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Subtitles for Children of the Damned.

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Children of the Damned

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5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
We did this before. It had a very bad effect on the children.
I hope there'll be no need for another session.
I think that'll be all. Thank you very much, indeed.
All right, boys. You are dismissed.
- Well? - I'm impressed.
His total time for the eight tests was six minutes, three seconds.
You took two hours, eight minutes, and you beat me.
I said I was impressed.
What about his parents?
- Are they exceptional in any way? - I don't know.
He lives with his mother...
but she's never bothered to come to parents' nights.
I think we ought to see her.
Breeding tells, you know.
Good afternoon. My name's Lewellin.
I'm a psychologist at London University.
I just wondered if we could have a word with you...
about your son, Paul.
Who's he?
He's Dr. David Neville, despite appearances...
senior lecturer in Genetics at the university.
- All right. - Thank you.
Haven't had a chance to straighten up yet.
I've been conducting an intelligence test, Mrs. Looran.
I've been testing children from all over England...
on a project for the United Nations.
You see, this is the first time...
that an identical IQ test has been given...
to schoolchildren from all over the world.
Naturally, some unexpected things have turned up...
and that's why we've come to see you about Paul.
His intellect is almost beyond belief.
Is it?
It made us wonder about his background, about you, Mrs. Looran...
and about his father, of course.
Did it?
We thought it might be interesting if you were to take the test, too.
I won't take any test. If that's what you want, you can forget it.
There's really nothing to it, Mrs. Looran, and it would help us immensely.
I just don't want to do it! Now, you can forget it!
You better go now. I've got things to do.
About Paul's father, Mrs. Looran. Is he still...
- That's none of your business! - Quite right.
I was just wondering what business he was in.
- Get out. - I'm sure he'd be very proud of the boy.
If you could just give us his address...
I don't have to answer your questions.
Just leave me alone and get out!
Don't let him upset you. These scientists are all alike.
- All right, but just get out of here. - Going, Mrs. Looran.
- Just one thing, is his name Looran? - Get out!
Fascinating woman.
Well, geneticist, does she explain anything?
I think we can safely say that he didn't get his brain from mother.
They're after you.
And you won't get away. They're stronger than I am.
I hate you.
I want you to suffer the way you've made me suffer.
I should have crushed you to death the first moment I held you to my breast!
They'll get you now, and I'll help! I'll do everything I can to help!
He isn't mine.
I gave birth to him...
but he isn't mine.
I couldn't have a baby.
I hadn't been touched...
Don't you understand?
He hasn't got a father.
He isn't human.
I'd never been touched!
- The doctor said you have to rest now. - I'd never been touched!
Mrs. Looran, we've heard everything you have to say...
You don't believe me, you fools!
I warn you, he could butcher you without even trying!
You fools!
- Can I help you? - Rather!
We were coming to get Paul for the night...
but that doesn't seem to be necessary now.
No, he's safe in bed.
I'm Paul's aunt. Are you friends of Diana's?
Very close. Odd that she never mentioned a sister.
I live with my mother in Nottingham.
But this afternoon I got a funny feeling I should come down here today.
It's lucky you did.
Yes, I wasn't here 20 minutes when the hospital called.
It would have been awful if Paul had been here alone.
Well, we'll leave you to it, then, Miss...
Eliot. Susan Eliot.
- Thomas. - Yes?
What about tomorrow?
Oh, yes.
A Mr. Harib of the United Nations is flying from Paris to see Paul.
Yes. Your nephew's intelligence...
has really rather staggered us all.
I'd like to take him to my office at the university...
if that's all right with you.
Yes. I'd want to come with him, of course.
Absolutely. You must let me show you my laboratory.
Incidentally, Paul was born before Diana was married, wasn't he?
I'll call for you at about 10:00, then.
- All right. 10:00. - Thank you. Good night.
Good night.
They're from the same parents, the same litter.
- It's not glandular? - No. He's perfectly normal in every way.
It's not only that he's much bigger...
but he's very much cleverer. He'd get all the food if we let him.
Will his offspring be the same?
Exactly the same. As I told you, he's perfectly normal.
Under free conditions, his strain would take over.
Do you remember Darwin and survival of the fittest?
But this is not an example of the evolutionary process?
This is a sudden unexplained mutation in the genes.
And quite honestly, nobody knows exactly how or why it happens.
So we call them biological sports.
It occurs throughout nature, you know. Come and have a look.
Dr. Harib.
For 50 generations this, and then suddenly this extravagance crops up.
There you are: plants, animals.
And there's no known law why it shouldn't occur in man.
And you think this might explain the boy?
If I had to give an explanation, that's the one I'd give.
How often does this happen?
It's entirely unpredictable...
but certainly only once in several billion chances.
What if I told you, Dr. Neville...
that there were six Pauls in the world?
Same age, same intellect.
I'd say it was genetically impossible.
We have now the results of every country in the world.
Five children have scores identical to that of Paul Looran.
- Identical? - Yes, identical.
But how's that possible? I mean, no two...
I have no idea, but I would like to find out.
So would I.
One child from Calcutta is now a resident here in the Indian Embassy.
Since he and the Looran boy are both in London, I have arranged...
for the other four to be brought here by their embassies.
I would like you to retest them all.
In the meantime, gentlemen, I would like this treated simply...
as a UNESCO research project, nothing more.
Dr. Neville? Dr. Lewellin?
I'm very sorry to have kept you so long.
The ambassador offers his apologies to Mr. Harib...
but Nina Sirinova has returned to Moscow.
- But she was only just flown in. - And out again.
Moscow has decided we should not set a precedent...
of providing a travel service for UNESCO projects.
Could you tell us anything about her background?
- Her mother and father? - No, I'm sorry.
Did you see her mother when she was here?
I saw her. Now, please.
And her father?
The child's father did not accompany her to London.
And I have not been given any details as to his background.
Now, gentlemen, if you...
This is Sonya, my little daughter.
Look, what's all this about?
As a psychologist, Thomas, you really do tend to lose yourself...
in the individual, the single mind.
You see, we live in a complex social world.
Einstein put mass and energy together, we got the atom bomb.
Now, if you were a Russian politician and had a child with a brain, say...
10 times more efficient than Einstein's...
would you gaily let her out to any two British scientists...
- who happened to crawl out of the wood? - Of course I wouldn't.
Mark, stop it!
Stop it right now, will you?
The boy's absolutely incorrigible.
And that dog, he can get him to do anything he wants...
without even saying a word to him.
You are Mark's maternal grandmother, Mrs. Robbins? His mother's mother?
Yes, that's right. Mark's always lived with me.
But Mark bears your family name.
Wasn't your daughter married when Mark was born?
Must we talk about that?
She was really a marvelous daughter, she really was.
No mother could have asked for more.
But then, suddenly, she became uncontrollable.
I never knew where she was, or what she was doing.
And for her to turn from me and become a tramp...
just an ordinary woman of the streets practically.
So, you want to see our little genius.
Come this way.
Rashid's mother.
How very charming. I was hoping that we would meet.
These gentlemen have come to meet Rashid.
Is your husband, Rashid's father, here, too?
No. He does not work at the embassy.
It's not very important, anyway.
That's a very pretty sari you're wearing.
Does Rashid ever make you do things that you don't want to do?
Hello, Dr. Lewellin. You don't know me. I'm Colin Webster.
Is David about?
- David? - Yes, what is it?
Someone here seems to know us.
What are you doing in London? It isn't boat race week.
Just prowling around.
Take your coat off.
Tom, this is the Colin Webster.
- Yes, we've met. - What's up?
Excuse me.
I thought you spent all your time...
chasing sexy women in Bucharest and Istanbul.
Or is it Hong Kong and Berlin nowadays?
Sometimes there's nothing more exciting than chasing children around London.
You see, Tom, the social world?
So the British lion is raising its weary head?
Not necessarily.
It's just we have less reason than ever to ignore our assets. May I?
- Have you been following us all day? - Nothing so exhausting.
You moved about quite a bit, didn't you?
Dr. Lewellin, what do you make of it as a psychologist?
I find it very disturbing.
And as a geneticist, David?
A geneticist is always disturbed, Colin.
Look at your development. It's quite extraordinary.
And the government, what's their opinion?
You know governments, always a bit cautious.
I presume you're familiar with the biological sport.
Only in the most academic way.
- Could they be six sports? - With identical mutations?
But I'm always one for the long chance...
but that'd be like winning the Irish sweepstakes...
six times running, with exactly the same draw.
I know it sounds ridiculous, but has it ever occurred to you...
they might have the same father?
It occurred to me.
What an interesting life you postulate for this father.
But granted the same father and mother...
what six brothers and sisters of your acquaintance...
have exactly the same minds?
And parthenogenesis?
Yes. "Reproduction without concourse...
"of the opposite sex," says the Oxford dictionary.
"I've never been touched," says Mrs. Looran.
Tom, you're a psychologist. What about Mrs. Looran's claim...
to having given birth to Paul without "concourse of the opposite sex"?
She's an obvious hysteric: hallucinations, megalomania.
The interesting thing is that in each and every case...
there's an unstable mother and no trace of a father.
Our scientific boys tell me that parthenogenesis...
can be induced artificially, by radioactivity, or by certain chemicals.
Certainly, but only in very simple forms of life...
algae, and one or two other elementary plants.
But certainly not in man.
- So what's your explanation? - I don't think there is one.
At least one that we can understand at the moment.
But then we're surrounded by mysteries beyond our present understanding.
- Sherry? - Mrs. Bonn's been at it again.
So long as she keeps away from my gin.
They all did this in 37 seconds.
Unreliable source of information, old boy.
- Not here yet? - No, sir.
Dr. Lewellin? Dr. Neville?
You must come immediately.
This is Dr. Lewellin speaking. Hello, who is that, please?
I need your help. This is Susan Eliot.
- What's the matter, Miss Eliot? -I need your help.
-You must come immediately. - Look, Miss...
This is Susan Eliot.
Look, just steady down. What's the matter?
Would you like to tell us what's the matter?
I need your help.
Miss Eliot, I'm sorry to disturb you. I know it's late, but may I come in?
Why? Who are you?
I must talk to you about your nephew, Paul.
- You go away, or I'll call the police. - There's no need for that.
I've come from Dr. Lewellin and Dr. Neville.
It is for Paul's own good.
All right.
Thank you.
- You frightened me a bit. - I know. I'm sorry.
But, you see, we feel it might be better...
if you and Paul were somewhere a little more conveniently placed.
Could you put some things in a bag, do you think?
What do you mean? Now? But it's 4:30 in the morning.
- Just a minute. What do you want? - I'm afraid that's my business!
- No, you don't. - Tom...
Colin Webster's expecting us.
I'm sorry, sir.
He can be settled and in bed in an hour.
- But I'd like to talk to Dr. Lewellin. - First thing in the morning.
- Well, well. - What's going on?
Come in, gentlemen, do.
What's the matter, Miss Eliot? Why did you phone?
He wants to... Phone? What do you mean, phone?
Your call to the flat, asking us to come here.
But I didn't phone.
What's happening?
What's this all about?
Miss Eliot, why don't you get ready?
We can clear the whole thing up tomorrow.
He wants to take us to a safer place.
Really, Colin. Save this sort of thing for Istanbul.
We're not the only ones to feel that you academics...
have stumbled onto something that requires our kind of attention.
Three of the embassies you called at yesterday...
are flying in special planes...
to take their own newly-discovered assets back home.
Now, if they suddenly see the potential in their own assets...
they may soon see the advantage in scotching ours.
But he said he came from you, that you knew.
Colin, where's your sense of fair play?
You don't have to go anywhere, Miss Eliot.
- Just a minute. - What?
We'd like Miss Eliot to accompany Paul, of course...
but her agreement to that is a mere formality.
This is an authorization, signed by Paul's mother.
It allows me to take the boy into my custody.
- Bring my car up. - Right, sir.
Don't you worry, lad. From now on, they'll treat you like royalty.
Better than royalty.
What the hell would you do if all the great powers...
suddenly smiled at each other, had a bloody love affair?
I shouldn't worry too much. You know how love affairs go.
What the devil's wrong with you?
I don't know. I must have blacked out.
Much damage?
No, I think it's an improvement.
All right, get the boy. I'll drive.
- Where is he, sir? - Standing over there.
Go right after him. We must find him.
Thank you very much.
- Thank you, Thomas. - Sorry.
Nobody took him away, old boy.
He went off on his own. So what's the worry?
Someone might take him.
From what I've seen tonight, that wouldn't be so easy.
Yes, come in.
We've covered the whole area, sir. No sign of him anywhere.
Why don't you send for the police, old boy?
Milk and sugar?
I'll wait here. You get back to headquarters.
Susan, how do you like your tea?
I'll ask her.
She's not here.
Her coat's gone.
- No sign? - No.
Let's take the car.
You take the car. I'll go on foot.
Paul, darling.
What have you done?
But, Paul, you can't stay here.
Let me get Dr. Lewellin, and we'll talk it all out.
Miss Eliot?
But, Paul...
All right.
But we must speak to Dr. Lewellin in the morning.
It's nothing.
It's nothing.
How did you know my hand was cut, Paul?
How did you know?
When Paul was two, his birthday cake fell and...
Paul was burned.
Make it a thorough search, now. She might be stuck anywhere.
There's a stray dog in there. You better watch it.
He's behaving as though he owns the place.
Somebody really ought to do something about religion in this country.
You take the gallery. Watch your step.
Who's there?
Harris, no!
Paul, stop it!
Don't be a damn fool, Tom.
Do you want to stay here, Paul?
All of you?
And you want Susan to stay here with you?
Is there anything you want, Susan?
We will need food.
All right.
You may leave it outside the church...
on the top step.
Move it in now.
Right. Send them in.
At least their embassies will know you are trying to protect them.
Nobody's gonna trust a guard or a barricade.
No nation can allow brains like that...
to fall into someone else's hands, guards or no guards.
But, Colin...
suppose all they want to be are poets, or lovers, or even tramps.
You do remember Shakespeare and Casanova?
Yes. Nowadays we'd find a better use for Shakespeare.
Even for Casanova.
They should study and be studied.
Set up an international board of educators to study them.
An international board of educators?
What's the matter? Too civilized? What would you recommend?
Simple. Destroy them.
That seems to be it.
The others are busy.
Do you always know what I'm going to say?
Don't you know I couldn't do that?
You're frightened.
- You're frightened. - Yes.
Mi Ling, nobody wants to harm you.
Those men you saw this morning were simply looking for you.
Mi Ling, what's it all about? Why are you all here together? Why?
What's happened?
- I hope this wasn't a mistake. - We had no choice.
Ask Mr. Harib. If they thought we were kidnapping their prizes...
diplomatic hell would have broken loose.
There are other kinds of hell, Colin.
This part of it is your affair. I will intercede only if you ask me.
Thank you.
What is it?
We are stronger together.
Paul. Excuse me.
Paul, we want to assure you, all of you...
that we do understand your desire to be together.
Now, these people here are your friends.
They've come to take you back home...
because each country is very proud of its own prodigy...
and they want you to learn from, and to help, your own people.
In these circumstances, we're prepared to overlook...
what happened here early this morning, if you come now.
They will not be separated.
- Nina is going to stay. - Please, keep out of it.
If you have hopes of using her mind...
I warn you, everything you tell her...
will instantly be known to all the others.
- This is going to get out of hand. - Yes.
Excuse me, please, gentlemen.
Paul, would you come down here to me, please?
Now, Paul, I don't want you to answer me, all right?
Calcutta lies at the mouth...
Calcutta lies at the mouth of River Ganges.
- Mi Ling? - "Dr. David Neville, Special Award...
"The Royal Society, 1961."
So anything one of them sees, hears, or reads, they all know.
Anything, anytime.
Do you still want to take them to your embassies?
A small difference in the ability of some men enabled us...
to beat Hitler to the atomic bomb.
But this is not a small difference we're talking about.
This is a gigantic difference.
Russians flew in a study group.
I am as nonviolent as you.
You want war? If one of the big powers seize them...
how could the other side do nothing?
Every moment, they would be falling behind.
They would have to strike immediately, while they still had the chance.
- Perhaps. - It is not perhaps.
Any time now.
Hey, George!
How did they get through?
All right, downstairs.
- What? - Tom.
We better get down there.
Look, George. Soldiers.
- Where did you come from? - Now, listen to me.
- What's the matter? - You must stay in your room.
Straighten up, man. You're talking to an officer.
All right, I'll take him round to the garden.
- What's happening? - A couple of drunks, that's all.
What's happened in the church?
You tell me.
Remember, alive if possible.
Paul, what are you...
My God.
- What are they doing? - Drop it, Colin.
Drop that gun.
Get out. They're armed. Stay outside.
Is he dead?
No. He'd be better off if he was.
- This was your idea? - I would have planned it better.
This is absolutely necessary, is it?
I think it best that there should be...
no doubt in anybody's mind about the details.
Your blood.
- I got your message. - Anything happen?
No. I've been there all morning.
- Susan? - Not a sign.
Yes. Tom, I don't think you've met Prof. Gruber.
No. How do you do?
- David's told me about your work. - I'm very pleased to see you.
From Colin.
The human blood cell, the basic matter of all life.
All we are begins here.
A cell from Rashid's blood.
Now I will unite the two.
So, David, you think they just took over a living cell in a womb.
We may never find the answer to that one...
but the important point is, they're not human.
They're another species.
- Professor? - I don't know.
I don't know. I must think about this.
- May I? - Certainly.
Instead of the nations fighting over them, I think there should be a united effort...
to eliminate them.
What are you talking about?
We could sterilize them, but we couldn't be sure it would work.
- And do you really think they'd let us? - Why do we have to do anything?
Life is a struggle for survival, Thomas.
They're not human. They're a superior species.
- They'd beat us every time. - Mr. Harib, can we get agreement on this?
From this evidence, I...
Are you all crazy?
These children have never attacked anyone...
unless they were attacked first!
Don't get excited. A Welsh tirade isn't going to help.
Know how many children were killed in road accidents last year?
What's that got to do with killing five kids in cold blood?
- Kids? - All right.
So they're a different species. So what?
We're supposed to be a superior species...
yet millions of lower forms of life manage to exist with us on this planet.
You don't kill them because they're different.
And how would we manage to live with them?
If we should happen to disagree, they'd control us...
like the dog, like Susan.
And if they marry and propagate...
whose grandchildren will inherit the earth?
Ours or theirs?
Give me a few hours. I'll see what I can do.
Mr. Harib, you of all people... These five...
Call them what you like.
They may be the greatest gift we've ever had.
And what would we do with them?
One country has tried to get them.
Somebody else is bound to try again.
It is more than five children I am thinking about.
It is millions.
- Who goes there? - Dr. Lewellin.
I don't think Mr. Webster's here today, sir.
No, I know. I was with him myself just a short time ago.
Yes, sir.
I'm going into the church.
Go a bit steady with that when I come out, will you?
Paul, I understand how you feel...
but you must bury him, Paul. You must.
The dead must be buried, Paul.
Paul, I want to talk to you.
All of you!
Why are you here?
Why did they kill Rashid?
Are you talking, or are they?
Paul, you've terrified people.
They've been terrified.
They've been hunted, like some kind of freak vermin.
People believe that you're not human.
I don't know what that means, but you must learn not to kill.
But they kill.
I know we kill...
but it's wrong, and you're different.
For your own sake, you must not kill.
They tried not to kill.
I believe that.
But that machine, Paul, is it hydrogen power?
From the sun?
The thought of what that machine can do as a weapon...
has struck horror into half the governments of the world.
I know we make machines, horrible machines, but...
- They're going to kill you. - No.
And his death has taught them that you can be killed.
You must do something to convince them that you mean no harm.
If I can, I'll help you.
You mustn't mistrust us all.
Would you go to your embassies?
At least let me take her with me, will you, please?
Why are you here, Paul? What do you want?
We don't know.
- Susan. - They've gone.
- What? - They've disappeared.
I don't know what to do. They left me there all alone.
I didn't know where to go. They've gone.
Steady, Susan. All right, what's it all about?
They've gone!
I turned around suddenly, and they'd just disappeared.
What do you mean, disappeared?
After you left, they just stared at Rashid's body.
I didn't think they'd paid any attention to you...
but suddenly I realized I was alone. I didn't know what to do.
You went to them? But why? What have you done...
Did they say anything about where they were going?
- How could they disappear? - I don't know.
But what about the guards? How did you get through them?
I don't know! I just ran. They didn't pay any attention.
Did they say they were going to their embassies?
No. I don't know.
Don't be a damn fool, Tom.
- Get away from that door. - You're gonna give them a chance.
A chance to do what?
All right. You have it your way.
Did you see what they did to those men in that church?
We're gonna give them a chance. Just one chance.
We intend no harm to you or the other children.
But the machine, Paul.
We must know how to make that machine.
Not that we would use it. Nobody's going to use it.
But the best guarantee that it won't be used...
rests in no single power getting possession of it.
We need your abilities, Paul. It's not just this one machine.
We must accept that every weapon has its time.
They will be making advances as quickly as they can.
Without your brain, we would fall dangerously behind.
I'm sure this reading of each other's minds...
can be controlled, don't you?
You see, if an enemy knows our exact capabilities...
that leaves us open to surprise attack.
Now, that's a sort of security weakness that might tempt an enemy to move first.
We'd never think of trying to force you, of course.
We have your own interests at heart, too, Paul.
Yes, we want you to feel a completely free agent...
perfectly at liberty to follow your own convictions.
Whatever you do, you'll be well looked after.
We want you to be happy, as well as productive.
They're not human.
They're a superior species. They'd beat us every time.
They're not human.
They're a superior species. They'd beat us every time.
They're not human.
At this very moment, they could be controlling a bomber crew...
and force them to press the button.
That would be it.
- I don't believe it. - You don't believe it.
What gave you the divine right to take a decision...
that could destroy the entire world?
Don't be so bloody emotional and sentimental...
just because of your feeling about these kids. They're not kids!
Have you ever seen them laugh, run, play?
No, by God, but you've seen them kill...
violently and hideously.
Have you thought about that, psychologist?
I don't know what to do.
I wish to God I did.
We've got to do something. Come on.
I'm sorry. I was after Dr. Neville.
I'm afraid he's not here, Professor.
- I was rather hoping... - Is there anything I can do?
- Those cells we saw the other day. - Yes, what about them?
I can't be certain, of course, but it's just a hypothesis.
Because of the nature of the cells, the size, conformation...
and other factors...
I think they are the cells of man...
advanced maybe a million years.
I want plenty of distraction.
Keep those vehicles moving till we're ready.
Command to all stations.
Get that truck unloaded and move it out of here.
Come on, move.
Montez. Yes.
Hold on, would you? It's for Dr. Neville, sir.
A Dr. Lewellin and Prof. Gruber to see him.
Gruber? Dr. Lewellin discovered Paul Looran...
and Prof. Gruber's the head of my department at the university.
Right. Send them up.
- Get on with that thing. - Sir.
Finished, sir.
Right. Test the circuit.
Signal station. This is a test.
Prepare for firing signal.
Test signal received. Circuit functioning A-OK.
Good. Bring the armored units into firing position.
All stations. Readiness report.
G Station ready and standing by.
C Station ready and standing by.
J Station ready and standing by.
M Station. He's not out yet.
Detonator crew. He's not out yet.
- Dr. Lewellin's here, sir. - M Station not yet operational, sir.
What do you mean, they're not operational?
- Let me talk to them. - Sir.
This is the commander.
The Minister of Defense, the Chief of Staff, and Colin have all been killed horribly.
There's been murder and chaos in four embassies.
That was the chance you gave them.
They did that and then came back here?
Yes. We hope that's the one mistake they've made.
What sense is there in that?
I can't guess what makes sense to them.
Get that line working, or we go without you.
Finish the check. Let's see the area plan.
Colin and the others may have made just the same mistake...
as you're making now, pointed guns at them.
- Colin's not alive to tell me the story. - So that's the answer, is it?
To put them in a position where they have no choice but to fight back.
You were the one that reminded me of what happened in there.
Even now, they could be making all those men out there...
turn their guns on one another! It would be a massacre!
That's a risk I'm prepared to take. That's a risk we're all prepared to take.
The ammunition carriers are withdrawing now.
Look, David. Will you listen to me, please? This is important.
Prof. Gruber thinks...
those cells are the cells of man.
Man advanced maybe a million years.
That's possible. But we're ape advanced a million years...
and from what I've seen, we need protection against man...
advanced a million years.
Either we control them, or they control us, and that's the law of nature, Tom.
Ask any ape.
- M Station's still not ready, sir. - Does Mr. Harib know about this?
Mr. Harib's already down there in the car.
With him is a volunteer from each of the embassies.
Not only are they agreed on this action, but they're also agreed that if it works...
it's worth the risk of their lives, and ours.
I think you ought to keep an eye on Dr. Lewellin.
M Station to Command. He's got the charges in place...
but he hasn't got the line out yet.
You're the only station not ready. We can't wait.
Come on, move. The old man's blowing his top.
If he can work any faster in this muck, let him come down and do it himself.
I don't know what happened at the embassies...
but at least hear their side.
I was the one that sent them to their embassies.
Now bloody stick.
Right. Grab it.
They're out. Give us a minute to tie up.
You can't do all this without knowing what they're after.
How do we know why they're here, what they want?
M Station ready and standing by.
- All stations ready, sir. - Right.
Inform Mr. Harib we go ahead in 30 seconds.
Commander to Harib. We go in 30 seconds.
Right. I'll take care of this.
One, load and prepare to fire.
Mr. Harib? We go in less than half a minute, sir.
- You men, stop those people! - Tom!
Who's that?
Get away from that church!
- Go, get him. - Just a minute, Captain.
I'd like that. Please.
Get back!
Only the task force is allowed in the area now, sir.
This is my responsibility, Captain.
Get back!
You've got 10 seconds to get him out of there.
Count down from 10, and then push that button.
Final countdown.
Paul, give me some sign you can hear me!
- Wait a minute! It's Harib! ...5...
- 2... - Stop the countdown.
Check, check, check.
Can you hear me in there?
I want some sign you can hear me.
Wait for the signal.
Tell us what you want here.
What do you expect from us?
Be ready to go on that button without a countdown.
Let me pass.
All right, Dr. Lewellin. We'll give them their hearing.
My God. They're all going up there.
Do you understand why we have done this?
Yes. You are here to destroy us.
Paul, what is your purpose? Why are you here?
To be destroyed.
What is it?
The Indian boy was dead.
Why are we here?
For the same reason you are here.
You may choose your way.
We have chosen ours.
You blasted fool!
Stop firing, you bloody fools! Stop it!
Stop it, do you hear?
Stop it!
For God's sake, stop it!
Cease fire!
I'm ordering all units to cease fire. Cease fire!
- I'm ordering you to fire. - The General is ordering me not to fire.
Stop firing!
Stop it! Stop firing!
Fire the damn thing.
Stop firing!
You bloody fool.
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