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Subtitles for Children of a Lesser God.

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Children of a Lesser God

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[Bell Rings]
This is the most amazing resume I've ever seen.
I've been with some really good schools. The best.
All of them. All of the best.
One right after another.
And you've also been
with the Lucky Erin Bar and Grill.
Pittsburgh. Bartender.
And a disc jockey.
In Oklahoma.
I used to broadcast in sign language.
You've been all over the map.
I've got a lot of energy.
I'm sure you do have a lot of energy
and a lot of new ideas.
I did, too, when...
But nobody's trying to change the world around here.
Just trying to help a few deaf kids
get along a little better, that's all.
Everything else is razzle-dazzle.
Am I, uh...
am I making myself clear?
Yes, I believe that you are.
Are we being punished?
I'm James Leeds, and...
my signing is rusty,
so how many of you can read lips?
No one? O.K. Class dismissed.
No, no, no. No, no, no.
Just testing. Sit down.
Lydia and Tony, good lip readers.
Would you mind closing your notebook?
Thank you.
Now, give me one good reason
why we should learn to speak. Tony.
To pick up hearing girls.
To pick up hearing girls. O.K. Let's work on this.
All right. Now... here.
O.K. Here are two beautiful hearing girls.
You two guys want to pick them up.
What is the first thing you want to say, Danny?
Are you rich?
Are you r-i-i-ch? Say it.
Good. Lydia.
I'm very rich.
Good. Tony.
Let's go somewhere and do it.
No, thank you.
Let's go somewhere and do it-t.
I would rather do it with her.
Cute. How about you guys?
You want to join us?
They don't talk.
Fair enough.
O.K. Reasons to talk. Right.
If your hands are occupied.
For example, some guy owes you money.
He comes by,
but you just happen to be in a handstand.
How will you tell him to give you your money?
You can't use your hands. You've got to speak.
Give me my money, you bum.
Call me names, will you?
I don't have to stand here and take that.
You want to fight, huh?
O.K. Put up your feet and fight like a man.
Take your pots...
and your lousy food
and shove them...
Doesn't mince words, does she?
Mr. Leeds.
Mr. Leeds.
Oh, Leeds!
Join us.
Sure. O.K.
Good thing you're out of my classroom.
Sit down, James.
Mary Lee Ochs, Assistant Superintendent.
Orin Dennis, math and social studies.
James Leeds.
Leeds. Hi.
Did I hear Miss Ochs say
you were one of her students?
Yes. I started here at 5.
Really? Wow, that's great. I'm impressed.
For still being here?
Not what I meant.
See you all later.
Who is that?
That's Sarah.
Never mind her.
She's a pain in the ass.
But who is she? What does she do?
She works here.
Orin, I've got an idea.
How about the kids making potholders for parents' day?
They don't sell. We've got hundreds left from last year.
We do? Oh.
We do? Oh.
Sarah came here at 5, too.
We grew up together.
Is she a teacher, too?
She was one of our brightest students.
Would you give me some of the water?
Thank you.
Leeds, you're a genius.
You will work.
[Classical Music Plays]
Mr. Bach.
Hear that...
Again. Faster.
One more time, faster.
Great. Right.
That is great. Brilliant.
My Lydia.
Come here, Lydia.
O.K. Put your hands on the speaker. Come on.
[Music Plays]
Feel that?
Feel it.
Like a boomerang, baby
Love can turn, turn around now
Use your voice.
My heart can feel ya
Close enough to steal ya
Don't slip by, now
Don't you know that I'll be comin'back to find ya
You know a boy can change direction
Givin'you love and affection
Like a boomerang, baby
Love can turn, turn around now
Like a boomerang, baby
Ooh, your love can turn around
Ooh, my love is gonna catch ya
It's comin'back to get ya
It's good that I met ya
Not givin'up
'Cause now I'm gonna try to get ya
You know a boy can change direction
Bringin'you love and protection
Baby, baby, baby
A drip.
[Very Loud] Oh! What a drip!
No. No. No! No!
That's not what I meant.
I just wanted to introduce myself.
I'm James Leeds. It's Sarah, isn't it?
Would you like to sit down?
Right here.
O.K. We'll both stand up.
Oh, I see.
Very good. You got me there.
Could you look at me, please?
If you don't look at me, I can't...
So, um... Dr. Franklin tells me
that you've been here since you were 5.
when did you graduate?
And, uh, now... now... now you work here?
Are you reading my lips?
I don't think that you are reading my lips.
Gee, that was quick of me, wasn't it?
You could've told me.
Why? I don't know.
How about common courtesy?
How about me getting out of here
so you can mop the floor?
you know, if you let me,
I bet I could teach you how to speak.
And you could teach me...
but I don't want to mop the floor.
Gee, that was quick.
And you don't want to speak.
It's a damn shame.
Costly, too.
Resodding is damn costly.
No. I'm talking about Sarah Norman.
Right. Sarah. Look at this, will you?
What a mess.
Has she ever tried speaking?
Sarah's not hard of hearing.
She's totally deaf. Born that way.
That makes it tough.
The rain's lousing up the fields.
It's a shame that a bright woman
is stuck here cleaning toilets.
Doesn't bother her.
Oh, no?
Look, hotshot,
not everyone wants to be a star.
Sarah is content.
She had a rotten childhood.
She was diagnosed as retarded
until she was 7.
We let her know how smart she was.
For what?
She's productive. Pays taxes.
Oh, brother.
All right. You want to try?
I'll talk to her.
I'll talk to her.
Look at this. Will you look at this?
It's going to cost $2,000 or $3,000 at least.
Oh, brother.
All right.
[Bell Rings]
That's good.
You have to work on S's, though.
O.K.? Go. Out.
James, Sarah has agreed to give you an hour.
She's really looking forward to it.
You're really looking forward to it, aren't you?
What did I tell you?
Well, uh... have fun, Jim...
as usual.
Well, Sarah, uh...
yeah. I do mind, actually. Fire laws and all that,
but you go right ahead.
how would you like to fake out Franklin,
make me look real good?
I'm sorry. I didn't get that.
sign... faster...
the hour will be over
before I finish my opening speech.
No. I'm all out of jokes.
I'm not funny.
Oh, yeah?
If you could hear, you'd think I was a scream.
You're deaf? Well, I'll try to remember that.
I'll forget? No, I won't.
Listen, um... why don't we get this thing started here?
Well, thank you for stopping by.
The pleasure was mine.
My mama.
Your mama.
Great. Go.
Glen, who's your favorite person?
Twisted Sister?
Twisted Sister?
It's the name of the rock group.
Oh. Oh.
Try saying that.
Twisted Sister.
Glen, it takes courage.
I know.
Just give me one sound.
One. "T."
That's great.
That's great.
Yeah. Out of here.
Who's your favorite person?
Princess Di?
[Bell Rings]
Hey, you want to play stand up, sit down again?
Whoa, careful,
you almost smiled.
Ah, that's a girl.
That's the Sarah Norman we all know and love.
If my jokes are terrible
and my signing is boring,
what are you doing here?
There's a whole empty beach.
I tried to call your mother.
Hey. Hold it.
Wait. Wait.
I can't...
I didn't even talk to her.
I mean, can we stop this?
I mean, why can't we...
I mean, why can't we just...
why don't we...
why don't we...
go out and have some dinner tonight?
Huh? Just give me a yes or a no.
I think.
O.K. Um...
I will meet you behind, uh...
the girls' dormitory, 8:00.
I will whisper your name.
I know that sign.
That's the first sign I ever learned.
It's in Italian.
Can I suggest something?
Will you give me a break?
My Italian is worse than my signing.
The veal piccata is very good.
Look. I'm sorry.
V-E-A-L P-I-C-C-A-T-A.
I mean, you see,
by the time I finish,
they may be out of it.
It's veal. It's, uh...
sauteed in lemon and butter.
What's veal?
Uh... God. What the hell is veal?
Good evening.
Something to drink this evening?
You want something to drink, Sarah?
Our house wine is very nice.
You want some wine?
Yeah. It's O.K.
Uh, white wine.
We'll take a carafe, please.
He doesn't think you're stupid.
He thinks you're deaf.
No. Only stupid hearing people
think that deaf people are stupid.
Do you really like being a cleaning woman?
Yeah. I mean, there are other jobs
where a person can work alone in silence.
Not with toilet bowl cleaner?
You should have told me that was the attraction.
You are smart as hell, you know?
You want to dance?
Can you feel it?
through your nose!
Ain't nobody worried
Ain't no smilin' faces
I'm not good at this.
And you are. Great.
Lyin' to the races
Help me
Come on
Come on
Somebody help me, now
I'll take you there
Help me, y'all
I'll take you there
Help me, now
I'll take you there
Oh... ooh
I'll take you there
Oh, oh
I'll take you there
Let me take you there
I'll take you there
Let me
Take you there
Play it, Larry
Play your
Play your piano, now
All right
Do it
Do it
Come on, now
Play on it
Play on it
Daddy, now
Daddy, Daddy, Daddy
Ooh, Lord
All right
Oh, I
I know a place, y'all
I'll take you there
Ain't nobody worried, y'all
I'll take you there
Mercy, now
I'll take you there
I'm callin'
Callin', callin' for mercy
I'll take you there
Mercy, mercy
I'll take you there
I've been
Loving you
Too long
To stop now
You were tied
And you want to be free
My love is going strong, girl
As you become a habit to me
Ooh, I'm loving you
A little too long...
I don't know why I became a speech teacher.
O.K.? Let's dance.
It's too hard to dance and talk.
With you, my life...
Well, maybe I like to hear myself talk.
Has been so wonderful
Can't stop now...
I am a really good teacher, though.
You should let me help you.
What is that?
Lydia does not talk like that.
Don't you want to be able to get along in the world?
No one wants my help?
That's your opinion.
That's fine.
You don't do anything you can't do well?
I don't want to stop now
Oh, oh
I've been loving you
A little too long
I don't want to stop...
Well, I would like to walk with you.
my pleasure.
Mrs. Norman? I'm James Leeds.
I didn't call again...
because I would've hung up again.
It's 60 miles here and back.
Please, just five minutes.
I just got home from work.
This is my time to relax.
Discussing Sarah is hardly relaxing.
Five minutes.
Well. Uh... let's see.
You haven't seen Sarah in eight years?
Let's get this straight.
Sarah doesn't want to see me.
Has she said why?
We don't communicate very well.
Did you ever learn to sign?
Some of the parents...
I'm really sick of you people
coming here every few years
asking the same questions,
blaming me.
God. No one's blaming you.
Of course they are. They can't blame themselves.
So, it's all my fault.
Fine. I don't give a damn anymore.
I really just came to ask one question.
What happened when Sarah tried to speak?
What happened?
She looked awful.
She sounded awful.
People made fun of her. What do you think?
Who made fun of her?
Other kids.
Her sister's friends.
Then she stopped trying to talk.
She's very pretty, you know.
Her sister Ruth had a bunch of boys hanging around,
and they started asking Sarah out
when she came home on weekends.
It was wonderful for her.
The boys really liked her.
They treated her just like they treated Ruth...
with respect.
If you didn't know there was a problem,
you would've thought she's perfectly normal.
It's true. I'm early today.
No. Don't go.
I wanted to talk to you, anyway.
No. I want to hel...
work with you.
I understand that you're scared.
I understand nothing.
Sarah! Come back here.
Yelling at the back of a deaf person.
Very good, James.
He's been at all the best schools.
Why did you stop going home?
Did your sister's friends,
those boys that you were going out with,
did they have anything to do with it?
Yes. I talked to your mother.
Please, let me help you, damn it!
By showing you the joys of sex
with a hearing man?
I think that's one language you don't speak.
Yeah, O.K. I'm so...
Come on. I can take it.
You have more than enough communication skills.
I don't. They never did?
[Stamps Floor]
Who is they?
Hearing boys?
They could never be bothered to learn my language.
I was always expected to learn to speak.
Well, I don't speak.
Sex was always something I could do
as well as hearing girls.
At first, I let them have me
because they wanted to.
Before long, the boys were lined up
on a waiting list my sister kept for me.
No introduction, no talk.
Just went to a dark place and...
They didn't even take me out for a Coke first.
That's not what I wanted to know about you.
I thought I was such a big deal...
coming on to the deaf girl, giving her a thrill.
No, Sarah.
All the time, you were laughing at me.
I was thinking, "poor little deaf virgin
who spread her legs for every..."
You think that I'm threatened by that?
You think that I give a good goddamn
that you fucked every pimply-faced teenager?
I don't. I don't give a shit!
Sarah, please listen to me.
I'm not going away.
I did the wrong thing.
I'm sorry. I...
I don't know what to say.
Tell me what to say.
you are the most
mysterious, beautiful, angry person
I have ever met.
I am falling in lo...
I am falling...
into the pool with you!
God! What a fellow has to go through.
My love will get ya
Like a boomerang, baby
How are things going, Jim?
Great. Just great.
Good. Good. Glad to hear it.
We've got to have you to the house.
I'd like that.
I warn you, though... I'm a poker player.
So I've heard.
Are you a card player?
No, not really.
Tic-tac-toe's my game.
So much the better, huh?
Thanks for coming in, Jim.
We're really happy to have you with us.
Thank you.
Oh, uh...
your size?
Be careful, Jimbo.
Don't fight it.
[Tango Music Plays]
You're leading again.
I got a funny sensation in my toes...
like someone was barbecuing them over a slow flame.
Let's throw another log on the fire.
[Tango Music Plays]
[Jim] Ow! Ow, ow, ow.
You are...
nicest person...
ever met.
Who, me?
I'm the nicest person you've ever met?
That's the craziest thing that I ever heard.
You thought after what you told me...
that you'd never see me again?
Here I am.
Yeah, I was in love, but...
she broke my heart.
Oh. Yeah, I know.
Please don't break my heart.
Did anyone ever break yours?
You don't hurt from other people?
You never hurt from other people?
That's not true.
Sarah, I know people have hurt you.
I know.
Suppose you admitted that you hurt.
shrivel up and...
I'll take care of you, Sarah.
I'll take care of you.
What do you mean, that was my foul?
You moved into me.
You want to call me an asshole, say it.
No. Say it out loud. Watch my lips.
Good. It was still your foul.
Did you know
that waves strike the average beach
about 750,000 times a day?
That's true.
I just made it up.
You do?
What do waves sound like?
That is what they sound like.
How did you get to be so brilliant
and beautiful?
And pigheaded.
You're the most stubborn person.
Yeah, you.
You're not stubborn? O.K.
Hi, beautiful.
What am I saying?
Sarah, that was a joke.
It wasn't funny.
O.K., I won't do it again.
I promise.
I promise.
Come on!
Mr. Harrison! How are you?
Couldn't be better, Curtis.
Jim Harrison.
He donated the chemistry lab.
Your boy Glen is coming along.
He's a fine lad.
Has he changed that idiotic haircut?
No. I like to give the kids a lot of leeway.
Asshole! Shit For Brains!
Look at those shingles.
Guess they'll all have to be replaced.
Thank you, Mr. Jones' class
for your informative demonstration
of the importance of the four food groups.
[Skipped item nr. 719]
[Skipped item nr. 720]
has a special treat for us.
[Rock Music Plays]
Like a boomerang, baby
Love can turn, turn around now
Like a boomerang, baby
Love can turn around
My heart can feel ya
Close enough to steal ya
Don't slip by, now
Don't you know that I'll be comin'back to find ya
You know a boy can change direction
Bringin'you love and affection
Baby, baby
Ooh, and it's sweeter, sweeter
Sweeter, sweeter
Like a boomerang, baby
Love can turn, turn around now
Like a boomerang, baby
Ooh, love can turn around
My love didn't catch ya
But it's comin'back at ya
Like a boomerang, baby
Glen is singing.
It's really a stupid song,
but he's actually singing.
He's wonderful.
Love and protection
Baby, baby
Ooh, and it's sweeter, sweeter
Sweeter, sweeter
Like a boomerang
Love is such a strange thing
Love is such a strange thing
You know it tries to shoot you down
You know it tries to shoot you down
Throw it out a window
Throw it out a window
And it comes right back
Baby, baby
Don't you know that I'll find you
Like a boomerang, baby
Ooh, love can turn around, yeah
Love can change your life in a minute
Love will lock your life up in it
Ooh, baby, love can turn around
Love can turn around
Your life right now
Like a boomerang, baby...
I'm very impressed.
Anything that works, Edward.
Comin'at you, baby
Love can turn around on you
Where did they leave it?
In here.
Where in here?
What did they do?
Just a cut, huh?
It's five stitches, huh?
You stupid son of...
She could have seriously hurt herself...
in front of a parent.
It's going to stop now.
What? I don't know what made her upset.
You've got no right to mess her up!
She is not messed up.
I'm not discussing this.
Nobody's going to fuck with one of my students.
She's no student! She's a 25-year-old woman!
Nobody's going to fuck with one of my employees.
It's going to stop!
She's quitting her job!
She's what?
She's quitting.
She's moving in with me!
Oh, I see.
She's going to be your maid now, huh?
Jesus Christ, Franklin.
James, James...
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. That wasn't fair.
That wasn't fair to Sarah, either.
I've seen this kind of thing before.
It just doesn't work!
This isn't this kind of thing.
This is us. This is Sarah and me.
I love her!
Sure, the kids made me happy.
Is that against the law?
I don't hate you for not learning how to speak.
Sarah, I...
Iove you.
I need you.
Where are your suitcases?
[Stamps On Floor]
It's your suitcase.
You are moving in with me today.
I'm packing your clothes.
You'll need some clothes.
Now, it's your turn.
Screw your job. I got mine.
You can do whatever you want.
what do you want?
You got me.
What else?
You want...
deaf children?
What do you want me to say,
that I want deaf children?
No, I don't.
But if they were,
that would be fine.
Could you get me some more, too?
I don't think she heard me.
Mr. Leeds!
I don't think you're an asshole anymore.
No. I think you're a...
That's fantastic. I got it right away.
Yeah, Dick-brain.
Really excellent.
Good work.
Choo choo choo choo.
Choo choo choo choo.
Machine, freeze.
Favorite candy, Tony.
Good. Go.
Favorite animal, Lydia.
Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Fine actor, fine actor.
Favorite football player...
Thank you, Johnny.
And favorite football hero, Cheryl.
Billy "White Shoes" Johnson.
Great choice. Go.
You ready?
No, Franklin will not expect you to speak.
My God, you look so gorgeous.
[Doorbell Rings]
I'll get it.
This is great. I cannot believe this...
And Sarah!
Oh, come in. Come in, please.
Oh, Martha, Sarah's here, too.
You've taught her to play poker?
Not me.
She learned it out of a book.
Well, about that time.
Sarah knows how to play poker?
It's good to see you again.
You look... mmm!
Sit next to me.
No, no, no. No couples together.
Let's break it up.
Come on, break it up.
no cheating.
Don't start, Curtis.
I've seen deaf people cheat like bandits.
Come on.
Oh, yes.
Those little signs that no one will see.
Very funny, Franklin.
Don't pay attention to him.
With Jim, of course.
Together, you can clean up.
Jim won't cheat. He's not deaf.
That's very good.
Very good, Sarah. Very good.
High card deals.
9. 10.
You're high. You deal.
Nickel, dime, and quarter.
All of them?
Yes. Ante up, everybody.
Out of a book, huh?
Five card draw.
One-eyed jacks wild.
One-eyed jacks wild?
One-eyed jacks.
You're doing great with her, Jim.
Yeah, what a change.
Pretty impressive, James.
What about the poor guys that lost?
Want these here or in the kitchen?
No, I'll clean up.
It's no bother. It's fine.
I can't believe how well she played.
There goes my mad money.
where can I get a copy of that book?
You are smart.
She bluffed me.
I folded with three of a kind.
Did you teach her that?
Quite a coup, James.
A lesson for us all.
Oh, God.
God, I can't ever get close enough.
Say my name.
Just once, say my name.
I'm sorry.
I need it... I'm...
I know I promised.
I'm sorry. I forgot. I...
I'm not lying.
I don't want you to speak.
It just came out. Please, it just...
I'm sorry.
No. No.
I don't care! They killed my brother.
Don't kill him! Don't shoot!
They'll shoot you, too!
Get out of my way!
Shoot please! Do it for me!
Can we have some soda?
[Telephone Rings]
The phone is ringing.
The phone is ringing.
What phone?
The phone you can't hear because it's so noisy.
Turn that damn thing down.
Good grief. What am I saying?
The phone is ringing.
The TV is blasting.
[Teakettle Whistles]
The kettle...
If someone would just fire a bazooka through the window.
Can you hold on?
That would be great.
Water's boiling.
Ask him to hang on for a second.
[Tires Squealing]
It's for you.
It's one of the dorm counselors.
He's translating a call from a deaf man.
It's Orin.
Lydia, Danny! For god's sake...
It's over. Bye.
Thank God for small favors.
O.K. You still there?
Great. You both ready?
We're both ready.
This is Sarah speaking to Orin.
Why are you calling?
I'm having a small dinner party.
I want you to come, please.
How about me, please?
Don't translate that to Orin.
No, I'm not saying please.
Wait a minute.
That was Orin saying please.
Look, it's my fault.
I probably sounded like myself
instead of like the dorm counselor
sounding like Orin.
He wants you to come to a party for...
Marian Loesser.
She is dying to see you.
Bring James!
Friday at 7:00.
O.K. Fine.
We'll be there.
Yeah. Thank you.
My God.
Either I just went deaf,
or it is suddenly quiet in here.
I do not make everything into a joke.
I possibly obscure...
How the hell would you sign "obscure"?
I'm going to rest my hands
and my eyes
and listen to 20 minutes of Bach.
You know...
I haven't turned on my hi-fi since you...
Hold it.
That sounds like...
like I'm blaming you for me not
listening to music.
Thank you.
I will. I'll rest my hands...
and listen to something beautiful.
[Bach Plays]
I can't enjoy it.
I can't,
because you can't.
[Bach Plays]
Show you the music?
Let's see...
I can't.
Don't be sad for you.
All right, I won't.
What should you wear to the party?
I don't know.
Have I ever heard of who?
Oh, Marian. She's the lady the party's for?
No. Should I have?
She's very famous in the deaf community.
Nice catch.
She has two Ph.D. s, and she doesn't speak.
Take a look at these.
I can't communicate with someone
when my mind is busy amusing itself.
You're right. I'm sorry.
What do you hear?
I mean, is it just silence?
No one has ever gotten in there to find out?
Will you ever let me in?
She's something, isn't she?
Is she a lawyer or something?
Uh-uh. An economist in Washington.
A real math whiz.
How thrilling.
Yeah. It is.
I just feel like everyone is talking
in some far northern Hungarian dialect over there.
I know the feeling.
Just because I wanted to leave,
doesn't mean you wanted to leave.
All right.
Sarah, what the hell is wrong with you tonight?
I'll wait.
Sure. Marian's great.
So what?
She has everything.
Education. Great job. Money.
Well, I'll tell you one thing that she has not got.
Oh, we're not talking about me for once.
That's true.
Let's crawl under the covers, sweetheart,
and pretend we're in some...
romantic, distant place.
We're not. We're here.
Right. O.K.
Let's deal with it.
What is making you so miserable?
Let's go to sleep?
You can't start a bonfire and then say night-night.
And you can't start a bonfire
and then run away, either.
Oh, you can do anything you want?
Yeah, like what?
Nothing. I can do nothing.
I'm equipped for nothing and trained for nothing.
You feel like an idiot.
I treat you like an idiot?
I pity you?
Wait a second.
And now you see Marian...
What about Marian?
Let you be you?
I don't?
I want you to be a deaf person
so I can change you into a hearing person?
I don't want to help anybody.
I just want to change and control...
Good night.
you think that I want you to speak.
And you just want to be you?
Well, who the hell are you?
[Stamps Floor]
God, you want to make love now?
Fuck you, lady.
Oh, that's what you want. You understood that.
That didn't help much.
Oh, it helped you?
That's really wonderful.
Makes me happy.
What a night.
I think that helped.
Yeah? What have you just decided?
No one's ever going to speak for you again?
Come on.
How are you going to manage?
Everyone's always told me who I am,
and I let them.
"She wants, she thinks."
And most of the time they were wrong.
They had no idea what I said, wanted, thought.
And now they won't.
Well, that's all right.
I'll buy that.
No, I won't. How could I?
Because I love you.
Love has nothing to do with it?
That's wonderful.
Then what the hell have we been doing?
Watch your hands?
It's hard to avoid them.
This sign...
to connect...
But it means so much more
when I do this.
Now it means...
to be joined in a relationship.
Separate, but one.
That's what I want.
But you think for me, think for Sarah.
As though there were no "I."
She will be with me,
quit her job,
learn how to play poker,
leave Orin's party,
learn how to speak.
That's all you, not me.
Until you let me be an "I,"
the way you are,
you can never come inside my silence
and know me.
And I won't let myself know you.
Until that time...
we can't be like this...
Well... that's all very moving.
how are you going to manage?
You can lock yourself
back in your precious silent castle...
I heard.
I heard every word, goddamn it.
I translated for myself.
It went from your hands
into my brain
and out my mouth.
And you know what?
I think you're lying.
I don't think that you think
being deaf is so goddamn wonderful.
I think that you're scared to death to try.
I think it's nothing but stupid pride
that's keeping you from speaking right.
You want to be on your own.
You don't want to be pitied.
Then you learn to read my lips
and use your mouth for something
besides showing me you're better
than hearing girls in bed.
Read my lips.
What am I saying?
What am...
You want to talk to me,
then you learn my language.
Did you understand that?
You've probably been reading lips for years.
But that's the great control game, isn't it?
I'm the controller?
What a fucking joke.
Now, come on!
Speak to me!
Speak to me!
See my mouth?
Hear my voice?
I'm not afraid!
Hot chocolate.
Your favorite.
Have you...
home... to stay?
Of course you can.
As long as you like.
You need a job,
but there's nothing.
I'll... I'll... I'll help.
I... never helped.
hurt me now.
The last time, you...
sent you away because...
I didn't know...
how to...
take care of you.
Your father...
couldn't accept you.
He felt...
he'd failed.
You're right.
I hated you...
driving him away.
forgive me.
[Telephone Rings]
What... What should I say?
I'm sorry, James. No, she's not.
All right.
I'll call you if I see her.
[Bach Plays]
Favorite books.
Favorite books.
Do you have any favorite books, Glen?
I'll put that on my summer reading list.
I have to see her.
I know she doesn't want to see me.
She's made that very clear.
But I have to see her.
She'll let you know
when she wants to see you.
She's working now.
She's saving her money.
She wants to go to college.
That's fine.
That's wonderful.
I've looked all over, Mrs. Norman.
Spring cleaning.
How was your day?
Are you O.K.?
You're not fine.
You're lonely.
[Music Box Plays]
He was here.
He misses you.
You don't know what to do.
I think maybe you do.
Hold me
I'll give you all that you need
Wrap your love around me
You're so exciting
I can feel you gettin'hotter
Oh, baby
I'll take you down
I'll take you down
Where no one's ever gone before
And if you want more
If you want more
For my love
Jump in
And feel my touch
If you want to taste my kisses
In the night, then
Jump for my love
I know my heart can make you happy
Jump in
You know these arms can fill you up
If you want to taste my kisses
In the night, then
For my love
You told me
I'm the only woman for you...
Have a good summer, William.
Language skills can be dangerous.
Use a little common sense, O.K.?
I will, Mr. Leeds.
So long, William.
So long, Fuckface.
For my love
Jump in
And feel my touch
If you want to taste my kisses
In the night, then
For my love, jump
I know my heart can make you happy
Jump in
You know these arms can fill you up
If you want to taste my kisses
In the night, then
Jump, jump
Ooh, yeah
You know my heart can make you happy
You know these arms can fill you up
Jump in
If you want to taste my kisses
In the night, dear
Jump for my love
Come on and jump on in
You know I need you...
You look beautiful.
You wanted to see me.
It was a shock,
seeing you in there.
I didn't know what to do.
You were scared, too.
I hear that Boomerang song.
Ooh, my love can't catch ya
You've been angry
since you were a little girl.
You didn't want to hurt again,
so you used your anger...
to push me away.
You're sorry.
I'm sorry...
for hurting you.
But you learned from me.
You learned that you can hurt...
and you won't shrivel up and blow away.
I don't want to be without you, either.
Do you think...
that we could find a place...
where we can meet...
not in silence...
and not in sound?
[Waves Crashing]
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