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Subtitles for Chori Chori 1956.

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Chori Chori 1956

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You want to be paid| but not do your job.
You fear girls? Silly coward!
Open the door.
Open the door.
"Watchman, open the door."
Where are you running off?
Will you utter a word?
I had gone to feed your daughter.
I didn't run away in the German war.
But I must run from here.
You're giving warriors a bad name.
- Get some more food.| - As you order.
The starvation continues?
What happened to this room?
A typhoon hit it?
Not yet but it will now.
How are you?
Why don't you put me in| chains instead of locking me up?
I'll do it if need be.
You may tie me or do as you wish...
But I won't eat as long| as you keep me on this boat.
Don't act like a kid.| Now you're a grown girl.
And you know finally| my will shall prevail.
Why don't you understand?
This concerns my life.
Why should you object to my marriage?
I object to your choice of| groom not to getting married.
I won't get married if| I can't marry Suman!
I'll see to that.
Come in.
You're back?
Come in and keep the food there.
- I won't eat!| - Who asked you to?
"I'll eat. Khan, lay the meal."
I'm so hungry.
I feel I haven't eaten for 2 days.
You may leave.
Is that fried Indian bread?
Rana Pratap loved it.
Roast mutton?
Emperor Akbar loved this.
You're wielding fork and knife| under the names of the braves.
I won't eat. I'm not hungry.
Don't eat. Wallow in sorrows.
That's what one does in love.
I used to eat honey.
You're joking! My heart is dying.
Why don't you understand?
I... I love Suman.
You love him? For what?
Because I like him!| He's the country's best pilot.
He'll take you round in the plane.
Don't forget he loves| my 70 millions not you.
You say the same about| any man that loves them.
Everyone says this| about that rascal.
I'm not lying but this| must be his third love.
Each time he loves a| millionaire's heiress!
- He never loved anyone!| - Neither does he love anyone now.
You know nothing!
You're being really impudent!
Get out of my sight!
Father is asking for you.
"Guard, what are you doing here?"
Where is baby?
Don't run around like fools.| Quickly get the boat down.
- Open the door!| - Open the door to his cabin.
"My beloved is on the other shore"
"Oh please take me across"
"Please take me across"
"My beloved lives far"
"My beloved lives far"
"None can guess my feelings"
"None can guess my feelings"
"The sea is deep| while I am solitary"
"I have no support"
"Take me across"
"My heart dances with the waves"
"My heart dances with the waves"
"The face of my beloved| smiles through the waters"
"The face of my beloved| smiles through the waters"
"My eyes long to see him"
"They pine for him.| Somebody take me to him"
"I am caught between| the sea and my beloved"
"Take me across the ocean"
The boat is returning empty.
I don't think they were| able to catch Baby.
I challenge even a plane| can't catch up with my baby!
"After all, she's my daughter.| Do you understand?"
The girls today are very smart.
"Not all, only my daughter!"
But how long will she flee?
She has no money.
She will have to return.
"You forget, she's| wearing a diamond ring."
Diamond ring? Gracious!
Inform her friends.| Print her picture in the papers!
Make announcements on the radio.| Keep an eye on every trick of Suman!
- Toast.| - Toast?
- No toast.| - Get anything.
- Want chili?| - Water!!
Water? Okay...
Attention please. Stand by| for an important announcement.
"The public is hereby informed| that Kammo, the daughter of..."
...millionaire Girdharilal| jumped off his ship.
Anybody who finds her will| be rewarded with Rs. 150000
This is Radio Ceylon.| Now for our film program.
- Your change...| - Telephone?
Telephone... at post office.
"Yes, I am Sagar."
"A new writer of your paper,| "Modern World"
You've driven me round the bend!
Every story that you sent| is ordinary and useless!
I fell sick reading your trash.
I acme to Bangalore for a change| and you won't let me be here too!
This time the story| that I have is terrific.
You'll feel great.
I'll throw it in the dustbin unread!
"I see, you want to| come here to see me?"
Go ahead.
- Right away.| - Don't you dare!
I'll knock your brains out!
How do I convince you| that this is a true story?
Why won't you listen?
Very well. I'll narrate it there.
If it doesn't excite you| I'll give up writing!
"Mark my words, you'll make| a minimum profit of a million!"
I want just Rs. 1000
Just a thousand?
Yesterday an astrologer| read my palm and said...
He saw the blood of a| lousy writer on my hands.
- Do come over.| - Yes. Don't be angry.
I'll hang up.
I won't call again.| We are meeting anyway.
"What? In Hell?| No, we're meeting in Bangalore."
"- Hurry up, mister.| - Shut up!"
"Excuse me, not you.| A pretty lady outside..."
III mannered people... not you.
There's a bus waiting to go| to Bangalore. I'll be there.
Who is this? Is Suman home?
Not in?
What? Race...?| He's gone to Bangalore?
- What's the matter?| - I want to go to Bangalore.
Take a plane. You'll reach fast.
I get it. You have a weak heart.
Doesn't matter.| I have a beautiful idea.
Take a bus. The fare is real cheap.
Excellent. Where's the bus stand?
I'll show you.
"No, just a moment..."
I'll lose my job if| I take you to the bus stand.
But I'll guide you.
"Take the right hand,| then the left hand..."
Take a left from the post colony.
Turn right from there.| You'll see a cinema...
It's called Roxy. Then...
Lady... Miss?
- Take a seat.| - How do I get there?
- On your feet.| - You're standing in the middle
A bird can't pass through| and I'm a full grown adult.
Careful... He might choke.
Mind your own business!
You speak English?
Have you bought the ticket? Out.
What is the meaning of this?| That's my place.
- Your seat?| - Yes.
"Conductor, do seats have| names of the passengers?"
Are these seats measured| that only half a man can sit?
- Yes.| - No!
What the...?
"Next time you wish to travel, get| a fat family member to accompany you."
Else this pretty nose might break.
- What is it?| - Letter from Mr. Suman.
Don't take the wretched man's name!
- Any news of baby?| - No.
Her picture has been| printed in every newspaper.
Her near and dear ones| have been cabled.
Now it's in God's hands.
"If baby isn't found soon,| your pay is in God's hands."
"God, help me."
Send the reward of a million to me.
You have no idea of| how bad things are here.
Tell me how long am I| expected to carry this around?
"If you shower me with one| merciful glance, I'll be made!"
- Not like that.| - Then how?
Like this...
"The Omnipotent Lord Rama..."
"Send me a winning lottery| of a million and a quarter"
"Send me a winning lottery| of a million and a quarter"
"The Omnipotent Lord Rama..."
"Send me a winning lottery| of a million and a quarter"
"Send me a winning lottery| of a million and a quarter"
"My youth pines for every penny"
"My youth pines for every penny"
"I wake up startled"
"I wake up startled"
"When will I be rid of poverty?"
"When will I be rid of poverty?"
"The Omnipotent Lord Rama..."
"Such great news in the papers"
"Such great news in the papers"
"The Goddess of wealth| is at our beck and call"
"The Goddess of wealth| will do our beckoning"
"We will have a home in the stars"
"We will have a home in the stars"
"The Omnipotent Lord Rama..."
"Send me a winning lottery| of a million and a quarter"
"Send me a winning lottery| of a million and a quarter"
"The burden of two| in impoverished times"
"The burden of two| in impoverished times"
"We split the few grams"
"The day of dreams hasn't dawned"
"The day of dreams hasn't dawned"
She's sleeping in| comfort and woke me up.
Get off all...
Where are we?
Where are we?
You're in Heaven and I'm in Hell.
- What do you mean?| - You slept using me as a pillow.
And I stayed awake.
- Pardon me.| - You are excused.
I've wasted many nights.| So what's another?
The bus will halt for 30 minutes.
- Yes?| - Just half an hour?
- Yes.| - Any objections?
You stay out of this.| Nobody asked you.
- If I knew you were so cruel...| - What would you do?
I'd have removed my shoulder| and your pretty nose would break!
I'm going out. Wait| for me if I'm delayed.
Yes madam. Travels in a bus| but dreams of airplanes!
- Conductor. - Yes?| - Wait for me too.
Wait for me! As if I'm a slave| I'm a conductor not a slave!
Do you hear how they behave?
I wish God grants my wish.
And shows me where she is.| I'll have a million in my pocket!
"Since I married you,| you've only had this dream."
But each time I open my eyes| and find we're eating grams.
Putting me down as if| you brought a big dowry!
Aren't you ashamed to be lying?
"Named yourself, Bhagwan!"
You bought this auto with my dowry.
And we live off it!
Else you'd be dancing!
For now this picture| is dancing in my heart.
Where should I look for you?
I've found her!
- Come home with me.| - Shameless!
She saved me the bother by| doing my job. My hand was hurting.
She's a girl or I'd have| crushed her like an ant!
Let's go.
"I say, breakfast is served."
Would you like a bite?
- What is this?| - Corn.
Don't you know?
You butt out.| Who asked you?
"- What the...? - You were| looking, my tummy will hurt."
Give me one.
"She will regret it..."
- You be quiet.| - Who's telling you?
"This is maize, corn."
"It is used to make corn soup,| biscuits and pudding. And cake."
Also corn bread.
Don't know? The conductor was right| Dreaming of planes while in a bus.
Eats corn and thinks| of cake and pudding.
"The princess will repent"
They are exquisite.| Why have you caged them?
That's my business.| I'll starve if I don't trap them.
How much will you| charge for all of them?
- Rs. 10.| - Only 10?
Here's 20.
May God grant you happiness.
"I soar in the skies| like a free bird"
"I have been liberated today"
"I soar in the skies| like a free bird"
"I have been liberated today"
"Morning glows in my life"
"The dark clouds| have been cast aside"
"When the cuckoo sings| amid the lush fields..."
"My heart sings in gay abandonment"
"Spring fills my life with color"
"I soar in the skies| like a free bird"
"I have been liberated today"
"I wish to play with the seasons"
"I want to play with| the flow of the river"
"I want to play with the sun,| the moon and the stars"
"Envelop the sky in my arms"
"Singing and proceeding| in my own world of thoughts"
"Wrap the clouds| around me like a scarf"
"Lightning adorns my feet"
"Stealing the darkness| of the clouds..."
"My life follows the| turbulence of the river"
"Cool waves rise from my heart"
Pass me the blue bag.
There's also a black briefcase.
The bus left?
The poor bus was helpless.
- The driver took her away.| - He was very bad.
I'd prohibited him from| leaving till I came.
"You're absolutely right, my princess."
How dare that slave disobey you!
Actually he didn't understand.| Thought you were a queen of cards.
Thank you.
But why did you stay back?
- Thought I'd be of help to you.| - I'm not a child!
Your actions demonstrate that| you've just hatched out of an egg.
I don't tolerate insolence.
What do you think of me?
I think well.
Wish you too could understand yourself
This appears to be my picture.
"No, that's my picture."
My father's name is Girdharilal.
And I've eloped to marry Suman.
The man who takes me home| will be rewarded with 150000
So you're here for the reward?
"Don't worry. Keep mum, I'll| give you the address at Bangalore."
Collect the reward there.
You probably never heard| of mankind and helping nature.
You measure everything in money.
"Yes, even humans."
You are only animals| trapped in the cage of life!
And you only buy animals!
"Mr. Mankind, now what?"
I guarantee that you are| a gentleman and very respectable.
Say something to me.
Strange mankind...
Doesn't answer back.
"Id you won't speak, stand| with your kind and shoo crows."
This lamb is more human than men.
She answered me in her own way.
Humans understand human language| and animals understand animals.
My dear lamb...
Can you tell me when| the next bus will arrive?
"She says, very soon."
"Dear lamb, teach the good| lady some Indian manners."
Tell her to obey elders.| Her Daddy is right.
Suman is not a good guy.
- He's marrying her for money.| - Be quiet.
I don't need your advice.
The girl is one strange beast!
"Pleads when you're angry,| talk lovingly and she'll snap!"
A good dance is priceless.
Makes one forget the world.
Your love too is priceless.
Girdharilal's daughter ran| away from home for your love.
And you're having a ball here.
That's not new.
This is the third girl| who has fallen for me.
But Girdharilal is quite stubborn.
This time you're playing with fire.
To acquire 70 cores| one has to take risks.
Once I lay my hands on his wealth| everything will be at my feet.
The lines of| Air India International...
...will stand by for us| to go on world tours.
Every country will call out...
"Where are you, Kumar Suman?"
Come here once.
What will happen if| the opposite comes true?
I won't kill me.
I'll find another girl.
Life is fleeting.| Some girl will be mien.
This is right.| That too is done.
Got this too!
What rhymes!
The heart is swinging
"Come close, don't torment me."
"Going? Stop, listen to this."
I was saying...| nothing. I said nothing.
What poetry I've composed!
I wondered why the| poems slipped out
I had no idea the best| poem was next to me.
"Madam, in Urdu| I'm called a bard."
And a poet in English.
What about you?
Your silence answered me well.
You need no introduction.
I've just composed a poem.| I'll recite it for you.
You glanced away and now| you don't recognize me.
And she looks at me| as if she knows nothing.
I don't think you liked the poem
"I swear by you,| I can write any form."
Try this one.| I smile through my pain.
Tears fill my eyes| but I do not cry.
I am tormented all night| so I can't sleep a wink.
How was that?
Is silence a new way of appreciation?
I have become her admirer.
I've written a poem for her.
My heart is on fire| with the poems emerging.
I fear the bus might catch fire.
I'll douse the fire.
My name is Sagar (ocean)| Get up from here.
- Why? - One punch on the| head will answer your queries.
That's my wife you're flirting with!
- Your wife...?| - Yes.
Poems ruined...
Get up fast or your| name will be mud!
I left your home without dignity.
Seems to be a useless poet.
I thank you for intervening.
Don't fly high. I came here| feeling sorry for the poor guy.
A good poet looked crazy| sitting beside you.
The News...
"News of the day,| Reward of Rs. 150000"
Millionaire heiress runs away.
"Constable, what's the matter?"
The bridge is being repaired.| The bus can't go till it's done.
"Excuse me, constable..."
- How long will this take?| - Maybe a whole night.
- Maybe even 10 nights.| - 10 nights!
Is there an inn close by?
Right ahead.
Banwarilal runs it but| only gives rooms to couples.
Who is alone?
I'll just get back.
Sitting all alone?
- Where's your husband?| - You're back to chew my brains!
- Should I call him?| - Sure and I'll call the cops.
"Yes, take a look..."
Uttering the truth in love| gives one a good name.
But the time has come| that one gets rewarded.
Reward of 125000| How is the poem?
He's back.
Mind the head.
"Pretty lady, the bus| won't go any further."
We'll have to stay in the inn.
"Driver, please give our bags."
Come along.
Do you know the poet knows all?
He just showed me the paper.
Is that so?
You seem to be a confirmed poet.
By your kind grace| I'm writing for 20 years.
I just composed a poem.| Pay attention...
Actually one earns a name in love.
Why are you staring at your palm?
The hand...?
"Not the palm, I'm reading my lines."
I was checking how many| poets I'm going to murder.
Killed 3 already.
You make it sound as if| you slaughtered 2 chickens.
What's your profession?
I'm a dacoit.
Dacoit... What?| Did you mean dacoit?
- How many kids do you have?| - I'll tell you.
Poets always have many kids.| 5 + 4 = 9...
Why do you ask?
I'll eliminate the complete family.
Hear my name!
- Now do you follow?| - Yes!
The dacoit who freezes| everyone's blood?
I'd heard of you.| Finally I get to see you
Look into my eyes like a man!
But I've turned blind.| I can see nothing.
I'll fire the pistol.| See your face in its' flare.
Don't bother. I'm leaving| Please excuse me.
You must apologize with the family.
We'll apologize 10 times| but first let me fetch them.
And the paper?
That's my death warrant.| I'll tear it up. Here...
If you mention it to anyone...
Am I an ass? I value| my life and my kids.
And I value the girl.
I'm whisking her away.
Do take her away.
"If you please, I'll| compose a couplet for you."
He was troubling me for ages.| How did you get rid of the pest?
Just used my head.
If I praise you any more| it will go to your head.
Yes. Where's the inn?
Don't you have eyes?| It's right in front.
I understand. But| I don't trust you.
Why do you need separate| rooms if you are married?
We fought in the bus.
Don't be childish.
This fight will never end| if you live in separate rooms.
- Choose your room.| - We want to be separate.
- Find another place.| - There's no other place.
I have lots of work.| Don't bother me.
- All right.| - Pay me 5 bucks.
Which rooms have we got?
We've got just one room.
I won't live with you.
- Then stay outside.| - Have you no shame?
I have more shame than you.
But my hands are tied.| He gives rooms only to couples.
"And if you're married,| you only get one room."
Did you tell him we're a couple?
I was forced to say it.
I wouldn't want you as my wife.
I won't stay in this room!
I'm not begging you.
Who is that?
What are you doing in the dark?
- Nothing.| - Good God!
This is so bad.| A couple always argues.
Now go to your room.
Pardon? No thanks.
Go in. It's going to pour.
Huge snakes inhabit this place.
So be it.
Good girls don't stand| out all alone in the dark.
What will people say?
I can be very firm.
Go to your room quietly| Or I'll have to drag you.
Go on.
These foolish husbands of today| pamper their wives and spoil them.
- I beg your pardon!| - Go on.
Who is it?
Open the door.
Who is it?
You're a strange husband. Left| your wife alone when it's raining.
I talked to her but she won't listen.
Then slap her into submission.
That's what I'll have to do.
- Go in.| - Come in.
The girl's parents| seem to have spoilt her.
That is true.
What are you standing for?| Shut the door.
- The door...| - Shut the door!
"Don't be scared, pretty lady."
Look at this.
This is your room| and that is mien.
I won't stay here!
What do you think?
I want to assure you that I'm| not after your wealth or beauty.
I hanker after only one thing.| That is a lovely story.
I get it printed and| become famous nation-wide
Are you the editor of a paper?
"No, I'm a writer."
You want my story?| Then I won't stay here!
I'll jump off this wall!
Sure. At the worst| you'll break your leg.
The only change will be my story| will be titled pretty cripple.
Look at your face.| You look raging mad.
- Have mercy on yourself.| - Thanks for your sympathy.
Take my advice and return home.
The one you're doing this| for is not worth it...
- Who are you to say this?| - I'm a reporter who knows all.
I know what kind| of a man Suman is.
Mohanlal's daughter before you.
Then Rai Bahadur's niece| Now he's after you.
Have you no shame| accusing an innocent man?
It's my life.| I'll do as I please.
You're nobody to advise me.
You are blinded by him.
Mark my words when you get a blow.
I'm going to think about my story.| You do as you please.
"The night is drenched,| the scene picturesque"
"Gently the moon rose in the sky"
"The night is drenched,| the scene picturesque"
"Gently the moon rose in the sky"
"Why is the moonlight enigmatic| after inciting a fire in me?"
"The surroundings won't let me sleep"
"The wafting breeze,| the vain turquoise sky"
"The blush of innocence on the buds"
"In such a mood why is| the heart on edge?"
"What is life lacking?"
"Why is the moonlight enigmatic| after inciting a fire in me?"
"The surroundings won't let me sleep"
"The night is drenched,| the scene picturesque"
"Gently the moon rose in the sky"
"The mind searches for the dream| that can't be mine in the daylight"
"In the night engulfed| by the glittering sky..."
"I search for my beloved"
"The night is drenched,| the scene picturesque"
"Gently the moon rose in the sky"
"Why is the moonlight enigmatic| after inciting a fire in me?"
"The surroundings won't let me sleep"
"Isn't there anyone in the world..."
"who would accidentally miss me"
"A slight smile on his lips..."
"...would lit up my world"
"2, 4, 6, 7..."
...12. How did we get one more?
Why are you counting yourself?
You are the father of these kids.
Now tell me why did you count them?
I was checking if| anyone was missing.
How would one be less.| The twelfth is on his way.
You're talking of arrivals.| All 11 would have gone.
My bravado came to the rescue.
It's all right.| My dear children...
"Had you been with me,| you'd have watched and learned..."
You're father is not| just a warrior of poetry.
- What is wrong?| - Nothing. Poem got stuck.
He's also a warrior of battle.
"I swear by your mountain| heap, my precious poem..."
I was returning from a poetry| recital when I bumped into a dacoit.
Good grief! Then...?
Our combat continued for 7 hours.
The way we fought...| the fencing with swords...
Will you stop at this| exciting point or carry on?
Nothing much to add.| We were equal opponents.
- Would I have given up?| - But...
Yes poetry gives me an edge.
I picked up a stone.| And recited a lovely couplet.
I just had to read it and| the stone turned to an atom bomb!
"Then I said, where are you| going you son of a gun?"
Your teeth are still intact.
"- He said, I'll kill your kids!| - Our kids?"
I threw him a challenge| I bet my world...
"He said, one day| I'll avenge this."
"I answered, I'll break your nose."
What a nuisance!
What do you want?
I want you to apologize| to him with our family.
Only then will I be at peace.
- Can't trust dacoits.| - That's right.
- Should I apologize? Yes?| - Of course.
I told you there's nobody here| except for a young couple.
How is the girl?
I consider it bad taste| to stare at young girls.
Every man is not an ass like you!
Not every m an is an ass but| neither is he as young as me.
Do you think I'm old?
With one blow I'll| crack your skull in 4!
"Excuse me, we're decent folk.| We don't believe in fights."
Talk to us.
We suspect this girl has| been forced to run away.
We want to be assured.
I said they are a couple!
- Have you seen proof of| their marriage? - Have you?
- No. - Then how can you say| that they are a married couple?
Go to the city and you'll find out...
Girls and boys move around| as if they are married.
Is that so? What strange times!
Our ancestors made fools of us.
Good gracious!| Come with me.
"Pretty lady, get up fast."
- What...? Let me sleep.| - Let me sleep!
- Misfortune has befallen.| - Let it.
- Heard that sound?| - Don't want to hear.
Somebody has come| this far in your search.
Go back to sleep.
Please come in.
"Dear wife, some people| are here to meet us."
She's changing.
I won't come out! Husbands| don't care about their wives.
I'm tired since 3 nights.
You will have to come! It's your| husband's not your father's house!
- I'll go back to him then.| - Sure. I'm not holding you back.
I'll leave right now.
- I won't ever return.| - Don't. I'll marry another.
Don't mess with me.| I'll send you to jail!
You'll send me to jail!| I'll show you!
Have you no shame?
Is this what your parents taught you?
Do you see...| they're fighting again.
Do you agree they are married?
This rascal gets| thrashed every morning!
"Yesterday morning, a girl hit him| Today he'll get thrashed here."
Crying? You should have| thought of this before!
What's the point in crying now?
Stop beating me!
- Stop them fighting.| - You started it.
Why are you sending her?
- I feel shy.| - Hurry up!
I'm going. Don't beat me.
May I come in?
What do you want? Get out!
- Where's your wife?| - None of your business!
- I want to apologize.| - For what?
- Apologize...| - I see.
Don't apologize. We| husbands have to suffer.
You're... absolutely right!
Slog all day and return| home to be bashed up.
The fingers must leave quite| an imprint of these chubby cheeks.
I swear I never ever shave.
Every morning I get a close| shave by her delicate fingers.
Didn't get the quota today?
"Yes, I got bashed in the morning| This is the second helping."
What a cowardly time.
The wife has the upper hand| and the husband gets thrashed.
Good grief.
- What does this mean| - Why did you hit me?
"- First you hit me| - No, you did. - Shut up!"
It's true your parents| have spoilt you!
- I'll check the bus.| - I'm coming along!
I'm not one of those who| ties his wife to his apron!
- I'm not your wife!| - You will be somebody's!
God help him!
Have you no shame addressing| other's fathers as Daddy?
You will be my Dad in some time.
- Any news of baby?| - No!
"- That's sad.| - No, it's good news."
She's safe from a monkey like you.
Innumerable girls love this face.
Really? The girls of today are blind
The fall for faces.
They'll greet you with shoes| when they discover your nature.
I'm not one of those.| Why don't you try to understand?
Your wealth and my fame| can turn the world around.
"If you are so famous, turn the| world around without money."
Because fame alone can't do it.
"Whether you turn the world over| or not, you'll turned my world."
"But if you mess with me, be warned| you're asking for trouble."
Why don't you compromise?
You should know you're going to lose.
I'm one of those who| fights to the last breath.
All my life I'll fight to| see baby doesn't marry you!
And if you don't succeed...?
My bad luck.
Has she gone?| She has left.
Let her go! Who cares?
Will I pine for her?
Will I pine for you?
I regret after the deed is done.
Where had you vanished?
"I asked, where you had gone."
- To get saris.| - Saris?
Women can be strange!
They'll starve but they must| shop. How much money is left?
Re. 1 and 2 annas.
Enjoy yourself. We can't| survive another 5 days.
Where will we stay? On air?| You spent all the money.
- Don't you have any money?| - I left it in the Baghdad Bank.
Money or camels?
Don't crack jokes. Lift your| bag and let's foot it out.
- So far? - Yes.| - What will we eat?
Silken saris.
Mister humankind.
"Yes, pretty nuisance?"
- What's your name?| - Why do you care?
Really? Is that your real name?
- Meaning the ocean?| - Yes. Do you mind?
I don't see any signs| of water of storm.
I just see dust flowing.
Every place is wilderness| for those blinded by love.
The rest of the life| they won't see each other.
- Why do you talk to me like this?| - Because you are younger.
I too will use the same tone.
- You will talk with respect.| - No! No!
Mr. Mankind?
Your family is calling out to you.
Mr. Mankind... listen...
I'm starving. Get some food.
You are eating.| What else do you want?
But... this is corn.
We should have something better.
What could be better than this?| It feeds millions.
As for taste...
Eat it.
So much? Why do you bother?
I'm exhausted. I can't walk any more.
There's a village in front. Cross| the drain and cable your father.
He'll send a palanquin| for his darling daughter.
That's impossible.
Then keep walking.
I'm extremely tired.
Already tired?
The poor villagers| walk 50 miles every day.
Now you know what poverty is
"Yes, and I love it."
- Then why are you crying?| - Can't help my looks.
Let me rest for awhile
You're talking to me quite informally
"Hurry up, it's turning dark| We must get across."
Have your relatives| built a bungalow there?
"- Will we stay there?| - No, your Pop has a palace."
Mind your tongue.
- Shut up!| - You shut up!
- If you don't obey me...| - What will you do?
Let go! I don't approve of this!
"You follow me everywhere"
"With silken feet,| you sneak into my heart"
"Tell me what you mean to me"
"You follow me everywhere"
"With silken feet,| you sneak into my heart"
"Tell me who you are"
"This is a bond of hearts"
"On the path of love| in quest of love"
"Don't ask me how| I am related to you"
"I will raise a hue and cry"
"Create a scene"
"I will raise a hue and cry"
"I'll tell the world about you"
"I'll tell the world about you"
"Go away from my door step"
"Stay away from my heart"
"Tell me who you are"
"What wrong have I done?"
"What wrong have I done?"
"What wrong have I done?"
"I gave you my heart| and asked for yours"
"I gave you my heart| and asked for yours"
"Call some wise men"
"I want a decision now"
"Don't ask me what I mean to you"
"When the hearts are in love..."
"We are in love"
"When the hearts are in love..."
"Who will obey us?"
"Who will obey us?"
"You follow me around"
"Gently sneaking into my heart"
"Don't ask me what I mean to you"
What are you thinking?
Still lost in the dance?
- Wasn't it lovely?| - Sure.
Close to life. Strangers meet| dance and sing and go their way.
Go to bed.
I am hungry.
Hungry? But you ate so many| grapes! Aren't you full?
Now eat me up!
I don't want meat.
Vegetables will do.
I'm hungry. Get some food.
You think I'm scared?| I won't step out alone?
I'll get some food.
She's lost her mind.
Must have been a terrible| moment when I bumped into you.
Where did you go| leaving me all alone?
I could have died of fright.
I went to arrange so that| you don't die of hunger.
See how hard my heart is beating.
First tell me if you're| more hungry or frightened.
Now I'm neither hungry nor scared.
You'll never learn anything.
Washing the sari since morning| but not got it clean as yet.
I am your husband| not your washer man.
I wash your sari| because I'm a poor man.
Anybody else in my place| would have shown you.
Okay now hurry up.
Or you'll miss the lottery.
Then sit with me.
Talk like this with love.
"All line clear"
"All line clear"
"Let the train advance"
"This is my own train with| a cannonball so no fears"
"Al line clear"
"Never missed the target"
"Nobody is a match for us"
"Never missed the target"
"Nobody is a match for us"
"Ultimately the world had| to bow its' head to me"
"We're going along singing"
"Don't ask where| our hearts are burning"
"We're going along singing"
"Don't ask where| our hearts are burning"
"Place us in your hearts"
"We are worthy of love"
- What's wrong?| - Why are you going to the woods?
Why don't you take the straight road?
- Do you know what's here?| - What?
Two graves.
- Where?| - There.
All your wishes are granted.
- Really?| - Yes.
My parents couldn't have a kid...
How did you take birth?
They came here and asked| for a boon and I was born.
What a terrible thing to ask for.
My life wouldn't have been| ruined if you didn't take birth.
"If not for me, you'd wander| around without a husband!"
Talk with respect.| The graves are nearby.
So they are.
Take off your shoes first.
Somebody might steal them.
Spirits that mend matters...
And sleep in sweet slumber
- Pray that we find the girl| - And win the reward of 125000
- We'll offer you sweets worth| - Rs. 5000.
We'll be broke if it comes true.
You're a miser.| I'll distribute sweets worth 10000.
"If you carry on, you'll see| 3 graves there instead of 2"
"Not now, might..."
"Okay, let's go closer."
Somebody stole the| soil of the graves.
- What nonsense!| - I'm right.
The graves are now smaller.| Somebody is making a new home.
What do you want?
Did you see that?| Shall we sit down?
Our prayers have been accepted.| Ask what you desire.
- You know the girl...| - I know everything.
"You're out in search of| Girdharilal's daughter, Kammo."
- For a reward of 125000| - Yes sir!
You're at the wrong place.
You won't find her here.
If you want your| wish to be fulfilled...
Take the advice of a wise man| and run away from here fast.
Or the girl will escape.
"I say, get away fast."
Take the wise man's advice.
It comes from the heavens.
My reward of 125000.
"Great work, man!"
Shall we call the cops or| will you quietly come home?
Go away or I'll teach you| a lesson you'll never forget.
- Others might be scared...| - Let go of my hand!
Let go or you'll regret it!
Look after yourself!
What nonsense!| Stop your wife!
I won't. I'm enjoying this.
I warn you. She's got| a terrible temper!
Listen. For 4 years| I'm waiting for a chance.
Let her beat up my wife| for at least 4 hours.
Great! Terrific!
Give up or I'll beat your brains out!
Get lost! I know girls like you!
She's good!
Why are you stopping them?
Come on. Sultan!
She's the wrong one.| Hold the lower one.
Everyone beat her.
Why are you beating me?
Sit down.| Your cap.
- Thanks.| - Have you forgiven me?
I'm serving you.
Now I'll have to write| a poem in your honor.
- No complaints...| - Quietly slink away.
Holy smoke...| another nuisance.
- What's up?| - No fuel.
Come on.
An unforeseen problem each time.
Now what?
I'm tired.
Don't worry. Bangalore| is just 7 miles away.
7 miles?
Seven miles?
But we just left Madras.
Who can hold time?
"Yes, it's a matter of time."
I wished to fly to Bangalore.
Now that Bangalore is close... feet are trembling.
That happens when you're| close to the destination.
I don't think so.
I feel I'm leaving my right| destination and advancing alone.
Look there...
We're at a cross road.
One goes to a poor village.
The other to the wealthy| city of Bangalore.
I've loved the simple| life of the village.
That the glitter of the| city holds no attraction.
"Nothing is lost.| Give in, Daddy."
You've lost your appetite.
You're not eating well.
Because you are before me.
Sometimes I think of eating| fruit then I want to eat you!
Both of us are yours.
Announce our wedding in the papers| Baby will come back on her own.
I think that's what I have to do.
Never delay matters.| Shall I go to the newspaper office?
"- Don't bother.| - Why, Daddy?"
Because you'll use wrong English.
That's my strong point.| I'll write wrong Hindi.
But not English.
"Oh yes, I'll be home| if you need me."
The boat can't move without her.
The oar is useless unless a man's| strong arms help combat the storm.
Then combat it.
"- Sorry, it took off...| - You're not at fault."
I was born at the wrong time.| Who are you?
We... are travelers.
We want to stay here.
I was born at the right time.| How long will you stay?
- 3 or 4 days.| - 3 or 4 days!
Who is it?
- Who is she?| - Can't you guess?
Appears to be his wife.
- Yes? - Your wife? - Yes.
They are travelers.| Want to stay with us.
But who the heck are they?
Softly. Must be a couple.
I don't want anybody| staying in our home.
Look at the face.| She looks like a nuisance.
Don't malign womanhood.
Shut your mouth or I'll knock| out some more of your teeth.
Who are you?
- Travelers...| - I can see that!
I want to know your relation
- Don't pester them. They're| husband-wife. - You shut up!
Forgive me. I'm sorry!
Tell me truthfully who you are!
- Husband...| - Wife.
When did you get married?
"On Tuesday, at 7 minutes past 7..."
You can't be a couple!
How can you tell?
Stand straight.
Hold your breath.
Where are you going?
I can bet they are| married to each other.
How can you tell?
"If they weren't married,| he'd yell when I pulled his nose."
He'd scream when I pulled| his ear and yanked his hair!
And when I boxed him.
Alas! He didn't flinch.| He's used to being beaten.
He can be none other than a husband!
You judged right.
If they turn out not to be married| and we're maligned in the village...
"Mark my words, your entire set| of teeth will be in your throat."
Square up the account of teeth later.
First be kind enough| to show us to our room.
First be kind enough| to show us the money.
We'll pay you the day| we vacate the room.
And if you don't trust us| we're leaving. Come on.
They seem so suspicious.
- No sir...| - We thought we'd stay awhile.
We'd leave a tip of Rs. 50| But they've got bad luck
What are you doing? This place| is turning into an orphanage.
Your aunts are all over the place.
"Move aside. Sir,| I'll show you the room."
First arrange some food.
- Yes.| - He's starving.
- Butter with the meal.| - Absolutely sir.
Son of sir...
I'll show the room.| You cook for them.
- Listen...| - Yes?
- Do we have flour?| - Make bread of cereal.
Don't beat me in public.
"- Hurry. Dinner growing cold.| - Go ahead, my plate is coming."
- There's no other plate.| - No... why?
How can two eat in one plate?
Mr. Madarilal!
They follow the custom of| a couple eating together.
A couple...
Today we eat together.
When we meet in the future| you might not recognize me.
Who can say who will| not recognize the other?
"There, our false wall is up."
What a life we're leading.
Everything is false.
The relationship is false.
The husband is false.| So is the wife.
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
There's nobody here.
What are you thinking of?
I thought your Suman was here| hence you're not listening to me.
I was thinking of tomorrow.
Tomorrow will be great.
Tomorrow you'll be| with Suman in Bangalore.
The hearts will be one again.
Is that what you were thinking?
I was thinking of those who| will be separated tomorrow.
Don't feel sorry for those| who have to be separated.
Won't you feel any sorrow?
Sorrow is a weakness.| I don't like being weak.
"Let's dance in the moonlight| the forest will come to life"
"The sky will twinkle with joy"
"The sky will twinkle with joy"
"My heart says and dances..."
"My beloved, take me| across the stars"
"I am lonely here"
"I am lonely here"
"In this drenched night..."
"Hold on to your heart"
"Every breath calls out your name"
"The rays of the moon| advise you to fall in love"
"Life is a journey,| where do we go tomorrow?"
"The rays of the moon| advise you to fall in love"
"Life is a journey,| where do we go tomorrow?"
"Let's dance in the moonlight| the forest will come to life"
"I wish I could turn into| a cloud and glide away"
"I would bring the sky shimmering| like a bride down to earth"
"The moon would glitter| the stars would sparkle"
"The world would be joyous| because two hearts would be one"
"The moon would glitter| the stars would sparkle"
"The world would be joyous| because two hearts would be one"
Sometimes one gets to| that stage in love...
You can predict what| will happen before it does.
It can be felt.
Do you know what it is called?
Momentary madness.
You know it but won't admit it.
Because poverty and wealth| have different emotions.
You can dream of making your life.
Because you're rich.| I can only dream.
But not make life.
Why don't you understand...
The wealthy too are human.
A heart beats in their bosom too.
They can count their heart beats.
Not feel another's pain.
You have only written| imaginary stories. Fiction.
You can't understand life.
Possibly life doesn't understand me.
"To help life understand you,| you must first understand yourself."
Convince yourself that| what you see... is no dream.
It is reality.
One who is away from reality| is teaching me about reality.
Now that's enough. Do you know| morning you'll be in Bangalore?
Stop fooling around.
You will never understand a woman.
You should've known a woman| who loved every refusal of yours...
What would be the limit of her| joy and love if you accepted her?
Even God wouldn't give it to you!
Do you hear me...?
You are right.
I am slow on the uptake.
Dim witted.
I have decided that| we must get married.
"In fact, immediately. Right now."
How can we get married now?
You need money to get married.
You know we have none.
I have an editor in Bangalore.
I am sure he'll give me money.
I think I'll go to him now.
I'll return with the| money by the morning.
Wait for me right here.
Say something.
You heard none of what I said?
I am going.
I'll return as your| groom in the morning.
But where will I get| money for the petrol?
Excuse me... hello.
Hello. How much petrol do you want?
Not much. Just 2 gallons.
Take as much as you want.| We have an ocean here.
The name is Sagar but no| money to dip in the ocean.
Then why have you come to trouble me?
I have urgent work.| You may keep my bag instead.
- And give me fuel.| - No!
Take my cap too.| Looks great on you.
Women everywhere will love you.
- If you don't return...?| - The bag and cap are yours.
I won't return it. Okay.
Who is it?
"Your admirer, Sagar."
Its' you?
What are you doing?
All the editors will die| thirsty if Sagar dies.
I've got such a story that| all papers will vie for it.
It's about Girdharilal's daughter.
Did you hear of it now?
- She's not marrying Suman.| - Is she marrying you?
Yes. That's what I came to tell you
You're out of your mind.| Get out of here!
What did you say? Girdharilal's| daughter is marrying you?
I can get married right now| if you give me Rs. 1000.
- 1000 bucks?| - Merely a 1000
- Get out.| - Sit down.
This is a true story.
A matter of life and death for me.
"One beautiful morning, when I| was coming to Bangalore in the bus..."
This girl had run away from home.
Do you recall I'd called you?
"That very day, I was| sitting next to her..."
Dhannu's father!
Do you hear...?
Look at this witch!| She's sleeping alone!
I knew when I set eyes on her| that she has no character!
I'm not my father's daughter| if I don't throw her out!
Why are you screaming?| What happened?
Did you feel no shame?
- We are decent people!| - What nonsense?
Where is Sagar?
That's what I want to know| where is your shameful blot?
- Husband left the wife| in one night? - Shut up.
Have you no shame?
Sagar must have gone out.| He'll set everything right.
"What will he do? Check it| The bike, clothes are missing."
His bag is missing.
Wonderful! What a story| It went to my head.
I'll give you Rs. 2000
"But if the story is false,| I'll have you imprisoned."
I'll write it on stamp paper.| Send me to the gallows.
Hurry with the payment.
But I want cash. I have| to pay the hotel bill.
Arrange for the wedding.| This will take time.
I know you're in a hurry.| But I don't have money here.
Encase the cheque at| 10 when the bank opens.
Thank you so much.
Look at her face and compare it| with her deeds. Acts innocent.
Shameless hussy! Get out!
Out! Get out!
"If I had my way,| I'd poison you!"
Don't show your face| around these parts!
Drown yourself if you have any shame!
Who...? My daughter Kammo!
How are you dear?
At Banarasilal's house?
What are you doing there?| I'll get there right away!
My daughter has been found!
Get the car ready fast.| I have found my daughter!
I'll leave now.| Get ready fast.
My baby...
You're weeping? Silly girl.
I have found the world's| treasures and you cry?
Forgive me.
Now I know what a sin it is to| run away from home and disobey elders
Neither God nor people forgive them.
My dear... but you committed no sin.
But that's what the world thinks.
My ears heard words that I| should have died before hearing.
Why do you care about the world?| I'll build you another world.
"No, they are not at fault.| My adamant nature is wrong."
The times when a girl left| home only twice were good.
When she got married.
The other when she died.
You seem to have been hurt bad.
Do you know your Daddy hasn't| eaten since you left home?
Let's go home.| Thanks you madam.
"What? Found...| No, that's impossible."
Is the story false?
Come in!
I'm not telling you!
I'll have him arrested!| I'll send him to jail!
Do you still claim| your story is true?
"Editor sir, sometimes god| disposes what man proposes."
"Anyway, I've kept your money here."
I hope you'll forgive me.
But... how did this happen so fast?
It takes time for man| and destiny to take shape.
It doesn't take long| to destroy them.
Love created its magic| while ruin was smiling.
She changed in a flash.
And the world changed with her.
Take this money.
How can I take the money| when the story isn't complete?
Your story will have a twist.
Then I'll claim it.
Keep it.
You're a young man.
And life is a long journey.
God knows how many such| stories will come your way.
"Sir, not everyday is one| fated to write such a tale."
It was written by the heart.
Now a few tears remain| in place of the blood.
Can one write stories with tears?
The best stories have been| written with tears not blood.
I am confident you'll write| even better after this failure.
I give you this sum as advance.
Here's our thief.
- Hand him over to the cops.| - Sure.
- You...?| - Yes. Recognize us?
"Yes, you are the memories| of very good times."
This man has changed| so much in 4 days.
There's no glow on his face.
Glow... She stole the glow and left.
He was interesting to talk to.
Today he sounds so sad.
What is wrong?
I wanted to meet you| and return the auto.
Return it after ruining it?
Pay me 1000 bucks. Isn't it?
Are you nuts?| Look at the poor chaps' face
"Okay, I won't take money.| We forgive you."
My Bhagwan forgives you.
Thanks but I have money.
- Here...| - Thank you.
"Here, take our bags."
I've been longing to see you.
I'm very tired now.
Who is that?
Money? What money?
No soup. Get corn.
Who is the jerk who asked for corn?
"- I did, Daddy.| - You...?"
Reminds me of good times.
The pleasure I found in the poor| man's food is missing elsewhere.
Is that so? Then we'll| eat corn at every meal.
Give me a bite.| Let me try it.
The princess will regret it.
The princess will regret it.
"What is wrong, my dear?"
"My relentless beloved..."
"Why did I fall for you?"
"Why did I fall for you?"
"Like I asked for sickness"
"Why did I fall for you?"
"My brutal beloved"
"Each time your cute| countenance comes to mind..."
"Each time your cute| countenance comes to mind..."
"I regret having fallen in love"
"I regret having fallen in love"
"I am tormented by your memories"
"Why did I fall for you?"
"My callous beloved"
"My crazy eyes have no solace| they search for you everywhere"
"My crazy eyes have no solace| they search for you everywhere"
"The bright night stings"
"The bright night stings"
"In whom can I confide?"
"My callous beloved"
"What is wrong, dear?"
What is wrong with you?
Tell me...
Please tell me.
Sharing will increase the pain.
If my wealth can bring| back your innocent smile...
I swear I'll give it away.
Certain joys in life...
...can't be purchased.
It appears as if love| has wounded your heart.
"Like a cool breeze,| it can only be felt."
It can't be expressed.
What effect it had...
He is very fortunate.
The harder I tried to keep him away...
He came closer.
I want to say something to you.
But I don't know how to say it.
I've arranged what you want to say.
I wanted to say something| at dinner but I couldn't.
See whose marriage card this is.
- My marriage...| - Yes.
To Suman. You love him.
Your love won over my rejection.
I'll celebrate your wedding| grandly. Everyone will be amazed.
"Now smile, my dear."
There comes a smile...| the lips are moving...
My child...
I'm very happy.
Very happy.
I know the happiest day in| a father's life is when...
When his daughter gets married.
God didn't bless you with a son.
He only gave you a daughter.
He didn't give you other joys.
He put you in a state...
where there was no solution| except to accept this marriage.
I'm responsible for this.
I should have died on birth!
You're crying on this joyous occasion
I'm happy at this union.
Really. Your happiness makes me happy.
My joy lies in your joy.
May you live long.
"The bride leaves| for her beloved's home"
"The bride smiles in her veil| May the pair always be happy"
"Don't forget us"
"Don't forget us"
"The bride leaves| for her beloved's home"
"The bride smiles in her veil"
"May the pair always be happy"
"Don't ever forget us"
"Lost the days of childhood"
"Youth brought along the beloved"
"Lost the days of childhood"
"Youth brought along the beloved"
"Youth brought along the beloved"
"Don't shed tears when the| family is celebrating at home"
"May you always be happy"
"This is the custom of the world"
"It is the custom"
"The one who holds your| hand is your partner"
"He is your partner"
"The one who holds your| hand is your partner"
"Now we are not your family| He means all to you"
"May you be happy| Don't ever forget us"
"I beg you never to forget| the exciting swings of spring"
"I beg you never to forget| the exciting swings of spring"
"When you come visiting| we hope you have a baby"
"I thank all the reporters.| Excuse me, I don't have much time."
You break our hearts.
We came from across the country| for bride's picture and interview
We'll be grateful if we| could hear the bride speak.
And take a few of her| pretty pictures for our papers
Very well.
It is difficult but I won't break| your heart on this joyous day.
What's wrong?| Why the delay?
Go and check.
Good day.
Why did you choose Suman| the pilot as your life partner?
Because we hear there's| life on the moon and stars.
He'll take her there.
Did your love take flight| in the air or on earth?
I can't recall.
Love has no relation| with air or ground.
It can begin anywhere.
Is this a marriage of| your choice or your fathers'?
Both of us.
Now we beg leave.| It's time for the marriage.
"Just a minute, madam."
"Excuse me, I have some| urgent questions for you."
No questions will be answered| after the time is past.
"- Daddy, let's go.| - Wait."
I'll be forced to| print whatever I wish...
...about the 4 days after| you ran away from this ship.
"If you write irresponsibly,| the paper will be sued."
After leaving Madarilal's inn| and making fun of a poor man...
What right did you| have to return home?
My wish. I don't want to answer.
I don't want to answer anything.
"You will have to answer,| pretty nuisance."
Talk with respect.| I am to marry another.
I know. May God protect him.
What is the matter?| What do you want?
- What is your name?| - Sagar.
I just want my money.
- Money...?| - Yes.
"Is this your humanity?| Daddy, give him the money."
"All right, dear."
Here you are.
Rs. 125000
I don't want your reward.
Then what do you want?
"Here, read it."
"Rent of the inn, Rs.5"
"Mortgaged cap and bag, Rs. 10"
75 paise for carrots and radish...
"Carrot, radish and corn..."
- Rs. 15.75?| - Yes.
I'm asking for it| only on principle.
A poor man would have left it.
"I admit, you seem like a crooked man"
Yes. Don't you see how| I set her right in 4days?
You couldn't in 20 years.
- Forgive me...| - Yes.
I'll just get back.
Then why did you leave me?
I left or did you leave?
I went to get money for the marriage
I left a note under your| pillow. Did you read it?
Don't you have eyes?| Apologize if you have shame!
I won't!
"If this weren't your father's| house, I'd break your pretty nose!"
It's your house not her Pop's| Give her a nice smack!
Where is baby?
"Son, you didn't address| me as Daddy today?"
"Daddy, the time for the| marriage is passing by."
Not baby's. The time for| your marriage has gone by.
- What do you mean?| - I mean...
- Baby has gone. - Where?| - With her beloved.
"The bride leaves| for her beloved's home"
"She shyly smiles under the veil"
"May you always be happy"
"Don't ever forget me"
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