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Chihwaseon CD2

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When I look at your work, I forget all worldly cares. It's strange...
Giving solace through painting and taking solace in it is the artist's lot.
Why don't we live together?
We have nothing to lose.
If I'm caught, they'll kill me and you want to live with me?
Are you at risk here?
An official seems to suspect me. He's getting pushy.
It's time I went away.
The composition... and structure are good.
The harmony of colours is accomplished.
The likeness of the rendering... Your skill is faultless.
Nonetheless, it's time you created paintings of your own,
infused with your spirit and soul.
I know. I want to change.
I really want to change!
I often wake up at night, haunted by it.
It churns my blood.
So often, having to paint to order,
- I feel... - You drop your brush
and run away whenever you don't like what you're painting.
How can you make such a feeble excuse?
A picture that's painted for profit and instant fame is nothing but vanity. Stillborn!
- Filthy dog! - What's got into you?
He only asked why you've stopped painting!
Leave me alone! Filthy shrew!
What are you idiots staring at?
You wretched fools!
Jang Seung-ub! You'll break the tiles.
I'd climb roofs too if talent grew there.
You came back!
Give me some wine and grill him some beef.
The money you advanced me is spent.
Stingy bitch! Why talk about money? Give me a drink.
- This isn't a charity! - Stingy bitch!
So why are you here?
Stay with me.
I'll stay for the winter but I'll leave in the spring.
Sir, I know you'll be angry but...
I'd like a painting of yours. Even a dud one.
I'll treasure it and think of you.
Since I gave up painting, I don't even have a dud one.
I want to change.
Whatever the genre, your brush makes a masterpiece of everything.
Why do you want to change?
People find in my pictures what they expect.
I must get away from that.
If I don't, I'll always be their prisoner.
- "No more paper on credit," he says. - What?
Have some stewed pumpkin.
That man Cho is such a bandit! I'll break his...
"Hawk in full vigour."
His brush never wavers. It's quite outstanding.
He has renewed himself.
With such a painting, he could buy himself a beautiful house.
You never signed your work before.
If a boy like you shows this around
who will ever believe I painted it?
Take it.
Take it, I said!
Somewhere in Choungchung Province,
a young man had one of your hawk paintings.
The hawk's eye was so lifelike, I wanted to buy it
but he said he wouldn't sell it until the sea ran dry.
Could you paint that hawk for me?
Where did you meet this young man?
He had a small stand selling paper at Boeun market.
"Hawk in full vigour..."
If it's the one I remember, I suppose I could.
In those days my brush was guided, not by me, but by a divine force.
The Master is here.
Come here and look.
That black stone. Is it moving or not?
A humble stone must be alive in a painter's eyes.
If a stone is alive, it's dynamic. If it's dead, it's static.
You can't paint a dead stone.
Pan-soi. Come and look.
Look at it. The rare Mookchong stone, as blue as ink.
As plump as one of our mountains.
That stone was a gift to you. You ought to get working.
Gifts are piling up, waiting for your paintings.
You've done nothing for a month. I'm tired of this!
Come here.
You're only a kid. To paint, you need desire.
How can I paint without an erection?
Ohwon, are you there?
You remember that scholar who asked for a still life and then...
- wanted a Flower and Bird picture? - What about him?
Now he says he doesn't want that either. He wants a landscape.
Who is this chap?
Would it be Gwak Sung-min?
Am I right?
I've come to see Gwak Sung-min. Tell him Ohwon is here.
A man like you an aristocrat and scholar!
How can you be such a coward?
If you want something, ask me!
Don't make me paint it just so you can copy it!
I used this ruse in order to meet you. Please forgive me.
Come in, please.
Hey, Ohwon. When it comes to portraits, I am unrivalled
but your masterful brushwork is beyond me.
I'm no match for you at portraiture.
Listen, Ohwon.
In your Banana Leaf painting with a few strokes, you captured the fullness
of the leaf and the emptiness of the stalk.
How do you work?
Idiot! One little binge and you cling to my ass.
If you want to paint, first learn how to drink.
Get in there! Idiot!
Get in there! Hurry up!
- Pan-soi! - Yes, sir.
Where's my Double Horse painting?
At the gallery.
Already? I said I was going to rework it.
You didn't tell me.
Where's my Double Horse?
It's been mounted. Over there.
Chinese soldiers are weaklings. Japanese soldiers are tough!
Are you there?
I'm asking it back to rework it.
You can't. Lord Kim is impatient to see it.
I promised him I'd deliver it in five days.
What a temper! It did seem hastily done.
It wasn't bad.
The best quality, imported from China.
It's a beautiful colour.
For the same price, how about this colour?
I'll come back later.
Don't go away!
Aren't they pretty!
They're the new kisaengs from Spring Branch lounge.
Make way! Make way!
Make way for Minister Min's procession!
You! What impudence!
How dare you remain standing?
Who is it?
The famous painter, Ohwon Jang Seung-ub.
Famed for your meagre talent, now you defy the law.
Master, this one-year-old baby's urine...
is a very good cure for bruises from beatings.
- Drink it yourself! - Anybody in?
Look after yourself.
- Everything went well. - Is that so?
You can accomplish anything you want.
The lounge mistress wants you to paint her a twelve-panel Flower&Bird screen.
It's a good month's work.
Everyone congratulates me on this wonderful screen. I sent for her.
Delighted to meet you. My name is Hyang-lan.
They say you drink a lot. Why won't you drink today?
Hyang-lan... What's your real name?
My family name is Cho. My given name is Hyo-in, "filial and generous".
Hyo-in, I once knew a woman very much like you.
Her family name was Lee.
How old are you?
Eighteen. Eighteen.
What do your parents do?
They're ordinary peasants in the hills.
And you, what brought you here?
Don't ask unnecessary questions. Let's go to bed.
I've had a long, tiresome night.
Ohwon! There you are.
This is Ohwon Jang Seung-ub, the artist. Let me introduce you.
This is Kim Ok-kyun, scourge of the Conservatives.
My hectic life leaves me no leisure to appreciate your work.
When order is restored, I'll commission a piece.
Let's go.
You gave away a screen which took you three months to paint on rare silk and
you didn't even get to touch her hand? What a waste of effort!
Now the screen's been sold to a millionaire.
No one else will ever even see it.
A maranta stalk for a brush and kimchi for paint.
How eccentric!
What rule says a brush must be sable?
I've been unable to paint, so I did it for fun.
You're at the peak of your powers. Why keep striving to do even better?
I'm keeping this painting.
You're keeping what?
Give it back!
Master! Master! Rescue him! I can't swim!
Did you really want to die?
They said you refused to let go of the rock.
Seoul, 1 882
You won't take long to recover. I fear for our scheme's future.
I'll soon be well. Have no fear for me.
So we meet again.
Lately, you've become a fashionable topic of discussion.
Your paintings have become the people's only comfort.
It's even said that the gauge of nobility is to own one of your paintings.
I didn't know of your illness and change of abode. Forgive me.
Come indoors.
Some medicinal herbs.
They say there is nothing that you cannot paint.
Portraits, still lifes, landscapes, anything.
Blinded by popularity, haven't you lost your vital energy?
An old sage once said "With each day, deeper renewal."
I want to make progress every day.
I won't be entangled in my own nets.
It's good that you're aware of it.
In our era, painting espouses realism...
whereas your landscapes portray a fantasy world,
an exaggerated version of plain reality.
Rudimentary echoes of true feelings.
Cannot you paint life on this earth in all its pain and harshness?
The people have nothing to console them.
If I can bring them comfort by painting fantasies,
I will have been faithful to my calling.
A painting is just a painting.
It doesn't feature in your Party's manifesto.
Don't go out in this downpour!
- Wait till it stops. - Listen to him.
Some pine nut porridge.
Looking at that painting makes me feel relaxed.
Is it that I'm getting old?
When you have time, come and colour it.
Why not paint the roof yellow?
Is anybody in?
I've come for Master Ohwon.
A royal messenger is here. You are summoned to the Royal Painting Office.
The Office.
The sixth rank entitles you to an audience with the King.
It's a temporary rank for you,
but no painter from outside the Office has held it before.
How much longer will you be idle?
This is rice juice.
Without a drink and a woman, I can't hold a brush.
Come, now. Don't forget that the King forbids more than three cups a day.
Listen, Ohwon!
I'll rake those leaves. You, please go indoors and paint!
Come on, Ohwon! General Yuan Shi-kai's birthday is coming up.
What are you waiting for to get started?
Who's General Yuan Shi-kai?
Don't you know the mighty Chinese general?
He can hit a bird in flight with a single arrow.
He is second-in-command to the General-in-Chief!
I should paint for a foreigner who invades us?
Where are you going?
I've run out of paint. I won't be long.
You're not allowed out. We have paints in the Palace. Use them.
You arrogant rogue! There's a shop where I buy my paints.
If I deliver late, will you take responsibility?
Let go of me!
Who's this I see? It's you!
I hear you've become a great painter for the King! What brings you here?
I never thought you'd rise so high!
- It's been twenty years. - That's right.
You don't look a day older.
Don't you recognize her? She's our little girl. You used to adore her. Cho-ryang.
Soon after her wedding, fate decreed that her husband must die.
She came back home and helps us run the inn.
Hey, Seung-ub!
I'm so glad to see you. Do you remember me? I'm Oh Cheon-suk.
How could I ever forget?
Erotic picture books sell well these days.
They'll fetch high prices if you paint some.
Have a look.
They're saucy!
We've been combing Seoul for you for a month.
Where have you been hiding?
Come with us. King's orders.
Let go of me, halfwits!
Excuse me! Come here.
What's going on outside?
The King is moving his residence to Kyungwoo palace.
With the aid of the Japanese army,
the Reformists have seized power and executed the top Conservatives.
The world has gone awry.
Care to see what I'm working on?
Yes, sir.
Come on in.
Yes, sir
Let go of me, halfwits! I'll go myself. Hands off of me.
Let go of me, halfwits!
1 884. The Reformist Revolution.
The Reform Party attempts a coup with the aid of Japan.
The coup is foiled by the Chinese army's intervention.
It's five days since they came for you.
Everyone's been worried about you.
The world has changed a lot.
The Reformist Revolution has been put down by Chinese intervention.
Hong and Park have been killed.
The other leaders seem to be preparing for exile in Japan.
What became of Master Kim Byeong-moon?
Apparently he's hiding in some remote place. If they catch him, he'll be executed.
No Entry. House of Kim Byeong-moon, guilty of high treason.
It's a precious piece, full of life and rhythm.
What do you think of it, father?
I can almost hear the wind blowing through the trees.
- Ohwon! - Yes, sir!
I have seven sons.
Paint me seven cranes around that pine tree.
Imagine the pine tree surrounded...
by hills and rivers and seven cranes already there.
I was given this painting when I was an official.
Some say it's a forgery. Since you're here, enlighten me.
Most paintings attributed to me are fakes. This one, too.
When I see your work, I can tell whether you painted it with gusto or not,
and if you were standing or sitting. I can even imagine your movements.
That painting we saw was one of yours. Why did you say it's fake?
I gave it to a friend for his father's birthday
but he used it as a bribe. That makes it a fake.
Let me see... I was told it's hereabouts.
This is the kisaeng who lived with her.
My name is Ae-wol.
Mae-hyang left three years ago.
Did she say where she went?
I don't know.
It was dawn on a very cold winter day.
Some soldiers came. She ran away half-naked.
Three months later, one night in spring, she sneaked back,
took a quilted coat and ran away again.
The coat, which she'd padded lovingly
and stitched with devotion, she intended for you.
All these fields don't feed the starving people,
only the corrupt officials. What use are all those granaries?
It's a dream! It's a dream! It's all like a dream!
You and I walk into the dream This is the very dream
Waking from a dream makes me fell into another dream.
Life was born from dreams, live in dreams and die in dreams.
All in vain, the waking of dream. Why then do we dream?
Sorry to spoil your enjoyment.
I was able to see your painting "Reeds and Wild Geese" at Minister Min's house.
That flock of geese flying freely over the reeds...
if I could see it again, my duties would feel lighter.
Thank you for the compliment but l painted those wild geese ten years ago.
How could I paint them again?
To an artist, repetition is death.
Why all this foolish talk? Stick to painting!
If you snubbed him because he's only the Governor of Gobu village,
you're in for a surprise.
He's very powerful.
Those sparrows chased by a hawk make me sad.
They remind me of the suffering people of Gobu.
But I also feel moved when they swoop on the hawk
Iike the people when they're good and angry.
What kind of man is the Governor?
With the King's support and his own powerful family,
he can indulge all his appetites. He's very corrupt.
You cheeky girl!
How can a kisaeng like you speak ill of the Governor?
Keeping company with the hero who disobeyed the King
and escaped from the palace has emboldened me.
You're a plucky woman!
Fine furrowed field,
will you receive my seed?
I'm ready. I'll bear your child.
I'll make him a painter greater than you
and wipe out the rancour of my humble roots.
Thank you. Fate decreed that we should meet.
Get harder.
Gather your energy. You must sow deep inside me.
That's good...
Out you come. Son of a bitch!
Let him get dressed.
Where is the Governor of Gobu hiding?
I don't know. He hasn't been here.
Mongrel dog!
The lapdog doesn't know where its mangy master is? Don't give me that.
Beat it out of him!
Here's another.
Please don't kill him! He's the famous artist, Ohwon Jang Seung-ub!
He came from Seoul just to paint. Spare his life.
If it's Ohwon Jang Seung-ub, let him go.
We can't lose a man of such divine talent.
You're just a parasite, feeding on the honey you get from noblemen.
A grubby little money-grabber.
Piece of shit!
I've decided to stay here.
Becoming a painter like you always seemed like a wild dream to me.
I served you because I enjoyed your company
but seeing those people, I've found my true calling.
If I can help to change the world, I want to join up.
Where will you go, Master?
Life is a drifting cloud. I'll go wherever my feet take me.
Protecting the homeland and Comforting the people.
Eliminating the violence and Salvating the people.
1894. The Peasants' Revolt.
The tyranny of the governor Cho Byung-Gap caused...
the sweeping uprise of the smothered people of Chosun.
Master! Master!...
What are you doing here?
I never thought I'd see you in this world again.
The folk here are honest and good-hearted.
I live quietly, teaching the children.
You should come back to Seoul.
With Japan in power, the Reformists are gaining fresh impetus.
I like this place.
Reform was a useless dream.
We should have relied on ourselves.
If the revolution had won with the help of Japan,
what future would our country have had?
Rumour has it the rebellious peasants were massacred at Ugeumchi.
Protecting the homeland and the people... Yet another empty dream.
When downtrodden, one must rise up for justice
but one must pick the right moment.
They gave foreigners an excuse to enter our country.
We should have built up our own forces.
I happened upon this painting of yours.
In it, I finally felt the heartbeat of Korea.
It's a masterpiece. Not a single stroke is wasted.
Who the hell are you? The rebel leader was sold out by his trusted aide.
Night is falling on the Chosun dynasty.
Your painting is the last flicker of life in this dying country.
Catholics being less persecuted, I came back to Seoul not long ago.
Since I'm only a kisaeng, I drifted from one house of joy to another.
The Governor of Jeju island liked me so I came with him to Seoul.
He died soon after. I opened this house thanks to him.
I have no worries about money. Stay here and do your painting.
As I was sure you'd come back to me one day,
I made this quilted coat with love.
At last it has found its lord.
Do you recognize this?
You painted it for me when we first met.
If I asked you for another one, would you paint it for me?
That jar over there. Where did you find such a plain, simple piece?
The modest hand that made it was guided by a joyful heart.
It looks almost unfinished, yet it's so generous and warm.
Your bath is ready.
I'm a wandering painter. Perhaps I could stay here...
With the competition from Japanese porcelain, it's hard to make a living.
As long as I can eat, I'll be happy.
Pots don't sell any better with pretty pictures on them.
I messed it. Clean it off for me.
How the hell can he paint with a shaking hand?
Don't be rude!
May the gods grant us fair weather and fair winds.
Please forgive my ignorance.
You're no ordinary painter.
Speaking for yourself, what kind of jar do you wish for?
Painters like you want the iron powder to stick...
so that the piece will have life.
The glazers want their glaze to spread properly.
The owner of the kiln hopes for a masterpiece or two.
But the decision is not ours. Fire dictates all.
Are you staying up? I'm going to turn in.
Ohwon vanished without trace in 1 897.
According to legend, he went up Diamond Mountain
and became an immortal hermit.
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