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Subtitles for Chinese Ghost Story.

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Chinese Ghost Story

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The path of life
Are dreams, like the length of the path
The storm on the way
Pass by as you go along
In the world
How many ways can one dream?
Looking for dream-like love
And the path goes on
Life is what
Dreams and desires are made of
Somewhere in the dream
There are traces of tears
Where to go to?
To find where my heart wants to go
The wind seems to sign in the dream,
And the path and I go on
It suddenly rains and suddenly shines
Please have a pity on us travellers!
Have mercy, sir! Take it back!
How dare you steal my money? Damn you!
Stop! Stop!
Is it a wanted convict?
Go away!...
Stop! Stop!
Is it him?
Doesn't look like him! Go.
Thank you!
Don't go!
If you are not wanted, stay away!
Stay away, go!
Not him!
Tell him to leave!
Who's screaming?
Over there!
There's a wanted convict!
Who told you to stop?
Pilgrimage? How hilarious!
You have all my money!
Don't advantage from me!
Don't say that, I don't need it!
You may need it sooner or later!
Thank you!
Want a room, Sir?
Get the luggage for him.
There's a nice room.
Sorry, but I'm a collector|from Tsi Pao Chu.
Without rules!
Why is it a different man each time?
The ex-collector was killed|on his way home.
Why don't you just do me a favor.
Since you might get killed|with the money?
Stop collecting.
You must be joking.
Can't see the counterfoll?|It's the new rules.
New rule? Show me!
Sorry, no!
What kind of a record is that?
It's in such a mess.
I can't return without the collection.
Sorry to bother you.
I owe you nothing.
You book shows it.
Don't deny it or I'll take|you to court.
Inn keeper, where can I|spend a night without paying
Go to the Lan Ro Temple!
Old lady, I didn't lie to you.
Where's Lan Ro Temple, please?
Lan Ro Temple?! 3 1/2 miles|to the East.
Where there is a spocky temple!
Thank you!
Sorry! Excuse me!
Old lady, are you going|to buy it or not?
Well done!
Master, you've good taste,|make an offer!
I don't even have money|for travel expenses.
Good taste, but no means,|what's the use?
What are you doing?
I'm taking your measurement|for your coffin!
Thank you!
Remember, there are wolves|in the woods.
You may come upon them|when it's dark.
The fire cannot go out.
If it does, I can't get out|of the forest.
Lan Ro Temple.
Anybody in?
Have you finished?
Hsia-hou, we're fought for|7 years & you're always lost
But you're quite persevering
You follow me wherever I go.
You've been in the Temple|for a fornight
and you've improved your|swordsmanship!
But you've wasted your youth too.
You're ambitious, but not aggressive.
For the sake of the title,|you've become biased
You're petulant but not|concentrated enough.
Your blows are violent but|ineffective.
You've got to cool down if not|you can win lust.
I'm here to duel with you,
not to listen to your sermon
Yes, he's right!
He's not your match. You|shouldn't have
said that to disgrace him.
He's right too.
You shouldn't have followed|him.
Lay down your swords &|touch him with love.
The universe is limitless|& love is eternal.
Love conquers the world.
Love is the most powerful weapon!
Because you said too much!
I'm not trying to follow you
Your clothing is torn.
Hell with your love!
The kind of love you need,
you should find in a|whorehouse.
I'm trying to find a place.
It's not convenient!
Why not?
Are you bold or not?
Look over there!
I just shout, you then hide up.
If there's a real tiger
Where should you hide?
What? It really has a tiger?
But we've something even|more frightening than a tiger.
Do you always keep so close|while talking?
I've had breath, & this will|keep you away.
Get out of here!
Your love can't save you.
Me too!
Hsia-hou, you're ambitious but,
after death, you're still a nobody.
I won't expose your body|in the wilderness.
You never change, you fight|even when dead.
It's lucky that water isn't deep.
Otherwise I'll get wet.
That monster's out again!
Shit! Is he still there?
I meant no harm.
I'll throw it away if you're afraid!
What's it?
Where's my veil?
Veil? I'll find one for you!
It's deep!
Come up quick!
Come up!
Thank you!
It's too dark, I can't see.
I'll find it up early tomorrow.
This water is both deep and cold!
Your hands are colder than mine.
Because you're warmer.
You're sick, you look so pale.
Go to see doctor.
I need your warmth.
I'm not willing to push you.
If not, I'll spit on you.
It hurts.
I shouldn't have pushed you.
It's cold.
I'm wet, you'll feel colder|lying on me.
Do you feel pain or cold?
Hold me and take me inside.
Holding you?
I can't, you're too heavy!
I need some help...
You look nice, but you're|in the wrong place.
Otherwise, you wouldn't have|died for nothing.
Why am I still in water?
Miss, you forgot your lute!
Why are you following me?
Why are you leaving?
A villain! I must run for my life!
Who? I can't see it!
Stepping you to death.
Let's go.
Where's the snake?
Don't shout!
The villain just passes by.
Which one?
The bearded one on the East|of Lan Ro Temple.
If he discovered us, we'd be killed!
The one living opposite me?
I could tell that he's no good
You're too dangerous! On|your own I'll take you back.
No, my family won't permit this.
They're very strict.
let me lure him away then!
Run when he tries to get|hold of me!
Don't let him see you.
Here's you lute, Miss!
What's your name?
Ning Tsai-shen!
What's yours?
Nieh Hsiao Tsing!
Nieh Hsiao Tsing!
Tomorrow night...
Tomorrow night I'll come|to see you.
Stop running!
It's dangerous.
Stop! You can't get away!
If you think you can scream,|I can scream too!
Damn Taoist, both of us want|shelter here.
Actually, all the men I|killed deserve it.
Why have you been annoying me?
I'm not.
I'm hiding in this hellish place
to stay away from hatred|the fighting in the world.
We've the common objective|to annihilate criminals
for the good of mankind.
We're in fact are fellowmen.
Fellowmen? Nonsense!
You're hurting me too.
One day, you'll be in big trouble,
then I'll finish you off.
You're a good man. Don't|come to me anymore.
Hsiao Tsing!
The big beard
Man of love,
Did you come upon anything|last night?
I've touched everything in|the house.
Did you see anything eerie?
Including you?
I'm serious. Why are you joking?
Who knows if you're
serious or not?
You're always joking?
Get out of this place. It's haunted.
Show me the ghost if you can.
Stupid fool. Do you think|you can see a ghost that easy?
Then they must not be a ghost.
They won't show up in the day.
Big beard, don't scare me.
Tell them to come at night,|if not in the day.
Don't regret it.
Why don't you believe me?
If I see you at night,|I'll throw you out.
Come on, do that!
No, I'll kill you.
There's no better way to help him.
Hope that can save his life.
Ghost? He must be kidding.
Where's my lower portion?
Damn big beard! Where have|you put it?
Your lower portion? Isn't it|connected to your upper portion?
Don't talk nonsense!
Take it!
He's incoherent. No point|in helping him.
It's illegible anyway,|I'll fill it in myself.
Have you really lived in|Lan Ro Temple?
It clearly shows 70 tales.
Pay up.
Take it.
Thank you.
Inn keeper!
You scared me. What do you want?
I was scared too.
Excuse me, excuse me...
Hsiao Tsing!
Hsiao Tsing!
Can you hear me?
Did you hear me, stop!
Don't go!
Who said that? Who did?
Let me see who's a wanted convict.
Don't you listen I said stop?
That man of taste is here again.
Why are you here again?
Boss, where's that painting|''The girl washing hair''?
I'll get it for you at once.
Boss, what are you doing?
Why's it missing? No one|has ever asked for it.
Well, come again tomorrow.
I promise I'll find it for you.
Well, I'll come again|tomorrow.
How could all 3 lanterns|be blown out?
When the wolf comes,|see how I'd cope with you.
Can't you see the Yellow River's water,
keeps flowing into the sea|without returning?
Can't you see the mourning of those,
with grey hair before the mirror?
Don't face the moonlight|without a drink.
Can't you see the Yellow River's water,
keeps flowing into the sea|without returning?
Can't you see the mourning of those,
with grey hair before the mirror?
Don't face the moonlight without a drink.
Give and spend and God will send.
Understand the bible,|and you have the sword for ten years
Then you've the credits.|I scare to leak out
If you stay, then I'll go.
I can hardly breath.
Why is there no wolf?
The wolf's coming!
Nieh Hsiao Tsing...
Hsiao Tsing...
Open the door, Hsiao Tsing!
Why are you here?
I came because I heard the|lute sounds.
Come in quick!
You can't come here.
I'm leaving tomorrow,|I must say goodbye!
Yes, but I'll try to come|to see you.
Someone's coming!
She has a sharp nose.
Hide under the water, &|she can't smell you.
In the water again?
Sister Tsing!
I know the matron's waiting|impatiently.
I'll go out after I've made|up.
You're hiding a man!
I am not!
Don't deny it!
Here's the proof!
See for yourself.
Why have you written such stuff?
You obviously do that in|defiance of my order.
I must punish you.
You bitch!
Don't forget the ordeal|you suffered!
Do as I tell you or I'll|destroy your ashes,
and you'll evaporate like|thin air.
get me a living being...
to increase my vitality,
and lengthen my span of life
You'll be forgiven
for this first offence.
Bring medicine for your sister.
You've been betrothed to Lord Black.
In three days you'll be his wife!
He's a bit old.
But he's not good-natured.
When he flares up,
even we can't control him.
After you marry him,
you'll never return.
Hsiao Tsing!
Try it on.
Your bridal dress.
Come here and have a look.
Seems there's some sort of smell.
The smell of a living man.
My dress is torn.
Why are you so careless?
I must wash my hand!
Ching, let me help you.
Thank you!
Don't mention it.
Why are you doing that?
Don't keep offending her.
I didn't mean to.
You haven't cleaned up yet.
You did it on purpose, I give up.
Take it off so I can mend it
Tsing, what are you doing?
I must take a bath before|going out!
If not I can't get you a living.
Good girl.
Ching, learn from her.
I won't let you down tonight
Hurry up!
3 days later after I get married,
this room will be yours.
Dress up! I won't look at you!
I've a lot to tell you!
Go to the temple first!
I'll wait you there!
Why are you so speedy?
It's faster coming down!
Are you alright?
Do you like this picture?|Give it to you.
The picture?
How do you get this?
My father asked to draw|it a year ago.
Just found it 2 days before.
That's me!
Keep it as seeing me.
You sound like we'll never|meet again.
Yes! I'll marry the old monster,
in 3 days time.
You're not willing to.
Go away if you want to.
Let me go. It's dawn.
It's better, then we can go.
Let me off.
I won't if you don't go with me.
Release me!
You beggar, how can you save me?
Don't day dream.
You want my money.
I see so many of your kind.
I won't be tricked.
How can you say this?
If you don't go, I'll ask|someone to fetch you.
Ok, l go!
Take care!
I can't find the picture!
I saw the girl.
Forget her. She died a year ago!
It's pouring, go and find a shelter!
Don't curse her.
Keep by my side.
You're totally wet!
Don't superstitions!
Don't go away!
Who's shouting?
I'm not a wanted convict.
Grab the shouting one.
You won't get fund.
Get him first.
The world is so cool.
The bearded man is a killer.
Is she dangerous?
Help me get on my feet.
Beware, don't let my new|gown get wet.
You can't affort it.
I'm coming to save you.
My mom will punish me,|I wet my clothes.
The way of life
The way...
The spoken ''way'' is not ''way''
Of haven and earth,
Of humang and swards
Of evil and good,
This way, that way, every which way
Say that their way, is the only way
Bah. Tehah, hah!
All bullshit,
This way, that way, is still not the way
Ha! Ha!
The way of flowers and tea, Ha!
Of life and death,
Of density and intensity,
Of light and heat,
Of evil spirits
Of people committing crimes
Of bad ones in power! Ha!
I find my own way
I seek
My way!
So windy!
What happened to your eyes?
The fool punches on me!
Kneel down!
What are you doing?
It's pouring!
It doesn't matter, I always get wet.
Let's go on to the temple.
You are in danger.
That bearded guy is a killer
Come in first.
I'm coming back to tell you.
It's dripping.
Are you back to rescue me?
I miss you!
The seller said the girl died already.
Don't mention this now.
Don't forget, I'll get married in days.
Dawn, please do not come
Let the dream-like night
last forever.
Let this moment of truth
follow this moving love
and command the soul to come in.
Please ask dawn not to come ever again.
This romantic feeling now,
puts me out of this world
The warmth in that breeze
sends love through the cold rains.
Quietly let this|fervent love break through
Do not let the red sun
put us apart
This langourous night
do not change
Please command dawn|not to show itself again
The dream we are in now
can never happen again
It's also in the picture.
Give it back to me.
lt sounds beautiful.
Give it back to me.
You run so fast?
Why you get up set?
It's important to you.
I don't mean this.
Tell you the truth. I'm not a human.
Don't say that.
l'm not if you don't.
l'll take responsibility|for the thing we did.
Don't follow me!
Go to find the bearded guy.
He's a murderer, I'll get killed.
You'll die!
Don't follow me.
You can't go!
Where's Tsing?
I'm not coming for you.
Heaven and earth are limit-less.
The bearded guy killed|your sister. Let's report.
I can't go with you.
I don't care, I must get|you out here.
Tsing's gone?
Someone is coming to pay you money.
Did you get money?
Not yet!
Master not yet arrives.
Clean your teeth.
Wash your face, Master.
Disturbing me at this hour!
Beat him up!
Stop, I'll forget everything
Did you get the money?
Yes, of course.
I saw the murderer Liu!
Who's he?
He's a wanted convict.
But we got him 3 hours ago!
I'm a money mind.
You're worse than me!
Want to take my money?
Beat you to death.
I really saw him.
Did you?
Who's in the jail?
Yes, it's Liu?
It's guilty.
I think
you get the wrong person!
We always get the wrong person!
Get Liu!
Get Liu!
Get Liu!
If he's really Liu,
then it's not a good business.
Don't plead guilty. Beat!
Why are you still hitting?
Stop it!
No robbing. I'm poor!
Mr. Chiu!
Deduct your payroll.
You don't know Yen?
He's so famous...
in 26 Province.
He hates greedy Master.
I'm not involved.
Swordsman Yen, are you|coming to grab me?
I don't care the case. I'm|coming to see my brother.
Don't listen to him. He ain't my brother.
Hold it!... Maybe it's wrong.
Your honour, Liu is here.
Master, Liu is in jail.
Take him away! No fund!
Go away!
Go away!
You've to protect me. He's a murderer.
It's so complicated.
Triple the price.
Who's the killer?
That's him!
I'm not a murderer!
I'm tired.
What's happening?
It's serious. Add some more!
Listen! No dead body, no case.
We are making up.
You're wasting our energy!
Pay double!
Stupid fool!
Be smart and pay it.
I want to, but I don't have any.
You can go and rob.
Your honor, let's cancel the case.
He's so generous.
Quickly pay and cancel the case.
Where's the spot of the murder?
Speak up!
Lan Ro Temple.
The one who died is not|a human being.
I saw you chop off that|woman's head.
Not a woman, a ghost.
Anything not linked with|human is not my concern.
Then I don't charge you.
Let's adjourn without charge...
Adjourned without charge...
I know that woman.
Her family lives behind that Temple.
It's now deserted.|Behind it is the grave.
Because of the chaotic situation,
the people in town have all left.
The haunted sound at night,
are made by those stray ghost.
Ghost? I don't believe it!
If you don't believe,|I'll take you to see them.
See for yourself!
You believe it now?
If she was a ghost,|why didn't she kill me?
May be you still have some use.
What use?
Only a ghost can tell.
Ghosts use each other like people.
Get out of here before it gets dark.
And you?
I'm staying. The mundane|world is too complicated.
It's simpler to get along with ghosts.
I'm staying.
Go now!
I've thought it over. You'd better stay.
Stay? Those female ghosts may hurt me.
So much the better.
I can wipe them out all.
If they come to you, ring this bell,
and I'll come to your rescue
You want to use me to kill Tsing?
Yes, they get fed up with me and...
won't to tolerate me anymore
This one is powerful.
Can you cope with them?
Sure, evil can't conquer good.
Hold the Sutra.
What language is that?
Remember, concentration|invites buddhism.
What's the first line?
You know Sanskrit?
No, but I know this principle.
Remember to ring the bell|when you see the evil.
Don't keep reciting that!
The evil may not appear then
Who's it?
Say it, or I'll open the door.
Why are you returning?
The old woman knows it!
Are you a ghost?
Did you kill those men in that temple?
I had no choice.
I had to do it under the circumstances.
Keep away...
Keep away, or I'll be nasty.
Did you hurt yourself?
Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you.
Why don't you believe me?
Have I ever hurt you?
A ghost is evil.
You are a ghost. How can I trust you?
But some men are more scary than ghosts.
They are more harmful.
Some ghosts are|unable to vent their grievances
That's why I'm wondering
ln fact, some ghosts are better than men.
Why did you kill then?
That old woman forced me to
She's a 1000-year old tree monster.
I'm from a good family,
but I was murdered.
My father buried me under that old tree.
He was also killed later.
Then that old woman|controlled my body and
used me to lure men to|absord their elements.
She's now selling me to that|old monster.
Hsiao Tsing!
Why don't you ring the bell?
Are you still afraid of me?
No, I must deliver you out|of that old woman.
After tomorrow,
take my ashes to a family|before dusk,
and I'll have a chance|of reincarnation.
Rest assured.
I'll unearth it early tomorrow,
and deliver it.
Bad! Go quick!
That Taoist will fix you!
That old woman told me to hurt you!
He may come to kill you. Go now!
Don't worry! We are blessed.
I have magic.
Damn Taoist, you fooled me...
It won't work.
Why doesn't it work?
What's this?
That old woman's tongue.
Ning Tsai-shen!
Ning Tsai-shen!
What's this?
Shut your mouth or the|tongue may get in!
This way!
Leave me alone.
Ning Tsai-shen!
Follow the cloth, don't ever look back.
Tsing! I...
Ning Tsai-shen...
Ning Tsai-shen!
Old woman!
It's you?
Who else, if not me?
Where have you been?|Why didn't you come?
Why didn't you ring the bell
How dare you take away my meat?
I don't mind your killing those bad ones.
But this scholar who is so pure,
but weak and good for nothing.
What else of goodness do you have?
Don't compliment me!
I can't convince her without bluffing.
Killing him means not giving|me any face.
What about your killing my maid?
That's not giving me any face either?
Damn old woman,|let's not talk about face.
Well, let's fight it out!
Let's see who is stronger.
Her tongue is longer than yours.
Go away!
Blessing sword!
No scruples in Heaven or on earth.
Ning Tsai-shen!
Keep away!
Don't kill her, Tsing!
Bastard! Come back quick!
Help that Taoist fight|with the old woman.
Anywhere will do!
What if I hit?
My bottom!
She's coming again!
Run! Don't mope over there!
Watch out!
I want you lives.
I chop!
Are you mad? You know she's harmful.
Why do you follow her?
She was forced. Don't misunderstand.
There's a boundary between|men and ghosts.
Men should keep away from|ghost's affairs.
We shouldn't get involved.
I've broken her century-old magic.
She's powerful,
but can only wreak havoc in a century.
If there's nothing happened.
Don't interfere her matters.
I've to keep my promise.
I must bring her ashes back|to her birth place,
so that she can be reincarnated.
Swordsman, I know you don't|want to get involved.
There's lots of high landers|on the way to the town.
I can't make it without your help.
Swordsman Yen, I beg you.
Help me bringing her ashes back.
Give her a chance.
On your feet!
I stand up,
because I hate to go with|those mean people.
So I hide in this temple.
I pretend to be a ghost in|front of a man,
and a human in front of a ghost,
and now I don't know if I'm|a man or a ghost.
I'm not a swordsman.
What so funny!
I don't want to be a man.
But Tsing wants to reincarnation.
Don't say that!
The most important is to|get out here.
I don't understand all those|nonsense!
Alright, I promise you!
I find it!
Why so much?
How strange!
Which one?
No time to sort out now.|Take them away!
Where should we put the Sutra?
In the satchel!
No, keep it to make the|spirits follow us.
Follow me closely!
I can't, you're riding too fast!
We're in rush.
Swordsman Yen, something wrong!
Why are we still at the same old place?
Must have to do with those evil spirits.
What then?
We must get out of the|before it's dark.
Follow me.
Someone's celebrating!
Inn keeper!
Why is it deserted?
All gone to hell!
What are you doing?
We want to stay the night.
Follow me!
You can go!
Don't come out!
Tsing, come out if you're|among them.
Master, looking for me?
Master, looking for us?
No sign of Tsing.|Maybe the wrong ashes!
Get back your things and vanish.
Don't wreak havoc anymore.
Thank you!
Last chance.
Now this is the last.
Tsing, come out, if it's you!
Come out!...
Master, looking for me?
A male! No chance!
Why do you keep calling me?
It's the waiter.
You scare me!
Damn! Why did you appear|so abruptly?
Get out!
Ning Tsai-shen!
Thank you for serving my life!
Well...! Stand up!...
Don't be formal. We're friends.
You're wasting the time!
I'll replace 2 horses for|the journey tomorrow.
What a pair of lovers!
That's his style!
It's frosty all over the lake.
Time flies like which goes grey.
Facing the moon alone,|I need companion.
Lovebirds fare better than fairies.
This picture will be the|only thing I left.
I'll keep it forever.
We must at the town|tomorrow evening,
if not I couldn't reincarnation.
You should be happy for me.
What a chance for you.
But we must part before dawn,
and forever.
Heavens! Don't ever get dark
Evil in the air!
Blood bun?
A ghost wedding.
Stop moping! This inn is haunted.
Pack up and get out of here.
I go and get the golden pagoda.
Hurry up!
Oh, I forgot the painting!
Get it when day breaks.
Ning Tsai-shen!
Today's a good day in hell.
They must've got Tsing back.
Old Evil is coming to|collect the bride.
Scholar, it seems we've|to storm hell!
We must rescue Tsing.
Hold it! We must rescue|her before the incense burns out.
We can't go back when|the day breaks.
Remember, close your eyes!
Can I open my eyes now?
You must, if you want to find her.
Tsing's inside.
Ning Tsai-shen!
Why can't l get hold of her?
Ning Tsai-shen!
In the mundane world men|can't see ghosts.
ln hell ghosts can't see men.
Tsing can see you now. Go now.
They're going to hell!
What now?
Go into hiding
Go and rescue Tsing at once.
Let's go!
Heaven and earth are limitless.
Here I am!
Don't mind, run!
I'm here to help you.
I cut it for you.
The magic powers!
Swordsman Yen, watch out!
You go first, I'll stay behind.
Find another exit.
Swordsman Yen!
Why have you come back?
We can't get out of here!
Old Evil has blocked the exit.
You can't get out of here.
Help me get an arrow.
Full the bow.
Let loose!
Bad, we're not his match.
Pull at him. This is|1000-year old Evil.
He may drain your soul away.
Swordsman Yen!
Recite! Pao-Yeh-Pao-Lo-Mi.
Lord Black, please let them go.
Break the golden pagoda and|be my companion.
Tsing, don't be taken in.
Concentrate! Recite!
I'll rescue you!
Yen Che-hsia, Ning Tsai-shen|I'll take your lives.
What's this? The sutra?
You'd enough.
I've to get rid of your damn evil.
Damn old Evil!
Swordsman Yen!
The way's clear! Help|Swordsman Yen out!
Swordsman Yen!
Swordsman Yen, we're back to earth.
Bad, it's dawn.
Tsing's not yet here.
Help her out.
Swordsman Yen, lead a hand!
Keep her from the sunshine,
or she may evaporate and|can't be reincarnated.
Tsing, come back to the|golden pagoda!
The sun is rising, I've to go!
Tsing, be a good human being.
I'll remember you always.
Can't see you once before we apart.
Take care!
She's gone!
I want to be together,
till eternity.
Tsing, I'll take you back.
Wonder if she has been reincarnated.
In there times, an unlucky man may|fare worse than a ghost.
Let's go.
The path of life
Are dreams, like the length of the path
The storm on the way
Pass by as you go along
In the world
How many ways can one dream?
Looking for dream-like love
And the path goes on
Life is what dreams and|desires are made of
Somewhere in the dream
There are traces of tears
Where to go to?
To find where my heart wants to go
The wind seems to sign in the dream,
And the path and I go on
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