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Subtitles for Children of Heaven The.

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Children of Heaven The

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What shoes have you got today, Madam?
Are they Prada or Gucci?
Which shirt are you wearing today, mister?
And hey, kid,
Who gave you those shoes you got here?
Here you are. That'll be 30 Tomans.
-Thanks a lot. Good-bye. -Good-bye.
Hello, Akbar Aqa. I need some potatoes.
No, don't touch. Take from down there.
Hello, Akbar Aqa. With your permission.
- Good bye. - Good bye.
There will be 65 Tomans.
My mother wants you to debit it to our account.
You're heavily in debt.
Tell your mother settle at least part of the debt.
Yes, sir.
See what you have done.
What's the matter with you?
I can't find my sister's shoes.
Get lost. Beat it.
I left my sister's shoes here.
I said beat it.
You are here again...
Don't pour so much water in the yard.
It's sinking...
What can I do with laundry.
Why do you have to do so much laundry?
Well, Mr. Akbar, don't you do your laundry?
I have had enough.
I don't want you in my house any more.
My brother, what I've to do is my laundry.
Move out. That includes everybody.
You are always in arrears with the rent and you are so wasteful.
Well, don't you do your laundry?
This is the last.
Why don't you come when there're people like yourself to answer you?
Ali, tell Zahra to peel the potatoes if she has put the baby to sleep.
Ali, did you get my shoes?
Mother wants you to peel the potatoes if the baby is asleep.
-I said, did you get my shoes?
-Yes. -Has he mended them well?
Where are you going?
I want to see how the shoes look.
-I haven't got them. -You are kidding.
I swear it is true.
I had been to Akbar Aqa's shop to get potatoes.
When I got back your shoes were gone.
I searched everywhere but I couldn't find them
You mean they're lost?
Don't tell mother. I'll find them.
But how am I to go to school tomorrow?
Don't cry. I'll go and find them right away.
But you said you searched everywhere.
Well, not everywhere.
Don't tell mother, please.
Ali? Come and give me a hand with the rug.
Ali! Where are you going?
We are playing opposite Shahin tomorrow.
Where are you going, Ali?
80 Tomans please.
It's you again! Beat it and don't ever come back.
What a stubborn boy!
-Hello, Aqa Sayed. -Hello. How are you?
-Are you going home? -Yes
Take the lumps of sugar.
Tell your father to chop them...
for next week's mourning session.
-Yes, sir. -That's a good boy.
The landlord shouldn't have talked to you.
I am responsible for the rent, and I know how to deal with him.
He's too mean.
You don't have to argue with him.
I'll break his neck.
Why do you keep ignoring your doctor's recommendations?
You'd not exhaust yourself. Don't get mad!
You shouldn't have done all that laundry.
That rug weights 100 kilos
when it is soaked in water.
And you, Ali! Why didn't you help your mother when she asked you?
You should have waited for me.
I would have done it myself.
You, boy! Can't you do anything but eat, sleep and play?
You are not a child anymore,
you are 9 years old.
When I was your age, I helped my parents.
Why do you make me mad?
Haven't you any sense at all?
You just play around all day.
What if your mother was sick?
All right. Don't get excited.
You make me so mad.
I wonder why the baby has been restless all day.
Zahra, pour a cup of tea for your father.
I serve tea at office all day long,
but Zahra's tea tastes different.
You didn't get me the sugar-bowl, dear.
But you have got so much sugar.
This belongs to the mosque.
It's been given to us in trust.
Get some candy from the pot.
We have out of sugar?
I got the coupons but...
the grocer hasn't yet been instructed...
to distribute sugar on coupon.
Never mind the grocer.
He never listens to the radio.
Give the coupon to me and...
I'll get the sugar from the store tomorrow
It's under the rug.
Ali, what am I do tomorrow?
I can't go to school without shoes.
My teacher will blame me.
And get some powder milk for the baby.
All right.
Mr. Rahim's wife suffered from slipped disc.
She had it operated and it got worse.
One shouldn't operate a slipped disc.
One should learn to live with it.
Well, don't expect me to do nothing at all.
Well, you could wear your slippers.
How silly you are!
You lost my shoes and now you expected me to go to school in my slippers.
I am going to tell father.
If you tell father,
he'll give us both a thrashing...
because he doesn't have money to buy you a pair of shoes.
What am I to do then?
You could wear my sneakers
I go to school after you come home.
-I don't like it. -For God's sake.
I beg you to wear my shoes.
It's the salt-seller.
You, Nilufar.
Now Mary.
Next. Next.
Get up! Are you all right?
Listen children, Mary couldn't jump well because of her shoes
I have often told you that proper shoes are very important in sports
And I notice.
That unfortunately some of you are not wearing sneakers.
Well, some of you are wearing them
It's your turn, Bahare.
Come on!
Why are you late?
It's not my fault. I ran all the way.
Come on, take off the sneakers, I am going to be late for school.
Did you get to school on time?
No, I arrived after the class had started.
You have to come home earlier.
I left right after the class.
You didn't tell mother, did you?
I promised I wouldn't and I won't.
Your sneakers are very dirty.
I'm ashamed of wearing them.
-That's just an excuse.
-No. They are very dirty.
Well, we can wash them.
-Let's go, Ali, we have got to practice.
-I'm busy.
-It won't take long. -My mother is ill.
Forget it.
My dear girl did all the housework today and
Ali helped her.
I bought the bread and vegetables.
I swept the floor and washed the vegetables.
That's my good girl.
I'll buy you something nice when I get a raise
You look much better now.
Leave the housework to the kids.
Get more rest.
In a couple of days you'll recover completely.
-Ali! Get up. -What is it?
It's raining. The sneakers will get wet.
I'm afraid to go to the courtyard.
Excuse me, ma'am, what time is it?
There is still time to write, go on.
Excuse me ma'am, can I leave now?
Why are you in a hurry?
You may go.
What is it, dear?
Why are you sitting here?
My shoe fell in the stream,
it's stuck under the bridge.
All right, don't cry, I'll get it for you.
Run and catch it.
Catch it, man, catch the shoe.
Where were you?
You are late.
-Why is it wet?
-I won't wear the sneakers any more.
-But why is it wet? -It fell in the stream.
Now how can I go to school in wet sneakers?
They are too large for me and they keep coming off my feet.
That's only an excuse.
It's all your fault.
You should not have lost my shoes.
Either you find them or I tell father.
Go ahead. I don't mind getting a thrashing.
But he won't get any money to buy a new pair of shoes,
and he will have to borrow.
I thought you realized that.
Wait a minute.
Come down here.
Where have you been?
Do you know what time it is?
My home is very far from here, sir.
I don't believe that, you fool about in the street.
You were also late yesterday.
Next time you're late, you'll be expelled.
Yes, sir.
Why are your shoes wet?
I fell in the stream, sir.
You fell in the stream?
But your trousers are not wet.
-It was a shallow stream, sir.
-It was a shallow stream?
Why aren't even your socks wet?
-Don't let it happen again.
- Yes, sir.
-With your permission
-Take your seat.
We are playing against Shahin team today.
I can't come. My mother is ill.
It's the final match.
What's going on?
Can't you keep quiet until I finish my work?
Sit straight.
Sit down, sit down!
Well, those who were laughing will soon be crying.
Except for 15 students, everybody failed.
Three students have got up marks.
Karim Nanva, Ali Mandegar, Salman Najafi.
They will stay after the class.
I want to talk to them.
Zahra, Zahra.
Why don't you wait when I call you?
Where are you going?
I'm returning Miss Kobra's bowl.
She brought us sacramental soup.
Are you angry with me?
Is it nice?
-Where did you get it?
-It's a prize from the teacher.
For you. Take it.
-Is it mine? -Yes.
-I didn't tell mother. -I know you wouldn't
I'll be back soon.
Ali, get me that tray, dear.
Take the soup for Ms Kokab.
Who is it?
It's me, Ali. I brought some soup for you.
Come in, son.
-Hello. -Hello, Ali, thanks a lot.
-How is your father? -He is fine.
You mother should not take the trouble.
It is no trouble.
-How is your mother? -She is fine.
-Give her my regards. -Yes, I will.
Wait a minute, Ali. I've got something for you.
-It's nothing. -No, thank you.
Take it, son. Give my regards to your father.
-Fall in line. -Be a good student.
Attention. Obey your teacher.
Soon you'll be sitting for your exam.
and I have a few recommendations for you.
The examination days are the time
when you must reap the fruit of your previous work.
Therefore, you must work a lot now.
You must plan for your time.
And I will talk to your parents to make sure you can study....
without any disturbances at home.
You'd not stay late to watch TV series.
You'd only watch the children's programs such as cartoons.
The rest of your time should be spent on your lessons.
You could ask your parents ask you questions from your books
to make sure you've understood everything.
I've already told you that you'd clip your fingernails regularly.
You should clip them during weekends
Come back to school with clean fingers.
Dirt and microbes collect under long finger nails...
and when you eat food with dirty fingers you get sick.
All right, now you may go to your classrooms.
Keep in line, dear.
The pigeons...
The pigeons flew away.
And followed by the turtle.
Hold your papers up.
Hurry up, girl.
Farrokhi, you collect the papers on this side.
Be attentive. Remember there'll be a mathematics class after the break.
Use your time wisely. Do you understand me?
Abel, you're back.
Why are you late today?
And your shoes aren't wet.
Come down here.
Out you go.
Do your hear me?
Come back with your father.
My father is in his office now, sir.
Tell him to come tomorrow. Get moving.
He has to go to his office tomorrow too.
-Come with your mother.
-My mother is ill, sir.
I won't accept any excuses.
You are an irresponsible student.
I cannot tolerate that.
Out you go.
What happened? Why do you cry?
Wait here.
I've heard about...
Ali's been late for school recently.
But he's a good student.
Please don't expel him from school.
Give him a chance.
Come along, Mandegar.
I'll give you one more chance, for Mr. Jafari's sake.
But this will be the last time.
You may join the class now.
-Thanks, that was very kind of you.
-Don't mention it.
There it is. That's their house.
Abel? You are being naughty again.
Here's your box.
Are you going to get the bread?
Don't be late.
Ali, come and serve the tea.
All right, let's go, Amos.
Are you sure you don't need the equipment?
No. Don't worry.
-Thanks a lot. I am grateful.
-Don't mention it.
I don't need the equipment.
Are you sure you can handle it?
Spraying a couple of trees and ploughing the garden
is not so complicated.
The job does not involve any outlay.
The main thing was to get the equipment
which I got from Hossein.
Hossein works in the northern part of the city
Whenever he can get leave from office.
He earns a lot of money
and he is much better off than we are.
Tomorrow is a holiday,
Ali and I will try our luck up there.
It'll be fun, and we may earn some money.
Let's go.
I'll ring the bells on this side
and you do it on the other side.
Well, what should I say?
Ask if there is any gardening to be done.
Well, come over here and watch me.
-Who is it? -It's me.
-Who are you? -Karim.
-Karim? What do you want? -Nothing, ma'am.
-Who are you? Why do you disturb people?
Parviz, go and see who is it at the door.
Let's go, Ali, run.
Who is it? Wait a minute.
Come down, Ali.
What strange people! What did I tell them?
-Who is it? -Good day.
-Good day -Yes, please.
-Who are you? -Actually my name is Karim.
Well, what do you want?
I am...
We are gardeners, sir.
We spray trees, plough the garden fertilize the soil and prune branches...
No, we don't need your services.
You did it very well.
Let's go.
-Do you need a gardener? -No.
-Who is it? -Do you need a gardener?
Run, Ail. Run.
-Aren't you thirsty? -No.
Who is it?
Why don't you answer, boy?
Are you gone?
I'm here. Ask your father if there is any gardening to be done.
-He is not home. -Ask your mother.
She is not home either.
There is only my grandfather.
Ask your grandfather then.
-Are you a gardener? -No, but my father is.
-Where is your father? -Here in the alley.
Will you ask your grandfather to come to the door?
-First tell me your name. -My name is Ali.
My name is Alireza. What grade are you in?
Third. Will you now tell your grandfather?
-He is asleep.
-Why didn't you say so right away
Let's go, Ali.
Would you like to come in and play with me?
I have to go. Good bye.
Ali, wait!
Ali, Ali!
I've got a few sacks of fertilizers which have to be spread at the foot of the trees.
And then there is the spraying to be done.
I'll take care of it.
I neglected to spray the trees last year,
and some of them especially the cherry
and plum trees which I planted with my own hand have been hurt by plant lice.
Let's go and play, Ali.
Go, son. I'll stay with your father.
Go, dear.
Thanks a lot. Here you are.
-That won't be necessary. -Please accept.
-That's very generous of you.
-You did a fine job.
-Thanks a lot. -Don't mention it.
Let's go, Ali.
I'll call now and then to see
if there is anything to be done.
-Good bye. -Good bye.
I could get leave of absence for a month.
I could make a lot of money here.
This is much better than doing overtime in office.
We could buy a lot of things.
A motorcycle, a cupboard, an electric iron for your mother,
a large refrigerator.
We could even rent a large house.
And a pair of shoes for Zahra.
And for you.
Zahra comes first.
Her shoes are all torn.
Whatever you say.
-Hold on tightly! -Stop it, father.
For God's sake, father, stop it!
The brake is out of order. Hold on.
Mr. Akbar had called again...
for the rent today.
What an insolent person!
I told him I would be receiving money
in a couple of days and would pay him
It is no use talking to him.
He waited for about three hours in the yard to meet you.
Damn it. I'll go and see him tomorrow.
But you have not got any money.
Trust in God. Don't worry.
But how can you go out in your condition?
I am all right.
Miss, wait a minute! is your pen!
May I have your attention, boys.
A series of sprint races are to be arranged...
for different age groups in our province.
We're going to send several students to the races.
The first round of the race has been planned for 3rd and 4th grade students.
Please refer to the notice board for details.
The entry prizes are really great.
You dropped it yesterday.
-Easy -See what the man wants, Davud.
-Hello -Hello.
What can we do for you?
I need a pair of shoes for a girl
at a reasonable price.
What size?
I don't remember the size,
but she's in first grade.
Here are several models.
Which one do you prefer?
What color are they?
One pair is red.
One is violet with red and yellow buckles.
Is the price reasonable?
We'll give you a discount.
This will be fine. Thanks.
It's the salt-seller.
-Hello. -Hello.
-Here you are. -What do you need?
-I'll take a basket. -Take it.
-Hello. -Hello.
Is your house that way?
Our home is this way.
What pretty shoes! Are they new?
Yes, my father bought them.
What did you do with your old shoes?
My mother threw them away.
Threw them away? Why?
They were torn.
My father buys me something nice
whenever I got top marks.
And now he's bought me the shoes.
Why weren't we selected?
We ran very well, sir.
What is going on here?
I could not select all of you.
Each school may enter 5 or 6 students in the race.
Your turn will come next time.
Get out of the way.
They are lucky. Look at the prizes.
1st prize: 3 weeks in Ramsar camp, sport suits.
2nd prize: 2 weeks in Ramsar camp, set of stationery.
3rd prize: 1 week in Ramsar camp, one pair of sneakers.
One pair of sneakers.
-With your permission. -Come in.
-What is it? -I want to register for the race, sir.
Oh really? But you are too late.
What kept you so long?
It slipped my mind, sir.
You missed your chance this time.
Maybe next time.
-I want to be in this race. -Out of the question.
-Please, sir. -It is impossible.
I'd very much like to be in this race, sir.
You should have thought of it before.
You'd have been in the preliminary race.
It's past the deadline now.
Let me take part in the race, sir.
What a stubborn boy.
I told you it is impossible.
Now get out.
I promise to win, sir.
Please let me get in the race.
I can beat everybody. I promise to win.
Please let me get in the race.
I promise to be number one.
-Zahra, good news. -What is it?
-I am taking part in the race. -What race?
Sprint race, the day after tomorrow.
The third best runner gets a pair of sneakers.
Why the third?
The first and second prizes are different.
I'll give you the shoes if I end 3rd place.
But they are boy's shoes.
I could exchange them for girl's shoes.
What if you don't end 3rd place?
I'll end 3rd place.
Help the boys get ready.
We haven't got much time.
Get down! Hurry up!
Come on, boys. Come on.
Change your clothes.
Hurry up, boys.
May I have your attention, boy?
The race course is 5 kilometer and the finish line is by the lake.
Don't jostle one another.
Sportsmanship is what counts,
not winning prizes.
Are you ready? One, two...
Why are you late?
I'm not late, I ran all the way.
Hurry up! Take off the sneakers.
I will be late for school.
The sneakers are dirty.
I 'm ashamed of wearing them.
I'm not going to wear the sneakers any more.
It's all your fault, you lost the shoes.
Find the shoes or I'll tell father.
I'll give the sneakers to you if I end 3rd place.
What if you don't end 3rd place?
I'll end 3rd place.
Well done, Ali!
Did I end 3rd place?
What do you mean 3rd place?
Your are number one.
It doesn't matter. You'll win next.
Get Ali here.
Look here.
Look here, please.
Look here now.
Please stand off.
I need a one-shot please.
Raise your head, champion. Raise it.
One more.
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Cruel Intentions 3
Crumb (1994)
Cube2 Hypercube 2002
Cube Zero
Cure (Kiyoshi Kurosawa) CD1
Cure (Kiyoshi Kurosawa) CD2
Curse The
Custer of the west
Cut Runs Deep The 1998
Cutthroat Island (1995)