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Subtitles for Chineese Ghost Story A 3.

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Chineese Ghost Story A 3

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Watch out for the devil
Prajna paramita
She is here
I'll take care of her,|come on.
Watch out
I saw it.
When I tell you to do something
that means you do it now
not when you feel like it.
Master, we've finally found|Kwan Bo County....
It's just over....
There? Over there?
Look at your map.'s flown away.
Where's it gone?
We'll get to Kwan Bo Country|if we head west.
There's rain clouds coming,|let's find shelter.
Let's go....
There's a place to hide.
Buddha, please make the|rain go....
So we can get on our way.
Master, I'm not thirsty,|you drink it.
It's bad luck
I didn't even recognize the|skull.
Give me my money back
He's a master swordsmam
The man with the money|should go on ahead
It's a tragedy, tragedy
Master, there's a killer|outside, he's.....
Thank god I got my money|back
I've been saving, if those|thieves look it....
It's a it cold, isn't it?
Money is illusion, why|kill for it?
No merciful, or you will pay|for your deeds.
Merciful? You don't have|to make a living....
I worked hard for this|money
You want to fight?
It's only a hoe....
Fong, dust to dust, ashes|to ashes....
Go & bury the bodies.
This guy's really shifty,|the gold....
Stop talking & start working
I'm soaked Don't mind if I|light a fire?
Master, the bodies are in|pieces....
Do I bury hands with hands,|& legs with legs?
No, be sure to bury whole|corpses.
I'm not sure that's possible
Alcohol keeps out the cold.|Want some?
Let's all get warmer....
You stupid fool
Fire Fire
Master, is this how you|punish him?
Rubbish, I'm not an|arsonist
I'm sorry, we all make|mistakes...
I've made you lose your|shelter....
The market is just ahead|We're all wanderers....
We don't bear grudges,|see you later.
I've put the bodies back|together again....
But there's one finger left.
With my expertise, I don't|bother with fingers.....
Maybe someone else did it.
Are there other chopped|up bodies?
This is common fighting|ground, many die....
Enjoy putting them back|together.
Oh it's getting dark.
Ghost Festival sword &|weapons for sale.
Help Murder
You hit me. Stay there
This sword is the latest|style
Do you think I'm buying|jewelry?
Who hit me? Show yourself|& fight
Who hit someone?|-What's happening?
Make way. Police passing|through, make way
Police passing, make way
What's going on here?
I don't know.
Forget it then.
Hey, stop staring at me
It's nothing, nothing's|wrong
Come look at our swords,|sir.
It's Ghost Festival
The human race has stooped|to new lows....
How can we Buddhists redeem|their souls?
I really don't know.
With my wisdom, I can|save them.....
But my body's feeling very|weak.....
Let's find an inn, get some|food and sleep.
Buddha meditated facing a|wall for 3 years.....
& you complain after no food|for one day....
For penance, chant 5,000|times, to purify the mind...
Look, food, let's eat,|then purify my mind.
His brain's in his stomach
That cretin, I'll kill him|for 15 dollars.
It was only 10 dollars last|time, why more?
Because I'm a better|swordsman now.
So you say-but how good?
Beef brisket & noodles|- Hey, I never ordered that.
Are you saying I made a|mistake?
Orders returned are charged|double
What do you want? - I told|you I didn't order it
More of them than us, okay,|take it away.....
It's just a misunderstanding
As I improve, my price will|rise again....
If you don't like it, find|someone else.
For that price, I need some|sort of sample.
You want to see sample?
Sir, spare us some food?
No, get lost
My sword's a bit long,|I'm sorry
We shouldn't stay here,|let's go
Everytime I see you there's|trouble.
& more tr ouble now with that|lump of gold
Master, there's shelter|ahead.
It's a Temple.
Orchid Temple.
The entrance is over there.
They've gone inside....
But Orchid Temple's haunted,|wait till dawn.
Yes, let's wait
Dawn? What if someone else|gets it?
Hey, you lead|- Me?
A ghost got my foot, run
It's a bit draughty in here,|Master.
Don't be afraid, let me|tell you....
Orchid Temple is haunted.
What? Haunted....
Master, Master
Fong, stop stepping on my|heels.
I just want you to know|I'm behind you.
If you're so scared, sleep|outside the door.
It's pouring outside.
Master, if it's really|haunted.....
I don't mind if we carry on|walking.
Fong, we have the Gold|Buddha to protect us....
No one will dare come in....
So we won't have to worry|about it being stolen....
We'll just stay overnight.
Shall we satisfy the God|of Hunger?
You beg the ghosts to spare|you some food.
Funny, I've forgotten what|I've just said
Who said a ghost got his|foot?
Was it you?|- No.
Was it you?|- No.
He did
If it got you, how come you|could run so fast?
There's a woman singing,|up there.
Sister, it's raining so|hard outside.....
I wonder how long before|they come inside.
We're here
So many men
Women They're beautiful
Smells so good.
Don't go, so beautiful
Come on.
There are more
They're so ugly
The one in the middle's|the prettiest.
She's so old
The one next to her's|beautiful.
Priestress, there are so|many, I'll help Lotus.
Alright, that way I won't|have to wait so long.
These men are already trapped|who needs your help?
I thought you'd be quicker,|it took you ages.
They'r e already ours, so|what's the rush?
I'm taking the prettiest one|hands off
Your skin's so soft.
Go to hell.
There're all kinds of games,|want to try?
Something in the water bit|me, what is it?
What is it? Let's go
What's that sound, Master?
The ghosts are out.
What shall I do? Master.
What the Gold Buddha, and|stay put...
I'm going to catch the|demons
Don't come near me, I have|a Gold Buddha .
You'r e powerful, you hide|even from me
Show your true selves. Stars|scatter
Still able to hide, it's|powerful
Priestess, what about that|monk?
Don't worry The more the|merrier.
He maybe powerful, but he's|no match for me.
We'll play with them a while|You seduce the little monk.
Priestress, let me go, I can|handle him.
You're not experienced|enough, when it comes to men
Priestress, I know exactly|what you mean.....
You don't want her wasting|your time.
Let me bring him back to|you quickly.
Sorry, I forgot your cover|was damaged....
You got all wet.
I'll say some prayers as|penance later.
I know you have great powers
If we really meet a.....|ghost....
Please help me destroy|whatever it is.
Oh no
Help, there's a ghost
A ghost chasing her? That|means she's not a ghost.
Open the door Help
There's a gagah... Ghost
I'm so afraid
I'm so scared, please help|me
I can see flesh Where is|the ghost?
Let me hide behind you
Look there's something|moving over there....
Hold me tight
Your leg.
Feel my heart, it's beating|so rapidly
Come on
I break my vows if I'm|near a woman
Let's pray together, it'll|keep the ghosts away.
Don't pray now, let's do|something else
Let me go, or I'll break|my vows
Did you know, you're my|first man?
Let me help you undress.
What? Undress?|Hey wait, my shoe
If Master sees me like|this....
He'll never believe I was|saving your life
No I must pray.
Where're my prayer books?
Fire. Come and save me
How did it catch fire?
My clothes are on fire
Take your clothes off
Fire, help
Stop undressing, they're|not burning now
I must, I'm afraid of fire
But I'll see everything.
Hey, monk....has the fire|gone out?
It was so dangerous
My clothes are all burnt,|what to do?
Cover yourself with my robe.
You're so kind
Put it on quickly, I won't|watch.
I tripped on your clothes.
Stop or I won't be able to|control myself
I'm a bad girl, are you as|bad as me?
I thought you were being|chased by a ghost?
Ghost? Here's your ghost|Come & get me...
This is fun
But it didn't last long
Lucky I prayed in time....
Or I would've done that|"stuff" with you.
Hey, monk....
What would you have done?|Tell me.
I say means I want....|I want means I desire....
I desire means I'll do....
If I do, I'll never stay|a monk No, I must pray.
Stop praying, help me up....
I'll help you up....
But you promise not to come|too close.... Darn I saw it
Aren't you interested in|me at all?
Interested? In what way?
All men are interested in|this
Don't take off my pants.....
It's strange. Your head|aches when I pray....
You weren't being chased by|a ghost
You are a ghost
I'm going to get you
It's r eally haunted,|I'm scared
I better run
Come over here
Reveal your true form
You're mine.
Reveal yourself
Stupid monk, why've you|stopped praying?
Go, if Master returns you'll|never escape
Why are you letting me go?
I'm giving you a chance|to reform.....
So you can reincarnate as|a good person.
I'm evil I'll never change.
Hey, my robe
If you want it, get it|yourself
It serves you right
Help me, quick help me
Go on, scram
Waiting for me to hit you?
Hey, my robe
Still playing games with me
Master. You appeared so|suddenly
Fong, what're you doing|here half naked?
It's too hot, I came outside|to cool down.
Hot? Where's the Gold|Buddha?
It's inside, it's just fine
Did you see anything|untoward?
No way, not with the Gold|Buddha here....
No ghost would dare come|near.....
Even if it did, it wouldn't|get away
And did you find anything?
That demon is quite|something.
Anyway, we're staying only|one night....
& leaving tomorrow with the|Gold Buddha....
So we'd better get some|rest....
Or we'll be tired tomorrow.
You're right....
I'll capture them sooner|or later.
Your senses are impure,|that's why you're hot.....
Take the Gold Buddha out|& pray.
Take the Gold Buddha out?
Pray all night in front|of it.
On my own?
Why, you want me to keep|you company?
No, no
Okay, let's go inside
Will you stop that... If|Master sees it I've had it
Good morning Master.
Bring the Buddha, we're|leaving.
Darn, he'll find out sooner|or later. Please help me
find the Gold Buddha
What did you say? - Nothing|just saying my prayers.
I'm glad the Buddha's|safe.....
Or there's no point in going|to Imperial Temple.
That's right
Master, if we leave like|this now....
It's not quite right....
Since you know Orchid Temple|is haunted....
Shouldn't we stay & get rid|of the demons?
I remember a certain old|monk....
Sort of say in some|manuscript.....
"If no one goes to hell, &|we don't go to hell....
Who will go to hell?"
You're a monk, & you don't|know which manuscript
I've always had a bad|memory....
But leaving like this is|irresponsible.
You're right I'll stay &|catch the demons....
You take the Buddha to|Imperial Temple.
Right, I'll go.
Fong, are you alright?
Yes, after praying all|night my mind is pure....
But my stomach is even|purer.....
& now in the sun, I feel|faint.
Are you saying that....|You're sick?
I'll be fine Master, I'll|over come it....
I'll make it....
I'm getting there, it's|getting better....
No it's not working....|I'm going to faint.
I think you're hungry,|I'll beg for food....
My student does not behave|like a monk.
Buddha be merciful
Gold Buddha, I'd better find|you today
Haven't slept all night,|I feel faint...
I'll find the Buddha, & get|Master to leave....
Or when he's out, she'll|come for me again....
& it'll be another sleepless|night
What now? Oh no
I only have a day left....
Buddha, have mercy, help|Fong.
Look this blade cuts heads|off like slicing melons.
Really? Let's try on your|head.
Please be merciful, put down|your knives. - Get lost.
Give me something.|- Shove off
You monks, always lecturing|people....
You're ruining our business.
Get lost
Give me the money you owe me|- I don't have any money.
Give my money back
No money? What's all that on|the ground?
That's my money|-It's mine now.
Since when did I owe you|money?
When you asked me to do the|job.
What job? I don't know you.
Exactly, he doesn't know you
The money's mine.
I don't know him.|-Go to hell.
Sir, how do you know the|money's yours?
He's right, prove it's yours|& you can have it
Right, you said it, you|better mean it.
Money, money, are you mine?
Ah! It's black magic
Let's go
You also follow Buddha, you|should do good....
Do not concern yourself with|money.
How else would you get any|alms?
I wouldn't accept that sort|of money.
No? Then leave...|At least learn my money...
You wander around begging|for food....
You're just a beggar in|disguise
Money is only illusion.....
You can't get what's not|yours.
Monk, is this your doing?
Mercy, Buddha is merciful.
You're fake, monk. Admit|your pranks
There must be a way to|break his spell
Hey, don't go. Don't go
My money
Another fruitless job....
Damn monk
It's getting dark
What shall I tell Master?
I'll say the snakes took it.|How could the snakes take it
Right, I'll say the ghosts|took it....
The Gold Buddha repels|ghosts... impossible
I'll tell him the truth.
That'll be Master....
I didn't mean it Master,|I just dropped it
Master, actually...
It's you? - It's you again?
What are you doing here?
If you don't go, how'll|I make a living?
Darn. Let me rest for one|night okay?
The way you live, don't you|feel like a whore?
Perhaps if you were human,|making a living....
But you're a ghost, why a|slut too?
Am I a slut?
Any one who strips a guy's|pants off is a slut
What are you looking for?
The Gold Buddha...
I don't know where it...|- The Gold Buddha?
Why're you getting so close?
I had enough fun last night
It's only down there.
Don't come so close to me
You think I don't want to?
I can't leave till the Gold|Buddha's found.
I'll help you.
The Gold Buddha's very|powerful....
Aren't you afraid?
There's no other way....
If you don't leave, I'll|have to move
That's a point
Let's go together
Last night you surprised|me & I fell....
I dropped the Gold Buddha|somewhere here.
Don't step on my clothes...
If they fall off, you'll|say I was stripping.
Where is it?
Snakes I forgot to say|there are snakes here.
Over there|- Where?
Stop it, my head aches
I'm only praying very softly
Go upstairs, you're getting|in the way....
With you here, I'll never|find it
Go on
You're right.
Mind the snakes.
Snakes. Lots of snakes
The Gold Buddha. I found it
Where is it?
Over there, help me,|there's many snakes.
I didn't tell you to kill|them....
How did this happen?|What will I say?
How can I put it back|together?
I've been bitten by a snake,|it hurts
I don't want to kill you,|go
Are you alright?
I've been poisoned.
What shall we do?
Suck the venom out with|your mouth....
Please, quickly.
I can feel the venom....|I feel faint.
Is that alright?
That's fine, thank you.....
It's okay, anyway your|wound isn't real.
Then why did you swallow|the blood?
To keep you happy.
The wound isn't real,|but the venom is
You're right, that means....
I'll help you suck it out.
No, that means mouth to|mouth.
You'll die once the venom|takes effect....
Pretend I'm not a woman.|- Then who are you?
Pretend I'm your Master.
He would never do this.
Pretend I'm your mother.
I've never met my mother,|try someone I've seen.
How about him?
What are you doing?
Sucking the venom.
What did you stick in my|stomach?
My tongue.
Why stick your tongue in|my stomach?
To suck out the venom
Ther e's still some left in|you.
Is y our heart beating|rapidly? - Yes
Does y our whole body feel|hot? - Yes.
Do you feel sweaty, your|headache? - Yes.
That's the effect of the|venom....
We have to carry on.
I'd rather die.
Don't die here.....
Or you'll become one of us.
Okay, come on.
Hang on.
Are you ready?
Yes... why didn't you stick|your tongue inside?
No. There's no venom....|I was lying.
How dare you deceive an|honest man....
It's because of you I|dropped the Buddha....
Look how I treat you, is|this my thanks?
I'm a monk I have rules|to follow...
You keep seducing me,|you're trouble
From what you say, isn't|it a bore being a monk?
You can't do what every man|wants to do....
Don't you feel deprived|being a monk?
Deprived? I never had|anything to lose....
The priority is to fix the|Buddha....
So when Master comes back|we can leave.
Don't set your clothes on|fire again
Why're you a monk, if it's|such hard work?
The first person I set eyes|on was Master....
My first clothes were monk's|robes....
What else can I be except|a monk....
Do I have a choice?
You're grown up now, you|can choose.
I've been with Master for|years, he's family....
Why'd my parents leave me|in a monastry.
I'd like to know what my|parents look like....
So that if I ever met|them....
I could avoid them.
Don't fall off. Don't|fall off
Your life is better than|mine was...
At least you have a Master
Were you an orphan too?
I was sold as soon as I|was born....
Whoever bought me became|my parents.....
Finally a rich man took me|as his 2nd wife....
I was murdered by his|mistress, & buried here.
That's the first time I've|told this story.
I was lying.
I'm glad it's a lie.....
If it were true it would|be tragic.
So in comparison, you're|free now....
Not being sold again & again
Pity you're a ghost, we|could've been friends.
Aren't we friends now?
Little monk, could you get|close to any one else?
I don't know.
Do you think I'm beautiful?
I don't know.
Oh no, Master's returned,|run away
Fong, what are you doing?
Master's, I'm just repairing|the stairs...
Wait outside, it's almost|done.
The feeling of evil is|stronger today.
Master, you can't go inside.
There are snakes inside.
My powers protect & make me|immune to venom....
Snakes don't come near me.
She must be gone by now
The demons are close by.
Why are you holding a comb?
I bought it, to...
Comb my eyebrows, it looks|great...
You want to try it?
Shave your eyebrows & you|won't need a comb.
Where's the Gold Buddha?
It's over there Master, see|it?
Fong, close all the wondows.
Why close them?
To stop the demons entering.
Very clever, Master
Thank God, Master didn't run|into her
Fong, bring me the gold|paint.
Oh, it was on the table.
Your gold paint.
Oh no, it's finished, Master
I haven't written on all the|windows yet...
Bring out all our holy|objects.
Seal all the entrances.
Oh no
Fong, what is it? Did you|see something?
It's just that I haven't|eaten all day...
I'm feeling a bit faint....
Master, let me help you.
I found you some food - get|it from my bag.
The ghosts will come from|this direction...
But we've run out of holy|objects...
There's a gap over there...
Why don't you hang it up|there?
This is where the evil's the|strongest. I'll repel it.
Master, some ghost took your|beads
Strange, how could a ghost|take my beads?
I'll get rid of all of them
Fong is in trouble
Little monk
You shameless demon
Help Help
Help me Master. Help|Master
Mercy shrouds the world
Help me
The stars will scatter
Fong, listen to me....
Go back & bring me my holy|objects.
Help I'm up here
I warned you not to play|with that staff.
Are you alright?
Get it away from me
How come you are... so cold?
Ghosts get cold before they|fade away...
Leave me alone, I have to|rest...
Otherwise I won't survive as|a ghost.
Right, I'll go & save Master|then.
It doesn't look like you can|move.
Have you recovered? I must|go & save Master.
It feels cold. What's|happening?
One of my sisters is here.
Good. I'll ask her to help|you
No, we hate each other.
If you bring her here, we'll|both be in trouble.
So what can we do?
I can smell a human?|Let's have a look.
Don't worry I have the staff|- There's no time.
Oh, it's you
are you surprised?
Fooling around behind the|Priestess's back?
How dare you disobey her|orders?
Why do you look so ill?
Maybe you're the one fooling|around
Are you bitching because you|feel guilty?
I helped the Priestess fight|the two monks....
& I got wounded....
Come over & help me....
Why should I help you?....
Just because you're her pet,|you put on these airs....
I'm sorry, I have no time.
What was that?
Someone's hiding behind me.
The little monk.
Trying to trick me into|helping you?
No chance I'd never help|you
Why don't you stay, & wait|for the Priestess.
You're so cunning....
Trying to delay me from|helping the Priestess....
I won't fall your tricks.
Let's go.
That was a big bluff....
If she'd believed you, I'd|be dead.
But if we didn't hate each|other....
You wouldn't have had to|hide.
So you change your story as|it pleases you?
I can't take you further.|I must save Master....
You be on your way.
I was called Lotus when I|was alive.
Whyre you telling me?|I won't be visting you....
& you won't be visiting me..
Man & ghost can't be|together....
& even if you were human|it'd be hopeless....
Because monks & women can't|be together....
Remember, be more careful in|future...
If you meet any other monks.
They won't give you a chance
Take care of yourself
Damn monk, think you're the|most powerful?
Tree Devil, you kill|innocents, & insult God....
I'm going to capture you....
That will be your punishment
Punishment? You mean I will|reap what I sow?
Exactly those are the|karmic rules.
Don't you know wicked people|are buried with honor....
Their deeds enshrined in|books & songs
But when dead, they suffer|in hell....
Hell is only as fark as the|human world....
Only the powerful & ruthless|thrive....
There's still time to change|your ways, bald monk
I've been to hell, so I know
Maybe you should go & see|for yourself
Master Your staff
But I used it to pin down|the other ghost
The dark deep underword|arise....
There is no justice
Evil will win, & never|falter
Fong, give me the Gold|Buddha
I forgot to tell you it's|broken
Now you tell me
Fong, ride my staff with the|Buddha....
Get it fixed, then come &|save me.
Who is it?
Show yourself
Leave quickly, the Priestess|will be back soon
Is it Lotus?
Follow my cloak
You can't fight the|Priestess....
Don't look back, just move|forward....
Remember not to look back...
Never come back
Never come back
It's getting light.
Come & look, brand new|weapons.
Come & look.
You're from Shaolin Temple?|Special price
I have no money.|- Who shall I ask?
We use real iron.|- I'll think about it.
For every $10 spent, a free|horseshoe
I'll give you two.
I'm only here to beg for|food.
Beg for food? Get lost
The world corrupt, it's hard|to find honesty.
Let me help you
Little monk, this place is|bad, go elsewhere.
Brother, you're a blacksmith|aren't you?
Not much longer, a decent|man can't survive here.
Will you do business with me
I don't sell weapons.
I don't want weapons, I need|repairs....
Have a look.
You crazy? If it's seen,|you'll be dead....
Put it away
Please help me, it's an|emergency
Is this Buddha yours, or did|you steal it?
Do I look like a thief?
Alright then, I'll do a good|deed.
You are so kind.
Thank you.
I thought you were going to|fix the gold Buddha?
What Gold Buddha? I didn't|see any....
What Gold Buddha? You just|threw it in there
Leave me alone, I don't want|your business, scram
Give it back.... I need it|to save someone....
Give my Gold buddha back|- Help
Give it back, or I'll kill|you
I'm being beaten up by a|monk
I don't want trouble, but|he stole my Gold Buddha.
Gold?|- Not gold, just my Buddha.
Search him, maybe he's|carrying more gold.
I'm not, I'm not....
Get him
Get him
What the hell?
It's the little monk
It's you? They stole|something from me.
Let's go
Do you want me to help you?|- Yes.
Your Master owes me $10....
With this, it's a total of|$15.
They... they stole my Gold|Buddha.
Gold? Hang on....
Makes it more pricey, an|extra 320....
But I have no money|- Goodbye
But my Master has some.
That makes it okay I won't|cheat you, let's go.
Calm down|- It's them
Brothers, that Gold Buddha|is mine....
It should be returned to|it's rightful owner.
Who says? Finders keepers,|just because you've got a
big sword.
There are more of us. Attack
Let's melt it, goodbye Gold|Buddha
The Gold Buddha
Oh no, it's melted
You're amazing?
What's amazing?|- Isn't it hot?
I wonder if it still has any|powers?
Master is in real trouble|now....
Don't be negative, there's|always a way....
Little monk... Let's go &|get money from your Master.
But I haven't worked out how|to see him.
That's easy; hire me to help|you save him....
I'll give you a special|discount, 2 times $300....
What do you think?|- Forget it, no deal.
Get out of my way I'll kill|you
Don't you want to save your|Master?
Of course. I do.
Then you have to pay me.|- But I have no money.
Will you do it on credit?|- Sure. It's a big deal.
Wonton noodles
Hey, you look like you're|starving....
Have some noodles
I told you I have no money.
It's okay, I'll keep a tab..
You'll have to pay up when|it reaches $1,000.
Don't worry, as long as I'm|around it'll be fine.
Hey, I don't even know your|name.
My name's Yin ( red dawn ).
That's quite a name.
It was someone else's name,|- a High Priest....
I begged him to take me in|as his student....
But he said he didn't like|people....
& refused to teach me
You see, he's really|stubborn
Maybe if you ask again,|he'll change his mind.
He's dead now
He was antisocial so had no|friends....
Not even money to buy a|coffin
I've learned my lesson, money|before everything
Why's that?
With money you can be|whatever you want
What do you want to be?
A rich Yin
And what do you want to be?
A good man
A good man? Like my namesake
Living a lonely life. You|think good reaps good?
All good men end like that
Help. A ghost
Someone's in trouble
Don't worry, it's her
Help, help. Open the door
There's a ghost after me
Hey, it's me, hey....
Ghost.... help me.
Hey, she's on our side....|it's me....
I've been waiting for you,|it's Fong....
Hey, stop it, stop it.
Stop it?
Who are y ou?
I'm so scared
Come over here.
I don't get it. Explain what|you're doing.
I can't, it's all a mistake.
Something over there's|moving
Yes.... I know a ghost's|after you....
Then you must protect me
I know you need protection.
But we're not suited to each|other.
I mean.... I don't mean|you're not pretty....
To be honest... Please don't|get angry, but I....
I don't go for your type,|that's all....
I prefer a longer face,|slight buck teeth.
Maybe that much taller than|me
If you know her, go & ask|her to come here.
Be car eful not to burn y our|clothes.
You're so bad, you want a|menage a trois?
What's that?
You studious types are so|naughty.
Hey, come over here
Lady, just hang on a moment.
Wait here, I'm just going|over for a chat.
What's the matter?
She's not right for you, but|she is for me....
I don't want your money,|I'll have her instead.
No way
What, you've undressed her?
No need to undress, let's do|it like this
Give that to me
No, the clothes are stuck to|my hands
I said no, I don't know her
Come on
Another piece of clothing?
You don't know her, but you|remove her underwear?
Put it on, put it on
I don't care, I want her|- I'm paying you instead.
I don't want money, I want|her - No
Hey, what are you doing?
Hey, how about if I pay you?
Look, I'm giving you a good|deal
Just stop it, it's been|decided.
I'm sorry Miss
It's the first time I've|played this game
I'm sorry to bother you....
Remember, long face, slight|buck teeth when she smiles..
About 6 inches taller than|me, thanks
What a waste, you didn't|even ask her name....
How will we find her again?
We're here to save my Master
Not do that sort of thing...
If you want it so much, come|back another time.
Don't worry, I will
Help Help|- I'll go.
I'll go I'm going
It's you. Why are you back|here?
I'm so glad, it's finally|your turn
These ghosts are beauties,|she's even better.
I almost mistook the last|girl for you
Who was here?|- Your sister
Anymore sisters
We'll be discovered here,|let's go upstairs. - Right.
There's no one else. Going|to keep her for yourself?
Hey, What are you doing?
What?|- What are you doing?
Pretending to be intimate
Pretending to be intimate?
He's Yin, I've employed him|save Master....
She's Lotus.
Hey, what are you doing?
Pretending to be intimate.
You don't have to as well--|stand aside & watch....
I don't trust you.
Damn monk, if you can why|can't I?
Don't use business as an|excuse for pleasure.
Do you think I want this?
I'm a reluctant victim too.
We're not looking very|convincing....
Let's get into bed
Into bed?
Into bed? If you won't do|it, I will
You won't go to bed I will
How come I can't?
Come on.
It's better if you're on top
Let's make it clear, no more|praying
I'll try my best, what next?
Next we kiss
Stop the noise, this is a|serious business.
Do you know where Master is?
The Priestess's got him, but|I don't know where.
How can we get her to come|here?
There's a bell on my ankle..
She'll answer it if she|hears it ring.
A bell?
So why don't you ring it?
Don't stop, or they might|suspect us, carry on
Don't stick your tongue into|my stomach
I won't, we'll just kiss
That's okay
I can't bear it, I'm going|for a walk
Hey, don't go
I can't be bothered to watch
Yin, where are you going?
For a walk
You can't go, stay here.
Go away.
What will I do if you go?
I can't bear watching you|two.
Young student
Open the door, I'm so scared|outside.
Let me come in.
She's so scared
What's that got to do with|you? - It's Butterfly
You wait here, I'll handle|her.
Don't go, the two of us are|rivals.
Even better, then there|won't be any bickering.
You're really a pain in the|neck....
Carry on like this & I won't|pay you.
Don't mention money, I|haven't seen a cent yet....
Where's the money? Huh?
Lotus, lend me some money so|I can pay him....
Just so I can shut him up
I don't want money, he wants|me to take it....
I'm happy with alternatives.
You can talk, but don't|touch her.
See, if you don't help me,|he won't help me....
So you've got to help me.
You two are trouble, I'm|going.
Let me protect you.|- Forget it
So you got thrown out too?
No such luck....
Those two fought over me....
If not for the fact they've|got more friends coming....
I would have left ages ago.
Don't stand here, go in &|help.
Lady, we students love|playing games....
Let's have some fun
I said you weren't my type,|don't hang around.
Open up, open the door.
I have no time for you.
I don't believe I'm less|attractive than Lotus
You can't force your way in
I want you to fancy me.
Seduce me, I'm easy to|seduce
Can't we talk a bit first?
I can't wait.
You have no hair You're a|monk
You're that old monk's|student?
Fong, come up.
Demon, take my spell
Soldiers of wind & fire|heed, the spell is cast
Heaven & earth move, lend me|your powers
Follow her
Damn, she's got my sword.
You like playing games? I'll|kill you.
Belittling me? Let's see who|wins
Little monk, I've been|waiting for you to save
your Master....
I was wondering who you'd|find to help you....
& you get a midget with a|giant's sword....
You want to amuse me, so I|die happy?
Old witch, careful you'll|die laughing.
Do something quickly
I haven't begun my chanting|yet.
Don't scare me, it's too|late to look for a spell now
Shut up
Yin, chop this side first.
They keep multiplying, cast|any old spell.
What spell? I can't even|open my manuscript.
I'm going
Trying to escape?
You coward
I'll help you get away.
Come on
I almost missed you two.
Bastard, you ran away,|you've no loyalty.
I was sacrifing myself to|distract her....
But she didn't fall for it,|what can I do?
So that means I get|sacrificed instead?
Stop arguing. Let's get out|of Orchid Temple.
Let's hide.
I can't let the Priestess|see me here.
We'll work together, &|distract him
Hey, catch
Going to fight me with your|little games?
My little games will kill|you.
Is that all you're capable|of?
That wasn't for real, but my|next move is
Miraculous armor, go
You decide to change your|clothes now?
I'm off.
Trying to trick her again?
Priestess, you've been|wounded
How could we let him get|away
Did he think he could hurt|me?
You won't get me
Keep running away like that,|& even if you save me....
I'll die of fright
This is strategy, do you|understand?
At least you could have|warned me.
I'm saving you & all you do|is complain....
You still owe me money,|where's the money?
I mentioned borrowing some|money, I....
Not now, I've got to be|careful when I get back.
Why don't you leave Orchid|Temple with us?
Your situation's dangerous,|don't go back....
Why not leave with us?
You can be a ghost anywhere.
No, I'm used to this....
I suffered before, I prefer|living day by day....
Not like you, not knowing|what tomorrow will bring.
It doesn't matter not|knowing.
Don't try & change my mind
Here I live well & dress|well.
I'm not related to you....
What place do l have|following y ou ar ound?
I can't talk anymore, I have|to go....
Forget about me.
She said we don't know where|we're going.
She's right....
Let's take care of ourselves|first.
That means we forget about|her....
You said it.
Jade, is the Priestess back|yet?
The Priestess?
Then start combing my hair..
If she comes back, say I|never went out.
What's wrong?
Nothing .... I'll miss you..|In two days I'll marry the
Mountain Devil....
Whatever happens, you're|always my sister.
I'll talk to the Priestess,|someone else can marry him..
Then we can stay together.
Lotus, I really love you.
I believed, that when you|went out, you were a
good girl....
Tell me where they are|hiding?
Priestess, forgive me, I was|wrong.
Forgive you?
Tell me, how should I punish|her?
Jade, you tell me.
Why don't we, don't we....
Marry her to the Mountain|Devil.
Jade, you?
Sold when you're alive, &|sold when you're dead....
That Demon has many|concubines, you'll suffer
You betrayed me. Cut off her|hair.
What a waste of beautiful|hair.
I've spent so much time|combing it....
What a waste
Jade, didn't you just call|me your sister?
You knew the Priestess was|hiding here....
Why did you betray me?
For her own good....
I'm going to scratch your|face
Priestess, please forgive me
Go to hell
Please forgive Lotus
Don't worry, I'll marry in|your place.
Crocodile tears.
But I won't let you get away
Let who get away? Come here
You're sister. You'll both|marry the Mountain Devil.
Scratch her face
Priestess, don't....
Won't you forgive me?
You want me to really damage|your face?
I want her face scratched to|hell.
Is this it?|- Yes
Come on
I'm one of you
Who are you?
Run away
Don't be afraid, Buddha will|protect us, good will win...
You better let her go....
Hands off
Or I'll blow you up....
I'll come back & fight later
Come back
I'm going to eat him first.
You can lick me, but no|kissing
Did I save the wrong girl?
You'd better turn over a new|leaf.
I will
I better take you back, you|can't be tamed
I'm back
I'm off
Sister, run
You witch - still dare to|call my fighting 'games'?
Next time I'll blow up your|nest
We're far away from it now.
It doesn't matter how far we|go.
What are you two up to back|there?
My urn of ashes is in the|hands of the Priestess....
Under the 1,000 year old|tree, at daybreak....
My soul will have to return|there.
I promise you I'll find your|urn of ashes.
Don't depend on me to help.|- Concentrate on flying
Be careful
What did you just say?
You're going to back out now
I do one thing, something|else happens. It never ends.
So what?
I'll never be able to work|out my payment
Add your stupidity, plus my|naivete & intelligence....
You should also all your|greediness & heartlessness..
In the end you're just|jealous of me
Jealous of you?
You two are always in an hot|embrace....
I never get a chance
I don't know what type of|monk you are, but I'm also
human. I need love too
I'm only doing this to save|someone.
Stop fighting. The Priestess|isn't easy to handle....
I don't think I'll ever get|away....
Fong, just pretend this|never happened.
I'll go by myself
Stop putting it on. I won't|help you.
If you're going to help him,|move
Even if he begs me, I won't|go....
But if you beg me, I may|consider it.
Well, take your time then.|- Hey
Fong. what're you going to|do?
Get your urn of ashes, then|save Master.
That would be suicide
Give yourself a break....
It's none of your business
Look what you've done to me.
If not for you I wouldn't be|in this mess.
I saved you, & you're|blaming me?
You can't fight me, how can|you help me?
I'm not afraid, I'm not|afraid.
It's getting light, I can't|stop you.
No one'll help me, I'll have|to help myself.
Take care.
I knew I'd find you
So many urns How to find|hers?
Let's look together.
I don't need your help, I|can't afford you.
The likely ones go on this|side.
I wonder which one contains|Lotus's ashes?
None of your business
Smart ass|- This might be.
Or, this could be too.
It's so big Lotus wasn't so|fat....
It goes on that side....
How am I going to carry all|of these?
What me to get a horse &|cart?
Forget it, I can't afford it
Just for you, I won't charge
Abracadabra - show the way
Look & see if it's in that|urn.
It really is Lotus we found|it
Put it away then
Tree Devil, how dare you|belittle me
I'm going to burn you up....
Then let's see what you can|do?
The old monk
I've found your Master.
Bring him down please|- Okay
How is he?|- I can't tell
His eyes are swollen.
Move your Master, I'm going|to burn the tree.
It's raining, let's get out|of the rain....
If it doesn't stop raining,|we'll run.
I'm angry we didn't burn|that old witch
Master. Are you alright,|Master
Master, your eyes
You finally made it....
Fong, someone else is here,|who is it?
It's me sir....
The nice young man you met|at the market.
Good, you decided to change|your ways, & join us.
Yes, I'm not as greedy as|you think.
We should be safe here.
There's an inn over there,|we can rest awhile. - Okay
Wait|- Why?
What's the matter, Master?
They're here
Who is?
Those filthy ones|- What filthy ones?
It's Lotus
I'll take care of her.|-Don't Master, she helped us
She's on our side
Lotus, I found your urn of|ashes.
Hold on, there's another one
Don't believe her, she's a|fake
Fong, don't believe her, I'm|the real one.
Which one's real?|- How do I know?
Which is the real one,|Master? - How should I know?
Fong, don't believe her,|Fong....
Reveal yourself
It's the Tree Devil
Lotus.|- Hey
How come we're still in|Orchid Temple?
We never managed to escape|the Tree Devil's grasp
I know where Fong is. You|must go quickly.
Of course you know where he|is
You lied to us from the|beginning....
Now you're trying to trap us
My soul's always been with|my urn of ashes....
Like you, I was set up by|the Priestess.
Rubbish, you expect me to|believe you?
I'm going to break your urn.
& disperse your spirit, so|you won't do more harm.
I never lied to you....
You think I let the Tree|Devil take Fong on purpose?
Yin, don't you believe me?
Demon, I'm going to destroy|you.
Master, let's get the old|one, and let this one go.
Go on
Fong is in Orchid Temple, go|& save him.
Let's go.
You dropped your abacus.
Forget it, I'll never make|money on this job.
Let's go & save Fong.|- Right.
Fong, where is he?
Over there
Can't you see, he's hanging|up there.
Little monk, I'm going to|suck your energy....
Then I'll sell you to the|Mountain Devil....
You'll never be able to|reincarnate.
& you'll rot in hell
You can't even handle this|monk, you're useless.
Priestess, I can do it
I'll seduce him, just you|watch
How dare you come back
Priestess, I'll finish her|off.
No, I came for forgiveness..
I brought the other two back|with me....
They're hiding behind the|grass.
Damn her, she's sold us out.
You witch, how dare you|betray us....
I should've destroyed your|urn
The underworld is invincible
Abandon law & order
Heaven & earth move, lend|your powers, sword fly
Stars scatter, & cover the|skies
Oh my gold
I'll hold them back
The light of Buddha shines
Priestess, help me
You're wounded. You're|useless now. I need
your energy.
You old Tree Devil. You|devour your own people
No matter how powerful you|are....
Or that you're in human|form, you're a still a demon
Go to hell, take my spell...
Soldier of wind & fire, show|your power.
Why did you betray my Master|& Yin?
How else could I distract|the Priestess & save you?
My manuscript
Stars scatter
Heaven & earth move, lend|your power.
The Mountain Devil will|come, run quickly....
You go first
Come on, Lotus.
You were right, leave with|the monk....
At least you won't end up|like this.
I was wrong too I shouldn't|trust them
Otherwise, I won't be a|wandering ghost
Quick, help me
Butterfly|- Help me
Butterfly....|- Help me
Let's go Lotus Come on
Come with your Master
We can't get away like this,|step on my cloak
Onto my cloak
Master, wait for Lotus.
She's a demon, don't be|seduced by her.
Lotus, Quickly. Lotus
Lotus.|- Fong, I'm over here
Lotus, your urn of ashes
Old monk ; don't be so|stubborn....
Soldiers of fire & wind,|come, come, come.
Buddha be merciful.
Come on up.
I want bring you to hell.
The Mountain Devil is coming
Thank you for saving me sir.
I was only trying to save|my student.
Master, Lotus is really....
forget it, there's one hour|before daybreak....
Once it's light we'll be|fine.
Go to hell with me
You can't run away.
Master, we won't make it
Yin, let's break a path|through it.
Right Heavea & earth move,|lend your powers.
The light of Buddha
We won't make it.
I'll use all my life force|to fight it.
Come on
Fong, is it light yet?
Not yet, Master.
He's made the skies dark,|we're in his clutches....
You take care of the monk,|I'll distract him.
You're no match for them.|- I'll find a way.
Mountain Devil, I've|destroyed your
bastard sister.
Are you afraid to show|yourself?
I'll destroy you
The spell exerts itself
Here I come
He's gone
What can you do?
Fong, Your body will hold the|Gold Buddha's energy.
I'll send you above the|clouds to absorb the
sun's rays.
Master, you'll bleed to|death
Master, Master.
Are you alright, Master|- Let me go
You'll die if you go up|there
If I don't, you'll all die.
Monk, if I don't come back.
Please bury my urn of ashes|properly for me.
Lotus, we're all depending|on you.
We keep trying to be apart.|Yet we end up together
But where we're going is not|for you.
I know why I've to go, don't|worry
What're you doing?
I'm afraid I might let go of|you.
Untie yourself
If I let go, you'll fall|down
Take care of yourself first
I'm out of breath
Wow I fell so far, & I'm|not hurt
Hey, help me out
This is what I get for being|kind
It's a shame your spirit is|dispersed....
Is this what one gets for|being kind....
I hope good will come to you|in the end.
Lotus, Lotus.
I thought I'd never see you|again
Take my urn of ashes with|you, & I'll leave here too.
Who are you talking to?
All that is left is this red|ribbon
You mean her spirit|dispersed?
I must go now, hope we meet|again.
We've got to go too, bye for|now.
Let's go, Master.
Fong, why are you walking so|fast?
I can't find Lotus's urn of|ashes
Lotus, let's get to know|each other better.
You reap what you sow,|stealing iS wrong.
I put the ashes inside my|gourd.
I'll find you wherever|you've gone
Fong, who are you talking|me?
The demon said there's no|heaven....
Is that true?
Stop talking & do something.
Help me up
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Counterfeit Traitor The 1962 CD1
Counterfeit Traitor The 1962 CD2
Countess Dracula (1970)
Country of my Skull
Cousin Bette
Cover Girl (Charles Vidor+1944)
Cowboy (Delmer Daves 1958)
Coyote - Dont Give Up the Sheep (1953)
Coyote - Fast and Furry-ous (1949)
Coyote Ugly
Craddle 2 The Grave
Cranes Are Flying The (1957)
Cravan vs Cravan
Crazy Beautiful
Crazy People 1990
Crazy in Alabama
Creature from the Black Lagoon
Crew The
Cries And Whispers (Bergman Ingmar)
Crime Scene Investigation 3x01 - Revenge Is Best Served Cold
Crime Scene Investigation 3x02 - The Accused Is Entitled
Crime Scene Investigation 3x03 - Let The Seller Beware
Crime Scene Investigation 3x04 - A Little Murder
Crime Scene Investigation 3x05 - Abra Cadaver
Crime Scene Investigation 3x06 - The Execution Of Catherine Willows
Crime Scene Investigation 3x07 - Fight Night
Crime Scene Investigation 3x08 - Snuff
Crime Scene Investigation 3x09 - Blood Lust
Crime Scene Investigation 3x10 - High And Low
Crime Scene Investigation 3x11 - Recipe For Murder
Crime of Padre Amaro The
Criminal Lovers (1999)
Crimson Pirate The
Crimson Rivers 2 - Angels Of The Apocalypse
Crimson Rivers 2 Angels of the Apocalypse
Crimson Tide
Criss Cross
Cristina Quer Casar
Critters 2 The Main Course 1988
Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles
Cronos 1993
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Crow The
Crow The - City Of Angels 1996
Cruel Intentions 3
Crumb (1994)
Cube2 Hypercube 2002
Cube Zero
Cure (Kiyoshi Kurosawa) CD1
Cure (Kiyoshi Kurosawa) CD2
Curse The
Custer of the west
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