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Subtitles for City on fire 1987.

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City on fire 1987

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Boss, may I use the phone?
Over there!
Hello, Inspector Lau Ting Kwong please.
Yes, please!
What a coincidence!
Calling the police?
You must be kidding!
Hey, Chun, this is Wah...
What is it? Don't move!
Reporting to the police?!
Go on, don't stand around.
Stand aside a bit, don't crowd up here.
Inspector Lau!
The dead man was Chan Kam Wah, alias Wah.
He had seven knife wounds, died through loss of blood.
He was calling from a shop.
Suddenly three men attacked him.
We're now getting a report from the shop keeper.
I told you, I couldn't see them.
Then how do you know there were three of them?
It was chaos, how could I see clearly?
What were you doing then?
Packing things.
People were killing over there, and you were packing
They killed, I packed,
no involvement.
What's wrong?
I believe what he said, didn't see anything.
Here is all the on-site evidence.
Get a car, take them all back.
Sir, you're not getting me into trouble?
Take all the things back.
Can't you let the dead be comfortable?
All right!
Fetch Ko Chow here for me!
Brother Chow!
Have you reserved a table?
Take away your hand, unless you don't want it!
Don't you know I have a friend over there?
Brother Chow!
Where is Hung? Over there!
Chow, you don't want to make trouble?
This place is looked after by brother Tsui, don't do
What are you talking about? Shut up!
Hung, for you, I've decided to divorce my wife.
She just wants my money, I don't care how much.
I just want to be with you, promise me! Hung!
What do you mean? Ignoring me?
I've waited for two & a half hours in Black Swan.
You should inform me if you were not coming, Miss!
I want you to leave right away.
Are you blind? Can't you see I'm talking to my wife?
Hey, who's your wife?
Even if you want to get back at me.
You shouldn't find such a guy!
Don't scold people here.
What if I do, does it hurt you?
Go to your Lily!
I didn't do anything with Lily that night.
It's none of my business.
I've called her here to explain to you.
I've no interest.
Is it because I slept with others.
You do the same for revenge?
She did it with me from head to foot, can you?
Ko Chow, wanna make trouble?
Happy? Go!
Your body itches?
I'll wait for you outside.
I don't want to see you tonight!
No problem!
Hey, Lily, why are you walking so fast?
Do you know Mr. Tsoh?
When Hung comes out, you explain to her
Explain what?
Why did you call me to your house that night?
I don't know!
If you need somebody to explain, please ask Mr. Tsoh
Hey, Lily, you can't go!
Right, Ko Chow! Stand right there!
Hey, Lily, don't go!
None of my business, he asked me to call you.
Stay right there! Bastard!
Keep standing! Don't move, keep standing.
You are now under arrest.
We've every reason to believe you're in a case...
Let go of me...
Let's go!
Ko Chow!
Fool around with me?
Don't move!
Go eat shit!
What is it? Hurting others won't cause death.
We're not arresting you for hurting others.
We've reason to believe you're involved in a murder case.
Come with us, go!
Nothing, take a seat!
Sir, don't pull too hard, this hand is mine.
Sir, why did you bring me here?
Quit the bullshit!
We caught him in the Bar,
he even tried causing bodily harm.
Bring him in!
Uncle Kwong, what kind of ajoke is this?
Every time I call you, you never return the call.
No, how can I reach you?
Come here!
Do you know him?
He was Wah, when did he die?
Be serious!
Do you know his background?
He's a real bad one, whoring and gambling,
in heavy debt, dying can't help.
Not such a pity that he's dead.
You don't know him well.
He's the same as you, an undercover agent
He was a police officer.
He joined the force before you.
He was investigating a criminal group.
This group of people wanted to rob ajewellery factory.
He called me tonight, perhaps he had some clues.
He couldn't reach me, then he was killed.
I think it was done by those criminals.
Chow, I want you to take up Wah's job.
Uncle Kwong, I've already resigned.
I haven't received it yet.
I don't want to do it.
Only you know people around Wah
So I have to find you.
You go and collect information right away.
I guess those guys are ready to move.
On last case with Shing,
I've told you clearly.
I don't want to be an undercover agent anymore.
You gave clues, I caught Shing, what's wrong?
I betrayed my friend!
That brother Shing was like scum in society.
A heroin dealer, a loan shark.
Do you know how many people he'd hurt?
You're a policeman, you should fulfill your duties.
I fulfill my duties? But I betray friends!
Shing was with me through life and death.
He got two knife wounds for me, do you know?
The feeling between Shing & me, you won't understand,
I really don't want to be an undercover agent again
Release me, please?
You haven't seen your grandma in a long time.
Chow, I never thought it was you who betrayed me.
I can't die peacefully.
Brother Shing!
The police are here, come on run!
Bony, order some take-away.
Bony, be calm.
Yes, Fu!
Fu, you take care of those brothers.
Don't fire unless,
you have to in order not to leave a trace.
Take it easy!
Are you ready?
I've been ready for ages.
The pistol is not my type.
Hide, you look horrible.
You come and guard. Yes!
What is it?
A moment!
A moment only!
Robbery, don't be afraid, robbery.
Stand by the wall.
Don't move!
Or else I'll kill you.
AII, don't move!
What is it? Robbery!
All stand still.
Try to open it.
Go, go sideways.
Don't run.
Don't come near.
Stand up!
Come on, open the safe.
Pretending to be dead? Fool me? Pretending to be dead
Don't come near.
Don't fight, stop!
Go away!
You'll kill him!
Don't stop me.
How is it inside?
Brother, they're fighting inside.
Don't fight!
Don't come near. Do you want to die?
Have you two gone crazy? Go out, go out!
Is the safe open?
This old guy would not open it.
You co-operate and you'll be alright.
What's the number for the safe, come on!
You won't tell?
Tell me, what's the number? Say!
Left turn 30, right turn 17, then turn 15.
Come on, quick.
Miss, see what he needs.
Open the door, tell your brothers to be quick.
Robbery! There's a robbery!
Help! There's a robbery!
Robbery! Sir... somebody is robbing.
Upstairs, how many of them are there?
Nam, they're in trouble, what shall we do?
Come on, here!
Calling headquarters.
Friend, something happened up there...
P. C. 26977 calling headquarters, do you hear me?
Please send people to Cheung Kong Industrial Building.
I'll go with Chan up there first.
That's it over!
Sir! Stand aside.
Don't fire! Don't move!
Shooting will kill!
How is he? Still up there!
Nam, Fu, I'll have to go first.
You Bony, if you go, I'll shoot you to death.
Sit down!
Fu, get in, quickly, dismiss.
Some are not down here yet.
Don't go...
How is Joe?
Get in! Get in!
Start the car, quick!
How come the gun is not working?
What a fire!
Lau, Chow is here, over there!
What happened?
There were six robbers.
Cut the police alarm in the lobby.
They went up to 13/F & robbed Wing Hang Jewellry Co.
Totalling $1.2m.
They've altogether two revolvers, acting very fast!
There were five hurt, one dead.
It's a group of organized & well-planned robbers.
Not ordinary gangsters.
Not so serious?
Any clues?
We've found some bullet shells and a lighter.
Any witnesses?
The robbers were all masked
Somebody saw one with a brown overcoat.
Wearing a pair of park sunglasses
I've already asked somebody to get the picture.
John, what do you think?
Not much information on site, but, Chow
I'll break the case as soon as possible.
Uncle Lau, be calm, I'll find a way to crack the case.
Kid, which district are you from?
Lau, John is transferred from headquarter by me.
You've met before.
I don't really recognize him.
Uncle Lau! Just call me Lau.
It's all the same, I respect you.
Lau, I've asked John to set up a special committee.
To help to break the case.
I'm coming to help in this area's few big cases.
What I want now are
the information & clues concerning Lau
You'll have to co-operate, O.K.?
Yes, Sir!
Yes, Sir!
Lau, I know you used to help me a lot.
But you have to understand me.
I'll wait for your report at the police station, O.K.?
Yes, Sir!
This pair of shoes is too small.
Honey! Who is it?
It's you? You shouldn't go all over the place.
What are you here for?
Waiting for you to return!
Good reflexer!
Of course, I keep fit every day.
Really? Let me try to hit a hard one.
Go to hell!
You're kicking me to death.
Don't light it if you don't want to.
All right, I'll light it.
Look at you!
It's hot.
Where did you go tonight?
On a date?
With Mr. Tsoh?
No problem!
Hey... Where are you going?
To the lavatory! To urinate?
I'll go with you!
You first!
In fact I don't quite need to.
Is it funny?
What a pair, they even urinate together.
Have to beat him up once. Who is it?
Who's going out with her tonight?
It's me, be patient!
You also need a beating.
I've got it made!
Kiss all you want.
Darling, be careful, don't catch cold!
Hey, you should go!
Outside is windy & rainy, where do you want me to go?
To hell!
Hell, you've got to listen to my last words first.
We're disturbing the neighbours...
I like to!
The police and robbers have exchanged than 60 shots.
One were dead and five wounded. The six robbers have all escaped.
Inspector Lau of that district has "no comment".
Inspector Chan of the new special unit has made the following comments.
We must crack the case as soon as possible is a must.
This is our main target & purpose for existence.
End of special news report.
Have a bath together first, darling!
Hey, I'm inside!
What a smell!
Bad smell, I'm only urinating.
Piss is also smelly.
I'm fed up with you two.
Hey, don't be in the way here.
I have to sleep with Hung here tonight.
Three in a bed? Don't be too kind to me.
You want to?
I want to very much. It's disgusting!
Darling, I'm coming!
Go out... I'll accuse you of raping.
Nonsense, we're husband and wife, what raping?
Help! I just won't bother you.
What do you mean?
I'll just swallow it if you don't want it.
You've wanted it for so long, now you have it.
Who wants your poor ring? Offering marriage in a toilet?
Deposit is given, let me have something.
Be careful not to drop me on the floor.
I won't fall from the horse.
Who is calling me now, bastard?
Who is calling you?
I'll return the call first. Don't!
This call is very important!
Who called you?
My grandma, hey, I'll have to go!
You're leaving?
Don't return if you leave.
Forcing me again, all right, I'm coming! Coming...
Coming... who is it?
It's me, grandma!
Its little dog!
Uncle Kwong!
Little dog...
You haven't been for so long, I can't recognize you.
What is it?
Your favourite food!
Maltose? Right!
I've no teeth.
Your uncle has been drinking since he returned
Drinking & scolding you, go in & see him.
Go, be good!
Don't drink anymore.
Chow brought in a kid today, to replace me.
They don't give a shit about me.
Though I'm old, I won't give in.
It's enough! Don't bother with me.
I've been a policeman for more than 30 years
My position now was made with my life.
Not like them coming up through exams.
My certificates, souvenirs, are more than Chow's.
Kid, you're good, only you died too early
Leaving me with no one to help.
I don't believe we can't catch those bastards.
Those who should die don't, those shouldn't, die early
Don't, Uncle Kwong! Come out!
Leave me alone! You go out! Uncle Kwong!
Hello! Hello, Master Chow, take a seat!
Long time no see, can I be of any help?
Big Song, I'll only come to you in time of need.
I have six outstanding loans
He'll send somebody to kill me tonight.
If we succeed in the deal
I guarantee you a lot of money.
Come on, are you afraid?
Do you think I am?
I still have guns.
You do?
Very safe and sure.
All right, I'll work it out for you.
It must be quick.
What is the price?
This three thousand, that two thousand five.
Buy one get six bullets.
Chow, too expensive!
Exclusive of commission.
What about your commission?
Ten for this deal.
This is daylight robbery!
You're also taking these to rob.
Hey, get out!
Girl, take it to play.
A bit expensive, can't help it, there's a shortage.
Sometimes you can't even get it with money, right?
You really know the situation.
I'm just telling the fact.
I'll think about it, let's meet some other time.
All right! Boy!
It's all right, you go first!
The one with a blue overcoat is Ko Chow.
You think he was involved in Wing Hang's case?
This is the one.
Don't cry anymore.
Be good, don't cry anymore!
Wah, you take it, you take it all.
This is the one who murdered Wah, you know him?
This is the murderer of the Jewel Company robbery
The face is covered, how can I identify him?
Uncle Kwong, the C.I.D. Is after me.
It must be John's group.
I don't care whose group
I can't help you if you don't get rid of this for me.
When you deal with them, record the conversation.
For use in court as evidence later.
Where are the revolvers?
Get it from the Mongkok Bowling Centre.
Giving the revolvers to the thieves, it's irresponsible.
Chow, even if you don't sell the arms to them
They have other ways to get them
Then, we don't know how many revolvers they have.
We lose the trail.
We are not wrong.
I hope so.
Sister-in-law, sister-in-law!
Wah... Wah, you can't leave us.
Wah... tell me, what shall I do?
Two? This way!
He's already here.
How are you? Somebody's husband.
I've been waiting so long!
A moment!
What would you like?
Two coffees, please!
I just went with Hung to try on the wedding gown
You're really lucky
Your suit is ready, go try it on when you're free.
Yes! All right!
Remember to be at the registry at 10 a.m. Day after tomorrow.
Don't tell me you're busy then.
Don't be so anxious, you've told one hundred times.
As though you'll never marry.
This guy has a bad memory.
Just then I went to see the house with Rose.
I want to sell the old one,
buy a new one, bigger.
What do you think?
No problem!
Why are you so quiet? Not feeling well?
Hung, I want to register later.
I've something to do.
To sign a name doesn't take much time.
I'll sign after I finish the job.
What is it that's so important?
Don't bother with it.
Signing later is the same.
No, why do we have to postpone?
Wait till I finish the job.
Wait? I've waited for you for a few years.
You didn't even come to try on the suit.
So hard to make an appointment for registration
What have you done for this marriage?
Let's talk about it!
You don't intend to marry me, let's forget it.
Look out!
Waiting for so long?
Brother Fu, take something.
Where's Joe?
Is it necessary to come so far?
Where's your boss?
I haven't brought it along, I owe you six.
Search! Search...
So brave, to search, will you search? Search!
Bastard, if you don't trust me don't ask me to deal.
You're really not afraid of dying?
You're finally willing to talk?
I thought you were dumb.
Bastard, you're brave.
Have you ever died before?
Half dead, I just don't believe you'll kill me.
Killing me does you no good, we're in the same mess.
You're real good, the bullets are so expensive.
Trying the revolver on you isn't worth it.
You owe me six bullets and five more revolvers.
I don't have so many, I only have three.
When will you have new stock?
Day after tomorrow.
At twelve noon then, see you here.
Kid, be careful!
Any room?
Yes, follow me.
Do you want a girl?
You're really not afraid of dying?
You're finally willing to talk?
I thought you were dumb.
Bastard, you're brave.
What have you two done?
We went to the place he works yesterday.
Ko Chow, he was absent from work.
We waited for him the whole night outside his house.
What about his girl-friend's home?
We've people there
He didn't go there.
I don't care how you do it,
I just want him.
Get more people to search.
Yes, Sir!
This time we've got to show
that old guy something.
You two be careful.
Yes, Sir!
Uncle Kwong, they want three revolvers.
Three, so many?
I just said it.
You're real generous.
Dealing tomorrow noon in the cementary.
I won't have any more revolvers until ten tomorrow.
It's too late
Chow, I need time to apply for them.
Tomorrow at 10,
in the same locker, O.K.?
No other way.
Uncle Kwong, have you handed in my resignation?
No need to hurry?
I'm not kidding, I'll work till the revolvers change hands.
I won't do anything later.
All right, you've said enough.
I've got to go first!
Isn't this girl pretty?
Fine, a wife has to be good, not only pretty.
A university student, doesn't drink, doesn't smoke.
She can even cook.
Chow, no more fooling around.
Yes, Sir!
Hung, think it over clearly again.
Chow is not an unfaithful person.
Don't mention him again!
Mr. Tsoh is married,
his divorce might be a lie.
You leave first!
I'll call you when I arrive in Canada.
It must be Chow.
Hey, Chow, no, I'm Rose, one moment.
It's Chow, come on and talk to him!
I've nothing to say.
Hey, Chow, Hung is leaving tomorrow with Mr. Tsoh.
What did you say?
They're leaving by the 2 p.m. Flight to Canada.
Bullshit, ask Hung to come to the phone.
Don't be angry, you come right away to explain.
Rose, cut the line! Do you hear, hang up!
Hung, I beg you, talk to him again!
Ko Chow, what do you want?
You really want to go to Canada with that bastard?
Yes, and so what?
What do you want me to do?
Hung, I'll marry you.
I mean it.
Give me a chance, will you?
I'll come to talk to you now, all right?
No need to come.
If you mean it,
we'll meet tomorrow at ten at the registry.
Brother Chow will surely come.
Little Black Dragon Group...
In front.
Start off!
That guy is now along Nathan Road, heading south.
Approaching Cheung Lok Street.
Turn into Nanking Street, turn left, quick!
Uncle Kwong, what are you doing?
You asked me to take the arms, & you'd call the C.I.D.
Chow, you try your best to get away from them.
They are not our men.
If I'm caught, holding arms is a serious crime.
Take it easy, I'll take care of you.
You can only save me from jail.
I'm a policeman, if I'm uncovered,
can you protect me from being killed?
Chow, the thieves are getting arms from another source.
So you've got to hand the arms
to them tonight at 12.
Or else, we'll lose the trail.
Uncle Kwong, I cannot take this up.
All right... I'll get rid of those C.I.D. For you, O.K.?
Go right away.
Then what shall I do now?
Go pick up the revolvers from the Bowling Centre.
John, I want you to take away your men.
Don't follow Ko Chow anymore.
Who are you talking to?
Frankly speaking, Ko Chow is my undercover.
This guy involved is in illegal gambling and loan sharking
How can he be your undercover agent?
I hope your men don't follow him anymore.
I now suspect him of trading in arms.
And being involved in Wing Hang Jewel's robbery case.
Even though he's your undercover, I can't help you.
I am relying on Ko Chow in a big case.
All right, O.K., let's forget our personal conflicts.
Don't let it affect our work.
It's strictly business, to uphold justice
Even though you're my senior officer, no favours.
I won't be bullied.
Uncle Lau, the older are the more experienced.
Kid, I want you to take away your men.
Save your breath, this is my office.
Only I can give orders!
You, get out!
After him!
Come out!
You can't escape, come out!
Don't go!
I told you to stop?
What happened to you?
Go after him!
Don't go! Don't go!
Watch out for the cars.
Get in!
Go over there and take a look.
Get in, do you want the police to catch you?
Don't go!
How do you know I'm at the Bowling Centre?
Where did you pick up the stuff last time?
We have to work very carefully.
What about the police just then?
If I can't even be avoid at those police,
how can I be around?
Are we going to the cemetary?
I'm just coming to take you some place else.
I'm in a hurry, shall we deal here?
Our boss wants to see you.
Three revolvers, two hundred bullets altogether.
Don't move!
That's good!
Wait a minute, what do you want?
Boss, I want to sign on the pistol.
You want to get arrested?
You check, ten thousand per pile, totally ten boxes.
Thank you, Nam!
Mr. Chow, let's play together.
I'm planning a big job, you're in.
Thanks for letting me in.
Fu seldom praises anybody in front of me.
Thank you!
Tai Song told me that you're working on a big class.
We're thinking the same way, why not work together.
Yes, Mr. Chow, we'll be rich if we co-operate.
All right, let me introduce you.
This is Bill, Bony, Joe!
We're good brothers
I, Chow Nam, stick with my brothers in any time.
If only we work together, we won't lose.
Nam, let me think about it.
Mr. Chow, no need, this is a good chance.
Excuse me, I'm in a hurry.
All right! Contact Tai Song when you've decided.
I'll keep in touch with Tai Song.
I'll show you out.
Everybody, I've to go first, see you!
Where are you going to?
The airport!
Where's she?
Over there!
Don't move!
Ko Chow, we suspect you of holding arms.
You dare run? Leave and never return.
Don't move!
Stand up!
John, the things in the bag
belong to him.
This money is from selling revolvers? To whom?
I'll have to call my lawyer.
Shit! Let me kill you in one shot.
Lau, don't, don't!
Don't hold me up.
Old guy, you can't frighten me,
I'm used to it.
Go away...
Don't, Lau!
What are you two doing? Fighting?
Chow, Lau wants to shoot me.
Put down your gun.
This can't happen in the police station, release him.
Be quick!
You two come into my room.
Man, you look after him for me.
Close the door.
I asked you to co-operate, not to fight.
What happened?
Chow, I just caught a suspect Ko Chow
I suspect he's involved in Wing Hang Jewels' case
And also trading in arms.
He was just about to testify, Lau came in.
Lau, you don't want to break the case?
Ko Chow is our undercover agent.
Then he can trade in arms?
Nonsense, I arranged everything.
What? Are you mad?
You should be more careful of what you say.
Why? Explain to me.
Chow, I want to understand the organization
And then arrest them altogether.
Now, revolvers are already in their hands
We can catch them now.
Wait, arresting them now,
we can only charge them with holding arms.
That is not a crime.
The organization has at least 3 to 4 guys.
They can just have one of them admit to it.
The others will be free.
That's warning them, it's not wise.
Since they've got revolvers, there must be a case.
I agree to wait for the big catch
Wait until they commit a crime to arrest them all.
I disagree, in case two sides fight
It will be dangerous to the public.
Do you know that
catching a thief can save many.
Be careful with your words.
Lau, we're now discussing business.
Chow, I agree that Ko Chow
should join in the robbery.
If we co-operate, we'll succeed.
No, I promise Ko Chow he could resign after the arms hand-over.
If Ko Chow disagrees, I'll charge him with holding arms.
He'll be in jail at least eight to ten years.
Kid, you can't in fact charge him.
Because Ko Chow is not an ordinary informer.
Ko Chow is our police's undercover agent.
Chow, check your files if you don't believe it.
Then that's even simpler.
If he's a policeman, send him in as undercover.
I disagree! This is too dangerous.
Chow, you want me to set up a special committee
To break the case, we have to do it this way.
Under the current legal system
We have to arrest the robbers with evidence.
Then we can bring them to the law.
I also agree to wait for the big catch.
Lau, you ask Ko Chow to join in the robbery.
Chow, I'll resign if you do it this way.
Lau, don't you want to break the case?
Do you remember Wah & those sacrificed brothers?
These four gold companies are the robbers' targets
According to Ko Chow, they have something in common.
They all have valuable jewelry
Weak in security, in a busy area, easy to escape.
John, what do you think?
I think we should send guards to all 4 companies.
Chow, I think we should call the special unit.
I don't think so, we can handle it alone.
They're not an ordinary gang.
If shooting starts and
the public is hurt who's responsible?
All right! Inform the special unit to help.
Yes, Sir!
I'm wrong again.
Chow, there's mail for you from the U.S.
Fu, why didn't you speak, are you angry with me?
What happened to you? Cheer up?
Don't be so low.
All right!
Mr. Chow, I also want to drink with you.
This wine is very expensive.
You're not that narrow-minded.
You're talking too much, finish it all.
You want to bully us women.
None of your business?
Right, want to bully us women?
Can you take a photo for us?
Sit near, sit nearer!
Brother Fu! Mr. Chow!
Close the door!
Brother Fu! Where's brother Nam?
In the room.
Wake up!
The whole room is for you to sleep.
I suddenly called you here tonight
Mainly to announce to you
We're going to act soon.
Good, we're going to be rich!
What is it? You're not happy? Smile!
Boss, are the pistols good this time?
Take it easy, we'll succeed this time.
Those police are nothing, more come, more die.
Joe, in order to act in secret
From now on, we can't leave this room
Mainly to stop communication with the outside.
If you've anything, come to me.
If you've no objection, hand in all your pagers.
In the mean time, I want you to study the route.
Brother Nam, which gold company is our target?
I'll tell you when we set off.
Paul, ask every man to be ready.
The robbers will act at any time.
Yes, Sir!
Everybody get ready.
Any response? No!
John, Chan has just come.
Say, six group to guard the gold company in turns.
I'm afraid we don't have enough men.
Who is Chan?
Not enough, 6 group 48 men.
We confront a few robbers only, not an army troop.
Call him too see me here. Yes, Sir!
What are you doing?
Nothing? Diarrhoea!
Who is this?
My girlfriend, not bad, eh?
Mr. Chow, what will you do when you get the money?
And you?
Spend it happily, and do it again.
You're gonna be in trouble.
Oh, no, I never think of that.
Actually you can start a small business.
What business, I can't read.
You're bound to inherit your father's business.
My father was a thief, same as my grandpa.
I hope my son will not be a thief.
Your father is still in jail?
He's been dead more than ten years.
He was stupid, robbing police quarters.
Killed by the police.
So you hate the police so much?
Not really, I'm willing to lose when betting.
We exchange our lifes for a living, take this for granted.
You're making noise the whole night.
Having a party.
Where's your son?
He went with my wife for another man.
It's myself who is be blame.
Where are your family members?
They're all dead.
Not yet, at least you've a girl-friend.
To be honest, if I were you,
I'd change to a good job.
Too bad I didn't have a brain then.
On this I'm smarter than you.
She's just eloped with somebody.
What a coincidence? Let's drink to it.
To celebrate her elopement.
To celebrate you're on the same job as I.
Right, my wife still sends me cards on festivals.
Have you?
Of course!
Don't lie, I said yes and you followed.
U. S.A., from U.S.A.
This?! You picked it somewhere?
You don't study and learnt stealing instead.
On top it's written in English Mr. Ko, it's me.
Do you know English?
First Letter?
Are you going to read it?
Not yet, I dare not read it.
You have to read it, the sooner the better.
Don't give up the chance, keep up!
Chow, I didn't go to Canada.
I changed planes in San Francisco for Hawaii.
I hope you can come to take me back to Hong Kong
The address is on the back of the envelope, "Miss you, Hung!"
Chow, I never thought it was you who betrayed me.
I can't die peacefully.
Are you scared?
Your first robbery?
You won't be able to be scared when you're doing it.
Get some sleep.
Why did you take away the special unit?
No information,
why make so many people stand on guard here.
Wasting the taxpayers' money?
Call to Chow.
Be quick!
Chow decided it.
Everybody, look at this expensive thing.
Also 45S.
Fu, try it!
Good brothers, we are starting off soon.
Let's check our things.
We're getting rich.
Joe, satisfied!
When the job is done, retreat to the house at the mine,
And leave Hong Kong by boat early tomorrow morning.
Brother Nam, which is our target this time?
These days, we're familiar with the route here.
This time we're going to rob Tai Kwong Gold Company.
What ajob, still no clues.
Don't know how long we'll have to wait.
If there's anything, I'll wait for you in Mody Road.
Don't move, robbery!
Don't move!
Don't move!
Pack all the things
Put them in the bag, quick!
Be quick, or else I'll kill you.
Headquarters calling the second group...
What's wrong with the taxi outside the Gold Company?
Did you hear me, the second group?
Waiting for a passenger.
Who pressed the alarm? This woman.
Lie down everybody.
All to Tai Fat Gold Company, a robbery.
Brother Fu, go!
Take it easy, there's a gun inside.
Come on get on!
Joe, pack the things, get on!
Don't worry! Chow, go!
Get on, Bony!
Bill, are you all right, Bill!
Look after him!
Joe, stop the car. I'll kill him.
Get out quickly!
Joe, get out!
Go, Fu, go!
Joe, bring the car here!
Fu! We better surrender.
Don't say "surrender" to me.
Come out!
Get the pistol for me.
Quickly drive the car here.
Are you alright! I'm all right.
I'll go in for revenge.
Don't go out, Fu!
No more fighting.
Take it easy, I'm here.
I have to go fetch my wife in Hawaii.
Chow, I'll be with you.
Come out!
Big Song, ready?
Ready, sit tight.
Brother Fu! Get on first, come on!
Move quicker!
Don't go!
Where are the robbers?
How come you let them go?
Kwong is dead!
Any information?
Lau seems to have found something there.
Lau, any information?
Yes, three dead, five hurt, are you satisfied?
Lau, if we don't co-operate, we can't get them.
In the thieves taxi, we found Ko Chow's wallet.
Where are Bill and Joe?
Bony, hide the car.
Our robbery was so well-planned.
Still there were so many police around.
There must be an undercover here.
And it's you.
If I were the undercover, you would already be arrested.
I don't have to risk it with my life.
Brother Nam, Chow is not like that.
Shut up!
He's new, if it's not him, who is it?
I think Chow will not do this.
Yes, he's a good brother.
Go to hell!
I am not mistaken, I've been around too long.
If I'm wrong, you're no better than they are.
Let's get the sums right first.
Brother Fu, you're mad?
Don't point at boss with the gun.
Put down the gun.
Tell him to be careful, or else you're dead.
Then you can have an extra share.
No, you've saved me before, I owe you one.
Who dares touch him, I'll kill him.
Nam, how are you feeling? Speak up.
Don't move!
Brother Nam, many police cars outside.
We'll check the amount later, Big Song, pack up & go!
Chow, we should go quickly.
Too many police.
All get down.
Chow... are you all right!
You carry on.
The robbers inside, listen. You're surrounded.
Throw out your guns right away, come out & surrender.
Surrender? Bullshit!
Listen, if you don't surrender,
we'll come in.
John, Ko Chow is inside.
We have to try to catch them alive.
Do you know the robbers have guns?
They can't escape, they'll surrender.
I'm in charge of this case.
On what authority are you speaking?
If anything happens to Ko Chow, I won't let you go.
Man! Chow!
Yes, Sir!
Big Song!
Fight with him.
Big Song!
Big Song!
Don't shoot, I surrender.
Don't shoot!
Brother Nam... brother Nam, don't push me.
I don't want to die.
Put down your gun. Fu!
Don't worry!
Do you hear? I asked you to put down your gun.
You killed Bony on purpose.
One the same, two the same,
you override me.
We brothers are with you in any situation.
We treat you as boss.
Have you ever taken me as boss?
Chow... let's go.
Be strong.
I can't, you go!
I won't leave you alone, let the police catch you.
I'm also a policeman.
What did you say?
I'm a policeman...
Say that again.
Kill me if you're waiting for this to leave.
Or else you won't have time.
You tell me, are you a policeman?
I betrayed you.
Police has to catch thief.
I owe you, kill me!
Lie down!
I have to follow you to Hawaii.
Get up! Go!
He's get off!
Don't move! Sit down!
Chow, I didn't let you down.
Our special unit has been set up less than months
And we broke a big case.
I'll report to you soon.
You've earned something, be ready to receive the award.
John, are you OK?
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