reason I came here was to ask you, as friends and good citizens...
to come forward to me or my staff...
with any information you might have concerning this terrible crime.
- Is there a suspect yet? - No.
- Is there any other information? - I can't discuss the case.
Plato says, policy can only remain healthy if truth is available to all.
Plato can give all details he wants when he's the sheriff of this town.
He's doing it deliberately.
Of course he is.
All the more reason why you should ignore it.
Do you think she goes all the way?
I doubt it. Who'd want to fuck her?
Stop throwing shit!
I'm done with relationships...
but I see a hope for you. Come on.
- No, Jody. - Come on.
You watch him eat every single day and you never talk to him.
My parents have been married for 25 years and they do the same.
You're going to go. You don't want to make a scene!
How are you doing?
- It 's a pretty freaky day today. - I guess so.
Shit sucking liar!
I'm gonna kill you!
Better than a cock-sucking liar!
I'll kill you.
What 's going on here?
It 's a compliment when a guy says you can suck good dick.
You got something on your mouth there.
- He's lying to everyone about me. - Tell me about it in the office.
Leave your phone number.
It wasn't me.
- What 's up with that? - He's saying she gave him a hammer.
- Did she? - Are you kidding?
She thinks fellatio is Shakespeare's character. She never saw a dick.
That 's funny.
What do you think, Mark?
I think these ribs rule.
Come on, honey, we're late.
Hi, handsome.
Here we go.
It 's good to see you!
Who is it?
- It 's Loralee Sherman. - Excuse me?
Loralee Sherman.
Is your mom home?
She didn't tell you I was coming by?
I must have just missed her. Can I leave a note?
Just one second.
Could you slip it through the door, please?
I think I'm ready for the run.
What 's the hurry for?
Slow down.
- Who left the door open? - I don't know.
Grab there, grab underneath. Get a good grip.
Step through, let their weight and their momentum take them over.
The most important thing is this grip. Like a pitbull.
Is there any way you could give me a ray gun, stun gun, anything?
It 's against the law. Here I come.
Take 5, champ.
Looks like we have an encore performer.
Agent Bronhill, this is special agent Majestik.
- Who was first on the scene? - My deputy.
I responded to the father's call 11:OO pm, then I called the sheriff.
I'll get this.
We're in the big league now.
As you can see on the inside left thigh there's a one inch deep carving...
of the word "virgin".
Also found in all 3 victims.
Like Stacy Twelfmann...
Annette was in fact a virgin at the time of death.
The hymen was intact. We found no evidence of semen on the clothes...
skin, hair, mouth, or the anus.
No abrasions or contusions in the pubic region.
In fact no evidence of sexual penetration of any kind.
Neither was the boy we found in the first killings sexually assaulted.
Of course I can't tell you if he died a virgin...
but I can tell you that he had no sex at the time of the killings.
It would appear...
that your killer has been accurate in the application of his signature.
Come in.
Hi, honey.
Hi, daddy.
I need to ask you a personal question.
- About what? - About you and Kenny.
- What is it? - How far you've gone?
Gone, you know...
base wise.
Are you two kissing?
Of course.
I'm not a child anymore, dad. That 's normal.
- I'm not criticizing. - I know.
Have you gone further than that?
I wouldn't ask you this unless it was absolutely necessary.
Can you go further... than you have?
But you don't have to worry about it.
We just broke up the other day.
Are you disappointed, dad?
Are you disappointed that I'm still a virgin?
Not at all.
I'm very, very proud of you.
You're still my little girl.
Good night. I love you.
Parents in our town need to know what 's going on here.
Does that mean revealing the signature?
I suppose it does.
Textbooks say don't.
It leaves us no conclusive way to verify the killer's confession.
- It could inspire copycat crimes. - This is different.
This isn't a signature. It 's a message.
Set up an emergency town meeting. Tonight at 6:OO pm.
I want every parent of every teenager in town there. Do it.
We don't have a venue big enough for that.
We'll use the gym at the high school.
No kids. Not yet.
There you are, Mr. Marliston.
I finished my T. S. Elliot paper.
- I really love his work. - Good.
"Less our dried voices When we whisper together
Are quite and meaningless As wind and dry grass
Or rats feeding of broken glass In our dry cellar"
Do you think that that 's how it is between people, Mr. Marliston?
Everything dry...
and meaningless and hopelessly empty?
I heard that you broke up with Kenny.
What does that have to do with it? I'm very over him.
Do you think that any serious thought that I have...
is solely attributed to my one misspent year with Kenny?
No, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm very embarrassed that I just yelled at you.
I'm really sorry, it 's none of my business.
What 's wrong?
It 's weird. I just saw someone standing there.
Come out!
- Anything? - No.
I guess we've spooked each other pretty good, didn't we?
Come on, I have to go to this meeting your father organized.
Are you gonna be alright?
Mr. Marliston?
Can we talk again sometime?
- Of course, Jody. - I mean just the us.
Go home, Jody.
You cannot tell these parents somebody is murdering virgins.
Maybe Annette would be alive today...
if I had revealed details about the first two killings.
Get a hold of yourself. You've got responsibility.
Get your hands of me.
Don't talk to me about it! We know what it means to walk away from it.
If word got back to these kids that somebody is...
murdering virgins, we are gonna have a goddamn...
...fuck festival on our hands. - It 's better than dead teenagers.
- What are you doing here? - What are you doing here?
- I am getting the scoop. - Then, get it.
I want to thank you very much for coming out this evening.
As I'm sure you all know...
in the last two days we've lost 3 of our children.
We've know established the common link between those killings.
What is it?
All 3 victims attended our public high school...
and all 3 victims, to the best of our knowledge...
appeared to be... virgins.
Holly hymens, Batman! They're killing virgins!
- You mean it 's more than coincidence? - Are you close to an arrest?
- What are we going to tell our kids? - To go out and get laid to be safe?
- I'm not saying that. - I can't lock my daughter home.
- I wouldn't worry about it, Victor. - What are you saying about her?
Sit down, I was joking.
It 's a hell of a time to be joking about a thing like this!
Back off!
This is totally excellent. They've turned into a bunch of wild animals!
Get out of the way.
- Battery! Can I use your phone? - You never turn it back.
Please, remember why we came here.
Just give this to me.
Elway? Stop the presses, I've got a story for you.
Virgin killer terrorizes... You're breaking up.
No, not virgin killer... I have to get our of here.
I'm asking you for the last time.
Alright, that 's enough!
Oh, daddy!
I need my cell phone back.
Timmy, come on! This isn't funny anymore.
I'll be your best friend. Your very, very, very best friend.
Is that for me?
She was after me. She killed Timmy! She's in there.
- Take her. Stay back! - Dad, be careful.
Maybe the nose was just a little bit smaller.
And there was a gray streak right there.
Like that.
That 's her.
That 's at least what I saw of her.
Can you make her, sheriff?
Listen to me! Listen to me!
- Listen to me! - Give me the bell.
You stupid FBI sons of bitches, why don't you come here and get me?
- You did good, baby. - Listen to me, I killed those kids.
I've got to make a couple of calls.
Your mother will be here in a couple of minutes. You'll be fine.
- I killed those kids. - Watch your language.
You're a bunch of sons of bitches! That 's what you are.
And you know what? I loved to kill them. They were evil.
I loved to kill them. Do you know what I did before I killed them?
I kissed them.
Like this!
Rolly is my name! Don't you hurt me!
I know my rights.
Great meeting last night.
Very comforting to parents.
Listen, are you alone?
Good, because I have something to show you. I'm faxing to you now.
Are you looking at it? Tell me that's not her.
- Who? - Loralee Sherman. Isn't it her?
Brent, you are cracking up.
Years ago, I tried to contact her. I traced here to West Virginia.
About two hours from here. This time I'm going out there.
Nobody has seen or heard of her for over 25 years.
Why the hell would she be showing up now...
as some sort of a psycho killer?
Put the phone down, I'll call you back.
- What are you doing? - What is wrong?
Were you listening to me? What did you hear?
I didn't hear anything. I just picked up the phone to call mom.
I couldn't figure out how to get a line out, that 's all.
Sorry, honey. This case, I guess...
it 's really getting to me.
Sorry, baby, it 's not your fault. It 's not your fault.
Hi, sheriff Marken.
Hello, Sandy.
Oh, my God. Are you okay? Everybody's been asking about you.
Sheriff! Rolly, prisoner wants to make a full confession.
I hope it 's faster than last week's confession.
- You're not gonna believe this. - What?
Hurricane hormone has hit the whole entire school.
Word got out that your attacker has this thing for virgins.
Everyone's decided to leave the endangered species list. Have sex.
- You make it sound like a flu shot. - We're talking hymen holocaust here.
But they couldn't print the location, so I'm gonna give you the 411.
- Where is it? - The old Donkey Hill hunting lodge.
That disgusting place? That place is such a shithole.
All we need is floor space.
Didn't you want your first time to be something beautiful and romantic?
You have to go! Everybody is gonna be there.
Mark is going, of course. And Kenny.
And you cannot leave saving his life up to that slut Sharon.
Cindy is holding her pre-game talk at the bleacher's at lunch. All girls.
How is my baby? How is your leg?
Sandy, good to see you. I'm so happy you're here.
Honey, are you finished yet? Are you ready to come home?
- I was gonna go to school with Sandy. - I don't think that 's a very good idea.
Why don't you go home with your mother?
I'd really like to be with my friends right now.
She will be safe with us.
It 's okay. I'll keep an eye on her.
Come on!
It 's nice to see you, Jody. Are you alright?
How did you make it?
I almost lost you.
I couldn't go on living if I had.
- Really? - Of course.
How about, what 's her face?
Jody, I love you.
But I still have female friends.
- But? - But...
Let 's not fight. Come with me to this party tonight.
I promised my dad I'd be home after school and stay there. I promised.
Look, if you don't want to go with me...
just say so. Don't use your dad as an excuse.
I'm not.
Who is that?
- It 's my bodyguard. - Bodyguard?
I told my dad I'd be home at 3.
But will you come with me? Come with me later and we'll go together.
I'll think about it.
Girls have to do everything.
Boys are totally clueless when it comes to sex.
It starts with them trying to unhook our bras and it never changes.
Wait until they try to put their dicks in you.
- Do they need help with that? - Always.
What about birth control?
Girls, there's no time for the pill...
and certainly no chance for withdraw...
so, I recommend condoms.
What about clitoral or vaginal orgasm?
Unless we're talking about masturbation, forget it.
Aren't you being just a little hard on the boys?
Dennis asked me today if chicks had 2 holes or 3.
- I did not! - How could you not know that?
I forgot I was hanging with the experts clan.
I get it that the four kids are dead, but...
I'm sorry, this is still a pretty choice.
No shit!
Next thing we have to do, is find a psycho...
who is after chicks who don't give head.
Then I won't have to worry about one hole.
This is Stan Michaels, coming to you live from G. W. High School...
the epicenter of what can only be described as...
the senseless slaughter of innocence here in Cherry Falls, Virginia.
In the last 3 days, four teenagers have been killed, and one attacked.
Certain local officials believe the killer, still at large...
may be targeting teenage high school virgins.
And now the students here on campus have organized a sex party...
to actually eliminate themselves as possible targets.
Attention, this is your principal speaking.
It has come to my notice that certain individuals...
have taken it upon themselves to organize a wild party tonight.
I want you to know...
that any G.W. student attending this gap...
will be disadvantaged by every penalty it 's in my power to impose.
Local school officials don't know how to handle the situation.
We'll get comments now from the students...
Virgin High! Drop your pants to fuck, or die!
Hi, mom.
How's my brave little baby?
- Are you okay? - I'm fine.
Don't worry, deputy Mina was watching me like a hawk all day.
Must've been a very interesting day at school.
Definitely, it wasn't your typical Thursday.
I smell fresh cookies here.
These are a little bit burned, but I've got another batch coming out.
Don't eat this. Spit it out.
Then let me get you some water to wash it down.
Mom? Do you know anything about a woman named Loralee Sherman?
No, why?
I overheard daddy talking to Mr. Sisler and they mentioned her.
I have no idea who you're talking about.
Mr. Sisler said that she had disappeared 25 years ago.
Wouldn't a story like that make small town news?
I've never heard of her, and I have lived here all my life...
except those two years at Berkeley.
I think you should go lie down, take a little rest. You look pale.
- I'll call you for dinner. - I'm wasted.
Okay, sweetheart?
I'm going to West Virginia.
West Virginia? We need you here.
There's something I've got to do there.
Okay, I'll hold down the fort.
But we are getting some calls from some irate parents.
What do you want us to do about this sex party?
Sex party? Do you know where it is?
I'll find out.
Treat it like any other party.
If there's trouble, move in. Otherwise, lay off.
I could be gone a while.
- Mom! - What are you doing here? Go home!
Mom, tell me about Loralee Sherman. Tell me!
Tell me!
When I was in high school...
there was a girl named Loralee Sherman...
that claimed she was raped by...
4 drunken seniors.
Nobody was ever formally charged. Nobody.
Nobody was ever charged.
Was there any evidence?
Did she identify them?
And why weren't they charged?
Because they were from good families, stars of the football team.
And she was just this Loner that nobody cared for.
She just thought she was smarter than everybody.
Nothing would have ever come from it.
I don't know if it would have held up in court.
Not then, and I don't think they would now.
So, you all just let it go?
She left town...
and nobody ever saw her again.
That was 27 years ago.
Who are the men that raped her?
Well, two of the guys left town about the year after that.
And that was good, because we were all able to move forward after.
Who else?
- Tommy Sisler. - The principle.
You said that there were four men.
Who is the fourth?
Who is the fourth, mom?
Your father. Your father.
Honey, he didn't participate. He was sick, he was falling down drunk.
But he went to the police, and he told them what happened?
Honey, those were his good friends. He couldn't do that.
And besides, what would he tell police?
That a drunken girl had sex with three drunken boys?
You said it was rape.
441O-5 to 45.
What's twenty?
I'm heading back now.
Did you find what you were looking for?
- Sir? - I don't know.
I've got a message for you to meet up with Tom Sisler at the school.
Did he say why?
Something to do with a Loralee Sherman. I spoke to his secretary.
Sir, are you there?
Roger that. I'll check it out.
I really need to see you.
You're early.
My parents are total frauds.
- Disgusting. - Of course they are.
They're your parents.
My dad is into hookers.
I think my mom probably was a hooker.
I can't believe I let them influence every decision I've ever made.
You lose your spiritual virginity...
when you realize that your parents...
are even bigger hypocrites than your friends are.
Bite it.
Bite it.
Bite it.
Let 's do it now.
You've been pressuring me for a whole year to sleep with you.
Let 's just do it.
You're only doing it because you're pissed with your parents.
What 's wrong, Kenny?
Can't you decide?
It doesn't have to be this complicated, baby.
Don't you like my body?
I love your...
I love your body, baby.
I just want you to be with me because you want to be with me.
That 's all.
Spare me the violins.
Where are you going?
I changed my mind about tonight.
I don't need some stupid kids sex party.
You have a better company in mind?
- Frankly, yes. - Like Mr. Marliston, maybe?
Where did that come from?
I've seen you hanging out with him.
You probably have. So, I should start looking for you around every corner...
eaves-dropping, snooping, sneaking about.
Kenny, I had no idea that your poor mind...
was so diseased.
If you go now, I don't want to see you again.
It 's over!
You take the north side, you take the rear. Beau, you get the south.
- I'll watch the front. - Do you want to go in with me?
- Be undercover for half an hour. - Get moving!
Sharon, you look voluptuous.
What is that smell?
It 's just a little cologne.
I wouldn't go near any candles if I were you.
It might spontaneously combust.
What 's that smell?
I like it.
You like to dance?
Have you ever played Death quake?
Okay, but you have to wear a rubber.
- And I want your CDs. - Not my imports.
I want everything. Domestic, imports, bootlegs, works.
Okay, you can have my CDs.
- And your snowboard. - Not my snowboard.
Alright, the board too.
You know, that 's an awful lot for 1O minutes of sex.
Don't flatter yourself, you'll be lucky to last 1O seconds.
You just hope when I erupt you don't end up in the ceiling.
You don't have to be nervous.
You are the one who is shaking.
You okay?
What 's wrong?
I can't face this is happening again!
Twice today I stopped a girl from putting her hands in my pants.
Is there something you want to tell me? I don't mind a challenge.
Right. Neither do I.
Thank you, Sharon.
You could've given it a shot.
I always knew he was a butt pirate.
- You wanna get with a real man? - No. Do you?
- You scared me. - Sorry.
- How are you? - Good, and you?
What have you got in this trunk?
Just some old memorabilia.
Do you want a hand?
I could use a hand with this.
Are you sure? It 's going all the way into my basement.
This way.
You're just about the only person that I trust these days.
Me? What about your dad? I know how close you are with your father.
I found out some pretty terrible things about my father recently.
Like what? That he's a liar, a fraud...
a criminal?
What 's in the trunk?
Your dad.
Maybe mine.
Brent, tell us about what happened 27 years ago...
when you were very drunk.
Tom Sisler is in the story, and so is a woman named Loralee Sherman.
There are people who can help you.
Don't hurt her. Please.
I'm not gonna hurt her.
You are, with the truth.
I'll get you started.
I remember the story like this.
It was a dark and scary night...
kind of like tonight.
My mother already told me the story. You can't hurt me...
Shut up!
I'll kill you if you don't shut up.
Alright. I'll tell you.
There were four of us.
We were drunk.
About ready to graduate from high school.
We were going to a party to celebrate the end of our senior year.
Then, we saw a car broke down on the side of the road.
It was Loralee.
We all knew her from school.
She was a weird kid.
Kind of pretty in a way, I guess.
I was in really bad shape.
Tom told her to get into his car...
but she wouldn't do it.
So, they started teasing her.
Laughing at her.
And then she got mad.
She called Tom a homo...
and she just took off.
They took off right after her.
That's when things got crazy.
They poured booze down her throat.
I guess what happened...
You know what happened.
I don't remember, so, keep going.
First Tom, then Harry...
then Jim.
Then, they came looking for me...
and they grabbed me...
and threw me on top of her.
But I knew what I was doing.
God help me, I knew what I was doing!
God, daddy, no!
Happy graduation.
I knew.
Did you know that she was in love with you?
Love letters, poems, songs...
All things she wrote before you raped her.
That 's why she came over to the car. Because she saw your face.
She never had the nerve to approach the big star quarterback Brent.
You never knew that she loved you, did you, Brent?
How could you?
She never had the nerve to approach you before you raped her.
And after you raped her, there was no one to tell.
Except me.
Over and over again.
It 's difficult to look like the one person your mother loves...
and hates the most.
We have the same color of eyes...
It 's a stinking hypocritical world, isn't it, Brent?
Where rapists become the pillars of the community.
And the stinking hypocritical people in it...
wouldn't even miss their own worthless lives very much.
what better to deprive them of the only innocence they have left.
Their precious...
virginal children.
Please! Don't hurt her.
Does that hurt?
Shut up!
Goddamn that bell!
I'm coming!
Hi, Kenny. What are you doing here at midnight?
Mister Marliston...
Something wrong with your mouth? What do you want?
- Where is Jody? - How should I know?
- Her bike is parked by your stairs. - No, it 's not.
Why are you looking at me like that, Kenny?
- Why are you wearing lipstick? - Because it makes me pretty.
You hurt my daughter. I'm gonna kill you!
Get out of here!
Come on!
The music! To the lounge, come on!
- Hold! Stop right there! - Mr. Marliston just killed my daddy.
He killed all those kids. He tried to kill us!
- Who is that with you? - Kenny Ascott. And it 's all true.
White Knight to Black Queen, do you copy?
Black Queen to White Knight, over.
Brent is dead. Marliston is the killer.
- Do you copy, over? - You better come now.
This is my post, I can't just split.
Goddamn it!
Nobody is here.
- Help! - Run!
It 's Mr. Marliston! He is the killer!
Class dismissed.
Run, Jody!
Come on!
Stay there.
- Mark, don't! - Man, get back here.
Mister Marliston.
So you have absolutely no idea why your father was in West Virginia?
And you can think of no reason why Marliston committed these murders?
And after all this, you can't think of nothing else to tell me?
I think you've asked my daughter enough questions.
Thank you for now, ladies. You've been very cooperative.
Let 's go
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