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Chinese Odyssey A

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The royal siblings plan to escape again!
Sop them! Yes, Your Highness!
We'll sneak out separately...
to avoid suspicion.
We'll then meet up in Meilong town.
Are we going to get away in broad daylight?
Your Majesty! If you leave us,
the palace will be left without a leader.
Of course not.
The Queen Mother is very clever,she takes care of everything all the time.
Let her make all the decisions.
Now off with you!
For me, these useless people are just like bucketfuls of rice.
The Emperor is like a rice dumpling.
You fools!
Leave me alone!
You idiots!
How could you have let the Princess escape?
It's all our fault!
You useless trash!
You stopped the Emperor, but lost sight of the Princess.
The Emperor could be allowed to fool around outside.
But the Princess... What if something happens to her?
What would happen to the reputation of the Ming Dynasty?
How did she manage to get away?
Our department should not be responsible.
According to unofficial historical records,
the Princess used secret martial techniques,
Vaulting right out of the Palace.
But according to the secret papers,
File number 2046...
Let me see...
Princess Wushuang used a special skill...
That won her fame later.
Her secret weapon was her head!
Hearsays aside.
According to witnesses...
On that fateful day, the Princess sauntered leisurely...
Out of the Palace.
End of our special report.
Sauntered and left!
So people can saunter and enter the palace?
Find her!
You cannot even take a brave step...
How can you be an emperor?
Since the late emperor's death,
The peach blossom has not flowered.
His soul must be worried about his children's future.
Robber! Sand still!
You just wait,
I'll catch you!
They call me Bully the Kid.
Anyone can be a bully...
If he has nothing else to do.
Two years ago, I decided to be a drifter.
To put it nicely, I travelled the world.
To put it bluntly, I became a tramp.
Today an acquaintance invited me...
To join a fight.
I agreed immediately.
Because I am too bored.
Hey! I see you have a new image today.
I am too good-looking.
I hope this adds a little malice...
Then the enemy will immediately know I am invincible.
A lump on the forehead does that?
No! The lump is the result of my spicy hotpot diet.
Brothers, in order to protect our territory.
We must win in this battle!
"Brothers, charge!"
Officer, we're in a hurry!
How dare you clowns to fight in public area.
Officer, we are friends."
We were not fighting.
Don't you know the law states that...
Any gathering over 3 persons is illegal.
Possession of any weapon over 1 kg is an offense.
Officer, this knife is for pedicure, it weighs 0.8 kg.
0.8 kg?
Let's see.
0.8 kg, huh?
You're shorter than 1.8 m, how can you weight over 300 kg?
Search him!
Why are you carrying a pipa?
My life could be dangerous sometimes,
With a pipa at hand I can sing...
To relax myself.
I shall charge you speeding too.
Speeding? When?
As our high-tech speed detector indicates...
Your facial expression...
Has exceeded 1 20 kph.
The machine works that fast?
You dare to underestimate the machine?
Give it to me!
The wonder of this high-tech machine...
Is that it conceals a high-speed technician.
Now you know!
The better is yet to come.
This one shows you picking your nose while riding.
This one shows while your waiting for the enemy...
You scratched your ass.
Your bathing.
But this is a woman.
My mistake.
It's a souvenir from Miss Spring of the Spring Flower Brothel.
Anyway, you're done for. Li Yilong!
Hey, you recognize me in this makeup?
Of course I can!
You are the son of the Golden Chef of Meilong.
How on earth could you know that?
Why couldn't l?
As a toddler, you broke people's windows and...
You got worse as you got older, beating up villagers.
You're despicable!
Who on earth are you?
Who taught you your "Face Off"?
Principal Chan?
You can't recognize me without a moustache?
All my efforts on you are all wasted.
Do you repent?
And so?
Punishment of 50 canes.
50 canes would have been the standard.
But another 30 for your lousy makeup!
Then I remembered what Chan once said:
For a prodigal son is always...
Like an autumn leaf...
lts root is its final home.
Are the leaves falling at home now?
Are the folks thinking of me?
The canes hurt. Although Chan struck hard,
I knew he was heartbroken.
He said he'd never see me again.
I know he wants to put me on my way.
I will never forget you! Principal Chan! Drag-phoenix Restaurant
What's wrong, Phoenix?
The smell of blood.
I can feel an intense force coming.
Bully the Kid is back!
Don't you think...
My brother said...
He was beaten severely by a bitch here last year.
I had thought she was something. Now I can see it was a fluke.
And who can this be?
I am the "Matchless Thousand Hand"...
Zuo Lengchan
I am here to avenge my blood brother.
Thousand Hand the Matchless!
Let me! Matchless?
According to the memoirs of Zuo Lengchan...
It happened like this.
They hit me like...
They hit me like...
Actually, it was not what really happened.
They were ultimate Sreet Fighters,
Using the cruelest tricks on me!
I was injured by a folder chair.
The wound still bleeds sometimes.
Sop... Sop!
You win, fair and square! I quit!
How could noodles made with love not be tasty?
lncomparable with mother's noodles.
Two years, and you haven't improved one bit.
Learn from me!
Mother left this bracelet
For your future bride.
Have you forgotten?
You're lecturing me? How about yours?
You fared better?
You think I don't want to?
The whole village knows I'm your sister.
Who dares to take me?
Please don't blame me!
You act too much like a man for a man to like you!
Me as a man?
Says how?
Excuse me, sir...
Pray tell, is there an inn nearby?
You go to hell!
Excuse me.
Never say it is I who scare other villagers away from you.
To prove this, I shall now go visit them.
Good brother.
An invitation to your wedding banquet?
On behalf of the village I offer you this letter.
The letter states clearly.
We want you to stay away from us.
From now on, we want nothing more to do with you.
Are you nuts?
Could you be a bit more considerate?
If the letter already states everything,
Why do you bother to read it loud again?
Go to hell!
Good brother!
Black Pig!
Now I do have friends here.
Long time no see. And who's this?
Yes, some wierd friends you have.
And with those names like animals.
Good brother!
Now he's got a real name.
Quick, tell Phoenix your name!
Amour Amour!
Not your nickname, the real one.
Now I understand why my sister dresses like a man.
When a woman desperately longs for a man...
For a long time...
She would dress up as him before he appears.
I can read her mind...
Because a strong vibe connects us since childhood.
I can tell what she's thinking now.
Great! You can read my mind too!
Really? Yes?
Clean your face, quick!
I'll get you a mate!
l, Bully the Kid, have asked all of you to come, because...
I know you don't think too much of me,
Nor do l.
But you shouldn't have a prejudice against my sister because of me.
I am asking you...
To come to help my sister find a man who truly loves her.
If a man can survive...
The Sacred Fire of Meilong,
Whether he is king or pauper,
If he put his hand in and remains unscathed,
Then he is a true hero with a true heart.
He shall marry my sister.
As for me...
I shall leave Meilong
And never return!
Anyone want to give it a try?
All of us!
So many volunteers?
None of you truly loves my sister.
You want to get rid of me!
This serves you right!
Fine! If my sister cannot find a husband,
I shall not leave Meilong.
So moving!
Good brother reminds me
"Of a line by the Monkey King from "The Chinese Odyssey"...
"Once, there was a bowl of hot roast pig's knuckles noodles in front of me, , , "
"But I didn't value,"
"And didn't eat them until they were cold, it was too late, , , "
"Nothing on earth hurts more than this!"
What's those words to do with good brother?
But I was moved nonetheless!
Good folks,
For your kind support of our restaurant for so many years...
We are offering 20% discount today...
And specialties such as our special buns
And super fried sausage set meals.
And surprise gifts for the first three customers.
An offer not to be missed!
You horrible creatures!
I am thanking my customers, not asking for your donations!
Good brother, I've eaten already.
Not even for your next meal, and the one after that?
Sis, someone has gone down!
Playing dead now?
Pheonix. Good brother is doing this all for you.
No one comes here, what else can he do?
He is worse than a pesticide, standing there like that.
Not even a fly will get in.
Just watch me!
Bully the Kid is here!
Good brother, spare me!
What? I am bringing you business.
Yes, but all my customers have brought you business.
Business is like that, come and go.
With you sitting here, it can just be "go".
Both sides are blocked...
And one blockhead in front!
Why is my heart beating so fast?
Could it be sis?
So she is attracted to this gentleman,
No wonder my heartbeats went wild.
Be it so! Let me match them together.
Waiter, be quick!
Brother, good move!
Sit down and have a drink!
At a distance of 7.08 meters...
Within the time of 0.25 incense stick, I made a decision.
The gentleman was athletic, and looked handsome...
I decided to introduce him to my sister.
At a distance of 3.08 meters...
Within the time of 0.25 incense stick...
I made a life-changing decision.
I was broke,
And he offered to treat.
I decided to eat all I could eat.
I had no idea what...
...the distance was...
I didn't need an incense stick...
I must find a way to get rid of them.
This gentleman stands out from the rest.
My brother has never treated anyone so well.
Sarting from that day...
They have been drinking and talking, day in day out.
Looks like my brother is attracted to him, and I too.
Hungry, huh? Try the chicken.
Meilong is famous for its chicken
Bring me my wine!
"A drink with a good brother,"
"A friend in good weather."
"ln this time at this place we meet,"
"A toast we need."
"l cherish our meeting,"
"A warm and wonderful blessing."
"Between us there's a heat,"
"This night is a feast."
"We can be brothers,"
"Our happiness knows no border."
"For us the world exists,"
"No matter where our paths lead."
"l cherish our night,"
"May tomorrow be another fight."
"On this wine we feed"
"No matter his heart will bleed."
What's it got to do with me?
"Dragon for phoenix,"
"lt is a complicated matrix."
"Now that we are acquainted,"
"Our future needs repainted."
"Good brother behold,"
"A sun needs a moon to be whole."
"Good wine must be cherished,"
"But time has also vanished."
Good brother,
The food and living here is great, but...
I must be going.
All feasts must come to an end.
I can't last much longer anyway.
At first, I thought
We were going to buy meals in turns...
As it turned out, it was always I who paid.
Not that I mind this
I say what I feel.
You must be in financial difficulty.
Here, take these.
According to the Princess Wushuang's memoirs...
Amour a la Bully the Kid...
That night, in the arms of Bully the Kid...
She experienced a moment she could never forget...
For the first time in her life, she felt her heartbeat.
However, Bully the Kid remembered that night...
Rather differently.
Take care!
However, according to the innkeeper...
...who offered a different view in his memoirs
Never Gave Up My Thirty Years Fighting Bully the Kid
This is what really happened...
There was no way of telling who was holding whom...
Emotions were charged.
There keep bidding farewell continuously
There was so much holding and embracing.
There was no ending in sight.
Let's bid farewell here.
Let's bid farewell here.
We have been bidding farewell for one month now.
You'll soon be home.
Let us part now!
Take care!
Brother, It is more fun to have three...
At a dinner table than the two.
Sis, don't be upset.
I know you miss him. I have a solution.
A solution?
I learnt this...
In my wild days.
When you miss something, some person...
You concentrate on one point
And that person appears.
You've been staring at the same spot for a long time.Aren't you tired?
Of course! My whole body is numb.
I couldn't even close my eyes. Get a doctor!
You're early. Right.
Sit. Shall I cook you some noodles?
Coming back for a look?
Make yourself at home.
"Now that we are acquainted,"
"Our future needs repainted."
"Good brother behold,"
"A sun needs a moon to be whole."
"Good wine must be cherished,"
"But time has also vanished."
"Brother, look."
"Just look."
"The sun and moon are together."
"Day changes to night following closely."
"Following closely"
"Radiant as we."
"Amour Amour"! What sort of name is that?"
No more drinks!
This kid has the same name as Emperor Zheng De!
I bow to Your Majesty!
Get up!
You little bastard, beware!
Little brother, you have reached marriageable age.
Why haven't you married yet?
Because I haven't found my destined husband.
Your husband?
You think you're a woman?
I am a woman.
Wow, that makes my sis a man.
Yes, they all call me "good sir".
I'll show you, hold on.
Do I look like a man?
My turn.
Do I look like a woman?
My turn.
Let's perform Tiger Crane Fists together
Brother, you look fabulous as a woman.
It's over!
I belong to royalty, and now I've shared a bed with him...
How could I explain to the Queen Mother?
He's just a peasant, but I am a princess.
Queen Mother would never consent!
A drag!
Forgot to change.
Brush up.
Your brother is a bit crazy.
He wasn't like this before.
After he was dumped by a rich girl,
His changed a lot.
Well, the rich girl
Didn't begin as a rich girl.
She lived with her grandpa right outside the village
She broke her leg one year.
My brother carried her to the doctor everyday,trekking miles and miles.
Cooked for her, took her home, and then...
One day her dad got rich,
And said she was too good for him.
The romance got cut off just like that.
My brother was heart broken and left.
I know my brother wants to leave this unhappy place,
He hopes one day he'll run into her.
Just for one look, then he would be satisfied.
What are you doing?
A back rub after a face wash!
You want me to wash your feet?
You remind me of my dad.
With this foamy moustache.
My mother used to rub my dad's back too.
Hey, let's go out!
The water in this basin...
is taken from Tianshan's Destiny Cave.
It reflects people's destinies.
Does it also reflect ulcers and other ailments?
With your moustache,
You think I wouldn't be able to recognize you, Amour Amour?
Good brother, but this is my part-time.
I couldn't survive as a full-time tramp.
But this basin of water
Can really foretell your destiny.
Let's check our destiny.
Come on.
Well, you two have a nice sisterly path.
Very well. What are you saying?
Now let us do it.
And you two will be husband and wife.
Get off, I will avenge later.
You funny man!
How could two men be married?
Just now when you two were there...
Do you recognize the intense vibration of the water,
And the shaking of the shadow,
It's the classic "Mirage" syndrome
Truthful and yet illusive.
You are destined to be together with the Li Yi long that exists in the water reflection,
But not with the present him.
Otherwise, you two would not bear fruit.
What are you talking about?
When you get the Unique...
Destiny Ring,
The "Mirage" shall materialize
into true love.
Remember, your destiny...
Flourishes under a peach blossom tree.
Remember. Peach blossom!
Don't joke with me!
I wouldn't dare, Princess.
Emperor Zheng De must now call it a day.
You nearly fooled me.
How does he know I am a woman?
Crazy guy.
Good man...
I am being followed, please help me.
No problem, Princess!
Who are you?
Your royal servant Fay...
Former head of the Palace troops,
Under the command of the Queen Mother,
We need to operate in disguise to find Princess.
The Queen Mother has ordered...
To keep this operation confidential, so...
Sop following me!
Don't follow!
Your dare to bump into the son of the Magistrate.
What are you looking at?
I am talking to you!
Shall I lock you up?
Don't expose ourselves.
We could be locked up too, so as to protect her.
Brother, they've taken him.
Are they going to beat him up?
A group of strangers seems to be helping him.
I smell something fishy.
Follow me.
We are all imperial guards.
We come here to protect you.
Shut up!
Who bit my ear?
Nobody confess?
You will see when my dad come.
You ruthless gangsters!
How dare you to beat me up?
Why couldn't we?
And we are certainly experts in this.
Who's backing you?
The Chu's.
Fatty Chu from Shandong?
I said something wrong?
The Magistrate has decided
That this can not be categorized as a criminal case.
But simply a civil one.
We do not take on civil cases.
Dismiss all of them!
Who the hell are you to have the authority to command?
This gentleman seems to have some opinion...
Care to come inside for a chat?
Why should I be afraid?
Jack! Joe! John! Jim! Jay! Josh!
Follow me, all of you!
What's going on?
Let's go!
Shut up! Don't follow me!
Shut up!
Shut up!
Do not arouse any public attention.
The guards will secretly accompany the Princess to leave.
We'll meet up 3 km away.
Who on earth are you?
I got to go.
What about my sis? Discarding her after the intimacy?
I am afraid it is I who is being discarded.
Yilong, listen.
Remember what I tell you today.
Speak up.
We had some sort of intimacy on the night when we got drunk.
That is an undeniable fact.
And a man must bear this responsibility.
Of course.
A husband must do as told by his wife...
Must take care of her, treat her well,
Heed her wishes.
lsn't that the wife's job?
Shut up and listen to him!
A wife needs to be loved.
She might be a bit spoilt.
A bit naughty at times, and you must see to her needs.
I am not like that!
Shut up and let me finish!
If you can do that,
You can be a good husband. Do you get it?
Why tell me this? You should tell yourself!
I will come back for you.
Why me? You should come back for her!
Are you alright?
Excuse me, are you hugging the wrong person?
You must move on.
But he ignored me.
I am not talking to you.
I really must go.
You must come back.
You cook so well. I will definitely come back.
Are you alright?
I thought when he held me,
I would get all excited.
But it turned out I didn't feel a thing.
Why is he protected by the royal court?
Who could he be?
I'm sure he has left his bag somewhere.
You dare to pee here!
But Big Dog is in the toilet.
Good brother... Let me get it!
What's going on?
Good brother...
Quiet! Time for "show and tell".
He is the Emperor?
I had fooled around with the Emperor?
Phoenix's boyfriend is the Emperor!
Phoenix's boyfriend is the Emperor!
Phoenix is going to be the princess.
Amour Amour, where are you going?
I need to run some errands. Be back soon.
Go away! Go!
I hate greedy people!
You have never treated my sister well before.
Now it is too late.
Our restaurant will serve none of you!
Good brother, there are a lot of rumors out there
It says the Emperor was just fooling around with your sister.
No, he won't.
I have spent time with that man.
I really know him.
And I will protect my sis from being fooled with.
I will go find the Emperor tomorrow.
Our fault!
Such nonsense!
How could a gust of wind blow the Princess away?
If you fail to bring the Princess back,
All heads would roll.
Be at peace the Queen Mother!
I just wish to volunteer...
To lead the lmperial Troop.
To find the Princess back.
I want a chance to prove myself
And to show the Queen Mother my repentance.
Wish granted.
Thank you, Queen Mother.
An emperor must have some acting skills.
Finally, I have the chance to get some fresh air.
Have you seen my brother? I've looked for him the whole day.
I just saw him on the bridge.
He was on his way to find the Emperor.
My brother left to search for him?
It's you again?
Damn! Who do you think you are?
Why come to bother us again?
Since last time...
I have been practicing a lot.
Now I am excellent in using the Matchless Blades.
I'm back to defeat you guys!
Your technique, could it be the long-lost...?
Good guess. The long-lost "Romancing Eyes".
This style emphasizes what's soft within hard,
Even in killing there is tenderness.
The eyes will beguile the enemy,
Breaking down all defense!
This is uncanny.
I have to upgrade to another level!
Good! I'll upgrade too!
"Hey, give me an eye!"
Me? Quick!
Wow, such a wild blossoming woman!
It's the most I can do.
How about this?
Don't make me, don't, enough!
Not enough?
How about this?
Let us help!
I broke my bracelet.
Careful, the blade is poisoned!
We need to suck the blood out!
It is the first time I feel the blood of love rushing to my heart.
On the brink of life and death,
I start to fantasize!Travel Around the World.
I can tell she is fantasizing.
I must outdo her!
What is Mr. Ko doing?
Fantasizing, probably.
I learned from Mr. Ko today
That he was originally an actor.
Like my brother, he is a wanderer.
He came back tonight
And said in case Zuo Lengchan returns, he can protect me.
I couldn't refuse him.
He has a grandeur that no one can resist.
Can't sleep?
I'm fine.
Sop fantasizing and sleep.
I am a respectable gentleman.
What now?
My shoulders are cold.
Shall I warm them for you?
Are you cold?
A little.
You... need my hand?
Can do.
Warmer now?
Warmer. My feet are getting cold though.
Let's put our feet together.
We can hold each other tight.
Now, sleep.
And don't fantasize.
lsn't it getting too warm?
We are having lots hands and legs here!
Bugger off!
No, not you, Pheonix!
Phoenix! Phoenix!
Sir! Hands off!
What are you guys doing?
Protecting you!
Your Majesty, your told the Queen Mother...
The trip is meant to find the Princess.
Not for you to womanize.
If she hears about this,
The Queen Mother would kill us.
Good brothers,
But I am worse than dead!
I am doomed as the Emperor at birth.
I am indeed an innocent,
lively and creative person.
My ideal is to change this world.
What does your Majesty mean?
What I mean is let us forget the formalities.
From now on, we shake hands when we meet.
Or a salute will be fine.
Or, even like...
Now that was warm and close, wasn't it?
Your Majesty!
Good boy!
My talent for acting strikes again!
With my best ever skill of "Flying on the Grass",
I can reach the Palace in three days.
Hey, I am here!
I am coming! Don't!
Told you not to come near!
How come you are here?
l... I was here... For me?
What if we both cry for help?
Men wouldn't easily cry for help.
Let me rescue you with "Flying on the Grass".
You know, mud doesn't work as well as grass.
We'll be fine when it dries up.
Don't worry, sunshine always come after the rain.
I am thirsty.
You are not experienced enough.
Now you know why I opened my mouth wide in the rain that time!
A bit of stock wouldn't hurt.
What's up?
Too much stock inside.
Eat some leaf if you're hungry.
Then why don't you have it. Too dirty?
I am not stupid like you.
You're still holding that!
Turn this way.
Feeling better?
Hey, you are crying.
Don't waste it, let me get it!
A bit salty, but good enough.
Don't laugh. Keep crying.
I want more.
Although I am raised up in the royal family,
And used to pampering since birth,
Nothing is compared with the care of this man...
For me at this moment.
Relax! After the storm we'll...
Don't say anymore,
Or else, we will be struck by the thunder.
It was she who said thunder strike.
Why take it out on me?
Granny, you have been staring at us for hours.
When are you going to rescue us?
I am deliberating...
If I can help.
Go get some help please! Quick!
Half a day passed after she uttered the word "OK",
She is still only meters away from us.
Goose, goose, if you understand us,
Please go get some help.
If you save us,
I'll issue a ban on all eating of geese.
Now this one seems to have supernatural powers.
Supid goose! We need people to help...
What do we need ducks for?
Don't shit on my head.
Go away, go!
Help is coming!
Hey, we are here!
Not that I don't want to be saved,
But it has been so nice for us together.
Why do we need a third person?
We are like a family.
And you're my future brother-in-law.
This involves the happiness of my sis.
So I need to know, do you have any physical defects?
How come you wouldn't bathe with me?
We are both men, what is the problem?
I am not used to sharing a bath.
I see.
But you can do it on your own.
I can't squat when taking a bath.
How do you know I squatted?
You peeped?
Why bother to peep?
There is no door. How can I bathe?
Right, an Emperor
Can't squat for a bath.
There is nothing we can do, then.
Well, I can rub your back.
No, don't! No! Come on."
You will find it comfortable.
OK, but keep your hand to that part.
Both You and your sister like to rub people's backs, why?
This is a friendly act.
I don't just rub anyone's back.
You are lucky
To have found some girl like my sis.
Why don't you find one for yourself?
I am not fortunate like you are.
Such a good girl like my sis...
nearly vanishes in the world.
Maybe there is still some.
It's not right to say that.
When you like someone, your heart falls for her completely.
People say "one heart one love".
No matter who she is,
She becomes unique on
the whole earth.
So have you found your unique woman?
Easier said than done.
Once I thought I have found my unique.
Turned out it was just
my wishful thinking.
I am not fortunate like you.
Don't give up.
Maybe you'll find her soon.
I hope so.
You know how I cheer myself up all these years?
Whenever I'm weary, I tell myself:
I am just a dust in the earthly air.
Just take one deep breath.
And all troubles will disappear
Oh, it seems to be very difficult.
Not that difficult. You can try.
Hold your sorrow in your fist.
Then inhale deeply.
Let go and unleash all the bad vibes inside.
No different at all.
You're not doing it right.
Think of something that makes you sad.
Let me try again.
It works!
Yes, it works.
My hunger was making me sad.
Now I feel full.
Maybe I should give it a try.
I feel full too.
Come and eat.
Granny you cook so well!
Eat more.
You really have good appetite!
I want more.
I'll get it for you.
"Good brother, come and see."
"Chopsticks come in pairs."
"Shoulder to shoulder,"
"Head to head; just like the two of us."
"My chopsticks are in trouble."
"Little brother, you are wrong."
"Toothpicks can't be strong."
"Chopsticks are fun,"
"But our friendship strongly runs."
"Our friendship truly runs, , , "
"As natural a couple as bottle and cup."
"One pours, one drinks, the night sinks."
"Such a silly couple."
"The bottle fat, the cup small."
"Surely they can't be a couple."
"See the geese necking,"
"Sharing the fun we are having."
"Necking today, roasted tomorrow, , , "
"The taste is very delicious."
"Very delicious."
"Singing and drinking,"
"The night is short, but our talk is long."
"l am getting more and more worried."
"How could I tell him my piece of mind."
"Meaningful words are ill received."
"Blessed are those who refuse to see."
"Forget tomorrow's right and wrong , , , "
"We shall drink up whole night long."
What's bothering you?
Nothing. I ate too much.
I was worried you are not used to having peasant food.
Actually, it is not the food that counts.
It is the company.
Yes, peasant food is good for novelty to you.
You'd soon forget all about this once you're in the Palace.
There is one thing I want to make clear.
We haven't known each other for long,
But we are real friends.
And I treat you as my brother.
I want you to tell me:
Are you truly in love with my sis?
If you are,
I want you to go back with me. So she needn't worry.
But if you are just fooling around,
We must part here.
And I don't want to see you again.
I have only one sis,
I don't want to see her hurt.
I like your sister a lot.
But it is impossible for us...
That's it!
It seems our paths are drawn to be crossed here.
We part here every time.
The peach blossoms here are beautiful.
I told him I wanted to take a branch back as a memento.
The ones inside the Palace never flower.
Take it and see if it grows. It should flower when spring comes.
Remember to place it in the sun.
You scumbag!
I'd marry your sister if you have one!
I'd marry you if you were a woman!
Great idea! I'd marry you if you were a woman!
This is a promise!
Let the peach blossoms be the token!
Let the peach blossoms be the token!
Listen, I am really a woman.
We have shared a bed and we have peach blossoms as token.
You must marry me.
You are a woman?
You don't believe me?
Any more doubts?
You responded just now.
Don't tell me you don't have any feeling.
A man must keep his words.
I am a beast!
I betrayed my sis!
I stole her love!
What's worse is that I do have the feeling.
No wonder I felt queer the whole time.
You could have told me earlier.
Now how am I going to explain this to sis?
I'll explain then.
That would break her heart.
This cannot be undone.
As things stand now,
Phoenix will understand.
That'd be best...
I'd never done anything to hurt her.
Could Amour Amour be telling the truth?
That we are destined to play our roles reversed?
Seems like I must do my best to protect him.
In the past ten days,
The Emperor has been closer and closer to us.
Also getting more and more creative.
This is delicious.
Now what do you think of my design?
We are more used to carrying weapons
Than briefcases...
It feels awkward.
But you are professionals now.
With shoes like these?
These platform shoes
Will become tremendously chic...
In the near future.
Your majesty
Dresses a bit like a comic character.
lsn't this a bit unkempt?
This is another line of my designer series.
My costumes are meant to test Phoenix.
If she knows I am the Emperor and comes after me,
It is nothing special.
If I am eating and drinking all the time,
And gradually becomes a gentleman of leisure, she still loves me,
Then it means she recognizes my talent!
Go buy some soy sauce for me please.
What do you think of our
new restaurant uniform? Not bad, huh?
Dra-Pheonix Restaurant: Pheonix Li
Apart from this, we'll have a new menu.
So customers can order from here much easier.
Dear, you are fabulous!
The platform shoes gave me another inspiration.
I have come up with the innovative Chicken Bone Shoes.
Chicken Bone Shoes
Can even support women weighing over 200 kg.
How talented you are!
Go and get the soy sauce!
You just witnessed something. She likes my talent!
New image for you guys tonight!
Again? No!
The Ultimate! Dealer takes all!
The Ultimate? In front of me?
I'll show you something!
"I Win!"
"I Loose!"
"I Cheat!"
I thought you were an acting talent waiting to be discovered,
I didn't know you were a cheap gambler.
Gambling is bad enough.
And you take away these poor folks' money?
OK! I'll return the money!
Money returned with interest!
Actually I wanted to make some money to repair your bracelet.
Whose bracelet is this?
Wrong one! I'll exchange.
I didn't mean it.
License number?
No license.
Running around without a license?
Name. Address. Safe Deposit Box combination.
It's Bully the Kid's sister!
Your bracelet is here.
I put in a bit of my touch.
My art strikes again,
But this time
It is genuine.
We must save Phoenix from her mistake!
Phoenix, where are you?
Phoenix. What's wrong?
I want to talk to you, on behalf of your brother.
As you are so and so inclined towards the Emperor...
If you make any mistake with Mr. Ko, it'd be so and so...
Big brother would become so and so...
A woman can't so and so with two men...
I so and so have finished.
You lousy chap !
Don't ever think you can do whatever you want while Big brother isn't here?
Tell you what, Phoenix will be a Princess.
And we would all go to the lmperial City and get rich.
Hold your horses!
Good friend,
Care to step outside and have a word?
Let me get my two friends first.
Your friends are already having a word outside.
You lousy chap, you just wait.
I really don't know them.
You got the wrong person.
Hit him!
She wants to be a princess?
Sacred Pavilion
You said you were not going to lie to me again?
I didn't lie.
Then put your hand in the fire.
If your heart is pure,
You wouldn't be hurt.
Do you dare?
Do it then.
Don't cry! Don't!
Sacred Fire of Meilong...
Please tell me if I really love Mr. Ko?
Need some ointment?
Does it hurt?
So, what did the fire tell you?
I am confused.
When I was thinking of you, this hand hurt.
My other hand hurt when I was thinking of the Emperor.
Of course.
How can you feel your heart when you are confused?
If your feeling is strong and truthful,
Then you don't need this test.
If you need to test yourself,
It means your love is not absolute.
What should I do?
Be prepared to give all your heart.
Remember what I had told you before?
You and me, each other in our hearts;
The universe is no larger than a speck of dust.
Between us,
We have no space for anything else.
My dear
I shall lead you to our world of love.
You don't want to be the princess anymore?
I will go for a man who like my brother is a wanderer.
I don't want to be locked up in a palace.
Talk about locked up like a bird in a cage.
Being the Emperor, I also want to look for
someone who can wander around with me.
No more acting!
I must tell brother about this.
What is this?
No idea. I found it on the ground.
Want to try?
do you have a sibling like you?
I thought I am unique?
I mean, somehow alike.
My elder brother, he'll be good for your sis.
How come?
He likes to rub backs.
The Emperor is into that?
Unbelievable, ha?
Wait till you meet him.
Let's eat.
An earthquake?
The smell of blood!
A horrible force is closing in on us.
What else are you thinking?
Your sis will understand.
Damn. I can feel something horrible is coming.
Brother, do you think they'll be alright in there?
Of course.
They are siblings after all, like us.
They'd be fine.
You sure?
You, leader of a country, did not keep a promise.
Disobeyed your mother...
Solicited your royal sister to go astray...
Neglected your duties and went to Jiangnan.
Being so disloyal and unfaithful,
How could you face your royal ancestors...
And your country...
And you dare to wish
To marry this common woman!
Queen Mother, she...
Shut up!
Dare you?
I shall marry her!
So he is the Emperor?
Do you think I can get marry with him?
Definitely! You remember what dad told us?
Your fate is to marry someone rich...
Or some sort of nobleman.
Brother, I don't really want to be a princess.
I just want to be with him.
Now you two follow me.
Tonight I witnessed a true love
That empowered my son.
He has grown up.
I grant your marriage.
I told you!
Sweetie, come down!
As for you,
Your record shows a despicable character.
Your Highness! Please don't believe hearsay!
You were lazy at school,
Joined the street gang at 14...
And became the bully of the village.
Two years ago, you left Meilong
To wander the world. But you did nothing.
You have bad temper and behave badly.
You are careless and uneducated.
So you must be a good-for-nothing.
I cannot grant you the Princess's hand.
Queen Mother, he might be bad
But people can change for the better.
We cannot foretell the future,
I shall leave this to destiny.
Here, these are the Unique Destiny Rings left
By the late Emperor.
They really exist!
The late emperor left them for me,
To help you select your husband.
If he is your destiny,
The ring will fit perfectly and will not fall out,
It is a symbol you will never part.
Will you take the test?
I will!
If the ring falls out,
You promise never to see him again!
Wear it.
We will never part again.
See. He is not your destiny!
This worthless man doesn't deserve you.
You're worthless.
You don't deserve her!
I can no longer live with you any more
You'll have to take care of yourself from now on.
As I must take my leave and continue my wandering life.
I am happy for you, I know you are.
Believe me, I am fine.
Don't go!
Sop the Princess!
Don't go!
Why do you do this to him?
Last time it was the two of us,
Now that you have joined...
The three of us would be invincible.
We'll meet up in Meilong.
Why Meilong?
So that you can get to know her...
And she'd be waiting there for you to get to know her.
Let's pack and go.
Wouldn't you let me go?
New tactics this time. Just women this time.
We leave together!
Why should I leave with you?
You told the princess you missed me.
I am here to save you.
But who are you?
I am your brother!
Sis, are you alright?
Get the medicine!
Are you people addicted to catching me or what?
Great, this time I leave with you.
Are you nuts, wanting me run away with you?
As the gossip went, when winter arrived...
Princess Wushuang became totally lost in herself.
She had cut herself off.
She kept telling people someone was on his way for her.
Medication did not help.
Some said the country's burden...
Has gotten her.
Others said she was stricken down
By love.
Your Majesty,
Our prince would like to propose marriage.
Queen Mother,
My brother and the Princess are truly in love.
The ring was merely your excuse, wasn't it?
Queen Mother, why separate them?
I would rather have a crazy Princess married away,
Than have a silly one by my side.
I am so glad we're drinking again!
Now you're wrong to say that.
Don't say something else
As we are on this topic...
Actually, it was your fault.
Leaving without a word.
Not that I miss you.
But a company is good.
It was just too much, leaving like that.
Hell, you don't mean it!
You fell down the toilet?
I broke up with my husband.
Coming back for good?
No, I am on my way
To my aunt's village.
Take the money.
You'll need it for your trip.
Have you met someone?
Take the bracelet too, I meant to give it to you.
Take it.
It was my father said you didn't deserve me.
I never said that.
Why do you give me this bracelet today,
But not in the past?
Good brother.
Zi Xia!
Zi Xia was right.
Every time you broke up because you were afraid of being abandoned.
You gave up the love with Zi Xia,
Just like what you did with the Princess.
You busy body, as soon as you return, you keep on nagging...
Whatever between me and the Princess ,is none of your business.
I don't care about your business.
But the Princess's business is my business!
At age eight, she saved a Divine Rabbit from death.
Under her care, the Divine Rabbit recovered.
From then on,
The Rabbit saw to the Princess's well being.
Righting all wrongs for her.
And you tell me to mind my own business?
Believe it or not,
Just take heed.
You want to marry the Princess, who cares about the Queen Mother.
Did the Princess ever say that you don't deserve her?
I know what you're thinking:
Even if the Princess doesn't mind,
The ring didn't fit you,
so you're not her true love!
If you want the ring to fit, remember this:
For your one and only love,
You must forget yourself.
Without worrying about your own being, nothing can stop you.
The Princess is getting married in two days.
Please give yourself a chance.
Good brother.
What's the matter? What's it?
While I was away these past two years,
Who took this guy named Amour Amour in?
Wasn't he one of your friends?
He showed up a day before your return and claimed to be your friend.
Who on earth is he?
Who on earth is Amour Amour?
Some say he is a tramp.
Others say he is a magician.
Another saying goes...
Amour Amour is the goddess who match lovers together.
So far, I have taken care
Of all my weariness in a breath.
But the breath method
Has failed me this time.
No matter how hard I tried.
Before, I used to be able to detect my sis' vibes.
Now, it is someone else.
She is screaming for me inside.
I left Meilong.
Li Yilong!
You dare to offend Princess Wushuang?
I don't mean to offend her.
I just want to say a few words to her.
A couple of nights ago, I met an old friend,
And she enlightened me.
I shouldn't care other opinions on me,
And hurt my beloved.
I should learn from your brother,
Be brave and face challenges.
Today, I want to offer this bracelet to my wife.
I hope she would forgive me,
And we can be together forever.
Li Yilong, the Princess has already gone.
The Emperor told me to release her.
Just now, I was hesitant to let her go.
I was afraid that her Highness would chop my head off.
But the Princess cried all the time,
Looking more and more like you.
I couldn't stand it any longer and let her go.
From now on, you take good care of her.
Often, if one loves too deeply,
It is intoxicating.
If one hates too deeply, the heart is easily broken.
The most painful experience in life, however, is waiting.
I didn't know how long she waited.
I thought all along I would never see her again.
Suddenly, I didn't know how to speak.
I couldn't figure out how to say...
To tell her I really love her.
Can't you see I am chatting with her?
Get off!
Relax. Remember
You're just a speck of dust.
A deep breath...
Will take all your unhappiness away.
I would never give up.
Because deep in my heart,
You will forever be the only one.
I never thought
When I saw her again,
She'd have become another person.
She just kept repeating my words...
She thought she was me.
It's true that if one loves too deeply,
It is intoxicating.
As it happened, I too became another person.
A woman.
Do you remember
You gave me a plum blossom branch here?
You said when spring comes
The blossom branch should face the sun?
Yes. I also said
If you were a woman,
I'd marry you.
To tell you the truth,
I am a woman!
We shared a bed and we have a token...
You must take me as your wife!
lndeed I promised...
But I don't deserve you.
The Unique Destiny Rings fell off my finger.
For the ring to fit, you must forget yourself.
Just think of me
As your sole destiny.
Try it!
Wear it and we'll never be apart!
You see? I said it would work!
So many earthly worries are easily solved.
When you are willing to see certain things differently,
You get another perspective.
I eventually understood, what "Mirage" meant.
When it comes to true love,
Two people blend into each other.
Who cares who's the man
And who's the woman?
As long as we are happy together, that's fine.
Today she is Bully the Kid,
Maybe it will be my turn tomorrow.
The peach blossoms are blooming! They're blooming!
The Princess was right. The time has come for the flowers to bloom.
I guess she must have found her true love!
Laugh all you can, don't play dumb.
Come, my love!
Isn't this wonderful?
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