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Chunhyang 2000 CD1

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Namwon town of Honam Province...
was known as Dae-bang region long ago.
On the east is Chiri Mountain. On the west is Chuksung River.
Water flowed southwards with high mountains above.
Full of spiritual energy, Namwon bred many pretty people.
With endless graves of loyal officials...
can unswerving loyalty not exist?
In King Sukjong's early reign...
there lived the only son of a local governor.
He was 15 years old.
Since he was handsome and righteous...
he was a great man.
On one fine day, he called his servant Pangja.
-Hey, Pangja! -Yes, master.
I've been here several months, but I 've yet to go sightseeing.
Do you know of any good places?
Why does a diligent student like you need to know?
You're foolish. All the greatest scholars...
have visited famous sights. So tell me now.
As you wish, Master Lee.
Out the north gate, Kyoryong Fortress is a good place.
Out the west is Sonwon Temple, and to the east is Kwan Mausoleum.
To the south is Kwangharu Arbor, Ojak Bridge, and Yongju Pavilion.
They say they're the best places to visit in the south provinces.
From what you said, Kwangharu seems the best.
Go get the horse ready.
But your father forbids this, and we'll get into trouble.
I'll just get permission. Go mount the saddle!
He mounted the horse
And Pangja leads the way
As he leaves the South Gate
A fan shaped like a crane's yellow wing
He flips it open and blocks the sun
As he travels down the South Road
the breezy dust from each trot
Flutters in the air
With the scent of peach flowers
The governor's son is out.
Juksung Mountain
In the morning
Is still covered
By late fog
the river water
Green willows and flowering trees
the spring wind blows gently
the beautiful columns
Soar high into the sky
the purplish-red tower
Embraces the sunlight and shines radiantly
In old Wang Bal's poem
the palace where immortals lived
Must be Kwangharu
Kwangharu is beautiful
But Ojak bridge is better
If it is really Ojak bridge
Then the legend of Gyunwoo and his love Jiknya
Must be true
I'll be the Gyunwoo star
On Ojak bridge
But who shall be my Jiknya?
-Pangja. -Yes, master.
Today, we'll drink as friends, not as master and servant.
Who is the oldest of you two?
Master, he's a few years older.
Then you have a drink first.
Take this drink.
Today's your day.
Such a beautifully written poem.
"I didn't recognize spring's arrival.
But everywhere, peach flowers blossomed already.
A pair of butterflies left the peach flower...
but they returned missing it."
White and red flowers
White and red flowers
From the flowery forest
An angelic girl appears
Like the sunor moon
This beautiful girl appears
She arrives together
With a girl about her age
The long twisted ropes
She grabs them
With her delicate hands
She leans once and swings up
She leans again and swings back
If she flies higher
She'll meet the Sowangmo angel
If she flies lower
She'll meet the ancient Yoji empress
She is a girl
But also an angel
One moment she's far away
the next she's very close
Her swings in and out
Are like a swallow's springs
Her lovely motions put Mongryong in a spell
-Hey, Pangja. -Yes... Yes, master.
-Look over there. -Where?
-Where my fan is pointed, idiot. -The wrestling match we passed by.
Look carefully.
Can't you see that girl swinging in the forest?
Looks like a fair maiden on a swing. Let 's go inside...
You think a fair maiden would be be out here on a swing? You fool.
You should even recognize a passing dog in your hometown.
Oh, her name's Chunhyang. She's an old courtesan's daughter.
Looks like her maid Hyangdan is with her too.
A courtesan's daughter... This is good.
-Pangja. -Yes, master.
-Go and bring her here. -Please, I can't...
-Pangja! -She won't come.
Even though her mother's a courtesan...
Chunhyang is arrogant, well-read, and writes poems.
She's like a noble's daughter.
She's a courtesan's daughter. So can't I ask to see her face?
-Bring her to me now. -Oh, master...
Many officials, penniless rakes, and even nobles of Namwon...
tried endlessly to seduce her, but they all failed.
That's nonsense. The world 's precious beauties...
are destined to have an owner. So go and get her.
Pangja obeys and runs forChunhyang
A fast, chic, and charming Pangja
Yet a flippant, fluttery, and sly Pangja
Like a blue bird delivering a letter to Sowangmo
A clever and quite cunning Pangja
He wears an ox felt hat with silk straps
A fake jacket and linen pants
With a stick for a pipe
And the front end of his garment tied to his back
He takes one step And takes another
Step, step, step, step away
He breaks a branch and plays around
With his staff He picks up a stone
And throws it at a willow tree
to scare the birds away
After his childish play He runs to the forest swing
And yells as loud as he can
Oh, gosh! You fool! My lady almost had a baby on the swing!
What?! A baby?
Can you believe it? A virgin gave birth!
I meant she almost fell, you idiot.
-Chunhyang, there's a big problem. -What is it?
The governor's son came to visit Kwangharu.
He saw you on the swing, and wants to meet you. So let 's go.
How come the governor's son is interested to meet me?
Chunhyang is this, Chunhyang is that...
Pangja, you must've squealed everything about me.
Chunhyang. If you're a fair lady...
then you should've swung in your front or backyard.
Tie a rope to your tree, and make your own swing.
But in this open field, you flaunt your bare ankles...
ease us with your raised dress, pretty smile, and giddy laugh...
So no wonder he fell for you.
Let's go!
I may be a lowly person, but I'm not a courtesan.
So, as a fair lady, you can't just drag me to any man.
-So go alone. -Chunhyang, wait!
Do you want to get into serious trouble?
The governor will torture you for being rude to his son.
Is that what you want?
Then tell him this.
"The wild geese desire the sea...
the crabs desire their holes, and a butterfly desires a flower".
You idiot! I didn't tell you to chase her away.
I didn't do such a thing.
She cursed me in words I didn't understand.
-And told me to repeat them to you. -What words?
She said, "the wild geese desires flowers..."
-Or was it the other way? -Really?
They're not insults, but a proverb with deep meaning.
"Like the wild geese desire the sea...
the crabs their holes, and a butterfly's flower...
she wants me to go to her place."
-Let's go. -Now?
My father granted half a day, so we've got to go back.
Studying in nature is one of the scholar's ways...
but you're forgetting to balance your body and mind.
Don't forget to follow the 'six exercises of a scholar'...
such as archery and horseback riding.
Don't forget to do these things.
If you get sleepy reading old classics, read this to stay awake.
Young Lee sits at his desk under Chunhyang's spell.
He sees the six officials and Pangja, and it's Chunhyang.
His mother, and it's Chunhyang. And his father, it's Chunhyang.
Shapes of the 'Gwon ': the shape of a sphere, a cube...
Chunhyang's shape, my shape, the shape of lovers...
they sleep together, and make a baby's shape.
Master Lee, what kind of book is that?
-"The Book of Changes". -No, it's the "'Book of Lovers".
Is there anything about my shape too?
No. There's nothing about lowly servants.
-Bring the 'Book of 1OOO Characters.' -Why read a beginner's book...
to study for your test?
Because each character...
has profound meaning.
The skywas created on the first hour
Before four seasons existed
In the empty space lies the 'sky'
The earth was created on the second hour
Since it's composed of minerals, wood, water, and fire
Everything is born and raised by the 'earth'
The profound and delicate color
Of the North God is 'black'
The color symbolizing the first of the five musical scales
And the center of four sides is 'yellow'
We can see thousands of miles away
On the large and high 'pavilion'
Through the past and the present
Is the infinite and endless 'space'
Go see how far the sun has fallen.
-It hasn't set yet, master. -Why does it move so slow today?
It seemed to run so fast yesterday...
but today it must have a boil in its foot.
The guard shouts...
CIose the gates!
Young Lee is ecstatic and says...
Let's go to Chunhyang's house
Pangja leads the way
On the way to Chunhyang's home
A wide, dusty road leads into a trail
While the moonlight seeps through the clouds
And with the green willows between the flowering trees
The night is so lovely
When they arrive at Chunhyang's home
On the left is green pine trees
On the right is green bamboo trees
The wavy pine trees stand calm.
-What shall we do now, master? -Call her.
Sir, I think it would be better if you call her yourself.
Just do as I said. Call her now.
Chunhyang! Are you awake?
My master is here, so come out this instant!
Is this some prank?
It's me, Pangja.
What are you doing here?
I've brought the governor's son.
What?! The governor's son? You fool!
You should've told me earlier he was coming.
Look at you.
You're better off worrying about your underpants instead.
Oh, gosh! Hyangdan! Go open the gate for them.
Master Lee, it's an honor to have you at our humble home.
PIease do come in.
'Lotus Pavilion'. The writing is refined and graceful.
-Who wrote this? -It's a girl's clumsy writing.
AIthough a lotus blossoms from clay...
it's clean and enchanting, and its scent travels for miles.
The farther a lotus scent travels, the fresher and purer.
Your scent fills my room, and intoxicates me.
Instead of the lotus, you're the best flower, Chunhyang.
A painting of the famous Minister Kang.
Did you draw this too?
You're making me blush, Master Lee.
While fishing with no bait, he waits forever to meet King Moon...
and later fulfills his dream.
While avoiding a disrupt world and becoming a hermit...
it's an ambitious life that understands patience.
Your wish to meet a good husband...
is shown in the painting.
Did you come here thinking I was an easy courtesan?
You're a talented writer, and so am I.
Don't you think it's fate...
that brought us here together?
Hyangdan... He's fallen for Chunhyang...
so you have to serve him well.
If things go well, all of Namwon might be Chunhyang's.
And you'll be blessed with good fortune.
Part of the reason why I brought him here is for me.
So put in a good word for me.
Come on, Wolmae.
It's time for me move up too. So I can brag about myself.
You're out of your mind. Don't steal my part of the gold.
-Wolmae... -Wolmae?
Just shut up, and pull out the chicken hairs.
Master Lee, this is my mother.
It's my honor to meet you.
Good evening.
If I knew you were coming, I would've greeted you formally.
What brings a noble young man to our house this evening?
PIease come in and sit comfortably.
Thank you.
A few days ago, I saw Chunhyang at Kwangharu...
and I instantly adored her Iike a butterfly desiring a flower.
How would you feel if I took Chunhyang's hand as my wife?
You're the son of a noble, but Chunhyang is of a low class.
If the butterfly just came to pick the flower and Ieave...
our world will be miserable.
So please stay and just have a drink with us.
I know this is informal, but I think this is fate also.
I'll be a good husband, so give me your permission.
When her father was the governor of Namwon...
he picked me as his courtesan for one night...
and so she was conceived.
He promised to take us to Seoul...
but he passed away suddenly.
So I raised her all by myself.
And I did it with the utmost care.
Since you're so insistent, I could give you my approval...
but it's not my decision.
Chunhyang, what do you think?
Since Master Lee is so intent, does a lowly girl have a choice?
Since the future is unforeseeable...
please vow...
your eternal love for me.
Chunhyang, my baby.
Every woman does it.
Don't be scared and do what he says.
Lay this on the floor.
He has to know you are a virgin.
So don't forget to show this to him, okay?
Chunhyang, come here.
The night is late. Let's sleep.
-I don 't want to. -Listen to me and come here.
They say for a married couple...
ever-lasting happiness depends on the first night.
But if you grab the wife's hand, they say it's bad Iuck.
The moon is bright Oh, yes, it is bright
The moon is brighter than ever
My wretched moon is bright
The reflection from Chunhyang's room is bright
When I was young
I was known as "Bright Moon" of Namwon
But I am bright no more
As my face grew old
As one day, two days, and several days pass...
the young lovers' shyness disappears...
and they grow fondly intimate.
One day, as they hug and roll around...
they enjoy the 'Love Song.'
Come here, ride my back and we'll play
Come here, ride my back and we'll play
Love, love, love, my love
What a love, my beloved
Yes... my love
Oh... my love
What would you like to eat?
What would you like to eat?
A poked round watermelon
Poured with sweet white honey
Take the seeds out and taste a juicy red piece
Savor it all in one big bite
No, I don't want any
then what would you like to eat?
What would you like to eat?
A short, thick, and oval
Sweet cucumber, eggplant, or melon?
No, I don't want any
then what would you like to eat?
What do you like to eat?
Would you like cherries or grapes?
A taffy or tangerine candy, my dear?
then, my love
What would you like to eat?
What do you want to eat?
How did they find out?
Who's the bastard that told them?
When the morning cock cried...
the governor suddenly came and demanded your whereabouts.
Forgive me, I had no choice.
Since your father knows already, don't try to Iie to him.
Tell him you won't Ieave anymore and you'll concentrate on the exam.
Mylove, my treasure, my joy
Oh, yes...
You're mybeloved
When you die, become a flower
A peach flower that blossoms in the spring
When I die, I'll become a tiger butterfly
On a beautiful spring day
If I dance around you
Then recognize
It is me
If the flower withers
The butterflies don't visit anymore
So I don't want to be a flower
Then there's another after you die
You become the Bell of Chongno
And I'll be the hammer that hits it
In the night, I'll hit it 28 times
In the day, I'll hit it 33 times
When I hit you
Recognize it is me
I don't want to be a bell
Then there's another after you die
You'll be the Yin
Such as the 'earth'
'shade,' 'wife'
And 'woman'
I'll be the Yang
Such as the 'sky', 'sun'
'light', 'husband'
And 'man'
We will live happily forever
When we become 'one'
-Hey, Hyangdan. -Oh, my gosh! You're bad.
Master Lee.
Master Lee!
What are you doing here?
Where have you been lately?
Were you too busy to study and hear the good news?
What sort of news, father?
I've been appointed to the King's cabinet.
I'll finish up here...
so take your mother to Seoul ahead of me.
Master Lee is here.
My son-in-law is home! But why are you here so early?
Well, I'm glad.
I just sowed an autumn jacket for you. Come up and try it on.
Why did you walk here without Pangja?
Why do you look so worried?
Did your father scold you?
PIease say something.
I don't smell any alcohol.
No fever.
What's wrong?
My father has been appointed as a minister in Seoul.
What great news!
That's a high rank in the government.
But why aren't you happy?
I have to Ieave for Seoul tomorrow.
Are you worried I won't follow you?
A woman follows her husband wherever he goes.
There's nothing in Namwon if you're away.
My mother said if people discover our marriage...
I'll be disowned, and forbidden to take the state exam.
So she insists I don't mention our marriage to my father.
Are you saying we must separate?
Only for a little while.
All I can do is come back for you later.
Oh, my husband!
Is what you said
A quirk, a joke
A mistake, or nonsense?
Watching me kill myself
Is that what you want?
When we met the first time
What did you say?
We swore to the mountains and the ocean
With the sun and the moon as our witnesses
Until the mulberry field becomes the sea
Or the sea becomes the mulberry field
We will never part
Not even a year has passed
And you're saying farewell?
there is the cloud you swore on
Speak to me
Speak to me
You begged me
to be your wife
But now you ruined my life!
My husband, take this drink.
While you travel to Seoul...
think of my love for you when you see the blue river.
Our enemy is not a person...
the enemy is the class that divides us.
Chunhyang, take this mirror.
My love is as pure as the mirror's reflection.
Cherish it and think of me when you use it.
Take this, my husband.
My unchangeable love is the same as the color of a jade.
Think of me when you see it.
After Namwon, there's Osu and Imsil...
and then Chunju, which is famous for its fans.
After Yusan, which is known for its fur and leather...
there's fine honey and ginseng in Kongju.
Then there's Chunan, which is famous for its carps.
Then Suwon and Kwachon, which is 32 km from Seoul.
Bandits in Seoul are so territorial...
country people start to shiver when they pass Kwachon.
When I pass the exam, I'll send a royal palanquin for you.
So wait until that day.
A royal palanquin is only ridden by high-ranking officials.
Do you think this day will come before I become an old hag?
Meanwhile, his mother prepares to leave
Double palanquins
Single palanquins
Horses and soldiers are busy
Nervous Pangja dashes with Mongryong's horse
Ring... ring... ring... ring...
He arrives at Chunhyang's home.
Master Lee, there's big trouble!
Master Lee! Master Lee! There's big trouble!
Your mother asked about you, and I gave her an excuse.
We must hurry.
Mongryong has no choice
But to mount the horse's back
Farewell, Chunhyang
Farewell, mother-in-law
Farewell, Hyangdan
Chunhyang is speechless
On barefoot, runs, runs, runs...
She grabs the bridle with one hand
And with the other
She grabs Mongryong's leg
Oh, my husband!
Oh, my husband, please take me!
Pangja pulls the bridle
And whips the horse
It bolts like a flying tiger
Green mountains and blue rivers
He passes it one by one
Like the mandarin duck
that lost her lover
Chunhyang is heart-broken
As she sees her husband leave
She sees this much of him
And that much of him
Like a distant moon
Like a distant star
And then like a butterfly
I long to go
I long to go
I long to follow
My lover
For one thousand miles
For even ten thousand miles
Where the wind rests
Where the clouds rest
Where allanimals rest
Even a wild falcon
Where they all rest
At Dongsul's high ridge
But I will cross it over to follow my love
the Jiknya star in the heavens
Even when the Milky Way blocks it
the Gyunwoo star
Can always see it once a year
the place where my beloved stays
What milky way is blocking him
That makes me see him no more?
I want to die
And become a spring swallow
So I can fly above my beloved's roof
And build my nest under the eaves
I'll meet him in the middle of the night
And make love to him till dawn
While she sobbed every night...
the next governor moved on to Naju city after three years.
So Governor Byun from Seoul takes his place.
The new governor is on his way
The new governor is on his way
He rides in a luxurious palanquin Screens raised like a bird's wings
Lugged horses follow the palanquin
Two tall officials with a daunting mien
Guard the palanquin
Out of the South Gate of Seoul he looked around the scenery
Beds of blooming flowers, birds singing, the willows are green
He crossed Han River and passed through Sungbang Field
Climbed over Mamtae Ridge and had lunch in Kwachon Town
After Chungchung Province he arrived at Cholla Province
And paid his bids to his lord
the next day when he departed He slept in Imshil town
At Ohri Gate, all the Six Chief Officials wait to greet him
the Chief Administrator the Chief of the Census
The Chief Librarian Who's good at fortune-telling
The Military Chief The Astrology Chief
And the Servants Chief
they announce his arrival
And he enters with an arrogant air
Scores of soldiers and officers stand in a row
Fifty servants bow to the governor
Sixty soldiers bow in two rows
Shouting like wild geese
And thirty courtesans bow in pairs
Governor, I have an appeal! I'm distressed!
I'm still being taxed for my dead son!
Crazy fool.
You idiot! You failed your duties!
As chief of your convoy...
please forgive me, governor, for that sudden disruption.
-Chief Penal Official! -Yes, governor.
Flog this fool ten times!
A new governor...
usually decrees the penalty and not overdo it.
But he goes wild on his first day.
He's trying to show us he's the boss.
We'll see about that, right?
When he leaves, he'll realize he's just a flee.
Listen to this.
He demanded to see the courtesans first before us.
That's unheard of...
Yes, I am present.
Like the brightest lunar night in August...
-Miss Autumn Moon! -Yes, I am present.
This girl has an exquisite style when she does the drum dance.
Like the sweet sounds of a paulownia harp...
-Miss Sweet Harp! -Yes, I am present.
She's the best harp player in Namwon.
Like her favorite Moonlight on Namwon temple...
Miss Love Moon!
Be it song or dance, she's good at everything.
Look here! You're calling them too slowly.
Call them all at once.
Miss String Sound! Miss Pine Fidelity!
Miss Deep Cloud! Miss Happy Moon!
-Miss Traveling Scent! -Yes, I am present.
Miss Spring Morning!
That's all the courtesans on the register, governor.
-Look here, Census Chief. -Yes, sir.
I've heard a pretty courtesan...
named Chunhyang lives here.
Why isn't she here?
Well, she is... sort of....
Since I ordered all the courtesans to appear...
how dare she not present herself today!
She's actually the daughter of a courtesan and a noble official.
And I heard she's married to the ex-governor's son.
So then...
Did he take her to Seoul?
That is... she's keeping her chastity for her husband.
A courtesan's daughter...
The nobles would die of laughter if they heard this.
Hey, Chief Penal Official!
-Yes, sir. -Bring her to me now!
the soldiers are on their way
Away the soldiers go
Wearing animal fur hats threaded with dark blue silk
It displays "fast"and they take fast strides
She's caught! Who is caught? Who is caught?
Chunhyang is caught!
Oh, yes! The bitch will pay!
So proud for marrying a noble
She hissed at us
And turned away
For she's too arrogant
This is good, yes, so good
they follow their order and
their hats are pulled up and
they take faster strides and
They arrive in the forest and
Chunhyang! Come out!
Madam, two soldiers are looking for Chunhyang.
Oh, no, I forgot about the courtesan roll call...
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Clearing The
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Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (The Collectors Edition)
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Coca-Cola Kid The 1985
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Colour Of The Truth
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Como Agua Para Chocolate
Company Man
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Con Air
Conan The Barbabian (uncut)
Conan the Barbarian
Conan the Destroyer
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Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
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Conquest of the Planet of the Apes
Conspiracy Theory 1997
Control 2004
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Cook The Thief His Wife And Her Lover The 1989
Cookies Fortune 1999
Cookout The
Cool Hand Luke 1967
Cool World
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Cooley High
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Corbeau Le
Corky Romano
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Counterfeit Traitor The 1962 CD1
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Countess Dracula (1970)
Country of my Skull
Cousin Bette
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Crime Scene Investigation 3x01 - Revenge Is Best Served Cold
Crime Scene Investigation 3x02 - The Accused Is Entitled
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Crime Scene Investigation 3x04 - A Little Murder
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Crime Scene Investigation 3x06 - The Execution Of Catherine Willows
Crime Scene Investigation 3x07 - Fight Night
Crime Scene Investigation 3x08 - Snuff
Crime Scene Investigation 3x09 - Blood Lust
Crime Scene Investigation 3x10 - High And Low
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