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Subtitles for Civil Brand 2003.

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Civil Brand 2003

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- ( footsteps ) | - ( keys jingling )
( camera shutter clicks )
( muffled voices shouting )
( clicking )
Man: Winning this case-- | it's a real victory, Sabrina.
Sabrina: You ain't got | to tell me that, Mr. Riddles.
( camera shutters clicking )
I know.
Man. | Mmm, mmm, mmm.
There's a Iot of young peopIe | going to prison these days.
Some of 'em need to be there.
Some of 'em don't.
It's-- it's the background story | that's the reaI winner.
That's what everybody's | gonna want to hear.
( prison door buzzing )
Prison ain't no joke, though.
Want to know how I know? | 'Cause I been in and out of jaiI
since I was 15 years oId.
But there ain't nothing Iike | the experience I had at Whitehead.
I know what you want,
but I'm gonna teII you | the story my way.
l Iived this.
Being in this motherfucker | changed my Iife.
Woman: Damn, | look at my nails.
You know l gets my shit done | every week.
Don't pIay.
Damn. Shit, bitch, | you need to be Iooking at that hair.
Fuck you, fuck y'aII.
First of aII, | y'aII motherfuckers is crazy,
'cause you ain't gonna be getting | that shit done no time soon.
NaiIs, hair, toes-- | none of that shit.
You gonna be scraping them | up against the waII and shit.
What did y'aII-- | y'aII niggas kiII somebody?
- Both: Hell yeah. | - l went and shot him.
HeII no, I ain't | kiIIed me nobody.
They got the wrong motherfucker. | They got the wrong Sabrina Downs.
It couId be Iike 1 3 of me | in the whoIe fucking worId.
There's a bunch of motherfuckers | in America.
I know motherfuckers Iight-skinned | and wear braids and shit Iike me.
Everybody want to put | me in jaiI.
Bitch, I wiII jump over this | motherfucker and choke your ass.
- What's up? | - Bitch, oh my--
wait tiII we get to the prison. | You just wait.
- You ain't gonna do shit. | - She says she ain't kiIIed nobody.
Y'aII want to be innocent ass? | You ain't done shit either, bitch.
You picking some cotton | some-motherfucking-where
and got in trouble. | You just here 'cause...
they want your ass here. | You ain't special.
( buzzes )
Hey, if you, Iike, | hoId your arms back...
God, girI.
It's cooI.
And that's how I met | Frances Shepard.
( shutter clicking )
Officer: | From this moment on,
you're the property of the Whitehead | CorrectionaI Institution.
My name is Captain AIan Dease.
Remember my name, | and I promise you
you wiII never forget | my face.
AII right, Iadies, | Iisten up.
You wiII not be abIe | to eat, sIeep,
or go to the bathroom...
without permission.
And I'm gonna say this once
and onIy once--
carry your prison ID | with you at aII times.
FaiIure to do so wiII resuIt | in discipIinary action.
You shaII not engage | in gambIing,
substance abuse, | or iIIegaI sexuaI acts.
Sabrina: Tom Nelson | was the warden, right?
But that asshoIe Dease? | He ran the prison.
You shaII not | engage in business
or commerce of any type.
He's seen, Iike, four or five | wardens come and go.
He been there | for a Iong time.
That nigga feIt Iike | everything was his,
from the fucking roof | to the rats.
You wiII not destroy | or misuse state property.
Dease? AsshoIe.
For sure.
Any acts...
of insurrection
or insubordination
wiII resuIt | in discipIinary action.
Do you understand?
- Yes, sir. | - Do you understand?!
AII: Yes, sir!
Good, Iadies.
Sabrina: | We was, like, his girls
living in his | motherfucking house.
It was reaI fucked up.
- ( loud rap music playing ) | - ( Ioud chatter )
- ( wood knocking ) | - ( chatter stops )
- Turn off the damn music. | - ( music stops )
Now Frances was different | than the rest of us.
New inmate on the bIock.
She had never | been in jail before.
Neither has Lil' Mama--
17, pregnant, | and our resident preacher.
Nikki, this here is Frances Shepard. | Lock her in to the day-to-day.
- I don't want her in here. | - You don't have a choice.
AII she gonna Iearn from me | is how to be an insubordinate.
- ( Iaughter ) | - Right.
l hope you'll be comfortable. | You can put your stuff up there.
Maybe I'II heIp you make your bed | Iater. CIear out some space.
( Iaughter )
Look, I know how you feeI. | It just takes time.
Here, Iet me teII you | who everybody is.
That right there, | that's Nikki.
Don't nobody mess with her. She's | been in and out of here two times.
Everybody here's scared of her | except me.
We get aIong. | Now it's a IittIe coId in here.
They don't give us no heat, so you | might want to dress up a IittIe bit
- so you don't get sick, okay? | - Frances. How you doing? I'm Wet.
Come on out of that ceII, girI. | You gonna spend enough time there.
Enough time to make you | go crazy.
Now this here's | kinda Iike the bIock.
You got to be carefuI | who you run with.
See them girIs right there? | That's the Nikki Nikki crew.
Now if that's your thing, | it's cooI with us.
Them girIs right there-- | that's the Hotep GirIs.
- Hotep!? | - Yeah!
That's my cIick. | It's our job to wake everybody up.
Woman: Shut the fuck up and leave | that new bitch alone!
Shut the fuck up, bitch.
You see what I'm saying? | ''SIeep-itude.''
What you up in here for?
- Murder. | - Murder?
Nikki: | Don't look like a murderer.
Look Iike a high-yeIIow | ''saditty'' bitch to me.
Now Iook, Frances, | we get up every morning at 5:30.
- Then we got shower time-- | - No, LiI' Mama. Fuck that.
What she need to know is how they | terrorize us in this motherfucker.
You gotta protect yourseIf.
I didn't do anything.
It don't matter.
I got this here petition | that I need you to sign.
I'm trying to get everybody | to sign it, actuaIIy.
- Where my pen? | - ( buzzes )
- Man: Lockdown, two minutes. | - Okay.
- Two minutes to lockdown. | - AII right, y'aII.
Come on. | See you Iater, Wet.
AII right, Frances.
( whistle blows )
They can't pay me enough to work | in this raggedy motherfucker.
Shit is crazy. You know Yvette | got bit by a rat the other night?
- For reaI? | - What?
Keep down about it. You don't want | to give 'em no reason
to throw us in lockdown. | Please.
Lockdown? | That shit ain't never gonna happen.
- SIow down their productivity. | - ( Iaughs )
That's right. We gotta keep | the cash fIowing.
Frances, Iet me Iet you in | on what's going on.
Saturday, we're in the sweat shop | aII day untiI 1 2:00 noon.
Then it's hour in the yard, | then it's chow,
then it's back to cIeaning up, | unIoading the truck,
helping with dinner. | We only get an hour on the phone.
We onIy get paid $1.50 a day. | I know it don't sound right,
- but that's the way it is. | - No, that can't be right.
- That's iIIegaI. | - HeII no, that shit ain't IegaI.
- SIave-driving motherfuckers. | - ( bell rings )
AII right, Iadies, | time to earn your keep.
WeIcome to the pIantation, | Sister Frances.
( blues song playing )
So Frances, | what happened with you?
How'd you get in here?
I kiIIed my husband, | but it was an accident.
Oh reaIIy?
Huh. I kiIIed my stepfather, | but it wasn't no accident.
You got any kids?
Yeah, I have one. | Look.
- Oh, you got a Iocket. | - Her name is Maxine.
She has asthma. | I worry about her so much.
She's cute.
- Thank you. | - You're weIcome.
Everybody got kids in here.
Nikki got kids. | Twin boys ain't with their mama.
Wet got two kids too.
But they got | taken away from her.
GirI, just get ready, | 'cause Mother's Day,
it's tough in here.
Mm-mmm. See, l'm getting my appeal, | and l'll be outta here.
Oh reaIIy? | I'm getting outta here too.
Oh yeah? When?
In about... five years.
Five years? | Damn.
Yeah, five years.
Don't buIIshit me.
- Excuse me, Captain Dease? | - Yeah.
Hi, I'm MichaeI Meadows.
Let me caII you back.
That supposed to mean | something to me, son?
I'm the new correction officer.
I'm supposed to be starting | on Wednesday.
What are you | doing here now?
The warden said I shouId, | you know, just come by,
say heIIo, introduce myseIf.
Yeah, you the new | coIIege boy, huh?
- Yeah. | - Hi, good to meet you.
Good to meet you too.
Can't you think of something | better to do than corrections, son?
( Iaughs )
I mean, weII, | to be honest with you,
- I need the money for tuition. | - You need the money?
- Yeah. | - Everybody needs money.
I can understand that. | I'm not mad at you.
Don't worry about it. | We got this. We got this.
( aII shouting )
We got this. | We got this.
She says, ''We got this. | We got this. ''
PuII up a chair. | Let's taIk.
TeII me a IittIe bit | about yourseIf.
You know, I'm postgrad. | I'm a Iaw major.
CriminaI Iaw. | I guess heIp peopIe.
$5 say you don't got this.
Sabrina: Now that's Aisha.
That's Dease's latest | piece of pussy.
Whatever she see, | she run and tell his ass.
Aisha, you ain't | ass betting, are you? Huh?
Let LiI' Mama | hoId the money. LiI' Mama?
Wait, wait-- hoId up. | HoId up.
Why LiI' Mama gotta be | hoIding the money?
- Why not? | - 'Cause she a Godfearing woman.
God bIess and keep you, Wet.
Fuck am I, a church? | Here. Whatever.
My father and uh--
Your father and Nelson | go way back?
Yeah, they went | to schooI together.
I'm an onIy chiId.
My parents are onIy chiIdren too, | so it's just pretty much us.
I'II-- I'II trim it down.
Stop your jackin' and serve!
- What? | - Come on, now.
AII right, I'm gonna serve.
- Fuck is wrong with you?! | - ( shouting )
( whistle blowing )
( beeping )
Go for Dease.
Guard: | There's a fight in the yard, sir.
Lock 'em down. | I'm on my way.
Let's go, son. | Your orientation starts now.
( buzzing )
You ain't bad, bitch. | We couId go some more.
- We could go some more. | - Stop it, God damn it! Stop it!
- Who started this?! | - Aisha: She did!
You're a lying bitch! | She started it!
- Dease: Shut it up! | - Aisha hit her with the baII.
Shut the fuck up, Wet. | I'm not taIking to you.
Shepard, who started this?
You better answer me, | God damn it.
- That one. She did. | - What?!
AII right, take these women | back to their units.
Come on! Move it!
Escort Miss Nance | back to her unit.
Aisha: | All right, man, all right. Damn.
You heard her. | I didn't do nothing.
Shut your ass. | That's for me to decide.
Guard: All right, you heard him. | Let's go!
Dease: These inmates | are worse than animaIs.
They need discipIine | and they need structure.
EspeciaIIy that | IittIe bitch Barnes.
I'm the onIy one in here | that can discipIine her.
Gets on my fucking nerves.
( Iaughs )
You know, | it's kinda funny.
She's got this stupid | IittIe crush on me.
You saw the way she was | Iooking at me, didn't you?
- Yeah. | - Did you see?
- Yeah, yeah. | - ( Iaughs )
She gets upset if I don't | giver her enough attention.
- You know how young girIs are. | - Yeah.
You're gonna do a great job. | I want you to remember this--
the warden may have hired you--
you got a probIem, I'm the first | and the Iast person you taIk to.
I run this motherfucking prison, | not NeIson.
Don't you ever forget that. | You got me?
- Yeah. | - Speaking of the deviI,
here comes the warden now. | Mr. Warden.
- Hey. | - Mr. Nelson, how are you?
Good to see you.
- Good to see you. | - AII right. Same here.
- How you doing? | - AII right. You've grown up, man.
Yeah. I just wanted to say | thank you once again.
- I appreciate it. | - Nothing to it.
Listen, if it gets a IittIe rough | out here, make sure you Iet me know.
You can aIways work | in the office with me.
- Okay. | - You pick up your uniform?
No, actuaIIy I'm about | to go do that right now.
AII right, good. | Good, go ahead.
Dease, you take care of him. | 'Cause his peopIe and my peopIe
go way back.
I'm sure he's gonna | work out just fine.
- AII right. | - Mr. NeIson, good to see you.
- Take care. | - Mr. Dease.
- I got great news. | - What's going on?
WaII Corp. peopIe are coming. | Get your peopIe up to speed.
They were just here.
I thought everything | checked out okay?
We did, but the EdgehiII | faciIity didn't.
WaII Corp. is thinking about puIIing | their business from them.
And if that happens, it'II keep | the state from cIosing us down.
I see. | I Iike that.
That's cooI.
AIso, WaII Corp. is thinking | about remodeIing--
Sabrina: Now most people don't know | that prison is big business.
Everybody was trying | to make a buck--
legal or otherwise.
Nothing wiII change | but the size of our paychecks, baby.
- I Iike the sound of that. | - Yeah.
- Hey. | - Hey, baby.
- How's it going? | - Fine.
I thought I toId you | not to caII me that. Hmm?
I just wanted | to thank you
for checking Nikki | at the voIIeybaII game.
You know, Ietting her know | who's important around here.
Come here and Iet me | taIk to you.
- You miss me? | - Of course I do.
I miss you too.
You stupid fucking bitch.
You ain't important. | Don't you ever think that you are.
- You understand me? | - Mmm.
- Yes, Captain. | - I can't hear you.
Yes, Captain.
Good, baby.
you got some information | for me?
No, I haven't heard nothing.
No, no, no, no, no.
Not untiI | you bring me something.
l'll come back | when l have something.
Aren't you forgetting something, | baby girI?
l don't know. Am l?
You forgot to thank me.
HoId on a second.
Now you see me... | ( chuckIes )
now you don't.
( phone rings )
- This is Dease. | - Man: Yo, big dog, what's up, man?
- What's going on, Fred? | - Nothing...
Fuck him.
Keep your motherfucking | mouth shut, ho!
Keep fucking with me. | Keep fucking with me, bitch.
Watch your motherfucking mouth-- | ( groans )
Fucking bitch.
Gimme that.
Game over.
- Fuck. | - You Iose, bitch.
HeIp! HeIp!
Fuck! I'm gonna get you, Nikki, | I swear!
- I'm sorry. | - No, no, I'm sorry.
It's a coed Iocker room, | you know.
- Yeah. | - Not much you can do about it.
I forgot about that.
- How you doing? | - I'm doing pretty good.
l guess you're doing fine.
Sabrina: Now Cervantes,
she was a cold-blooded | rules-and-regulations-type bitch.
And I came out okay.
To teII you the truth, I don't think | the whoIe Iaw enforcement thing
is, you know, for me.
I hope that's not an insuIt, | onIy because my famiIy
- is rooted in Iaw enforcement. | - Oh, I'm sorry.
We wouId try to, Iike, taIk to her | about our probIems sometimes,
but she was too busy trying | to earn stripes with the warden
hoIIering at aII the new | maIe guards. 'Sup with that?
- I didn't take it as a dis... | - Okay, cooI. CooI.
Maybe we can got to Iunch | or something. You can expIain.
- Yeah. | - Oh, wow, yeah.
That wouId be-- | that wouId be dope.
I reaIIy wish I couId. | I got study haII after this.
It's cooI. Maybe-- | maybe sometime in the future
we'II have a chance to taIk | and I can change your mind
about Iaw enforcement.
O-okay. AII right, then.
- Good. | - AII right.
Okay. | You take care.
- You too, Cervantes. | - AII right now.
( laughter )
Why's she taking | so Iong on the phone?
Leave her aIone. | She taIking to her hairdresser.
Bitch ain't got but one friend.
Hurry the fuck on! | I got things to do!
And you got 10 years to do it.
Can you say ''appeaI''?
Can I say, ''In 10 years | your ass gonna be up in here''?
Now you gonna be | up in here.
- I'm a convict. What you want? | - Frances Shepard?
The warden needs to see you.
Oh, come on. | I got to use the phone.
He said that we need | to Ieave right away.
( Iaughing )
You know, Shepard,
you'd get along much better if you'd | learn to speak up in here.
Who knows, you might become | a trustee one day.
( door opens )
- Captain. | - How are you, sir?
What happened to your face?
- Nothing. | - Just a few questions.
Did you see who stabbed | Aisha Nance?
No, sir, I didn't.
But you were in the area | where the stabbing occurred.
Yes, sir, I admit | I saw Aisha.
But it was after I came out | of the bathroom.
- Did you hear anything? | - No, sir.
Do you have somepIace to be?
I don't want to miss | my phone time.
AII right, you can go.
- That's aII. Thank you. | - Thank you.
Nobody's taIking. | We're wasting time.
She knows | what happened, sir.
Like me to Iock | the unit down, sir?
Damn it, Dease, no, | we can't Iock the unit down.
- We got to keep everybody working. | - Yes, sir.
I don't want to rush you. Try to | make this as quick as you can.
Warden: How's Michael? | How's he doing?
He's doing okay, sir.
I mean, I prefer a miIitary | trained person.
They're more dependabIe.
CoIIege boys are a IittIe | too soft for me.
I went to coIIege, Dease.
Are you trying to say | I'm too soft?
No, sir.
No, sir.
Keep sharp, baby.
( glass shatters )
Frances: | How's mommy's big girl?
GirI: | Mommy, l want to see you, Mommy.
I want to see you, too.
Are you doing what Auntie Kim | teIIs you to?
Why can't l see you?
Mommy, l want to see you.
Man: This is the telephone observer. | Your call time has expired.
- Mommy-- | - Baby, it was--
- ( dial tone ) | - ( sobbing )
You aII right, Ms. Shepard?
Your daughter's aII right? | Everything okay with your daughter?
I hope I didn't get you | in troubIe.
- No, no. | - Thanks.
It's okay.
We shouId probabIy just go.
( buzzes )
Inmate: Okay, any spade that you | have can cut through a suit.
And the higher the spade, | the better the cut.
You think Frances | said something to NeIson?
They ain't hauIing me off | to soIitary.
And we ain't on Iockdown, | are we?
No, she ain't say nothing. | She better not.
Frances ain't even | that kind of person.
LiI' Mama, ain't you got some | scripture reading or something?
- ( metal door clangs ) | - I Iike Rodney DangerfieId myseIf.
He's got aII those fat jokes.
''How can you teII when your--
when your wife gets too fat?''
Guard: I don't know.
''When she sits on your face | and you can't hear the stereo.''
- ( Iaughing ) | - Dease: Hey, Nikki!
- Wake up, baby. | - What's going on?
I know you stabbed Aisha, Nikki. | But if you be sweet to me...
- l'm gonna be sweet to you. | - Nikki: No! Leave me alone!
Dease: All right, all right, | you little bitch!
Come here, you little bitch! | l'm gonna beat...
Nikki's beating wasn't | about no Aisha.
It was about Dease and Nikki.
They say Dease | was crazy about her.
But she hated | that nigga's guts.
So he wouId do stuff Iike | singIe her and her group out
and act Iike he was making | exampIes out of them.
Yeah, right. | Everybody knew what was up.
Ain't no secrets in jaiI.
( door clangs )
.. There were no mirrors | in my nana's house ..
.. No mirrors in my nana's house ..
.. There were no mirrors | in my nana's house ..
.. No mirrors in my nana's house ..
.. And the beauty that l saw | in everything ..
.. The beauty in everything, yeah ..
.. Was in her eyes ..
.. Ohh, was in her eyes ..
.. l'm telling you, there were | no mirrors in my nana's house. ..
( laughter )
You see me with a fat lady, | l'm holding her for the police.
- What's up, Captain? | - What's going on, Banks?
I'II see y'aII Iater.
My friend's wife was so fat, | you teII her to hauI ass
she got to make two trips.
What you got, Banks?
Got something good for me?
Oh my goodness, homemade | macaroni and cheese.
Let me get a IittIe shot | of that, buddy.
Mm-hmm. | Woo, Lordy.
Don't you ever get tired | of grubbing off me?
No, sir. | Quit your bitchin' about it, Banks.
You got seven mouths to feed. | One more ain't gonna hurt you none.
No, my wife's | pregnant again.
( Iaughs ) | Get the fuck outta here.
Don't you white boys | beIieve in birth controI?
( laughing )
CoIIege boy, | what's going on?
How you doing? | I brought some drinks and stuff.
Good, put 'em right over there.
Uh, just to give you | a heads up,
the toiIets and stuff on bIock four, | they're stiII stopped up.
It's starting to smeII | pretty bad up there.
That's good. Might offset the smeII | of some of them stink-ass bitches.
( chuckling )
Everything's broke. Won't be Iong | before the state cIoses us down.
I'm aIready Iooking | for a job.
Don't be no fooI. | You know what I know,
you'II keep your ass | right here.
If it's about WaII Corp., | I'm stiII Iooking for a job.
I'm gonna teII you | what the probIem is.
It's these soft young boys | coming in here--
got personaI contacts. | Taking everybody's jobs.
- Ain't that right, MichaeI? | - You ain't in the union?
l just told you he was | a college boy.
Him and NeIson | go way back.
Ain't that right, MichaeI?
Everybody in this shithoIe | wiII be untrained.
Don't worry about it. | I'm gonna Iook out for our crew.
You just try to make | that meeting next Friday.
I'II be there | 'cause I got mouths to feed.
- I need my job. | - I feeI ya. I need the job too.
That's why I'm here. I ain't got | no kids or nothing Iike that.
I'm in schooI, I got tuition to pay. | I got Ioans, you know?
I ain't trying | to take nobody's job.
I'm just trying to get a doIIar | Iike everybody eIse.
To teII you the truth, I didn't know | it was gonna be Iike this.
What did you expect, ''Oz''?
No, no, I didn't | expect ''Oz.'' No.
But you know, | it's rough sometimes, man.
It gets rough, the way the women | get treated sometimes.
''Way these women get treated''? | What the fuck are you taIking about?
- Nothing, I'm just-- | - What are you taIking about?!
These women are thieves, | murders, drug addicts--
they don't have respect | for a goddamn thing!
The onIy remedy is Iocking them up | and throwing away the key.
If by chance they do | get out of here,
they gonna pray on their knees | never to get back in here again!
Jesus Christ. What fucking boat | did you jump off of?
I got to get back | to work.
I'II see you Iater, Banks. | Let me teII you something eIse--
you're working a doubIe shift | next week.
You got me?
Might heIp you earn some | of that extra money you need...
coIIege boy.
I didn't know I was | in the goddamn army.
- 17 years in this pIace. | - Yeah?
If it's doing that to him, he needs | to think about a career change.
( humming )
Sabrina: Now Michael | may have been in college,
but his real education came when | he started working in the prison.
He thought it was all | about rehabilitation.
When Michael got going | with his research,
he uncovered a lot of shit.
Found out that we were high-priced | stock down on Wall Street.
Everybody was making money | off our asses.
We were sewing ski coats | for $1.50 a day
that some woman in France would be | paying like $1000 for next month.
( distant train whistle blows )
( faint male voices )
( Lil' Mama coughs, | groans )
Frances: | Lil' Mama, what's wrong?
- Oh, Frances, the baby! | - I'm right here.
LiI' Mama: Oh shit.
Frances: No, no, no. | Don't try to get up.
Lay Iike that. | It's okay.
( Lil' Mama sobbing ) | No.
Frances: Lil' Mama's sick! | Somebody get a doctor!
- What's going on? | - Guard!
We have a right | to see a doctor!
Guard, emergency!
- We need heIp! | - Where's the guard?
My God!
Don't Iet nothing | happen to her.
LiI' Mama, just breathe. | ReIax. It's going to be okay.
- Thank God. | - Woman: How's she doing?
LiI' Mama, | you have to rest.
Nikki: | Frances, is she bleeding?
No bIood... | thank God.
Nikki: | Hey, ''Saditty. ''
LiI' Mama says | you kiIIed your oId man.
I didn't mean to.
I just wanted to get him | off me,
stop all the hitting | and the beating.
So you're innocent.
I think so.
That shit is crazy. | He's beating your ass
and you're supposed to just | Iay there and take it
and not defend yourseIf?
Sounds Iike you shouId've | been my Iawyer.
No, I shouId've been | your Iawyer.
Matter of fact, | I'd've been a great Iawyer.
- What you in here for, Wet? | - Something stupid.
Shot a track star | in the caIf.
With a .38 no Iess, | and a dozen peopIe watching.
Bet she won't be fucking with | nobody eIse's man, right, Wet?
No, she won't. She won't be running | any more races, either.
I feeI bad about that.
Stupid shit, you know?
Yeah, I know.
Inmate: l'm tired.
Man on PA: Hourly quotas | standard 20 pieces on schedule.
Pick up four more pieces.
How come you ain't teII | nobody you were a nurse?
'Cause didn't nobody | ask me.
Thanks for heIping | with LiI' Mama Iast night.
That was nice of you.
You didn't have to do nothing, | and you did.
You're aII right with me, | ''Saditty.''
- Nikki. | - What?
My name is Frances.
CaII me that.
AII right, Frances.
Might make you my IittIe sister | or something up in here.
Sabrina: All we had | was each other
and sometimes a little support | from the outside.
Like one visiting day, | when Nikki's mama
was bringing the babies | that she had in jail.
You know that motherfucker Dease | wouldn't even let Nikki hold 'em
before he gave her | to her mother?
Frances was excited | 'cause she was expecting
good news from her lawyer | about the appeal.
Everybody was feeling good | that day.
- You Iook so pretty. | - Nikki: Thanks.
Where you going?
Her mama is coming | to bring her babies!
- LiI' Mama, you can't hoId piss. | - I'm sorry.
I didn't want nobody | to know untiI now.
You better take pictures. | You Iook beautifuI.
I'm happy for you.
- Hey, hey, I did a good job. | - Yeah, you did.
WeII, Ms. Barnes.
WeII, weII, weII. | Ms. Barnes, Ms. Barnes.
Don't she Iook pretty?
Like going to the prom | or something.
Very nice.
Ms. Shepard, | you have a visitor.
- See you Iater, Frances. | - See you soon, guys.
l will be back for you, | Ms. Barnes.
Okay, so in the meantime, | I got smokes.
Sabrina: But like they say, | ''Shit happens. ''
Nikki's mama never came, | and Frances' appeal was denied.
Ms. Shepard, your transfer | was denied.
Guess you're gonna | be with us a IittIe Ionger.
Come on, Iadies. | Eat up! Eat up!
Come on, eat up!
Sabrina: Man, they start working us | longer and longer.
Sometimes we went to bed | without dinner.
After all that | and Nikki's beating too,
man, Wet said | she had enough.
She said we had to do | something else
instead of going out to work | like some docile field niggas.
lt was time for her to give | our petitions to the warden.
Frances, | I got this petition
that I'm trying | to get peopIe to sign.
Sabrina: Man, things got even worse. | The warden laughed in Wet's face
and he threw the petitions | in the garbage.
Plus he wrote her up | and added time to her sentence.
And then that fucking | troublemaking bitch Aisha,
she came back from the hospital | and everybody was in a funk again.
How was it up in the big | federaI hospitaI?
Did they sew up | your hoIe too?
Yeah, but your mama stretched it | back out with her tongue.
- On the yard, bitch. On the yard. | - Inmates, you just Iost chow time.
- ( scoffs ) | - I ain't no inmate, bitch.
I'm a convict.
Sabrina: Wet took the warden's | rejection pretty bad.
So us girIs decided to hook her up | with a IittIe contraband.
We had a nice IittIe party.
Let's go.
You know what I want to do | when I get out?
I want to get some sIeep.
Word up.
I am so tired of ''Iights out,''
''chow down.''
I'm tired | of being programmed.
- Yeah. | - I want me some keys.
Open up the doors | and come and go as I pIease.
- Wet: l know what you mean. | - Frances: I feeI you, girI.
Here's to them-- | here's to our babies
and survivaI.
- AII: SurvivaI. | - I heard that.
( keys jingle, door opens )
He's coming. | Oh shit, it's Dease.
- ( Dease humming ) | - In the pantry. In the pantry.
- Quiet. Quiet. | - Go, go, go.
- I'm going as fast as I can. | - Busted by him.
- Hurry, hurry. | - Okay!
What's Dease doing back here?
Something he ain't got | no business doing.
( giggling )
- ( humming continuing ) | - What is he doing behind the stove?
Like l said, something he ain't | got no business doing.
- ( door bangs shut ) | - Cervantes: Long night, Meadows?
Um, yeah.
I was...
l was studying last night.
CoIIege boy's | got a hard Iife.
- I didn't know you cared, Banks. | - I don't.
( explosion rumbling )
- MichaeI: What was that? | - ( alarm buzzing )
Center, this is Cervantes. | What the heII was that?
Man: l don't know. | Something blew up in the kitchen.
- Okay, roger that. Come on. | - PA: Attention!
Dease's friend got the contracts | to rebuiId the kitchen.
But he bIamed the inmates, | as usuaI.
He tried to say somebody | was negIigent,
and that he wanted to find out | who it was to make them pay.
Like he wasn't the one | fucking up aII the time.
And NeIson? NeIson shut | the whoIe prison down.
No visits, no phone caIIs, | no nothing after that.
Shut down.
- Hey, my man. | - Hey.
- Good to see you. | - AII right.
Hey, Iisten, I'm pIaying goIf with | the WaII Corp. peopIe on Saturday.
I wanted to incIude you, | but we aIready got a foursome.
Maybe next time, okay?
WeII, thanks for thinking | about me.
- No probIem. | - I'm not that big on goIf anyway.
Yeah, but you do pIay some games, | don't you, Dease?
I'm taIking about that IittIe | expIosion in the kitchen.
Any truth to that?
No, sir.
I mean, who said that?
It doesn't matter who said it. | The probIem is it got back to me.
Guess what? l'm hip to that scam | about your boys
rebuilding the damage | in the kitchen.
Now Iisten, your job is to take care | of everything on the pIan.
But when peopIe | come to my office
and teII me about a whoIe bunch | of stuff I don't give a damn about,
then that means you're | not doing your job.
- I'm doing my job. | - No, you're not doing your job.
Shante Wright came to me
circuIating a petition | you didn't even know about.
- Wet's petitions are bullshit. | - What's that, Dease?
- Are the inmates in controI now? | - No, sir.
Let me get something straight.
I run this fucking prison, | not you!
Yes, sir.
I want aII your sideIine | operations to stop.
If I get wind that you're stiII | doing your dirty business,
I'm gonna put you right | back where I found you--
in the FIorida swamps | waIking a guard tower...
with the mosquitoes | buzzing aII around your ass.
- Comprende? | - Yes, sir.
''The beauty of Iife | is knowing you are Ioved.
As time passes, knowIedge | and understanding of who you are
cause seeds of doubt | to disappear... ''
Psst, psst, psst.
( Wet continues | reading aloud )
Shut up a minute. | Move out of the way.
Shakedown. Yo, shakedown. | Shakedown.
Wet: What are you looking for? | What are you doing?
- This is what I'm Iooking for. | - Take your hands off my shit!
Guard: | Where are you going?
You're gonna pay | for that, bitch!
- Get your hands off her! | - What did you do to her?!
Let's see how much writing | you do up in the hoIe.
- ( spits ) Fuck you! | - ( aII shouting )
Take her to the hoIe now! | Now!
Is there a Iaw against | reading and writing?
( shouting continues )
HoId it down, Wet.
- God is gonna keep you, Wet. | - Guard: Back up. Let's go.
- PIease keep her. | - Get your asses back in your ceIIs.
( sobbing ) | PIease don't Iet them hit her.
God, pIease guard Wet.
Harvey, I don't give a goddamn | about that. Just get it done.
Jesus Christ.
Son of a bitch.
WeII, weII, weII.
You must be my new girI.
Yes, sir. | I'm repIacing Sabrina.
And what's your name, | young Iady?
- Rose. | - Rose.
That's a very pretty name.
You know, my grandmama's | name was Rose.
I sure do Iike | the way you cIean, Rose.
Now, you...
you missed a spot | right up there, Rose.
A piece of cobweb that's hanging | down right there. You see that?
I Iike everything in here | to be reaI spotIess.
Why don't you take | that chair
and get that piece | of cobweb up there, Rose.
Mm-mmm. I sure do | Iike the way you cIean, Rose.
Yeah, you and I | are gonna work out just fine--
Can I go now, sir?
I'm not stopping you.
Sabrina: When Lil' Mama | told us what Dease tried to do,
and Wet came back from the hole | with that nasty scar on her face--
aw man, we didn't care | what was gonna happen to us.
We just knew | we had to fight back.
All we needed | was an opportunity.
Mike told us Wall Corp. | was coming,
so we started getting | our shit tight.
Something to motivate you. | Uh-huh, uh-huh.
( R&B music playing )
.. Put your money ..
- .. Money where the funk is... .. | - AII right.
Inmate: | Here, come on, y'all.
.. Put your money ..
.. Money where the funk is... ..
Sabrina: ln a few days | they got the petition signed
and people organized it | right under Dease's nose, man.
.. They're talkin' 'bout | the things you do ..
.. Seem to try to impress | the crowd ..
.. But all you're doing | is talking loud... ..
- So what'd they say? | - WaII Corp. changed the date on us.
- To when? | - Next Thursday.
Sabrina: Everything was going fine | till Lil' Mama came work one day
and found out that WaII Corp. | had changed the date.
They fIipped the scrip on us, | so we had to fIip it back on them.
.. Put your money, | money where the funk is ..
.. Put your money ..
.. Money where the funk is... ..
Yo, we used Kyce | to pass the word,
but we couldn't make | no fuck ups,
'cause we would've blew it | before we even got started.
.. Your money ..
.. Put your money ..
.. Money where the funk is. ..
( buzzes, | door clangs )
I been praying on this aII night. | It's gonna be aII right.
- Did you taIk to D? | - I ain't got nothing to do with it.
Don't depend on me, | don't ask me shit.
Hey, Iook, you read | the demands,
- I'II hand it to them. | - Why? You the Ieader.
As soon as I stand, | they're going to suspect
that some shit's | about to go down.
- Then I'II do it. | - Okay.
I'II stand right behind you. | Okay?
( hip-hop music playing )
( bell rings )
- Captain Dease? MiIIer. | - GIad to meet you.
- I've been waiting for you. | - My associate Owen.
- Miller! You made it. | - NeIson! My man, what's going on?
Everything's going fine. | That hoIe in one on the 17th?
It was doggone impressive | on Saturday.
- Dease, you shouId've been there! | - Sorry, I couIdn't make it.
In aII seriousness, our inmates | Iove the work they do.
They Ieave here | with vaIuabIe skiIIs,
and you have a product | you can market around the worId.
The Iabor pooI here | is more cost effective.
I'II Iet you in | on a IittIe secret--
the workers can't quit here. | ( Iaughs )
( aII Iaughing )
It's just that Mr. Dease and I
are Iooking forward to working | with you more cIoseIy.
- We reaIIy are. We reaIIy are. | - Mr. Dease is quite the buIIdog.
- Every shop needs one. | - ( both Iaugh )
You're gonna be very impressed | with what we've set up here.
We've managed to put doubIe the--
MiIIer: l'm very impressed.
The last two quarters | have been outstanding.
l wish we had this kind of spirit | at all our facilities.
NeIson: And the next two quarters | are going to be even better.
But Iet me show you around.
These women are making | the Iinings for your ski jackets.
They're very weII trained | and we see to that.
We work with the team system.
That group attaches the linings | to the shell of the jacket
and then the zippers | are sewn in.
DefiniteIy, and we aIso have-- | what the...?
This is a peacefuI | work stoppage.
- We stand in soIidarity... | - Dease: Shut up, sit down!
...with aII reform movements, | demanding fair treatment...
- l hope you know what you're doing. | - NeIson: Dease, what's going on?
...better work conditions, | better heat...
- Shepard, sit down! | - An end to the vicious beatings
and the sexuaI abuse | we face every day.
Work, God damn it! | Get back to work!
Take our petitions
and Iet everybody know what goes on | behind these waIIs.
NeIson: Dease, what's going on? | Huh? Little joke?
AII of these women | stand behind these demands.
FrankIy, we've been having a IittIe | probIem with these two women.
As you can see, | nobody eIse is standing.
- I stand behind her too. | - Sabrina!
l hope you bitches know | what you're doing!
- I stand behind her. | - Back to work!
- I stand behind her. | - AII: I stand behind her.
( aII repeating ) | I stand behind her.
- Yeah. | - Your ass is gonna pay for this.
Dease: Your black asses | are gonna pay for this.
Get back to work, l say! | God damn it!
- l'm up here too. | - l'm behind you.
PIease... take this.
- Woman: Go on, take it! | - Look, go back to work.
- Fuck that shit! Fuck you! | - ( aII shouting )
Why'd you do that?
( screaming )
Take her to the hoIe! | The fucking bitch!
Get back to work!
Get back | to work!
Get back to work!
How Iong have we been in?
Three... four days.
Yeah, weII, | you better get used to it.
'Cause we're gonna | be in here for a whiIe.
- Three... | - Four...
Frances: 35. Come on. | Come on, Nikki, you can do this.
- Come on. | - ( screams )
We been in this motherfucker | for six days!
Ain't nobody been in here | for six days!
Fuck this shit, man. | Fuck this shit!
Come on, Nikki, | you can do this!
Stay focused. | Come on, let's do it!
What makes you so sure | we gonna make it?
'Cause I got a IittIe girI and she's | waiting on me to come home.
- What's her name? | - Maxine.
( faint girl's voice )
Oh, Maxine.
No. Maxine!
Baby? | Where are you, baby?
Oh my God. | No, wait.
- Oh good. | - Frances.
Her name is Maxine.
Her name | is Maxine.
Her name is Maxine.
My baby's name | is Maxine.
Frances: | So, what you in for?
Armed robbery.
For the reason women are aIways | doing some oId dumb shit--
for a nigga.
But what a nigga | he was.
( Iaughs )
Nikki: | His name was Smalls.
He swore he was a baller,
but he wasn't nothing | but a seven-gram nigga.
Then he gets this idea | to rob this oId buIIshit deaIer.
Now I know he was too stupid | to puII it off without me.
We were gonna be | Bonnie and CIyde.
Get some of that ice, some of that | fIy shit we see up in the videos.
OnIy SmaIIs wasn't | no CIyde.
FooI went | and got hisseIf kiIIed.
And l ended up | back in here...
Had to make it on my own. | l never wanted to hurt nobody.
I've aIways tried | to foIIow the ruIes.
I never foIIowed no ruIes,
and we end up | in the same pIace.
Ain't that some shit?
Frances: Then l met Greg.
l loved him so much.
Wonder what they're | doing back home?
I ain't never been high.
How does it feeI?
Hope that motherfucker Dease | gets what he has coming to him...
and I'm there | to see it.
( keys jingling )
Don't run from me, Nikki.
It's time to get high.
Got something for you.
You think about it, Nikki.
You gonna be in here | a Iong, Iong time.
And this is gonna help | the time pass faster.
Come on.
Take a little trip.
Frances: | What's going on in there?
I'm gonna Ieave this | right here for you.
Come on, Nikki.
- Frances: Nikki? | - Take a little hit.
- Nikki? | - You'll give in.
You know you're | not that strong.
No, Nikki, Iisten to me!
Listen to me. Stay focused. | Repeat after me.
Five times two. | Five times two's 10.
lt's 10. | Five times three is 1 5.
Repeat after me. | Stay focused.
.. Angel dust, angel dust... ..
Five times four...
is 20.
...times five is 25.
( panting )
Five times six is-- is 30.
Frances: | l can't hear you!
- Five times seven... | - ls what?
- 35. | - Yeah.
- Five times eight... | - Yeah?
- 40. | - Very good.
( whimpering )
You're stronger than that. | Yes, yes!
( keys jangle )
AII right, Barnes, it's time.
Don't just sit there.
Come on.
Let's go, Shepard.
Come on.
( distant inmates cheering )
Go on, get up.
Stand your ass | over there.
Nikki and Frances didn't think | the strike meant anything.
But they were wrong.
It meant something to me. | Before that day,
I had never stood up | for nothing in my Iife.
But I stood up that day, | and I been standing up ever since.
The captain's got | a IittIe surprise for you.
You're gonna be | peeIing this waII.
- By myseIf? | - That's what I said.
( Iaughs )
Dease: What does the blind man | say when he pass the fish store?
- Good morning, Iadies. | - ( Banks Iaughs )
Didn't you say it was this waII?
This one?
Banks just toId me | he toId you to peeI this waII.
- No, no, he said to peeI-- | - I did not.
Are you teIIing me you don't | know the authorized areas?
- No, l'm not saying that. | - What exactIy are you saying?
- He said peeI this waII-- | - Banks said to peeI this waII.
- No, Banks said this waII. | - Did you say peeI this one?
You're Iying. | He said to peeI this waII.
- Banks said to peeI this waII! | - Banks said peeI this waII!
- I fucking heard what Banks said! | - Take her back to the hoIe.
- No, no! | - Take her back to the hoIe!
- PIease, pIease, no! | - Take her bIack ass to the hoIe!
No, no, I'II do anything you say! | Don't, pIease!
PIease, whatever you say, | Captain.
- Just-- no, no. | - TeII me you'II be a good bitch.
I'II be good. | I pro-- I promise.
TeII me you're gonna be | a good bitch.
TeII me you're | gonna be a good bitch.
Say it!
Say it! ''I'm gonna be a good bitch, | Captain Dease.''
Say it!
I'II be a good bitch, | Captain Dease.
Leave her ass.
I ain't through with you.
That bitch.
Thank you. | Shepard, you got 15.
You don't Iook so good, Sis.
It's caIIed a prison tan.
There ain't no beaches. | Where's the baby?
I tried to come see you, but--
but they said everybody | was on Iockdown.
And I was in soIitary.
( sobbing )
Oh, come on. | Hey, hey.
Stop crying. | Don't cry.
Come on, it's been rough, | but I'm out now.
I'm here.
Is the baby | in the car?
Don't teII me they wouIdn't | Iet you bring her in?
I swear, I toId WaIter--
I toId WaIter to stay away | from those gangs.
- Kim, where's the baby? | - There was a fight.
- You're taIking in circIes. | - Walter didn't tell me nothing.
- The buIIet-- | - What buIIet?
It got Maxine!
- She died two weeks ago! | - No, no, no!
- I tried to caII you! | - ( screaming )
No! No!
Don't teII me! | You're Iying!
No! No!
You're lying 'bout Maxine!
.. Strange things happen | every day ..
.. Oh, strange things | happen every day ..
.. Throwin' it down | on a horse named Jimmy... ..
What'd you hear?
They got her | on suicide watch.
You speak | to your oId man?
Yeah, the Iawyer said--
aII we need to do | is get hard proof.
And we gonna find a way | to get it, too.
.. Skinny be locked | in the jaybird jail, yeah ..
.. He trained, laughing | as the gasoline's drained ..
.. Three girls beggin' | for a date with lron Mike ..
.. lron Mike, yeah ..
.. Three girls beggin' | for a date with lron Mike ..
.. Lord ..
.. Alabama cornbread | dipped in Georgia buttermilk ..
.. Bought my woman a hat | made from tapeworm silk ..
.. Tapeworm silk, uh-huh, | tapeworm silk, Lord ..
.. Drink my soup with fryin', | fryin' red plate ..
.. Strange things | happen every day... ..
You know, Frances, | despite what you might think,
I am reaIIy sorry about | what happened to your daughter.
Come on.
( chanting ) | .. Cinderella dressed in yellow ..
.. Went upstairs | to kiss a fella ..
.. Made a mistake | and kissed a snake ..
.. How many chocolates | did it take? ..
( cIears throat )
What this bitch want?
I don't know.
It's cooI, Nik.
So how y'aII gonna get him?
Who you taIking about, Aisha?
Nikki, you know who | I'm taIking about.
Dease. I know you're aII | over here pIanning something.
We thought Dease | was your ''Ioverman.''
- Oh my God. | - Damn. What happened?
Something that ain't | never gonna happen again.
I want that motherfucker so bad | I couId taste that shit.
Even if we was thinking | about doing something,
which we wasn't,
what makes you think we wouId | trust your rathoIe ass?
That's a fair question.
I swear on the Iife | of my IittIe shorty
that if I don't get revenge | on that bIack motherfucker
y'aII couId--
y'aII couId do me.
And we wiII do you, Aisha.
I know y'aII are not through | with Dease.
I know y'aII got a pIan | or something.
But I want revenge | on that bIack motherfucker.
Never know. Maybe we couId | do a IittIe business.
Yeah, we'II caII you on that. | We'II caII you.
He fucked her up.
They finaIIy came up | with a pIan.
But they needed somebody's | heIp from the inside.
So they asked Michael.
Excuse me. | CouId I taIk to you for a minute?
Dease's days were numbered because | they went to work on his ass.
Aisha: Ahem.
Come here.
What are you doing here?
I thought you were | mad at me.
I missed you, Iover.
that's enough | cIeaning for today.
You can go.
I'II be right back.
Don't you go anywhere.
- You Iook good. | - So you're not mad at me, huh?
( knocks )
- Captain, sir, I forgot my BibIe. | - WeII, just get it and go, Rose.
You Iook good today.
Hurry up, Rose!
- Jesus. | - Thank you, sir.
- ( door closes ) | - Come here.
- Show me you miss me. | - Stop, sir.
- What are you taIking about? | - Stop, sir.
- Don't pIay with me. | - What did I do?!
- I didn't do anything. | - You changing up on me, girI?
PIease, I didn't do anything. | Aah! No!
- I didn't do anything. PIease. | - Shut up. Shut up.
( sobbing )
PIease. PIease don't! | Why are you doing this?
( Dease grunts ) | Shit.
( moans ) | Oh God.
Oh God.
Oh, shit.
May I have a toweI...
Of course, baby.
Oh shit.
Oh shit.
Oh shit.
( groans )
Get the fuck up outta here.
The pIan was LiI' Mama | was gonna get the tape to MichaeI.
Ahh! No!
MichaeI was gonna get | the tape to Wet's boyfriend.
Wet's boyfriend was gonna get | the tape to somebody
who had a hook up | with the governor.
- So we was trying to be straight. | - Shut up!
LiI' Mama came back to work | to get the tape
with her BibIe case empty.
But the damn door was locked, | and Dease took off early.
Now she gotta come back tomorrow | and try the shit again.
Damn broom. | Dirty-ass prison.
( aII shouting )
Dease: Ain't you done enough | cleaning for today, Rose?
You're a hardworking lady.
You been cIeaning | aII morning.
You ought to be tired | by now.
I know how you Iike it, sir.
That's a reaI sweet thing | to say, Rose.
Real sweet.
You know, l been noticing | how pretty you are, Rose.
Who the fuck is Dease?
I Iove your hair.
Thank you.
- ( phone rings ) | - Yeah, this is Dease.
Captain Dease, we're waiting | for you to start the meeting.
Cervantes, can't you | handIe the meeting?
But we can't vote | until you--
I can't be there right now. | Rose!
This nigga wants to be | the Iast one up in here.
- Where the fuck is he at? | - ( cIears throat )
You're not trying to Ieave me, | are you, Rose?
Stop it, sir. PIease!
Come on, Rose. I know you Iike | the way it feeIs, don't you?
No, I don't. | It's a sin!
Like what you did | to your father, Rose?
He wasn't my father.
Stepfather. | Lover.
Father of your unborn chiId.
Don't make | no fucking difference.
You're no fucking virgin, Rose. | Are you?
Are you? Are you, Rose?!
- Stop it! | - You ain't a fucking virgin.
- Stop it! Stop it! | - I knew you wasn't a virgin.
You don't give this shit to me, | I'm gonna take it.
- No! | - I'm gonna take it, Rose!
- No! | - Shut the fuck up.
Lean your ass over here.
LiI' Mama: Please don't do this. | Please don't do this!
( aII shouting )
( sobbing )
LiI' Mama's voice: ''The Lord is | my light and my salvation;
whom shall l fear? The Lord | is the strength of my life;
whom shall l be afraid?''
Damn, where are you, | LiI' Mama?
( coughing )
What happened?!
- He never showed up. | - Damn, I gotta go Iook for her.
Dease was supposed | to be at that meeting.
Something's up.
- Oh. | - Oh my God!
- What happened to you? | - Frances, the baby!
Oh shit! HeIp me get her up. | HeIp me get her up.
- AII right. | - Oh my God, she's bIeeding.
Oh my God! | Get her to the infirmary now!
- You've gotta-- | - Ow!
- No, keep waIking. | - MichaeI: Get her back, back.
Back it up. | Swing it around.
( groaning )
What's wrong with her?
- She's having a miscarriage. | - No!
- The baby? | - I can't do anything for the chiId.
I got to try to save her | if I can.
HoId on, LiI' Mama. | HoId on.
- It's okay. It's okay. | - No!
- What happened? | - We're here for you.
I was raped | by the captain.
- I was raped! | - You were raped?
Oh my God.
HoId her down!
- Keep her still. | - ( choking )
- Nikki: We need you to do this. | - LiI' Mama: No!
- Doctor: l can't get a pulse. | - Frances: l'm a nurse.
She's having a cardiac arrest.
Get the defibrillator.
- Here. | - HoId on, LiI' Mama.
HoId on. | PIease, LiI' Mama, hoId on!
Let her go. Let her go. | Let her go, Nikki!
Let her go!
- Again. | - Oh no, no, no.
PIease hoId on. | Breathe!
Breathe, baby! | Breathe, baby!
- She's not moving. | - ( flat tone )
- Turn the machine off. | - What?
- She's gone. | - No!
No, LiI' Mama, hoId on, girI!
- Do it now! | - I think you girIs shouId go now.
- Guard, get them out of here. | - Oh God.
- I'm so sorry. No! No, Mama, no! | - She's dead!
- He's not helping us! | - Oh fuck!
Guard, | get them out of here!
- I'm gonna caII Captain Dease. | - What the fuck are you doing?
- We need a guard in here! | - Let me go!
- Off the phone, God damn it! | - Stop it!
( phone rings )
Snatch the phone, Nikki! | Snatch the phone!
.. Went on a date with her, | then he raped her ..
.. What? | The nigga violated her? ..
-.. Where the hell he at? .. | - .. Look, l ain't even sure ..
.. But l'm about to pick you up, | meet me at the corner store... ..
- No! | - ( alarm buzzing )
MichaeI, I got to cuff you. | Come on.
.. Breathing underground, | then l'll cut off his dick ..
.. Put a hole in his tongue, | then l won't be done... ..
We ain't going no-fuckin'-where! | It's on!
We ain't going | no-fuckin'-where!
Dease: | Cervantes, Iisten carefuIIy.
lsolate the infirmary | from the cellblock.
- Copy that. Come on, guys. | - Frances, what are y'aII doing?
Doing what we gotta do.
( door opens, | footsteps )
( gun cocks )
Your bIack ass is going | back to the hoIe.
If you knew what I knew, | you'd Iay down and die right now.
- You first, motherfucker. | - ( gunshots )
.. Now we can't talk, | mumbling ..
.. When it's over, yo, | we gonna walk ..
.. Stumbling, | l thought Kim was small ..
.. And l keep it from the start, | and yo, he got heart ..
.. So y'all can't wait | till it get dark... ..
( screaming )
( groaning )
Guard: Down here.
- Burn in heII! | - Mother-- fuck you!
Guard: Hey, Doc, | are you okay?!
- Whoever you are, stop there. | - Wet: Get his handcuffs.
- We got hostages. | - Who's going to the hole now?
You come around that corner, | we shoot the hostages.
Guard: Emergency lockdown. | l repeat, emergency lockdown.
Are they contained | in the infirmary?
Cervantes: Yes, sir.
They're armed.
I couIdn't even get | my men up the main stairway.
Isn't there another way in?
Up the fire escape | and through the main courtyard.
But they'll see us coming.
Look, sir...
we can go in hard and fast,
but I reaIIy think we need | to Iet the governor know.
Nobody's going to caII the governor. | We'II handIe this ourseIves.
We can handIe this in house, | deaI with the faIIout afterwards.
- I don't think that's a good idea-- | - Shut up!
AII right.
AII right, they onIy have | in-house phones, right?
- Yes, sir. | - AII right, we wait for their caII.
I want your men ready, | Iocked and cocked, okay?
( Dease screams )
They got Dease tied up | reaI good.
Die, you motherfucker.
But they Iet MichaeI go, 'cause they | didn't have no beef with him.
Guess he was just a good guy | caught up in a bad situation.
Who ever heard of women | taking over a prison?
What we gonna do?
We gotta make our demands.
We got to do what reaI | revoIutionaries do
to get attention.
Dease: | Fuckin' bitches.
Do what I'd do-- you'd give | yourseIves up... and Iet me go,
before you get | your fucking heads bIown off.
- You caII us bitches again... | - Nikki! Nikki! the one who's gonna | get his fucking head bIown off!
- Nikki! | - No! Fuck me!
I got the bitch for you, | motherfucker!
Stop! We gotta think.
Dease: You bitches can't think-- | you're three grades too short.
- Wet! | - What's that, you fucking shit?!
Look, they gotta know that Dease | kiIIed LiI' Mama and Doc.
They ain't gonna beIieve that shit. | You know what?
Don't teII NeIson nothing.
Go over his head | and taIk to the governor.
you're onto some shit.
You know what? And I know exactIy | what you shouId say, Sister Frances.
( ringing )
- Warden NeIson. | - This is Frances Shepard,
from the Women's | Reform Committee.
Cut the buIIshit, Shepard.
Why don't you give | yourseIf up?
Do you think this is | some kind of poIiticaI action?
Everything is poIiticaI.
You got one hour to get | the governor on the line.
I have no power to do that. | Let me speak to Captain Dease.
One hour.
( dial tone )
Damn it!
You Iook stressed, my nigga.
Yeah. | You got a Iight?
Damn. You gonna heIp?
- I'm gonna heIp. | - AII right, then I got a Iight.
( ringing )
Is this the governor?
I gotta know if the hostages | are aII right.
Put somebody on the phone. | Anybody.
You just got | to take my word for it.
You got to be out | of your damn mind.
- Why shouId I beIieve you? | - 'Cause we got guns
and we got hostages.
And she who got the gun | makes the motherfucking ruIes.
Fucking around with Dease.
- Waking up-- | - Fuck Dease.
- Don't be so quick to say that-- | - Man, fuck Dease.
Let me speak | to Captain Dease.
No deal unless l speak | to Captain Dease and that's final.
- So put him on the phone! | - Go get his ass.
Bring that motherfucker here.
Give a reason. | Show time, bitch.
- Give me a reason. | - Bring the motherfucker here!
Wet: Who's the bitch now, | motherfucker?
Oh shit.
- TeII him. | - You heard her.
- TeII him! | - ( groans )
- Tell him now! | - ( groans )
I kiIIed-- | I kiIIed LiI' Mama.
And I kiIIed the doctor.
CaII your men off. | CaII them off.
That's enough. | You got one hour.
- Let her go! | - Fuck you!
Dease: | Fuck you, you fucking bitch!
- Fuck you! Fuck you! | - Shoot the motherfucker!
Shoot him!
Shoot him!
( yeIIs )
That's for LiI' Mama...
that's for Frances...
that's for my babies... | and your babies, motherfucker!
( Dease screaming )
( spits )
Cervantes: Come around the corner | with your hands up!
Come around the corner | with your hands up!
Wait, Wet! | Where you going?
- Wet, no! | - ( gunshot )
Wet! Wet!
No! Wet!
Guard: Everybody, | hold your positions!
Guard: l got movement | over here at the door!
Wet! No!
PuII back! | PuII back now!
Man on radio: Pull back now. | Pull back. Pull back!
( coughing )
I'm dead. I'm dead.
Oh God. Oh God.
You're okay, baby.
- You're okay. Right here with you. | - Am I gonna die, Sister Frances?
- I'm gonna die, ain't I? | - Oh God.
- Oh God. | - Don't Iet me die for nothing.
- ( coughing ) | - Oh God.
- HoId on, Wet. | - HoId on.
- We right here. You aII right. | - No. No, Wet, pIease.
- No! | - No!
( screaming )
We got that motherfucker good.
We got him good. | Yeah.
Now he know what it feeIs Iike | to have something taken from him--
his motherfucking Iife.
The way I see it...
we got two choices.
We couId either wait-- | wait here,
have 'em come in here | and get us...
or take our chances,
go out there, and see what | they got coming for us.
Man on radio: ln position | on the roof, clear shot at the door.
No. We got one more option.
- We couId end it aII ourseIves. | - Shit.
What's going on up there?
Cervantes? | Cervantes!
I ain't putting no fucking gun | to my head. Fuck that.
Warden, this is Cervantes.
l'd like to try to talk | them out one last time.
- Isn't that Cervantes? | - Mm-hmm.
Just Iike a man to get | a woman to do his dirty work.
Don't you get tired | of ass kissing, Cervantes?
You have your kids | to think about.
I can heIp you make a deaI | with the warden.
Nikki, maybe she's right.
My kids don't even know me.
I been gone so Iong.
Shut the fuck up, Cervantes!
Stop trying to pIay us. | It's too fucking Iate for that!
It's gonna be bad.
Cervantes, end it now!
You do the taIking, right?
Yeah, 'cause if they hear your mouth | they're gonna know something's up.
Goddamn right they gonna know | something's up.
Let's do it.
Cervantes! End it now!
Do I have to speII it out | for you?
( voice echoing )
End it now. | End it now!
Cervantes! | End it now!
End it now!
( gunshots )
Come on. | Come on, come on.
Got it.
( reggae music playing )
.. Yeah ..
.. Yeah, man ..
.. Serious business here ..
.. Murder... ..
Sabrina: Now surprisingly, | the one that got the tape out
was Aisha's ass.
And because of that shit, | we won the lawsuit.
.. Listen here ..
.. lt's revolution... ..
NeIson got what was | coming to his ass.
But our inmates Iove | the work they do,
they Ieave here | with vaIuabIe skiIIs
and you have a product you can | market around the worId.
By the time the governor | went through Wall Corp.,
they were totaIIy bankrupt.
And I mean, they found | so much shit on NeIson
that they shut | the whoIe prison down.
And his ass | is under indictment.
- Dease, you shouId've been there! | - Sorry I missed it.
( Iaughing )
My girI Aisha?
She got kiIIed in a fight | not Iong after the takeover.
l guess she never shook | that prison mentality, you know?
That's why we dedicating | our victory
to the memory of my girIs.
LiI' Mama...
and Nikki.
We did the crime | and we had to do the time.
But ain't nobody say nothing | about abuse and expIoitation
being part of the sentence.
I'm going back to Chicago | to finish writing my book
and do everything I can | to stay out of jaiI.
Ain't nothing good | happening up in there.
And now that you know | what I know,
pass the worId aIong.
PIease, we got work to do,
and we can't do it | up in no jaiI.
Oh yeah, don't forget me. | I'm Sabrina,
and that's | my motherfucking Iife.
( reggae music continuing )
.. You can't do ..
.. No, you just can't do. ..
( rap music playing )
.. ln jail you subjected | to be neglected ..
.. Subjected to write ..
.. ln order to speak to your family | on the other side ..
.. Locked up here | and your baby die ..
.. No soul's going to hear your cry, | forever dwell in the cell ..
.. lt's 2002 and they still able | to keep slavery alive and well ..
.. Everything that used to happen | still happens ..
.. Can't you tell? | Heaven and hell ..
.. Who did l fail? | God didn't make no jails ..
.. He created life, | what part of the game is this? ..
.. When the system's set up | to have our dead ancestors ..
.. Flip out their graves | returning to physical ..
.. Our babies having their soul | and their ways ..
.. The pain never goes away ..
.. Whether it's happening now | or back in the day ..
.. The shackles still remain, | and money's the root of all evil ..
.. With dough you could bleed too, | got moolah? People need you ..
.. Dead presidents feed you ..
.. Seem like with cash, | everybody want to be you ..
.. They stretch you out, | you're in, then the game begins ..
.. First time, | l was losing my mind ..
.. They stretch you out, | you're in, then the game begins ..
.. Second time, | evidence wasn't mine ..
.. They stretch you out, | you're in, then the game begins ..
.. Third time, | confined and doing hard time ..
.. They stretch you out, you're in, | then the g-g-g-game begins ..
.. You're black, it was in Watts | with them let me out the joint ..
.. 'Cause they fail to realize | l'm not on point ..
.. l just might flip... ....
.. The judge said seven years time | to pay for the crime ..
.. Did dirt on the street, | had to take the heat ..
.. But this incarceration | is exploitation ..
.. Brutality is the sentence ..
.. Working under the whip, | rape on a whim ..
.. No reason for open season | on women behind bars ..
.. Critical resistance ..
.. Petitions for respect denied ..
.. Forced a violent decision ..
.. Whoever heard of women | taking over a prison? ..
.. Critical resistance, | no justice, no peace ..
.. No human rights, | three strikes on your damn life ..
.. No surrender | for the so-called weaker gender ..
.. Whoever heard of women | taking over a prison? ..
.. Forced to be free | by any means necessary ..
.. Yeah, yeah, yeah ..
( chanting )
.. They do or die, | many nights we cry ..
.. And this night we try | to reveal the truth in the lie ..
.. Revolution that involves fire ..
.. Better call someone higher, | turn the tables on you liars ..
.. Will you never be expired? ..
.. For the bullets | taking your entire state of being ..
.. No more choices, what's | the meaning? Seeing demons ..
.. Back up against the wall | like we dreaming ..
.. See your scheming, | there's gonna be some screaming ..
.. Then the choir's singing ..
.. Body bags and toe tags | means we're leaving ..
.. Least we got that bastard | that was deceiving and receiving ..
.. Loot from our labor | and abuse ..
.. 25 women wins, | check the news ..
.. Check the news ..
.. They stretch you out, | you're in, then the game begins ..
.. First time, | l was losing my mind ..
.. They stretch you out, | you're in, then the game begins ..
.. Second time, | evidence wasn't mine ..
.. They stretch you out... ....
.. You love, | you love, you love... ..
.. You love, you ..
- .. Black woman .. | - .. Black woman ..
- .. Natural .. | - .. Natural ..
.. Love your mind... ..
.. Love your | soul... ..
.. My sister... ..
.. You go, baby ..
.. l know you shock a lot of-- | a lot of people... ..
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