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Subtitles for City Of God 2003 CD1.

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City Of God 2003 CD1

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Damn!The chicken is gone!|Get her,mister!
If the picture is good|I will work in a newspaper.
You are playing with your life|for a photrograph?
Do you think that i am in the mood|to see the fucking gang?
The chicken bro!
The chicken i told you,asshole!
Get the chicken!
If Ze gets you,|you're dead.
He has to find me first.
Hey,kid!Get the chicken!
-The cops!|-Don't run!
Butthead! Mothefucker!
A photo might|have changed my life. . .
but in the City of God,|if you run you're dead. . .
...if you stay,|you're dead again.
It has always been like that|since i was a kid.
IN THE 60's
-You are so useless.|-Fetch the ball.
Hey, kid! Fetch the ball .
you are not giving it to me?
Fuck you.|What's your name?
Sorry,I forgot to introduce myself.
My name is Rocket.
Do not give the ball|to the kid,he stinks.
This is Hairy.
The story of the City of God|starts with him.
However, Hairy's story|is connected to Mortes Trio story.
The truck is comming.|Why are you fooling around?
Trio Mortes|the legend of the City of God!
And Naive.
With them,Kid and|Benny,Hairy's brother .
I did not have enough courage|to go with my brother.
Come Naive!
Let's go!
Stop or I'll shoot,|fucking asshole.
Get out!
Quickly,asshole.|Give me the money!
Who wants gass?
Oh!You wanna die for money|that is not yours?
Lots of money here!
Damn!The cops!
Quickly!|They are everywhere!
Then, i thought that|Trio Mortes. . .
was the toughest gang |in Rio.
But they were just amateurs.
Even my bro|Naive.
Give these to dad|but do not tell him it's from me.
Hairy, come and see what I've got!
We came to the City of God|to find paradise.
Lot of people were homeless|due to the floods...
and the fire|they set on ghetto.
They are going to bring electricity!
The big bosses however|didn't like the homeless.
Without electricity,without|roads,without busses.
The rich people...|They don't give a damn about us
It has nothing to do|with the Rio De Janeiro you see in postcards.
Do you think i am going to be|a lifeguard when i grow up?
I don't know.
It is better to be a|lifeguard than a fisherman.
I don't want to be a fisherman,|I will stink.
-Are you insulting your father?|-No.
-What do you want to become?
I sure don't want to be a gangster|or a cop.
I do not want to get killed.
Drop it,Kid.
Are you pointing a gun at me?
The kid is with me.
I am a gangster too.
-Not many bottles in it.|-We rob trucks every day.
We have to hit a rich|house to get out of here.
No, you have to|follow my plan .
Look who's talking!
He is so stoned, he|doesn't know what he is talking about!
You are both not as|worthy as the kid.
What are you thinking,Kid?
The gun doesn't make you a robber.|You need ideas.
The kid had ideas.
Is this the Motel?
We get the money and leave.|No killings!
-Give it to me.|-Leave me alone!
Don't you give this|shit to me!
You're acting like a baby.
-Here's yours.|-Awesome!
Do not be hasty.You're staying here|to look out.
If you see cops,|shoot that window.
Why doesn't he stay in the look-out?
This was my plan.|He is good for nothing!
Ok,you had the idea.|But you're just a kid!
Cover us.
Your turn is going to come.|Don't be so hasty.
Stay here.
This is a hold up, bitch .
You should be at school|or at work.
You do not look like robbers.
Shut up,bitch!
Are we going in?
-I did not order anything.|-It's on the house!Your money!
Take it easy.All I want is your money.
Hey, pal!|What is this mess?
Are you a church boy?
Give it to me!
You are old,and ugly.
Do you want to fuck her?
Police!Let's beat it!
Take the car.|I'm gonna bring the kid.
-It went wrong.The kid is missing!|-They are shooting,let's go!
-You said you could drive.|-I can,cool down.
Turn!Watch it!
-You asshole!|-I didn't do it on purpose.
Noone saw a thing.|Don't say a word,ok?
I twisted my leg!
-Naive is hit!|-It hurts!
Take him to the woods.|I will try to distract the cops.
God help us.
Get the phone.
Shortie.Infamous in the City.|I will talk about him later.
It hurts, God damnit!
Shut up!|You're acting like a sissy.
Give me your hand!
A whole car runs|into a bar...
and noone saw a thing?
As always.Noone sees|noone knows a thing.
-What's up, Shortie?|-They are hiding in the woods.
I think they |are hiding in the woods.
They are in the woods.
Fillipe, lock the car.|Rantzel, come with me.
Pitch black.|How do they see?
They stole a fortune|from the motel...
-What if we took the money?|-Are you out of your mind?
I do not want any trouble.|I just want to eliminate them.
Since when is it a crime|to steal from niggers and robbers?
I know a snitch in the City.
Did you hear the shootings?|If I find one of them,i will shoot him!
Maracana!|Open the door!
They are after me!
The police is after me!|Hide me!
Come inside.
Shit,the cops|still down there.
-I had a vision, Naive.|-Did you smoke anything?
you had a job,right?|How is it? What do they say to you?
I worked for my father.|Fathers say bullshit.
I'm leaving.I do not want to die.|I am not ment to be a gangster.
-The cops are down there.|-I don't care.
I am going back to the church.
"I am the resurrection|and the life..
He that believeth in me,|though he were dead,yet shall he live..
And whosoever liveth| and believeth in me..
shall never die..."
Stop, or I'll shoot!
"He that believeth in me,|though he were dead,yet shall he live.."
The robbery in the motel|was the most bloodstained in history.
The gangsters fortunes|changed paths.
He must not have| been a gangster.
He is a worker.
snatcher was|in God's hands.
Hairy was caught|in the net of Bernice.
and Naive was|in my father's hands.
Why are you doing this?|You will be wotking with me!
Your brother is|going to look after you.
If i ever catch you with money| that is not yours,I'll kill you!
This goes for you too.|Put on the work wear!
If your brother is a gangster|you are affected as well!
Don't worry.|He will get over it.
These things are not for you!|You go and study.
Aren't you affraid of being killed?
you are smart,|you have to go to college.
I attend school beacuse|i do not like working.
Promise me that you are|never gonna touch this weapon.
Quickly.I will sell|lots of fish.Do not laugh!
You smiled when father|hit me.
What's wrong?|Cat got your tongue?
I'm thinking how to tell you.
You're gonna fry your brain|if you think so much.
My heart chose you.|I am listening to my heart.
Are you kidding?
Have you never head|of love at first sight?
-Gangsters do not love.|-You always talk to me in a bad way.
-Gangsters seduce.|-i am not going to lose my peace.
Gangsters do not stop|just take a break.
-You know nothing of love.|-This is no love it is a joke.
I love you.
You might convince me|in the end.
After the robbery,police|did raids in the ghetto.
Everyday,someone was sent to jail,|someone was sold out.
But noone ever knew anything.
Noone revealed the|robbers hideout.
Why don't you change|life, Hairy?
Find a job instead of|lying in bed all day!
Do you think that a job will|give you money? Go try!
What do you think |I am doing all day long?
Take it easy,baby.|All i want is you.
to have children,a farm|with chicken,and lots of weed.
I do not believe a word.
i almost got rich|with that robbery.
Police is after you|after the motel killings.
What are you saying?Did you see anything?|so shut up!
They shot them,|and blamed it to me!
They even killed|Kid!So leave it!
-I don't know who did it|-Not me.
i do not a gangster as|the father of my children!
You are alone,Hairy!
Snatcher became religious,|Naive found a job.
-Anf you?|-I am the same!
-Everybody dumped me.|-Then I will dump you too.
I am leaving.If you want,come with|me,else i will leave alone!
Nice fresh fish!!
My brother promised|to conform.
But the gangster does not change.|Just stops for a while.
Naive was having an affair|with Shortie's wife.
I have trout,but for you|I have something special.
It's a mullet.
Does your husband lick you?
Mine, before fucking|he licks me for half an hour.
-From behind? Do you let him?|-No! Doesn't it hurt?
In the begining,yes.After that it|is perfect!But you need a banana.
-Why?|-You're losing the best part kid!
You warm up a banana|and stick it in your pussy!
while he fucks you in the ass.|It is awesome!
-Ask your husband.|-I can't.he will get mad
Try.Men go nuts|for stuff like that.
Fucking nigger!
rocket,give me your|shorts,quickly!
-I am not gonna get naked in the street.|-Your brother is in danger!
Give me the shirt!
I always pay the price.
He run away.|It's his brother.
I will cut his balls!
Fish!Fresh fish!
Kid,come here.
-Where is your brother?|-Not working today.
-Get in.|-I did nothing.
-What about my fish|-Get in.Forget fish.
My father will|kill me .
Let's go.There si nothing here.
My father sweared not|to see my brother again.
Noone saw him again|in the ghetto.
Trio Mortes story|reached its end.
Kid!i though you were killed|in the motel.
-I can see you got money.|-It's ours,Benny.
Cut the crap|and bring the money.
Tell Hairy that|Shortie is getting hard.I'm leaving
But,Shortie was busy
A neighbour call the cops|before sunrise.
The newpapers wrote:
''A husband burries his wife|alive in the City of God''
The place was full of cops.|The robbers run away.
-Do you want to die?|-Do as I tell you.
Some respect to the lady.
-Let's go.|-There are cops ahead.
Fuck them,go away.|Go wherever you want.
What is up?
Mercy.It ia a piece of crap.
-Start the engine!|-Needs pushing.
Do you want to arrest|the thieves?There..
Get him!
Run, Hairy!|Stop!
He's a murderer!
The day that Hairy|was killed. . .
I remember the crowd|and a camera.
I always wanted a camera.
Let's go to scholl.
-Why don't we go to the beach?|-We have exams!
So what!|Everybody is in the beach!
She wears bikini|and plays hard to get!
Sun is for everyone.|Beach for a few.
IN THE 70's
When I was 16 i bought|my first camera.
Starting from the low.|The cheapest model!
How is it going,Rocket?|Have you been laid yet?
Angelica.She drove me mad..
Rocket,are you jerking?
Gorgeus and got laid.|I wanted to lose my virginity with her!
-She has a boyfriend.|-So? i am not jealous
-Her father is a cop.|-Noone is perfect.
I was the official photographer|of the gang.
of "Groovie Gang".
Everybody paid for copies.
Siago,move backwards.|There.
i need a joint.
Sniff coke.|It is great!
Siago do u sniff?|I prefer a good pot.
-I can find for you if you want.|-Go find then.
If we talk about dope|we talk about coke!
-you're full of salt.|-Fuck off.
you want to be a lifeguard|but you never go inside.
I bet a beer i|am a better swimmer.
If you want i can find a joint|at Blackies.
I would do anything for her.
I would find pot,coke...
I would go to the big ones|to buy good stuff..
the boss was an ex|classmate: Blackie.
Who are things going?|The kids ok?
Do you want to buy|or smoke?
Who is it?
This was Blackies hideout|But not since ever.
Fuck off Kid|Why are u marching in like that?
Is this your hideout?
Donan Zel after becoming a widow|she started to sell drugs..
to feed her children.
She often gace out dope |to the kids with exchange.
Her favourite was| the Big Guy.
She was such an amateur|that even Big Guy was cheating on her.
Big Guy was using kids|as dealers.
-My pot?|-Stick it in your ass.
The best dealer..
was Redhead.
May i have a sip?
Big Guy trusted him
and so he became a manager.
twenty for us|five for you,Blackie.
some day a friend of Redhead appeared.
My wife is sick.
His family had helped|Redhead.
He would not refuse help|to a brother.
The dope.i want the money|till Friday.
You put me out of jail.
He is a friend,Big Guy.
Give him another week.
You either kill him or I'll kill you.
He had no choice.
-I told you on Friday.|-Do not do it friend.
Redhead wanted to get|the Big Guy..
but he did not have to.|Big Guy died in jail.
Redhead took the|belongings of Big Guy..
but not the hideout.|It was cursed.
He gave it to his trustee|Blakie.
-hundred fifty bags.|-Not enough.
So he took over|the local dealing.
But not for long.
Who is it?
Go see.
Fuck off kid.Why are|you rushing into my hideout?
Who told you|it is yours?
And i am not kid.|My name is Ze.
Ze wanted to rule|the City of God..
since he was a kid.
They are having fun and i am not?
I want to go.
What do you want? |Your friend took it all.
That night,Kid|satisfied his thirst for blood.
knowing that Hairy|would never forgive him.
To save himself|he left the City of God.
He worked all day for nickels.
Kid and Benny|really made it..
they had the gift of the killer.
-You have more.|-i had the idea.
the problem was to handle|an older gangster.
like my brother Goose.
Damnit!i though you died in the motel|You have lots of money!
It is our money,Benny.
Benny,tell Hairy that|Shortie is getting hard.
I'm leaving the ghetto.
From Hairy.|You are gonna need it.
robbery after robbery|the Kid grew big.
In his 18s he was the| most respected gangster in the City
One of the most| dangerous robbers in Rio.
Happy birthday Kid.|Glad you turned 18.
Beat it!
-Just a beer!|-Didn't you see me asshole?
Next time, I will kill|you prick!
Kid was ready for everything!
And couldn't wait.
Whos is the wealthiest here?
Lots.|Jerry Andriani..
golden necklace,luxurious clothes.
-Perriera and the chick.|-My brother took her.
Look at the race.
Here is Blackie.|Full of gold.
Redhead.Nice wheels!|All of the dealers.
-All of them wealthy.|-Robberies and shit.
the big money|is in drug dealing .
-Especialy coke.|-Needs capital though.
We will kill them|and take over.
-When do we start|-Now.
The light of Satan|brought you here!
Why do you live in the City of God|that God has forgotten?
i know what you want.|you want power.
i have something that wiil give|you the power you're looking for.
that will change tour fate.|I give you my amullet.
Just do not fuck|while you wear it..
because you will die!
The kid will no longer be Kid|but Ze.
Little Ze grew up.
If you help me|I will help you.
this way Kid became Ze|and started the killings.
One morning|he took over Andriani's gang..
till the night,he ruled|all the ghetto gangs.
He did not harm Redhead|since he was Bennie's friens.
Only the hideout was left.|but it was an easy job.
Who is it?
Fuck off kid.Why are you|rushing into my hideout?
Since when is it your hideout?
Anything wrong Kid?
i am not Kid.|My name is Ze!
-You're dead bastard.|-No,he understands.
All yours I want nothing|I do not want trouble.
I had to take vegeance|on my brother's death.
you are gonna live|but you will work for us.
Easy to say.
-Where are you going?|-He's clean Ze.
-Waht is your name?|-Rocket
Naive's brother.|Dead Naive's brother.
Go and tell everyone|that Ze is now in charge.
We are selling coke.|Got it?
Drug dealing is a job too!
the supplier brings the merchantise|which is packed.
All is a chain.
Pot is wrapped.
coke is packed in 10s or 100s.
You can be a |carrierist drug dealer.
The kids start as messengers.
Then they do lookouts.
If the cops come|they all vanish.
Then you become a dealer.
In hard times|the dealer vanishes.
Growing up,|you become captain.
And if you are good in|math,you become a manager.
Bosses right hand.
The cops get their cut|and stay out of it.
Whan ze came,|all the rivals stopped in the City.
You could go there.
Bohemian people bought|their dope safely.
Lots of people became addicts|and Ze became rich.
-Which one should I wear?|-This is cool.
If drug dealing was legal|Ze would be given an Oscar.
I thought that all these|are very dangerous.
However he was everywhere.
If i needed pot|I had to visit Redhead .
-Half a pound.|-Thanks.
It was woth it.|I smoked it with Angelica.
She had broken up with Siago|and so I made my move.
Fantastic photos.
Do i look good here?
You look good in all of them.
Twilight,an empty beach,|a long-lasting kiss..
That was it...
But the Shorties came...
Will you give me a splif?
See you later.
-Your joint!|-Keep it!
First time i met|the Shorties.
Steak and potatoes.
-This is for you.|-All of it?Thanks.
Do you want to have something to eat?
Can you change the time in the clock please?
After he broke up,Siago|sniffed more and more everyday.
When you become an addict, |you're in the dealer's hands.
-Two bags of ten.|-One bag.
For Siago it waa not like that.
-Sorry, godfather.|-Bullshit, did I baptize you?
Give me your bike,|Blackie.
Do you wanna race?
Till the bus.
-Hard race.|-You're good.
-Where did you buy the triners from?|-From the neighborhood.
-And the shirt?|-From the City.
It is an expensive brand.
If i give you the money|will you buy me one?
Shorts and shirt?
Buy whatever you can.
-What is your size?|-Measure me!
-With what?|-With you!
Shoe number?|Turn around.
Benny!Did you get the goodies?
-Just a pair of trousers?|-There is more.
Do you like it?
-You have some change.|-Keep it.
This is Benny.
I became bohemian.
Groovies are making moves|before the big boom .
Fuck you,bastards!
Redhead is placing|the ghetto in danger.
Go talk to him.You can't|just shoot everybody.
Don't worry,|the lads here are ok .
I don't worry!
Will you dance, Benny? What|happened with the Redhead?
Go talk to him!
Benny was the coolest|gangster in the City.
He gave away dope,|paid for his drinks.
Ze was the opposite.|He was obsessed.
Wanted to become the big ghetto boss.
He was looking for the opportunity|to take over Redhead's gang.
Don't let the Shorties|rob the whole ghetto.
You mind your business|and I will mind mine.
I'm going for a drink.
How is it going Rocket?
Siago, what's up?
Want to dance?
Can we go to your palce?
My parents are not home.|You're gonna be alone.
Today you can|lose your virginity!
Don't shout!|Everyone will hear!
You're pretty.
It's ok.
I know you are related to|the Shorties.
Do you think I am stupid?|You want my gang?
I just want to talk to you.|You are useless!
The Shorties|are endagering us.
Ask them to cool down.
He lets them plunder|in his ghetto,the useless.
If police come here|we're fucked.
I will do it because i like you.
Change his dipers!
Tell him that noone|plunders in my ghetto!
Shorties do not respect|the ghetto rules.
They steal from ordinary people|and rob bakeries.
You're stealing from me all the time!
However,they didn't know|the city had a new boss!
The city has become safer|fot the inhabitants.
Robberies are rare.
All you have to do is visit Ze.
-Do not touch Shorties|-I don't.
-Let's go for a walk|-Together?
Mom, I am going out|with my friends.
I have never tasted a better chicken!
-The old man was scared to death!|-you feel sorry for him?
Should we rob a bank|or a supermarket?
Bullshit.All the money|is in drug dealing.
You have to start as|a messenger.
It is no good.Takes too|much time to be promoted.
You have to wait for|an old guy to get killed.
I won't wait for anyone to| bite the dust.I'll do as Ze.
Are you talknig about be kid?|The boss is here.
Come back,you tramp!
They run fast!
Anyone else?
You're gonna pay for|the ones who run away.
shall i shoot you|in the arm or the leg?
-Choose.|-Hand or leg?
-In the hand.|-In the hand eh?
Let's see about you.|Kill one of them.
-I'll do it!|-Beat it!He's gonna do it.
Pick whom you'll kill.
-We don't have all day.|-Kill one of them.
Get over with it,Steak.
i want to see if you have the guts.
Well done!you did it!|You're one of us.Gimme five.
Get up,tramp.|Go back to your shithole.
Stop limping!
Tell your friends|noone steals from Ze.
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Comandante (Oliver Stone 2003)
Come And See CD1
Come And See CD2
Commitments The
Como Agua Para Chocolate
Company Man
Company Of Wolves The CD1
Company Of Wolves The CD2
Company The CD1
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Con Air
Conan The Barbabian (uncut)
Conan the Barbarian
Conan the Destroyer
Confessions of Sorority Girls
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
Connie and Carla
Conquest of the Planet of the Apes
Conspiracy Theory 1997
Control 2004
Conversation The CD1
Conversation The CD2
Cook The Thief His Wife And Her Lover The 1989
Cookies Fortune 1999
Cookout The
Cool Hand Luke 1967
Cool World
Cooler The
Cooley High
Cop Land
Corbeau Le
Corky Romano
Couch Trip The 1988
Counterfeit Traitor The 1962 CD1
Counterfeit Traitor The 1962 CD2
Countess Dracula (1970)
Country of my Skull
Cousin Bette
Cover Girl (Charles Vidor+1944)
Cowboy (Delmer Daves 1958)
Coyote - Dont Give Up the Sheep (1953)
Coyote - Fast and Furry-ous (1949)
Coyote Ugly
Craddle 2 The Grave
Cranes Are Flying The (1957)
Cravan vs Cravan
Crazy Beautiful
Crazy People 1990
Crazy in Alabama
Creature from the Black Lagoon
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Cries And Whispers (Bergman Ingmar)
Crime Scene Investigation 3x01 - Revenge Is Best Served Cold
Crime Scene Investigation 3x02 - The Accused Is Entitled
Crime Scene Investigation 3x03 - Let The Seller Beware
Crime Scene Investigation 3x04 - A Little Murder
Crime Scene Investigation 3x05 - Abra Cadaver
Crime Scene Investigation 3x06 - The Execution Of Catherine Willows
Crime Scene Investigation 3x07 - Fight Night
Crime Scene Investigation 3x08 - Snuff
Crime Scene Investigation 3x09 - Blood Lust
Crime Scene Investigation 3x10 - High And Low
Crime Scene Investigation 3x11 - Recipe For Murder
Crime of Padre Amaro The
Criminal Lovers (1999)
Crimson Pirate The
Crimson Rivers 2 - Angels Of The Apocalypse
Crimson Rivers 2 Angels of the Apocalypse
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Cristina Quer Casar
Critters 2 The Main Course 1988
Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles
Cronos 1993
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Crow The
Crow The - City Of Angels 1996
Cruel Intentions 3
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