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Subtitles for Chunhyang 2000 CD2.

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Chunhyang 2000 CD2

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Welcome. Please, come in.
It's been a long time.
The new governor demands to see Chunhyang.
Since I haven't kept my promise to buy you a drink...
were you disappointed?
It would be a lie if I wasn't.
-I'm sorry I was so busy... -Chunhyang, come out!
We're good friends, so don't let it get to you, okay?
Please have a drink later.
-Stop it. -Take it. Don't worry.
-Stop it. -Stop it.
Hey, Kim! We scored.
When the new governor headed west Pyongyang for two years...
he awarded his courtesans a lot of money.
Also, as the Governor of Unsan...
he gave his courtesans much more.
So be nice to him, okay?
We'll take care of you, so don't worry and come with us.
Look after her, okay?
Chunhyang has arrived!
Chunhyang is here, my lord.
You're very pretty. Yes, indeed.
I chose Namwon among many other places...
to see you for myself.
But... Are you really married to the old governor's son?
Yes, I am.
But how can a young woman like you be alone?
You must have another man who cares for you?
Please tell me.
Because I'm married to the old governor's son...
I'm devoted to no other man except for my husband.
You're well-intended.
But he'll probably marry a noble girl when he passes the exam.
And he'll forget all about you.
You will serve me from now on.
So go clean yourself up and wait for me.
I'm not listed as a courtesan, and lived my life as a fair lady.
That gives you no reason to do as you please.
By law and custom...
it's natural to serve your new governor.
Stop your nonsense and get ready for him.
If my husband never returns...
I'll be chaste until I die.
So please reconsider.
A chaste courtesan's daughter is ridiculous.
My mother would faint if she heard this.
Be it your mother or l, fidelity is the same.
-But does class make us different? -What?
A governor is loyal to one king. A wife is loyal to one husband.
But would you fall on your knees...
...and serve two kings, governor? -How dare you!
You will die for that! Drag her outside!
We've got her outside, my lord!
If your mother is a courtesan, then you're a courtesan by law.
As a lowly courtesan, you disobeyed my orders.
So you deserve to die!
Did I steal food?
Did I disobey my mother, or cheat my fellow brethren?
If not, then why are you punishing me?
You must be ignorant of our laws.
Then tell me what law I've broken.
-Chief Penal Official! -Yes, sir.
Tell her every sin she's committed.
Yes, sir.
Listen carefully.
One who commits high treason, or disobeys the governor...
is punishable by death.
Then what does it say about raping a married woman?
She's the wicked daughter of the devil!
Make her confess her crimes in writing!
Chunhyang, write as I say.
As a lowly courtesan, I disobeyed the governor...
so I deserve to die for my crime.
-Chief Executioner! -Yes, sir.
Beat her till her organs burst!
If you don't, you'll be the one to die!
Yes, sir.
Look at the way
The soldier is walking
He lifts an armful and brings the clubs
He throws them to the floor
He sorts through the stack
He grabs one and tests it
He grabs another and tests it
He picks a large one with a good grip
Don't move an inch!
Or your bones will be break!
Beat her hard!
Chunhyang's mind and body are scorching with pain...
but she never shows it.
She moves her head in a shape of a 'one'...
stares into Hakdo's eyes and cries out...
One and only one!
My love is only for one man!
So why are you doing this to me!
Just kill me!
Hit her harder!
Yes, sir!
Two can never be!
What's the difference
Between loyalty to a husband and a minister's to a king?
I know a woman's duty
how can I serve two men?
This is impossible, so can't accept two!
After the third hit...
In our three lives, in my three obligations
I'm loyal to my father, my husband, and my son!
I'm not a whore!
So just kill me!
After the fourth hit...
A noble governor like you
Do you not know any justice?
Even if you tear me into four pieces
And hang them on the four gates
I still won't accept you!
After the fifth hit...
You rode with five horses
So keep this country's five ethics!
After the sixth hit...
I have six organs
And my love is in each one of them
So it's useless for you to tear them apart!
After the seventh hit...
If you raised a seven-foot sword
And cut off my head like a horse
It's no use!
After the eighth hit...
Try as many as eight hundred times
But my love will never change!
After the ninth hit...
You're the King's official!
So stop your corruptive ways!
My intestine has nine curves
My love flows deep in them!
After the tenth hit...
Ten cries for my love!
Move away!
You bastards! Let me in!
My daughter's dying!
My daughter! Why did this happen to you?
Is beating innocent people the new governor's way to rule?
Is being loyal to your husband a punishable sin?
If she dies, then kill me also!
-Please save my daughter! -Move away!
She'll die like this.
She needs medicine.
Pangja, let her down here.
Oh, Chunhyang...
Oh, my daughter...
Bring some water!
Chunhyang, wake up
Chunhyang, wake up
She's crazy.
Is she doing this out of some spite against Chunhyang?
What is she doing?
In Chinju, a courtesan named Uiam died for her country
In Pyongyang, a courtesan named Wolson killed an enemy general
The people in Andong worships the shrine of lljinhong
Who fed her husband with her flesh to save him
In Chungju, they honor Hwawol for saving the king
And now in Namwon a new courtesan Chunhyang
Will be next to honor
Meanwhile in Seoul
Young Lee studies hard
He reads night and day
Countless pages of Korean classics
His knowledge broadens and he becomes a skillful writer
The state exam takes place while the country stood silent
The Royal Teacher comes forth with a scroll in his hand
His assistant takes the scroll and hangs the question
"The past spring of this garden is the same as the present"
The question hangs tall
Mongryong reads the board
He thinks for a moment
He grinds the stick into the ink stone, and dips his brush
His brush strokes are equal to famous calligraphers'
He's the first to complete and hand in his answer
The Royal Instructor looks at it and compliments him
Your words are perfect and have spirits in them
Each character is as genuine as a jewel
They post the top score
Mongryong Lee!
Mongryong Lee!
The crowd is amazed by the announcement
Handsome Lee walks proudly towards the court terrace
After he wears his formal gown
He receives a token and is escorted to the King
He kneels before the King
And graciously accepts his three cups of wine
He bows to the King and walks down the steps
Wearing a flower cap and yellow gown
With a jade emblem and red scroll in his hands
After he became the ethics official
The King secretly makes him
His emissary to inspect Cholla Province
And gives him his assignment
With a symbolic ruler and royal insignia
He bids his family farewell and leaves for Cholla Province
He leaves the South Gate of Seoul
And crosses Han River and several streams
Then he passes many small villages like
Mirookdangee, Kolsagunae, and Ssangyoochon
And many market places like Dukjum and Ohmu
And many towns like Sosa, Kwangjung, and Morowon
He finally arrives at
Yusan town
-First Deputy. -Yes, sir.
Go to the west provinces. Start in Yusan and lksan.
Then Kimjae and the rest.
We'll meet at Kwangharu on the 15th of next month.
Yes, sir.
-Second Deputy. -Yes, sir.
Go to the east and check Kosan, Kumsan...
Muju, Yongdam, and the rest.
-Meet on the same day too. -Yes, sir.
Hey, you dear farmers, listen to what I say
Listen to what I say
Drop by drop, our sweat turns into fruit
Chop by chop
our grain turns into gold
Come here. Eat with us.
No, thank you.
I'm just a vagabond...
headed to Namwon to ask a favor from a friend.
So how is this town now?
-The town is full of demons. -What do you mean?
The governor is a drunken devil, his confidant is an old zombie...
the chiefs are gambling trolls, and we're all grumbling ghosts.
-This town seems to be cursed. -Do you think that's all?
For the governor's birthday...
each family has to give three sacks of rice.
He's robbing the people.
I've heard the governor adores a courtesan named Chunhyang...
and enjoys her every night. Is this true?
What? You bastard!
How dare you insult her!
It's just what I've heard! Why are you angry?
Who the hell told you that?
I'll rip his eyes out!
And tear his ears off!
Catch him! Get him!
How much farther? How far to Seoul?
Where do I sleep today?
Where do I sleep tomorrow?
My fate is unlucky, so I have to go
But Chunhyang's fate is worse
How much farther, how far?
Hey, you, come here.
-Come here. -Why do you call me?
I'm a busy person, you know.
-Because I'm from Seoul. -From Seoul?
Who are you visiting at such a far place?
I'm delivering Chunhyang Sung's letter...
to Mongryong Lee.
-Let me see the letter. -Are you serious?
Reading a man's letter is forbidden...
but you ask to see a woman's letter in public?
You don't recognize me?
Look carefully.
I can't believe this! Oh, Master Lee!
It's a blessing to see you.
Are you and the family well?
Why are you dressed like this?
Pangja, give me the letter.
"To Mongryong Lee of Seoul.
After you left, three years have passed...
and I've yet to hear from you.
Are you too intoxicated by Seoul's beautiful spring petals?
Or is your mind taken away by pretty brothel women?
Or are you going to marry some noble lady in Seoul?
I'm living with these worries day and night.
After the new governor arrived, he asked me to court him...
but I defied him and he beat me severely.
I will die soon, at the governor's birthday feast...
when he beats me on the death chair"
Vicious bastard! When I get hold of him...!
Why do I feel such a fierce wind?
Could it be a fierce wind to save poor Chunhyang?
My master can't really be a beggar, so could he be...
an... an emissary?
Pangja! Don't be foolish! Well, it's good we met.
I want you to deliver a letter to my home in Seoul.
When the sun is about to set
He arrives in front of Chunhyang's home
In the back of the garden
Is a silent cry
He's drawn to the sound
To take a closer look
He sees Chunhyang's mother
At a small altar in the backyard
To the Great Dipper
With lit candles
And a bowl of clean water
Set in front of her, she prays
I pray... I pray...
To the gods
of heaven and earth
And the gods
of the sun
moon, and stars
Please come and help me
Please make my son-in-law
Who went to Seoul
A royal emissary
Or a lord of Cholla Province
Either one will be fine
Please let him
save my daughter's life
I passed the test...
But I owe it mostly to their prayers.
Is anyone home?
Come out!
Come out!
-May I help you? -Go and tell your madam to come out.
-Who is it? -Someone is asking for you, madam.
He looks like a beggar asking for food.
Are you deaf?
Haven't you heard?
My daughter is in jail and about to die...
and you ask us for food?
We have none! Get out of here!
I've arrived!
It's Mongryong Lee from Seoul!
How can this be? Is this true, or is it a joke?
Hyangdan. Bring the lantern.
Is my son-in-law really here?
What took you so long?
Let me see my son-in-law.
This can't be...
The son of the ex-governor.
Look at the way he's dressed!
Chunhyang's dead...
She's dead for certain.
I prayed day and night you'd return as a high official...
but you come back as this country's filthiest beggar!
A crisis struck our family, so I couldn't take the exam.
Our wealth is all gone, and I've been begging since then.
To remember old times, I came back to Namwon.
That was delicious!
Must be your job to stuff your face.
Your appetite reflects your living.
I was so hungry before, I could barely think.
But since I'm full now, Chunhyang comes to mind.
-Bring me to Chunhyang. -Chunhyang's dead!
Let's go.
She's dying because of me, so can't I see her? Let's go.
You can't go now.
The governor is so strict, no man can bring food to her.
Even a male dog can't go there.
If they catch you, you'll be killed.
When the last bell strikes, you can see her then.
Oh, my poor baby...
The first bell
the second
The third
and fifth bell strike
The time has come
Hyangdan leads the way
And the beggar son-in-law
follows them
To Chunhyang's decrepit cell
The night is dark and gloomy
Not a person in sight
The echoes of a warbling bird
Running water
Wailing ghosts
The wind blows
Like trembling ground
Heavy rain is falling
Ghosts in twos and threes
Come together and cry
Damn guards are busy gambling again.
... nine.
-Three pairs. -Damn it! It's not my day.
-Prison keeper. -Who is it?
It's you again.
We can't let anyone in until the governor's birthday tomorrow.
-Go back. -Don't be stubborn. Take this, okay?
Hey, Dukbae!
Hey, Dukbae!
Open the gate, idiot!
It's some food for my baby. Give her this later.
-Anything else inside? -Oh, come on...
Go in.
My baby...
Wake up. It's your mother.
Mother, what are you doing here this late?
He's here...
Who are you talking about?
The one you've waited day and night for.
Be it your husband or a beggar, he's here. See for yourself.
Is this true?
Hyangdan, raise the lantern.
Chunhyang, it 's me. What happened to you?
Oh, my husband. What took you so long?
What happened to your face?
He can't save you, and you still call him your husband?
My husband.
Tomorrow at the new governor 's birthday feast, I'll be executed.
Don't let anyone touch my body.
Take me to Seoul and bury me in your ancestors' graveyard.
Then prepare a simple altar for me, and say these words...
"Chunhyang, cherish the drink I pour for you."
If you do this, I can rest in peace.
Young Lee is disheartened
Don't cry Don't cry
My love, Chunhyang Don't cry
When the day is bright tomorrow
Either the death carriage or the fortune carriage
No one knows what you'll ride
Even when the sky collapses
There is a hole to escape
If I said don't cry
Then please don't cry
On the next day
The birthday feast takes place in Kwangharu Pavilion
It's a spectacular sight
The red pavilion stands tall in the blue skies
Surrounded by large shades like the clouds
Covered by silk curtains on all four sides
Red and blue candle lanterns
Are hung on the open road
Crowded with courtesans, musicians Performers, and passerbys
Town magistrates of other counties arrive
Here comes Lord of Unbong town The Lord of Soonchun town
The old Lord of Goksung The handsome Lord of Soonchan
The lucky Lord of Damyang The chic Lord of Okgwa
The Lord of Nampyung And the lazy Lord of Kwangju
When all the lords enter another palanquin arrives
Firecrackers crackling
Sun umbrellas bumping
Palanquin bearers' shoulders colliding
Servants searching for their masters
It's out of control
Take this, take this Take this drink
And live one thousand
Ten thousand years
Thank you for sparing your busy time to come today.
Chunshim can still twirl well, even with twins in her belly.
I heard the officials of Kumsan were caught for embezzlement.
It was well taken care of. Forget it and have a drink.
Look here, Soonchun.
Seems like this feast will go on all night.
-Are you staying till the end? -Of course.
After the feast, Chunhyang will be flogged to death.
I won't miss it for anything.
Our henchman can kill a person with one blow.
I'm sure there's someone here like that, too.
Why do you think there's so many people outside?
There's so many people!
Looks like all the beggars around Namwon.
Two cows, fifteen pigs and all the chickens in Namwon.
There's got to be something for us too.
Halt! You can't go in!
-Step aside. -I said you can't enter!
Get out of my way! I'm a nobleman too!
-Step down! -Move away!
-Can't you recognize a noble? -Step down!
You're tearing a poor noble's clothes!
-You must have an invitation! -Let go of me!
What's all this noise?
A noble who looks like a beggar insists we let him in.
-Governor Byun. -Yes.
Although they're outworn, he wears the clothes of a noble.
Just seat him in the corner, and send him away after a drink.
If you desire, Lord of Unbong.
Let him in.
You may enter.
Take your shoes off first!
Look here.
I look at your table and mine, and it makes me angry.
Since you're late, it seems your table was hastily made.
You may take anything you'd like from mine.
Here, have a drink.
Lord of Unbong.
There will be a big meeting in Goksung this winter.
-Please come. -Of course.
Look here. You say you're Lord of Unbong town.
Yes, I am.
Then call a courtesan to sing for me also.
Sing for this guest.
He demands a singing courtesan too!
If you drink this wine
For thousands of years
You will beg
Since I cannot beg for thousands of years alone...
why don't we all have a drink and divide these years?
-What a rude remark. -For your hospitality...
I'd like to improvise a poem in honor of the new governor.
Governor. Since this boy has no manners...
his writing will be poor.
Just send him away after he writes it.
Two words.
If you can't write a poem with them, you will be clubbed.
Good. Then give it to me.
Lives and feast.
Sure, he must know they go in the second and last line.
It's not very good, so please correct it if it's wrong.
I apologize for my disturbance.
How tasteless...
"This wine in golden vases is the blood of a thousand people.
The food on these jade tables is the flesh of ten thousand lives.
When the candle wax drops, tears of starving peasants fall.
And the people's complaints get louder to pair this noisy feast."
This poem is laced with poison!
This is foolish.
Something has come up. I must be going.
-I have to leave also. -Why are you leaving?
My wife is very ill today. I have to care for her quickly.
I have some urgent matters too.
Why are all of you worried over some beggar's poem?
Please sit down.
Look at Mongryong
He worries everyone might run away
He runs out to the terrace and flicks open his fan
Hidden in the crowd
The envoy sees the signal and storms out of the crowd
They brandish their clubs
Raise the royal medallion like the sun
Thrust into the gates and shout
In the King's name, you're all under arrest!
You're all under arrest!
In the King's name, you' re all under arrest!
As if the heaven collapses and the earth trembles
Hundreds of spectators scatter like gushing streams
What can be more frightening
Than the thunderous roar of the royal envoy?
Who can bear this whirling wind?
When the governor's guests are panicking all over
Look at their servants' ridiculous movements
Food is stomped on and vases are broken
Drums are split into two Gongs roll off the pavilion
And make their own sound
Harp strings are crushed
Courtesans pin chopsticks in their hair
Musicians lose their horns and blow from their hands
Soldiers lose their guns and shoot from their mouths
Some bump their heads and bleed from their nose
Some fall on their face and cry
Passerbys also run and shout
Oh, no! Our town is in trouble!
Namwon has the richest rice supply.
But you stole from it, impoverishing the people.
You're supposed to keep a close watch on the governor...
but you fattened your pockets while lying to him.
You ignored the sick and desperate peasants who live in misery.
Divide what they stole from the poor and give it back to them.
Release all the innocent people in jail.
And bring Chunhyang to me!
Chunhyang, we're here!
All of Namwon's widows will stand by your side!
So don't worry!
-Untie her! -Yes, sir!
Chunhyang, hear me out!
As a courtesan's daughter, you disobeyed the governor!
How do you expect to live?
Serving two husbands is the same as serving two kings.
So what injustice have I done?
Since you refused the governor, will you refuse me also?
I thought the king sent you to help the people...
but you're just like the governor and other officials!
Stop humiliating me, and just kill me!
Give this to Chunhyang, and tell her look up at me.
He said to take this, and look at him.
Don't just stand there!
Bring her to the main chamber!
Move away!
Chunhyang, wake up.
Why did you do it?
If you had told me, I would've slept peacefully.
But I stayed up all night worried about dying!
Don't cry. The King forbid me to give away my secret.
Are the gates still closed off to me?
This belly bore Chunhyang!
I'm the mother-in-law of the emissary!
People of Namwon
Listen to what I have to say
Don't try to bear a son
Bear a daughter like Chunhyang
Raise her with tender and utmost care
When a man from Seoul comes
Take him in as your son-in-law!
Oh... she's my daugther!
Oh... he's my son-in-law!
When you came last night
I already knew everything
So that your secret
Doesn't get revealed
I acted like that on purpose
You were mad, weren't you?
Don't hate Governor Byun
Without him
How could my daughter be a loyal wife?
You'll be sent to Cholla province prison.
If you have any objections, then do it there.
Adoring a pretty woman is natural.
But don't you think what you did to Chunhyang was too harsh?
Class has a definite order.
A daughter of a courtesan becomes one naturally.
She didn't disobey just me...
but she disgraced the law, and committed treason.
It wasn't injustice...
it was her will to be a human being.
Later... Mongryong
Goes from town to town
And finishes his investigation
He returns to Seoul
And reports what he had seen
The King compliments him
You saved the country from great worry
You're a national hero
Another official tells the King
About loyal Chunhyang of Namwon
And the King bestows on her
An honorable award for loyalty.
As for the people of Namwon
The King lifts the taxes
They all live in peace
But who knows what will happen after this story?
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Collateral Damage
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Colour Of The Truth
Coma (1978)
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Como Agua Para Chocolate
Company Man
Company Of Wolves The CD1
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Con Air
Conan The Barbabian (uncut)
Conan the Barbarian
Conan the Destroyer
Confessions of Sorority Girls
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
Connie and Carla
Conquest of the Planet of the Apes
Conspiracy Theory 1997
Control 2004
Conversation The CD1
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Cook The Thief His Wife And Her Lover The 1989
Cookies Fortune 1999
Cookout The
Cool Hand Luke 1967
Cool World
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Cooley High
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Corbeau Le
Corky Romano
Couch Trip The 1988
Counterfeit Traitor The 1962 CD1
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Countess Dracula (1970)
Country of my Skull
Cousin Bette
Cover Girl (Charles Vidor+1944)
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Crime Scene Investigation 3x01 - Revenge Is Best Served Cold
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Crime Scene Investigation 3x04 - A Little Murder
Crime Scene Investigation 3x05 - Abra Cadaver
Crime Scene Investigation 3x06 - The Execution Of Catherine Willows
Crime Scene Investigation 3x07 - Fight Night
Crime Scene Investigation 3x08 - Snuff
Crime Scene Investigation 3x09 - Blood Lust
Crime Scene Investigation 3x10 - High And Low
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Crimson Rivers 2 - Angels Of The Apocalypse
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