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Subtitles for Choose Me (1984).

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Choose Me (1984)

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Stay by your phone.
Dr. Nancy Love will be up on KCMY Talk Radio...
with The Love Line.
l recommend that you examine...
the deeper feelings you have for your wife, Tom.
l don't know, Dr. Love. She gets pretty wild sometimes.
These wild things she does, they'll never change.
They may take different forms...
but that woman is who she is for life.
There's really no mystery to sex, but there may be to her...
so l really urge you to make an effort...
and try to be more accepting of who she is.
-Thank you, Dr. Love. -Well, thank you for calling.
We have time for one more caller.
This is The Love Line.
l'm Dr. Nancy Love, and you're on The Love Line.
-Your name, please. -Jane.
What would you like to talk about?
ls Love really your last name?
That's what you want to discuss?
l just think it's great that nobody knows...
what you look like and you can...
walk around with a last name like that.
That's my life, Jane, and we're talking about yours.
My life's pretty good, thank you.
l'm stable. l know what l want.
just have this one teensy problem.
A love problem.
That's right. A love problem.
And you're deciding whether or not to make a change.
lt's occurred to me.
How long have you been in this relationship?
Three and a half years.
-How old are you? -32.
-And him? -45.
-And he's married. -That's right.
He's married. Classic stuff, huh?
Well, with the dilemma you're in, Jane...
we could discuss sexual attitudes, early childhood...
but the truth is when you make changes...
you sometimes have to endure pain.
ls that what you do with your pain?
We're talking about you.
Have you ever considered therapy?
You're my therapy. You're a doctor.
l talk anonymously on the radio.
That's very different from what you might need.
You're a legitimate doctor, aren't you...Doctor?
That's what it says on my credentials.
People invent things all the time.
Then that would be my problem.
Come on...Dr. Love.
Don't you sometimes get the urge to go into a bar...
and meet someone and talk about your life?
Stand by for the news.
We're running out of time.
l'm sorry, but it's time for the news.
We'll be right back. Please hold on.
Thank you, Mr. Chomsky.
Where's she off to this evening? How about dinner?
l can't, Ralph.
Nancy, you've been here for six months...
and l don't know whether you're living with someone...
or married or what.
All l know is you won't go out to dinner with me.
l'm working, always working.
How about tomorrow night?
Well, is he crazy or what?
We don't use terms like that.
He's just confused about his personality.
Just got into a little trouble.
Women trouble, right?
Mickey tells lies. That's basically all that's wrong.
-Hell, everybody lies. -Precisely.
But you said he sometimes gets violent.
Frankly, we are understaffed, and we need the space.
You'll have to take him home.
We're going to need some more copies.
l made a mistake on this one. lt'll take just a minute to fix.
Hey, Louis.
Here you go. Enjoy.
What can l do for you?
Smirnoff. Shooter, please. And a Guinness.
With two inches of head.
Sounds good.
You, yes, you.
Listen to this and tell me what you think.
''l like the way you wear your hair and smell.
''When you're asleep, l see all your beauty.
''But we just can't seem to work this sex thing out.''
Why do you want to know what l think?
Who else?
You don't want to know what l think.
l just escaped from a mental home.
So that makes you an expert. Tell me.
l think it sucks. You stole it.
l did not! l didn't steal it.
lt's what l feel.
l got notebooks full of what l feel.
Then l think it's great.
You do?
Now you're lying.
l never lie.
l taught poetry at Yale.
''No matter who l'm with, they want to know...
''if l'm still sleeping with you.
''l say that you sleep while l die a little...
''but l'm not afraid of death.
''At least you get laid in your coffin.''
You weren't even listening.
You want to get laid.
lt was just a poem.
Just a thought.
Around 6:30, someone's coming by to see me...
about moving into my house.
lf you're looking for a roommate...
what's wrong with me?
Female roommate.
-What'll you have? -Excuse me. l'm looking for Eve.
You found her.
l'm Ann.
You want something to drink while we talk?
Scotch, please. Straight.
Why don't we sit over there?
Thank you.
Got it?
lt seems like a pleasant place to work.
l own it.
That's wonderful.
So what about you? What do you do?
l only work half days, sort of telephone answering service.
Servicing is very big these days.
l suppose so.
God, you love to stare at women.
-Old habit. -Ever been married?
-Sure. -What happened?
Which time?
So you'll come by around noon tomorrow?
lf that's all right with you.
No problem.
Most of my men are early risers.
Eve, l don't want to interrupt anything.
You're not interrupting anything.
Finished that one? History.
Hey, Ace. Smirnoff. Straight.
l'm drunk. How about you?
Never. Something to do with my blood.
Smirnoff. Neat. You new in town or what?
No, l'm the same. Town's different.
Got any money?
-l can get it. -l got plenty of money.
So where are you from?
Las Vegas.
Nobody's from Las Vegas.
l am.
So where you headed?
-Las Vegas. -You're crazy!
That's what they say.
When l go away, l'm headed for Europe.
l'm learning how to speak French.
Parlez-vous Franšais?
l spent six years in Europe.
Yeah? Where?
Berlin. Rome. Moscow.
You been to Russia?
-Twice. -What for?
l'm not supposed to tell you.
God, you been a lot of places and done a lot of things.
Just like a dream.
l guess l'm nervous because... l've always lived alone.
Never even with a man?
l don't have much success with men.
l have too much.
The key's under the mat.
l have to be going. l'm sorry.
Thank you.
Looking for a good time?
No, l'm not.
How you doing, soldier?
Need another round?
l haven't been a soldier in a while.
Class dismissed?
l used to come in here a lot. l know this area pretty well.
l flew jets down south. l knew Eve.
You mean the original owner? She died.
Do you know that?
l never knew her. l just moved out and...
l was walking down the street one night.
l saw my name on a neon sign...
with a lounge bar for sale underneath it.
l decided l had to take advantage and go into business.
Figured it had to be better than marriage.
You were getting married?
No way. l'm never getting married.
You moving?
Photographic equipment.
l do portraits. l've won awards.
l see. And you came in here to find new faces?
l came here to find Eve.
Good night, Eve.
Good night, ladies.
That how you saw the sign that first night?
Didn't you know? All us working girls are pals.
You work long hours.
l can say the same about you.
You think l'm working on you.
Part-time work.
You smile for a lot of the guys.
l like men. l always have.
l was just thinking what it would be like to kiss you.
l wanted to marry you.
l've ruined too many marriages to have one of my own.
You smile for a lot of the guys...
because you have a beautiful smile.
l can see some guy falling for your smile alone.
She used to smile for everyone, too.
How well did you know her?
l knew her.
Did you know she shot herself? Committed suicide over some guy.
Maybe that's what we have in common besides our name.
Men problems.
You said this was a rough neighborhood at night.
You said you wanted someone to walk you to your car.
You said you wanted someone to walk you to your car.
l did.
l came this far because we had an understanding, didn't we?
-An understanding. -You said you wanted protection.
l'm just trying to be correct about all this.
You're right, and you're correct.
l scare you.
l just think l can make it alone now.
What if l wanted to see more of you privately?
You'd have to really want that.
Good night.
Hi, Ann. Come on in.
-Good morning. -What time is it?
-Do you want some coffee? -Please.
Great. Cream and sugar or black?
Actually, l'm not going to have coffee.
l have to go to the phone company.
Did you want to take a grand tour?
-Maybe later. -ls that all you brought?
Yeah. A mover's coming with the rest.
lt's not much, though.
Here's the key, and...
Let's see, l usually leave for work around 4:00.
l get off at 5:00.
That's great. We should get along just fine.
Let me think.
The refrigerator always needs help, and...
Hot water's always hot.
-l shouldn't be long. -Neither should he.
Eve, come here.
This is Ernest Greene.
-Am l bothering you? -Nancy?
Am l?
l've always said you could call on this line day or night...
if there's a problem.
Now, what is the problem?
l just want to talk with you.
l've moved again.
l see. Would you like to come in to discuss it?
No. Over the phone.
You know l'll only do it over the phone.
Please. lf you can't accept that...
l'll find someone who will.
l'm with another patient now.
l can call you after the session--
No. lt's all right. lt'll be OK.
l'm sorry l got upset. Sorry.
No. Don't try to fight.
Don't tell me that. l know it's not true.
You're lying. You're lying. You're always lying.
Yes, sir?
What time's the next bus leave for Las Vegas?
-Hi, Babs. -Hi, Lou.
How much?
$93.48. That's tax included, one way.
Can l go on credit?
We'll take a credit card, if that's what you mean.
All my credit cards and my money's in Las Vegas.
Sorry, sir.
Bum a smoke?
Don't have any matches.
Got a match?
Having trouble with that Spatzel out there?
Yeah, friggin' monster.
l've been working on that clutch assembly two whole days.
They ain't even made in America. This ain't working either.
They're gonna can my ass if l don't fix it today.
l can fix it.
Trick is, you got to rotate the flywheel just right.
l worked at the plant in Stuttgart.
l'll fix that thing in half an hour.
There's 20 bucks in it for you.
Let's go.
Can l give you the rest later on that ticket to Las Vegas?
l'm really sorry, sir. l still can't do it.
Of course you can't.
Got some place l can change my clothes?
There's a rest room in the back.
l'd better be going. l got a lot of errands to run.
Thank you.
Listen, if my phone rings, don't worry about it.
l don't mind answering.
That's right. lt's your profession.
What a night l had.
l'm sorry l came by so early.
You were on time. l was off.
l can't imagine you off, Eve.
See you.
ls Eve there?
-No, she isn't. -Who is this?
Would you like to leave a message?
There is a message, but first tell me who this is.
l'm Ann. Eve's new roommate.
Can you tell Eve that Zack called?
That's all, Zack?
That isn't all. Tell her that Pearl knows everything.
Will Eve know what that means?
l wish she didn't, but she will.
Maybe you should tell her yourself, Zack.
Somehow things work out differently that way.
What do you mean ''things work out differently''?
How old are you, Zack?
J'ai l'age du temps.
He's right there, you know what l mean?
He looks at you, he listens...
He's a good lover.
Being a good lover's a distant third...
in that race as far as l'm concerned.
Do you have other lovers, Diane?
That's the reason l called.
There's this guy at work. He got a crush on me.
Last night, l made love with him for the first time.
Why did you do that?
Because something happened, and it was late and...
l wanted a man to hold me. He's not for me, though.
Sometimes l wonder if there is anyone for me.
l met this other guy yesterday.
l swear to God, l almost fell for him in a minute.
Then he came on in a crazy way, and l got confused.
Nancy, stand by for a station break.
-You think l'm pretty loose. -No, l don't think that.
l don't judge any of my callers, Diane...
but we have to break for a commercial.
l think that when you speak to Dr. Love...
you should phrase the call in something like...
you can't separate pain from pleasure.
Then she'll be able to get right to your problem.
So...what gives, babe?
l'm getting more attention from the saxophone player.
You were in a panic last night.
l thanked you for last night.
Jesus Christ. You call me at 4:00 in the morning.
Last night you couldn't live without me...
and today we're fucking strangers?
lt'll never happen again.
God damn it, l want it to.
We are not talking about this anymore, is that clear?
Yes? What, honey?
Tell me, Eve...
why do you suppose men are drawn to you?
Because l don't ask dumb questions.
Two inches of head, right?
Right. And a Smirnoff shooter.
You like her, don't you?
Could be.
How come?
Her name reminds me of someone.
Just her name?
Different face, different personality, same name.
What happened to the other one?
We were supposed to get married.
Married again?
She would have been the first. l asked her twice.
So what happened?
l was in the Air Force-- jet pilot.
Met her in a bar.
Walked her to her car, kissed her...
asked her to marry me.
She met another guy a week before the wedding.
So what did you do?
What did l do? l became a mechanic...
a spy, gambler, madman.
Don't forget photog--
l'll be right back. Don't go away, OK?
Wouldn't think of it.
Get home safely last night?
Yeah. Fine.
Everything worked out fine.
Well, what?
When can l see you again?
You said l had to really want that, and l really do.
lt's meant to be, right?
l could give you her phone number and address.
-My old man sees her sometimes. -Your father?
He's old enough to be my father, but he's my husband.
We're separated. He doesn't go over there all the time...
just when he thinks l'm not looking.
So l come in here to try and catch him.
She doesn't know who l am.
You really a gambler?
There's a big game a few blocks from my house.
Real serious stuff.
l could drop you there on my way home.
Let's go.
Night, Eve.
Can l ask you something?
You just did.
What l mean is...
what did you do about the man who stole your woman?
l killed him.
How did you kill him?
Shot him with his own gun. Self-defense.
That's why my wife divorced me. My second wife.
And then you went to Russia to forget.
No. That was before.
That's why my wife divorced me. My first wife.
She heard l was brainwashed.
Wow! Did it hurt?
-What? -The divorce.
-They always hurt. -That's what l've heard.
See the buzzer by the door?
Push it and tell them Whitey said it was all right.
Right. Thanks.
Are you really a photographer?
Six covers of Newsweek, three of Esquire.
Wow. That's what l need-- a good job.
You know what my favorite job would be of all time?
To be the radio talk lady-- Dr. Nancy Love.
Ever listen to her?
l don't listen to radio talk.
You should, because she's real smart.
Just think, having a job where you talk on the phone all day...
and get paid for it. Women trust her.
Men fantasize about her. What a life.
l hear she's tall and blonde.
Would you like to take my picture?
l could marry you.
God, you're crazy...
but the key's still under the mat.
This is Eve's phone number and address.
l forgot to give it to you.
What a guy.
Why did you come here, Zack?
l had to see you. l called your house.
l spoke to your new roommate...Ann.
She's a very perceptive woman. Clarified a few things for me.
She did what?
Don't worry. They're all good.
But we must talk.
l want to see you. Tonight.
We've been through this too many times before.
Listen, Eve...
Ann told me something that really helped...
but we must talk.
Come back around 2:00. We'll talk.
Daddy's here.
l'm feeling lucky tonight.
Good. The moon is in Pluto.
My throat is so sore. lt is to you, Zack.
Bump five.
My judgment goes kaput, ja?
Well, this is the last card, gentlemen.
Got any more smokes?
Zigarette, bitte.
Bump ten.
Raise you twenty.
Bump 20.
That hole must be magic.
Cost you twenty more to find out.
Who'd you say told you about this place, mister?
l didn't.
Didn't think you did.
No, not with the moon in Pluto.
Call it a day. l got things to do now.
Did l tell you l don't like your face, mister?
Did you get that impression?
l hadn't noticed.
Attention qu'est-ce que tu dis, eh?
Les murs ont des oreilles.
l don't want to see you around, mister.
Madame X.
Zigarette, mein freund?
Next time, Fritz.
Auf wiedersehen. Another game, gentlemen?
Nancy, this is Ernest Greene. You never called back.
l'm having dinner with someone.
You had me worried.
l'm fine. l'm working.
There's a sound in your voice, Nancy.
l'm fine.
You don't sound fine. Are you on any medication?
l'm beginning to understand myself better now...
entering a more knowing phase.
And l know that l remain my own worst enemy.
But l also know that l am my own savior...
because freedom means responsibility.
You're not making any sense.
And believe me, l also know how easily...
desire can be converted to deed.
Even when l close my eyes...
l have to be careful of what l dream and how.
All right, Nancy. lt's happening again.
l want to see you first thing in the morning.
l don't care what your schedule is.
l have to go. l wouldn't want to be rude to my guest.
Thanks for your concern. l'll call tomorrow.
Nancy, listen to me. Don't hang up--
All l was asking was for some time to think about it.
You're married, but not to me.
You don't want to get married.
That's not the point.
Stop it.
What are you doing here?
This is my friend Mickey.
He's a photographer, and l met him at Eve's.
Don't fight. Please don't fight, Zack.
Stop it, you guys! Don't! Don't fight!
-Flowers! -Your favorites.
Please, be careful. He said he'd killed a man.
You're wearing our wedding ring.
The money.
l'm gonna get it one way or another.
Don't you know about fucking somebody else's wife, pervert.
And then photographing what you did.
Don't shoot, Zack.
You want to put that gun away, friend.
You can do it with the ladies on Adams Street...
but not with my wife.
Leave him alone, Zack. He didn't know we were married.
l want my money.
You're not going to shoot me.
We both know you can't do it here.
You're a dead man, pervert.
l love my flowers, and l love you.
l'm going to bed.
Will you come home around 3:00, like last night?
Like last night, and the next...
and hopefully the one after that.
-Were you ever married? -Nope, and l don't plan to be.
May l ask why?
Sure, you can, and l'll tell you why, Ann.
Because l wouldn't want my marriage to fail.
One way or another they all do.
Maybe not with the right man.
All my men are the right man.
You talked to one yesterday. What's your opinion?
You're angry, and l'm sorry.
No, l'm not.
l should probably thank you.
lt was the sweetest Zack's been to me in months.
l'll try to be more quiet when l come in tonight.
No problem. l'd just gone to bed myself.
l was at a dinner party.
Yeah? Did you get lucky?
Lucky? l think so. Very lucky.
This is Mickey.
Does it bother you that l called?
Would it bother you if l came over?
l need a place to lie down for a while.
Look, l'm just tired, that's all.
You don't even have to talk to me.
Great. l'll be there in half an hour.
ls Eve around?
That's blood.
You know when she'll be back?
3:00 in the morning.
How did you know l was hungry?
lt was in your eyes.
lt's also in my stomach.
Less than in your eyes.
What's your name?
What's yours?
l remember seeing you at Eve's place.
Were you there?
What's your name?
Have you known Eve long?
l just moved in here.
lt's nice.
Eve's very nice, don't you think?
Yes. l like her.
l do, too.
There's a strength about her. Very solid.
l'm impressed. l truly am.
l think she's a blink away from going off.
l've seen it before.
No, not at all. l'm a good judge of people.
She's one of the more stable ones.
l remember you now.
What do you do, Ann?
l operate a telephone answering service.
You like to talk on the phone.
lt's comfortable for me. l learn a lot on the phone.
Not having to deal with the complexities of people's faces.
Getting straight answers if l ask straight questions.
l mean, when l ask questions, that is.
Someone told me last night...
they thought the best job of all time...
would be to talk on the phone all day long--radio talk.
What did you say?
They had to be some radio doctor...
named Norma Love or Nancy Love or something.
Yeah, Nancy Love.
You don't know who Nancy Love is?
She's quite popular, you know. That's why l asked you.
-Smart? -Her?
Extremely smart.
She helps a great deal of people.
But there's a price involved.
She can help others, but not herself.
She gives advice to the lovelorn every day...
but she's never been in love herself.
Or so l've heard.
Some people worship her.
Can you imagine how hard that must be to live with?
Knowing that anything you ever say to anyone...
will count heavily, be acted upon...
whether you're right or wrong.
There's tremendous responsibility in that.
She'd have to live a life of secrecy...
to avoid that kind of pressure.
Even then, she'd have to be careful...
of listening to herself, you know?
And she must wonder about her own life experiences.
She must have difficulty touching life...
because she gives so much of herself to others.
She spends so much of her time absorbing others.
People really listen to that shit?
Yes, they do. Believe me. l've heard her show before.
l can tell.
Very complex person.
l would imagine very few people understand her.
She must do some eccentric things...
that have become quite natural to her, you know?
Half in, half out of reality.
Yeah. Very complex.
Men fantasize about her, women trust her.
You're right. l think that's true.
How long have you known Eve?
You already asked me that.
Then you said she was solid, and l said she was scared.
Then you talked about Norma Love.
Nancy Love. Scared of what?
What else? Herself.
Yeah. lnteresting. You must be close.
l met her the day you were there.
And she gave you her phone number and address?
She didn't give them to me.
l kissed her, too. l wanted to kiss her more.
She wouldn't let you?
We ran out of time, that's all.
So you've come here for more time.
l came here to get some rest, get cleaned up, food.
l see, but kissing would come later.
lt's up to you.
l beg your pardon.
No, you don't.
What are you doing?
The same thing you are.
No, you're mistaken.
l need a woman right now.
-l can tell. -Can you use a man?
No, l don't. l can't. lt's been...
Yeah. l thought so.
Which room's yours?
This is silly. Really silly. l know it's the wine.
lt's blood, not wine.
Marry me.
l'm serious.
We don't know each other.
What did we just do, become strangers?
We can take the bus to Vegas. l can get money there.
l have to go to work.
Let someone else answer the phone. Marry me.
You may never get as good an offer.
l've been engaged three times. Married two of those--
colonel's daughter and a teacher's assistant.
l loved them both. l'd still be married...
if something hadn't happened each time.
So what happened?
What didn't? A little foreign intrigue with one...
domestic crime with the other.
They were both forced to divorce me. l understood.
Got nothing to do with you and me.
You came over here expecting Eve.
l might have married her, but she wasn't home.
You're impossible.
-You mean crazy? -l didn't say that.
l hear it enough.
You think l'm crazy?
l can give you a few pointers.
l have to go to work.
Forget work. l can get money in Vegas.
You'll never have to work again. Marry me, damn it.
You can't go around asking everyone you kiss to marry you.
Why not?
l only kiss women l'd marry.
And once l'm married to them, l never cheat.
That's the way it is with me. My wives own me.
lt's everybody else that breaks you up--
governments, cops, hospitals.
lt's crazy. l know it's the wine...
and you know, l'm leaving.
And l think you should leave, too.
So you're not coming to Vegas with me?
Pick up some dough, get married, start something.
You're not serious, Mickey.
Even if you were, l can't.
l am serious. l told you.
So give me one good reason.
And don't say because we don't know each other.
l'm not...
You see, other people's problems...
Your best reason.
l've never loved anyone.
l don't think l can.
l think you just don't know enough about it.
l could teach you that, too.
How to be crazy, how to be in love.
Please go now.
Dr. Love doesn't believe...
that sex is the most important thing in a relationship, Stella.
Have you figured out why your husband sees other women...
if he says he loves you?
People have to cultivate each other.
He loves sex, and he loves to mess around.
-He does? -Yeah, he does.
You knew that about him when you married him.
That's why l married him. Sex is all we had in common.
He's twice my age, and it was great...
but then we started talking, and it stopped working.
l love him. l really do, even though he roughs me up.
At least he cares enough to do it.
Dr. Love, l need your help.
l'm trying to help you, Rita.
Do you know what it is when you feel something for somebody...
and you don't know what it is...
because if you knew what it was...
you wouldn't feel it anymore?
lt sort of happens, and then it goes away.
Maybe it's just not one man.
Maybe it's a feeling you have for all men.
Sex, like everything else, is largely a mystery.
There's no such thing as normal sex.
Normal sex is a matter of statistics.
What may be normal for the vast majority...
is no criterion of behavior for the exceptional person.
But l am exceptional.
Throughout history, individuals of the first rank...
would never have produced had they not been immersed in sex...
and spontaneous sexual behavior.
l mean that uncontrollable impulse...
that shakes you to your very foundation...
that makes your nerve ends tickle and your head spin...
and that makes you feel like jelly.
You may think it's wine, Rita, but it's not, it's blood...
and there's nothing wrong with that feeling.
We all need to get it. We all need it.
There's nothing wrong with it!
But l know about all that.
Nancy, stand by for a station break.
l'm sorry, Rita, we're going for a station identification.
She's just sensational. God!
Don't go away. We'll be back...
with more of Dr. Nancy Love and The Love Line...
right here on KCMY Talk Radio.
Bradshaw, cue the l.D.
-Feel OK? -What?
l said, are you feeling all right?
l got to make a phone call.
l know Dr. Love is very concerned...
about emotional fulfillment...
but she's also been concerned these days...
with the necessity for sexual fulfillment.
Yet you're still drawn to her?
She'll be on with you in about 20 minutes...
after the next call.
-l don't know. -lt's a long call, yeah.
l just met him. We've only talked a few times...
but l'm attracted to him.
l think about him.
Does it bother you that you could be attracted...
to someone you hardly know?
lt bothers me more that l might not be able to see him again.
Maybe what concerns me is that l'm not sure...
l'm able to give myself to anyone.
Then along comes this guy who could be the right type...
and l play hard to get.
l don't know.
Maybe l should've given in to a few things.
You mean sexual things?
There she goes again.
Sex? Are you kidding?
l wrote the book on sex. l'm a prisoner of it.
Hell, l'm a victim of it. l know all about that feeling...
you get in your belly when a man says he wants you.
Even if l know he's lying, l still get that feeling.
l'm conditioned now.
l understand, Karen.
Do you? Then what do l do, if you understand?
What in the hell should l be doing?
l'm not sure that l know what you're after.
l mean, l'm not sure that...
you can do things like that on the spur of the moment.
You mean fall for some guy or resist him?
Giving in. No, giving in, either to him or to yourself.
And yet, there's something so thrilling about giving in.
Don't you think, Karen?
l thought that was what was wrong with me.
l trusted the moment too much.
That's why l never got married. l know that much about myself.
There'd always be another moment with another man.
This man we're talking about...
Where is he now? Can you talk to him now?
No. l may never see him again.
Can't you reach him? Didn't he call you?
No, he didn't call me. He doesn't have my number.
l thought he called.
Now you said he asked you to marry him.
No. He was only joking.
Look, what l'm trying to tell you is that l don't think...
l can make marriage last with anyone.
lf you can't see him, what will you do?
Won't kill me. Maybe it wasn't even him.
Maybe it was just the thrill of it, like you said.
Yes. The thrill.
He sure seemed OK, though.
Honest, somehow.
Somehow it made sense in a funny way.
We didn't even talk that much.
Like he said, sex doesn't make you strangers.
We didn't have sex.
l thought you said you made love with him.
No. He kissed me. Once.
lt was very first kiss-like, you know what l mean?
lt's a wonderful feeling. l just love that feeling.
Karen, what would you think of a man...
who'd kiss only women he'd marry?
l never met a man like that, although you know what?
There is a little bit of that in this guy.
Don't you think she's going overboard?
Come on, just answer your calls. l know what that woman needs...
and l'd like to give it to her.
We have to break for the news. l've enjoyed talking with you.
l hope we can do that again. l mean that.
You never know, Dr. Love.
And l hope you find that man again.
You're listening to KCMY...
the home of Dr. Nancy Love and The Love Line...
here on 97 Talk Radio.
That's quite a show, Nancy. Very provocative.
Sun went down about four hours ago.
Jesus Christ. Who gave you that?
You know this guy. He comes in here a lot.
What's his name?
What difference does it make what his name is?
Look, what are you getting so upset with me about?
You know him, and he's mine. He can get dangerous...
but it's nothing like me if you don't stop seeing him.
Why don't you tell him that?
Because l'm telling you, Eve, woman to woman.
Leave him alone.
Hey, how's it going?
You know anything about Spatzel master cylinders?
There's 20 bucks in it for you.
l need 93.48, including tax.
What are you trying to do, put the squeeze on me?
Look, l could afford maybe 50?
Yeah, OK. 50.
Did you really work over there in that factory in Germany?
-Jawohl. -How'd you manage that?
l was doing intelligence work for the Air Force...
following a connection out of East Berlin.
Ultimately, it took me to Moscow...
where l was arrested by the KGB...
and the ClA had to trade for me.
Sorry l asked. Good night, Babs.
Good night, Lou.
l'll walk you to your car.
l'm tired, Bill.
l said walk.
Thanks. See you tomorrow.
l'm not gonna always be here, you know that?
Nobody's always here.
Your choice.
Nope. l think it's beyond me.
lt wasn't beyond you to get your ass off the street corner...
into a place of your own, was it?
How dare you talk to me like that?
l want you.
Trying to scare me?
What are you doing here?
l just didn't want to go into the lounge.
But l had to see you.
Please, get out of my car. l want to go home.
Home. Right. Listen, about that--
Don't touch me!
Look, l've seen some of your handiwork.
Now, there's a gun in this car, OK?
A gun, huh?
Why did you do that to her?
l didn't do anything to her. We did something together.
lt happened. lt's over.
l thought l was through getting involved...
with men who are trouble.
Falling in love on a look.
l can't look at you.
You have perfection about you.
Oh, brother.
Perfection. Me.
Your eyes have music.
Your heart's the best part of your body.
And when you move...
every man, woman, and child is forced to watch.
You really can make it up. l'll give you that much.
l'm an expert. l make everything up.
l'm a pathological liar.
That's why they locked me up in a mental home.
l make everything up... except this.
Why am l so privileged?
Because your name reminds me of a time when l was a lot happier.
And l came here looking for... some of that time.
And there you were under the blinking sign.
And now l get this strange feeling...
that it's all part of some plan, so why fight it?
l want you, Eve. l want you to want me.
Sure, there might be someone else...
that'd fit the bill for either one of us...
but we're here now, they're not.
And there isn't as much time as there used to be.
So l just want to go home to Vegas...
pick up a few things for the future--yours and mine.
l want to marry you, Eve.
l got this thing about marriage.
You really are out of your mind.
And you're not?
So tell me who isn't out of their goddamn mind.
Most marriages don't last, you know.
Probably because they start out like this.
ls that a ''yes''?
l'm not going to marry anybody. OK?
Zack! What the hell--
Stay out of this.
Every time l see you, l feel bad.
You're messing up my life, pervert.
l was thinking the same thing about you.
Zack, what are you-- Jesus Christ!
This guy's fucking up everything l got.
My money, you, my wife.
-Your wife? -He's full of shit.
Listen to this. First he sleeps with her.
l understand. l'm French.
But then he's taking nude pictures of her when l walk in.
The guy's a pervert.
lt's my duty as a citizen to eliminate him.
He broke my nose!
Are you all right?
Fine. Thanks. l'm just thirsty.
l heard your car arrive. l hope you don't mind.
l couldn't sleep. l was hoping we could talk.
l don't much feel like talking.
l understand. Maybe you'll listen.
Listening l can do, Ann.
You really don't know that much about me, Eve.
For instance, my name isn't Ann.
And l have lived with people before, but it was always...
like research.
Maybe l should listen to this in the morning.
l've had a rough night.
lt shouldn't wait until morning.
lt concerns Mickey, and l want to clear that up.
How do you know about Mickey?
He was over here today. Looking for you.
l'm a very complicated person...
not all of which l can explain to you now.
Look, l don't want to hear about any of this, Ann...
or whatever your name is. l don't think l could take it.
Mickey said that you two had just met each other.
l know that played an important part in my behavior.
Look... l don't even know this man.
From my point of view, l'm sure it's just sexual.
l've been with men before...
but it was always some sort of planned event.
No matter how attached l'd become to a man's sex...
l was always more interested in the person who owned it.
this is new for me.
This is a major breakthrough.
From Mickey, l learned that, perhaps...
when a man enters your life through your sex...
it might just be as good a way as any.
lsn't that marvelous? All along l'm thinking it's the wine.
lsn't that marvelous? All along l'm thinking it's the wine.
And, Eve, seeing how you admit...
that you don't really know him all that well...
l'm wondering if we might share him.
Are you telling me that Mickey found out where l lived...
and that he came here and that you were home...
and that you fucked him?
He said you barely knew each other.
Eve, you just said that yourself.
And he was quite taken with me. As a matter of fact...
as strange as it sounds, he asked me to marry him.
Now, it was amusing, but most interesting.
At least part of him was serious.
l got excited. l admit it.
You would have done the same, Eve.
And for a while, l thought it was simply...
sensual pleasure, you see.
l even said that on the radi-- at work this afternoon.
But now it's evolving even further.
lt's all very exciting because it'll have...
a tremendous impact on a great number of people.
l don't want to get into all this.
l'm sorry about it, but knowing all the facts...
and under the circumstances...
l don't think that l did something all that wrong.
After all, it's not as if you owned the man.
No. l don't own him.
l don't own any man, and l never have...
and no man owns me.
l used to think l wanted to own this house.
Now l don't care.
Why don't you keep it?
You seem to be much more comfortable here than l do.
Why don't you just keep the house...
and all the men l've collected?
You're not listening, Eve!
l just want to help.
Ann? ls that you?
No. l mean, yes. lt's me. Who's this?
l miss you.
You're the first person in years who's understood me.
You don't have to say anything.
Thanks, soldier.
How about you? Need anything?
You don't want to kiss me.
lt won't cost you much to find out.
l got ten bucks.
You got a car.
Forget it, soldier. l don't do it in cars.
l'll give you the ten to take me to the end of Garden Street.
That's blood again on your shirt.
Where is she?
l need to see Eve.
l told her about us.
What did she say?
lt was very helpful.
She said she didn't own anybody. You sorry l told her?
Well, you can't lie.
You sorry it's me?
She has my suitcase in her car.
Right. l remember that suitcase.
Please stop it, both of you.
Mickey, l know the man.
Put the gun down. l'm telling you l know him.
l'm going to kill the son of a bitch. Get up!
Don't you fucking move.
You don't think l'd do it, do you?
l've done it before, right in this town.
lt was just like this-- him or me.
Go ahead, pervert. Shoot me.
He doesn't mean it. Zack's a very caring person.
The guy's a goddamn menace.
He's not going to shoot me. Are you, Zack?
You l want to talk to. lt's him l want to kill.
Please come back later. l want to talk to you...
and l have to talk to him.
l'd rather hear the gun go off than listen to this shit.
Hey, handsome.
-Need some company, maybe? -Oh, God.
Guess not.
Get away from me. l'll kill myself.
l swear to God l will.
No, you won't.
You don't have anything to say about it.
l'm doing this for me.
Ever wonder what it is with you and women named Eve?
l am never going to forgive my father for calling me that.
lf l knew who he was.
Don't! One more step, and you'll get splattered.
That's right. Now get away from me.
Get away.
l've always found the naughty part of town.
Futile fucking hopes.
Vengeful dreams.
How do you like that? Professor Poet.
You don't mean it, Eve.
How do you know what l mean?
Who do you think you are lying to me all the time?
Who do you think you are lying to me all the time?
You are no better than l am. You and me are just the same.
Then maybe l should join you.
What are you doing?
You're not alone in the dark. Fuck hope and dreams.
Mickey, don't do that.
Come on back.
Please, Mickey?
Mine wasn't loaded.
Neither was mine.
lmagine whatever you say to anyone...
will count heavily, be acted upon...
whether you're right or wrong.
That's a tremendous responsibility.
l never thought of that.
So l'm learning, Betty, like you and so many others.
l'm devoting my life to learn about men and women.
But you have to help me, Dr. Love.
l've no one else l can discuss this with.
l'll do whatever you tell me.
But that's my point, Betty. You can't just listen to me.
Even l have to be careful of listening to myself.
But, Dr. Love, everybody listens to you.
Betty, l'm not God. l mean, l share with you...
the sum of my experiences and my knowledge...
but l'm just a clown.
You are so wonderful. l think you're just fantastic.
Thank you so much for being there for me.
l don't know what l'd do without you.
l listen to you every day. You're the greatest person.
What are you always worried about money for?
-'Cause l ain't got none. -Nice show, don't you think?
See you later, Ralph.
How about dinner tonight?
Well, Nancy, let me think about it.
Yes. Well, you think about it.
Tune in 2:00 to 5:00 for another session...
with Dr. Nancy Love on KCMY, your station.
On vacation in Las Vegas?
You could call it that.
-l'm on my honeymoon. -Oh, how lovely.
Had you been planning it for long?
All my life.
Marriage is a very sacred thing.
So l've heard.
Marriage is a sacred thing. lsn't it?
ln a beautiful but sordid way.
l don't know why l ask you anything.
You're a lunatic.
That's why you chose me.
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