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Subtitles for City of No Limits The (Antonio Hernandez 2002).

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City of No Limits The (Antonio Hernandez 2002)

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How's dad?
What did you expect?
Don't be shocked by how he looks.
He didn't want me to come.
But I don't think he ever imagined
that they'd diagnose a tumor.
Since then your father's a different man.
It's as if he wanted people to think he wasn't afraid.
He's always silent and distracted.
But the doctors said that without more tests
they can't be certain.
Luis, Pierre is one of the top oncologists.
He knows your father has got days or months
and an operation will only prolong the illness.
Then why is he here?
We have to try everything, don't we?
We've come to Paris because your father insisted on it.
We should have stayed in Madrid.
I think he wanted to come here because this is where you met.
-You got married here. -Yes. We met in this very hotel,
at a reception De Gaulle gave for the Nuncio.
Wasn't dad a communist?
Yes, but I was covering the reception
for the faculty magazine.
Imagine your father, the model of a right wing businessman.
Dad was never right wing, Alberto, not even now.
Nobody's anything now.
I am.
Let's go to the hospital.
What party are you in now?
I've always been in the same one.
Politics are out of fashion, Luisito.
I'm sorry we had to meet for a reason like this.
You should have come sooner. You're very naughty.
Yes, everyone has told us off.
We're talking big money.
The pharmaceutical industry moves thousands of millions.
Aren't you sorry to give up a family business?
It depends.
-And your father? -He doesn't know what he wants.
He changes his mind every day.
Where are they?
And Pilar?
-l don't know. -l thought you weren't coming!
-Where's my father? -They're doing some more tests.
-At this time? -Come here.
Give me a hug. Show me you haven't forgotten us.
My God, you're still the same!
-So are you. -Me?
l look like my own mother. All the upsets...
My pleasure.
She speaks Spanish.
And I speak English.
I'm sorry, I didn't realize! You could have told me.
l did. I told you her motherwas Argentinian.
And we're not in Spain.
The fact is, you make a lovely couple.
She's beautiful.
Take care of her, don't do like others did.
They're bringing him back now.
Poor old man.
Poor thing.
They say he's fine.
The number you have dialled is not listed.
Please check with the Information Service.
Víctor, my boy.
Don't tell me off.
I know I should have kept in touch more.
Forgive me. I'm sorry.
It's cold.
They should turn up the heating.
It's going to snow.
It's April.
It'll snow anyway.
You haven't come these days.
We only arrived today.
You have a girlfriend, Víctor, don't you?
She came with me, but as you were asleep...
She'll come tomorrow.
You didn't want to work in the laboratories.
But you got two of your sons to follow in your footsteps.
Yes. And they did very well.
They are doing verywell.
Would you mind...
calling this number?
When you can.
No, no, no...
You can't do it from there.
From outside.
And who do I ask for?
Nobody. Just call the number.
l want to know if anyone answers.
l don't know if one of the numbers is wrong.
l took my pills.
And how do you feel?
Didn't they tell you that I'm going to die?
The number you have dialled is not listed. Please check with...
What do you mean, he didn't know you?
lt seemed like he was talking to me
as if I weren't me.
My father was never very out going, but...
He was looking at me and treating me as if I were...
l can't explain it.
You should have got some sleep first.
And you?
Because my girl exists too.
I'm knocked out because I've met your mom,
I've met Luis, Alberto...
You've been telling me about these people for two years.
It's amazing to see that they've got arms,
they've got legs, they move.
-You should change your dealer. -Why do you say that?
l didn't know them, it's a big thing for me.
Why that look?
l know what it means.
We're meeting your mom in 30 minutes.
Put the plug in.
Put it in.
Go on.
No, put the plug in.
Stop it. Put the plug in.
He arrived around midnight.
We'd been waiting for him since ten, to have dinner.
We were worried.
Where is he? Why doesn't he call? Is something wrong?
And suddenly he arrived, just like that, soaking wet.
He said he'd spent the whole evening talking to his father.
And did he?
How could he? His father is dead.
Some people talk to the dead.
Nobody talks to the dead, Lorena.
Some people don't believe in God, but I talk to Him.
-Give Him my regards. -Luis...
Take Alberto to the airport.
He has to give the Dutch contract to the lawyers.
Mom, we were thinking. Why...
don't we wait until Dad gets a bit better?
Dad isn't going to get better.
this is Eileen,
my girlfriend.
Your girlfriend.
I've wanted to meet you. Víctor talks a lot about you.
Do you live here?
No, in Argentinawith Víctor, in San Juan.
Oh, yes, that's right.
You have to forgive me.
I don't remember things.
People can be so unreliable. Eileen, come along.
Víctor is staying with you.
We're going to my nephew's exhibition.
Jean François, remember?
Don't cause trouble.
Víctor, there's a chess set in the wardrobe. Eileen, shall we go?
He's thepatient with most visitors.
I'm sorry. IdonotspeakFrench.
Oh, yes.
Would you like a game of chess?
No, thank you. I'd rather read.
Did you call that number?
Yes, but it must be wrong. Some numbers must be missing.
Who do you want to speak to?
Nobody. It's not important.
-May I use the bathroom? -Yes, yes.
Why isn't he taking his pilIs if he's always taken them?
Maybe he never has.
Shouldn't we tell the doctors?
Wouldn't it be better to find out why?
Why is he pretending? It's not like him.
Dad would say it out.
There's something.
Something he isn't saying.
He's scared.
Víctor, I'd be scared too. He knows he's dying.
His mind is going.
No, it's not that.
It's part of it.
But I've got the feeling
that he's pretending all the time.
-Pretending? -Yes, in everything he does or says.
But pretending what?
That he's sick or that he's losing his mind?
Watch him when he's not looking at you.
Shall we go up?
You go on. I have to call Pilar and the kids.
He's asleep.
-Let's go for a cigarette. -Now?
-We've just come from the bar. -We'lI have another.
What is it?
I've just seen Dad trying to escape.
Escape? He was going for awalk.
No, I said "escape".
He's not asleep now and he's wearing his suit over his pyjamas.
When he saw you he got frightened and went back.
Yes, he hid behind the wardrobe and put his suit on.
He wanted to leave while no one was here.
But, Víctor, if he wants to leave,
all he has to say is "l want to leave", and that's it.
-Right? -Yeah.
l don't get it.
What do we do?
Give him time to take off his suit.
He might do something stupid.
The other day he went up on the roof and almost fell off.
Just like when you were kids. What are you plotting?
Hello, Mom.
Nothing, we're...
Giving up smoking.
Go on, get going,
or they'll tell us off, like always. Go on.
Come on.
Dad, are you all right?
You think I don't know what you're doing with me?
I'm going for a piss.
Numbers were like that fortyyears ago.
The letters were the area's initiaIs.
This would be the number now.
-Thank you. -You're welcome.
-Uncle, will you come up with me? -No, it really scares me.
-I've got vertigo. -Like Aunt Carmen.
So how do you travel through space if it scares you?
l don't travel. l just study the stars.
-From here? -No, from home.
lt scares him, so he sends a spaceship with no one in it.
Then he sits in his armchair and with a remote control
he directs it.
That's boring. Are there extraterrestriaIs?
Yes, but they're here!
Did you talk to your brother about the Dutch deal?
What is there to talk about?
That your mother and Alberto want to sell the labs.
I'm not the best person to give an opinion on that.
l think that your husband... I'm sorry, your ex-husband
is the director or...
-No, the chief executive. -That's it.
And he'll know what has to be done.
Luis is a fool, and your mother knows that.
What do you bet that if your father agrees to sign,
Alberto will get Luis' job?
l don't think my father is too worried about the firm right now.
-I'm going with Eileen. -Ask your mom.
You can take her forever ifyou want.
Carmen, are you coming?
No, I'm not.
-Cowards. -We'll wait back there foryou.
Come on.
How are you?
I was so scared about seeing you again.
Given that we don't know the real size of the tumor,
the chance of finding something unexpected once we start
increases the risk of the operation.
-Excuse me. -Yes?
l don't know, this may sound stupid, but...
Why are we talking about an operation
which doesn't seem to guarantee a good result,
without consulting him?
Your father?
Víctor, dad is in no condition to decide.
l suppose you've been with him.
Max is in a psychological state verging on derangement.
Even so, I don't understand whywe don't ask his opinion.
After all, we're talking about his life.
Víctor, what Pierre means...
l know exactlywhat he means. I'm giving my opinion.
So am l, as head of the medical team which is treating him.
-I'm sorry if I've offended you. -No, no.
Not at all.
But I think this is something you should discuss among yourselves.
Do you really think dad can decide when he doesn't know what day it is?
Or do you think we're all playing with his life and we don't care?
Do you think you know more than the doctors?
Mom, all I said was that I think we should ask him for his opinion.
l can't explain it any better.
And if he wants to jump out the window, do we let him?
I'm going to apologize to Pierre.
I'll staywith dad tonight.
Yes, what is it?
No, I'll pick you up.
I'll buy it and go pick you up.
l don't know, Pilar. As long as it takes.
All right, 'bye.
I'm going to Pierre's office for a moment, but you can leave.
It's Lorena's birthday tomorrow, we're celebrating it tonight.
I'm in no mood for birthdays.
-And you should rest. -I'm very sorry.
I'm getting a taxi.
-You take Víctor. -No.
I'll staywith mom.
Let's go.
Excuse me.
May l?
What's wrong, dad?
l know something's wrong.
Help me.
l need someone to help me.
Didn't you go with your brothers?
No, theywent to pick up the children and Pilar.
lfyou want to go to the birthday party, I'll stay.
Anyway, I want to be with him.
It's hard to recover lost time, isn't it?
I'll be here first thing tomorrow.
-Here's one present. -l hope you like mine.
-One from your aunt. -Here.
Thank you.
You're welcome! Your aunt...
Your brother.
-Your father's first. -Hello.
Look who I found in the hotel.
-Bea! -Bea!
How's my little girl?
Happy birthday. Hello.
What is this?
A surprise.
-Have you made awish? -Yes!
Well, here it is.
You found it!
This is Beatriz, Luis' girlfriend. Víctor, our little brother.
-And his girlfriend Eileen. -Hello, I was dying to meet you.
My pleasure.
-Hello. -Hello.
-Hello, Carmen. -Hello, Beatriz
Sit here.
Don't worry, we'll sit here.
-Bea, do you want some cake? -Of course. So, tell me.
-Were you on the ferris wheel? -Yes!
How was the flight?
Horrific. I'm terrified of planes. It's the second time I've flown.
Just to give you an idea,
l had to ask the man beside me
if I could grab on to his hand. But, anyway,
I'm here now.
-And I'm going back by train. -When?
l don't know.
How's your father?
How is he doing?
We can see him tomorrow morning.
You're taking her there too?
shall we go play in the garden?
No, I'm staying here.
Why are you doing this?
-Pilar, I don't think... -l didn't ask you.
What kind of example is this foryour kids?
You could have told me you were going to bring her.
l didn't know she was coming.
lt was a surprise.
lt certainlywas.
A surprise to see how the nanny is moving up.
Pilar, we're celebrating...
Don't worry, I'm leaving. Lorena, Alejandro, come along!
At least, I have a sense of decency and some manners.
-But why are we leaving? -Be quiet.
Come along. Maybe she was never taught any.
-Mom, I forgot my present! -Go and get it!
Come on.
Class can't be learned, no matter how cute you are.
I'm very sorry.
Now Eileen has seen a typical Spanish scene.
Who wants a drink?
l do.
Something strong.
I have to get out of here.
You have to help me get out of here.
I have to get out of here.
You're imagining things. Try to relax.
You can't stop taking your medication.
No one wants to hurt you.
lfyou want to leave, no one is going to stop you.
This is a hospital, dad.
I'll never tell you where he is.
is not a hospital.
They are not doctors,
or nurses.
Didn't they tell you? They all believe that the city
has got no limits.
What should I do?
Don't speak in front of them.
You have to get awhite coat,
like the ones they use,
with a name badge.
We can only do it
on Saturday or Sunday
when the shifts change in the morning.
Don't look at the cameras. They're watching us.
Bring a car
and leave my clothes inside.
Don't let your mother see you taking them.
Not her or anyone.
Then what do we do?
-Rancel? -Yes.
We have to warn him before they arrive.
It's a trap.
Go away.
Go away before they see you.
I'll distract them.
Go away!
-Hello, love. -Hello.
-Where's Eileen? -She's shopping, with Carmen.
So you've met the nanny?
Luis' mistress.
Yes, yesterday.
Do you think it right that she came here?
l don't know. She's his wife now...
l don't understand you. l must be getting old.
Does the name Rancel ring a bell?
No, I've never heard it before. Why?
No reason.
There they are.
Can you find out to whom this number belongs
or to what address?
The address.
You're very kind.
Could you check under Rancel?
l can't tell you any more.
There's nothing under Rancel.
What are you doing?
I was looking for scissors.
We don't have scissors.
What do you mean? I've got scissors.
You never had scissors.
Here are my scissors.
What's going on?
He's scared.
He doesn't trust anyone, he lies.
He's alone inside something he's invented in his mind.
You have to tell the doctors and your mother.
Luis is right.
But he doesn't want anyone to know. Otherwise, he wouldn't hide.
Yes, but your father's ill, and the doctors say the tumor
-could affect... -You don't understand.
lt doesn't matter if it's affecting him,
if he's losing his mind or if...
he's got a split personality.
The awful thing is that he thinks we're doing something to him.
He isn't taking his pilIs, he wants to escape,
he keeps calling a phone number that doesn't exist.
OK, but don't take it out on me, I've got nothing to do with it.
l do as I'm told,
l go with your sisters-in-law,
l go with your mother, l go with the children.
I'm sorry.
l feel lost.
lf I knew how to help you, l would.
lfyou want, I'll stay.
No, not at all.
You've done enough. We can't both be away
-from the observatory. -Who's with him now?
-What is it? -They're screwing!
He knows we're in the same corridor and he's screwing her!
What is it?
This is an hotel, not awhore house!
Your children are in this corridor!
Don't touch me! Don't dare touch me!
You should be giving off to them!
Don't touch me!
Hey, you lot, go back to bed.
Come inside.
Come in.
Get out of here!
-Pilar, what's wrong? -What do you mean, what's wrong?
The way she's screaming it sounds like you're killing her.
lfyou tapped on the wall like everyone...
-Like...? -Pilar, calm down.
Don't touch me!
And I'm very calm.
what everyone does is have some consideration
especiallywhen your lover's kids are practically next door,
and one's father is dying. That's what everyone does!
You're right. Tomorrow we'll change floors.
Why? She can change, can't she?
That's what you wanted, isn't it?
Getting in my bed wasn't enough.
Did you know that, Víctor?
I was in hospital having a miscarriage
and he was screwing her in my house.
You want everything.
lf only I'd die...
Well, you won't get it.
This is my family.
You're selling nothing but pussy.
Pilar, that's enough.
Don't worry, tomorrow we're going back to Madrid.
Don't bother saying goodbye to your kids.
They heard enough from you tonight.
-Dad, are you all right? -Go away. Get out of here.
Dad, open the door.
Go away!
Let me in, please.
Why did you tell her?
They know that only I know where to find him.
Do they think I'm going to take you to him?
I'll never do that.
-l won't. -Dad,
l didn't want to tell them anything. l just wanted to know who Rancel is,
to help you. You must believe me.
I'll help you escape. We'll do it Saturday.
I've got the coat and the name badge.
We'll go out the back door, when the shift changes.
Please, open the door.
Is he in the bathroom?
Yes, he's just gone in.
He has to get dressed. They're taking him away.
-Dad! -Where are they taking him?
To another center, to do more tests for the operation.
It's part of this hospital.
Does it have to be now?
Yes, I suppose so.
Can I go with him?
Go with him? No.
Is anything wrong?
No, no.
Dad, open the door.
Do you want us to go with you?
l put the latest report by the Dutch in your case.
You can read it, ifyou want.
He'll be back here Saturday.
Where are the others?
They'll be down now.
Has Dad ever owned
a house or an apartment in Paris?
No, not as far as I know.
-Where are we eating? -l don't know.
Alberto will tell us.
l don't feel like it.
l suggested it, as a farewell for Eileen. lt might relax us.
Has Pilar gone?
Yes. Just as well.
-Hello! -Look at these beauties!
You look gorgeous!
Where's Beatriz?
Look, here she comes.
She's the best thing that's happened to Luis.
Poor Pilar.
Carmen, Pilar is unbearable.
Why did she come?
She thinks that ifwe do a deal with the Dutch
she'll end up with nothing and the nannywill get it all.
-Don't call her the nanny. -It's just habit.
Alberto thinks it's better to screw the nanny
-than marry her. -Really?
No, and I'm not going to discuss it.
l know myself.
Which is my drink? What a crowd!
Is Beatriz on her own? She may never come back.
Come on, let's dance.
You're all deadbeats.
lfwe reach the dance floor.
Come on, we're going to dance. Come on.
Come on, the plane's leaving.
l hope there's a miracle.
So do l. lf only miracles existed!
What are you up to, Víctor?
-Me? -Yes, you.
-Your mom said it. -What?
l hope you know what you're doing.
-Well, the plane's leaving. -Víctor...
l know that you love me and that I love you,
and there's no doubt about that.
And I know I'm a real drag when I keep telling you
that I want to marryyou.
Let me tell you this,
then I'll turn around and leave.
l want you to know that l adore you above all eIse.
-Good. -And that
l want you to be sure about being with me.
l don't know what's going on with Carmen, I don't care,
but when you get it sorted out, come home.
I'll be waiting foryou, whateveryou decide.
lt'll be fine with me.
Ciao, my love.
Ten o'clock.
Ten o'clock?
Yes, the shift changes now.
Ah, ten o'clock, yes.
We must be careful.
They may let us get out so they can follow us.
No, they know nothing.
Where are we going?
l can't tell you.
-All right. -Let's go.
The key.
Yes, here it is.
All right, let's go.
-You go first. -Yes.
We have to get out of here quickly. Where's the car?
-Don't worry, no one's seen us. -Yes,
-they can see us. -No.
Why is he here?
Yes, Luis.
-He's coming with us. -No! He's with them.
No, he's with us. He wants to help you too.
No, you're crazy, you're crazy. Let's get out of here!
Wait, wait, wait. I'll tell him to go away.
Calm down.
l won't be long.
-What's wrong? -I'll go with him.
You go to the hotel. lf they ask, act dumb.
-Where are you going? -l don't know. Keep your phone on.
Víctor... Víctor!
I'm back.
Do you know...
Do you know
why they're looking for him?
For... For Rancel.
Because only he knows the ways out of the city.
l don't know where I am.
Where do you want to go?
You have to trust me.
We have to find Rancel...
before he goes to the station.
He'll be at home.
lf he isn't there, he'll be at the fountain with the others.
Let's go.
Wait here for me.
He's not in.
Wait here for me. I'll see if he's at the fountain.
Where is... the fountain?
lt should be here.
Where is... the fountain?
lt should be here.
You've changed everything.
isn't the street.
It's a lie.
Where is he?
It's a trap.
Dad, you're all right.
The fountain isn't here, Víctor.
-lt isn't the same street. -Don't worry.
We'll find it. Calm down.
Don't let him get on that train.
It's a trap.
You have to find him. Tell him
that you're my son.
Give him
this button.
That way, he'll understand
that something
is wrong.
The button...
Give it to him.
He'll know
that he's in danger.
May I have aword alone with Víctor?
I'll go have a coffee.
l won't be long.
lt was Luis's idea, wasn't it?
l don't know what he's scheming.
He wants to persuade dad I'm working against him.
l just follow mom's instructions.
Where did you go?
Where do you think we went?
For awalk.
ln a taxi, to the center of Paris?
You think we took him to make a new will?
You really think that?
Luis didn't come with us, and he never suggested such a thing.
You think Luis would do that?
Would you do it?
I'm sorry, really.
He asked me in such away l felt sorry for him.
l didn't think going for awalk would do him any harm.
Pierre thinks it's better that there are always two people with him,
and only in visiting time.
You should talk to Luis. He might tell you where theywent.
l don't need to talk to Luis.
Who is this Rancel?
Who lives on the 4th floor?
He says it's been closed for 40 years, nobody lives there,
and the owner doesn't want to rent it.
Why did he hide from everyone for 40 years that he had an apartment
which he visited occasionally?
Is he Rancel? Is he looking for himself?
He says there was never a fountain. But what there was, in this cafe,
was a bookshop called "The Fountain".
frequented by a lot of Spaniards.
From the Communist Party.
He doesn't remember it verywell now.
No one gave their names then, and Rancel could be a pseudonym.
Your fatherwas in the Communist Party.
What are you looking for?
According to your husband, a lawyer to change the will.
According to my father,
someone who's in danger if he gets on a train,
or someone who got on that train.
l think my father believes he's living something
that happened 40 years ago.
Why don't you ask him?
l did. You know what he answered?
When I'm dreaming, those who have locked us up in this city
look at my dreams
and discover everything.
Your father's losing his mind, Víctor.
Yes, but he doesn't know.
What are you going to do?
Look for that ghost Rancel.
lf he was in the Communist Party, he must be listed somewhere.
And if he doesn't exist?
He does exist. You know why?
Because someone in my dear family doesn't him found.
ln your family?
Sorry, but I'm lost.
It's impossible not to be lost.
A beer?
By the way,
why are you here?
To tell you the truth, I was following you.
Got a car?
Will you take me to the station?
Between following you there and taking you,
l prefer taking you.
Thanks a lot, Juan. So long.
He'll check it out. My friend on the newspaper.
He'll look in the Communist Party files.
lf he finds anything, he'll fax it to the hotel.
That's great, thanks.
-l won't say aword to anyone. -That's it.
Hello, Marie.
Hello, my dear. You want a drink?
No, I just want to know who's going to the hospital.
Víctor and l. I'm waiting for him.
-How's the little one? -She's fine.
She loves being with my mother.
I have to leave tomorrow, school's beginning again.
-Unless you want me to stay. -No.
-You've done enough. -I'll change and be right down.
-And I'll see Max before I leave. -Verywell.
Did you speak to the hospital?
Yes, he's fine, he ate.
Why did you lie to me?
Tell me who Rancel is.
Would you like anything?
What? No, no, nothing.
RanceI was a friend ofyour father,
before I knew him.
They both belonged to a cell
which acted as liaison between Madrid
and the party's organization in exile.
They used to smuggle propaganda into Madrid.
That was their mission.
But one day, someone betrayed them to the Spanish police,
and theywere waiting for them at the border.
That day, Rancel arrived on his own.
Your father, no one knows why,
never got on that train.
Did he betray him?
Everyone thought so.
RanceI was sentenced to ten years.
And he died in jail.
He died after fouryears, of pneumonia or something similar.
Your father neverwent to visit him.
And he never forgave himself.
He never spoke of it again, until now.
Víctor, forget about it. No one can help him.
You can't relive the past.
Maybe I should have told you about it before,
but I was waiting for him to forgive himself.
Or to forget about it.
I've done everything.
I've tried everything, explained it to him, fought with him...
But he stopped speaking to me. He won't look at me.
l don't know what he's thinking.
And I see how he's graduallywasting away,
confusing memories with the noveIs he reads.
He isn't the same anymore.
He isn't himself.
Right, wheneveryou want.
Shall we go?
I'll go a bit later.
"Joaquín Navarro Montaves. Allas "RanceI".
Literatureprofessor. Born in Santanderin 1925.
He was apartymember from 1957.
forconspiracyagainstthe state andsentenced
to ten years in jall."
Did Alberto tell you they're closing the deal in Amsterdam?
-Did he tell you when? -No.
Come in. Nobody's sleeping tonight.
l wanted to say good-bye, I'm leaving tomorrow.
Yes, hello, Eileen.
I'm leaving too. l came for a drink.
Love to the little one.
-Good night. -Good night.
Yes, all's well.
Yes, I was asleep.
lt doesn't matter. I'll call you in the morning.
Yeah. Kisses.
Same here.
What must Luis think?
l don't care. l never have cared.
Why didn't you go to the hospital?
What for?
To tell him it's too late to look for a dead man?
Rancel is dead?
You know why?
Because my father,
my father, his companion, his friend,
betrayed him.
Your father?
He was sentenced to ten years and he died in jail.
Now he's looking for him.
How ironic.
How horrible.
Yes, Eileen.
Of course I'm alone.
l told you before, I was asleep.
l don't want to talk to you?
I was asleep. I swear I'll call you as soon as I get up.
l love you. Of course I do.
-How's your father? -Stable, thank you.
May I have the key to my mother's room?
-I have to leave her this. -Of course.
Excuse me.
Where's my father?
My father... Where's my father?
-Your father is in another section. -Where?
Visits are not allowed.
-Where's Pierre, the doctor? -Pierre
is off today. Tomorrow.
Ask your mother. She knows.
Is anything wrong?
No. I don't know. Theywon't let us see him.
Do you know why?
It's just while they're preparing him for the operation.
And he has to be isolated?
l don't know, I'm not a doctor.
Rancel didn't die in jail.
No one writes a novel 20 years after his death.
Who is Rancel, mom?
I'm going to find him.
Who is he?
What happened?
Let him explain.
Why did you lie to me again?
You aren't the best person to talk about lies, Víctor.
Now, ifyou don't mind, my friends are waiting for me.
There it is.
-Shall I come with you? -No, it's all right.
What will you do now?
I'm going to get Sofía from school. It's near here.
Will you come home?
Yes, no, I don't know.
-Well... -Anyway, thanks.
Does Joaquín Navarro live here?
Yes, but he's out. What did you want?
I'm the son of a friend of his.
Could you take my phone number and tell him to call me?
-I'd like to speak to him. -Yes, I'll get a pen and paper.
-lfyou don't mind... -Of course not.
I'm in the Hotel...
No, wait.
Better still,
please tell him to call me on my cell phone.
And tell him I'm the son
of Maximiliano Martín.
Verywell, I'll do that.
-Thank you. -You're welcome.
Don't you like it?
It's lovely.
Foryour room.
-Say thank you. -Why? She doesn't like it.
Do you, Sofía?
The thing is, she's dying with sleep. Come on, bedtime.
-Kiss your godfather. -Good night.
Wait till you see how it lights up your room.
It's lovely, isn't it?
Pouryourself a drink. They're over there.
Yournamehasn't faded.
ItmingIes with otherfaces andbecomes deformed.
Idon't knowifit is allpartofthe torture.
Idon't know ifhe'llgiveyou this Ietter.
Idon't knowifhe's a friend orifhe's Iying.
I wouIdhave llked to embraceyou, butI'm dying.
There isn'tmuch timeIeft.
I've seen the train, I've seen theminside,
manytimes, waitingforyou,
andyou don't reallze it.
Othertimes, youknew andgotawayin time.
orthey'vemade it up so thatI'lltell them whereyou are.
Ihave to stopyou fromgettingon thattrain
forit willtakeyou toyourdeath.
Othertimes, you're aIready dead.
-Hello. -Hello.
Joaquín hasn't come back.
Did he get my message?
Yes, but he's away and doesn't know when he'll be back.
I'm sorry.
Could you give me a phone number for him?
No, he told me that he couldn't see you.
He's sorry, but he's very busy. Would you like to come in?
No, no, thank you.
tell him that Max, my father,
needs to see him.
He's very ill, he won't live much longer.
Yes, I'll tell him, but...
He spends half the year in Paris and...
Is he there now?
My father's in Paris too.
tell him to contact me.
Tell him just to take a coffee with me.
Five minutes. Just five minutes.
All right, I'll do it.
Do you have a pen?
I'm always asking you for a pen.
Thank you. And some paper?
Tell him I'll wait for him,
at this address in Paris, tomorrow, all through the day.
And aIso tell him that I gave you a button.
He'll understand.
I'll tell him.
-Thank you for everything. -You're welcome.
Alberto rang. They're going to operate on your father.
Luis, llsten!
Luis, will you calm down?
What time's the operation?
Right. That's signed by Pierre, isn't it?
They say he's incapacitated for everything.
You're the one at that family meeting.
l said, you...
You're the one at the family meeting!
You've spoken to him?
They could have delayed the operation.
You'll be happy.
They'll name another chief executive. And who will it be?
It's none of my business.
I'm not going to give my opinion,
and the train doesn't want yours.
What rubbish!
I'm going to sleep, or I'll try to anyway.
l spoke to your brother too.
He thinks he's doing what's best for everyone.
My mother probably says exactly the same thing.
What will you do?
What can I do?
And what about us?
I'm going to tell Alberto.
Don't tell him.
l see.
You've never been in love with me.
l think I was.
You're leaving.
l think it's the best.
The best foryou.
For me too.
Idon't want
to dienaked.
Yes, yes, that's me.
No, I'll be right down.
Yes, in the cafe.
l suppose that in every age
there were manywho dreamed of a society
that was more just, more intelligent.
And, like us, they fought for it.
But there are other elements which sweep everything away
and set out the rules of the game.
The dreams are sold out, bit by bit,
almost without you realizing.
And life envelops you,
carrying you along.
That's whyyou have to keep fighting.
But it wears you out.
lt really does.
l don't bear him any grudge. l never did, not even in jail.
Your fatherwas always a good person.
And I'm sure he continued to be so. But he was a coward.
With that cowardice, so common it must be said,
of those people who...
How can I put it?
Who don't think they're capable, who don't believe in themselves.
We alI have a bit of that, I'm sure.
That night, when Max didn't show up at the station,
I was stretching out the time.
During my arrest, the trial, those first months in jail,
I was waiting all the time to see his face.
And then, a phone call, a letter, something.
And one day,
l don't know when, or at what moment, I stopped waiting.
l forgot him.
l forgot him in here,
although I can remember everyword, every song, even some shirts.
l guess I had to go on living.
That's why l won't go to see him.
l can't. I don't want to. Don't get me wrong.
lt isn't a question of pride or of revenge.
l told you before that l would never dare judge you.
lfyou think you shouldn't go
I've got no more arguments.
This isn't my story, it's yours and his.
lt was mine.
Not anymore.
l won't deny that I thought it more mine than your father's.
And it isn't that time has hardened me.
I'm touched to know that Max kept that house
where we spent a period which was very...
very beautiful, very important in our lives.
But fortyyears ago.
You've seen it, it's empty now.
So why have you come?
lf I'm to be honest, foryou.
Not for him.
When Alex told me about the button
l got the impression it was worth coming foryou.
I'm sorry I can't go with you.
You'lI have to invent something.
I'lI have to invent something.
And I don't know what.
lf only I had the imagination of the character in your novel.
lf only I knew the ways to get out of the city.
get my father to do what he didn't do that night.
Because, really,
he just wants to warn you.
Tell him that you saw me.
l don't know...
lt must be terrible when illness changes a loved one...
into a lunatic.
Until today, l thought just the opposite.
l mean that...
l know that losing your mind
may be the worst that can happen to you.
But my father has found, or has invented, the possibility
of reliving that night.
And preventing it.
For him, Rancel hasn't got on the train yet.
He still hasn't betrayed his friend.
He didn't betray me.
lt was Marie.
My mother?
But why?
As simple as that, jealousy.
I was a nuisance, an element to be eliminated.
And she did it.
Marie was very clever, she was very sure ofwhat she wanted.
Your father can't forgive himself another betrayal.
That of knowing it.
Of having known it since then.
l don't know which is worse.
At least you know that my father didn't forget you.
lfyou change your mind, call me.
l will.
Thank you for coming, for giving me some ofyour time.
-lt was a pleasure meeting you. -Likewise.
And thank you again.
Are you looking foryour father?
Did your mother give you an envelope?
An envelope?
An envelope from your father.
Yes, thank you.
You went to Madrid.
And you saw him.
Is he going to come?
l suppose he hasn't forgiven me.
I haven't forgiven him either.
I was only22,
and your father was all I cared about.
You don't need to explain. Regrettably...
You won't believe aword I say.
There's one thing you will believe.
lf I had to do it again,
l would.
You're right.
Are you so sure you can reproach me for it?
Ever since Luis was born,
I've done everything so you wouldn't doubt your father.
For him.
Doubt what?
His sexuality?
Rancel and you have something in common.
l must have inherited it.
He was arrogant, like you.
He paraded his homosexuality like a flag.
Conceited, proud...
He treated others as he pleased.
You don't need to explain.
l don't care.
And I don't care whyyou did it. Really.
But, at least now,
only now,
when he's got no time left,
leave him alone, for God's sake. Let him die in peace.
Aren't you ashamed...
to keep on and on
and on.
Don't you get tired?
lf it hadn't been forwhat I did,
you might not even exist.
For that alone, you should be grateful to me.
Mom, go to hell.
Go to fucking hell.
No, I'm sorry, first give me a letter
which I believe is for me.
"Your name hasn't faded.
Your face has.
It mingIes with otherfaces and becomes deformed.
I don't know if it is all part of the torture.
I can't tell anymore.
I don't know if he'll give you this Ietter.
I don't know if he's a friend or if he's Iying.
I wouId have llked to embrace you,
but I'm dying.
There isn't much time Ieft.
I've seen the train. I've seen them inside,
many times, waiting for you,
and you don't reallze it.
Other times you knew and got away in time.
Or they've made it up so that I'll tell them where you are.
I have to stop you getting on that train,
for it will takey ou to your death.
Atother times, you are aIready dead,
as I am.
Other times you taIk to me and smlle,
and say things you'd never said, and you say you love me.
I wanted to love you, but I couIdn't.
At times, I dream that we're stilI there
and that time is ours,
and that your llps are on my naked body,
and then my children
see us embracing, naked.
But they're no longer my children.
They're her children.
I don't know them.
I don't know anyone.
Freedom is travellng with you on that train.
If they find you, they'll kill you.
And the city will keep growing without a way out for anyone.
OnIy you can teach my children
to waIk that path. Do it,
and I'll know that you've forgiven me.
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