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Subtitles for City Of God 2003 CD2.

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City Of God 2003 CD2

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While Ze was earning the|respect of the locals..
Benny was winning|Angelica's heart.
I was still a virgin and brke|I had no other choice.
I found a job|in a supermarket.
I was working for just a few nickels.|I wanted to be fired..
to buy a camera|with the compensation.
But the my fate|was different.
The guy from the beach!|Do you still smoke?
Kid!|Pull your shirt.
Is this a thank you?
-My compensation?|-Which compensation?
The fucking manager|thought i participated.
You are fired|because of duty violation.Beat it!
I did not get a dime.
A message from God.
''Honesty is|punished,sucker.''
The bus is late.|i should have been at work.
-Hide the gun! Are you mad?|-It's broken.
-It is not our fault.|-It is never anyone's fault!
But we pay the price.
Goodnight, lady.
I know him. He lives|in the City.He will recognise us.
It is his boss'es|money.He doesn't care!
Aren't you|From the City of God?
Only one shall pay.
Study,only this way| you can leave the ghetto.
-Do you study?|-I attended school and then I joined the army.
I was a good shot.|Then,I found this job.
I have knowledge of karate. If i find a job|elsewhere i will leave the ghetto.
Do you wrestle?
I am peacefull.|But if I have to..
And he was going to have to.But I|will talk about Knockout later.
We are leaving.Bye.
-I couldn't,he was cool.|-He is Gerson's brother.
Let's go home.
There is only a bakery here.
-What are you going to say?|-I don't know! ''Robbery!''
-My phone.|-Prefer soul or groovie?
Nothing again.The girl|was very sexy.She flirted with me.
I couldn't pull the gun,|she was so sweet.
I am lost. How do| I get to Bara?
"The guy from Sao Paolo|was unlucky", I thought.
That's where we are going too.
You are saving me.
Everybody from|Sao Paolo is a nasty pice of work.
We found the body, officer!
Not a pretty sight eh?
Awesome singer.|I like music.Do you?
You like pot too?
Never tried.
I thought so.
-Do you have paper?|-I have some.
I was a professor in rolling joints.
If only i was like that|with girls!
I would not be a virgin still.
For a guy from Sao Paolo|you're cool.
What did they kill the with?
With a bat or a rock.
-The kid.|-the did not hurt it.
-How long ago?|-About four hours.
Shall we take it?
The murder must|be from the City of God.
You should have killed her in the| ghetto!Cops are coming!
It was a mater of honour.|Her parents gave me away.
The place is full of cops|because of you!Asshole!
You punished him enough,Ze.
Whoever kills in my|ghetto,dies.
He had issues,Ze.
Leave the ghetto.|You showed disrespect!
the snake will bite you,|Benny.
-He was useless.|-A dirty traitor.
I am going for a walk with the girl.
Take care. When|things calm down..
we will deal with|Redhead again.
Get a girlfriend,ze.
-Do you know what I am thinking?|-That i am sexy?
That too.Do you know|what we can do?
-Love?|-i am serious.
Get out of here.|I hate violence.
-And go where?|-To a farm.
we are hippies at heart.
To a farm?
Peace and love?
Benny was to cool|to be a gangster.
With his party he managed|to bring everyone together.
soul fans..
religious people..
Some day I'll go to the church.
Samba fans..
And Ze|who danced for the first time in his life.
Wanna dance?
-I can't hear you.|-Are you dancing?
Thanks,I got company.
I want to talk to you.
You are no going away|with that chick.
I'll live in a farm,|I'll smoke pot,an listen to rock.
Are you going to ruin everything|for a bitch?
She's my girl.
I will kill |Redhead,the bastard.
You think that everybody is a bastad|that is why I leave!
i am your friend but I am leaving.|Try to understand.
I love you but thst's all.
Show me your balls man!
You wanna die?Beat it!
Put your pants down nigger!
I wanna see your ass!
Come on you faggot!
Show us your ass!
Put them down!
The camera|for a bag of coke?
-No more shit.|-You're my friend.
-is it stolen?|-My father's.
-Give it to Ze.|-Rocket will probably want it.
here I am!
You want to be a photographer?|Here's a present.
Shake your ass!
you're gonan shoot|fine photos.
Bring it here.
-Give me the camera!|-No.
They killed Benny!
Call an ambulance!
Who the fuck did it?
Ze, Benny is dead.
It's your fault bitch!
-Where is Redhead?|-Blackie came.
I'll fuck her.
-Why?|-We're both fucked.
I think i killed|Benny.
Ze is coming. We can|catch up with him in the disco.
-Did you kill Benny?|-Accidentaly.i aimed at Ze.
Blackie.You killed the collest|gangster in the City.
without Benny, Redhead|was dead.
We're fucked,man.
Where else could a miracle happen|if not in the City of God?
Hallo dall.|Gimme a kiss.
Let me pass.|Have you ever seen your face?
All's well baby?
It was simple as that.|Ze was ugly.
Knockout Nend|was handsome.
Knockout had whoever he wanted.|Ze had to use violence.
a duel between the good|and charming..
and the bad and ugly.
Let go me!
Enjoy it.
No need to resist.
you are mine now.
Your girlfriens|is hot,lucky bastard.
I cannot even look at her.
Why didn't the motherfucker|kill me?
Why didn't i kill|the asshole?
-Let's go back.|-And Redhead?
-We'll be back.|-Are you going to kill him?
Knockout, get out:)
Take it easy.
I am going out. Let go me.
Gerson, come back!
None of your business kid.|It is your brother we want!
My brother is peaceful!.
Is he too pretty|to talk to me?Tell him to come out!
He did nothing.
Do you know who I am?|I'm Ze!
Bring the mother fucker!
Cool down,I'll bring him.
I'm hit.Redhead will be|waiting.He asked for it.
The bastard|killed my brother!
i won't let it go.
Need a gun?
-My child!|-Take it easy mom.
-Do it right.|-There is no other way.
-How could he hit me?|-That's a bad hole.
we were like brothers.
you were hit by one brother|me by the other!
Knockout isn't bad.|He came out of nowhere.
You give me a headache,Tuba!
The City of God|found its hero.
God bless you.|The kid went looking for trouble.
You did a fine job.|You have to hide.
i though Knockout would start|a revolution here.
But God had|other plans.
Steak,where did the|dealers disappear?
They are hiding.|Ze is not in a good mood.
They put us in it|and then hide.
-bring me a chocolate.|-I'll try.
Tell her that|Siago is looking for her.
Steak, go tell Redhead. . .
that Ze says if you kill Knockout|he'll leave you alone.
-Did you hear this Knockout?|-Get the kid!
If you don't stay with us,|you're dead.
Come with us.|We'll be partners.
i do not like drugs.|it's between me and him.
They are scum.They'd do|anything fot power.
Like the Kid here|They are all like robots.
Do you have shit inside your head?
Don't you understand tha you are| wasted with this maniac?
You are kiddo!
Kid, huh? I sniff,I steal|I kill.I am man!
He is stuck to his gang.Come with us
We will slice you, Steak.
Ok,I accept .
Tell him that Redhead and Knockout|are in charge.
With one condition:|I don't kill innocents.
-I won't tolerate it.|-OK,no innocents.
Steak is fucked up.
-Have you got a gun?|-We'll rob a gun store.
I don't rob anything.|I am not a gangster.
I have something personal with him||I am not a robber.
He raped yous girl,|he killed your brother. . .
he hit your house and you|killed a acolyte of his.
Unless you are a robber,|get out.
Robbery !
The first time . . .
Bring the revolvers!
. . .Knockout Ned saved|a dealer from Redhead.
We said no killings.|It's a rule!
We want boss'money! Open the fund!
Do you want to leave? We also want it.
The second time, Redhead|saved Knockout
Ned learned that rules|have exceptions.
An exception .
Are you the director?|Robbery! Everybody down!
I don't play.Whoever moves|will be shot!
the third time,|the exception became a rule.
With the money from the robberies|they would face Ze.
Redhead would protect his bussines.
Knockout, the best|shooter, wanted revenge.
The Italian first.|This is 9mm.
-It's not aligned.|-You 'll get it at a good price.
This is a 12mm.|We call it ''crap''.
Uzi,9mm. From Israel.|David's star.
I want a 30-06.
It's party time!
The war begins .|Lets pray.
Our Father,|who art in heaven. . .
hallowed be thy name. . .
Gansters have the guns|but they don't shoot.
Knockout's one bullet|was like ten of Ze's bullets.
Ze couldn't stand it.|He attacked.
The ghetto was like Hell|but now it had become Hell!
I decided to go out.|That's how I became a journalist.
Nice picture!|That's Rogerio Ris' for sure.
What was I sayng?
As every professional. . .
I started from the lower level,|from the bottom.
Without knowing|what was ahead of me. . .
Instead if going home|I went to the newspaper's offices .
SOmeone from the City Of God|worked at the laboratory.
He helped me to fulfil|the dream of my life .
Rogerio,is|the Rocket.Photographer.
-He is an admirer of yours .|-You have a good taste,Rocket.
I am leaving.
Nice guy!
A personal revenge|leaded to war.
The City of God has been devided.
You couldn't|cross it.
Nor to go to a relative.
Those who lived to the ghetto|were considered as gangsters.
We were living ou own Vietnam .
Volunteers|were giving their lives.
The Kids.
Somebody hit me.
The war|was forgiving everything.
One of Ze's guys kicked me.
Take this.
He raped my sister . . .
-Ze took our home.|-Kill for your pride.
I am Siago,|Benny's friend .
You know how to read?|Spell?
-I am good.|-You are hired.
To revenge my father's|killer.
-What's your name?|-My name is Oto.
What's happening?
-He works .|-He needs a gun.
He won't last a week.
A year later, nobody|remembered how it all started.
The aim was,to undertake|enemy's bussines. . .
to buy guns and to extend|the enterprise.
I sniff, I killed, I stole .|I am man!
The TV showed interest.|The police would intervene.
A gangster from|the city of God,was arrested.
Manuel Massando|also known as Knockout Ned. . .
is at hospital after an attack |of Ze's gang.
He gave us an interview.
-Does the war continue?|-Yes, it continues.
Were many people killed?
Many. Innocent mostly.
If a person knowns me|that's enough for Ze to kill him.
-Is the police absent?|-They hunt me, not him.
I am in jail while he|kills people without bothering.
Knockout Ned believes|that the war will continue.
Cop promised |to dislocate the gangs.
I am the boss and he is|on the newspaper!
-Did you find mine?|-Knockout's only.
My name must be somewhere.
-Can you read?|-the pictures.Nothing .
-What the Hell are you doing?|-Those are the announcements.
Read everything!
-There are no articles!|-Do you want to be shot?
We'll show them|who is the boss!
Give me the camera!
-Take me a picture .|-I don't know how it works.
Take me. |Back. . .
-It doesn't click.|-You fools .
You fucked me,assholes.
I'll call an acquaintance.
He came.|take the camera.
Aren't you a photographer?|Take us a picture.
-You broke it.|-Not me.
Needs some fixin.
-What's your name?|-Rocket.
Pull one more.
Two lines.|With your guns.
-You're out,damnit!|-Speak kindly.
-Show us the pictures.|-We must develop these photos.
How much does it cost?
Take this money|an bring the pictures.
-I have to remove the film.|-Hold the camera.
Benny wanted to give it to you.|It is yours.
Don't forget|the pictures.
Can u develop|this film?
I can't,Rocket,|I'll get in trouble.
I work only for the newspaper.I'll get fired.
Develop this,Piere.|And this.
I am going for lunch.
You are lucky.|Dimensions?
For the enlargement.
Whatever you think is better.
I am in big trouble.
i am dead.
Somebody signed|his conviction.
I would smash his face!
You stole my pictures!| They will kill me!
What are you talking about?
They'll kill me|because of you!
The pictures|were at the laboratory.
Everything that is in the laboratory|is for publication.
-I saw them,I published them.|-You stole them.
-Give them to me.|-Here, take them.
-Don't you have more?|-Relax. What's your name?
Rocket?|Nice to meet you,Marina.
Relax.I've got your money.
When a picture is published|we pay the photographer.
Do you want to become a photographer?
Nice start with a frontpage!
-How did you take them?|-I live there.
Not even one photographer managed|to go to the ghetto.
If you bring more|pictures of Ze. . .
the newspaper will buy them.
-Can you?|-I don't know.
-What's the problem?|-I can't go there again at night.
-And the day?|-It is a risk.
At last they understood|that i'm the Boss.
What the name of this photographer|friend of yours?
He is good. I'll take|to show you.
Yes, or not?|It's a big chance.
You took the right decision.
I 'll give you films,lenses|and another camera.
Come to see the equipment|office.
There is another problem also.|Where am I going to sleep tonight?
I can't go back.
This one is 135 mm.|Do you shoot from near or from a distance?
-Can you measure the light?|-Yes.
Don't you think you are too close?
I don't know how i managed|to talk to them like this.
Maybe I was about to die|but I had a camera. . .
and a chance|to become a photographer.
What is more, he had|the whole night for us.
-Do you want to eat something ?|-No thanks.
Won't you eat,or drink?|A joint?
Try this.
Time to sleep.
-I'll show you your bed|-Have you got hot water?
Yes,haven't you try|hot bath?
No.We got boiling water|in the saucepan.
-Why are you standing there?|-In which room am I going to sleep?
Unfortunately, I have only one room.|We will sleep together.
I won't tell you much|about my first sexual experience.
Somewhere else,another one,a more important|erotic scene was taking place.
Redhead was helping Knockout|to escape.
without a shot.
The guard was at|the hands of the nurse.
Meanwhile,Ze|was investing on ammo. . .
To terminate|Redhead.
He was heavily equiped even though|he didn't have to pay.
Do you remember the shotgun? |It is a semi automatic shotgun.
You haven't seen a Brouning like this.|It can even shoot down airplanes.
I want what I asked for.|The american R-15.
They don't exist in Brasil.|-I don't give a shit.
I've got the solution.Rouger|Have you seen this before?
Like the R-15.Same galiber|but lighter.
With infrared vision ?|400 blasts per minute?
Are you trying to fool me?|I'll fuck you.
Go now,no money|no guns.
What am I supposed to say to the boss?|-Your problem.Think something.
Beat it,Fatty
e made a big mistake|he didn't know that. . .
Behind every dealer|there is a big trader.
Did you see this?|Why do they want an R-15?
They will make investigations|Cops.We 'll get busted.
Do you think that i will betray you?
I'll fix it,but|don't get involved again.
Charlie!Come here.
Tell him. . .
Let's go now to the fucking dealer.
Come here,kids.
-Do you like chicken ?|-It depends.
We 'll eat chicken and|for dessert...Redhead.
I have a gift for you.
-One big for you.|-Are you giving us guns ?
Yes, but I want you beside me|against Redhead.
-Can we steal later?|-Not at the ghetto.
-Do you know how to shoot?|-More or less.
Come to help|the kids !
I know. You do it like this.
Grab the chicken !
If Ze catches you|he'll kill you.
He has to find me first.
Kid, grab the chicken!
- The Cops !|-Don't run away!
Butthead! Fuckin faggot !|Get the Hell outta here!
Let them kill | each other
Rocket!|Take us a picture!
Why are you standing like this?
Kill the mothafucker!
-Relax,don't move.|- It hurts!
Why did you join|this fuckin war?
Knockout Ned!|Ze is down!
Hang on,I'll help you.
-What's your name|-My name is Otto.
I want revenge|for my father's death.
Ze's down!
Hang on.
Down!Hands behind your head!
-It's you that i want.|-You're through,pal.
Handcuffs on him.
-Rocket,where 're you going;|-I got something to do.
We got some arragments to do,e.
Not you.You're the gift|for the Media.
-Is it 10.000?|-Almoist.That's all i got.
That's all,Boss.|We looked everywhere.
Let him go.
The ring?Is it gold?
Fuck it.|You owe us the rest.
Fuckin war!
Knockout Ned is dead|and I;m broke!
Your fucked,right?
We'll do some robberies|to get back my job.
-Your job,e?|-Is it tough for you,boy?
For our friend,mothafucker!|Attack!
We are the Bosses!
That photograph|will make a professional.
That photograph,will make me famous.
Maybe it becomes a frond page|of a magazine.
I won't worry about Ze anymore.
But the police?
The Boss of the city|of God,falls down dead...
That photograph|it could kill us?
-It gave u work .|-It made me internal.
-You make some money,right?|-Yeah,some..
-That journalist? Was she good?|-Good enough .
-You didn't like it?|-How would they know about fuckin?
Cocoa stole three houses|at Bara.
Let's do him.
-Who killed Roger?|-Bif.
Let's kill the Boss|and Gringo.
It's just the two of us|plus three more. . .
Have u ever heard|of the Red Brigade?
No,but if they come|we'll do 'em.
-Who knows how to write?|-Me,a little.
Let's make|a Black List .
Add in the List Nightbird|And Leonard!
And The Chinese, he thinx too |importand. Claudio also!
Where is Giant?
I forgot to tell you,|my name is not Rocket any more.
I'm Wilson Rodriguez.|Photographer.
Based on a true story
Manuel Assando also known as|Knockout Ned, was hospitilised. . .
after he was "injured"|by Ze's men.
He gave us an interview.
Many died.|Mostly innocent.
just for knowing me. . .|just for being my friends.
If someone thinks that|he knows me, he's dead.
-Where is the police?|-They 're after me,not him.
I went three times to jail while|he kills undisturbed.
They don't arrest him.
Knockout Ned claims|that the war will be continued.
Police officer promised|to take down. . .
both gangs|at the City Of God.
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Cruel Intentions 3
Crumb (1994)
Cube2 Hypercube 2002
Cube Zero
Cure (Kiyoshi Kurosawa) CD1
Cure (Kiyoshi Kurosawa) CD2
Curse The
Custer of the west
Cut Runs Deep The 1998
Cutthroat Island (1995)