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Chicago CD2

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And now,
with all these publicity,
l got me a world full of yes!
l'm a star.
And the audience loves me. |And l love them.
And they love me for loving them. |And l love them for loving me.
And we love each other.
And that's cause none of us got |enough love in our childhoods.
And that's showbiz.... kid.
l just can't take it anymore.
Can't go anywhere without hearing |about that dumb woman!
Oh, Mama, not you too.
l've got some bad news, kid. |The tool has been cancelled.
Your name is out of the paper too long.
l read about today, |it's the Hart kid. She's hot.
And what am l supposed to do? |Suck up to her like everybody else?
lt couldn't hurt.
Over my dead body.
Mind if l join you?
Lights out.
Look what some Johnny sent me.
Triple cream caramel, |all the way from San Francisco.
l'm watching my figure. |You know, the trial.
Hey, Great mentioned that |you're on a trip today, huh?
There have been so many, |l just can't keep track.
Let me tell you, |you're exactly same size as my sister.
l mean, you fit into |her costume perfectly.
Yeah, and l'm just thinking, you know,
with all the publicity piled up |between us when Billy gets us off,
we would be a |natural to do an act together.
You think so?
Ladies and gentlemen, |Miss Velma Kelly and Desperation.
My sister and l |had an act that couldn't flop.
My sister and l |were headed straight for the top.
My sister and l |under dull a week at least.
But my sister is |now unfortunately deceased.
l know it's sad of course, |but a fact is still a fact.
And now all that remains is remains...
of a perfect...
double... act.
Watch this.
They have to match it with 2 people. |lt's just all two people.
First, l.
Then, you.
Then, we.
But l can't do it alone.
Then, she.
Then, l.
Then, we.
But l can't do it alone.
She says, what's your sister like?
l said, man.
She says, you cut me out. |And we roar the crowd again.
Then she goes...
l would go...
We go...
Then the dingdong daddies started to roar, |whistle, stump, stand on the floor.
Screaming, yelling, |begging for more.
And we say, okay, fellows. |Keep your socks up.
Cause you ain't seen nothing yet.
l just simply cannot do it alone.
So what do you think?
Come on, you can say.
l know you're right. |The first part is shit.
But the second part...
Second part is really nifty.
Okay, she goes.
l go.
We go.
We say, okay, boys, |we're going home.
But before we go, |here's a few more potent shots!
This would be a perfect unison.
Now you see me going through it.
You may think it's nothing to it.
But l simply cannot do it...
So where's the part |we blew the brains out?
Okay, Roxie. l'll...
No, don't bother.
You think you're fooling me? |You're all washed up.
And it's me they want now, |and l'm a big star.
l almost forgot. |You're in the paper today too.
ln the back.
Velma Kelly's trial has been |postponed indefinitely.
Seven words.
Here a little piece of advice. |Direct from me to you.
Lay off the caramels.
And now, for all you |Chicago's stay-up-laters.
Night hours would |only come alive at the dark.
We dedicate this to you. |Chicago After Midnight.
This all took place in Lesurevelt?
All right. Thanks.
They just arrest this woman for |triple homicide.
Yeah, get this. She's an Aries!
And her family is in the pineapple |or grapefruit, some kind of fruits.
The demon Kitty works in |something... She's playing house.
On the north side in an apartment, |she met Harry.
What Harry does for living, |no one's quite sure.
But it doesn't really matter |cause she's paying all the bills.
Anyhow, Kitty comes home tonight. |Harry was already in bed.
She goes to change. When she returns, |she notices something rather odd.
There're strippers in the apartment.
Kitty disappears for a second.
And she returns, |she gently wakes up Harry.
Harry says, ''What? l'm alone!''
''Alone?'' she says, '' you have |two other women in bed with you!''
And Harry says, ''Come on, darling, |you gonna believe what you see or what l tell you?''
Good night, folks.
Miss Baxter, Miss Baxter!
Mary Sunshine from The Evening Star.
Would you mind saying a word or two?
Sure l'll say things. Go to hell!
Please direct your |question to the counsel.
Tell the counsel |l want my money back!
lt's not your money. |lt's your mother's money.
Are you sorry, dear?
Yeah, l'm sorry that l got caught.
Okay, Miss Sunshine. |Hello, Roxie.
l got a letter from a guy. |He says he gonna hungry strike till l'm free.
That's nice.
Miss Baxter, did you know |these two ladies personally?
Did l know these two ladies |personally? Was that your question?
Yeah, that's my...
She's very hot spirit, isn't she?
Miss Baxter...
Hey, Mr. Flynn.
-Yeah, hi, Tracy. |-lt's Roxie.
Yeah, sure, l'm just kidding.
Did you get my trial date yet?
-Listen, kid. |-l'm on top of your list, right?
Go to hell!
What a helling, huh? |And social-like too.
Her mother owns all the pineapples in Hawaii.
What the hell do l care about pineapples?
All right...
That's all for the questions.
And l'll be happy to get back to you myself.
How does it feel, kid?
Pretty soon we couldn't find |your name in the papers.
Mr. Flynn?
Someone open the door immediately.
Oh, my god. Roxie! |What is it to you?
Oh, no. Don't worry about me.
l only hope the fall didn't hurt the baby.
Well, doctor, is she or isn't she?
She is.
Would she swear that statement in court?
-Yes. |-Good. l need to fly.
Would just like to say that |my own life doesn't matter now.
lt's just that my unborn child.
Poor girl, you'd have your baby born in jail.
My readers won't stand for that.
l can assure you that won't happen.
The trial would come in |the least possible moment.
First time we're ever have |one more girl locked up.
Hey, Roxie...
Roxie! l just have the good news!
l'm the father.
Hey, Roxie, who's the father?
The question is completely out of line.
How dare you insult this young woman?
Roxie, honey! lt's me, it's daddy!
Roxie, l'd get to you as soon as l could.
Oh, l didn't see you. |Sit down.
Look, Andy, l'm afraid l'm gotta hit you hard.
l can only hope you would think about it.
-Amos, my name is Amos. |-Who says it wasn't?
lt was the kid's name l was thinking about.
You know when she dues? |September.
You'd pass out those cigars anyway.
l don't want you to give a damn on the people. |-People what?
-Laugh. |-Laugh? Why would they laugh?
They can count. Can you count?
lt's the first copy of Roxie's |statement from D.A. office.
Says she hasn't copulated with you |for four months prior the incidents.
She would know. Yeah, |l guess we've done no copulating since...
Wait a minute.
That doesn't figure out right. |l couldn't be the father.
Well, forget about that. |My client needs your support.
You mean she needs a meal ticker?
That's all l've ever been. |This time she's gone too far.
What you gonna do? |Divorce her?
You're damn right! |l'll divorce her!
She probably won't even notice.
Yeah. l'm sorry.
-You're still in here? |-Yeah, l'm still in here.
l hope l didn't take up too much of your time.
l've been waiting for you 10 minutes. |Don't do that again.
This dress makes me look like a |no-worth lambshake. l'm not wearing this.
You wear it because l tell you to wear it.
l'm not wearing this dress.
And when Andy's on the stand, |l want you to do knitting.
Knitting? For Christ's sake.
-A baby garment. |-l don't know how to knit!
Then learn. |-That's no way to win the jury's sympathy.
-You don't need advice anymore? |-Look at here, Mr. Mouthpiece.
lt seems to me that l'm the one |who's coming up with the good ideas.
l'm sick of everybody telling me what to do. |And you treat me like dirt.
You treat me like some dump, |common criminal.
But you're some dump, |common criminal.
Well, it's better than be a |greasy-mite lawyer.
-We've been shaving your ass. |-Who ask for all that? He can steal!
Maybe you'd like |to appeal on court without me.
Maybe l could. Have you read |the morning papers? They love me.
There maybe a lot more when you hang. |You know why? 'Cause it's sold more papers.
-You're fired. |-l quit.
Any lawyer in this town |would die to have my case.
You're a phony celebrity. |You're a flash.
ln a couple of weeks, |no one would give a shit about you.
That's Chicago.
No! Not guilty!
What happened?
lt's Hunyak. She lost the last appeal.
So what does that mean?
What that means? |Next week, she's gonna...
This is Mary Sunshine, |coming to you from the Cooke County Jail,
where history would be made today.
Katelin Helinsky would become the first woman |in the state of lllinois to be executed.
And so ladies and gentlemen...
And now, ladies and gentlemen, |for your pleasure and your entertainment,
we proudly present Katelin Helinsky |and her famous Hungarian Disappearing Act.
You know, it's really not that bad.
You're clear with |everything you read?
Yup. l've been up all night |rehearsing.
What do you do |when Harrison come after you?
l sit still and look straight ahead. |Never look the jury.
-And? |-And l look modest.
-And? |-And...
-And say nothing. |-That's right, that's right.
-That was the deal, right? |-Right.
You ask me back, |l do all the talking and stuff.
Absolutely, Billy. |Whatever you said.
-Mr. Flynn, the honours are here. |-Thank you.
You ready?
l'm scared.
Don't be.
l've been around a long time. |Believe me, you've got nothing to worry about.
lt's all a circus. |A three-ring circus.
The trial, the whole world... |is all a show business.
Kid, you gonna be a star.
-Object! |-Sustain.
Your honour, l haven't even |asked the question yet.
Hello, Amos.
Amos? That's right, Mr. Flynn.
Amos, when did you file sue for divorce?
A month ago.
Was there any reason for |filing at this particular time?
l'd say, the newspapers said |Roxie was expecting a little stranger.
That's hardly a cause for divorce, isn't it?
A little too much of a stranger.
You mean you doubted |the fraternity of the child.
Most sure.
Tell me something, Amos. |Do you sleep with your wife?
Yes, sir, every night.
You expect the jury to believe that
you slept next to this woman every night |without exercising the rights of a husband?
-l could if l want to. |-Oh, but you didn't.
-No, l did. |-Did what?
-Want to. |-But you didn't.
-Didn't what? |-What you wanted.
Wait a minute, |l'm getting confused here.
Hey, you tell me, Hart. |Since you ever question Roxie herself,
did you even bother to ask her |if you were the father of the child?
-No, sir. |-No. What?
lf you confirm that you were wrong, |you'd be man enough in a minute.
You would take her back if Roxie |swore that you're the father of the child,
-which she does. |-She does?
She does!
No more question! |You can step down now.
Well done, Andy.
Roxie, l'm so sorry.
This is the moment we've been waiting for.
Roxie Hart finally takes the stand |in her own defense.
Proceed, Mr. Flynn.
Roxie, l have here a statement |that you admitted having illicit relation
with deceased Fred Casely. |ls this statement true or false?
l'm afraid that's true.
You're an honestly girl, Roxie.
When did you first meet Fred Casely?
When he sold Amos and me our furniture.
ln your personal relationship with him, |you told the jury when that began.
When l permitted him |to escort me home one night,
l don't think l would've gone with him
if Mr. Hart and me hadn't |quarreled that very morning.
-Quarrel? |-Yes, sir.
Well, l supposed it's his fault.
Oh, no, sir. lt was my fault.
l supposed l just couldn't stop |pestering him.
Pestering him? By what?
l didn't like him working |those long hours at the garage.
l wanted him home with me... |to done his socks and iron his shirts.
l wanted a real home. A child.
So you drifted into this illicit relationship |because you're unhappy at home.
Yes, most unhappy.
Roxie Hart!
The state has accused you |the murder of Fred Casely.
Are you guilty or not?
l'm not guilty...
l killed him, l did. But l'm not a |criminal. l'm not a criminal...
Did you recall the night of June 14th?
Could you tell the jury in your own |words the happening of that night.
When Fred came over, |l told him a good news.
What was it?
That me and Amos are gonna have a baby. |And it was all over between us.
What happened then?
Did he threaten you, Roxie?
Objection, your honour. |Counsel is leading the witness.
What does Casely say |when you told him the news?
l'll kill you before l see |you have another man's child!
Could you tell the audience... |the jury, what happened next?
ln his passion, he tore off my robe |and he threw me on the bed.
And Mr. Hart's pistol |was lying there between us.
And then!
And then we both reached for the |gun and l got it first.
And then he came towards me |with this awful look in his eyes.
He was angry and wild!
And did you think that |he might kill you?
Oh, yes, sir!
So was his life or yours?
And l just mine. |l closed my eyes and l shot!
To defense for your life!
And to save my husband's |innocent unborn child.
What a bull's eye, huh?
-Order in this court! |-Roxie!
Here in the courtroom...
Mrs. Hart's behavior |has been truly extraordinary.
Opening her eyes, she fenced herself |with her attorney's handkerchief.
-Handkerchief? |-Poor child has no relief.
She looks around now, |seeming to want something.
lt's a glass of water.
Oh, Mama, that was my bid! |l told Billy, l wanna do that at my trial!
But now her eyes |flatter wildly and she...
Mrs. Hart has fainted again.
She flumps over her chiffon dress |up around her knees,
revealing a glimpse of blue garder |with Ryan-stone buckle.
Oh, Mama, she stole my garder. |She stole my garder!
Don't break my radio!
First she steals my publicity, |then she steals my lawyer, my trial date,
now she stole my goddamn garder.
What do you expect?
l mean these days |you get a little success
and it's good rinse |for the people who put you here.
lt ain't no justice in the world. |That's nothing you can do about it.
You think they got you a page |just to listen to my radio?
People and publicity only interested in things |when we think no one's looking.
Oh, Mama.
State call for the witness.
Left down on bible, raise your right hand |and swear you'd tell the truth to God.
Have a seat.
Would you state your name |for the record please.
Velma Kelly.
Miss Kelly, would you please tell |the court the object l'm holding
is the one you have come upon |in the defendant jailhouse?
Yes, it is.
l submit this as appendix. |Roxie Hart's diary.
l object! |My client never kept a diary.
Even if she did, this would be invasion |of privacy and violation of fourth amendment
and illegal search without a warrant.
Yeah, and she broke the law.
Well, that settles that. l'll allow it.
What's the big deal? |She's the one that did it.
lf you would read for us, Miss Kelly.
l haven't worked in a while.
What a laugh, plucking Fred Casely.
The big baboon had a common.
l'm just sorry l |only glad to kill him once.
l never wrote that. You... |Hey, she made that up.
-She made that up! |-Order!
Please, Mr. Flynn, |get control of your client.
l'm sorry, you honour. |lt won't happen again.
Sit down and shut up. |Or else it gonna get worse.
l have no more questions.
Your witness, Mr. Flynn.
Ladies and gentlemen, a tap dance.
Tell me, Miss Kelly, |you make a deal with Mr. Harrison
maybe to drop all charges |if you testify here today?
Oh, sure. l'm not a complete idiot.
Since you gave such an impressive |performance for Mr. Harrison,
can you do me the same honour?
-l'd be delighted. |-Thank you.
Fred Casely assured me to get me |an audition down at the Onyx.
And then he reneged |and that's my motive for attack.
Pretty fancy. What you're saying
if a big fat liar |who rogue on a deal so l shot him.
Amos accused me of having an affair.
So l told him that the charge was erroneous.
Objection, your honour.
Mr. Flynn is twisting the evidence |to draw conclusion to the specious and the...
-Erroneous? |-Exactly.
Miss Kelly, did you know the |meaning of the word perjury?
Yes, l do.
-You also know that is a crime? |-Yes.
And for example if it turns out |you knew this diary was a fake,
l hate to think you rotting away in |prison for the next 10 years
especially when you just win your freedom.
All l know is what l was told.
So... you didn't find this diary in Roxie's cell?
Mama... Miss Morton gave it to me. |She said someone sent it to her.
Someone? Any idea who |this mysterious benefactor might be?
No. She didn't know.
All right, let's work this out.
Someone who writes about |reneging on pledges.
And... erroneous charges...
Call me crazy, does that |sound like a lawyer to you?
A lawyer, who honestly has |a sample of my client's handwriting.
Mr. Harrison, do you have Roxie |to write out a confession to you?
Yes, but you're not suggesting that |l tempered with evidence, are you?
No, let's not be ridiculous.
That's absurd.
Unless you mention it.
Your honour, this is outrageous.
Outrageous? Yes.
The prosecutor would made |a thief bargain with Velma Kelly.
And then fabricated |the very evidence and set her free!
Mr. Flynn, hold your contempt.
No, it's not even conceivable.
But does it worked? |Would it be time to say,
Come clean, |Mr. Harrison, come clean...
This guy is a corruption. |l cannot stand.
That's enough, Mr. Flynn!
l agree, your honour. That's enough!
lt defend stress.
Ladies and gentlemen,
this is Mary Sunshine reporting live |from the Cooke County Courthouse.
The city of Chicago has come |to a complete stand still.
As the trial of century finally draw to a close.
Mrs. Hart sits quietly |at the defense table, hands folded.
What fate has installed for her?
There's hassles over the courtroom
as the 12 men of the jury |has back to their seats.
Gentlemen of jury, |have you reach a verdict?
We have, your honour.
The jury has reached a verdict.
The defendant please rise.
What is your verdict?
We, the jury, find the defendant...
Roxie hart is innocent! |She's innocent!
Roxie Hart is free!
Come on! Move it!
She shoots her husband and |she crossed the lawyer!
Hey, don't you wanna take my picture?
Hey, l'm the famous Roxie Hart.
Hey, what happened? |What the hell happened?
lt's Chicago, kid. |You can't beat fresh blood on the walls.
What about my publicity, Billy? |My name on the papers.
l was counting on that.
Your attitude is not the one l get. |l just save your life.
You got $5,000. |What do l get? l get nothing.
Five? Actually it's ten |once l collect from Velma.
l get nothing?
Don't forget your diary.
lt could be on mine. |l had a few erroneous phrases in there.
Sorry, l couldn't tell you.
Take a chance.
Never lost a case.
You're a free woman, Roxie Hart.
And God save lllinois.
What do you want?
l want you to come home.
You said you still wanted to... |and the baby...
Baby, what baby?
Oh, Jesus.
What do you take me for?
There ain't no baby.
There ain't no baby?
They didn't even want my picture.
l just can't understand that.
What didn't they even want my picture?
Ladies and gentlemen, |Miss Roxie Hart says Good Night.
Didn't she kill a guy a while back?
Yeah, who can keep it straight anymore?
That's great. We'll keep in touch.
You know l'm not quite finished yet. |l have a...
Wait, don't go.
l could... just a second...
Goddamn it!
Thank you!
Here's your music, honey.
You know you're really pretty good.
What are you doing here?
l've been making around.
Well, if not fooled up by you, |l'll be swinging right now.
Come on, l was there to get you off.
You should learn how |to put things behind you.
Thank you. |l'll put that at the top of my list
right after finding a job |and an apartment with a john.
Can you shut up and listen to me?
You really are something.
Coming in here like some goddamn queen bee, |full of advice for slop like me.
Let me tell you something, |Miss Velma Kelly.
l got a new life now.
And one of the best thing about it, |is it don't include you.
Fine. l just thought we could |help each other out.
Wait, you thought wrong, didn't you?
Listen to me.
l talked to this guy in downtown.
He says one chance hurts nothing |these days, but two...
We can make a couple hundred a week.
Think about it, Roxie.
Faces back on the papers |and names in the market.
Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart.
Should it be alphabetical?
That could work.
A couple hundred? |Maybe we can ask for a thousand.
We'll worth it.
Forget it, it'll never work.
-Why not? |-'Cause l hate you.
There's only one business in the |world that's no problem at all.
Ladies and gentlemen, the Chicago |theatre is proud to announce the first.
The first time anywhere |that's been an act throughout this nation.
Not only one little lady, but two.
You read about them in the papers, |and now here they are.
Chicago zone killer-dealers, the lady-sinners,
Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly!
Okay, you babes of Jazz, |let's kick up the bass.
Let's make the party longer, |let's make the skirt shorter.
Let's all go to the heaven |that makes all the people hot!
Me and Roxie would just like to say thank you.
Thank you!
Believe us, we could've never |done anything without you!
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Corky Romano
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