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Subtitles for Christine CD2.

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Christine CD2

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All it gets is those old songs.
Sometimes when we're making out...
it just stalls.
As if the car were jealous, Arnie.
A goddamn car!
l'Il get it.
Know what l think?
l think you're just sexually frustrated.
l'm sorry, okay?
Can l at least call you tomorrow?
l don't know.
Come on.
Come on, baby, please.
lt's all right. Everything is the same.
l love you like I do
Don't know why I love you
Don't know why I care
l wonder why I love you like l do
ls it because
l know you love me too
Check this out!
Keep a-knockin', but you can't come in
l'll just be a second. l just have to get my wallet out of Christine.
Want to come in with me?
You know, l've been thinking.
Maybe we should apply to the same colleges next year.
- ReaIly? - Yeah.
lf we get accepted by the same schools...
we could take it as a sign of fate.
You'd have me to help you through math, and if--
Arnie, what's wrong?
Who did this?
Don't touch me, shitter! This is just what you wanted!
You get away from her!
Arnie, l'm sorry.
l-- That is, we--
It's your fault.
lf you hadn't been so damn selfish that you wouldn't let me park my own car...
in your precious driveway, this never would have happened.
That's not fair.
Oh, it's tair.
Can't we even talk about this...
like rational human beings?
One of them took a shit on the dashboard of my car, Ma.
How's that for rational, huh?
Why don't we--
Your mother and l have decided to help you buy a new car.
Well, that's what everybody wants, isn't it?
Well, fuck you.
l'm fixing up Christine.
Listen, mister, you've been disrespectful to us once too often!
You apologize to your mother right now!
Take your mitts off me, motherfucker!
l'm hittin' the sack.
We'll make it better, huh?
Can't hurt us anymore...
not if we work together.
We'll show those shitters what we can do.
Show me.
Little bitty pretty one
Come on, come to me
Lovey dovey, lovely one
Until l'm on my knees
ls that you, Cunningham?
Hey, you ain't mad, are ya?
Oh, shit.
You're a dead man now!
Where have you been?
You hear about what happened to Moochie?
Almost makes you feel sorry for the little bastard.
How's Christine coming?
Oh, cherry.
l spent a shitload ot money on her, and she's perfecto now.
That's funny, you know, 'cause...
l heard she was totaled.
After l cleaned up the broken glass, it wasn't so bad.
l bet you a hundred bucks...
it was Buddy Repperton.
So what if you fix it up and he just comes back and does it again?
He won't do it again.
What does that mean?
Man, l gotta go.
l hope you didn't think l could hang around here aIl day.
Yeah, that's you, Arnie, aIways in demand.
Stay loose.
You know it.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Lean machine.
They let you out early?
Yeah, that's right.
l'm Rudolph Junkins, State Police, Detective.
l'm just missing a study hall. l got to get to work.
l don't care about that. l want to ask you about your car.
You do nice body work. l thought this thing was totaled.
- Who told you that? - Why, hell, everybody.
Local poIice, your mom and dad, your girl. Cute girl, by the way.
lt wasn't as bad as it looked.
The report said they punched holes in the body.
Damned if l can see the fill.
You can if you look.
lt's right over there...
and back here.
l've been lucky with parts. l replaced the entire door on this side.
- Yeah? - See where the paint doesn't match?
Nope. A hell of a job, Arnie.
WelI, thank you very much.
So what do you want?
l really like this shade of red. Didn't think they made this anymore.
Do they still make this shade?
Well, they must. l bought it, didn't l?
- Where? - Baker Auto out on Route 5.
- You still got the receipt? - Tossed it out.
You know, it's funny-- Cigarette?
No, thanks.
Usually when somebody trashes a car, we get photographs.
Wait. They didn't really trash it.
That's not what Leigh said.
She was so shaken up, giving me all the details...
she broke down crying.
I understand...
one ot the perpetrators defecated on the dashboard.
l would've thought you'd be madder than hell at that...
and l would've thought you would've reported that.
Shit wipes off.
Moochie Welch kind of got wiped off too.
l don't know.
- You don't know? - No.
Scout's honor?
l'm not a Scout.
The kid was cut in half. They had to scrape his legs up with a shovel.
lsn't that what you're supposed to do with shit...
scrape it up with a shovel?
Don't get smart with me, son.
Your girlfriend is more convincing than you are.
She's not my girlfriend.
And since when is it against the law to fix your own car...
when somebody eIse busts it up?
Since never.
Then you get otf my back.
l need to see you.
l care about you.
Look, l love you.
l think we deserve one more try.
Don't you?
Would you give me a yes or no!
Please don't do this to me.
Just be straight with me. You've had it, right?
Well, fuck you, bitch!
Want to do the honors?
l'd love to bring her along.
- She can earn her way. - Bullshit.
Let's get Vandenberg.
l'll never be your beast of burden
My back is broad but it's a-hurtin'
All l want is for you to make love to me
I've walked for miles
My feet are hurtin'
Watch this.
Let's give this asshole some of his own medicine.
He's backing up too.
Some shithead's following me!
l hope he comes in here!
- ls that Cunningham? - lt can't be.
Look at my car.
Come on, prick! We're not finished yet.
Come on!
Hello, Henry? This is Will.
Listen. Cunningham get there?
The order okay?
Listen. He was driving my Caddy, wasn't he?
Good. Yes. Take it easy.
Okay, Jack. Come on out.
The ride is over.
lf l'm gonna have to come in and get ya...
l'm gonna get ya.
Why don't you do us both a favor.
Come on out.
l got a girl named Bony Moronie
She's as skinny as a stick of macaroni
Oughta see her rock and roll with her blue jeans on
Not very fat Just skin and bone
l love her and she loves me
We're all happy now as we can be
Makin' love underneath the apple tree
Well, l told her mama and her papa too
- What's goin' on? - You tell me.
- Where were you last night? - Home.
- What are you doing to my car? - You didn't go out at all?
Of course l went out. l got Darnell's car out front with a load of parts.
- You want the receipt? - Yeah.
How come you're showing up just now?
Why didn't you unload the stuff last night?
Because l was tired, that's why.
lf you don't believe me, you can ask my mother.
Why do you keep butting into my life?
Because we found your boss, Will Darnell, dead in your front seat...
with a shotgun by his side.
- Why? - l was hoping you could answer that.
Somebody saw your car cruising behind Buddy Repperton last night.
He's dead too.
So are Don Vandenberg and Richard Trelawney.
Guess nobody'lI be trashing your car anymore.
Well, all l know--
l got a Cadillac full of parts...
and l'm supposed to be at school in half an hour.
We'Il take care of the Caddy. l don't want you touching it.
Honest, l don't know what's going on. l swear l don't.
May l please speak to Dennis?
lt's a girl.
Happy New Year.
Can l come over there? l need to talk to you.
- What, about Arnie? - About Christine.
You first.
l'm afraid for Arnie.
l thought you wanted to talk about Christine.
What do you know about that car?
l know that the guy who owned the car before Arnie--
His daughter choked to death in Christine.
How do you know that?
LeBay's brother sold Arnie the car, and the guy's a jerk.
- He just came out and told me. - l think l was supposed to be next.
Come on.
Arnie would never do that.
Not in a million years.
l don't think he's Arnie.
lt's that car. l swear it's the car.
l'm going to Arnie's tonight for New Year's--
- I wouIdn't. - lt's okay.
We do it every year. His folks are going to be there.
Maybe if l get him alone, maybe he'll talk to me.
What if he doesn't?
- What do you mean? - l don't know.
What if that car doesn't let him?
Then we destroy it.
Well, come on let's go
Let's go, let's go little darlin'
And tell me that you'll never leave me
Come on, come on
Well, now, swing me, swing me all the way down there
Well, now, swing me, swing me all the way down there
Come on, let's go, little darlin'
Let's go again once more
My man, you really operate on those babies.
Yeah, l manage.
We got the old rust bucket tonight.
You wanna watch what you call my car.
She's reaI sensitive.
ls she?
Sorry, Christine.
Good boy.
Let's motorvate.
Have a beer. Don't be shy.
My car's your car.
A toast.
to the shitters ot the world in 1979.
Come on. l can't drink to that.
What can you drink to?
What about to us? You know, to friendship?
Oh, friendship. Right. That's real good.
Come on!
l want you to see this.
This is great alignment. You just don't see this anymore.
Don't be scared.
l'm scared for you, for what's happened to you.
lt's this fucking car.
l know you're jealous.
We'lI always be triends, as long as you stick with me.
You know what happens to shitters who don't.
No. What does happen?
Let's not kid each other.
Who are the shitters?
All of 'em.
Leigh's on your side.
- Oh, yeah? - She cares a lot about you.
She does.
Don't you like this beer? I thought you liked beer.
Did you hear what l just said?
Let me tell you a little something about Iove.
lt has a voracious appetite.
lt eats everything-- friendship, family.
lt kills me, how much it eats.
l'll tell you something else.
Feed it right, and it can be a beautiful thing...
and that's what we have.
When someone believes in you, you can do any fucking thing in the universe...
and when you believe right back in that someone...
then watch out, world, 'cause nobody can stop you ever!
You feel this way about Leigh?
What? Fuck, no! l'm talkin' about Christine, man.
No shitter ever came between me and Christine.
Watch this.
Oh, shit.
Chicken shit!
Man, there is nothin' finer than being behind the wheel of your own car...
except maybe for pussy.
lt's kinda spooky in here, huh?
Looks like they cIeaned out the whole place.
That's where he used to keep it. Down there.
You better get started.
What do you think?
Let's try it.
Christine's gonna come through the door.
You better get in the office and stay out of sight.
Once she gets inside, hit the button and bring the door down.
Then we'Il have her trapped.
What if he doesn't come?
Christine will.
You better get in the office.
Keep your head down.
When you hear me start this thing up, that's when you hit the button.
Leigh, don't move! Stay where you are!
You shitters!
Oh, God.
Arnie's dead.
l'll forever love you
The rest of my days
l'll never part from you
Are you okay?
l think so.
Rock, rock, rock Oh, baby
Rock and roll is here to stay
lt will never die
lt was meant to be that way
Though l don't know why
l don't care what people say
Rock and roll is here to stay
We don't care what people say
Rock and roll will always be
l dig it to the end
lt'll go down in history
Just you watch, my friend
Rock and roll will always be
lt'll go down in history
l wouldn't feel so bad, if l were you. You two are heroes, you know.
Yeah. A real hero could've saved Arnie.
We didn't do so hot.
Some things can't be helped.
Some people too.
I love you so, dear
And l'll never let you go
Come on, baby, so
God, l hate rock and roll.
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