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Subtitles for China Strike Force 2000.

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China Strike Force 2000

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Damn it, Darren, look at me!
You know something Alex?
I like your hair that color.
Yeah? Right?
Do any of you even care
that the hostage was endangered?
You were brilliant, Alex.
Great surveillance,
teamwork, improvisation...
And handle unexpected issues.
But at the end, you lost your focus.
What is your mission?
The mission was to save the hostage...
And not for you to end up a dead hero.
I'm just trying to save my partner.
Did you need his help?
but... I appreciate it.
Shut up!
Listen! And listen good.
The Government pays me
to train you guys,
not to go to your funerals.
Now I want you both to go home
and study what happened
and what didn't happen today carefully.
Because tomorrow we're going to do it again.
If anyone makes the same mistake.
And I can assure you,
if you're hoping to spend your future
in this organization, it'd better work!
Now, get out of here!
How much longer?
About 2 hours...
Good... We'll be early.
Roadblock ahead, be careful.
What happened, officer?
Car skidded, lost control,
waiting for the ambulance.
It's been bad all night,
we've been driving for 6 hours...
Drive slowly.
-Okay! Thank you! -Good night.
Hey, stop!
We need some medical supplies.
Sorry! We're empty.
You must have something that can help...
Iike bandages, antibiotics...
The guy has multiple fractures.
We don't have a thing, we're completely out.
What about the first-aid kit?
Come on, let's open it up!
I thought you said you were empty!
Yes, we have no medical supplies.
No witnesses.
Would you help me with this?
I do that only
when a beautiful woman is close by...
There, shame on you.
Norika, when do you go back to Tokyo?
In 4 days.
to the successful conclusion of our business
to the most smart and beautiful negotiator.
Thank you!
You have all the information we need?
She has given us everything.
Put it in your safe.
Hi, Tony.
This is my friend,
Norika, from Japan.
A pleasure.
I've invited her to join us.
Uncle Ma, may I speak with you for a moment?
Are you forgetting yourself? We have a guest.
That's alright. I'd like to freshen up.
Now speak!
A friend of mine from America is in town.
I'd like the two of you to meet.
To what purpose?
He's merchandise to sell.
Electronics? Knock offs? Tobacco?
The drug business is not for us.
Not in the past, not now, not ever.
Respectfully, Uncle Ma,
drugs are the richest commodity in the world,
and China, is an untapped market.
We can make a fortune.
You are wasting my time...
Uncle Ma...
That's enough.
To save face,
I will meet your friend, I'd tell him...
how sometimes your mind gets confused.
And you forget what I tell you!
-Ruby! -Hello!
-Congratulation! -Thanks.
-Congratulation! -Thanks!
Darren, she is Jennifer
Jeniffer, he is Darren
Nice to meet you.
-Hello! -Hello!
I think it's my time now.
-See you then. -See you!
Move forward.
Thank what? You work hard for it!
There are so many girls who work hard.
But I have a really good father.
Sheriff Lin, welcome to Shanghai!
Alex, I am now under your power.
Please watch behind me.
No problem. You are my colleague, Darren.
-Sheriff, hi! -Hi!
You go up and look around. I have to work.
You two please follow me.
Alex, I think I better stay here.
Hurry up!
I am trying my best.
Let's go!
I like this color.
I like it too.
Forget it, Darren. She don't match with you
You match better.
Ruby's design is not bad
Hope that she won't dress like that.
Please call the ambulance! Quick!
Protect them!
I am the police. Everyone please calm down.
Move backward.
Where is the ambulance? Hurry up!
What's wrong?
What the hell?
I am the police. I need to use your car.
So what if you are the police?
Don't make any stupid move! This car is mine!
I have followed the suspect to Pu Dong Hotel.
I need back up.
-It's so pretty. -Yes!
Which room is that lady
who just walked into the lift staying?
we cannot disclose guest's information.
I am the police. She is a suspect.
Calling Control. Please tell me...
where is the lady in lift no.7 going?
Please wait.
Stop the car... Stop the car!!
Stop her.
Take it easy, honey.
Shopping is over.
Let's go!
Hang on baby.
I'll be back.
Pull me up!
No problem. Just come to my office tomorrow.
What can I do for you?
Our first mission
is coming to Lung Cheng.
And we hope Sheriff Lin
can help us to investigate a case.
That's good. It's a chance to see
how good is my daughter's choice.
We want to find some clue for that murder case
happened at Shanghai Fashion Show.
Why do you two come to Lung Cheng?
We want to ask Mr. Ma Man Ho for investigation.
There may be no one knows Mr. Ma in Shanghai
But he is a really
important person here.
Sheriff Lin,
do you think it's appropriate to find him?
How about if I show you two
around first?
I still have no clue.
Someone has killed my brother-in-law
and try to upset me.
But you can't find out who did it.
Do you think I can take that?
You have to find out who did that.
I don't care how you do it,
or how much you spend!
Do you understand?
I got it!
That's fine.
Master, someone is here for you.
The police may have find something.
-Mr. Ma. -Nice to meet you.
Thank you for your time to see us.
Sheriff Lin, what can I do for you?
He is Alex Cheung
and the other one is Darren Tong.
They are from Shanghai Police Dept.
They have a few questions for you.
I am waiting for you to give me answers.
But not to ask me question.
Young man, what do you want to know?
Your brother-in-law was killed
at the Shanghai Fashion Show,
and we want to know....
I also want to know who did that.
Did he have any enemy?
Please leave.
Who is the girl you were with on that day?
Sheriff, I don't think that you bring them here
for a question like this...
I think you must have come out
from the academy.
Do you think you can find the truth
with your method like this?
Sheriff, please leave with them now.
This time should let you feel how difficult
it would be for investigating this case.
I think there is nothing wrong
for our questions.
He must be hiding something.
I think this time we have wasted our effort.
You write the report.
Seems like this murder is related to
their illegal activities.
You have their inside information.
I have a reliable source.
And he told me that Mr. Ma has a bootlegging
to Lung Cheng Pier.
We may find some clue from this.
Can we go with you?
You better shut up first.
We've got some special commodity for you
A Lambo, man.
A what?
A Lamborghini!
Now you see? The ltalians only know
how to make a Lambo and spaghetti.
The rest are opera singers and gangsters.
Thanks, partner,
I'll just go there and drive it back myself.
I don't know, might be a little crowded.
I'll alert the police myself.
Tony, I tell you.
You know I'd love China.
I eat takeout twice a week, you know that?
Egg rolls, Chow Mein, Chop-shui,
Fortune cookies, all that shit...
This country is like a big ass buffet to me.
Yes, it's going to be very profitable.
We came a long way from bustling pussy
and selling dime bag.
You know what I'm saying?
This is our time, man.
Tony, I know you remember this man, right?
My friend from the fashion show.
You did well.
You said someone good who nobody knows...
my man Lee here,
he's my own personal bodyguard in LA
I should go.
Go! Fool. What's keeping you?
My bread...
Oh yeah, you want bread?
See a baker!
Was that necessary?
Job's over!
The dude wanted to see China, he saw it.
And now, I'm sending him home by water.
Hurry up! The truck is waiting.
Seems like everything is fine.
Sheriff Lin has arranged everything.
Have you done the report yet?
What should I write?
That's true.
Boss, all your stocks are here.
They are over there.
This car is so pretty.
Looks like there is a situation.
Let's go.
Go and block all the exits.
Let's go!
Don't move! Lay down!
Are you okay?
I am fine.
I'm a police officer, pull over your car.
What should I do?
Pull him down from the car.
Smash him! Don't let him get to the front.
He is still here!
Where is he?
How do you drive? Come down!
What's wrong? It's not my fault.
That's car just came at us.
Want to fight?
Stop! Don't fight!
Don't argue!
How are you? Are you okay?
Those stocks have nothing to do
with my company.
The Government has placed the order
to stop all smuggling activities.
Today is just a start.
And we will get the evidence
against you very soon.
But my workers are innocent.
They don't even know
where those stocks come from.
I hope that you can release them.
My company can guarantee.
Please bring your people and leave.
Tell your boss to stop giving me troubles.
I know.
How dare you disobey me!
It will never happen again.
You go behind my back?
I'm sorry, I should have come to you...
The girl has gone...
you cost me lose much business
with the Japanese.
The consequences...
will be severe. Do you understand me?
Tony, because you are
the last male of our family.
I will overlook this one time.
Tony, in our business,
one must be loyal to the end.
it's fatal.
I may get used to this shit baby.
In fact, when I go back to South Central.
You know what this is,
one of those Pomerol of 89,
nothing but the best, baby.
I'm surprised they had it.
Not them.
Shit, I brought this.
Saves sucking down that Sake drinking.
Sake's Japanese...
Man, I don't care about geography.
When them catch up with the frogs,
you let me know.
Cause that's the only thing
those faggots are good for anyway.
Now that my brother, it's the real deal
Iike holy deal...
What the hell are you doing?
I always drink my wine like this.
Man, this wine costs...
$15,000 a bottle!
I'll send you a case.
That's why I love you.
You're an animal pal!
-Thanks! -You are welcome.
Oh, when will you take that action?
What action?
Proposal of marriage.
Tonight! You'll see.
Have you given her a magnifying glass?
You are so lucky.
In fact I am really lucky.
I grew up in an orphanage.
No one has cared about me.
And now I have her
after overcoming all obstacles.
I want to marry her earlier.
And have a complete family.
I want to have many children.
Many children?
Then go to workout now.
I am afraid you will ask me for help
when you cannot stand any longer.
Damn you!
All the cargoes are checked?
All checked. Only the normal stuff...
TV games, computer stuff...
And there are several old cars.
Why do they smuggle used cars?
May be someone would like it.
You're about to make the biggest score,
Genghis Khan.
You know what I'm saying? It's time
to celebrate baby, not reach for the Prozae.
I won't relax till the goods are moving.
Well, lay your mind to rest baby,
cause in a few hours,
Our ship's coming in, like the Queen Mary.
What if the light doesn't go off?
Tony... Iook, it's like this.
There's always some fool rookie cop who thinks
he's smelled something and his fool rookie mind
gets to cogitate this shit...
You know what?
They always say the same damn thing.
I figure it out.
I figure it out.
What do you know?
There must be something inside the cars.
Won't you feel you have thought too much
Let's check that out!
Do I have an important appointment?
I forgot.
I go with you tomorrow.
You go and rest.
And also, wish me good luck
I better call Ruby
and tell her to get away.
I'll do lt.
Just leave it! Don't pick it up!
Okay... okay... I will come now.
One hour.
Okay... okay... okay... 20 minutes then.
One hundred kilograms.
It worths approximately...
4 million dollars?
I think not even close.
This time you really are something.
How could it be like that?
What happened?
For thirty years,
no drug has ever come into Lung Sheng.
You mean no one has ever got caught?
Ma definitely would not do the drugs business.
Now there are only two possibilities :
If these drugs are not smuggled in
under Ma's approval,
then that means
Ma cannot control his people anymore.
But if these are...
arranged by Ma,
then we have to eliminate them all.
Do you have any evidence...
for putting charges on him?
We still haven't got enough evidence.
We should wait until the right time
to arrest them.
Then we just wait here.
I think it wouldn't take long.
Nice to meet you.
No drug has ever come
into Lung Sheng?
How about the other smugglings?
Sheriff Lin is too familiar
to their background.
Yes, really familiar.
Then why doesn't he arrest them?
I can't get used to this shit, baby.
I've got it, Tony.
The Chinese are real shrewd and devious people,
but you are the best, baby.
You made me one of the best.
No one can touch me...
Unless I want to be touched.
Chong's record,
Iisting everyone on Ma's payroll.
How did you get this?
Chong's room, after he was killed.
No body saw you?
If they did, would I be here now?
That's a good question. Why are you here?
I represent investors who might be interested
in helping you develop.
Hey girl, this isn't stock exchange.
We ain't trading any futures here.
You want to bone the bitch,
do it after hours.
And you, you talk the talk and...
you walk the walk, in all a good shit.
But you could be Chairman Mao for all I know.
Ma checked her out, she's clean.
It's damn right.
Well you best slow your role, partner.
Cause I get nervous about this shit.
You won't want to see me nervous.
I'll vouch for her.
Don't try to play me.
Even the bitch makes your dick hard...
don't make her nothing.
How do I know she's not a cop?
How do I know she isn't wired right now?
You won't listen.
I say it... one time.
I vouch for her.
Having fun, guys.
Let's do it an easy way.
See any wire?
I think you'd better sit down.
This is my cell phone number.
What about your address?
Call me any time.
You know why the bitch
didn't give you her address?
She probably got
some rich Japs keeping her.
She come up with something better
Iike you damn ass.
I can't get used to this shit, baby.
I'm telling you baby, this is beautiful.
We ain't got anything like this
in South Central.
Do you garden?
No, you know... to me,
flowers are like beautiful women.
They're good to look at,
but for my personal pleasure,
but they don't last long.
It is a hard work,
Iike all good things in life.
It took many years
to put our organizations together.
One bad seed can destroy everything.
Listen to me!
I understand.
Tony explained my position to you.
Yes, but...
You ignore it.
No disrespect...
I'm just a businessman
trying to grow revenues.
I wish you have a big big success.
But not in China.
Take a flight, go home.
So that's it? Man. Just like that?
Shutting us down? Just like that?
Have patience...
Have patience? Doctors have patients!
and I ain't moving to China.
It will take just a little time...
A little time?
Tony, I saw that old man manicuring that.
Those kind of guys, they don't smoke,
they don't drink, they don't do nothing.
So if you're waiting for him to check out,
you can forget that's shit.
Like a fact, he's gonna live longer than
the two of us put together.
We can speed up the process.
Mr. Ma?
What were you doing at Ma's house?
I was meeting a friend.
He never showed up so it doesn't matter.
And you were so angry,
You killed him.
That's stupid!
Even for you!
You had his blood on your hands.
I was turning the body over.
C'mon lady you can do better than that.
You've got problems,
Big ones!
Doesn't everyone?
You're too cool.
Just being close to you makes me feel...
so good all over.
That's the first honest thing...
you've said today.
My God! Darren...
Button up your blouse.
Will it help you?
Yes... no...
It helps him...
I figure it out.
You're a cop.
Come on! Give me a break, Darren.
Just meet her when she gets out of jail.
Run her prints through the computer,
Starting with Japan.
He's right. I'm with Japanese lnterpol.
Japanese lnterpol want see you now.
Just call me Arnold.
What's Japanese lnterpol doing in China?
One of our agents was murdered in California.
By Coolio?
Okay, we'll get you released through a lawyer,
Make it look real.
Do you understand me?
Oh, I understand you, very well.
Cut the goddamn foreplay.
I'm really getting stressed on here.
Oh, my leg...
Hold on...
Lie down first.
Try to relax. I'll fix it for you, okay?
Is that here?
Getting better?
Don't stop!
Don't stop!
It's starting to feel so good all over...
I've been thinking about you
since the first moment I saw you.
The lawyer we got you
will be here in the morning.
Remember, when you leave,
you're supposed to hate us.
That's easy.
I hope you don't think
I'm too rough on you today.
I don't think of you, period.
Thanks anyhow.
We can track you anywhere.
I want to bring Coolio back to Tokyo...
By myself.
What did he do to you?
Not me,
My partner.
Coolio killed him... three years ago.
I'm sorry!
I'll help you any way I can.
Good night!
Hey good-looking...
Good night!
You're fighting faster
and better since Ma's death.
He was an old fool, now,
we will be feared in all of Asia.
You're okay?
I'm okay.
Do not trust the black guy.
He... He is dangerous.
He's an old friend.
Besides, he is in our territory now.
If anyone should worry...
It's him.
Let's go!
Do you all believe her?
I think I know her pretty well.
Please do not make any decision.
Don't under estimate women,
especially the pretty ones.
When have you met a beautiful cop like her?
Man. I can't get used to this shit.
It's a real shit!
Ma bought it back in 1950...
people offered him millions to build a hotel
and shopping center...
but no, he wouldn't.
He remembered the movies they made here
when he was a kid, a thousand years ago!
I saw one about the Zing Dynasty, right.
It's about thousands of fools
hacking each other to death with swords...
kind like a western with no gun
and no horse...
What the hell is this place?
It kind a remind me the Golden Nugget
in Las Vegas!
The great hall...
Kings used it to present ceremonial purposes.
Dame right! Man, someone was pretty important
or they had a big old ass.
It's the emperors' chair.
Ma liked to use it when he was doing business.
He claimed it made him more powerful.
I get into that mystical type of shit,
you know what I'm saying?
Kind of like ouija board and shit.
I want to know who set me up, and why!
Be cool, you're talking to the emperor, home girl.
I did it.
Baby, I'm just running...
a last minute security check on you...
And guess what?
You passed!
I'm getting tired of all the shit!
Stop your bitching!
Besides I was wrong about you.
So you still want to do business or not?
We're bringing you six hundred K
in the first load.
If you are in, and how much?
As much as we can get.
Please don't! Please...
I swear that I did not do this.
But how can the stocks come in
without your permission?
Whose drugs are those? Ma's?
I don't know.
Or Coolio's?
I would have told you if I know.
You don't tell me because you are
afraid of them, aren't you?
Say it! Whose stocks are those?
In the years, I have not lied to you.
And this time, I really have no idea.
Ruby, come on, open the door quickly.
Here he is.
Are you okay? What happened?
Shit! We are in deep trouble.
Come with me.
Happy birthday!
You are so great! I almost forgot!
Blow the candles and make a wish first!
What wish?
I wish we could have many children...
after get married.
Five to six
Five to six?
Wait... don't come over...
Come on! It's okay...
No, you are so naughty!
-Don't fool around. -Okay.
You sit over there,
and let me get a piece of cake for you.
You still wear these socks even with a hole
Let me fix this up for you.
This is much better.
How do you feel about my dad; H
I have learned a lot from him.
Both good and bad things.
What do you mean?
I am thinking that...
being a senior police officer like your dad
cannot be always that righteous.
Sometimes he may have to go easy...
on something.
My dad is the most righteous person.
I don't mean he is not.
But he actually knows about...
the smuggling issue
in Lung Cheng pretty well.
Then why he hasn't arrested them
for these years?
And also,
they seem to have a good relationship.
What are you talking about?
You mean he is corrupted?
I don't mean that.
I just suspect that...
Suspect? How can you suspect my dad?
He is the most righteous person
I have ever seen.
You don't have to say anything. Please go.
Are you serious?
Get up! Go!
I said Go!
I can repair my own socks!
I couldn't get you in as a foreigner,
So I said you're an ambassador
from an African country, Zimbabwe...
Do I sound like I come from Zimbabwe?
Don't worry,
no one knows what you are saying anyway
Welcome sir.
Thank you! Moments coming brother...
My admiral outs on that tanker's
just waiting for my call to start rolling
our dope into the pipeline.
What I need to know is where we picking it up?
Each ball's tracked on screen and steered
offline to a small pumping station...
Safe, sounds and undetected.
How fast?
From ship to shore,
four minutes and twenty seconds...
That's supersonic, baby.
It's a perfect system.
You brother,
you believe I never graduated college?
Man, I'm starting to dig...
international co-ventures, multi-national,
you know what I'm saying?
I might start putting this to Mexicans,
the Spics and the waps.
You know I always think black people
only sing and dance and play basketball.
But you're pretty smart, even for one of them.
How many?
One hundred.
You don't see that, sir.
650 kilo times 22
that's 14 million 300 thousand.
COD, cash on delivery, baby.
Next week, I'm gonna buy me
one of those 3 PCs suits
at Brooks Brothers
And go to Switzerland and visit my money.
Complete the transaction.
Hi! Willie is cool! What's up?
How much?
No, my friend
it's 14 million three hundred thousand.
Don't forget the three hundred, Willie.
Dad, come and takes a seat.
I make tea for you.
No, I am fine.
Come. I have something to talk to you.
What's the matter?
I am going to retire.
Let's leave China.
We can go to Milan, Paris, New York...
I think you will have a better future
with your talent.
But my development in China is also not bad.
If we go,
we have to start everything all over again.
And this takes a lot of money and time.
I have a lot of money now.
But not much time left.
Dad, what happened?
I have been a police for 30 years,
When your mum still alive,
I have never planned for her.
Before she died,
I have promised her
that I would give the best life to you.
But I was only a small potato at that time.
And I could not afford to support you
for education aboard.
But my life has been very good so far.
And those money...
All the expenses that you have spent overseas
were supported by one of my friends named Ma.
The condition for this offer...
is to provide him information.
Dad, don't you know that this is corruption
I am sorry!
But I had no choice at that time.
But I am now regret to this.
You can tell the truth now.
If I do this, I will never see you again.
So we have to leave China.
As soon as possible.
But I am now with Alex...
You cannot let Alex know about this.
You better get prepared now.
I still have one more thing to do.
I will come and pick you up when I finish.
Be a nice girl please.
Norika is suspecting that...
they have already loaded the smuggling.
The cake is in the refrigerator,
and it is still nice to eat.
I am sorry. I have misunderstood you.
I love you.
We have to go,
But we'll come back soon.
It's not the time for exhibition yet.
Coolio, this is a surprise for you.
Coolio, what do you think?
Tony, you are a man of impecable taste!
That's I'm thinking about, baby.
You know what I'm going to do?
I'm getting me season tickets for the Lakers
And a parking spot,
right in front of the Staples Center.
Let's split up and go in.
I will go wherever you go.
Be careful.
Yes, Sheriff-to-be.
Tony, I swear to god, man.
I take back everything bad I ever said
about you and your people.
Not at all.
14 million, three hundred thousand,
you want to count it?
As you say it's fourteen three.
It's fourteen three,
There is honor amongst thieves.
I hear that.
Put it in the trunk.
He'll hook up the net.
Let's get your bags and you'll be out
on the freighter in twenty minutes.
Just in time to say goodbye to our partner.
Okay, I'll leave you two to work on
whatever you two want to work on...
How about one drink before you go?
Hell yeah! How about two, three, four, five
So we'll get drunk and do some wild shit!
What the hell you're doing here, the sheriff
Hold on.
He's with us.
The sheriff?
The sheriff is with the bad guys?
Isn't life a piss?
So... what do you want?
I'm handing in my resignation,
with the police and you.
I need some money. I'm going away.
We don't give severance pay.
You are shaking us down?
I'm starting to feel...
Iike I'm back in Los Angeles.
You have nothing I want.
My silence.
I'm gone,
and you're clean.
Sheriff Lin, whose word would people believe?
A police officer, which I can prove has been
on Ma's payroll for the last twenty years,
or someone who has never even had...
a speeding ticket, like me?
Look like you just screwed up...
with the wrong vampire old man,
you got some other hot commodities
you're selling for the day, Pops?
Yes, as a matter of fact,
but it will cost you 2 million dollars.
Two million dollars? What you're selling?
Missile technology or germ warfare, pops?
Neither, an informant.
Bull shit.
My money and a safe passage...
to my daughter and me.
Out of Lung Cheng, out of China.
Do we have a deal?
Japanese lnterpol.
Tony. I've told you man.
I never trusted that bitch... I told you.
And you, you might be ruined by this romance,
don't mess up the party!
Please take good care of Ruby for me.
You will be fine.
I will go with you.
You take care of him,
and I will take care of Sheriff.
All the cops are the same.
They are all predictable.
Only this time, the bad guys win.
Alex... Alex! You stay there.
Keep up!
This is not paint.
We are not in the training.
Keep up! You have to keep up.
You will be fine.
Please tell Ruby that
I cannot give her many children.
You will be fine. Don't worry.
And also...
I lover her forever.
No... No...
I will not tell her...
You tell her yourself!
Alex! You tell her yourself!
Alex! No... please don't!
Go, man, go, take off!
They are too heavy. We have to give up some.
No, we cannot. Someone down there.
Norika, come on.
The engine is over heat.
It's too heavy.
I don't know how much lift we can get.
Let's drop the car.
I drop you, asshole!
There is a car coming!
Watch out!
Let's unlock it.
Get to the middle.
Norika, get down.
Officer, please help me. Come and help me.
You are the police.
You cannot let me die. Come on!
Norika, move back!
Slowly... don't be nervous.
A bit more...
Don't worry, slow down.
Don't be nervous... Be careful...
just grab me tight...
Hurry up... help me
Be careful...grab tight.
That's fine.
thanks for taking care everything for me.
If it is not you,
I really don't know what would happen.
It's my pleasure.
You are the only family of Alex.
I want you to keep this for him.
You have to take care yourself
when you get to Milan.
Don't forget me
when you become a famous designer!
No one will forget you.
I am sure I will come back to Shanghai.
Bye bye!
-Hey! -Hey!
So, can you stay for a while?
Maybe yes, maybe no.
I depend what you'll do.
What'd you like me to do?
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