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Subtitles for Cinderella 2000.

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Cinderella 2000

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DivX + subtitles by fachiru|
Come on, Gus-Gus. Faster!
What's the hurry, Jaq-Jaq?|What's the hurry?
Fairy Godmother's here. She's gonna|read us the Cinderelly story.
Shh. Pom Pom.
Come on, Gus!
" Cinderella and the prince|lived happily ever after.
The end. "
- We missed it?|- Mm-hmm.
- Maybe you could read another one.|- Oh, I'm sorry, Gus...
but that's the only|Cinderella book there is.
Yeah, Gus-Gus. You heard her.| " The end. " That's all.
Uh, maybe we|could make another book.
- We can tell the stories.|- And make the drawings!
- Yeah! Yeah!|- Yeah! Yeah!|- Oh, what an excellent idea.
No, no, wait a minute.|Who'd wanna read a book made by mice?
Cinderella would read it.
And if you made it,|I know that she'd love it.
But we don't know|how to make a book.
Oh, don't worry, dear.|I think I can help.
Salagadoola menchihka boola|Bibbidi bobbidi boo
Put 'em together and what have you got|Bibbidi bobbidi boo
Now, what do we need|A pencil, indeed
- And crayons|- And glitter|- And glue
- We'll sew up the book|with a thread and a hook|- Bibbidi bobbidi boo
Oh, very nice. Well done, little mice.|But something is missing it's true.
Oh, look there.|The pages are bare.
- We need a story from you.|- Who, us?
No, no, we don't know|any good stories.
Wait, wait!|How's about " First Day In Castle "?
Oh, yeah.|That is a good one.
I'd love to hear all about it.
It was right after Cinderelly|and the prince got married.
Mice-mice move to the big castle.
We had it all to ourselves, and we|were having the time of our lives.
Cinderelly's back!
- Oh, dear, they're back!|- They're back!
- They're back!|- They're back!
- We're back!|- Welcome home.
I still can't believe|I'm going to live in a castle.
Are you sure|this isn't just a dream?
You're a princess now.
Princess Cinderella.
She won't even know the first thing|about being a princess.
She just got back from her honeymoon.
It's going to be your duty|to prepare the girl.
Your Majesty, I am honoured.
Not you, ninny. Prudence!
Of course not you. He wants|the job done right the first time.
The royal banquet will be|Cinderella's responsibility now.
The royal banquet?
You'll teach her everything|she needs to know.
But, Sire, she won't know anything|about planning a royal banquet.
I don't know anything about|planning a royal banquet.
Oh, well. At least I can|stay past midnight.
Perfect!|And I'll be right by your side.
I have to go?|Now?
Father, I can't just|abandon my princess!
Not with the royal banquet|only two days away.
Nonsense! We have important|matters of state to attend to.
Important matters of state!
Eh, Father--
She hasn't had time to prepare.
She's never been a princess before.
I dare say, Majesty,|you do like your banquets just so, eh?
- It's a great deal to ask|of the poor girl.|- Nonsense!
Your Majesty, I can take care|of the preparations as I always do.
Just show her what to do!
We have a princess now.|It's her duty to plan the banquet.
And the king's duty to endure it.
Yes, Your Majesty.
Now off we go!
- Thank you.|- I'm sorry I have to rush off.
Don't worry. I'll be fine.
I know you're gonna surprise us|with an incredible feast.
I just hope you're not|too surprised.
- Cinderelly!|- Cinderelly!|- Cinderelly!
Jaq! Gus! Mary!|Hello, old friends.
Look-look. Big chair|for Princess Cinderelly!
Oh, my.
Big castle too.
Don't worry, Cinderelly.|Us mice here to help.
Why, thank you, Jaq. We've got|a big day ahead of us tomorrow.
Um, this way, fellas.
Good morning, Your Highness.
Your Highness!
Ready for breakfast?|How does a cheese omelette sound?
The princess is missing!
You! You, girl!|Have you seen the princess?
Good morning, Prudence.
Oh, I thought you--|But those awful clothes!
Well, I-- I didn't recognize you,|Your Highness.
Allow me to introduce|your ladies in waiting.
- Beatrice and Daphne.|- Pleased to meet you.
You're just in time for breakfast.
Breakfast? Ooh, with toast and jam?
Your Highness, a princess|never prepares her own meals.
That is not how things are done.
There are rules about breakfast?
Of course there are rules,|Your Highness.
But it's certainly not your fault...
that you don't know|the traditions of the castle.
That's what the king|expects me to teach you.
I'm sure I can learn it in no time.
Mm-hmm. Come along.|There's no time to dally.
Just do as I say,|and everything will be fine.
The king would be horrified...
to find the hostess of the royal banquet|dressed like a scullery maid!
A princess must be attired|like royalty.
Do I have to wear this all the time?
Oh, of course not, Your Highness.
You'll need something|much more formal for dinner.
Couldn't I just wear|one of my own dresses?
Very amusing, Your Highness...
but it simply isn't done.
It's such a beautiful day.|Why don't we open the curtains?
No, no, no!|These curtains are never opened.
And certainly not|by a princess.
It most definitely isn't done.
Dukes and viscounts|sit nearest the king...
unless there is a marquis present.
Wouldn't it be nice if people|could just sit wherever they like?
No. You must never seat a duke...
above a marquis or below a baron.
Which colour is correct,|Your Highness?
Cream or ecru?
Um, e-e-ecru?
Goodness, no. Cream.
But there isn't any difference.
Oh, my. So much to learn.
So little time.
At the banquet, as always...
the royal menu shall consist|of the rarest roast beef...
French onion soup, tarragon mashed|potatoes, freshly baked baguettes...
the finest truffles in the kingdom|and, for dessert...
Norwegian stewed prunes.
Prunes?|For dessert?
The king expects it.|It is a tradition that is never broken.
Besides, I like them.
Your Highness shall pause here|to greet her noble guests.
Remember. Curtsy to royalty,|wave to nobility.
I know I can do this right.
- Cinderella!|- Cinderella! Hi!
My friends! Hello! Hello!
How nice to see you.|Wait just a minute.
- Open the gate!|- No, no, no!
These gates are only opened|for royal visitors.
You must remember the rules.
Commoners are never|allowed in the palace.
It simply isn't done.
At the very least, one must learn|to dance with poise and grace.
I'm trying.|I-I-I just need more practise.
It must be perfect.|It is the king's favourite dance.
No, no, no, Your Highness.|It must be slower and more formal.
Your Highness, eggshell or bone?
- Eggshell?|- Bone.
Now, who sits next to the count?
- The duke?|- The marquis.
- Gold or silver?|- For what?
- Baron or viscount?|- Who?
- Pekoe or Darjeeling?|- I don't know!
- Braised or broiled?|- Fish or fowl?|- Stand or sit?
- Mind the music!|- Hair up or down?|- Left or right?
- One or two?|- Watch the chair!|- Your Highness!
Your Highness, the dance|is best performed on one's feet.
This is a disaster.
Poor Cinderelly.|Please don't cry.
Cinderelly not happy,|mice-mice not happy.
Jaq, what am I going to do?
I'm a complete failure|as a princess.
Why can't I learn to do this right?
Ah, look at me.
Cinderelly not look like Cinderelly.
It's true.|Something's just not right here.
Like, uh, stewed prunes?
Exactly, Gus. And why do they|have to keep the palace so dark?
And that awful dance.
- And those boring colours|that all look the same.|- And stewed prunes!
Especially those rules about|keeping commoners out of the palace!
Why, I was a dish maid when|the prince married me.
And he loves me because I'm me.
I've been trying to obey someone|else's rules about who I should be...
and how I should dress.
This hair!
I know I can do this. I just have|to stop trying to be someone else.
What's she gonna do, Jaq-Jaq?
Gus, I'm going to plan|this banquet my way.
Who's to say the rules|must stay the same forevermore
Open the gates!
Whoever made them had to change|the rules that came before
So make your own way|Show the beauty within
When you follow your heart|there's no heart you can't win
Oh! Why, thank you!
Your Highness,|the king would not approve.
You're supposed to be inviting dukes|and counts and other aristocrats.
- I am inviting them, along with|all my friends here in the village.|- Thank you.
Your Highness,|I strongly advise against it.
It's simply not the way|things are done.
Perhaps the time has come|to try something new.
So reach for the sky|It's not high as it seems
Just follow your heart|Go as far as your dreams
This party needs help,|starting with dessert.
No prunes. Yuck!
Jaq-Jaq love chocolate.
Chocolate pudding!|Now that sounds good.
We never get to dance like this.
Dance if you want to|Don't fear you'll fall
Take a chance, 'cause it's better|than never to chance it at all
It simply isn't done.|It simply isn't done!
" It simply isn't done! "
It simply isn't done|It simply isn't done|It simply isn't done
There's a world for the changing|and you've just begun
Don't let them tell you|it's simply not done
When you follow your heart|you'll shine bright as the sun
- Your Highness, sand or buff?|- Which colour do you like?
Hmm. Pink!
Hmm. Something's still missing.
Now, that's more like it.
- What will the king say?|- I know this is a big change.
But I have to try this my way.
Well, then, I certainly hope|you know what you're doing.
They're here, Cinderelly!|They're here!
Well, it's too late|to turn back now.
Now, this dance is more like it.
Oh, this dance is horrifying!
The king has arrived.
What in blazes is going on here?
Your Majesty!
- Who opened those curtains?|- This is all|Princess Cinderella's doing!
Oh, what a lovely moon.
- I tried to teach her, Sire.|- Commoners in the palace?
She simply refused to listen.
- Oh, hello, Giuseppe!|- It's a scandal!
Your Majesty, I can explain.
What is this?
Your dessert, Sire.
No prunes for dessert?
An absolute outrage!
Mmm, chocolate.|My favourite!
What happened to the music?|Everybody dance!
I always said we needed|some new traditions around here.
Go on, now, Prudence.|You're missing all the fun.
- Did I miss something?|- Surprise!
Splendid job. Splendid!
It is the princess|who deserves your praise, Sire.
And I am honoured to be|at Her Highness's service.
I think we're going|to be great friends.
I told my son|he had chosen well.
You're a natural.
Hooray! Hooray!
Another dance!
I'm glad you do things|your own way.
Someday I'll get|this princess thing right.
I think that day is today.
Well, Cinderella certainly turned|things around, didn't she?
Yeah, no more big hair.
Or prunes.
Can't get it.
Oh, let me help with that.
Watch it.|I don't like that magic stuff.
Remember what|happened last time.
Oh, now there's a story|we should tell.
Yeah, that's a good one!
Oh, no. No, no, no.|Very, very boring story.
We don't want to hear that one.
- But, Jaq, it's my favourite.|- Okay, let's hear it.
Well, it certainly was|an unusual wish, Jaq, dear.
But things didn't turn out|quite the way you had planned.
Duh, what are we doing|in the garden, Jaq-Jaq?
Gus-Gus not had breakfast yet.
Gus-Gus, we're going to pick|flowers for Cinderelly.
- What for?|- Because we never get a chance|to do anything for Cinderelly now.
Uh, sure we do.
- Like what?|- Uh, well, uh, duh, uh, let's see.
Oh, Cinderelly don't need mice-mice.|She got lots of people to help her.
Well, I want to bring her|a big bunch of flowers.
- That's enough!|- You've got to think big, Gus-Gus.
P-P-P-P-Pom Pom!
- Your flowers, Highness.|- Well, thank you.
Oh, these are even prettier|than yesterday's.
Here's the list of remaining|preparations for the festival tomorrow.
Oh. We sure throw a lot of parties|around here, don't we?
Oh, this is no mere party, Highness.
This is the Spring Festival!
Oh, good morning, fellas.|What do you have there?
For you.|But they're too small.
They're beautiful!|How very sweet. Thank you.
Your Highness,|the festival committee is assembled...
in the library|awaiting your instructions.
And the bath is in the pantry|awaiting you.
I'll see you later, boys.
Good morning, Jaq.
Hello, Mary.|Pretty coat!
I made it for you.
Want to try it on?
Oh, very nice.
Cinderelly forgot party list!
Jaq can help.|Take list to Cinderelly!
I-I-I-I-I got it!|No problem.
I'll be right back.
Very well, the prince and I will cut|the ribbon to begin the festival.
Now, any other suggestions?
I propose we move|the Spring Festival to summer.
Genius! I wish I had|thought of it myself.
Then I'm afraid it wouldn't be|a Spring Festival any more.
- Yes, yes, quite so. Of course not,|I dare say, Your Highness.|- Yummy.
Perhaps this year we should|not invite the children.
- Can't open.|- They appear to be always underfoot.|No children. A brilliant idea.
But the festival is for the children.
And an even more brilliant rebuttal!
Oh, I suppose.|But the lines are so long.
No problem. We'll add more rides.
Help! Oh, I can't stand mice!|Oh! Disgusting!
Jaq, are you all right?
No help to Cinderelly.|Just make a big mess.
I'm sorry, Jaq.|Tell you what.
I'm about to go out to the fairgrounds.|Why don't you come with me?
- I could really use your help.|- Help? Zug-zug!
Meet me at the stables|in ten minutes.
No problem.
Here we are. There, Charger.
Wow. Not sure Cinderelly|can find me down here.
- Jaq?|- Hey, Cind--
- Jaq?|- Your Highness, your escort|is waiting for you outside.
Thank you. Jaq?
Oh, well.|I guess he couldn't come.
Oh, no!
Cinderelly, wait!
I never get to do anything any more.|I never get to help.
Get left behind sitting in the dirt.|Used to help a lot.
Now I'm too small to do this,|too small to do that,|too small to help Cinderelly.
No good to anybody!
Castle not like old house. Castle for|big people. No place for mice. No place!
Everything's bigger than me.|Even flowers bigger!
Don't like being small.|Don't like being a mouse.
I wish I was big!
There, there, dear.
Tell me all--
Jaq? Uh, Jaq?
Oh, there you are, dear.
I heard your wish, Jaq.|Aren't you happy the way you are?
Only big people help Cinderelly.|I want to be big!
No, I want to be human.
Human? Oh, good heavens!
But, Jaq, you've always helped|Cinderella just the way you are.
Cinderelly's a princess now. No time|for mice. Nobody likes mice anyway.
So that's what you think.
I get beat up by cat and--|and horse and-- and big, scary lady!
Humans are bigger.|Bigger better.
If you really feel that way...
perhaps it would be|for the best to grant your wish.
Bibbidi bobbidi boo!
The sun's up shining|Silver lining
It's gonna be a beautiful day
Jaq. The human Jaq.|How do you do?
- Church bells ringing|Birds all singing|- I-- I--
Everything's going my way
Zug-zug. I really am human.
Climb the trees|Smell the breeze
Laugh with all your might
Blue skies showing|Everything's going right
You'll never stop the raining|by sitting and complaining
It all comes down to you
You'll smile again|It happens when
You change your point of view
- I love the view from up here!|- When you're small, one inch tall
And then you're six foot two
You've hit the big time now|and the world is looking up to you
There she is.|What am I going to say?
Princess Cinderelly,|it's me. Jaq!
Look, I'm human now.|I'm human now too!
When you're small|One inch tall
And then you're six foot two
- You've hit the big time now|- Princess Cinderelly!
- The world is looking up to you|- It's me!
Yeah, you
- My dear sir.|- Oh, you poor man!
- Sir, um--|- I'm hu--|- Oh, Sir Hugh, is it?
- Well, then. Pleased to know you.|- I, uh, " knows " to please you too!
- Are you all right, Sir Hugh?|- Yes, yes, I--|- Hugh, eh?
- Would that be Belgian?|- What? Eh, no, no.
No, no, no, of course not.|No accent.
I'm so sorry about the mess.|Here, let me help you.
No, no, that's why I'm here.|To-- To help you. I'm--
Aha! The committee sent you!
Oh. You're here to help|with the Spring Festival?
- You're Dutch!|- No. I mean yes. Uh, but I'm--
Late! Your Highness, it is late.|We're expected back at the palace.
- Shall we ride back together?|- Ride? On horses?
- Nice horsie!|- Sir Hugh?
Have you ridden before?
Sir Hugh? Sir Hugh?|Oh, there you are.
Oh. Peach blossoms.
Aren't you sweet?|They're beautiful. Thank you.
Ah, Highness, there you are.
The tailor is in an absolute dither.|The cook is having a crisis.
The animal trainer is flummoxed!|And they're all asking for you.
Could you please find a vase for these?|I'll be right back.
Thank you, Sir Hugh.|You're a big help.
Perfect.|Helping Cinderelly with flowers.
Pom Pom!
I shouldn't be afraid of cat!
I am human now.|Bigger than cat.
But I am still afraid of cat!
Oh, good.|You found a vase.
Happy to help.|Uh, what I want to s--
Your Highness, the Countess LeGrand|is awaiting you in the dining hall.
Think you could keep|her company till I get there?
A mouse!
What am I doing?|I'm a man now.
- A big, fat mouse!|- Oh, no. Gus-Gus!
Get away!
My hero.|Oh, you saved me.
Well, I think we just found the couple|to lead the first dance.
We better go get ready.|I'll send a valet for you, Sir Hugh.
See you at the festival.
Hey, Mary, where's Jaq-Jaq?
I don't know, Gus.|I'm worried about him.
Here I am.
It's me.
Jaq, is everything all right, dear?
Uh, oh, yes. Great.|No problem.
Well, I think you gave your friends|a bit of a fright.
They ran away from me.|Even Mary.
Oh, now surely you don't miss|being a mouse.
No, I guess not.
Aren't you happy being human?
Yeah. Sure not as easy|as I thought.
But I know I'll get it.
Her Highness Cinderella|is asking for you.
The evening's festivities|are upon us.
- Zug-zug!|- Jaq?
Zug-zug, eh? I don't believe|I'm familiar with that expression.
Um, it-it means--|It's French.
Aha! French is it?|Well, that explains everything.
Ladies and gentlemen,|let the Spring Festival begin.
- Race you to the Ferris wheel!|- Look there.
Oh, an elephant!|Come on! I just love elephants!
- Your Majesty, uh--|- Let's go!
Around the world!
Up and down. Up and down.|Around like a Ferris wheel.
Uh, are you sure|Jaq-Jaq's here, Mary?
He must be, Gus.|Let's find him.
Sir Hugh, are you|enjoying yourself?
Well, um, there's something--
You're not whispering|about me, are you?
I believe I promised|you two the first dance.
What a lovely dancer.|Oh, my!
Oh! Sir Hugh!
Is that your kitty?
Oh! Isn't she precious?
Ready for the next dance?
Nice kitty.
Oh, I hate elephants!
This is all my fault!|I wish Fairy Godmother was here.
Jaq, this is your chance to help.
What can I do?
Hmm, an elephant.|What do you think could stop him?
- Stop in the name of the king!|- Don't know.
Perhaps a mouse?
Aren't all elephants|afraid of mice?
Are you a man or a mouse?
I'm a mouse!
Oh, dear, now!
How does it go again?
Oh, yes!|Bibbidi bobbidi boo!
Oh! I can see my castle!
I guess there are some things|only a mouse can do.
I'm a mouse!
Yes! I'm a mouse!
I'm a mouse! I'm a mouse!|I'm so glad I'm a mouse!
I'm a mouse! Jaq is back!|I'm a mouse! A mouse!
M-O-U-S-E|I'm a mousie mousie
Oh. Sir Hugh's kitty!
Come, sweetums.|Let's go find your master.
Oh, aren't you just the sweetest,|little, most precious baby?
Jaq, that was so brave!
Mary, I really missed you.
You're a hero!
Jaq, you saved the day!|I can always count on you.
- You're right there when I need you.|- I am?
Yes, you are.
I'm so glad you're back!
Me too!
- Thank goodness that's over.|- Yeah.
No more magic for Jaq-Jaq!
- Not even a little?|- Whoa!
Hey, magic make this|go a lot faster!
Let's go to work.
- Good gracious!|- Oh, no!
- I'm trying to sew.|- I'm splattered!
- How awful!|- It's tragic!
- I feel a bit pale.|- Watch out! That's my tail!
I think we've had|quite enough magic.
- What a mess!|- Yeah, it's a mess, all right.|- A big, old, stinky mess.
- Oh, we've seen worse!|- Yeah.
- Remember when Anastasia fell in love?|- I sure do.|- Yeah!
Cinderella's stepsister?|That Anastasia?
- Yeah!|- Now that's a messy story.
No. It's a love story.
Stop hogging the mirror!
- That's mine!|- No! It's mine!
- No! Mine!|- Hey! That's mine!
Oh, you're right.
- It is yours.|- You did that on purpose!
- Did not!|- Did too!|- Did not!|- Did too!
Girls, stop all this|bickering at once!
Cinderella's ball is tomorrow night,|so pay attention!
Every noble bachelor in|the kingdom will be there.
If you want to find a husband, you have|to make the most of this opportunity.
I won't let you fail me again.
- Yes, Mother.|- Yes, Mother.
Drizella, pin back those curls.
Anastasia, put more colour|in your cheeks!
A perfect appearance|is the only way...
to attract a proper gentleman.
We shall find you|men of wealth and nobility.
- Maybe a count.|- Or a duke.
Come along now.|We need new gowns for the both of you.
- With new shoes.|- And jewellery.
The fancier the better.|Lucifer, come.
Morning, Cinderelly!|Why you dressed like that?
I'm going to the market in disguise|so no one will recognize me.
I want to surprise the prince|with a garland of flowers.
- Want to come along?|- Oh, yeah. Let's go!|- Yes! Let's go!
Gus-Gus come along.
Remember the tradition.
Give these to each other at the ball,|and you'll always be together.
Don't you need a garland|of roses for the ball?
Guaranteed to win you his heart.
Anastasia, what are you doing?
Oh! Nothing. Coming.
Everything smells so good.
Would you like one?|Oh, be careful. They're hot.
Anastasia, I think not.
Everything in this shop is|inferior.
You can build a house|out of these bricks.
Come along, Anastasia.
You're not to say a word|to that shopkeeper.
- I forbid it!|- Yes, Mother.
He's got that look...
and I know that look.
Oh, very funny.|I think they're in love.
Anastasia's in love?|That's crazy, Cinderelly!
Oh, come on, you two.|Anyone can fall in love.
Anyone but Anastasia.
- Maybe she just needs some help.|- Yeah, lots of help.
Well, I had lots of help too,|remember?
We have to figure out how|to get them together again.
I know! We'll lure them into the|square, and here's how we'll do it.
The birds will get her hat.|You get the baker's attention.
Bring Anastasia back here. Get the baker|to come outside and they'll meet|right in front of the shop.
That's right, Gus.|They'll never know what hit them.
- Hey.|- Okay, fellas...
get his attention, and remember,|keep it simple.
Mice in my baguettes!
Come back here! Oh!|Oh! Filthy creatures!
Are you okay?
Oh, no!
What are you doing here|dressed like that?
You look like a laundry maid.
I'm not the one|with egg on my face.
I saw you in the baker's shop.
He must think I'm--
He saw it was an accident.|Don't give up so fast.
What would you know?|You're beautiful.
It's always been easy for you.
Easy? That's not|how I remember it.
Look, Anastasia, you just need|a little help, that's all.
If I weren't|so clumsy and plain--
Listen, why don't you|come back to the castle?
We'll clean you up and then|we'll get you two together.
But Mother forbids it!|She thinks he's beneath me.
And I think she's wrong.|The baker's terrific.
And he cooks too.
Lucifey like Pom Pom, yes?
Mice can help if Lucifey promise|to stop chasing mice!
- There. Good as new.|- Don't stop now!
Mother says that looks|count for everything.
Well, of course you want to look|your best, but that's not|the most important thing.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.|What I need is a whole new look.
Make me look good|make me look swell
Make me look fine
We're pourin' it on|you just sit back
'Cause, baby, you're mine
You send me into a spin
Make a splash|when you walk in
Those eyes so rare|the lips, the hair
You're a breath of fresh air
Brushing the fur|comb the hair out
Trim up the toes
Give me the dress and the shoes
And the jewellery and clothes
You can judge your books|from how the cover looks
Wear make-up by the ounce
But didn't they tell you|it's what's inside that counts
Make me a star|make me look great
Make me look grand
I got style and grace|but it's a painted-up face
Gets you a man
Snip, cut|when we are through
You're gonna look so good|it's true
The fur, the bows|the chin, the nose
Oh, ah|Ooh-la-la
Looks won't hide|It's what's inside that counts
You wanna be a bride|It's what's inside that counts
What about a necklace?
- Lucifer!|- Stupid cat.
Remember, you'll catch more flies|with honey than with vinegar.
What does that mean?|Who'd want to catch flies?
I mean the best way to impress|the baker is just to be nice to him.
- How do I do that?|- You could start with a smile.
Better get me|a bigger necklace.
Come on.
- I make babies cry too.|- Here.
He'll never be able to resist.
You think so?
But what if Mother catches me?
She told me never to speak|to the baker again!
Maybe it's time to stop following|someone else's orders...
and start following your heart.
It's late!|I have to go!
But what about the baker?
I could walk you to his shop.
Meet you in the market|at noon tomorrow?
I can hardly wait!
Mother, I have to run to town.|We're out of bread.
Excuse me. Can I borrow this?|Thanks!
I'll wait for you|by the apple cart.
- Do you think she'll like them?|- They're beautiful!
She's going to love them!
What? What happened?
Run for it!
The deal is off!
Don't look at me!|I look horrible!
Wait! Please!
How dare you defy me!
You were forbidden|to speak to this man!
Oh, look at her!|It's a disaster!
We'll be the laughing stock|of the entire town.
You've embarrassed yourself|quite enough with this foolishness.
Dear child, you know I only have|your best interests at heart.
You deserve better.|Come along.
No, Mother!|You're wrong!
- He's sweet.|- She's wonderful.
He's romantic. And we are going|to the ball together.
Drizella, come along.
Oh, thank you!|I never dreamed I could be this happy.
You see?|Dreams do come true.
Hmm, looks good!
Hmm, needs something.
Oh, Gus-Gus, where's your bow?
Right here.
- Ta-da!|- Perfect.
- All finished!|- Are you ready to show Cinderella?
Look! There she is.
Let's go!
Salagadoola menchichka boola|Bibbidi bobbidi boo
Put 'em together and what have you got|Bibbidi bobbidi boo
Salagadoola menchichka boola|Bibbidi bobbidi boo
It'll do magic believe it or not|Bibbidi bobbidi boo
Now salagadoola-mee|and menchichka boola-roo
But the thingamabob that does the job|is Bibbidi bobbidi boo
- Cinderelly! Yoo-hoo.|- Cinderelly. Cinderelly.
- Look what we made!|- Whoa!
Look out!
- What's this?|- It's a book. We made it!
- Do ya like it?|- I love it! What's it about?
- Uh, it's about all of us.|- How wonderful!
I don't suppose you'd want|to read this together, would you?
- All right!|- Yes!|- Oh, boy!
Oh, boy! Oh, boy!
Oh, look!
We're all in here.|And these are our stories.
" Once upon a time|there was a big castle...
and in this castle lived|a prince and a princess-- "
It's magic.
Salagadoola|Menchichka boola
Bibbidi bobbidi
Bibbidi bobbidi
Salagadoola|Menchichka boola
Bibbidi bobbidi
Bibbidi bobbidi
Mirror, mirror, on the wall|Can you picture me at all
I can be whatever I want to be
I can make my story change
Just like in a picture frame
Magic spells and fairy tales|Pennies in a wishing well
To pick up the pieces
You just look inside
And when you put it together|it's magic
Put it together|You go ala-ka, ala-ka-zoo
And when you put it together|it's magic
Put it together 'cause all you|need is inside of you
So put it together
And go Bibbidi bobbidi boo
Salagadoola|Menchichka boola
Bibbidi bobbidi
Bibbidi bobbidi
Everybody has a dream|Sometimes it's like it never seems
That your wish will change to reality
When you feel you've had enough|don't you think of giving up
There's no mountain you can't climb
One step at a time
All that you needed
Was there all the time
And when you put it together|it's magic
Put it together|and go ala-ka, ala-ka-zoo
And when you put it together|it's magic
Put it together 'cause all|you need is inside of you
So put it together
And go Bibbidi bobbidi boo
Salagadoola|Menchichka boola
Bibbidi bobbidi
Bibbidi bobbidi
Salagadoola|Menchichka boola
Bibbidi bobbidi
Bibbidi bobbidi
All that you needed
Was there all the time
And when you put it together|it's magic
- It's magic|- Put it together|and go ala-ka, ala-ka-zoo
And when you put it together|it's magic
- It's magic|- Put it together 'cause all|you need is inside of you
And when you put it together|it's magic
Put it together|and go ala-ka, ala-ka-zoo
And when you put it together|it's magic
Put it together 'cause all|you need is inside of you
So put it together
And go Bibbidi bobbidi boo
Salagadoola|Menchichka boola
Bibbidi bobbidi
Bibbidi bobbidi
Salagadoola|Menchichka boola
Bibbidi bobbidi
Bibbidi bobbidi
Salagadoola|Menchichka boola
Bibbidi bobbidi
Bibbidi bobbidi
Salagadoola|Menchichka boola
Bibbidi bobbidi
Bibbidi bobbidi
Salagadoola|Menchichka boola
Bibbidi bobbidi
Bibbidi bobbidi
Salagadoola|Menchichka boola
Bibbidi bobbidi
Bibbidi bobbidi
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