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Subtitles for Choristes Les.

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Choristes Les

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Come in, please.
Pierre, it's a call from France, it's urgent.
After the concert.
It's about your mother.
Do you recognise me?
" Pond Bottom", " my father will pick me up on Saturday".
But of course.
Pepinot! How long has it been?
Only 50 years.
"Pond Bottom".
There you are, the short one in the first row.
And this is you.
And the prefect, what was his name?
Clement Mathieu
Clement Mathieu
What became of him?
Open it.
"Pond Bottom" -- year 1949
This is the diary kept by Mathieu, about his days at "Pond Bottom".
About his story, and ours too.
He wanted you to have it.
I'd prefer to give it to you under happier circumstances but...
1949, Jan. 15th.
After a few years of failure,
I was certain the worst was yet to come.
It was a boarding school for difficult children.
At least that's what the ad said.
"Pond Bottom"
The school seemed to be named just for me.
Good morning.
You are alone?
What are you doing here?
I'm waiting for Saturday.
Because my father will come and fetch me.
But today is not Saturday.
I'm Clement Mathieu, the new prefect.
Is this your first prefect position?
I once taught in a private school.
-What did you teach? -Music.
-You will get on well with Mr. Rachin
The Headmaster. He used to play the trumpet.
These are his daughters, he lives here.
-Have you met him before? -Not yet, I got the job through Mme Boissement.
That was Uncle Maxence
He proceeded to explain that he was in charge of...
security, first aid, store room, and window repair.
What is he doing?
Student punished by Mr Rachin.
15 days of community service... Maid work
What are the kids like?
Didn't they tell you?
This is the infirmary. Later I will show you my little vegetable patch.
With pleasure.
-What have they done this time? -Let's me help you...
Are you Clement Mathieu?
The Headmaster.
Rachin, Headmaster.
Ah, Headmaster, I am sorry.
Yes, you are late.
-I was given the wrong bus timetable. -Keeping on time is a basic principle here.
Very well.
Very well, headmaster.
Ok, follow me.
I first suggest you learn our regulations. You will supervise study after 4pm.
What's the matter! Answer!
-Take this
Another trap. Our pupils' lovely disposition.
Let's sit him down there.
I can't see.
Don't overdo it, let me take a look.
Not so good.
-You, go ring the bell, call everyone. -Shouldn't we call a doctor first?
You know how much they cost? What did I tell you, go ring the bell.
Where is the bell?
Open the door, you'll see it.
Everyone here!
Everyone here!
Does this kind of incident often happen?
Ring, just ring the bell.
Everyone in the yard!
Quickly, keep quiet.
- Egg head! - Quiet!
-Bullet head! -Quiet!
Keep quiet.
-I didn't say anything! -Quiet!
I've called you out because Uncle Maxence has just been wounded in a cowardly attack.
According to our "action-reaction" principle, the one responsible shall be severely punished.
If the guilty one does not turn himself in within 3 seconds,
You will all take turns in jail, 6 hours each.
Until he turns himself in or is denounced.
One two three
No one? Naturally.
Come here.
You, Mathieu
Come here.
Mr. Chabert, give me the record book, thank you
Mr. Mathieu, the new prefect, is fortunate not to know you yet.
Egg head!
Be quiet.
He will therefore decide impartially who will be punished first.
Be quiet!
Pick a name.
At random?
If I may...
Leave him. Go ahead
Unlucky. Chabert, bring Boniface out.
But, I didn't do anything!
Shut up!
It's unfair! Shut your mouth! Let's go.
I won't go! I'll kick your ass if I have to!
In addition, as long as the criminal is at large, recess is canceled,
And visits are forbidden.
I invite you to denounce him as fast as possible.
This only encourages denouncing.
Like all new-comers, you have generous illusions. Let's talk again in a week.
Until then have Mr Regent show you your quarters. You're taking over from him.
Clean sheets.
Why are you leaving?
10 stitches
All this because I confiscated Mouton's cigarettes.
A kid. His name is Mouton.
Is he still here, this Mouton?
For your info, Le Querrec is the one who set the trap on Maxence's door.
I overheard him talking about it.
Why did you keep silent?
I don't want to miss the bus.
Maxence punished him for breaking some window panes.
It's a revenge. Just his style.
Le Querrec, you have remember this name.
And "Morange", yes, "Morange"
He speaks little, but you have to keep an eye on him.
Angel face, but possessed by the devil.
Action/reaction, that's all they understand.
I'm leaving. Good luck!
Thank you.
Our benefactor.
This is the class schedule.
Classes were split between the headmaster, doing history and French,
while the rest was taught by a certain Mr Langlois.
Mr. Langlois, let me introduce our new prefect.
My name is Clement Mathieu
A prefect at your age?
Yes, I was once a teacher.
That is perfect.
He's the funniest of the lot.
Go to the study room now - You are late.
No need to show you the way...
Smoking is forbidden in class, everyone, even you, sir.
Give it back to me, quiet!
Give it back to me.
Good start!
Congratulations. Mathieu
Be seated.
Naturally. You, always you.
What did he do?
Nothing. Headmaster
What do you mean, nothing.
Didn't you want to punish him just now?
I was asking him to the blackboard, and requesting silence when you came in.
Indeed you needed silence. Don't let me have to come back.
Go to the corner.
All right. Now that you know me better, we need to set a few things straight.
Right now, one of your fellow pupils is in jail.
For nothing.
I may not look smart, but I was not born yesterday.
I know who did it.
I give him 15 seconds to confess.
I am waiting.
Too bad. Only 5 seconds left.
Too late.
Le Querrec, who is Le Querrec
Me, sir
What a coincidence.
So, it is you who wounded Mr. Maxence.
No. not me.
I am not asking you. I am telling you.
I did nothing.
Who do you think the headmaster will believe, you or me?
While I am out, I would like someone serious to watch over the class.
If I believe my trusted intuition,
this serious person is Mr Morange.
Be quiet, who is Morange?
Me, sir.
So, you are the angel face
Go to the blackboard. You watch the class while I am out.
Let's go!
Nice attire.
Pull your shirt out further, it's more proper.
Black sheep are said to have authority over their peers. Prove it to me.
Let's go. To the headmaster.
Have mercy, sir.
Did you show mercy on the classmate who is in jail instead of you?
How about Uncle Maxence?
I didn't want to harm him. It was just a joke.
A joke?
It's enough. Do you hear, You'll get a good beating in my office.
Who is that?
It's Leclerc, he ran away for the third time.
He will be sent to jail.
This way you'll have a companion. Let's go.
Listen. Maybe we can make a deal.
You wounded uncle Maxence badly. Really bad.
I will not bring you to the headmaster, but I'll punish you.
From now on, during recess, you'll work in the infirmary.
You will look after Uncle Maxence, until he is recovered.
Do you agree?
Not bad, ah?
I believe I can do better. Show me your profile.
I give you a little smile for a change.
There you go. Have a look.
Ah, I forget.
A little spot of colour.
Does it look better? Go back to you seat.
All right, in order to know you better,
Please write down your name, age and what you want to do when you grow up.
To my surprise,
all the pupils did as they were asked.
Everybody, expect one.
Aren't you writing?
How long have you been here?
A long time?
I don't know.
Come on, write, little boy.
An exhausting first day.
I don't know why I am here.
Rachin scares me. This place scares me.
Even the kids scare me.
I feel they may run into my room at any time and do me in.
My blanket.
Give me a puff. Shut up. Go to sleep.
I read what the pupils wrote.
They were all dreaming of fabulous carreers.
Two firemen, three cowboys, one tiger-tamer, one fighter pilot
two spies, a general under Napoleon.
one hot air balloon pilot, three soldiers. No prefect.
It's very kind to volunteer to take care of me.
See, doctor, the new prefect asked for a volunteer.
And he responded. Spontaneously.
This shows miracles do happen.
Please come in.
This is Mr. Mathieu, our new prefect.
How are you How are you
How is he?
It's quite a bad gash. If now they come after you, hope is lost.
You have such infinite patience towards them.
I'm hard headed.
The poor kids have it way worse than me here.
One of them died here.
One died?
His name was Mouton. Jumped from the rooftop.
Fortunately, he was an orphan.
Like him, everyone says nothing can be done. But that's not true.
He's a good boy. You just need to know him.
Uncle Maxence is kind, isn't he?
Le Querrec, I am talking to you.
Uncle Maxence is kind, isn't he?
I can't hear you.
Leave him alone. He is shy, just like me.
I need to talk to you. Headmaster.
You already want to leave? No, I just want to do an experiment.
About uncle Maxence's accident.
That was no accident.
Sure. I would like you to grant me three things.
First, lift the collective punishment.
Second, allow me to punish the guilty one.
Third, please allow me to keep his name to myself.
Provided you have the name.
Of course, only provided I have it.
You are arrogant, man.
So, you believe you can find him just like that.
Alright. If you succeed, I'll lift the punishment.
You'll never find the guilty party, or I am the king of imbeciles.
I know who did it, sir.
Is that so. Who is it?
You allowed me to keep his name a secret.
Good, very good.
But your methods irritate me.
Don't let me find anything wrong with your class.
I feel I already have them well under control.
You speak too soon.
These are not naughty pictures.
I never said they were naughty pictures.
What's written on yours?
Ave Maria, Soprano, by Clement Mathieu
Mine says cord quatuor, by Clement Mathieu
This looks like music sheets.
How do you know?
Maybe it's morse code?
Secret codes?
Maybe he's a spy.
Yes, possibly a spy disguised as a prefect.
Quick! Egghead is coming.
Give it back to me.
What is it, sir.
None of your business.
Any problem, Mathieu?
No, nothing.
These are music sheets.
What for?
A choir
In the toilet...
Choir, out you go.
None of this here, Mathieu None of what?
Don't pretend you don't know what I am talking about.
Certainly you don't believe...
I'll close one eye this time.
You really see evil everywhere. Here? Yes.
Bullet head you're finished.
You won't make the rules here.
You won't make the rules here.
You won't make the rules here.
You won't make the rules here.
Hey, guys, are you chicken or what?
Your name is Corbin, right?
Sir, I did nothing.
Yes, you are singing.
Sir, I swear.
You are singing, besides, off-key.
You don't even know.
Come on, sing again, I am listening.
Maybe you want to sing in the principal's office.
Come on, sing: Bullet head you're finished.
Bullet head you're finished.
You won't make the rules here.
You won't make the rules here.
No one ever told you that you sing really bad...
Is it true you have music in your briefcase, sir?
Mind your own business.
Which reminds me.
The next one I catch going through my things, it will cost him dearly.
Now, silence. Go to sleep. Finished.
I have this tune stuck in my head.
They don't sing very well, but they sing.
I even spotted a few good voices.
Is there really nothing we can do with these kids?
Me who swore never to touch my music sheets again.
Never say never.
There's always something to try.
January 23, one week after the accident.
uncle Maxence's takes a turn for the worse.
The doctor has him sent to the hospital.
Will he die?
No, they will save him.
That same day, Pepinot got in trouble.
Mr. Pepinot, you are hopeless.
Last question, last one
How did Marshall Ney die?
I am waiting.
You'll write a 100 times for tomorrow: Marshall Ney was executed.
Come here boy.
Here. It's a reward for your composition
You take this to madam Marie, she will give you a biscuit.
You did know that Marshall Ney was shot?
Yes, sir, just like Napoleon.
Get out.
Wait, Mr. Morange
I saw you taking notes during my class.
I must say such studiousness surprises me.
Bring me your notebook.
There. Read it. Admire the spelling.
Mr. Rachin eats shit by the crate.
Did he write 'Mr.'?
Err, no
Mr. Mathieu, action and reaction, put him in jail.
Let's go
Gentlemen, good appetite.
Are you hungry Pepinot?
There, you can eat now.
Pepinot is an orphan.
His parents died during the war.
How did they die? Don't know.
The kid got it in his head that his father will come pick him up on Saturday.
Every Saturday, nobody comes.
We tell him it's for next week, and so on.
Wouldn't it be better to tell him the truth?
We told him a 100 times that his dad and mum are both dead. Nothing doing.
Now, we let him wait by the gate, it makes him happy.
Be quiet.
You see? Action and reaction.
What do you mean?
Action? Reaction!
Someone is asking for the Morange boy.
Morange? He is in jail.
No visit for the punished ones. You know the rules
You go tell the visitor yourself.
How are you, madam.
How are you.
I am the new prefect.
I am Pierre Morange's mother.
Clement Mathieu
I know it's not visiting day today, but it's the only free time...
That's not it...
He is punished again?
No, no, he is not punished.
But he is not here.
He was sent to the dentist an hour ago. Tooth ache.
Tooth ache.
Yes tooth ache. But nothing serious.
He will be back in the evening.
I can't wait. My shift starts at 5pm.
Can I pass you something for him?
Of course.
Her name is Violette, Violette Morange
Single mother. Despairing over her son's attitude.
Prone to stealing, introvert. Expelled from a few schools for running away.
When Pierre was sent to Pond Bottom against his mother's will,
She told the judge: at least, he'll have two warm meals a day.
Jan. 30, the experiment begins.
They wear round hats, long live the Bretons
They wear round hats, long live Britanny
They wear round hats, long live the Bretons
Soprano - Left side.
God's child is born, Let's all sing his coming.
Almost in tune. Alto, stand left.
Three kilometers on foot, it's tough, it's tough
Three kilometers on foot, it's tough on the shoes.
Sing from the beginning.
Four kilometers on foot, it's tough, it's tough
Four kilometers on foot, it's tough on the shoes.
Like I thought, Bass, right.
There's good tobacco in my snuffbox
There's good tobacco, but you won't get any.
Smoking is not allowed.
Alto, left
Love is like a Bohemian child,
It has never ever known any laws.
Tenor, of course. stand left.
I don't know any song .
Never mind, I'll teach you.
In the mean time, I nominate you Choir assistant director.
Marshall, here we are!
Who taught you this song?
My grandfather.
A bit out of fashion. Go left.
Take arms, citizens. Form your battalions.
Prefects are the worst kind, Smoking, drinking, never working.
Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo
Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo
Very well, alto
Show me, Corbin?
Sorry, this note does not exist. Come here
Mr. Pepinot, give me the music score.
Thank you very much.
Open your hands
Present them like this.
I nominate you music stand.
Mr. Pepinot, baton, thanks a lot.
Attention. Follow me.
There you have it!
One two three four
The headmaster eats stale bread.
Lerlec is not very smart
Every night, I make them practice a simple tune I compose.
We are from Pond Bottom. That is rather disconcerting
We are from Pond Bottom. That is what is bothering us
We are from Pond Bottom. That is rather disconcerting
We are from Pond Bottom. That is what is bothering us.
Not bad.
It was rather basic, but I had their attention.
To move things along, I needed support from my hierarchy.
A choir?
Poor Mathieu, you have gone off your rocker.
A choir? They will never sing a note, or I am the king of...
Please sir. Do not tell me king of what.
Because they are already singing.
Really? A little.
So why do you come ask me for an authorisation since you've already gone ahead.
I don't like your methods, you hear me?
You are bothering me.
I have other problems to deal with.
All right. I too want to have a laugh. Make them sing.
But if things go wrong, you'll lose your job. Go
Thank you for your kind words of encouragement, sir.
Feb. 8, first rehearsals. Rachin is relentless on Morange
After jail, he makes an example out of him: one month of community service.
Hey, maid, don't forget to make my bed!
Feb. 15
A visit from Dr. Dervaux. He is a psychologist
He brought us a little present.
We decided to bring this boy from St Fereol's juvenile detention centre.
To study his capacity to adapt to a more liberal environment.
Unlike most of his classmates, Mondain is starting to read and write.
In any case, he can talk
More or less normally.
We submitted his intellect to the Binet-Simon test
Ah, the Binet-Simon test!
We also gave him Rorchar's test
The test, as you know, divides children's intelligent into 7 categories.
Normal, adequate, borderline, Slightly retarded, medium, severely retarded
And finally, imbeciles
Mondain is in the borderline zone.
He is therefore not demented. I must however warn you.
He exhibit gregarious-instinct pervert tendencies.
Bad enough.
What exactly does that mean?
Prone to cruelty, parasitism and destruction. Above all,
Mythomania There you have it.
We already have lots like that here.
Except here kids have access to maistream teaching.
It will be interesting to see how Mondain can integrate
Least we can do.
We will all try to meet your scientific expectations.
Gentlemen, kindly take charge of this boy.
May I keep you for lunch? With pleasure.
As for him, give him all the necessary attention.
Action and reaction.
No smoking here.
To start the experiment on a good footing, I first have to establish my authority.
You really look like a jerk.
You better lie low, or there will be trouble.
There will be trouble.
Surely you know at least one song?
Yes, but...
But what?
You will not like it.
Let's have it. Come on.
Come on
I am listening.
(Dirty song)
I told you.
Not bad, needs practice. But you have quite a good baritone voice.
What voice?
baritone, it is not an insult. Describes singers with a deep voice.
Go to the back, with the basses.
Let the bitch rest.
The next one who laughs gets my fist in his face.
Whenever you wish, Mondain
Isolation over
I brought Pepinot back. You forgot him by the gate.
Pepinot, it's not Saturday today.
By the way, in the letters to your parents
I don't have any parents.
Of course, to those who have parents
Remind them that they can visit you on the first or third Thursday of the month.
Morange, you are already distracted. What did I just say?
I don't know.
I just said, you can write to your mother
To visit you on the first or third Thursday every month.
Or on both days, got it?
But punished pupils cannot get visits so be careful. I don't feel like seeing my parents.
But Morange may want to see his mother.
Maybe he's not the only one.
See, Morange, we have a real choir now.
I don't care.
What do you mean you don't care?
What kind of voice do you have? Do a scale.
"Do"... Come on.
Do you want to go back to jail? Come on, quick.
Rudeness does not look good on you, my boy.
Not everyone can be like Mondain.
Let's start again.
Where are you going?
I've had enough, I am going to the toilet. Mondain, wait.
Come,Corbin Can I also go to the toilet,sir?
All right, everybody out.
Quiet, quiet
You sing well, pretty girl.
You want some?
They left you all alone? I will protect you.
Wait for me. We are alike.
My parents are assholes.
Your mother is the same way.
She leaves you here to have peace.
No, she has to work
-Ah, so what the others say is true. -What?
She is a whore
Get in!
You're a dead man!
Am I?
That day, Morange was missing at the 3pm roll call.
No one ever knew where he went, but he came back.
That's what mattered.
Why are you here?
I'm not allowed to go upstairs
What do you mean?
Because I have no money
You have no money, so you can't sleep? What is this all about?
It's Mondain. If I don't give him money, he won't let me upstairs.
We must be careful
Where I was before I was caught by the prefect.
So I had to let him have it.
Stabbed him with a bayonet. He bled well.
-Did you kill him? -You bet
It's the same here. Egg head better leave me alone.
Mathieu is not the worst.
Are you kidding? Singing you a lullaby,
Then when you sleep he will come and touch you. This type must all be killed.
Good evening, gentlemen
-Have a good appetite! -I swear I didn't do anything, sir!
I see you have high-class friends, Corbin
Get out!
This feast I just witnessed will be our secret.
Gift to you.
But I warn you,
Don't speak to Pepinot, don't approach him
Don't even look at him, is that clear?
A single look towards him and I'll turn your life into a nightmare
-What are you doing here, Morange? -Nothing, sir
I must have heard voices - I must be tired.
Article 8 of school regulations: students are not allowed into classrooms alone
If it were Mr. Rachin, you would have to write it a 100 times for tomorrow.
Plus what he would tell your mother.
I don't care about my mother
-What did she do, tell me! -I have nothing to tell you
Wait! I'm not finished. You won't get off that easily.
Nothing is free here, ask Pepinot
Your problem, Morange, is that you do things that are unlike you.
Run away, get into fights, play truant
It may amuse the others, but not me.
I won't play your little game. From tomorrow, compulsory choir practice.
And daily music class.
Go, go to sleep
March 3
He cannot know, but I am sure of it.
His voice is a miracle
The rare promise of an exceptional musical gift.
You can go now, keep quiet
Keep quiet!
Gradually, as my choir gets better
I domesticate my new student.
Ok, take your calculus notebooks
You are the one who makes the children sing?
Yes, isr Are you complaining?
Oh, no, on the contrary I love music,
-I sometimes myself croon -Do you?
Have a nice day!
Same to you, my dear colleague
Algebra book, page 27
Hello, madam
Pierre will come soon
-What happened? -Everything is fine
How about his tooth?
It got better
Did you tell him I dropped by?
-No -Why?
I preferred not to tell him.
As you know, Pierre is a sensitive child, and talented.
a talent for mischief.
Not only that,
I must talk to you about it
Singing? Nobody taught him?
He has a gift. It's obvious. Something must be done.
I'll leave the two of you.
Don't hesitate to come and see me.
I didn't tell your mother you were punished, I told here you were at the dentist. No betrayal.
-I'm told that you sing well? -Yes
The gentleman seems happy with you, is he kind to you?
Not bad
I brought you clean clothes, and I made your favourite chocolate cake.
Are you happy?
April, the children inspire me.
I knew the day would come when my music would be played.
I'm Clement Mathieu, musician, every night, I compose for them.
It was not good, sir?
Yes, good, it was very good.
You bastard! Go!
What did he do?
He stole my watch. Caught him in my bedroom.
Bringing him to see Rachin. "Action-Reaction"
-Where are you taking him? -Jail! 15 days!
-Wait! -Wait for what?
He is my only barytone
-What's the matter, sir? -I found graffiti in the...
Sorry, sir, just a loose shot
Stand aside!
Mathieu, Chabert,
With me
As the weeks pass, I score new victories.
Leclerc, we are still good friends, ain't we?
Of course, why do you ask this?
-5 plus 3? -53
-Are you sure? -Of course
Maybe it's only an illusion, but
It seems that even our headmaster is changing
Look, Uncle Maxence
Attention, don't move
Come on, come out, Mondain!
It's finished, child
Come on!
Chabert, I just met Mr Rachin
To tell him that Mathieu's choir is fantastic
-I'm tired -But you are alawys so tired, alright 29!
And what was his answer?
Get the hell out is what he told me.
Where is Mondain?
Didn't you notice he was missing before the run?
He was at roll call this morning, Headmaster
After that, he...
Good, in this case, I forbid all outside walks until the end of the year.
-Did he take much money? -All the money, around 200 thousands francs
How do I pay suppliers now? How?
I should never have accepted him in here.
All this for a damn experiment!
Just like you, with your music
I needed coal delivered for hot water, it will be next week. I call the police.
What's the matter?
I observe that singing makes them smarter, Mathieu
They make great progress
Headmaster, children have had no warm water for three weeks
Cold water is good for blood circulation.
By the way, Mathieu
No more choir.
-But, Headmaster -Thanks, Mr. Mathieu
Police station, please
I don't know yet about the choir
But for the kids, we can use wood.
We have no firewood at all!
Headmaster's personal storage
Chabert surprised me
I thought he was Rachin's clone
He actually is a nice man, who believes sports and music are the cements of our society.
With his help, I organize resistance
Our choir becomes a clandestine affair.
No, you always let up at the end of the sentence
I'm asking one last time to detach every note clearly.
It's late, we'll work on this tomorrow
We are not doing the second part, sir?
I didn't teach you the solo part
But I learnt it.
You did?
Ok, let's begin
Come on, come out
May 13th, 3pm, Mondain is back
-Where is the money? -I don't know
-Who stole it? -I don't know, not me
What's happening?
He is beating him?
For half an hour
Is he mad?
He is wasting his time, the child won't say anything at all
Ok, let's start from the beginning
Where is the money?
Tell me!
Where is the money?
Let go!
Let go!
Calm down!
Calm down!
The child has just confessed, I'll call back the police.
You will get to know another residence, with other wardens and bars.
To avoid depressing the children, we did not tell them about the Mondain affair.
We told them he was sent back to his original school. End of story.
A hen
Lays 84 eggs
every year
Well fed, with good housing,
Ventilation and sanitation,
It will lay 150 eggs
How many more eggs can a farm girl obtain
if she owns 9 hens?
Nice day?
It's good to have a bit of sun.
Summer days are coming.
You know, Pierre surprises me everyday a bit more
Anyway, I..
I wanted to thank you for what you do for him.
I do it for you as well
I mean, if Pierre is good, so will you be...
-Let me wipe it -It's ok, it's ok
-Just ink, nevermind -You are too much! Idiot!
What's the matter? Oh!
Why do you beat him?
Tell me, Bebert
Because he threw ink at you
Can't you shut up?
Pierre, I'm ashamed of you.
Wait! It's ok!
You have to understand, It's because he is proud of you and you are pretty
I mean, you are unusual comparing with other children's mother
Do you mean that I'm alone?
Me too.
-But you have no children -No
I have sixty
But when they see you, they see the lady of their dreams
I mean, the mother they all dreamt about
It's not a dream for Pierre, you are his mother
Like all other children, he doesn't want to share with others
We must get him out of this boarding school where he's wasting his time and send him to music school.
I'd like him to have a real job.
Music is a true career
Provided one has solid grounding. He could go to Lyons Institute of Music,
I'd keep an eye on him so he does not stray.
Even there, you can get a bad teacher
-And then? -Then, he will become whatever he must.
Alone we can't do anything.
Pierre is an exception. I will do everything in my power so that his talent can bloom.
- But it need your help, too - I see, thanks
No, no! What's the matter, today? Are you all sleepy?
And you, Boniface, how do you stand?
Do you think we can sing like this? Stand straight!
Ok, again, start from "So gentle..."
Where is my solo?
What solo?
My solo!
Ah, yes, your solo, no, no solo any more
You have a decent voice, but no one is indispensible.
You sing or not. It does not matter to me.
We can do without you. Listen.
Listen, we start...
We start from "Oh, night"
-You're gonna get a scolding... -I thought he had gone to town?
Dismissed. Go play outside.
You are a pain, do you know that?
Headmaster, I promise you, homework is finished
Our charity committee heard of your choir
The countess herself writes to me
She and her friends are visiting next sunday They want to listen
It's great!
I mean, it's good
I already see the scene. Simpering, music, why not petit fours since we're at it!
You give me extra work with all these silly things of yours!
But, Headmaster, you will notice
that Music has not relaxed discipline.
We have had less problems for quite some time.
I don't believe in coincidences, Headmaster
It looks that way. Who apart from you would tell the foundation about the choir?
It's me
Do you know how to write?
-Uncle Maxence probably thought he was doing a good thing. -Spare me your explanations
I don't like your ways, Mathieu
I think you don't like much, Headmaster
Mr. Rachin, someone for you in the guest room!
Let's talk about this later
It's for you
Sometimes I think we should have let Mondain strangle him.
Violette was thanking me for what I was doing for her son.
She wanted to talk to me about it privately
And tell me something important.
Rendez-vous at Square Cafe, 20th, 4pm
I wrote a letter to the Lyons Institute of Music
I know the principal there
He kindly answered
he would be glad to audition your son, and in case he is admitted,
He would help him get a scolarship.
-Things will be easier on that front from now on. -Is that so?
After I met you, life...
How to say?
-Change totally? -Exactly!
It's all thanks to you
I could not imagine...
Same here. I had lost hope...
I'm thinking, maybe I'm wrong to go too fast.
Ah, no, trust me, no problem
It's true that you brought me luck.
I met someone,
He is an eningeer from Lyons
I met him at the cafe.
He works around here on a bridge project.
Are you ok?
It's a great opportunity, for you and Pierre.
Don't get upset. I have to run.
I'm love for the three of us to have lunch together one of these days.
You will tell him about Pierre? Please?
Why not
Ok, goodbye
Thanks for all you've done
Oh, not a word to Pierre for the time being.
Sorry, may I take the chair?
-Of course -Thanks
Countess, I... glad... flowers.
I did not catch everything, but I get the intention.
Thank you, my child
Countess, please allow me to introduce you to Mr. Mathieu,
Our prefect, who makes our dear children sing.
Please accept my compliments, sir,
We follow with great interest the humane and sensitive teaching methods of Mr Rachin.
We thank you for your contribution to these methods.
By the way, who came up with the idea for the choir?...
-Well... -Mine, Countess, my idea
It is a great pleasure, Countess, to help such an understanding director.
Alright. Make them sing.
-Mr. Rachin is modest, he doesn't like praise -That's right
What will you sing, then?
La Nuit, by Rameau, Countess
That must be beautiful
Excuse me, who is the boy standing aside?
Is he being punished?
That boy? He is an exception
May I begin?
And in the eyes of Morange, who was following my rythm so well,
I read many things. Pride, happiness to be forgiven
but also something new for him, gratefulness.
First day of summer
Our choir welcomes a new member
Sorry, I missed the link. My mistake.
Go ahead.
Come here, it's important
I was scrubbing the toilet walls to remove graffitis.
I lifted a tile and found this
-It's Corbin's harmonica -And this
At least 200 thousands francs inside
No one knew where your cache was.
Don't tell me you don't know how the money got there.
Do you know Mondain was expelled because he was accused of the theft?
I didn't know
It's true - You did not know.
Now I've told you
What got into you? What were you gonna do with the money?
If I tell you, you won't repeat?
I swear
I wanted to buy...
Buy what?
A hot air balloon
We don't know who stole the money, but it proves that Mondain is innocent
He would never have left without the money. That's obvious.
We will look into it in 2 days time, after I come back.
Mathieu, don't worry too much.
If Mondain is not guilty this time, he would have been another time anyway.
Nothing can be done for such people, nothing.
-How about justice? -He's in the hands of justice now.
Headmaster, wait for me!
-Wait for me! -Are you leaving too?
I am catching a ride. I am spending my vacation at my sister's.
There is a piano there
Do you know why Rachin goes to Lyons?
I think he needs to discuss the budget with the committee.
-Doesn't he? -Yes
But actually, his main purpose is to kiss ass for promotion and a medal.
Do you think he will succeed?
Crafty as he is? He will present an idyllic picture of the school,
Hide the terrible things you know, and take credit for the choir's success.
-Success? -I've heard it, it's very good.
Sir, is it true Langlois and the principal left together?
Yes, Chabert and Carpentier took two weeks, We are masters of the place.
Then there is no course today?
-What shall we do? -Take a nap
No, I have a better idea
Excuse me, you...
-Your medal? -Yes
The bird is in the nest, Mr. Rachin
I don't know how to thank you
Headmaster, call for you...
Excuse me, I...
The fire started from the roof.
The blaze was eating up the sleeping quarters, where the kids were last seen.
Sixty children killed, trapped like rats.
To Rachin
His promotion and medal are going up in flames right in front of him.
But suddenly...
After lunch, we got out by the back door near the vegetable garden.
So that Mary and the villagers would not see us, then
We went to the Lignon forest
Why did you go there?
We did an orientation game. The kids loved it.
Suffice to say, uncle Maxence, I'm extremely disappointed by your behaviour.
Headmaster, I assume the entire responsibility for this escapade.
Uncle Maxence never stopped trying to talk me out of it.
That's what I call a lack of conviction.
On the other hand, one could say we saved the children's lives.
Well, if you had not left the school unattended, there would have been no fire!
I don't know why I'm still listening to you.
Ok, uncle Maxence, considering your seniority,
you will only suffer a suspension.
As for you, Mr. Mathieu, you are fired
for breaking the school rules.
If that's what you want, then fire me too!
It's not for you to decide.
Mr. Maxence, thanks for your kindness But I believe children need you very much
Think about the children, since this gentleman never does.
This is your due, here you are
You leave immediately by the 6pm bus.
-I forbid you to see a single one of you pupils. -What do you mean?
Uncle Maxence, make sure of it.
Headmaster, before we part, let me tell you what I think of you
I know, Mathieu
-You are incompetent, cruel. -What about them
-They didn't choose to be here -Neither did I
I never wanted to be an educator.
And don't tell me you were dreaming of burying yourself in this god forsaken place.
You had other ambitions. Me too.
-You should not take out your failure on the children. -You think I enjoy playing prison warden?
Someone must do it.
But go ahead, go to Paris
Go knock on the minister's door
Hello! I'm Mathieu, we must use true educators not half wits.
Get in, fight, since you have faith! Mathieu! Saint Mathieu!
You're a failed musician, a prefect
Just a small prefect,
What do you do in life, Mr Mathieu? I'm a prefect, prefect, prefect, prefect, prefect!
You are a madman
I'm so tired, go to hell
On the contrary, I'm leaving it
I had hoped some children would brave the interdiction and come say goodbye, but nothing.
These children's wisdom resembled indifference.
And Morange, anyway...
On the first piece of paper, I see Boniface exquisite handwriting
And the one with wrong spelling, should be Pepinot's
And the one with music notes, that's Morange.
And this one, that one
Make them stop!
-They've locked the door
At that time, I felt a surge of happiness and optimism.
I wanted to tell the whole world.
But who would have listened?
No one knows who I am
The great artist would soon crash back to earth.
I'm Clement Mathieu, a failed musician, unemployed prefect
I'm Clement Mathieu, a failed musician, unemployed prefect
After that?
He never got around to writing it.
But I, I can tell you
And Pepinot told me. The next day, on my road back to school
My childhood memories came back to me.
After Mathieu was fired, my mother took me back.
We went to Lyons, where I was admitted to the Music School.
Engineer wanted me to be a boarder again, My mother refused
And he left us
Chabert, Langlois and uncle Maxence united
And denounced Rachin's abusive methods towards the students
Children were questioned, Rachin fired.
Clement Mathieu continued to teach music untill he passed away
He never tried to be famous
All he did, he kept to himself.
To him? No, not entirely
Mr. Mathieu!
Wait for me
Mr. Mathieu!
Why are you here?
Could you please take me with you?
Oh, I can't do that
You must go back to school, otherwise you will be punished
-Please -Shall we go?
Be right back
I cannot take you away
Go back
Pepinot was right to believe in it.
The day Mathieu was fired was a Saturday
To Violette
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