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Subtitles for Citizen Ruth.

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Citizen Ruth

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% When somebody loves you %
% lt's no good unless he loves you %
% All the way %
% Happy to be near you %
% When you need someone to cheer you %
.. % All the way % .. Ow.
% Taller than the tallest tree is %
% That's how it's got to feel %
% Deeper than the deep blue sea is %
% That's how deep it goes %
% lf it's real %
% When somebody needs you %
[ Record scratching ]
Hey, man , you said I couId stay!
No, I didn't.
Yeah , you did . You said I couId stay awhiIe!
No, I didn't. Now take your fuckin' shit
and get your ass out of here. . .
bitch .
[ Sighs ]
Wait a minute, man . Wait a minute!
I want my TV!
You're not gettin' my TV, man !
I want my TV!
.. Do you reaIIy want your TV? .. Yeah !
Catch .
.. [ Door sIams ] .. [ Moans ]
Fuckin' sue you now.
Fucker! !
Fucker! !
Ugh !
Ugh !
[ Coughing ]
[ Dog barking ]
[ Coughs ]
[ Door sIams ]
Hey, Sinta, um ..
It's your sister.
[ Sighs ] Bitch .
Hey. Tony, I reaIIy need you .
BO Y: Is that Mommy?
.. It's not Mommy. .. Sounded Iike her.
It's not! Now go eat your breakfast!
Come here.
Are you high?
.. No. .. Yeah , buIIshit.
Tony, you got to Iet me stay here a coupIe days.
I don't got anywhere to go.
I'm not gonna Iet you keep puIIing these kids Iike that.
It is buIIshit.
If you can't stay away from here,
I'm gonna get a restraining order Iike the Iady said .
At Ieast you can Iet me stay in the garage again .
I don't got anywhere to go.
You'II probabIy be in jaiI again soon , anyway, won't ya?
Tony. . .
Tony, I don't got anywhere to go, man .
Man , you're my onIy famiIy.
I'm fuckin' hungry, okay?!
What am I supposed to eat?!
I don't got anywhere eIse to go!
Just go wait over there, wiII ya?
[ Door opens, sIams ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Door opens, sIams ]
[ Sinta speaking indistinctIy ]
You're not gonna give her money, are ya?
[ Door sIams ]
Get over here!
Here. Take this. It's 1 5 bucks.
This is the Iast time.
Don't you ever, ever come here again .
You understand me?
How are they?
Mikey tied his shoe for the first time two days ago.
Can't you give me $20?
[ GIass cIanks ]
[ BeIIs jingIe ]
[ Door cIoses ]
[ RattIing rapidIy ]
[ ExhaIes sharpIy ]
[ RattIing sIows, stops ]
[ RattIing rapidIy ]
[ RattIing rapidIy ]
[ Hissing ]
[ Hissing ]
[ InhaIes deepIy ]
[ ExhaIes deepIy ]
[ InhaIes deepIy ]
[ ExhaIes deepIy ]
[ Sighs ]
[ InhaIes sharpIy ]
[ Woman speaking indistinctIy over poIice radio ]
Ruth? Ruth , wake up.
She Iooks Iike the Tin Man from ''The Wizard of Oz.''
Ruth !
Ugh . Ugh .
Hey, no!
Noooo! !
Ugh .
Oh , God . Oh , not on the hood .
Ugh .
StiII huffin' that stuff pretty good , aren't you , Ruth?
Oh , thanks.
You know you're pregnant?
Ugh .
Are you thinkin' about havin' this chiId?
Oh , I don't know. I don't know.
MAN #1 : . . .through informants and investigation
that you are invoIved in the manufacturing of the dope.
MAN #2 : Whoever toId you that's a Iiar.
MAN #1 : That's gonna have to be determined by the courts.
Pregnant? Jesus Christ.
Pregnant? Jesus Christ.
She probabIy doesn't even know who the father is.
HeII , I'II drive her by the pound
on the way downtown and get her spayed .
[ ChuckIing ]
JUDGE : Do you know how many times you've been arrested
for hazardous vapor inhaIation
in the Iast year and a haIf, Miss Stoops?
Uh . . .five?
.. [ Paper rustIing ] .. 1 3. . . 1 4. . . 1 5. . .
1 6 times.
Do you know how many times we've given you
substance.abuse treatment in the state hospitaI
instead of jaiI?
Uh . . .three?
Uh , no, no. Five, five.
Six .. six times.
The record aIso shows that over the years,
the state has stripped you of four chiIdren ,
decIaring you , in aII cases, an unfit mother.
Unh.unh , unh.unh .
I was onIy unfit for, uh , two of 'em .
First one got adopted , and I think the second one ..
Shut up. TeII me something , Miss Stoops.
Did you know you were pregnant at the time of your arrest?
I don't know.
What do you mean you don't know?
[ Sighs deepIy ]
Is there any way. . . you can begin to understand
the depth of your irresponsibiIity
toward your chiIdren , toward the state,
not to mention toward yourseIf?!
You sicken me.
I'm sorry.
You pIeaded guiIty. . .again
and waived your right to an attorney.
[ Sighs deepIy ]
Mr. Barnhardt here, with the D.A.'s office,
wants to fiIe an amended compIaint.
And I'm going to aIIow it,
charging you with feIony criminaI endangerment
of your fetus.
Uh , uh , uh , uh ..
Now, I'm not sure
if I'm setting a precedent here,
but you've forced me into it.
I'm going to recommend you be bound over
for a hearing in Superior Court.
WiIda. . .
Iet me taIk to her for a second .
Come here, Ruth .
[ InhaIes, exhaIes deepIy ]
Look, Ruth . . .
You and I both know you didn't pIan on having another kid ,
and you're not capabIe of raising it.
So why don't you just do us aII a favor and go. . .
take care of this probIem?
Do you understand what I'm taIking about?
TaIking about me getting rid of my baby?
Is that what you want?
What I'm saying is,
if you think that you want to. . .
go to the doctor whiIe you're in jaiI . . .
you can go.
Do you understand?
Yeah .
And then , maybe. . .
maybe I can taIk to the city attorney
about reducing those charges.
Next on the Ieft.
[ Door cIangs, keys jingIe ]
[ Sobbing ]
[ Groans ]
Ugh !
PIease heIp me, God .
[ Sniffs ]
Oh , God !
Oh , God , heIp me.
Oh , God , pIease, heIp me.
WOMEN: % . . .SoIdiers of Christ %
% And His cross is our shield %
% As His soldiers of truth %
% ln His fight we will not yield %
% We are the soldiers of love %
% And our breastplates are strong %
% We will right Satan's wrong %
% We're the soldiers of Christ %
% And His cross is our shield %
Let's pray.
Lord Jesus, we know that the punishment we now suffer
is a vindication of our righteousness.
BIess aII the innocent creatures
who depend upon us for their saIvation
and keep them from harm .
ALL: Amen .
[ Sobs ]
Honey, what's wrong?
20. . .40. . .60. . .80. . . 1 00.
20. . .40. . .60. . .80. . .200.
20. . .40. . .60. . .80. . . 300.
20. . .40. . .60. . .80. . .85. . .
90. . .9 1 . . .92 . . .93. . .94. . . 95. . .96. . .
and . . .
9 7. . .98. . .99. . .
[ Coins jingIing ]
.. [ Sighs deepIy ] .. Oh , darn .
Ooh . No, um .
.. I got it. .. No, no, I got it.
.. [ JingIing continues ] .. [ CIears throat ]
Here we go. Here we go.
Thanks, Diane.
[ Coins cIink ]
Sign here.
It's an awfuI Iot of money, GaiI .
Honey, we'II get it back.
[ Buzzing ]
Ruth . . .
Wow, I can't beIieve that.
Nobody's ever paid my baiI before.
I'm Norm Stoney.
Ruth , when we met you and heard about your case,
I just knew we had to heIp.
I feeI Iike I won the Iottery.
Might sound crazy, but there are stiII
some pretty decent peopIe in the worId .
[ AirpIane engine roars ]
[ AirpIane engine roars ]
[ Dog barking ]
Mommy, Mommy!
Oh , there's my IittIe miracIe!
How was jaiI?
WeII , I met a new friend .
Meet Ruth Stoops.
We just want you to stay here, you know,
as Iong as you need to, to sort things out.
What's ours is yours.
Thanks, 'cause I'm kind of, you know,
between pIaces right now.
WeII , you know what they say .. ''Su casa es mi casa. ''
.. Oh , uh , Ruth . . . .. No.
We don't reaIIy sit in those chairs.
Oh .
Um , you know what?
Why don't, uh , you come back here,
and I'II show you where to freshen up,
and then after dinner,
we'II .. we'II .. we'II get you aII set up
in the guest room , okay?
Uh , you do Iike steak, don't you?
Mommy, do we stiII have to wait for that Iady?
I'm reaIIy hungry.
Yes, young man . She's our guest.
GaiI , this meat is done.
I'm trying to keep it warm ,
but you're gonna be eatin' shoe Ieather here.
[ AirpIane engine roars ]
Been in there over an hour.
An hour and a haIf, for cryin' out Ioud .
This is probabIy the first warm , cozy pIace she's been in .
.. GaiI ! .. She's been out on the street.
I mean , my God .
You have got to be carefuI with the peopIe you drag in here.
You don't know anything about this woman .
You don't know where she's been .
You don't know what kind of Iife she Ieads.
.. It takes a Iong time .. .. Think of Matthew for once!
Think how Iong it takes me to get ready.
I mean , she's just getting cIeaned .
Mom , can I at Ieast have a IittIe snack?
That does it.
[ Sighs ]
Is everything aII right in there?
Ruth . . .
[ Humming ]
I'm sorry.
I , uh , uh .. Dinner's ready.
[ Lawn mower running , dog howIing ]
How do I Iook?
CIean and pretty.
Wow, I feeI Iike a princess.
[ Sniffing ] Who's wearing aII that perfume?
You mind your manners, young man .
[ CIattering ]
.. CheryI? .. What?
Aren't you gonna weIcome your mother back?
Hi , Mom .
Honey, you're just in time for dinner.
Grab a pIate.
I'm not hungry.
WeII , we have a guest,
and we'd Iike you to join us for dinner.
CheryI , get out here.
Honey, I'd Iike for you to meet Ruth Stoops.
She's going to be staying with us for a whiIe.
You pregnant?
How'd you know that?
Ruth , um . . .
wiII you join us in grace?
Everyone, arms up to Jesus.
Lord , we thank you
for reuniting our famiIy around this tabIe,
and for the miracIe of meeting Ruth .
.. [ Dog howIs ] .. Amen .
We recognize that it was your divine hand
that brought us aII together.
Oh , yes, Lord .
Ruth is in a very troubIed time in her Iife right now.
And we know that through us,
you can show her the right path .
As with open minds and open hearts,
we can aII share and Iearn from one another's experience.
So, I go, ''RauI , I hate you ! I hate you , man !
''I hate you ! I trusted you , and you Iet me down !
You Iet me down , man , just Iike aII the others!''
Ruth , Ruth , Iet's .. Iet's caIm down , okay?
He freaks out.
He screams, ''You want to see bIood?''
Right in my face, ''I'II show you bIood , you fucking bitch !''
.. Ruth . .. Ruth .
Ruth .
And this is my modeI pIane.
It's my first modeI .
And those are aII my other modeIs.
This is Noah's ark, and you can kind of put,
Iike, that Iion and Noah and the monkey on the roof
with the pig and the giraffe.
And then , this is what I Iike to do ..
you pick them up, and you go ..
Oh , Ruth , there you are.
Matthew .. bedtime.
Say good night to our houseguest.
.. Good night. .. Night.
He's my IittIe miracIe.
You know, after I gave birth to CheryI , I aImost died .
The doctor toId me I couIdn't have any more chiIdren .
Oh , then God gave me Matthew.
Wow. Can I watch TV, or. . .
We don't have a TV.
NORM: Ruth , I want you to get a good night's sIeep, now.
NORM: Ruth , I want you to get a good night's sIeep, now.
Tomorrow, you can teII me aII about your case.
We're gonna heIp you fight this one.
GaiI and I feeI
very, very strongIy about this.
Yeah , I never had a feIony before.
I don't want to go back to jaiI again ,
at Ieast not for more than a week or two.
Don't you worry.
We've deaIt with this Judge Richter before,
but this time, he's gone too far.
When I think about what he said to you ..
GAIL: Norm , honey, you're not boring Ruth to tears, are you?
She's dead on her feet!
No, no.
We're just getting to know each other.
[ ChuckIes ]
[ CIicks tongue ]
WeII , you know. . .
this was my oId bacheIor bed .
[ Springs creaking ]
Ahh ! [ ChuckIing ]
That's an oId , famiIiar sound .
[ ChuckIing ]
.. [ Springs creaking ] .. Mmm .
I sure am beat. [ Sighs deepIy ]
Mmm .
[ Sighs ]
Mmm .
Mmm . Mmm . Mmm .
Mmm .
You know. . .
I was. . .quite a sinner before I married GaiI .
[ Approaching footsteps, springs creaking ]
Hey, I have this aIarm set for 7:30,
um , so you'II have pIenty of time to get ready,
'cause first thing in the morning ,
we're gonna go right over to the cIinic.
They're reaI professionaIs there,
and I think everything's gonna turn out just fine.
I've been so Iucky to meet you .
Nobody's been so good to me for such a Iong time.
[ Crying ] You're such a nice famiIy,
and your home is so nice.
You're safe here. You're safe, honey.
[ Sobbing ]
I'm gonna get my Iife together this time.
If I couId just stop the huffing and everything ,
I'd be okay. I know I wouId .
I know you wouId , too, Ruth .
[ Breathing heaviIy ]
WeII , it's been an emotionaI day for aII of us.
But we're together now
in an atmosphere of Christ's Iove.
Praise Him .
Oh , give me your hands.
% Joyful %
B O TH: % Joyful, joyful, joyful %
% Praise be to God %
% Thankful, thankful %
ALL: % Thankful, thankful %
% Blessed is His name %
Thank you , thank you .
Good night, Ruth .
Good night.
[ Ruth snoring ]
[ Ruth snoring ]
.. [ Door cIoses ] .. Oh , fucker!
Hey, it's me .. CheryI . Go back to sIeep.
.. What do you want? .. Nothing .
I'm just on my way out through the garage, okay?
Don't narc on me.
Oh , where are you going?
Just out. . .to a party.
[ Engine sputtering ]
[ Rock music pIays ]
Mom teII you about Matthew?
Yeah .
What did she say?
She said he was a miracIe.
[ Laughter ]
Ah .
.. Mmm . .. Mmm .
CheryI !
CheryI , get over here, quick!
Come on , hurry up!
Come on , get over here!
[ Gasps ] Jesus, what happened?!
I.I don't know.
She .. She found a can of touch.up paint.
Oh , fuck! Ruth , are you okay?
[ Gasping ]
My parents are gonna kiII me.
WeII , I don't know what kind of stuff you used ,
but it didn't work 'cause it was wet.
It's .. It's aII Ieaking .
WeII , honey,
they've got some new cauIking down at the store.
I'm gonna bring it home,
and we're gonna seaI that puppy up.
WeII , here she is.
WeII , heIIo there, IittIe Miss SIeepyhead .
[ Moans ]
I bet that's the first good night's sIeep
you've had in a Iong time.
Yeah , but we wouIdn't want to miss our appointment.
Anybody got a cigarette?
No, there's no smoking in this house.
Here are your eggs ..
hot, hot, hot.
Uh . Uh .
Now, you eat up.
And I'II just run and put my face on .
Mmm .
Say, Ruth . . . [ CIears throat ]
I got a caII earIy this morning
from a, uh , a reporter
down at the ''JournaI American .''
It seems Iike that case of yours
might, uh , turn out to be pretty important around here.
He wanted to chat with you , of course,
but. . .I toId him that you were resting ,
and that we weren't quite prepared
to make a statement at this time, anyway.
Is that okay with you?
Good . [ CIicks tongue ]
Now, I want you . . . to have a wonderfuI day.
[ Sighs ]
You know, I don't feeI good . I don't want to do this.
Oh , Ruth , I know it's scary,
but you have to be brave.
You're in the best of hands here.
Now, before you know it,
you'II just be right as rain .
Come on .
Your test confirms that you , in fact, have a baby on the way.
How about that?
[ ChuckIing ]
WeII , I need to find out about getting an abortion .
WeII , that's ..
I think you're just very upset right now,
and you don't understand aII the facts.
I want you to taIk to me about whatever is troubIing you .
I mean , that's what I'm here for ..
I'm here to Iisten .
Like I said , I need to get an abortion .
Let me just ask you something , Ruth .
Have you ever reaIIy taken the time
to think about what it means to have an abortion?
Yeah .
Um , it means that I don't have to go to jaiI ,
and it means I don't have to have another baby,
and it means that I can start getting my Iife together.
I , I , I , I , I ..
Don't you think that's aII just a IittIe seIfish?
Isn't there someone eIse here you need to consider,
someone who's Iiving inside you right now,
just waiting to be born?
I think this wouId be a good time
to have Dr. RoIIins step in and just expIain
some of the medicaI facts to you , hmm?
CharIie. . .
Huh? What? Oh , what? Oh !
[ ChuckIes ] Yes, yes.
Dr. RoIIins, this is Ruth Stoops.
She's about 8 weeks pregnant.
And she wants to know more about her chiId .
Oh , fine, fine. [ ChuckIing ]
Ruth . . .
Here, Iet me show you something .
Ruth , your baby is aIready
weII into its journey in Iife.
At 1 0 weeks, the baby is just about this size.
The head and the feet and the hands are aII fuIIy formed .
Your baby has a heartbeat.
And you know something , Ruth?
Some studies have even shown brain activity.
Now, isn't that remarkabIe,
that even at such an earIy stage,
your baby is made in God's image?
I want you to hoId it.
[ Tapping ]
Wow. It's got a IittIe thing . [ ChuckIing ]
WeII , of course it does.
That's because it's a IittIe boy baby.
Now, when you have your baby,
what wouId you Iike to have?
WouId you Iike to have a IittIe boy or a IittIe girI?
What do you .. What do you mean?
WeII , we're just taIking here.
Let's say you decided to have the chiId .
Uh , wouId you Iike it to be a IittIe boy Iike this one?
Maybe a girI .
A girI . [ ChuckIing ]
Yes, and what are we gonna name this IittIe pumpkin?
Are we gonna caII it, uh , uh , Mary or ..
or SaIIy or Susie or, uh . . .
.. Baby Tanya. .. [ ChuckIing ]
But I can't have a baby right now.
I don't want another baby.
[ Sighs ] Man , you don't understand .
I'm in a reaIIy bad , bad situation right now ..
I mean bad .
We know it's hard , Ruth , very hard .
But you have to face reaIity.
If you feeI as though you can't raise Tanya,
we can put you onto an exceIIent adoption agency.
What's the matter?! Are you fuckin' peopIe deaf?!
I said I want an abortion !
Ruth , uh , do you Iike to go to the movies?
We have a movie we'd Iike to show you .
Do you want to see the movie?
.. [ Choir vocaIizes ] .. Abortion is murder.
These scenes of actuaI aborted fetuses
stand as grim testament to the American HoIocaust.
Like Auschwitz and Dachau ,
the abortion miIIs of America wage genocide against the ..
[ Door opens ]
Oh , how'd it go?
We had a good taIk, sorted everything out,
and I think everything's gonna be fine.
Just fine. Right, Ruth?
[ ChuckIing ]
I sIept in some dumpsters.
Maybe I sIept on some babies.
Looks Iike we need a IittIe cheering up.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
WOMAN ON P.A. : Manager to the front counter.
WOMAN ON P.A. : Manager to the front counter.
Here you go.
Now, if you have any troubIe with these,
you bring them right back.
Norm . . .
Mmm .
Look who's here.
WeII , weII . Visiting me down in the saIt mines, eh?
[ ChuckIes ] Hey, you know what? I'm gIad you came.
I've got something I want to show Ruth .
Ohh .
Oh , shit! I hate that picture!
Oh , now, it's a fine picture.
Why do they care about me? I didn't do nothin' !
Now, Ruth , I'm afraid , whether you Iike it or not,
this articIe is just the beginning .
A Iot more reporters have been caIIing ,
even from the TV stations.
Some are so antsy, that one of them tracked me down
right here to the store.
Now, pretty soon , we're gonna have to decide
what to teII them .
WeII , teII them .. I don't know what to teII them .
Norm . . .
are these your fIiers?
Oh , did I Ieave those up front again?
This is the Iast time, Stoney.
I'm warning you . And you know what?
DaIe's out today. You coIIect carts!
[ ChuckIing ]
[ CIears throat ]
[ Chewing ]
[ Chewing ]
[ Dinnerware cIinking ]
[ DoorbeII rings ]
Might be those reporters.
I better take care of this. [ CIears throat ]
[ DoorbeII rings ]
.. [ Door opens ] .. Hi , how ya doin'?
We were wondering if we couId taIk to Ruth Stoops.
.. Oh , no. I'm sorry. .. She's here, isn't she?
WeII , I'm sorry. We're having dinner right now.
.. Is she here, though? .. Uh , no.
We don't need to bother you , we just want to taIk to her.
.. It's them . .. Just Iet her taIk to us.
.. Ruth ! Are you .. .. Just Iet us kind of taIk. . .
.. There she is! .. Ruth ! Ruth Stoops!
Ruth Stoops! Ruth !
.. [ DoorbeII ringing ] .. Wow.
.. Who was that? .. Ruth ! Ruth , open up!
Oh , just a coupIe of Ioonies comin' out of the woodwork
when we're having dinner here.
Why can't these peopIe mind their own business?
.. Ruth ! .. Ruth !
Oh , no, that's it! That's it! That's the Iimit!
.. [ Indistinct shouting ] .. Get off my property!
.. Go home! .. Get out of here!
We're gonna caII the poIice right ..
We are caIIing the poIice right now!
My husband is in there caIIing the poIice!
You better get off of this property, and I'm not kidding !
Someone is in there caIIing the poIice! If you don't ..
Get out of the way, GaiI ! Get out of the way!
You peopIe get off my property right now! Move!
That got 'em . That got 'em .
Man , are those peopIe crazy or somethin'?
Yeah , that's exactIy right .. they are crazy.
But you're safe here.
[ AirpIane engine roars ]
WeII , Iet's, uh . . . [ CIears throat ]
Let's finish eating .
[ Sighs ]
NORM: Pretty soon ,
we're gonna have to decide what we're gonna teII them .
NURSE : CongratuIations.
Your test confirms you , in fact, have a baby on the way.
How about that?
JUDGE RICHTER: Is there any way you can begin to understand
the depth of your irresponsibiIity?
DR. ROLLINS : Your baby is aIready
weII into its journey in Iife.
JUDGE RICHTER: So why don't you just do us aII a favor
and take care of the probIem?
MANAGER: And you know what?
DaIe's out today. You coIIect carts!
% Jesus loves the little children %
% All the children of the world %
% Red and yellow, black and white %
% They are precious in His sight %
% Jesus loves the little children of the world %
% Jesus loves the little children %
% All the children of the world %
% Red and yellow, black and white %
% They are precious in His sight %
% Jesus loves the little children of the world %
% Jesus loves the little children %
% All the children of the world %
% Red and yellow, black and white %
% They are precious in His sight %
% Jesus loves the little children of the world %
% Jesus loves the little children %
% All the children of the world %
% All the children of the world %
% Red and yellow, black and white %
% They are precious in His sight %
% Jesus loves the little children of the world %
Baby kiIIer! Baby kiIIer!
Murderer! Dirty murderer!
.. Murderer! .. AII right, peopIe, get back!
We know where you Iive!
.. [ Horn honking ] .. Do you hear me?!
Why did he jump on that car?
Back up. Come on , Kirk. You did your job.
.. Baby kiIIer! .. Kirk's just very passionate.
He saw a Iot of kiIIing in Vietnam
and won't toIerate any more.
.. [ Horn honks ] .. Get back, get back!
You peopIe know the routine ..
either keep movin' , or get back across the street!
.. You're a paid assassin ! .. Come on , peopIe.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Hope you saved me a honey.gIazed .
.. Right there. .. Ah !
[ ExhaIes sharpIy ]
Ruth , I think it's so wonderfuI .
GaiI's been going on and on
about how you're gonna give up drugs and have your baby.
She did?
Ruth , Iook!
KathIeen and Sandy from jaiI , remember?
Is it true?
Oh , uh , we're very proud of her.
She's reaIIy turning her Iife around .
Mm.hmm .
And we're gonna take care of that IegaI .. Car!
.. Hey, Iook! .. Car!
.. [ Indistinct shouting ] .. There's a car!
Come on , Ruth ! Come on , honey!
Don't do it! Don't do it!
.. Stop the car! .. Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
[ Indistinct shouting ]
Here's my phone number!
I'II take care of the baby!
. . .sucking right out of your womb!
Take my phone number, I'II take a hike!
Here's my phone number!
If you think you don't want your chiId aIive,
you'II be much more haunted by its being dead !
Why shouId the size of your baby
be the onIy criteria for Ioving it?!
Don't do it!
Don't kiII your baby! We can heIp you !
[ Indistinct shouting ]
[ WhistIe bIowing ]
AII right, everybody, you did your job, now get back.
Get back, back behind the injunction Iine.
I'm taIking about a federaI Iaw, paI .
Now get back. You know the routine.
Get back!
[ Voice breaking ] I know exactIy how these girIs feeI .
Years ago,
I had an abortion in this pIace.
It destroyed me.
[ Crying ] I think about my dead baby aII the time.
If these women knew what they were doing ,
they wouIdn't do it.
No, it's just a business to them .
400 or 500 bucks a pop. It's Iike contract kiIIing .
Ruth Stoops. Hi , I'm Cindy Lindstrom , Action News 4.
You're a hard person to get ahoId of.
I have a coupIe of questions about your case.
No, I don't want peopIe knowing my business.
Oh , no, no, no, no, no. Now, now, wait a minute, now.
Ruth does not wish to speak to the press right now.
This is a very personaI , very private matter
for Ruth and for us.
Excuse me, Norm , but I think she can speak for herseIf.
Hey, I said I don't want peopIe knowin' my business!
I toId you !
You see? Now we got peopIe upset.
Honey, what did she say to you?
Can we go now?
We got about an hour and a haIf Ieft.
I don't feeI too good . I got a reaIIy bad headache.
Oh . Why don't you sit down somewhere?
I'II get you something to drink.
My stomach hurts. I wish I couId take a dump.
I'm reaIIy constipated .
Let's go, uh , have you sit in the car.
Okay? WouId that make you feeI better?
Now, be sure and crack the window
if you get overheated .
Y.You sure you're gonna be aII right?
[ Sighs ]
[ Sighs ]
[ CIick, rattIing ]
[ CIick ]
Aw. Fuck!
MAN : Page 52 of your study guide.
You wiII see how at no risk to you
and with absoIuteIy no money down
you can own your own home.
It's onIy fear that hoIds peopIe back in Iife
and keeps them from achieving financiaI independence.
If you just have a IittIe confidence in yourseIf
and aIIow the Larry Jarvik system to work for you ,
I guarantee you'II be equipped
to take controI of your own economic destiny
in ways you've never dreamed possibIe.
[ ExhaIes deepIy ]
[ InhaIes deepIy ]
[ ExhaIes deepIy ]
[ InhaIes deepIy ]
[ ExhaIes deepIy ]
Ruth . . .
Come on , Ruth .
We're aII Iooking for you .
What are you doing?
That Iooks Iike my modeI gIue.
.. Is that my modeI gIue? .. [ Sighs ]
You're not supposed to smeII it Iike that.
Get out of here, kid !
[ BowIing pins cIanking ]
Mom ! Dad !
Hey, shut up!
Over here! Mom !
Dad !
I said shut up, you IittIe fucker!
[ Coughing ]
[ Coughing ]
Matthew! Honey! Are you okay?
.. What happened? .. What's going on here?
I found her smeIIing my modeI gIue, and she hit me.
You hit him?
What is wrong with you?!
Where is this gIue? Where is it?
Give me that! Give it to me!
Give it to me!
[ Squirting ]
In the name of God ,
I want you to get off drugs right now! !
This is the deviI . Do you hear me?
You have got the deviI inside you !
[ Crying ] PIease don't hit me.
You are fuII of sin and disease!
We Iet you in our house!
We reach down and Iift you out of that
fiIthy cesspooI you Iive in ,
and this is how you repay us?!
[ Crying ] I'm such a bad person .
We're aII sinners!
But that doesn't mean you can go around smeIIing drugs,
especiaIIy when an innocent baby suffers for it!
I do not want that woman back in my house again .
W.What are we gonna do .. put her out in the street?
Do you know how Iong that wiII Iast?
I don't care. Put her in a haIfway house.
She wouIdn't Iast 5 minutes in a haIfway house!
Listen , you two, aII this burden
doesn't have to faII on your shouIders.
Let me take Ruth for a whiIe.
Diane, no.
No, reaIIy.
You don't know what you're getting yourseIf into.
I worked with substance abusers back in Wyoming .
Maybe I can controI her.
I know.
Are you sure about this, Diane?
Oh , yeah . We'II be fine.
Okay, Ruth . Come on .
You're coming home with me today.
[ BowIing pins cIanking ]
That's right. Come on . Up.
Don't forget! Ruth has a counseIing session tomorrow!
[ Tires screech ]
Hey! Hey, you ! Hey! Hey, you !
Uh , Ruth .
Ruth , I think there's someone trying to say heIIo.
Yeah , you !
I'm gonna kiII your fuckin' ass, you bitch !
Suck the shit out of my ass, you fucker!
Hey, fuck you !
No, fuck you !
Fuck you ! Fuck you !
No! Go, go, go, go!
[ Tires screeching , horn honking ]
Oh , my. Who was that?
I don't know. Some guy.
[ Dog barking in distance ]
We're here.
Uh , Ruth . . .
this might be a IittIe confusing at first,
but there's something you need to know.
I'm not exactIy who I appear to be.
The truth is. . .
I'm not a ''Baby Saver.''
I work for pro.choice.
You see, Ruth , there's a war on ,
and I guess you couId caII me a spy.
This is RacheI .
She Iives here with me.
[ Gasps ]
Ruth !
Ruth . Ruth , Ruth , Ruth .
Hey, hey, hey.
.. Come here. .. Ow!
Ruth .
Ruth , Ruth .
.. Ruth . .. It's okay.
Don't be afraid , Ruth . It's okay.
You're safe now.
We're your friends. We're on your side.
Ow! Ow!
Ohh ! Ohh ! Mngh !
Ow! Ow. Uh.uh .
FeeI that?
Uh , yeah . That feeIs good .
That's your Iiver.
You have to reaIize they want to use you to attack Judge Richter
for saying he'd Iet you out for an abortion .
He's been ruIing against the ''Baby Savers'' for years.
And now with aII the pubIicity you're getting ,
they want to use you to send a message.
If they keep you from getting the abortion you want,
it'II be a big symboIic victory for them .
Hey. . . do my spIeen again .
But. . .thanks to Diane's work,
you're safe from them now.
It is aIways women Iike you
who are most victimized by anti.choice ..
indigent women , third.worId women , women of coIor.
I'm not a coIored woman .
Yesterday we reported the tragic story of Ruth Stoops,
an indigent woman charged with criminaIIy endangering
the Iife of her fetus because of her drug use.
Members of an anti.abortion group, the ''Baby Savers,''
have paid her baiI and taken her in
whiIe she awaits hearing .
And today, they brought her aIong to their daiIy protest.
Action News 4's Cindy Lindstrom was there.
As anti.abortion protesting continued today
outside the Women's HeaIth Services CIinic,
Ruth Stoops showed up
aIongside ''Baby Savers'' IocaI chairman Norm Stoney.
Stoops decIined to speak with us on camera today,
but Stoney teIIs us she does not pIan to have an abortion .
He thinks her unusuaI case couId set a precedent.
We're amazed that the state can seek to punish someone
for endangering their preborn baby
and then aIIow them to kiII it through abortion .
Now, we hope, and Ruth hopes, that the absurdity of this case
wiII make crystaI cIear
the fundamentaI unconstitutionaIity of abortion .
This simpIe woman , this quiet voice wiII send
a deafening message that abortion must be stopped .
Oh , man ! I never said anything Iike aII that.
He knew I didn't want anybody knowing about me.
Stoney said Stoops' priority right now
is to get off drugs and aIcohoI .
Cindy Lindstrom , Action News 4.
[ TeIephone rings ]
That's probabIy GaiI .
. . .deadIy expIosion at a chemicaI pIant in Sioux City.
[ Rings ]
[ Rings ]
[ Sweet voice ] HeIIo? Oh , hi , GaiI .
I sure did .
Where'd you see it?
Uh.huh . Oh , I kno.. I know.
I'm sure it'II send a great message.
ChanneI 7, too? Whoo!
We.. Oh , sh.. she's doing fine.
Just fine. No probIems at aII .
WeII , you know something?
ActuaIIy, she just stepped into the shower.
No, I didn't!
Oh , my goodness. Here she is now.
.. Ruth , it's GaiI . .. I know.
[ NormaI voice ] You're okay with this?
Yeah . Give me that. HeIIo?
Yeah .
Yeah , I saw it. Let me teII you somethin' .
You want to send a message?
I ain't no fuckin' teIegram , bitch !
Shh .
Nothing's wrong ! I'm fine now.
You think I'm a fooI . You're the fooI 'cause guess what!
This is a war, and Diane's a spy!
.. How 'bout that? .. Uh .
Now you're catching on .
Oh , yeah? WeII , you're a cunt!
[ Receiver sIams ]
How'd I do?
I guess we better get HarIan out here.
[ TeIephone rings ]
[ TeIephone rings ]
Ohh !
HarIan here.
[ Tires screech ]
It's them . Quicker than I thought.
Fasten your seat beIts, everybody.
Good Iuck, HarIan .
Evening , foIks. What's the occasion?
Cut the horse manure, HarIan , you Nazi ,
and turn out that Iight.
Where is Diane?
She's sIeeping . Why?
She is not. Diane!
Now, I'm gonna have to ask you to keep your voice down .
You're gonna wake everybody up.
Ruth ! Honey, we're here! Are you aII right?
Ruth ! Ruth !
Hey, come on , kids. I don't want to have to caII the poIice.
[ Siren waiIing ]
We aIready did .
Ye serpents!
Ye generation of vipers!
How can you escape the damnation of HeII?
Whew, doggies.
Matthew 23:33.
That's very impressive, Norman .
[ Car doors sIamming ]
Evening , HarIan . FoIks.
Officers, they're hoIding a woman captive inside this house.
Is that true, HarIan?
She's in there, Jim . She's no captive.
You want to have her come out, HarIan?
Diane, you want to go ahead and bring Ruth out?
What kind of person are you?
AII this time we've been Iike sisters.
You don't know what it means to be a sister.
[ AII groaning ]
PeopIe, Iet's get to the point so we can aII go home.
[ Woman speaking indistinctIy over poIice radio ]
Ruth , have these peopIe kidnapped you?
Are you here against your wiII?
They've brainwashed her! They've got her aII doped up!
Ma'am . . . I know this woman .
She's about as sober as I've ever seen her.
[ CIears throat ] Officer, the point is
that woman beIongs with us.
We're responsibIe for her. We paid her baiI .
Yeah . A.And I bought her those shoes.
WeII , it Iooks to me Iike you're just responsibIe for her baiI .
Okay, foIks, Iet's aII just go home.
There's nothing going on here.
Ruth . Ruth , pIease. Honey, pIease come back home, okay?
I forgive you for this afternoon
and for everything that you said to me on the phone.
PIease! Your bed is waiting for you .
And Matthew misses you .
We share a speciaI bond . We're Iike a famiIy, remember?
Don't Iet these .. these Iunatics sway you .
For the Iove of God , don't beIieve their Iies.
Look at Diane. Look how she Iied to us.
Had us compIeteIy fooIed . She's Iying to you , too.
She's Iying !
So what's it gonna be, Ruth?
Uh . . .
I'm gonna. . .
stay here.
[ ExhaIes sharpIy ]
And I'm gonna have that abortion Iike I wanted .
'Cause I'm a citizen
and I got my rights to, um , pick
and're just trying to ..
And , um , I'm a woman . . . and my body beIongs to me.
Your body beIongs to God !
Norm , pIease don't do this.
PIease, pIease don't puII one of your stunts.
Let's just aII go home.
% We are the soldiers of Christ... %
If you don't aII Ieave right now,
we're gonna have to start making arrests!
Back in your cars now!
Non co.op!
% ...and our breastplates are strong %
% With the blood of the lamb %
% We will right Satan's wrong %
% We are the soldiers of Christ... %
Yeah , this is Bundy and Iverson .
Looks Iike we're gonna need some backup out here.
That's aII right, Officer. Never mind . We'II go.
Thanks, Norm . We reaIIy appreciate it.
AII right, peopIe, Iet's go!
% ... with the blood of the lamb %
Let's Ieave this .. this death camp.
But mark my words, Diane,
HarIan , and the rest of you murderers,
this isn't over.
[ Man speaking indistinctIy over poIice radio ]
Come on . Let's go!
Come on .
Let's go.
Come on .
Get in your cars. Good work.
[ OwI hoots ]
[ OwI hoots ]
So when can I get that abortion anyway?
Thursday wouId be the soonest.
We'II make aII the arrangements.
WeII , does it cost a Iot of money,
'cause I.I don't got any money.
[ Snapping ]
Don't worry, Ruth .
I'm sure we can find a way to take care of it.
How wouId that be?
[ Snapping ]
[ Sighs deepIy ]
Oh , my God !
Come here. You got to see this.
Ruth , you don't want to miss this.
Oh !
Look at that moon .
She's right down here with us
as if to say everything wiII be aII right.
% Moon mother %
% Hear us now, feel us now %
% Earth mother %
% Hear us now, feel us now %
% Goddess mother %
% Mother of us all %
% Hear us now, feel us now %
% We are one %
% We are one %
Everything's gonna be fine. Just fine.
You're safe here with us.
Yeah .
And those Iights over there sure are pretty.
.. Mmm . .. Mmm .
Oh , shit!
.. A vigiI . .. % Hmm %
Come on . Let's go.
Ah , they're going inside.
Now what?
WeII , give me a second . I can't see through waIIs.
[ CIock ticking ]
Got 'em . They're in a room on the second fIoor.
Must be some sort of indoctrination room .
Damn it!
So, I think there's everything you need .
Let .. Let me know if there's anything eIse, okay?
This is the bathroom ..
sort of a combination cIoset and bathroom , as you can see.
By the way, you're weIcome to any of these things.
I think they'd probabIy aII fit you .
Oh , that's pretty.
.. What, this one? .. Mm.hmm .
Oh , yeah . RacheI and I brought a Iot of this stuff
back from GuatemaIa a coupIe years ago.
Here. Try it on .
That's okay.
No. See how it Iooks on .
I'II wear it tomorrow.
[ Sighs ]
SIeep weII .
[ ExhaIes ]
Ugh !
[ Shivering ] Ugh !
Ugh !
[ InhaIes deepIy, coughing ]
[ Spits ] God !
Ugh !
[ Sighs ]
Oh , yes!
[ ChuckIing ]
We did it!
[ Tape ripping ]
[ TeIephone rings ]
[ Tape ripping ]
Hey, HarIan .
Good morning , Ruth .
[ Tape ripping ]
Whatcha doin'?
Just a IittIe insurance. You never know.
Hey, who are those?
Uh , they're just some friends of mine that wanted to heIp out.
I'm gonna have to ask you to stay away from those windows.
Look, kid , why don't you just go in the kitchen
and get yourseIf a cup of coffee, huh?
[ Tape ripping ]
Man .
.. Good morning , Ruth . .. Morning !
.. Did you sIeep okay? .. What's going on?
Oh , we're just making a few preparations
for your trip to the cIinic.
Uh , Iet me introduce you to a few very good peopIe.
Peter. . .
Hi , Ruth .
Briana. . .
.. Hey. .. And Fran .
Hi . Remember us?
From the window the other day.
.. Tryin' to get you out. .. Got it.
The ''Baby Savers'' are decIaring a nationaI aIert.
A nationaI aIert?!
And Jessica Weiss herseIf might decIare a counter aIert
and fIy in personaIIy.
Jessica Weiss here? She's coming here?
What? What?
I thought you said everything's okay.
It is. Everything is okay.
It's .. It's just a IittIe different now.
This might be hard to understand ,
but you're at the center of something reaIIy big now.
It's not just about you anymore.
It's more about the choice of miIIions of American women .
Oh ! What'd I do now?!
Nothing . Nothing . You didn't do anything .
Don't worry. We're gonna make sure you have your appointment
without any interference.
There may be a few more peopIe around ,
and they may be yeIIing some ugIy things,
but don't Iet that bother you .
Ruth , we Iove you ! Don't kiII the baby!
Ruth , don't do it!
Save the baby!
[ Indistinct shouting ]
Ruth !
Save the baby, Ruth !
Save the baby!
Ruth ! PIease, Ruth !
Ruth , pIease!
Save Tanya! Ruth !
Don't kiII Tanya!
Listen , pIease don't kiII the baby!
Get her away from those windows!
He's gonna try to kiII me! I gotta get out of here!
We're not gonna Iet anything happen to you .
The safest pIace for you right now is right here in this house.
HarIan has everything under controI .
Don't kiII the baby! PIease!
Ruth ! Save the baby!
You can't show weakness now. You've got to prove to them
that you're not gonna give in to their pressure.
[ TeIephone rings ]
We're gonna have to get her a speciaI appointment tomorrow.
Okay. Let's get a caII in to Sarah .
It's ABC News. They want an interview with Ruth .
Ruth is not giving any interviews!
This is a private matter!
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Whoo! We're here!
We're here!
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Frank, you oId son of a gun .
I haven't seen you since BuffaIo.
We took the kids to FIorida,
and then we stopped in Virginia
to see the tomb of the unborn baby.
Yeah , this is unit 2 7.
We're stiII the onIy ones on scene.
We're gonna need some additionaI units out here.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Then there was that time in Wichita.
We were making the gridIock, you know.
And LIoyd had to take a piss so bad ,
he started turnin' bIue.
[ Laughter ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
[ Horn honking ]
That's aII right. I've got an extra battery pack right here.
Right now there's sign painting in the Garden Room .
The press conference is in the Heritage Room .
.. What? .. Oh , here comes Norm now.
Hey, Norm , you sure got a big one on your hands.
AII in a day's work. Just doin' what the Lord asks.
God bIess you , Norm .
So, we support Ruth , but we oppose the pro.abortion forces
that are seeking to use her as a symboI by coercing her
into doing something that she cIearIy doesn't want to do ..
butcher her unborn baby.
[ AppIause ]
Uh , excuse me, Norm ,
but recent nationaI aIerts by the ''Baby Savers''
have not drawn anything Iike the numbers they used to.
Now, we know you had a big disappointment in Akron .
ReaIisticaIIy, how many peopIe do you think wiII show up here?
There has been a tremendous outpouring
of Christian Iove and support.
So much so that concerned peopIe from aII across this nation ,
incIuding BIaine Gibbons, our nationaI chairman ,
are committed to Ruth .
So we're .. we're expecting many, many peopIe.
Thousands. . . in the next few days.
[ CIears throat ]
But we have something eIse very exciting to announce.
But we have something eIse very exciting to announce.
And for that, I'm going to turn the microphone over
to Dr. CharIie RoIIins,
the director of our Tendercare Pregnancy Center.
[ AppIause ]
[ ChuckIing ]
Thank you , Norm .
[ CIears throat ]
WeII , I am very proud to be abIe to say that an anonymous donor
hearing of Ruth Stoops' pIight was moved to reach out
in a very speciaI way.
I am hoIding here a check
for $ 1 5,000 made out in the name of Ruth Stoops
to be presented to her upon the birth of her chiId .
$ 1 5,000!
The ''Baby Savers'' aIso said three different coupIes
have voIunteered to adopt Ruth Stoops' baby.
MeanwhiIe, anti.abortion protestors continue to arrive
outside this house where Ruth Stoops is staying .
The house beIongs to Diane ZeigIer,
an abortion.rights activist.
So the question on everyone's mind is
''What wiII Ruth Stoops do?''
OnIy she knows, and for now, she's not taIking .
Don Mattox, Eyewitness News.
What the heII do you think you're doin'?
I'm rich ! Didn't you hear?
I gotta go taIk to Norm . I gotta get that check.
No, no, no. You're not going anywhere.
Ruth , Iisten to me. Listen to me.
You've got to be very strong .
You've made your decision , and you've got to stick to it.
Wait. It's my body, right?
It's my choice, right? Can't I change my mind , huh?
Can't I?
Yes, of cour.. of course you can change your mind .
That's what this is aII about.
Just make sure you're doing it for the right reasons.
$ 1 5,000 might sound Iike a Iot of money,
but there are more important things to consider.
Like what?
Come on , Ruth .
Do you think you're ready to have a chiId?
Hey, I have four other kids, and I didn't make a cent.
Besides, they said they got peopIe to adopt.
And can you stay off drugs and aIcohoI
for the next 7 or 8 months?
Don't forget. You're facing very serious charges.
You may be forced to spend your entire pregnancy in jaiI .
Maybe Ionger.
I can give up drugs if I want.
God damn it!
How come every time I want to do something
somebody tries to keep me from doing it?!
Why can't I ever do what I want?!
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Somebody's shouting .
[ Panting ]
[ Crying ]
It's okay.
[ Crying ] How can I turn down so much money?
.. Shh . .. I can't.
AII my Iife I never had a chance.
If I had money,
my Iife wouId be different.
I wouId have been such a good mother.
I have nothing to Iive for.
That's not true.
And , Ruth , don't forget.
If you reject the ''Baby Savers''' offer,
you'II send a strong message
that a woman's choice can't be bought.
[ SniffIes ]
Send a message?
[ SniffIing ]
What did I say?
You want me to send a message?
No. No. Wait a minute, Ruth .
HoId on ! Ho.o.o.Id on ! HoId on , Iady!
You don't want me to change my mind
'cause it's reaI important to you !
But what about me?!
I don't got anything !
You aII got everything !
What are you gonna do for me, huh?!
Are you gonna give me $ 1 5,000?!
I'II give you $ 1 5,000.
You wiII?
Whoa, whoa, whoa. HoId on here.
.. Yep. .. HarIan !
You're not fuckin' with me, man , are you?
'Cause if you're fuckin' with me ..
I never fuck with anyone.
Look, I got my Agent Orange settIement.
And if I can IeveI the pIaying fieId for you , I wiII .
I won't Iet their fascist money be a factor in your decision .
So I'm gonna give you $ 1 5,000, Ruth ,
and you can do whatever it is you want to do.
Stop this, both of you , right now.
Does that mean if I have the baby, I couId have $30,000?
Okay. Wait .. Wait a minute.
Now, Iet me rephrase this.
$ 1 5,000 from them if you have the kid ,
and $ 1 5,000 from me if you don't.
Now you can choose freeIy again .
HarIan ! You can't do this!
I just did .
[ Cheers and appIause ]
BIaine. . .here. Let me heIp you .
BIaine. . .
I can't teII you how much it means to me
that you decIared the aIert and came so quickIy.
No, Norman . I'm gratefuI to you .
When you toId me what was going on over here,
I was outraged .
More outraged than I've been in a Iong time.
And there's a Iot of things in this country that outrage me.
HeIIo, GaiI !
Oh , God bIess you , BIaine.
[ ChuckIing ]
Come on . The car's over here.
If this gets out, it'II do irreparabIe damage to us.
You know how it'II be perceived?
Like we're paying her to have an abortion .
The ''Baby Savers'' wiII have a fieId day.
Look, girIs, this has got nothing to do with anybody
except Ruth and me.
You know, I've been providing security at the cIinic
for a Iong time, free of charge,
because I beIieve in personaI freedom .
And because I beIieve in personaI freedom ,
I'm gonna do what I want.
I'm acting as an individuaI here.
Okay. So you're promising that Women's HeaIth Services
and pro.choice have absoIuteIy nothing to do with this?
Because we'II deny we ever ..
Don't get your panties in a wad , okay?
Who do you think you're deaIing with here?
I was in the SpeciaI Forces!
That's why the FHA makes home ownership possibIe
for Iow.income peopIe in the first pIace.
Take out a penciI and paper.
Good . Now, make a coIumn down the Ieft.hand side
Iisting aII your assets.
Ruth !
Ruth !
We need to taIk to you .
Hey, do you have a pen and paper?
'Cause I need a pen and paper.
Yeah . CouId you step in here for a minute, pIease?
I need a pen and paper.
The thing is, Ruth ,
about this, uh , deaI between you and HarIan . . .
you know, w.we've been taIking , and , um ,
w.we just want to make sure that you understand .
They don't want you to teII anybody where you got the money.
.. Okay. .. This is very important.
You can't teII anyone ever.
.. Because if you do .. .. I won't.
Thank you , Ruth .
We reaIIy appreciate it.
Now can I have that pen and paper?
[ ToiIet fIushes ]
[ ToiIet fIushes ]
[ Hangers cIattering ]
You want to get me some ice?
Sure, BIaine.
You're a great kid .
Did I ever teII you about Eric?
Yeah .
His mother was standing
on the steps of the abortuary
about to go in and kiII her baby.
[ CIicks tongue ]
And she heard a Christian voice, and that voice said ,
''You don't have to go in there.
''God Ioves you .
God Ioves your baby.''
So she stopped , with tears in her eyes, and she said ,
''I'm an unmarried woman .
''I cannot afford the expenses of having a chiId .
''No one cared enough
''to give me the strength to accept this baby.
No one but this one Christian man .''
And that Christian man . . . was me.
Ha ha ha!
Years Iater, at a raIIy,
I saw the young Iady again .
And I said to her,
''What's this young man's name?''
And she said , ''This is Eric.''
And that was the proudest day of my Iife.
[ Indistinct conversations, horn honking ]
Hey, HarIan .
[ CIattering ]
Thanks for that money.
No probIem .
[ SIurping ]
Are you married , HarIan?
No, but I got a coupIe of ex's on the payroII .
[ SIurping ]
You got a girIfriend?
Are you comin' on to me?
Because if you're coming on to me,
you can just forget it.
I'm not comin' on to you .
I just wanted to thank you .
WeII , I don't need your gratitude, okay?
As a matter of fact, I hate gratitude.
TeII me somethin' , Ruth .
What are you gonna do with aII that money?
I know a way to get a house.
.. A house? .. Mm.hmm .
With the rest of the money, I'm gonna buy a car.
And , uh . . .set myseIf up in a business.
Or go to CaIifornia.
I never saw the ocean .
Ruth , I don't want to burst your bubbIe,
but you and I both know that money'd be gone
in three days tops.
Fuck you , man ! You don't know anything !
[ ChuckIing ]
What's the matter, Ruth?
Can't you take a IittIe tough Iove?
Fuck you , Ioser.
Why don't you teII me about this. . .$ 1 5,000?
We just thought .. weII , you know
how the pro.abortionists are aIways accusing us
of onIy caring about the baby whiIe it's in the womb?
Mm.hmm . Go on .
WeII , we wanted to show them
that we're committed to the chiId after birth , too.
Ruth , uh , weII , you know, she can bareIy support herseIf,
Iet aIone a baby.
And we didn't want money to be a factor in her decision .
WeII , what a nice thought.
[ ChuckIing ]
Of course, it wouId have been better
had you passed it by me first.
That's enough .
Have you got any idea how far $ 1 5,000 goes today?
Our fax biIIs just for a month are over $2 ,000.
Has it ever crossed your mind ,
have you ever thought about the fact .. thank you ..
that maybe some peopIe might think
this is some cheap attempt to buy this girI ..
that we are trying to bribe her?!
A few of us pIedged aII that we couId
to raise that $ 1 5,000.
And we aII agreed not to have the picnic this year.
We might seem Iike , unsophisticated peopIe to you ,
but we've got our pride.
I know.
Maybe I am a IittIe too passionate,
but that's who I am .
That's why I founded this ministry.
That's why I Iead this ministry.
I Iead it with every pore and every fiber
and every muscIe in my being .
And if we reaIIy want to demonstrate our compassion
and our commitment to saving Iives. . .
then maybe we shouId offer this girI at Ieast $30,000.
MAN : Government forecIosures, bank forecIosures,
MAN : Government forecIosures, bank forecIosures,
and estates in probate to name just a few.
WOMAN : This is the end of tape one,
side two of the Larry Jarvik system .
To continue, go to tape two, side one now.
Baby Tanya doesn't have a voice, Ruth !
OnIy us!
Abortion is murder!
Mngh ! Mngh !
Mngh !
[ Indistinct conversations ]
I'm CaroI Stoops.
I'm , uh , here to taIk to my sister Ruth .
Sorry, Iady. Can't do it.
But Ruth's my sister. Just teII her I'm here.
Just remember, it's a chiId , not a toy!
And give her this note. It'II prove to her who we are.
I'II see what I can do.
Now, move the vehicIe off the property.
We'II park and come back.
[ Engine turns over, revving ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Hey, HarIan !
There's a woman here that says she's Ruth's mom .
[ TeIephone ringing ]
MAN : If you're gonna crack an egg to make over.easys or. . .
[ Indistinct shouting in distance ]
[ Buzzing ]
[ Sniffs ]
WOMAN : Some of those jugheads have been onIine. . .
at the box office for two days.
[ Man speaking indistinctIy ]
[ ExhaIes sharpIy ]
[ Woman speaking indistinctIy ]
Hey, BIaine.
Excuse me.
.. Hey! Hey! .. Hey! Hey!
HeIIo. Good afternoon .
.. [ AppIause ] .. God bIess you .
I'm Stan . God bIess you .
.. God bIess you , sir. .. PIeasure.
.. I appreciate aII your time. .. God bIess you .
.. Nice to meet you . .. Thank you , thank you .
Hi , BIaine.
[ Smooch ]
.. Thank you . .. You're weIcome.
.. [ Baby crying ] .. Oh , Iooky here.
Oh .
Come on .
[ Crying continues ]
.. Mr. Gibbons? .. Yes, sir.
.. Mr. Gibbons? .. God bIess you , sir.
We have a few questions for you .
You are, uh , network affiIiated , right?
MAN : It's Action News at 5:00
with Tom DaIey and Barbara Spade,
Harv Kent at the sports desk
and Skip Kirschner with weather.
[ Indistinct shouting ]
GIBBONS : Now, Ruth , if you can hear me,
and I hope you can ,
we are with you .
We've been praying for you both day and night.
EarIier today, a generous donor offered to heIp you financiaIIy
so that money wouId not pIay a part in your decision .
PeopIe aII over the country
have been moved by your pIight in the same way,
and their pIedges are pouring in .
The phones have been ringing off the hook.
.. You're offering money? .. That's what I'm saying .
The fund for Ruth and her baby now stands at nearIy $2 7,000.
[ Cheers and appIause ]
.. [ Horns honking ] .. $2 7,000. . .
. . .donated by Americans
who wiII not stand by and watch a baby die needIessIy
because her mother is poor.
RUTH : Whoo!
.. [ Footsteps stomping ] .. $2 7,000!
HarIan !
Ugh !
HarIan !
I gotta go taIk to HarIan . I gotta go taIk to HarIan .
Ruth . . .
No. HarIan !
HarIan ! HarIan !
.. Get her in the chair. .. Let me taIk to him .
.. Get her down . .. Ow! Ow! Ow!
Where'd you get this bottIe?
Nowhere. I found it.
Yeah , Iike maybe in the Iiquor cabinet in the kitchen?
You know you're not supposed to be drinking .
What .. for my baby?
You don't give a fuck about my baby.
You want me to kiII my baby!
But they want me to have my baby,
and they're gonna give me $2 7,000 for it.
I'm gonna go taIk to HarIan !
.. Shut up! Enough ! .. HarIan !
You Iisten to me, and you Iisten good .
I have spent nine months in a secret Iife
among peopIe I hated ,
and I've bIown aII that work on you .
We have been up for 36 hours
making aII the arrangements,
trying to make everything as easy as possibIe for you ,
and this is how you repay us.
Fuck off! I don't care!
My body beIongs to me!
And if you don't Iet me taIk to HarIan ,
I'm gonna go have my baby right now! !
[ Breathing heaviIy ]
[ Coughing ] I want to go taIk to HarIan .
SIeep it off.
Eat me, dyke.
Uhh.uh .
[ To the tune of ''The BattIe Hymn of the RepubIic'' ] % Don't give up on Baby Tanya %
[ To the tune of ''The BattIe Hymn of the RepubIic'' ] % Don't give up on Baby Tanya %
% Her heart is beating on %
% Don't give up on Baby Tanya %
% Don't give up on Baby Tanya %
% Don't give up on Baby Tanya %
% Her heart is beating on %
% Don't give up on Baby Tanya %
% Don't give up on Baby Tanya %
% Don't give up on Baby Tanya %
.. % Her heart is beating on % .. Uhh .
% Don't give up on Baby Tanya %
% Don't give up on Baby Tanya %
% Don't give up on Baby Tanya %
% Her heart is beating on %
% Don't give up on Baby Tanya %
Uhh !
% Don't give up on Baby Tanya %
Ruth , can you hear me?
% Don't give up on Baby Tanya %
Don't give up on us.
.. % Her heart is beating on % .. We aII Iove you .
We're praying for you .
% Don't give up on Baby Tanya %
[ Breathing heaviIy ]
% Don't give up on Baby Tanya %
Oh !
% Don't give up on Baby Tanya %
Uhh !
.. % Her heart is beating on % .. Uhh ! Uhh ! Uhh !
Oh ! Ow! Oh , God .
[ Knock on door ]
[ Knocking continues ]
How you doin' today?
I don't feeI too good .
I feeI kind of strange.
[ Sighs ]
I'm sorry I Iost my temper Iast night.
[ InhaIes sharpIy ]
So, what do you think?
You stiII considering their offer?
[ ExhaIes sharpIy ] Okay.
Okay, then .
Okay, weII , Iisten , whenever you're ready,
come on downstairs, okay?
[ Sighs ]
There's somethin' important I want to teII you .
This morning when I woke up ..
HARLAN : Diane, do you read me?
Yeah , HarIan . What's up? Over.
She's coming in . Have Ruth stand by.
Oh , boy. Uh , yeah .
It's earIier than expected , but there was nothing I couId do.
We got to get her out of here right away.
Uh , so, I'm sorry. What were you saying?
Oh , uh , I just wanted to know about that money.
Did HarIan teII you where he was gonna Ieave that money?
That's between you and him .
Where did he say it wouId be?
At the cIinic on the bottom.right sheIf
behind the front desk in a bIack bag .
Then that's where it'II be.
[ Indistinct shouting in distance ]
[ Window bIind snapping ]
[ HeIicopter whirring ]
It's Jessica Weiss.
Just Iike oId times.
Green Iight, Iadies.
Here we go.
[ Indistinct shouting ]
There they go!
Ruth , no!
.. HeIIo. .. HeIIo.
.. HeIIo. .. You must be Ruth .
I'm very pIeased to meet you .
You're a very brave and speciaI woman .
[ Whirring continues ]
Ruth !
Ruth , honey, don't do it!
Ruthie, honey, don't do it!
I seen you on TV, and I came right away!
.. Ruth , you Iisten to me! [ Feedback ]
Don't you do it! What if I'd aborted you?
At Ieast I wouIdn't have had to suck your boyfriend's cock!
[ AII groaning ]
Don't you bring that up again !
That's ancient history! I've been saved .
Fuck you !
Ruthie, don't you do it.
.. Take the money! .. Fuck you !
Tanya's on the move!
[ Indistinct taIking ]
Move it!
Move it, move it, move it!
Come on , Iet's get to that cIinic!
Hurry! We'II stop them at the cIinic!
Come on , now!
[ Indistinct shouting ]
MAN : 1 0 minutes, everybody.
They're at the airport.
[ HeIicopter whirring ]
Oh , we're going in this?
This is aII wrong .
No, we are not going in this.
This is sending entireIy the wrong message.
[ Dance music pIays ]
Do you have any idea how many strings I had to puII
to get the onIy buIIetproof vehicIe in the state?
Come on , you guys, Iet's go!
What are they doing?
WeII , they've got to turn ..
Norman , move it!
.. Move it, move it! .. I ..
.. [ Horn honking ] .. Move ..
Move it!
M.Move! Turn !
Yeah , yeah .
AII right.
Move! Let's go.
Jessica Weiss, it's an honor to have you .
I'm Sarah Schneider.
Oh , Sarah , we've spoken before.
I've been Iooking forward to meeting you .
.. WeII , Dr. Cary MiIton . .. How do you do, Doctor?
.. So pIeased to meet you . .. [ TeIephone ringing ]
.. Oh , you must be Ruth Stoops? .. Mm.hmm .
Ruth , I'm gonna ask you to go fiII out some papers
and have a bIood test,
and then you'II meet with another woman and myseIf
for counseIing , okay?
You'II be fine, just fine. You'II be aII right.
Y.Yeah .
Where's the bag?
Ruth , don't start this.
I'm not giving fuckin' bIood without that bag .
.. God , it's great. .. We Ioved it.
We read it from one cover to the other and back again .
.. You got a bag for me? .. WeII , thank you .
I had a great deaI of heIp with the research on it.
.. There you go. .. That's it.
Oh , I'd be happy to.
[ Indistinct conversation ]
Oh , weII , thank you .
PuII 'em in .
Line 'em up. Line 'em up.
Okay, in the Iast seven months,
have you visited any of the foIIowing countries ..
Pakistan , Sri Lanka, Bhutan , Burkina Faso?
Excuse me, um , where's the bathroom?
[ Indistinct conversation in distance ]
[ Indistinct conversation in distance ]
Thank you , thank you , thank you .
[ ExhaIes deepIy ]
Come on , man .
[ Sighs deepIy ]
% Hallelujah %
% Hallelujah %
% Hallelujah, hallelujah %
.. [ Panting ] .. % Hallelujah %
% Hallelujah %
% Hallelujah %
% Hallelujah, hallelujah %
% Hallelujah %
% For the Lord God omnipotent reigneth %
Oh ! Oh !
[ Horns honking ]
[ Tires screeching ]
[ Indistinct shouting ]
Baby kiIIers!
[ Indistinct shouting ]
Uh !
Uh ! Uh !
.. Uh ! .. [ Honking continues ]
Uh !
[ Breathing heaviIy ]
Oh .
Uhhh ! Uh !
Uhh !
[ Indistinct shouting ]
[ Knock on door ]
Ruth , is everything aII right in there?
Yeah , just need a minute!
AII right, take your time.
[ BottIe cIattering ]
[ Honking , shouting continue ]
Oh ! Ohh ! Ohh !
Save Baby Tanya! Save Baby Tanya!
Save Baby Tanya! Save Baby Tanya!
Save Baby Tanya!
Save Baby Tanya! Save Baby Tanya!
Hey, what are you doin'?
Shut the fuck up or you're dead !
Jesus .. Uhh !
I toId you to shut the fuck up, you big fuck!
[ Siren waiIing ]
Save Baby Tanya! Save Baby Tanya!
Save Baby Tanya! Save Baby Tanya!
.. Save Baby Tanya! .. Pro.choice now!
Save Baby Tanya!
[ Breathing heaviIy ]
God won't forgive you for this, Ruth !
Save Baby Tanya!
Save Baby Tanya! Save Baby Tanya!
Save Baby Tanya!
Save Baby Tanya! Save Baby Tanya!
.. Save Baby Tanya! [ Siren waiIing ]
Save Baby Tanya! Save Baby Tanya!
Save Baby Tanya! Save Baby Tanya!
Save Baby Tanya!
[ Dog barking ] .. Shit!
[ Barking continues ]
Save Baby Tanya! Save Baby Tanya!
Save Baby Tanya! Save Baby Tanya!
Save Baby Tanya! Save Baby Tanya!
Save Baby Tanya!
.. Save Baby Tanya! .. PeopIe, get out of here!
.. Save Baby Tanya! .. Go on !
.. Save Baby Tanya! .. Get out of here!
Save Baby Tanya!
Save Baby Tanya!
[ Indistinct shouting ]
Save Baby Tanya!
Save Baby Tanya!
Save Baby Tanya!
[ Button cIicks ]
[ Cassette tape rattIing ]
WOMAN : This is tape two, side one
of the Larry Jarvik system .
MAN : WeIcome back.
We've discussed the difference
between Iiquid assets, frozen assets,
and what I Iike to caII captive assets.
And by now, you've fiIIed in the chart on page 1 1 3.
Keep the chart handy whiIe we figure the capitaIization rate
on your investment.
You'II see how simpIe it is to turn short.term paper
into Iong.term , income.
I'II waIk you through one exampIe,
and you can go back and do the caIcuIations again ,
substituting your own numbers.
Say you're buying a fourpIex
with an asking price of $ 1 50,000,
and your net operating.income figure is $9,000.
Divide the operating income into the asking price
and what do you get?
That's right .. 6% .
Now, do your own caIcuIations, and when we continue,
I'II finish taIking about asset conversion .
Remember to bear in mind ruIe two
of my Seven GoIden RuIes for Success.
[ Cassette tape squeaIing , distorted voice ]
[ RattIing ]
RUTH : Shit!
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