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Subtitles for Class Trip 1998.

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Class Trip 1998

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So, 2 heavy sweaters, 3 shirts, 2 pairs of pajamas,
3 T-shirts, 4 pairs of underpants or shorts.
All the things the girls need.
4 pairs of socks.
I'd like to stress -
all clothes must be marked with the child's initials...
- Even the underwear? - Yes, or things get lost.
Give them stamped envelopes so they can write.
Please don't phone - except in an emergency.
I know it's hard to accept, but it's important
the children don't feel tied by a phone line to their family.
They're young...
It's for their own good.
Is it the school's aim to cut them off from their family?
Let me give you a kind warning:
if I feel like phoning Nicolas, I will.
But that's beside the point. I'd like to raise
a more serious problem.
You all saw that road accident
on TV last week?
The children with third-degree burns?
What guarantee do we have it won't happen to ours?
No guarantee.
But what guarantee do we have?
No guarantee. But the bus has just been serviced,
the driver is very competent and we're taking every precaution.
But accidents happen.
They can get run over. Even if you keep them at home,
they're not safe from a virus or a gas leak.
That's all right, then!
They're not her children.
Excuse me, my daughter
goes on class trips by bus like everyone else.
I値l take Nicolas, so I know who's at the wheel.
The chalet's 100 miles away.
I'm not afraid of long journeys.
He's always on the road.
Do what you want, but please think it over.
It'd help Nicolas fit in better.
Don't worry, he値l fit in just fine.
Arriving in his dad's car won't turn him into an outcast!
There's a Fina gas station in 1 mile.
Are you filling up?
It's a bit soon.
What if there aren't any more?
Need many points?
That should be enough.
But tell me...
do you think you've deserved it?
30 points. That's fine.
So there's the telescope,
the car, and the seeds.
And the human body?
I don't know if there are any left.
You're in luck, there's one left.
I'm in luck. We avoided a tragedy.
What if I wet the bed?
You won't.
But what if I do?
You値l change your pajamas. We packed an extra pair.
When you arrive, take the undersheet out of your bag.
But what if the others see me?
That doesn't matter.
It'd look bad.
You can't be the only one.
I'm tidying up. Sleep.
The traffic値l be OK now.
They were on vacation,
headed for fun and relaxation. But it turned into a nightmare.
Of the 60 grade school children 1 5 are already dead. The others
are critical or severely burned.
Initial reports
suggest that the driver fell asleep at the wheel.
Who's already seen an avalanche?
Oh, hello.
- Good journey? - Very good, thanks.
We wondered if you'd make it tonight.
Like a hot or cold drink?
No, it's quite all right. It値l be night soon.
The road's bad, and I leave early.
So I'd better drive back down.
Say goodbye, then.
Be nice to everyone.
Is that any way to kiss me?
Now, do your best, have fun,
and remember to write to us.
Hodkann, stop it! That's enough!
You're hurting him.
Stop it!
They're not too hard to handle?
No, they're OK.
Right, well, I値l be off.
Goodbye and good luck.
Oh, I was wondering...
At the end, do they get a certificate
or something? A gold star?
No! That's a much higher level.
Maybe a bronze star.
We値l have to wait and see
what they're capable of.
You're going to be a real little champion, aren't you?
We値l need snow for that.
We値l have fun just the same.
6 months earlier
You want to go on that? Can't you read?
Children under 14 must be accompanied
- So come with me. - Your brother can't go.
And we can't leave him on his own.
Sorry to interrupt
but if you two want a ride, I値l look after the kid.
No, thanks. No need.
Let's go.
What difference would it have made?
I won't tolerate that.
When I say no, I mean no. Don't make a scene.
- I'm not... - I thought you were.
Seen your face? You look like you're about to die.
You'd have rather come in the bus, huh?
What do you want to do? Join your friends or unpack?
Let's go, then.
This way. We値l go up the back way.
I forgot my bag.
Didn't you take it out?
I thought my father had done it.
I don't believe it. You could've remembered.
Never mind.
It's not a tragedy.
He値l see it when he opens the trunk.
Do you know where he's staying tonight?
He may not bring it back till tomorrow.
Can a friend lend you a pair of pajamas?
Well, we値l ask them.
What's the matter?
There was also my undersheet... if I wet the bed.
Well, tonight you won't wet the bed. Come on.
When I want to, I can stop myself sleeping.
I prefer that to having terrible nightmares.
What difference would it have made?
I won't tolerate that. When I say no, I mean no.
Your brother's too young,
but you're old enough to understand.
You mustn't talk about it...
to your friends or anyone.
I was told by the director of a clinic.
Dr. Chardy. Remember?
Not very long ago,
in a place like this,
a child disappeared.
The parents had a moment of inattention and...the child was gone.
They searched for him all day,
and they finally found him late that night
behind a fence.
- Was he dead? - He'd just fainted. But it was worse.
They took him to the hospital.
They saw he had a large bandage on his back
with blood oozing out. Do you understand?
The doctors soon realized.
They knew what they'd see on the X-ray:
the boy had been operated on.
They'd removed a kidney.
There are people who do that.
Filthy people! Bad people!
Traffickers in human organs.
They have ambulances
with all the operating equipment inside.
They lurk near amusement parks and shopping malls,
near school gates and cinemas,
and they kidnap children.
It's very easy, you know, to disappear.
Pay attention!
As you can see, Nicolas has arrived.
But his head's in the clouds - he left his bag in the car.
His dad値l bring it tomorrow, but who値l lend him pajamas till then?
I can hear people not talking!
I will.
That's kind, but I'd rather it was a boy.
Come on! Who値l lend him pajamas?
What if he pees in them?
- I volunteer. - Wait a minute, Hodkann.
- If you're trying to be funny... - I'm not!
I値l lend them to him. You want them - yes or no?
You do. Come on.
Sylvie, hurry up.
What's long and thin with a purple helmet?
Do you know it?
I don't know.
Do you know it or don't you?
What's long and thin with a purple helmet?
- Do I put this in the kitchen, sir? - Yes, but my name's Patrick.
Not bad! You've done a good job.
You deserve a reward.
Go on, pick one.
Hey, he did nothing special!
That's true. But I'm still giving him a reward.
When I was bad, my dad would punish my sister.
When she was bad, he punished me. To teach us life isn't fair.
Tie it around your wrist like this.
And at the same time, you make a wish.
When it falls off, when the threads are worn, the wish comes true.
- It's a talisman. - To kill your mom!
- What's your wish? - It won't work if he tells!
What if you wish that all the wishes in your life come true?
Wise guy! Here, you win.
Did you make a wish?
Are you doing your homework?
School is important this year.
You have to work hard.
You mustn't get left back again.
I'm absolutely exhausted!
Come here.
I love you.
You know that?
To celebrate the class trip...
To celebrate the first day, and Nicolas' arrival...
Let's eat.
Works every time!
Does you good!
Don't you like the canteen?
I don't care either way.
Normally, we don't see you.
I'm not down for it.
Don't your parents want you to?
My father doesn't.
Like the bus... so you don't mix with us.
Look at your plate.
You asshole!
Where are you sleeping?
In the dorm.
In which bed?
My top bunk's free.
Sleep there. You've already got my PJs.
Give us a kiss, Vanessa!
- Kiss me, Marie-Sophie! - Shut your face!
Get out, you brats!
This is the girls' dorm!
- Where's Nicolas? - In the dorm with Hodkann.
This is to wash that face of yours.
Like your pajamas?
He already broke the elastic!
You OK?
Look... if he bothers you, you tell me.
There's no reason he should, but...
All right?
Everything will be great.
- What? - What does your father do?
He's a traveling salesman.
He's always on the road.
What does your father do?
He's dead...
What does he sell?
- Surgical supplies. - Uh, gross!
What does he sell? Forceps...
Yes, and artificial limbs, too.
Artificial limbs?
Wooden legs?
No, plastic.
He has plastic legs in his car?
And arms and hands.
- Heads! - Foreskins!
Lay off!
Get down, so we can talk.
Go on, get down.
Have you seen these artificial limbs?
Yes, I've seen them.
Ever tried one on?
You can't...
It goes where your limb was,
but if you still have your limb,
there's nowhere to attach it.
Know what? If I was your dad, I'd use you
for demonstrations.
Cut off your arms and legs,
and display you. Great advertising!
Can I see them when your dad comes back?
- I don't think so. - Why not?
They're not toys. They're his work.
What if you asked him?
What if I said, in exchange, no one'd bother you?
Well, I値l find another way. Time to sleep.
They've come for me. Because of my father.
They want to kill me in the woods,
like they did with him.
They killed my dad, too.
We're the same now.
Get up!
- You OK? - Yes.
Dreamt about wooden legs?
See you later.
So, by going on vacation in the mountains and playing sports,
you breathe fresh air...
The oxygen is carried from the air cells
to the blood cells, giving your blood
its nice green color!
Yes, it's Miss Grimm speaking.
It's not serious. It's just annoying.
He doesn't have his bag or a change of clothes,
so we don't know what to do with him.
He didn't come back last night,
so I'd like to know where I can reach him.
He can't be reached when he's away?
You don't know his itinerary?
And in an emergency?
He does phone you sometimes?
He's bound to open the trunk eventually.
But we were surprised he didn't call.
If we have no news by noon, do you mind
if we buy some clothes?
The rescue team came,
but it was too late to save him. We heard his last words.
Something about a bag. "Take Nicolas' bag back."
You want to speak to him?
Here's your mom.
Are you OK?
Is everything OK?
Not bad.
So, dad forgot your bag?
What'll you do?
We're waiting for him to come back.
But what'll you do with no pajamas?
Someone lent me a pair.
A classmate.
You haven't wet the bed?
You're not telling lies?
No, I said!
So, everything's OK?
Love you...
Love you, too.
I've just had some terrible news.
You're going to have to be brave.
Don't cry.
Poor little orphan...
Daydreaming, Nicolas?
Let's go.
This afternoon, you can go with Patrick and buy some clothes.
Hurry up. We've only got 2 hours.
This is Denise.
I'm not your chauffeur! Anyway, look at the mess in back.
It'd be good if it snowed.
Just a bit.
We'd put chains on the car?
But that's not the fun part.
I'd like to try that.
Anyone home?
Penny for your thoughts?
If you think hard about something,
can it really happen?
No, I don't think so.
Don't worry.
Maybe your father's 1 00 miles away and he forgot
about your bag.
Don't let it ruin your vacation.
Do you like music?
Hold on tight, then!
- That's great! - Isn't it a bit long?
Your mother can hem it up.
- Like that? - Er...yes.
OK, we値l take it.
We got socks...
cotton socks...
Very classy. Isn't that right?
Ski hat...
We got everything! Great!
Say, you've been spoiled!
- Is this handsome boy yours? - No. But if no one claims him,
I don't mind keeping him.
OK with you?
Yes, maybe.
Well, that's it.
See you soon.
- Wasn't she nice? - Yes.
She seemed taken with you.
When I buy clothes with my parents, it takes forever
to choose one thing. We did it in 10 minutes!
Sure. You know why?
We're the kings of the road!
Want an ice-cream?
- In winter? - What kind?
Banana Royal. Maybe they don't have it.
A Banana Royal for my friend.
And a Heineken for me, please.
Apart from worrying, what d'you do?
Lots of things. I like to watch TV.
Play with my Gameboy. And read.
What do you read?
Stories. Fairytales.
It's better than life?
Know what you are?
A dreamer.
A Banana Royal and a Heineken.
My favorite is 典he Little Mermaid. Know it?
Yes. I can't remember it very well.
The Little Mermaid
falls in love with the Prince during a storm.
She falls so much in love with him
that she wants to be a real girl so he値l love her.
The Witch gives her a potion
which makes her grow legs where her fishtail is.
In exchange, the Witch cuts out her tongue.
There's a picture of the Little Mermaid. She has long hair
and scales which begin above her navel.
Her stomach looks soft. The picture's not great,
but it looks so soft above her fishtail.
Then, there's the good part.
She turns into a human one night.
She's in so much pain,
she doesn't dare look down.
She knows there's something different.
She's changed. Finally she dares to look.
She feels down below where the scales were
ever since she was born.
She discovers soft skin all the way down.
That's great!
Yes, but it's sad too,
because she's lost her voice.
No one will hear her voice again.
First, have a stretch.
Have a good stretch
as if you were having a nap.
Try not to arch your back.
Keep your body on the floor.
Let yourselves go.
Turn your palms up to the ceiling.
Close your eyes.
Don't do anything.
Don't think about anything.
We're always busy doing things, thinking about things.
Now we won't do anything...
or think about anything.
We値l get to know our selves,
our bodies.
I'm breathing slowly with my stomach.
and deeply.
and deeply.
and deeply.
Like the sea.
Like the ocean.
Like the waves going in...
and out.
and out.
I'm breathing.
The air is like water...
from the sea...
from the ocean...
Water fills my body...
my chest...
my stomach...
I am filling up with water.
I breathe out.
I feel
the air flowing out of me.
Very slowly.
I'm like a pool of water...
spread out on the floor.
My body is my house.
I can walk around inside it.
I can open doors.
Now, start moving again.
Very slowly.
And then...
Take your time.
Now open your eyes.
- Move! - Let me get my soap.
I saved you a place.
Whatcha got on your ass?
- Never seen an appendix scar? - You don't have 'em on your ass!
Come back, Tom!
Help me! I want to get out!
Nicolas, it's me! Calm down!
Calm down. It's me!
What on earth's going on? What's all this?
What the hell's going on?
What do you think you're doing?
Silly boy...
102F, yes...
The doctor's coming.
No news. And you?
Strange though, isn't it?
No, don't you worry.
Yes. I think he was just
I'm not saying it's serious!
It's just better to... Yes, to keep an eye on it.
No, you're right, I'm not a doctor.
Yes, I値l put him on.
Well, actually he's asleep.
I値l let you know.
Of course. Goodbye.
Sleepwalking's no big deal.
Drink some water. You must drink when you have a fever.
Can I ask you a question?
If a sleepwalker
does something wrong, is it his fault?
Like what?
Something bad...
What happened last night?
Tell me.
Don't worry so much. Your father will come back.
If he'd had an accident, we'd know.
Maybe you don't want him back?
Be quiet!
Shut up! Nicolas is sick!
I don't care!
Fraidy-Cat is a pain in the ass!
She gave in to temptation.
She didn't even try.
She ate her fries. "Ate": transitive form.
From the infinitive "to eat".
Caroline is chatting to Lucas. She isn't listening.
What is it?
A monkey's paw.
A what?
It's a talisman.
It can make 3 wishes come true.
3 of our wishes.
You believe in it?
I don't know.
It doesn't hurt to try.
I want... a million!
First wish
You should've asked for a billion!
Good evening, sir... madam.
I have some terrible news for you.
- Nicolas! What's happened? - It's awful.
At the sausage factory,
your son went too near a machine.
He got caught in it.
- Is he dead? - Cut to pieces.
I know it won't bring your boy back, but...
I'm here on behalf of the management.
I've been asked to give you this check as compensation.
One million.
I know what to do.
Monkey's paw, give us our son back.
Second wish
Nicolas is back!
Who's there?
It's me, Dad.
Open the door. I'm cold.
I can't see a thing. The light's not on.
Open the door, Dad. I'm cold.
Come and get me.
Or I値l find another way.
And you値l regret it!
We've one wish left.
Third wish
Make him die!
Make him die forever!
Make him die!
Caroline is chatting to Lucas. She isn't listening.
"She's eaten up with remorse."
Did I scare you?
A bit.
Aren't you in class?
I said I needed to pee.
So you're a sleepwalker.
It's nothing serious.
I'm dead into all that!
Tell me about it.
OK, but it's not what you think.
What happened last night was more serious.
It's really horrible. You must promise
you won't tell anyone.
I promise.
Ever heard of people that traffic in organs?
Yes, I saw it on TV.
They kidnap kids and remove their organs.
What happened last night...
Everyone thinks it was sleepwalking,
but it wasn't that at all.
I wasn't asleep. And through the dormitory window,
I saw guys lurking outside.
I went outside and silently followed them.
There were ambulances near the lake.
I hid in Patrick's car and kept watch.
The guys got in the ambulances and left.
It made me think about this trafficking.
They were waiting in case a kid came out alone.
Yeah, the ski class
is a huge source of kidneys and livers.
You're lucky you didn't get caught!
You playing games?
No, I came to get my PJs.
It's about time he gave them back.
I値l take him inside. See you at the ski tow.
- Putting Fraidy-Cat away? - Shut up!
Screw you, Hodkann!
That's enough, Lucas!
Vanessa, Lucas and Ribotton, hurry up!
There. A real pasha! Know what a pasha is?
- No. - Well, it's you.
You've even got comics.
What's wrong with him? Is he ill?
It's good being ill!
Hello, Officers!
Hey, look at me.
It's not him.
He's on the class trip.
Could you put this up? Have you seen the boy?
It's Ren.
Voiron's son from Panossiere.
He disappeared 2 days ago.
H is parents say he didn't run away.
He was a quiet boy.
Good grades. Never in trouble.
It can't happen here!
It can! That's just one child,
but we've got a bulletin board of them.
Some go back years.
3, 5, 10 years with no news, nothing.
The parents keep on hoping,
thinking about them all the time.
What else can you do when your kid disappears?
You get a description: 4 foot 3, 64 pounds.
You look at the date: 7 years ago.
The kid's been 4 foot 3 and 64 pounds for 7 years.
Excuse me, Officer.
Can I see the picture?
- I don't know him. - Of course you don't.
Don't get smart with me.
I'm not, but I disappeared 2 days ago, too.
That's enough.
Can I keep it please?
I値l display it. It might help.
- Can't do any harm. - Keep it.
Come on, then. We're off.
What were the cops doing?
It's getting crazy!
We have to meet tonight in secret.
- You OK, Nicolas? - So-so.
All right, girls? Not too tired?
We値l sleep tonight!
- The cops think he ran away. - Don't you?
No way!
The other night, the traffickers couldn't catch a kid here,
so they took him instead.
All this is really serious.
Let's tell the cops.
- Why? - There are accomplices everywhere.
My father told me.
He's not really an artificial limb salesman.
That's just a cover. He's hunting down the traffickers.
I'm one of his informers.
It's really dangerous.
He's on his own against all those powerful men.
Is your father a cop?
No, not at all.
We have a score to settle.
A year ago - it's really horrible -
they kidnapped my kid brother
in an amusement park...
and he was found 2 days later, behind a fence.
They'd taken a kidney.
Holy shit!
You won't tell anyone? You promised.
They swiped your brother's kidney!
I was wrong to tell you.
- Why? - You're in danger.
Now you know, you're like us: a target.
Well, you値l see...
We値l get 'em!
The Demon Salsa...
Hang on a second.
I値l see what's up.
We're not getting off yet. Wait a minute.
Sorry, no skiing today. Something serious has happened.
3 days ago near Panossiere, a boy disappeared.
He was found dead.
They know who did it?
Were any organs missing?
Let's go.
We have no leads, but we're working on it.
- Nothing at all. - Someone saw a grey Renault.
Some of you may be religious. Whatever your religion,
I think we should say a prayer.
That would be fitting.
Our Father who art in Heaven...
So, from here, I do a bisecting line.
The angle...the bisector separates the angle
in 2 equal parts...
I can't concentrate. I don't suppose you can either, so we値l stop.
Is there anything else you'd like to do?
We could write a story.
Maybe. Do you want to?
展hat happened on my class trip.
Hodkann, don't start!
I have a question. Are we in danger here?
No, not at all!
The victim was found
100 miles from here, near Romans in the Drme region.
That means he isn't in the area,
so you have no reason to be afraid.
It's terrible, but it's over.
There's no risk whatsoever here.
But Ren was killed here.
The jerk didn't go 100 miles on his own!
Listen, pal, change the subject!
It happened, there's nothing we can do.
It's horrible to face such things at your age, but just drop it!
No more muttering and chattering. Just stop talking about it!
My dad says we should cut these sadists' heads off.
Before they kill you, they torture you.
I saw pictures of a corpse that'd been ripped open.
Often they rape you.
- What does 途ape mean? - A cock up the ass!
I told you to stop!
It's just that Vanessa asked Lucas what вape means.
He said it's when...
It don't mean nothing.
- Teach' says it don't exist... - Enough!
Just be quiet.
If you can't, stay in the dorm
till tonight! Got that?
Get out!
They've come about Ren.
Hey, the party's not over. Come on, let's dance!
Where are you going?
What is it?
Get up. I have some news.
We can't speak here. It's too dangerous.
- Where are you going? - You didn't see us!
What did you want to tell me?
What color's your father's car?
Grey. Why?
When the cops were here before,
I left the dorm. I went downstairs.
I listened to all they said.
They said what the sadist had done.
I won't tell you though.
They asked if anyone had seen a grey Renault.
Miss Grimm said she hadn't.
They forgot your dad's car's a grey Renault.
But I remembered.
When I saw the cops leaving, I rushed out
to get to the road first... warn them.
Warn them about what?
That your dad has a Renault
and is in mortal danger.
But you promised...
Your dad's in great danger!
I had to tell the cops.
Anyway, it's done now.
It's a normal reaction.
These murders can affect a kid.
It shocked all of us, Doctor.
No doubt.
But from what I saw, it was a cry for help.
- Oh really? - Yes.
He's seeking attention from his mother.
He didn't get enough love
or attention from her.
It creates problem kids like him.
He needs to rest.
You too, try to get some rest.
You could've answered it!
Yes, it's me.
I'm sorry, I was asleep.
He's right here.
Excuse me a minute.
Go down to the canteen, OK?
What are you doing?
- Miss Grimm's in the office. - Is she?
Doesn't she want you?
Is she calling her boyfriend?
It's me.
There's a problem at home.
Miss Grimm and I think you should go back.
Tomorrow morning.
Will the police come for me?
No, I値l take you.
Is it OK if I do?
We get along fine, don't we?
We're the kings of the road.
You be quiet now!
I think everything's ready.
We leave at 7 tomorrow, so try to get some sleep.
- Want a sleeping pill? - I don't know.
Half should be enough.
Ever taken one?
Half is nothing at all.
I know. A little's all right, but too much is dangerous.
You値l be OK with that.
Good night.
- Will you speak to him? - No, I can't.
- Who値l tell him? - I don't know. H is mother.
She must've expected it.
The father was in trouble 2 years ago. An ugly situation.
Miss Grimm wants to see you.
Come in.
I have something to tell you.
Are you thirsty?
We値l stop for a drink, and get some gas.
Orange juice?
Yes, that値l do.
I値l take you to the door, but we値l say goodbye here.
Well, anyway, I値l say goodbye here.
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Cant Stop The Music 23,976fps 1980
Cantando Dietro I Paraventi
Cape Fear (1991) CD1
Cape Fear (1991) CD2
Capitaine Conan - Bertrand Tavernier (1996)
Captain Pantoja And The Special Services 2000 CD1
Captain Pantoja And The Special Services 2000 CD2
Captain Ron
Captain Ron 1992
Captains Paradise The 1953
Capturing The Friedmans 2003
Car Wash 1976
Carabiniers Les (Jean-Luc Godard 1963)
Caramuru A Invencao Do Brasil
Caretaker The 1963
Caretaker The 1963 Commentary
Carmen (1984) CD1
Carmen (1984) CD2
Carne Tremula (1997)
Carne trmula
Carolina 2003
Cartouche (23.976)
Casa De Los Babys 2003
Casablanca CD1
Casablanca CD2
Casino (1995) CD1
Casino (1995) CD2
Cassandra Crossing CD1
Cassandra Crossing CD2
Casseta and Planeta - A Taza do Mundo ツ Nossa - Feedback Overflow
Casshern CD1
Casshern CD2
Cast Away
Cast a Giant Shadow
Castle in the Sky
Cat Ballou
Cat In The Hat The
Cat People Directors Cut
Cat on a hot tin roof
Catch Me If You Can
Cats Eye (Stephen Kings)
Cats Meow The CD1
Cats Meow The CD2
Cats and Dogs
Cellular 2004
Celluloid Closet
Celos (1999) - Jealousy
Cenetentola La
Central do Brasil
Cercle rouge Le 1970 CD1
Cercle rouge Le 1970 CD2
Chaikovsky 1969 CD1
Chaikovsky 1969 CD2
Chain Reaction
Chalte Chalte
Chamber The
Champion CD1
Champion CD2
Changing Lanes
Charisma (K Kurosawa 1999)
Charisma (Karisuma)
Charlie - The Life And Art Of Charles Chaplin
Charlies Angels
Charlies Angels - Full Throttle
Chase The
Chasing Amy
Chasing Liberty
Chatos Land
Cheaper by dozen
Cheats The 2002
Chelsea Girls 1966 CD1
Chelsea Girls 1966 CD2
Cheong Feng (1999) - Mission The
Cheonnyeon Ho 2003 CD1
Cheonnyeon Ho 2003 CD2
Cher - Live In Concert
Cherry Falls
Chicago CD1
Chicago CD2
Chicken Run (2000)
Chihwaseon CD1
Chihwaseon CD2
Children Of Dune Part 1
Children Of Dune Part 2
Children Of Dune Part 3
Children of Heaven The
Children of a Lesser God
Children of the Damned
Childs Play 1988
Childs Play 2 1990
Childs Play 3
Chimes at Midnight
China Moon
China Strike Force 2000
Chineese Ghost Story A 3
Chinese Ghost Story
Chinese Odyssey A
Chinese Roulette
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Choose Me (1984)
Chori Chori 1956
Choristes Les
Choses Secretes
Christiane F
Christine CD1
Christine CD2
Christmas Carol A
Christmas Story A
Christmas Vacation (National Lampoons)
Chronicles of Riddick The - Dark Fury
Chunhyang 2000 CD1
Chunhyang 2000 CD2
Cider House Rules The
Cinderella 2000
Cinderella Story A
Citizen Kane
Citizen Ruth
City By The Sea
City Hall
City Heat
City Of God 2003 CD1
City Of God 2003 CD2
City Of The Living Dead 1980
City of Lost Children The CD1
City of Lost Children The CD2
City of No Limits The (Antonio Hernandez 2002)
City on fire 1987
Civil Brand 2003
Clan Des Siciliens Le - Henri Verneuil 1969
Clash of the Titans CD1
Clash of the Titans CD2
Class Trip 1998
Classic The (Korean) CD1
Classic The (Korean) CD2
Clearing The
Cleo De 5 7
Cleopatra 1963 CD1
Cleopatra 1963 CD2
Cleopatra 1963 CD3
Cleopatra 1999 CD1
Cleopatra 1999 CD2
Cliffhanger (Collectors Edition)
Cliffhanger CD1
Cliffhanger CD2
Clockers CD1
Clockers CD2
Clockwork Orange A
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (The Collectors Edition)
Closet The
Club Dread
Coast Guard 2002 CD1
Coast Guard 2002 CD2
Cobra Verde CD1
Cobra Verde CD2
Coca-Cola Kid The 1985
Cock - A Broken Leghorn (1959)
Cock - The Foghorn Leghorn (1948)
Cockleshell Heroes The
Cold Comfort Farm 1995
Cold Mountain 2003 CD1
Cold Mountain 2003 CD2
Cold Mountain CD1
Cold Mountain CD2
Cold Mountain CD3
Collateral 2004
Collateral Damage
Collector The
Colour Of The Truth
Coma (1978)
Comandante (Oliver Stone 2003)
Come And See CD1
Come And See CD2
Commitments The
Como Agua Para Chocolate
Company Man
Company Of Wolves The CD1
Company Of Wolves The CD2
Company The CD1
Company The CD2
Con Air
Conan The Barbabian (uncut)
Conan the Barbarian
Conan the Destroyer
Confessions of Sorority Girls
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
Connie and Carla
Conquest of the Planet of the Apes
Conspiracy Theory 1997
Control 2004
Conversation The CD1
Conversation The CD2
Cook The Thief His Wife And Her Lover The 1989
Cookies Fortune 1999
Cookout The
Cool Hand Luke 1967
Cool World
Cooler The
Cooley High
Cop Land
Corbeau Le
Corky Romano
Couch Trip The 1988
Counterfeit Traitor The 1962 CD1
Counterfeit Traitor The 1962 CD2
Countess Dracula (1970)
Country of my Skull
Cousin Bette
Cover Girl (Charles Vidor+1944)
Cowboy (Delmer Daves 1958)
Coyote - Dont Give Up the Sheep (1953)
Coyote - Fast and Furry-ous (1949)
Coyote Ugly
Craddle 2 The Grave
Cranes Are Flying The (1957)
Cravan vs Cravan
Crazy Beautiful
Crazy People 1990
Crazy in Alabama
Creature from the Black Lagoon
Crew The
Cries And Whispers (Bergman Ingmar)
Crime Scene Investigation 3x01 - Revenge Is Best Served Cold
Crime Scene Investigation 3x02 - The Accused Is Entitled
Crime Scene Investigation 3x03 - Let The Seller Beware
Crime Scene Investigation 3x04 - A Little Murder
Crime Scene Investigation 3x05 - Abra Cadaver
Crime Scene Investigation 3x06 - The Execution Of Catherine Willows
Crime Scene Investigation 3x07 - Fight Night
Crime Scene Investigation 3x08 - Snuff
Crime Scene Investigation 3x09 - Blood Lust
Crime Scene Investigation 3x10 - High And Low
Crime Scene Investigation 3x11 - Recipe For Murder
Crime of Padre Amaro The
Criminal Lovers (1999)
Crimson Pirate The
Crimson Rivers 2 - Angels Of The Apocalypse
Crimson Rivers 2 Angels of the Apocalypse
Crimson Tide
Criss Cross
Cristina Quer Casar
Critters 2 The Main Course 1988
Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles
Cronos 1993
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Crow The
Crow The - City Of Angels 1996
Cruel Intentions 3
Crumb (1994)
Cube2 Hypercube 2002
Cube Zero
Cure (Kiyoshi Kurosawa) CD1
Cure (Kiyoshi Kurosawa) CD2
Curse The
Custer of the west
Cut Runs Deep The 1998
Cutthroat Island (1995)