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...return them...
...return them...
... birthday gifts. After 21 years. Return them. 21 years.
... return them. Return them...
... return birthday gifts of the past 21 years...
21 years. Return them...
I'll never forgive you.
I can't forgive you.
Something knocking at your backdoor as well, Pieter?
I heard every word you said tonight. Every word.
But it's just not possible. -Yes, I'm sure it must be a shock.
Because it's mine. It belongs to me.
Not to the City, not to you. To me.
And it's totally legal. -l'll cut you some slack.
I don't want them all back. I'll let you keep 13 of the 21.
I'll keep the eight Van Goppels.
The offer certainly does not include the Van Goppels.
They must be returned, all eight of them. As soon as possible.
Shall we do notes now?
Yes, I'll be right there.
It's not possible, because it's not possible.
You'll see it differently tomorrow. -What's tomorrow?
A new day.
very trendy and comfortable to wear
very trendy and with a
in your underwear
in the center of Barcelona
I n bed she asks me : How do you see the future?
But I didn't realize it was a trick question, so I tell her about my dream...
of a yacht, a small farm in France and a flat on a canal.
Explain it, I had to explain it. I'm thinking, why? I'm such an asshole.
So I say: Okay, a yacht? To sail with, what else?
And a farmin France? I'd have my books there and a vineyard, maybe.
And the flat in the city for fun: Concerts, movies.
You know what she says? I'm no part of it, you don't see me in any of it.
You don't see me in any of it. For God's sake.
One moment you're holding a glass, the next a carving fork.
Nothing happened. I grabbed a few things...
and I left.
I got a nosebleed, because I grabbed the suitcase in the dark...
when the camping stuff and two hockey sticks fell on me.
Who'd put old hockey sticks on top of the suitcases?
It's that kind of apathy that makes it so difficult...
for me to see that family as anything more than a herd of stupid animals.
Animal apathy as structure.
Pens. I've brought home thousands of pens from Parliament.
But when I want to jot down a phone number, there isn't a pen in the house.
I had this vision of slamming her body against the coat rack.
Sink the hook into the soft spot at the base of her skull.
It's nonsense, of course.
Strict, severe... No, uptight. My God, that woman's so uptight. I...
Tom, who are these people at the door?
You've moved?
Item describer. -ltems?
It's what I do.
I' m still a lawyer, but through Jobs For Patients I can do this for now.
Patient? What about your house?
It's on the market, somehow I managed to make some debts.
You must've shoved a fortune up your nose.
Squash. -Squash?
You and I, 3 months ago, every week. -Yes, I was there, remember?
At noon, you and I are punishing that ball...
and in the evening I'm in a bar celebrating the DRAM case...
DRAM : Dynamic RAM memory. I told you I won the case, right?
I raise a glass with my clients...
and 24 hours later I'm in my underwear in Barcelona. No idea how I got there.
That's how I ended up in that institution. Acutely manic.
I knew you were away.
But I thought you'd gone to a health spa with saunas and hot tubs.
I was jealous. -Jealous?
I was carving up my arm with a piece of glass.
Jesus, Tom.
Totally weird, from one moment to the next.
But I can't stay here. -No? W e'll go to Pieter.
No, Pieter is not home. -Let's go to Maarten's then.
Are you going too? -I'm not staying here.
Be a bit more mystical. You explain too much and you don't have to.
Can I rinse this stuff off? -Yes, of course.
Grab the phone. Turn it off, turn it off.
Get it. Laura, turn it off.
I am driving the car, Joep. -Stop, stop right now.
Move over and stop the car. Now.
Look, see? -Tom, stop now.
Stop and let me out.
I'll tell you later, but before it hits the fan...
Open up. Can I stay with you? Open up.
Reverse, haven't done that in 2 months. -Open the damn door.
Did you know he was committed? Tom. Totally manic.
He was com mitted. -I have to call you back, Joep, sorry.
Laura. Come on now.
Sweet little girl?
Sweet little girl.
Totally manic. Can I stay at your place?
Joep, do you know a good lawyer? Tom'll be too busy.
He just happens to be driving by. I'll see you in a bit.
Tom, goddamn it. Stop.
I'll just take the tram.
No, I'll take you home.
Tom, keep your hands off. Tom, let go. -I'm glad it's no problem.
I didn't say you could stay. -I can't go to a hotel now.
You can stay, but I didn't say it. -People will talk. Me in a hotel. Now.
You don't have to go to a hotel.
Not while the coalition is being formed. -It's okay.
No way I can do that. -Joep...
I need a shower.
Tom, let go. Come on, let go.
I had some terrible news this evening. -Pietje, Pietje.
I thought you'd be too busy.
But you' re here now, which is good, because I need a lawyer.
This thing at work.
A case? -A case?
A case for me?
You're asking me.
It'll be my first case since the clinic. -Clinic?
This thing at work. -Yes.
Piet, do you have a towel for me?
I thought I was in a movie. When I was beaten up in Barcelona, I let them.
What are you talking about?
I believed the script called for me to be beaten up. W ell, it's over now.
This thing at work. -Tom, stop rambling.
I want a story with all the facts in chronological order.
Half the population is manic, and depressive to boot.
I n my case, it manifested itself with a bang. It was terri ble.
I didn't know.
We go months without seeing each other...
but I should have been there.
I don't blame you. I didn't want to see anyone.
How long had it been since you saw each other?
I'm only human. Sometimes I need a pump.
I must've bought six bicycle pumps.
But I can never find one when I need it. What does she do with them?
She doesn't mind, says the house looks lived in. It's a frigging mess.
We have mice in the hall closet. You know what they do?
Conny and the kids knock, so the mice run off and Catweazle can't catch them.
That's ou r stu pid, epi leptic cat.
I didn't know, Tom. I didn't know.
You're often away, or very busy. Or in a different scene, let's say.
Two months in a clinic? -No, one month.
One month. -Yes, and then I went to an institution.
An institution? -Yes.
To make friends with my bipolar character.
The month in the clinic was to kick my massive coke habit.
And now?
Lithiu m. It's terrific.
In hindsight I could see it coming. -What about your case?
A leak in the kitchen with a pan under it. Call a plumber, you might say.
But no, because Catweazle drinks from the pan. Does that make any sense?
Well, not to me.
The case. -Potato chips? Either gone or limp.
Chocolates? I get a ti n fu I l of empty wrappers.
A sandwich then. The bread is stale.
I have a problem.
But it kind of pales in comparison to yours.
Tell me all about it. -lf anything's possible, why not me?
Why can't I dream of a yacht and farm that's not messy?
Guess where I found the phone?
Don't you want to know what he said? Joep, I mean?
We open next week.
I'm up for it.
It started the first year, when they realized they forgot my birthday.
We have a kitty for special occasions, but they forgot my present.
I didn't mind, I didn't want anything.
I said I'd rather pick something out of Depot Zero.
It's a basement in City Hall where rejected artwork is stored.
Most of it is junk. 800 square meters of dreariness, it's terrible.
Or do you want to forget about it and have a drink?
No, the case. I'm just getting warmed up.
It was absolutely aboveboard.
Everybody knew about it, including department head Vermeulen.
So all those years, you contributed to the kitty...
How long have you worked there? -It'll be 22 years soon.
You are such a coward.
Why do you say that?
A summer job, Pieter. It was a summer job. Twenty-two years.
Is that bad? -You didn't study Art History...
to be a file clerk at City Hall. You wanted to write a book on De Kooning.
Well, apparently not. -You know, I have this image of you.
You were telling us about him in your room.
He could capture an emotional quality... -The ramblings of a failed artist.
Those evenings were great. The best, come to think of it.
You had a fire inside you. Passion. -We all did.
I didn't. -You did too.
From Art History to Psychology to Law. I hated them all.
You think it'll hit you when you start working.
I got hit by a lot of things when I started working, but never that fire...
Maybe I should get another lawyer, don't you think?
I want this. Come on.
You're not going back to that little room.
You'l l stay right here.
I'm going to bed. I'm exhausted.
Can you picture us, Tom?
Conny in her pajamas and me with a carving fork?
I was expecting something else.
I didn't have dinner with my boss, but with Brest, my boss' boss.
That's never happened before, so I expected something else.
A decoration? -Yes.
A decoration, but that's not how it went.
This case is becoming clear to me.
The kitty can be compared to a collective insurance.
For 21 years you paid a contribution...
and for that you should have received twenty-one tokens of affection.
It didn't happen. From the kitty, that is.
I think you should get your contribution back.
And if they claim that you preferred a different form of compensation...
which is against regulations, let them shove their stuffy art.
But I don't want that. -Am I nuts for staying with a homo?
I want to keep it. -The formation can take weeks.
No, just days. I've heard rumors. -City Hall wants me to return the gifts.
But I'm not giving them back.
You want to keep that junk?
It's not junk.
No, it's not junk.
I can do it, Tom. Maybe that's the fire.
I can do it. I always could.
I can go to a bar and see the one. I can do that.
On a crowded beach or i n a packed disco, I can pick the one.
I have an unblemished sense of what's real, for something that is.
I can wade through the unbearable ugliness in Depot Zero...
and pick out the gems. I recognized it in Van Goppel.
For 8 years, he submitted a painting as part of an art program...
and every year, I would take it out of the depot on my birthday.
And now Brest wants me to give them back? No way.
Do you see what's going on?
Now that the Van Goppels are valuable due to his death and Dokumenta...
the City is organizing a show and they want them all back.
And why are you so attached to them?
Because they' re beautiful. Better than DeKooning.
Can I be the devil's advocate? If I were them, I'd file a complaint against you.
What for? -For embezzlement.
You're not the devil's advocate.
I can't afford this. I'll be a minister next week.
A homo is one thing, but an embezzling homo is out.
Everyone knew it. They were gifts. -We need to get that on paper.
Yes, something like that.
Shall I see what I can do? I can devise or decree something.
I need the names of your bosses. -That sounds quite disgusting. Can't...
No, we have to plan this well. You must coax them to your point of view.
What do eight Van Goppels go for?
This quality? Not Lithos, but canvas...
Anywhere from 2 to 3 million.
Three million.
Three million?
Run this story by me again, slowly this time. Three million?
Where are they? Where did you hang them?
Can we solve this, guys? -You can buy New York with trinkets.
You can buy gold-rich land from a Colombian farmer for 100 euros.
You can call plastic 'imitation leather'. Not really, but you can, you know?
But if no one will attest that they were given to you, it is against the law.
Listen, Piet. Anything you know about Brest and Vermeulen...
any i m proper behavior, you have to tell me.
Alcoholism, sexual harassment, I'm going to need it.
Isn't there a less vulgar solution? -No. Three million?
Ministers have resigned for less than that. I don't need this. 260 00:28:04,i800 --> 00:28:07,633 Oh, like I'm enjoying th is.
Which are they?
These are from the depot, but I can keep them.
So no Van Goppels here?
I can't afford the insurance. Too expensive.
So where are they? -In a safe.
In a safe? -Yes.
Tom, keep it to yourself. I'm living at home, okay?
If there's any dirt on Brest and Vermeulen...
you watch, with a little luck Piet can keep them.
If Conny calls, yes...
I'll see if I call her back.
Three months ago I had a calf-leather briefcase, wore a 3-piece suit...
and I was waltzing through the halls of government.
Yes, why don't you take it easy. Do you have someth i ng to read?
Will you take care of dinner?
I had an unexpected dinner yesterday.
With Karel Brest.
Karel Brest, that's right. Pieter had dinner with the boss.
And you're probably all wondering why.
You've probably all been brought up to date. Isn't that right, Jacques?
Did everyone get a personal call from Jacques Vermeulen?
You could have at least told me. -What should I have said?
That I must return the Van Goppels.
Maarten, can you go in a little late today? It's her birthday.
Who? -Laura.
We have a surprise for her. Come upstairs, she'll like that.
Hip, hip, hooray.
I didn't know it was your birthday. -Are you my surprise?
No, the surprise...
the surprise is coming.
Give it back.
Don't be stupid.
Take him. -Hello, baby.
He's for you. -Oh, he's so cute.
Thank you.
There you are, cutie.
Ten years too late, but there he is.
Laura's wanted a dog since she was eight.
She finally got one. Late, but there he is.
Is he at your house?
Who? Oh. -No, I don't want to know.
Hey, baby.
Good morning.
T om... -I've lost the briefcase, not the suit.
Fantastic, it feels g reat. All of it : The halls, the suit, the room.
I'm in a meeting. -Me too.
I have an affidavit in my head I need to draw up.
Pieter's colleagues have to sign this affidavit...
stating the things were gifts. Donated.
You've spoken to Brest or Vermeulen? -Not yet.
But you've had all day. -I have to talk to the PM-elect.
The meeting is a formality. I'm getting FA, I just know it. Who else on FA?
FA? -Foreign Affairs.
Now that things at home are bad, spending lots of time abroad is perfect.
Did you take a snort? Did you? -No.
I quit, and I can't afford it. But I'm fired up by this case.
Tonight. Not now, not here. Not now.
Draw up the affidavit, I'll handle it.
You're not quite yourself yet. Take it easy.
Go to Piet's house, take a nap and take care of dinner.
I'm always like this. -I know, but this is not a good time.
Do you like beans? -You get beans. I'll see you tonight.
Maarten, is this reverb okay? -Yes.
Can we discuss the blue? This looks like it's underwater.
It is underwater. -It's underwater?
Very much so. That whole scene is totally u nderwater.
But how do we know that?
Because the light's blue.
Or should we drop a net from the fly tower or let some herring swim by?
I want to start in ten minutes. A run-through.
Laura, shouldn't you be in make-up?
He's staying with you, isn't he?
No. -Yes, he is.
It's my birthday, okay? -Is it your birthday?
Real nice.
Laura, we're opening next week. I have lots on my mind. I don't need this.
Joep is not staying with me. Period.
Here, we rehearse.
And fuck.
Ten minutes.
I shouldn't have done it. It's unpretentious junk.
I've drawn up an affidavit.
Don't tell me I have to pass it around. -You do, but not yet.
Joep still has to work on Brest and Vermeulen.
My God.
I just picked up the mail at home. Here.
And I notice she's put the bed room lamp in the living room. Why?
What's the point? A feeble attempt at being assertive?
Now there's a bedroom light next to the couch. I couldn't read the mail.
But there's a note: Be back after my salsa lesson. We'll eat out. Mom.
Salsa lesson. She hates wiggling her hips, she can't do it. It's a provocation.
Do you have a mistress?
Yes. -You do?
Sort of, yes. -Why don't you stay there?
I can't. -I don't see why not.
Her husband might object. -Nice.
Then Teddy says: He's so cute, Dad.
I freak out and rush u pstai rs. G uess what?
She got the kids a dog. What is she trying to do?
Cloaca. -That's really terrible.
She's got it so the kids don't even miss me.
I didn't know. Joep told me yesterday. You've had a breakdown, didn't you?
It's weird how it can happen without us knowing.
You spent sometime in a health spa or something?
Health spa? He was carving up his arm with a piece of glass.
Yes, of course. I'm sorry, but you're better now. Not bouncing off the walls.
I'm all bounced out.
You must tell me all about it. -Now?
I've been thinking about it a lot lately.
We were pretty good, weren't we?
We should regroup. Shocking Blue is performing again, seriously.
Wouldn't you like to play again? -Maybe after the coalition is formed.
Joep, she's very good. -Who?
Laura. Your Laura.
I pick her up and drop her off. It's on the way. It's a nice pet.
The dog? -Yes.
And you pick her up. Why? -She's in my play, remember?
In... what's it called? -The Wheel of Ixion.
With you? Is it theater? -No, a game show.
I thought all Laura had to do was wear a nice dress and spin a wheel.
The Wheel of Ixion is a Greek myth, Joep.
So my daughter is acting for you? -Yes, she's acting for Maarten.
In a play, not a peep show.
Is that so? You know what he makes.
'What he makes'? What do you mean? -You heard me.
This is unacceptable.
What are you saying? -I just said it.
Occasionally people will appear nude in my plays.
If you consider that porn... -Is my daughter appearing in the nude?
Your daughter asked for an internship with me.
Buck-naked? -I had pick of the litter, and she was it.
Buck-naked, Maarten? -Yes, briefly.
See what I mean?
You want me to fire her? -No, let her wear a dress.
Not possible, not in my concept.
That's bull, you'd make Snow White wear a g-string...
and the nine dwarfs would all have massive hard-ons.
Seven, Joep. -What?
Seven dwarfs.
You hate my work. -But not because of Laura's nudity.
Yes, it does. -Yup.
You want me to fire her? -We all detest your work, you know?
Is this because of Laura's nudity? -No, because it's true.
We have four double espressos before we go to your shows.
That's a total of 24 espressos.
And yet an hour later, Tom's napping on Pieter's shoulder.
Is that true, Tom? -No.
A d ress. My daughter will wear a dress.
You're not pawing her with your filthy director's hands, are you?
How did you know about the dog? Do you go to my house?
Are you involved with Conny? You are. -Joep, give me a break.
Conny invited me in to see Thurs.
Thurs? -Yes, because it's Thursday today.
And she got him today.
Who? -Who? Laura.
She turned eighteen today.
Nice to see you again, Maarten.
Shall we do something on Monday?
Opening night? -No, it's Joep's birthday.
He'll be home by then. -Don't count on it.
Then we'll take him to dinner. -No, too depressing. I can't handle that.
Just think: 20 years from now, a dinner service will bring us meals.
What are you talking about?
Something fun and exciting, something he can feel.
And what can still make Joep feel?
Yes, that's a great idea.
Eighteen. My daughter is eighteen.
This is good.
We're doing a good thing.
I figured we had to do this. We have to do this for Joep.
Tom, I'm a prick. -Yes, that's true too.
It's more than just doing something for him. It's a gesture.
It's a gesture on my part.
Sometimes things happen...
kind of unexpectedly.
Great, and where do I get changed?
This is a stupid idea. It really is.
Yes, the answer is yes.
Yes, you should've been there, even if it was only once.
I didn't... I messed that up.
Tom, I'm sorry.
And all this in my house.
The time has come. I'm seeing the PM-elect on Friday.
Let's drive down to Gent or Maastricht. Just say you have an emergency.
We'll have dinner and stay at an expensive hotel.
But it's my birthday. You didn't forget, did you?
Jesus, a talk with a teacher. Can't he do that?
No, your husband.
You've played hooky as well.
He was high in class? Those teachers are full of it. Jenny...
No, I' m sorry.
Honey, I said I was sorry.
Good bye, darling.
Bye, have a good talk with the teacher.
Hello? -It's Dad, is Mom there?
She can't come to the phone. -Just call her, Bram.
Why not? Tell her it's urgent.
She can't, Dad, she's busy. -What? Tell her she must.
She's cooking Spanish today.
I don't give a damn what she's cooking. Tell her to come to the phone.
Don't start, Dad. -No, she's... Bram.
See you, Dad. -Conny, pick up the phone now.
Bye. -Conny...
Who is this?
We've still got it.
What's the deal? Not on my bed, right? -Of course.
Gross, no. -She's a pro, she's got plastic sheets.
Yes, incontinence underpads. -Underpads? Really? You're kidding.
But not on my bed, guys. I don't mind in the house.
You get to keep the underpad. -You don't care at all.
You get to keep it.
Sorry, but if you do this, it has to be perfect.
That's a Caesarian. That scar there, you've had a Caesarian.
It's my birthday.
Nice present.
If they're in the bedroom, we can go back if we're quiet.
I Iike to be home when I have visitors.
After 36 hours, she stopped talking. She held my hand, but didn't talk.
And I thought... I thought she was going to die.
This wasn't going to be the birth of my first child, but my wife's passing.
I didn't know what to do. I though Conny would die and...
I don't remember: Hospital, ambulance.
Al I these people rushing down a corridor.
Someone puts a green gown on me. Another shouts: Caesarian.
And anesthesia...
I'm in an operating room with Conny.
She's totally out of it. Someone hands me a camera...
and tells me to take pictures. To take a lot of pictures.
So I do. I'm clicking away like mad.
I thought it was so I'd have something to do. Later I learned I had to do it.
The pictures were necessary to satisfy Conny...
that the little baby in her arms really was her baby.
Women giving birth under general anesthesia can have lingering doubts.
We don't do that. We don't know if it's ours, but we never doubt it.
Ten minutes later and Laura would've hung herself.
With every contraction...
she tightened the umbilical chord around her neck. She was caught in it.
But she was born. Super team.
It makes me wonder, perhaps in a moment of weakness..
where, when and why...
it all fell apart.
When did Conny and I stop loving each other?
Why did everything only go downhill?
Oh, God. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
If you could understand me...
we'd probably do alright, Man With No Name.
I feel so much pain in you.
But what is it?
Does it have anything to do with the scar on my belly?
No one's ever cared about that.
They're much too horny for that.
No one has ever noticed it before.
I also have pain, a lot of pain.
I'm no prostitute, you see?
I'm a mother. I have two daughters.
We understand each other, don't we? We really do.
Don't be surprised if I have another good cry. I feel another one coming on.
I know exactly where it comes from.
It's lodged here, i n my neck, and I want to be rid of it.
Guys, fantastic.
Actually, you were su pposed to fuck her.
I told you it wasn't a very good idea.
It wasn't the plan, but it was good.
Didn't you fuck her? -No.
No? What is this? -Leave it. A fuck can be depressing.
So it's a pat on the head and a song? -So what? It's okay like this.
I'm not paying 300 euros for that. -She can go home.
My show is opening soon. Mind if I relax?
Ask me nicely, you asshole. Ask me nicely.
Please, Helena? -What does she want?
It's weird, but I think she wants to be treated like a human being.
Do I have to say please or else she'll hit me?
She might not, but I will.
Whoa, whose house is it? If I'm not mistaken, it's mine.
She owes us a dance. -It's my house.
It's my life, and you're a prick. She can go.
Your limp, faggot dick doesn't get it, but it's every boy's dream.
Excuse me? Limp, faggot dick?
It's my present and I say she can go.
Well, then I'll take her into the bed room.
You're not going into my bed room.
What's the matter? What's going on all of a sudden?
Because I said you had a limp, faggot dick? I don't have a problem with that.
I've known you for 20 years, why would it bother me now?
Pieter, you know it. I don't have a problem with that.
Guys, just let me have good time. My show is opening soon.
Come here.
I had a huge one.
Break a leg, Maarten.
You don't have to come.
I'd rather you didn't.
Will my daughter be wearing a dress?
Now that you all live together, it seems that I'm the prick around here.
First, I burden you with two openings a year.
Gee, I beg your pardon. So don't come then.
And now I manhandled the woman. It doesn't bother her, only you guys.
That woman and I understand each other.
Does mydaughter wear adress?
Not the board, not the management not the sponsor...
nor the critics tell me how to direct my plays.
Meaning? -Meaning, a father doesn't either.
Romantic duvet cover with flower design at a super price.
Attractive bra with soft, padded cups for a great décolleté.
Tailored blazer with woven faux-mink collar and attractive cuffs.
Beer, anyone?
I'm out of beer.
You know what I'd like to know, Piet?
You can distinguish the beautiful from the ugly.
Only in things or people too? -People too.
So why are you still single?
I see them, but they don't see me. -Sad.
My motto is: Jack the day.
What about going for it? -That's distasteful after a certain age.
Oh, you like young boys.
Which is not primarily a physical thing. -It isn't?
I can barely talk to a chick under 30. -Or over 30.
But if it isn't physical, what then?
They're so beautiful at being what they are.
Ambitious, egotistical, vain.
And so naturally confident that things will work out.
Were we like that too? -Yes.
We'll know Friday if things work out. -With Conny?
No, not Conny. The PM-elect. You're talking to a minister.
I don't know anyone as ambitious as you.
But you like that. -Not in you.
Your ambition has a ruthless edge to it.
Have I become an awfu I man? -Yes.
But Maarten is more awful than me.
You two are the soft ones in the group, but is that any better?
You went crazy and you're still single.
Did I say that? Did I say that?
Awful man.
So he's an alcoholic. -And incompetent.
I looked into it for you, Piet. I'm not that awful.
Before I go abroad, I'll trap Vermeulen for you.
I'll need your colleagues' addresses to mail them the affidavit.
Let's see the Van Goppels. -They're in a safe.
All eight of them? -Four of them.
It's eight, right?
Eight, yes. -But you said four.
Originally, there were eight. -Originally?
I had to sell four of them.
Are you jerking us around? -I can't afford this place on my salary.
And I had to find a bigger place to accommodate the Van Goppels.
They stood on the floor, but their value went up, so I couldn't do that anymore.
It's bad for painti ngs. I had to hang them up, so I needed a bigger place.
Then I met an Australian collector...
and it broke my heart, it really did, but I sold two of them.
Two? -Four.
But then I got into this vicious circle of events, you might say...
with six Van Goppels that only kept going up in value.
While my coffers were being depleted slowly but surely.
So I decided...
No, you stay put. -It's the doorbell. Mind if I open?
So after some time you... -Decided to sell two more.
I had to take desperate measures, because their value kept going up.
I didn't anticipate that.
I'm not a dealer, I did n't want to sell. -That will be tough to prove.
How will you return all eight of them?
I can't, I just told you that.
Sell your apartment.
I'd have to get a loan to buy them, because I can't afford them anymore.
And if that fails?
I'll be sucked into a bottomless pit.
I think I'll go.
It's late, and my show is opening soon.
Break a leg, Maarten.
You don't have to come, I understand.
No, I'll be there. My daughter's in it.
Okay, good. Well, I guess I'll be going.
I'll do it. I'll take the affidavit around the office.
Tomorrow. -Yup.
I'll do it. Or later this week.
I'll do it.
Have a nice evening. -See you tomorrow.
Working overtime to pay for your Van Goppels, Pieter?
Maarten, you're the best break a leg
Good night.
Hello, Joost, I want to ask you to take a look at this.
Do you understand what it's about?
I beg your pardon. I beg your pardon.
Do you know what it's about?
Tom. -It worked, I have a signature.
Joost Uylenburg just signed. The guy from City Government.
So wish Maarten good luck. I'm going to see all my colleagues.
Okay, that's great.
Come on.
Come on, or do you want to stay here?
Annelieze? -Yes?
It's Pieter. I have something for you that requires an explanation.
Come on up.
They were a gift, you see, Annelieze?
They were a gift and I can't give them back. I just can't.
Theo, it's Pieter.
I was wondering if I could stop by to see you tonight.
It's rather important. Yes.
Fine. Yes, see you in a bit. Bye, Theo.
Lonely, filled with resentment for deeds we regret.
Champagne for tonight. You're invited too.
Dad. Dad. -Hi, sweetie.
Hi, Bram. -Hello, Dad.
Hello, darling. Are you alright?
I almost didn't recognize you. -Yes, I noticed.
How's the puppy? -Cute.
Where does he sleep? -He sleeps on Laura's bed.
Good thing you had the cou rage to leave. You were right.
It was finished. Completely finished.
Guys, Laura's waiting for us.
What? -You're such an asshole.
You should've said something. -You heard her: Good thing you left.
But she stayed put.
Do I have to spell it out for you?
She stayed put, so you had a chance. She was expecting a gesture.
She looked at you and you said nothing.
That's when she decided it was good that you left.
Should I have said : Can I come live in my house?
No, with you. -With you?
Yes, can I come back and live with you.
That was my line. -Yes.
And she'd demand you be home more, no other women...
Al right, I didn't say it. No, I didn't say it.
But there's still time.
There's still time?
There's still time? Jesus Christ, Joep.
Your time has been up, a long time ago.
Do someth i ng.
Do something.
Where are you going?
Come on, Tom. Let's go back.
I want to be on my own.
I don't think that's a good idea. -Me neither.
Stop it, man. -You had it all. Everything.
On your knees, all the roses you could carry, an apology.
I was there, Joep. You did nothing.
Say: I can't live without you, I want to come home.
I want to come home.
Where's Dad? -He saw the show.
Then why isn't he here?
He's around here somewhere. -I don't think so.
Where is the bastard, huh? -Your father left.
Isn't he coming... -Stop it.
Your father has left. Why? Because he left, that's why.
Is that something to get hysterical about? No, it isn't.
So cut it out.
Let's have a drink. We have something to celebrate.
I think I hate him, Mom.
I won't do anything for him or listen to him again.
Where are you? -Is Conny there?
Where are you? -I was just... I had...
Joep, where are you? -Going home.
I'm meeting the PM-elect tomorrow.
Are you going to Pieter's? -Wait, I'm getting another call.
You're looking good.
Were you away? -No. No, not really.
I have to talk to him. -Fine, but he's not here yet.
How did it go? Standing ovation?
I could n't come. I had something to do. Pieter had some business to attend to.
Look, Piet, I can't do this any longer. I can't give myself anymore.
All the bullshit once it's over.
Endless love, or an eternal and exclusive friendship.
Take a girl to Mexico for 6 weeks, because you screwed her.
They're so demanding.
Didn't you have a party to go to?
Look, Lau ra... Laura's is okay. Laura is a different story.
Laura? -She's a lot like Joep.
Good sex, that's all. She doesn't stay the night.
You and Laura.
You can't be serious. -She's emotional. Joep might find out.
And I think it's better if I first... If I put some things...
In perspective.
She's your friend's child. -She's not a child.
She's only 18. -Age doesn't mean anything.
You held her when she was one day old. You shouldn't have.
What about Joep? He'd screw a letterbox. You should talk to Conny.
I've never thrown out a friend until now. Get out.
I don't want to be here when Joep sees you.
Get out.
Yes, alright.
Where's Tom? -Lost him in the city somewhere.
Go look for him, asshole. He can't be alone.
He's 42. -And confused.
So am I. I am too.
That image...
of that young woman's body and all that water.
That she was skinned by all that water. That was beautiful.
You should've seen it, Piet, it was... No, it was really beautiful.
Wow, man.
I apologize. I should have trusted you.
I apologize.
I ran into Conny, and of course I was completely...
I saw her and I...
Tom said I did everything wrong.
She walked away with the kids... I'm sorry.
And Tom was there? -Yes. I'm sorry.
Tom? -Cloaca.
I've got it. -You snorted.
Of course, I needed to get my head together in peace.
You're both so overbearing. Piet has reason to be, and I'm working on it.
Seven signatures from the twelve. -Good. That's tangible.
Now go home. Not you, Piet, you live here. But you two have to go.
If we all stay here, there'll be trouble. We' rein a downward spiral.
That's different from misery, which is okay. Piet's problem is al most solved.
But Joep...
you make me nervous.
I don't want to see your problem. I don't want to live it, let alone solve it.
You know, Ithink it's bad. Really bad.
It's okay. -We'll sort it out, the two of us.
But you, Joep. And you, Maarten.
Let me put it this way, I can't be there for you now. Sorry.
Joep, I...
I'll be going back. -Yes, say hi to Laura.
Laura... Can you explain it to her?
Can you explain my situation to her for me?
You go do that.
Joep, I...
I'll call you. -Yeah.
Okay, okay, okay.
Okay, our case. Our case is not over yet.
Joep, you were going to work on Vermeulen.
Is he amenable?
He is? -I'll buy a place and be gone tomorrow.
You know which case I'd like to handle?
The biggest fraud case of all times. Against the United States and Russia.
An enormous indictment. Fantastic.
You know why? The lunar missions.
Total nonsense. It's impossible. It's just not possible.
Think about it. What proof do we have?
A few unidentifiable images of men floating around in heavy suits.
And a rocket that could be made of papier mâché. It's fake.
Tom, you're starting to fall apart. Why don't you go to sleep?
Sleep? I'm going for a walk.
Can't you say no for once? -No.
Tom... -Tomorrow.
It didn't turn out as planned. Nothing turned out as planned.
This has consequences for everyone.
I've got to back off, Tom. I can't begin my term like this.
No FA.
No FA?
I put someone on that ass Vermeulen. He's a tough one.
And Brest, which went well.
He snapped like a twig and admitted the paintings were a gift.
Brest has boxes full of illegal declarations, you see?
Brest? Sounds better than Vermeulen.
But we're not using this information. You're going to tell Pieter.
And why is that, Minister?
I was appointed to a position, you might say...
where I can't afford the news of a friend stealing paintings to leak out.
I'm backing off.
We can close this case. You can't back off now, it's not right.
That may be, but it happens. More than you know.
You agreed. -No. I don't know of any Van Goppels.
Yes, you do know about them. -The damn things go back to the City.
Has someone been pressuring you?
Then what do you care? You'll be far away from all this.
I took a flat on the other side of town. I never stayed here, never been here.
Look, Joep, we promised to take care of this for him.
Culture. I've been dumped.
You? Minister of Culture?
Under-Secretary of Culture.
Culture. Man, what a comedown.
And you'll drop Pieter for that? -Of course, I'm not taking any chances.
New Under-Secretary defends pal accused of stealing 8 paintings.
Stealing? What are you talking about? -Bye, Tom.
That's it then. Bye, Tom.
So now Joep will decide whether I get money to direct my plays.
How will we tell him?
He has those signatures.
That's not enough.
We needed Brest's confession, and Joep was going to handle that.
It was going well. -Piet is screwed.
God, Piet is really screwed.
I'll never drop him.
What will you say?
I'll always keep in touch with him.
Do you want me to stay?
Joep just handed me a dagger. -Tom, I'll stay here with you.
I have to...
Hey, don't go away now.
I'll do it. I'll tell him, but...
I have to go. I'll be right back.
Where's Tom? -He had to go away for a few minutes.
And Joep? I heard he got Culture. Joep and Culture.
Maybe because he goes to the theater twice a year.
It's like I'm visiting you.
Only you weren't expecting me.
What's the matter?
You think I'm an asshole and you're right, but I'm no coward. I'm here.
No, that's me. I'm the coward, always have been.
No, not you. Joep.
Joep is gone. And I mean gone.
He was never here.
Never here?
Look... -Don't tell me he's dropping me.
It just popped into my mind, but in all likelihood I am mistaken.
Piet, I'm your friend... -I don't think I want to hear this.
And you're not the one to tell me this. Tom wouldn't like that.
Tom has left. -Tom would never agree to that.
Tom has left. He had to leave urgently.
Joep isn't going after Brest or Vermeulen. Joep has dropped you.
You already knew?
No, you just told me. Anything else?
I won't drop you.
This is going to have large financial repercussions for you.
I can lend you money. Long-term, no interest. A hundred grand or so.
Van Goppel always overexcited himself before he started painting.
I didn't know that at first. I could see it in his work, but...
How do you do that?
How do you let yourself go without dissolving in the chaos?
God, how do you do that?
And why was I never able to do it?
It's not about the layers of paint. That's not it.
It was the suggestion. I loved that so much.
A suggestion of...
Finally making an emotion tangible.
Van Goppel couldn't tell if a work was finished.
I can.
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