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Subtitles for Childs Play 3.

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Childs Play 3

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(Winch clicking)
(Shutter clicks )
This is Andy Barclay. Eight years ago, he started the scandal
that nearly crippled this company,
claiming his Good Guy doll Chucky Was possessed by...Charles Lee Ray,
the notorious Lakeshore Strangler.
I ask you, ladies and gentlemen,
after all the lawsuits and negative publicity,
When the company is finally getting back on its feet again,
Where is the Wisdom in putting the Good Guy back on the market?
Mr Sullivan, before any of this happened,
the Good Guy outsold all our other toys two to one.
Even now, interest in the marketplace is at its peak.
The factory is running again. We should be in stores by next Week.
We cannot let the fantasies of one disturbed boy
influence company policy.
What if the doll somehow affects another child in a negative Way?
You could have a public relations nightmare.
You know, one of the hardest things about this business
is that it is a business.
It doesn't matter What We're selling,
Whether it's cars, nuclear Weapons, or, yes, even toys.
The bottom line is the bottom line.
And What are children, after all, but consumer trainees?
Andy Barclay is ancient history.
No one remembers him. Nobody cares.
I have made up my mind.
We're moving ahead.
Thank you.
(Woman ) OK. (Man ) All right.
Mr Sullivan.
If there's nothing I can say to convince you,
then I must go on record With my position: I'm against this.
Your position is crystal clear, Miles,
and you can be sure I Won't forget.
Just a minute, folks! We have a little surprise.
The guys at the factory sent this over.
It's the first one : the Good Guy of the 90's!
(Applause and cheers )
Well, if there's nothing else, I'll get going.
(Man ) It's just my Wife's expecting me.
I It's our anniversary. I Fine, Petzold.
Well, I guess I could review the Larabie report after dinner.
I Good night, Mr Sullivan. I Good night.
(Lift bell)
(Sighs )
(Ice clinking into glass )
(Ice rattling)
(Grunts )
(Heavy sigh)
'Despite a downdraught,
'stocks Were able to post a rally thanks to a couple of factors...'
(TV continues )
'In a moment...'
(Mutters )
(Groans )
Uh, Where is it?
(Groans )
(TV continues )
(Siren )
(Siren stops )
(Train Whistle )
(Doll) Hi, my name is Larry. (Doll 2) Hi, my name is Paulie.
I Hey, Wanna play? I Hey, Wanna play?
I I like to be hugged. I I like to be hugged.
I Hi, my name is Larry. I Hi, my name is Paulie.
(Dolls continue dialogue )
(Dolls stop talking)
(Screams )
(Whimpers )
(Chucky laughs )
Don't fuck With the Chuck!
Oh, my God.
(Sullivan groans )
Bull'sI eye!
(Screams )
(Chucky screaming)
Just like the good old days.
Nothing like a strangulation to get the circulation going.
You're my only ticket out of here, Andy.
I got to get out of this goddamn body.
Where are you, you little shit?
(Military drumbeat)
(Boy ) Left! Left!
InWard, hut!
(Woman ) Come on. You can do it!
Come on. You can do it, Jackson, hurry up.
Yeah! Move. Yes!
Come on. Let's go. Yeah! Come on.
Get moving! Go to the end of the line!
(Orders continue )
(Man ) I see that for the past eight years
you've been in foster homes.
Mind if I ask Why?
They took me away from my mother.
She's, uh, under special care.
I know that.
I meant how come you never got settled anyWhere?
Adjustment problems.
I can read, Barclay.
I'm asking you.
I never felt comfortable With those people.
They Weren't family, they Were strangers.
All right, listen up, Barclay.
I'm Willing to cut you slack because you've had it so rough,
but you're a troublemaker.
And I got a real problem With troublemakers.
They don't fit into the system.
So here's my advice.
Grow up, you're not a kid any more.
It's time to forget these fantasies of killer dolls.
Yes, sir.
"When I Was a child, I thought as a child.
"But When I became a man, I put away childish things."
I Corinthians.
Look alive, Barclay, on your feet!
At Kent, We take bedI Wetters and turn them into men.
(Electric raZor buZZes )
Oh, yes. Yes. Ooh, yes!
We're seeing some skin now, aren't We?
Presto! You're bald.
(Chuckles )
Always feels a little Weird at first.
(TV) 'I'll get us out of this.'
'Move it. Sit down.'
Kiss it goodbye.
(Cartoon voices continue )
You know, the Romans invented the military cut.
I You know Why? I Why?
To keep their hair short
so their enemies couldn't grab ahold of it in battle
and slit their throat.
(Chuckling) Now, hold still.
(TV) 'Ah, look out, there. Look out.'
(Cartoon continues )
Oh, shit.
(Chuckles )
(Boy on TV) 'We're back, and We're better than ever.'
'No one Will play With me.'
'UhI oh. There's a friend in need.
'Hey, cheer up!'
I (Boy ) 'Who are you?' I 'I'm a Good Guy.'
("Good Guy" echoes )
'I've just come from the clubhouse, and I'll be your friend.'
'You Will?.'
'Sure I Will.'
(Both) 'HideyI ho!'
'So, all aboard for highI flying fun
'With me, your friend till the end,
'the Good Guy doll from Play Pal.'
(Boy ) Come on, man!
(Banging continues )
Are you OK?
The bastards! Fucking bastards!
What happened?
Shelton, that's What happened. Shelton and his goddamn lackeys.
Thank you. I'm fine.
I'm Andy.
You must be new. Otherwise you'd know there's no individuality here.
Certainly no first names.
Yeah, right, I forgot. Barclay.
Whitehurst. Harold Aubrey for the record.
So, uh, Who's this Shelton?
Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Brett C Shelton.
He's God around here. Don't expect any mercy from him.
Welcome to hell, Barclay.
I All present and accounted for. I Thank you, Major Ellis.
You're a new boy, huh?
I How you doing? I Pretty good.
Who said you could look at me?
Do you know Who I am?!
That's Lieutenant Colonel Shelton to you, asshole!
(Barclay ) Lieutenant Colonel Shelton.
No. Lieutenant Colonel Shelton...
Lieutenant Colonel Shelton, sir.
What's your name, dipWeed?
I Sir. I Louder.
I Sir! I Louder!
That's much better, new boy. That's much better.
(Shelton ) Shit, Whitehurst.
You are Without a doubt
the most pathetic thing I have ever seen!
Wouldn't you agree?
I asked you a question, nimrod!
No, sir! I don't agree, sir!
Are you contradicting me, you sorryI ass sack of shit?!
You asshole.
What did you say?
I said, you asshole, sir!
You think you're pretty funny.
Yes, I do, sir.
Why don't you drop and give me 25 right now.
I 25 What, sir? I 25 pushI ups, De Silva.
One, sir. two, sir...
Now, you Women might think that because you're so much more delicate,
you deserve some sort of special treatment,
and once a month We're just going to get on out of your Way.
Well, you can forget it.
The same rules apply for everybody.
(De Silva ) 18, sir. 1g, sir.
(Shelton ) Only the fittest survive. (De Silva ) 22, sir. 23, sir.
OneI handed.
24...sir. 25...sir.
How you doing, Tyler?
Sorry. Nothing from your dad today. Maybe tomorrow.
Listen, he's busy flying jets, defending the country.
I He'll Write When he can. I I know.
I got a job for you.
Would you give this to the new kid for me? Barclay.
Yes, sir.
ow! Watch it, kid! AnyWay, how could you be so stupid?
Hey, look out!
(Paper rips )
(Door shuts )
A Good Guy.
Who the fuck are you?
I thought you guys only said three sentences.
I'm new and improved.
I never saw a doll like you before.
All right, kid, fun's over. Where the hell's Andy?
Can't you read? He Was supposed to get this package.
Tampering With the mail is a federal offence.
Sorry. Is he your best friend?
He's more than that. He's my new lease on life.
Wait a minute.
I got a new body,
and I ain't told anyone about my little secret yet.
So, uh, What's your name, kid?
Tyler. What's yours?
Chucky. But, uh...
my real name is Charles Lee Ray.
Hey, Whitehurst. What am I doing Wrong?
Is there anything you can't do?
Yeah. I can't seem to get thrown out of this place.
Barclay, meet De Silva.
I Hi. I Hi.
So, um, Want to show me?
I Yeah, sure. I OK.
No. Put the elbow, yeah, like that.
And like this.
No. Keep both eyes open.
Keep your sights on the target.
Now hold your breath.
SqueeZe the trigger, don't pull it.
You're not concentrating.
It Was really great What you did for us back there.
Shelton's a major dick.
Tell me about it.
(Tyler) Can't We play hide and seek?
(Chucky ) Hold still.
(Tyler) What do you call this game?
Hide the soul. Trust me. You're gonna love it.
Whatever you say, Charles.
Ade due damballa!
Give me the power, I beg of you!
(Thunderclap )
Leveau mercier du bois chailiotte!
Secoise entienne me pois de...
(Door opens )
(Man ) Divide the troops in half.
Charles, stop sWearing.
Per soldier, We're gonna need the Springfield OI 3s
marked for both the red team and the blue team.
What are you doing, Tyler?
We're playing hide the soul.
I I'll catch up With you. I I'll load the paint.
We don't play With dolls, do We, Tyler? Dolls are for girls.
But Charles is my new best friend.
Tyler, you know better than to talk back to a superior officer.
I Yes, sir. I Clean that up.
I'll take care of this.
I'll be back!
Left! Left! Left, right, left!
Left! Left! Get that Weapon up, Barclay!
Platoon, halt!
Left face!
New boy, fall out!
Fall out!
(Shelton ) Shoulder arms!
Forward! Arms!
Right shoulder! Arms!
Left shoulder! Arms!
(Man ) Right shoulder! Huh!
Left shoulder. Huh!
Forward! Huh!
Left shoulder. Huh!
Arms. Forward!
Right shoulder. Huh!
(Garbled commands )
It's not a baton, Barclay.
You look like a goddamn majorette over here.
I'm not used to guns, sir.
Does this look like a gun to you, Barclay?
It's a rifle! Major Ellis?
Show the new boy the difference!
This is my rifle, this is my gun.
This is for shooting, and this is for fun.
A soldier's rifle is his best friend.
Remember that.
(Chucky ) Help! Please, mister!
Please, somebody!
I Jesus! I (Chucky ) I'm stuck! Mister!
I'm in here!
(Man ) Hold on. I'm coming!
Where are you?
I'm coming.
Yell or something! Make a noise!
Where are you?
What the...?
(Gasps )
Oh, my God.
No! Stop!
(Sinister laughter)
Stop! Ah!
(Scream echoes )
(Shelton ) Fall out.
You get back there.
Better finish unpacking. Shelton's notorious for surprise inspections.
What are you doing?
What does it look like? I'm polishing Shelton's shoes.
He makes you polish his shoes?
No, I offered out of the kindness of my heart(!)
Whitehurst, did you see Cochrane With that doll today?
No. What doll?.
He Was carrying a Good Guy doll
just before the accident With the garbage truck.
Good Guys, I remember those.
Yeah, me, too.
Uh, lights out in a few minutes. I'm going to go get Washed up.
Barclay, Sergeant Clark Wondered if you got that package.
I What package? I You got a package in the mail.
Tyler Was bringing it. Didn't you get it?
Who sent me a package?
Hey, long time no see, pal.
No, you're dead. We killed you!
You know What they say, you just can't keep a Good Guy down.
Andy, how you've grown.
You're not gonna kill me. You need my body.
Wrong again, Wimp.
I got fresh meat lined up and you Won't spoil it, not this time.
Yeah, just think. Chucky's gonna be a bro.
I'm not gonna let you get away With this.
I'm not gonna let you near that kid.
(Chucky screaming)
What's the matter, Barclay, huh? You homesick?
You miss your mommy?
What the fuck is this?
Sorry about your shoe. I'll polish it.
Just give me back the doll.
No, no, you listen to me.
You tell Whitehurst he's off the hook.
I got myself another slave.
And clean up this mess. You got five demerits.
What about the doll?.
My kid sister's birthday is coming up.
I think she's gonna love it, don't you?
(Door creaks )
Oh, shit.
What the fuck?
No, stop!
What the fuck are you doing?
You Wouldn't believe me.
Where's the doll, Barclay?
Where's the fucking doll?.
I You took it. I No!
What's going on?
Somebody sure as hell took it.
It's almost midnight, Colonel. Is this really necessary?
I'm Weeding out a thief, sir.
You've told me it's important to uphold the honour code.
I'm trying to impress that upon the men, sir.
All right, Shelton, make your point.
But I Want everybody back inside at O1OO hours.
Yes, sir.
When We get through With Barclay, he'll be living in a World of shit.
We've got an hour so let's make it count.
Yes, sir.
(Ellis ) All right, ladies, get those Weapons in the air.
I Want to see 'em high!
I think I'm gonna throw up.
(Boy ) You're dead, new boy. (Second boy ) Fucking geek.
"Dear Charles, you're it. Come and find me, your best friend."
(Tyler) Charles.
Come and find me!
God damn it.
I Platoon! I (Soldiers yell)
Double time!
(Soldiers yell)
Get those knees up, ladies!
I Where do the kids sleep? I Above the portico, Why?
(Ellis ) You're Wearing combat boots, not ballet slippers.
I Come on, move! I Barclay?
(Ellis ) It can get Worse than this! Get the lead out. Move it!
Faster, faster. Let's go, girls. Keep those knees in the sky!
You son of a bitch!
Hell of a punch there, Barclay.
Let's see What kind of tough guy you are.
Get your head around.
(Giggles )
(Giggles )
Tyler, come out, come out, Wherever you are!
(Chucky ) OllyI olly oxenI free!
Get out here, you little son of a bitch.
(Ellis ) Three! (Soldiers ) Three!
(Soldiers ) Four! (Ellis ) You're pissing me off!
All right, Barclay, I'm curious. What are you trying to prove?
I Forget it. I No, really, I Want to know.
All right. The doll's alive. He's after Tyler.
I Right. Forget it. I I hope he can handle himself.
(De Silva, Whispering) Shut up.
(Girl) I can't believe I let you talk me into this.
(De Silva ) Stay here and keep Watch.
I I live for this. I So go, go!
You know, I don't see What you see in that guy, anyWay.
I don't know, he's different from everybody else.
I Oh, please. I He's kind of cute, too.
Foster homes. No Wonder he's so quiet.
(Thump )
What Was that?
So you took the doll?. Shelton Will have you courtI martialled.
We're playing. What are you guys doing?
We couldn't sleep. Oh! Oh, he is so cute.
(Tyler)He Was mine first! Give him back! Give him back!
Shh! You guys, please be quiet.
I Will you go stand guard? I Yes, sir(!)
So What's his name?
I Ask him yourself. I All right.
What is your name, little doll?.
Hi, I'm Chucky. I'm your friend to the end.
HideyI ho! Ha ha!
I love it.
His real name is Charles Lee Ray.
Oh, is that so? Give me your lipstick.
I What for? I Just give it to me.
I What are you doing? I You'll see.
Wait. Stop.
I Here you go, baby! I You're messing him up!
You're so cute.
(Tyler) Don't do that!
Don't. He looks stupid. He looks like a Wuss.
No, he looks sWeet.
(Distant clang)
You guys, someone's coming.
Come on, let's go.
(Tyler) Stop! What about Charles?
This means War.
What the hell?.
I like to be hugged.
Oh, you got to be fucking kidding me!
A man lives through two tours in Nam, then one night he just drops dead.
Doesn't make any sense.
( # Reveille )
(Shelton ) At ease!
We Will now take a moment of silence to honour Colonel Cochrane.
He Was a fine man, and he Will be sorely missed.
Bow your heads for prayer.
(Man ) Take two!
It's getting shaggy, Carlson. I Want to see you on Friday.
Yes, sir.
I Monday, Fabricio. I Yes, sir.
My man.
Look at you, Whitehurst. You're a disgrace.
When's the last time you had a trim?
two Weeks ago, Sergeant, I think.
You think?! I Want to see you right after breakfast. Got it?
Yes, sir, Sergeant Botnick, sir.
And What are you looking at, new boy?
Barclay, What are you doing? You can't get up during mess.
(All laughing)
At ease!
I Tyler. I Hi, Barclay. What's up?
I gotta talk to you about Chucky.
You mean Charles.
Have you seen him?
I Not since last night. I He's hiding somewhere.
He'll lay low till you're alone, then he'll come after you.
I He's just playing. I Listen.
No matter What he says or What he promises you, stay away from him.
He's bad.
Charles isn't bad. He's a Good Guy. It says so on his shirt.
He lies, Tyler. Believe me, he's bad news.
He's hurt a lot of people. Colonel Cochrane Was one of them.
You're jealous because he's my best friend instead of yours.
Look. You better keep this.
Whitehurst, you are Without a doubt
the sorriest excuse for a soldier to ever disgrace these Walls.
Face it, you're not cut out for this life.
Do yourself a favour and get the hell out of Kent.
If I had any choice in the matter, I Would, sir.
SmartI ass.
Presto. You're bald.
What the hell?.
How did you get in there?
That haircut ain't regulation, soldier.
When's the last time you had a trim, huh?
Kiss it goodbye.
Presto. You're dead.
(Chucky laughing)
It's definitely you.
I just forgot my...
The annual War games have been a tradition at Kent for over 5O years.
Colonel Cochrane believed in the value of tradition.
He not only Would have Wanted us to go on,
he'd have ordered us to go on.
Therefore, the War games Will proceed as scheduled.
(Soldiers yell)
Lieutenant Colonel Shelton Will command the blue team.
Major Rollins Will head up the reds.
The objective is simple: to capture the other team's flag,
bring it back here safely to base.
You Will pick up your Weapons in the armoury before moving out.
You Will be using the standard issue Springfield OI 3.
Your ammo.
If you get hit, you are dead. Hike back to base.
Commanders, take charge of your teams.
May the best team Win.
Good luck, men and Women.
Nice of you to join us.
Looks like Botnick's in a pretty bad mood today.
I What's Wrong? I Nothing.
Nothing's Wrong.
Nothing's Wrong. I'm fine. Nothing's Wrong.
This ought to slow the pricks down.
(Man ) Left! Left! Left!
(Man ) # Here We go again (All) # Here We go again
(Man ) # Same old stuff again (All) # Same old stuff again
(Man ) # Marching down the avenue (All) # Marching down the avenue
(Man ) # two more miles, We'll be through
(All) # two more miles, We'll be through
(Man ) # I'll be getting rid of you (All) # I'll be getting rid of you
(Man ) # Same old ugly stuff (All) # Same old ugly stuff
(Man ) # Here We go again (All) # Here We go again
(Man ) # Marching down the avenue (All) # Marching down the avenue
(Man ) # One more mile, We'll be through
(All) # One more mile, We'll be through
(Man ) # I'll be getting rid of you (All) # I'll be getting rid of you #
What's going on, Whitehurst?
You saw something, didn't you? You saw Chucky.
Don't Wimp out on me now. I need your help.
That kid needs your help.
I didn't see anything, OK? I didn't see anything at all.
(Man ) # Your left, right, your left (All) # Your left, right, your left #
Ellis, let's make sure the perimeters are secured.
She checks all the Windows,
and then the babysitter hears this thump, thump.
Like something's being dragged across the floor upstairs.
And suddenly she thinks, "I haven't checked on the children."
So she hurries to the top of the stairs, and When she gets there,
she sees her boyfriend, completely dismembered,
dragging himself across the floor by his chin.
Thump. Slide. Thump. Slide.
I Thump. Slide. I (Girl) That is gross.
Hey, you guys, I got a better story and it's true.
It's about this mental institution, and it's a few miles away from here.
Hope it Wasn't something I said.
No. I'm sorry.
De Silva, Where do you think the red team's camped out?
Could be anyWhere. Shelton'll find them. He always does.
By the Way, you can call me Kirsten.
I What? I Kirsten.
It's my first name. Do you have one?
I Andy. I Oh.
Come on, Andy, I Want to show you something.
Pretty cool, huh?
(Barclay ) I forgot those places exist. People just go to have fun.
I (Crackling) I Listen!
Somebody's out there.
It's probably just a chipmunk or something.
I Nothing scares you, does it? I No.
Man, I really gotta get out of this body!
I'm going after Tyler.
Are you craZy? You'll never find them.
Want to bet? I sWiped this from Shelton's tent.
He sent out a reconnaissance mission right before We pitched camp.
The red team is somewhere around here.
That kid's a sitting duck, Whitehurst.
Are you With me or not?
I'm sorry, I can't.
(Ellis ) Up and at 'em, ladies, We're moving out!
I Want this camp to be a ghost town in five minutes!
I thought We Weren't going until dawn.
Someone stole the map so We're making our move now.
Get going, Hanley.
You Wouldn't know anything about a missing map, Would you?
Where the hell's Barclay? Whitehurst!
Colonel Shelton, you'd better have a look in here, sir.
What is it, Ellis?
Barclay's gone awOL, sir.
He stole the map.
That little fucking traitor's doubling for the reds!
Where's Tyler?
He Went awOL With some guy named Charles.
Where's Andy?
Whitehurst, Where is he?
(Ellis ) Platoon, halt!
All right. De Silva, you're going to take the right flank.
Siegel, you take the left. Check in on the radio every five minutes.
Move it.
The rest Will spread out and meet Ellis at Split Rock.
Move out!
Whitehurst, move!
I Thanks for coming after me. I What are friends for?
I That Was a close one. I Now We can play hide the soul.
I'm tired. I don't Want to play that dumb game any more.
You're a fucking drag, you know that?
Watch your mouth, Charles.
Stop calling me that!
What's the knife for?
A good soldier is always prepared, Tyler.
Barclay Was right. You're not a Good Guy.
Sorry, kid, you got me. I'm bad.
Now, assume the position.
(Tyler) No! (Chucky ) Ahh!
Get back here!
Barclay! Barclay!
(twig snaps )
Barclay, you fucking traitor, give me my map!
You got any idea What We do to traitors?
Tyler's in trouble. Come on, Whitehurst, back me up.
I Major Ellis, call in the flanks. I Yes, sir.
De Silva, Siegel, do you copy?
De Silva, do you copy?
(Ellis on radio ) 'De Silva, come in.'
I Ahh! I Ahh!
Siegel's on his Way back, sir.
I No Word yet from De Silva. I Keep trying.
I Help! Help! I Tyler!
I Barclay! I Are you OK, Tyler?
Well, looks like We got ourselves a little Pow.
Barclay, you Were right. Charles is bad. He tried to hurt me.
Who the hell's Charles?
(Chucky on radio ) 'Come in, Barclay. Come in.'
I Who the hell is that? I It's Charles.
I Who is this? I (Chucky ) 'Put Barclay on, jarhead.'
It's the reds. They're up to something.
What do you Want?
'I Want the kid. Bring him to the old Jeep or there'll be hell to pay.'
I (De Silva ) 'Andy, don't do it!' I De Silva!
You hear that, Barclay?
(Barclay ) 'Don't touch her, you son of a bitch.'
Bring me the kid or I'll Waste her.
Red team, red team. Come in, red team.
(Rollins ) 'This is red team. Over.'
(Chucky ) We got a situation up at the old Jeep.
Blue team sighted. Advise you to move your troops in.
(Chucky ) I hope they like the taste of lead.
Now just sit back and Watch the sparks fly.
All right, you two go on up ahead, draw 'em out.
We'll circle around.
Shelton, this is no game. This guy is dangerous.
Relax, Barclay. It's only paint.
All right. Let's do it.
I I'm scared, Barclay. I Yeah, me too.
All right, kid. Get over here!
Don't fuck With me!
I'll blow all of you to pieces!
Beat it.
Now, just get down and shut up!
(Gunfire )
I Hold your fire! I (Ellis ) Hold your fire!
De Silva, Where the hell is everybody?
Hi, soldier.
Fuck me.
All right!
(Gunfire )
I Stay down! I They're using live rounds!
(Gunfire continues )
Hold your fire! Hold your fire!
I Hold your fire! I (Chucky laughing)
Oh, God, he's not breathing. Get away from him!
You did this, didn't you?
You sick son of a bitch!
I'm going to kill you!
Stop it! Get off of him! He didn't do it! Stop it!
Sayonara, suckers.
(De Silva ) No! Get off of him!
Stop it! He didn't do it!
(De Silva ) He didn't do it! Stop!
Look out!
(De Silva ) Get off him! He didn't do it!
(Girl) Oh! Oh, my God, What happened?
It's Whitehurst.
(Girl) Oh, my God! Ellis, What happened?
I What the hell happened? I Who fucked With the rifles?
(Ellis ) OK, OK. Get Clark on the radio,
and get a medic up here now!
(Ellis ) Everybody stay calm!
I Epstein, I Want that radio! I Oh, God.
(Carnival music)
(Man ) This is your last Warning.
Give that thing a rest or you're out of here.
I We're not bothering anybody. I You're bothering me. Keep it down.
(Girl) JeeZ!
I Mister, you got to help me. I What's Wrong? What's the matter?
Charles. He's after me.
I Who's Charles? I He's a Good Guy.
I He Wants to play hide the soul. I OK, slow down!
Are you from Kent? What's your name, son?
Ronald Tyler. Private firstI class, sir.
Have a seat. How about some gum, Private?
I know how it must hurt When a friend does something bad to you.
Sure does.
But I bet your friend... What's his name, Charles?
I bet you Charles didn't mean it. I bet you he's really sorry.
No, he isn't. He Wants to hurt me.
Nobody's going to hurt you.
I know What Will cheer you up. Look What I found.
I (Man ) Here's your priZe. I Thank you, Daddy.
Let's go in the Super Moon.
Hey, maybe somebody's seen him.
Oh, God.
I Come on. I Wait.
Mommy, I loved it!
I Were you scared? I (Both) No!
Let's get some popcorn and go on one more ride.
(Chucky ) Perfect. In there.
Don't even think about it.
I Come on. I OK.
In there!
(Bell chimes )
(Lid creaks )
(Sinister laughing)
(Demonic laughter)
(Thunderclap )
(Chucky ) Time to play.
This looks good. Park it.
(Bell chimes )
I (Sinister laughter) I Whoa!
(Demonic laughter)
I Ahh! I Kid!
(Skeleton cackling)
(Demonic laughter)
(Screams )
Barclay! Barclay! In here!
He's got a gun!
Are you OK? Oh, my God.
(Sobbing) Oh, God.
(De Silva sobbing)
Here. Take it.
You can do it.
(De Silva ) I'll be OK.
Help! Help!
Yeah! You're mine now, Tyler!
(Chucky ) Noooo!
(Tyler and Chucky screaming)
(Chucky screaming)
(Riders screaming in distance )
I Tyler! I Barclay!
Tyler, Watch out!
(Turbine Whirring)
(People on ride screaming)
This is it, kid! End of the line.
Ade due damballa...
Leveau mercier de bois chailiotte!
Secoise entienne mais pois de morte!
Morteisma lieu de vocuier de mieu vochette!
Edenlieu pour du boisette damballa! Edenlieu pour du boisette damballa!
(Turbine Whirring, Chucky chanting)
Secoise entienne mais pois de morte!
Morteisma lieu de vocuier de mieu vochette!
Give me the power, I beg of you!
(Thunderclap )
Mercier de bois chailiotte!
Secoise entienne mais pois de morte!
Morteisma lieu de vocuier de mieu vochette!
Edenlieu pour du boisette damballa! Edenlieu pour du boisette damballa!
Edenlieu pour du boisette damballa!
..pour du boisette damballa!
Keep both eyes open. Hold your breath.
..du boisette damballa!
(Chucky screaming)
Edenlieu pour du boisette damballa! Edenlieu pour du boisette damba...
I Are you OK? I Yeah.
Come on, let's get out of here.
Hold on, Tyler!
(Chucky ) Give me the fucking kid! He's mine!
I (Tyler) Help! I Give me the fucking kid!
I (Barclay ) Hold on! I He's mine!
(Barclay ) Hold on, Tyler! (Tyler) Barclay!
(Tyler) Take the knife!
(Chucky ) Give him to me! (Tyler) Take it!
Here, take it!
Hold on!
(Tyler) Reach for it! (Chucky ) He's mine!
(Chucky screaming, turbine Whirring)
Tyler, come on. I got you.
I OK, We're on our Way in. I (Woman on radio ) 'Roger.'
You'll have to come With us now, son.
Are you going to be OK?
Don't Worry. I've been here before.
Watch your head.
(Siren Wails)
Valew Kim! (Thanks Kim!)
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