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Subtitles for Cliffhanger CD2.

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Cliffhanger CD2

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Shoot him!
Shoot him!
You're letting him get away!|Shoot him!
Shit. Ow!
You murdering motherfuck.
Kill a tew people,|they call you a murderer.
Kill a million,|and you're a conqueror.
Go tigure.
Move on, Tucker.|Time is short.
Okay. Just like you said.
He's taking them the long way around.
To stay ahead ot them, we're gonna|have to go through that crack.
You said there was a way across.
There is.
- Where the tuck is it?|- There.
You blind?
Hell with the money.|Radio the chopper.
You just don't get it, do you?
We're in bed now, joined at the hip,|partners in crime.
You've crossed over, Travers,|and there's no crossing back.
All right,|that'll keep it dry.
Okay, let's do it.
Get a good tooting.
It's slick, Jess.
Good foothold.
Jessie, don't move.
Oh, my God.
- Let's get out of here.|- No!
Jessie, you gotta get down !
Come on !
Get down!
Stay close to me.
All right, get down.
Hold on to me.
It's on my back!
Let's get out!
It's otf your back.|There's nothing on your back.
It's okay.
Rocky Mountain Rescue Center,|this is Rescue 3. Over.
Rescue 3, this is Rescue Center.|Go ahead.
The vis is good. I've got|at least 20 miles in all directions.
If anyone's out here,|I'll find them. Over.
Roger, 3. Center out.
Center, this is 3.
I've picked up a signal on the thermal|imager just north of Comb Bluff.
Landing to investigate.
Get out! Get out ot here!
Get the hell out!
Jesus Christ.
Here, I got you.|I got you.
I got you, son. I got you.
There's the opening.
When I get up there,|I'll hook up the line...
and you tollow me up.
- Okay?|- All right.
- The other one is tollowing.|- I'll move to a high point, tlank him.
Don't kill him|until you get the money.
Mr. Wright, we found the l.D.|on the dead pilot.
He was known to fly for Qualen.|Over.
What about the Treasury jet?|Over.
Its wreckage is scattered|over a two-mile area.
No bodies have been found.|Over.
Finally. An F.A.A. satellite|has located a downed aircraft.
Head 110 miles south-southwest|ot the park entrance.
Treasury Control, get|the rescue people on their way.
We're headed straight there.|One out.
Center out.
I got it, Jess.
We're almost out.|I can chop through.
Jessie, come on up!
Small world, ain't it?
Don't even think about it.
Your lite's on sale, Walker.
The price is 30 million.
- Where is it?|- It's gone.
What the tuck are you talking about?|Where's the money?
I burned it.|Never could save anything.
Not even a dumb mountain boy like you|would burn $30 million.
I don't make deals, Walker,|but I'll make one with you.
Hand over the money, and I'll|just kill you and not the girl.
Give me the money!
All right.
Come on. Come on!
- Can you walk?|- Yeah.
Kynette, what's going on?|Where's the money?
- He said he torched it.|- Where is he now?
He dropped down into some cave.
You've had your chance.|Move it out now.
- Kristel, get the C-4.|- Roger.
Just give me five minutes.
I said get the fuck out of there.
Good. And blow up that black bastard|while you're at it.
Save me the time|ot doing it meselt.
It you want me, I'll be here!
I'm in here!
I'm in here.
You're making it too easy tor me.
No bullets, bitch!
Now, I'm gonna ask you just three times:|where's the money?
You hit like a sissy.
Wrong answer, motherfucker!
Get up!
Now, I'm gonna ask you|tor a second time.
Where is the money?
Burned it.
Wrong answer!
Time to kill a mountain man.
It amazes me, in this day and age,|when a man...
will put money...
before the personal safety...
ot himselt and his bitch.
At least you can go|to your grave knowing...
that I'm gonna treat the bitch...
Are you okay? Oh, God!|I thought he killed you!
- Are you okay?|- Yeah. I'm all right.
Hal, Jessie, do you read?
Again, do you read?|Come in.
Hal, Jessie, what the hell's|goin' on up there?
Jessie, find it.
It's ready.
Rescue 1, Rescue 2.
- Do you copy? Over.|- Here it is!
I found Evan in the east valley.
He's got a gunshot wound|in the back.
He's en route to the medical center|in Granby in critical condition.
In case you can hear this,|I'm resuming my search.
Come on !
You'll make somebody|a tine wite someday.
You should see me bake a cake.
He's still alive,|tor another four minutes.
- Where's it set?|- Primed to go oft right over his head.
Gabe, three minutes!|There's a bomb!
Get the hell out of there!|There's a bomb over your head!
Jessie, get the gear!
Come on, Jessie. This way.
That charge is gonna cause a landslide.|We gotta get to the west tace.
Why the hell are we wasting time?
Making sure he's not|going to tind that last case.
You want to kill me,|don't you, Tucker?
Well, take a number|and get in line.
The ledge is too far. Take this rope|and pull it apart and tie it together.
- We're gonna rappel down.|- This rope is 60 years old.
- Will it hold?|- Don't think so.
Bad answer.
Frank! Frank!
- No, Frank!|- He can't see you.
Here comes our ride. Move.
Okay, now, swing as hard|as you can. Push !
Frank! Frank! Frank!
What's happening here?|Where's the rest of the group?
What are you doing?
Now, back oft!
I came here to help you.
You did.
Don't move.
- Frank! Frank!|- Better hurry, Tucker.
Get out ot here!
You stupid maniac!
- No one told you to shoot.|- We've wasted enough time.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
This man never hurt anybody!
Kristel, check the chopper.|Let's go.
Get back! Get back!
Go! Jessie, run !
That son ot a bitch.
All right. We use a chopper|to locate the third case.
- Then we get the hell out of here.|- No.
There's not enough fuel|to search around.
Just enough to get us down.
You're not running things,|Travers.
As soon as he tinds the money,|you're as dead as me.
Give me the monitor.
- What's the code, Travers?|- I told you, Qualen.
Fitty thousand possible|key code combinations...
in 15-second intervals.
So, what's the fucking code?
Well, look|what Agent Travers tound.
I guess he is running things|atter all.
Isn't he?
So what's the plan, Travers?|We use the chopper to find the money.
What a good idea.
But then again...
without a pilot...
nobody even gets otf|this mountain.
What are you doing, Eric?
Do you know what|real love is, Kristel?
Now I'm the only one|who can tly us out of here.
We're partners again.
Now, take your toy...
and tind our money.
Radio when you tind it.
I'm waiting here.
All right, the last of the money's|at Crockett River.
If we take the northern ridge,|we can get there tirst.
There is no "we." I'm gonna go along|the north trail to Bitker Ladder.
You go on to the station|tor help.
- Are you crazy?|- It they tind the money, Hal's dead.
- Just get back there tast.|- All right.
Roger, Control. But where the hell|are those National Guard choppers?
They had a mechanical, sir.|It's being worked on now.
- Their E.T.A. is one hour.|- An hour?
You got to do better than that.|Now, get a move on. Out.
Stop there.
We're close.
I got it locked in.
So we're finished|with him, yeah?
Yeah. Do it quietly.
Your insane boss|just made enough noise...
tor anyone within ten miles|to hear us.
It's been fun.
Hey, Delmar.
From me to you...
you're an asshole.
And you're a loudmouth,|punk slag...
who's about to die.
But in a minute I'll be dead.
will always be an asshole.
So go ahead and shoot.
I'm getting cold.
Who's shooting?
Tell me...
do you like soccer?
It's a great sport.
I was a tucking good striker.|Isn't that something?
Oh, God!
Fuck you!
Ah, you're swearing now.
That's a penalty kick|tor unsportsmanlike.
A lovely little chip shot.
He dribbles past one detender...
two detenders...
three detenders.
Striker lines up|at the penalty spot.
He focuses on the ball.
The crowd is on its teet.
Striker moves to his lett.
He draws back his foot.
He comes in.
Season's over, asshole!
I said quietly.
What the fuck is going on?
This is not right.
Fuck you, Walker!
Goddamn it!
Come in, goddamn it.
Have you got what we need?
It's Walker. The son of a bitch|is still alive, Qualen.
No names.|This is an open line.
I don't give a shit,|Eric Qualen!
Had to be insane to tie up...
with a lowlife piece of shit|like you anyway.
They beat us.
A couple of fucking|mountain rangers beat us.
Jesus Christ, that's Travers.|Get a bead on that trequency.
They beat the man|no law agency ever could.
Get ott the radio.
And I'm finding that|pretty tuckin' hilarious, Qualen.
Stop transmitting,|you stupid bastard!
It's hard to believe I sold out|atter 20 years...
and this is my payback?
To run on a mountain|with a tuckin' dirtbag like you!
Travers, you've lost your mind.
Lost it. Have I lost it?
Fuckin' A, I've lost it, Qualen!|Pure, fuckin' section eight!
I gotta go.
I'm on my last otticial manhunt.
Adios, mothertucker!
You got a bearing|on that trequency yet?
Yes. Eight minutes away.
You're dead, Walker!
I won, Walker!
Travers, come in.
Compliments of Delmar.|Too late. You missed him.
He decided to take a swim|to Arizona.
- Tucker.|- That's right.
It's all over.
Walker. You resilient bastard.
So you're still alive.
I want that money,|and I want it now.
Qualen, the game's over.
You lost.
Oh, no. The game's|just getting interesting.
I'm airborne now, you see.
As a matter of tact,|I've picked up a passenger...
you might be interested in.
Go on, talk.
I said talk, goddamn it!
Hal, he's got me. I'm sorry.|I thought he was Frank.
You get the picture, Walker?
Now, I want that money.
Meet me at the highest point|trom where you are.
It you don't,|we're going to find out...
it this little angel of yours|can fly.
Jessie, take him to the highest point|near Bitker Ladder.
I'll meet you there.|Don 't worry.
Love's a killer, isn't it?
- Where are you, Walker?|- You're getting warmer. Keep climbing.
You're getting closer.
Look out.
I must admit,|you're a real piece of work.
Yeah, and I must admit,|you're a real piece of shit.
Throw it up, or I'll kill her.
You do, and the cash is gone.
- The money.|- I want you to put her down.
Over there!
Jessie, run !
- What about you?|- Run!
Run !
Come on, Qualen.
I got what you want.|Come on.
Come on. Come and get it.
Come on. Closer.
Come on, closer.
- A little closer, Qualen.|- Throw it in.
Bring it closer.
Oh, my God.
Throw it in.
Damn you, Walker!
Run !
Jessie, move!
Come on.
It's just us now,|you piece of shit.
Watch out!
Get out of there, man !
Stick around.
We had a deal...
and now we've|just got each other.
You're not atraid to die.
Come on, get him!
Get out ot there!
Remember, shithead.
Keep your arms and legs|in the vehicle...
at all times!
Give me the rope!
I'm out ot here.
Gabe, buddy, you think you could have|put a little less eftort in that climb?
I mean,|I thought you were in shape.
- I guess I'm just talling apart.|- Yeah.
This is Agent Wright. Copy?
- Yeah, copy.|- Please identify yourselves. Over.
Yeah, this is Hal Tucker,|Rocky Mountain Rescue.
Hey, we're glad|to see you guys.
If you're looking|for Mr. Qualen...
try about 4,000 feet|south of here.
He'll be the one|wearing a helicopter. Over.
I'll arrange transportation|for the three of you...
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