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Subtitles for Clockers CD1.

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Clockers CD1

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# There is a place
# That is so hard to find
# Behind the walls
# We build inside our minds
# Some break the walls some break the rules
# Some even get things changed
# And when they do that leads to the truth
# Yet questions still remain
# But all that it's saying
# Somewhere in life there's a joy to be
# Between the hope and reality
# There in a mirror and then the street
# That's where you'll find
# People in search of a life
# And what of love
# Is that a point of view
# And when you're alone
# It can seem so confused
# That's when a friend can pull you in
# Lend you a helping hand
# But what happens when your only friend
# Sells you out in the end
# How do you face it
# Somewhere in life there's a joy to be
# Between the hope and reality
# There in a mirror and then the street
# That's where you'll find
# People in search of a life
# In search of a life
# Whoa-oh-oh-oh
# Searchin'
# Lookin' in a bottle
# Lookin' in a needle
# Lookin' in the street, yeah, yeah, yeah
# Searchin'
# Everywhere
# Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh
# Oh-oh-oh #
# Straight from Brooklyn better known as Crooklyn
# Never take us short cos Brooklyn's the borough
# Straight from Brooklyn better known as Crooklyn
# Never take us short cos Brooklyn's the borough
# We did it like that and now we do it like this
# We did it like that and now we do it like this
# Yeah.
# Now the clock hits who got the cocaine
# Don't tell me it's the little kids on Soul Train
# The metaphor sent from my brain to my jaw
# It comes from other places not the typical places
# Journalistic values are yellow and then the court falters
# You watch Channel Zero and that bitch Barbara Walters
# She'll have you believe black invented crack
# When President Lyndon had to form a law way back in '63 with Kennedy
# Yes, the double-cross
# Remember that's when they blew his fucking head off
# Vietnam vets come back lookin' like one-armed pets
# Mixin' thoughts, purer text
# No picket fence, no job, no ATM in the car
# Blue collar comes to bourgeois
# Depressed in your chest... #
- Chuck D is the bomb, boy. - What?
Get the fuck outta here. Chuck D ain't shit.
That nigger Chuck D is assed out, and the rest of Public Enemy.
Speech, motherfucker. What about him?
Speech? He a bitch-ass nigger.
How the fuck this thing gonna say Chuck D the hardest rapper?
- Nigger ain't never shot nobody. - You gotta be hard nowadays!
First, I know niggers ain't slappin' bitches up.
They ain't takin' pussy.
Niggers ain't shootin' up, ain't done time for murder.
How the fuck they hard?
Do what you gonna do. I ain't buyin' shit that ain't hard-core.
You ain't gotta shoot nobody to prove you're hard-core.
- What kinda shit is that? - Hold on.
Only niggers I have representin' is my man Tupac, G-Rap and Wu-Tang.
- Motherfuckin' Dr Dre, straight up. - You said it. No fuckin' around.
Niggers talkin' all this positive shit.
Motherfuckin' world ain't positive.
That's why motherfuckin' sex and violence sell more records.
I like positive rappers, get it?
- Get the fuck outta here. - Them niggers ain't homeboys.
Put them poor-ass niggers over there.
Come on, come on, yo, yo.
Forget that shit, man. We gots to be about business.
And, Go, you ain't supposed to be over here.
Get your ass over there! You supposed to be on the lookout.
- This ain't no joke. - It's hot outside, man.
We gots to get that money.
I understand that, too, but it's hot, man.
- What's up, man? - What's up, man? How ya doin'?
- It's cool. - What you need?
- What you got today? - I got red caps. They're phat.
- Two for one, man. - Lemme take two.
Two? All right, brother. Just hang tight, all right?
- Everything all right, man? - (Buyer) Yeah.
(Buyer) Shit, you know that, man.
# Children of the ghetto
# Runnin' wild and free
# In a country's jungle
# Filled with misery
# There's no inspiration... #
What's up, man? You got the money?
# To brighten up their day... #
Keep an eye out, all right?
- (Tyres screeching) - Raise up!
Motherfucker! Come here!
Get off me, man! Get off me!
Strike, where's the fuckin' dope? Stand the fuck up.
Where the vials at, man? I know you're carrying.
Collars for dollars. What the fuck is this? The local church?
Yes, yes. Ah, gotcha.
- What you doin'? - Don't be touchin' me, man.
I got nothin', man!
Get off my ass! I don't be playin' that maricone shit.
- I love the smell of surprise... - Smell your fuckin' breath.
(Cop) It smells like victory, brother!
# Always in the news
# Toughness is their motto
# And bitter are their blues... #
Open your fuckin' mouth. Lift up your fuckin' tongue.
Lemme see under your tongue. Open.
Take off your fuckin' pants, or whatever you call 'em.
Dicky check time.
Spread your butt cheeks, man. Spread 'em. Let's go.
Let's see under your balls.
(Cop) You know I hate doin' this.
Lemme see under your ball bag.
Strike's balls. Strikes and balls. Yo!
Three-two, full count. Bases loaded. With bacon strips.
- Pull up your pants, bitch. - Man, where's your personal hygiene?
You're a motherfuckin' liar. I change my drawers every day. I stays clean!
Let's get the fuck outta here. It's over!
- See you later, bro. - Fuck you, too, man.
Fuck whoever you beeper... Guys, whoa!
Some niggers had you assed out.
- (Children shouting, coins clinking) - Glad to be of service!
Somebody gonna drop a cylinder block on your ass!
Take that gun and badge!
Ain't got the stomach for this shit no more.
You see my doctor yet?
You go see my doctor like I told you?
That Moo shit is what's killin' you. Get rid of that shit.
Here. Drink that.
Not the whole thing.
Yo, Rodney. Can't take it much longer, man.
I'm tellin' you.
Maybe you won't have to take it much longer.
(Rodney ) You know who that is? (Strike ) That's Darryl.
That's Darryl Adams, the thief. That's who that is.
He's stealin' from me.
Layin' back in the cut, passin' some baggies and rakin' in the dough.
Nice indoors work, huh, Darryl?. Clean, safe.
You got this clown in there sellin' ounces?
Why him? What's up with me?
Cos you like my son, man.
Strike, my son.
If I'm so much your son, why my black ass always on them benches?
I need you to be where I need you to be.
Had this dream last night.
I'm standin' in the desert with all my kids.
My for-real kids, my kids from the store.
They's all laid out in front of me like they's my army.
God comes up, points at you.
Tells me, "This one right here is gonna be your sword and your staff."
God, man. God said that.
He pointed right at you.
Darryl Adams wasn't even in the motherfuckin' dream,
cos that boy's a thief, and he got to be got.
- "Got"? - Got.
(Strike ) Can't you get Errol for that shit, man?
You know Errol gave hisself the Big "A".
The virus.
My man messed around and took that "A" train.
Anyway, can you see Errol in there,
sellin' whale on a bun and ounces and fries?
Strike, you really want to get off the benches?
You deal with it...
for me.
(Cocks gun)
(Police radio, indistinct)
# The illa killa the one for the thriller
# The one from the hood actin' like a gorilla
# I need the illa killa the one for the thriller
# The one from the hood actin' like a gorilla... #
You got any chocolate Moos?
No, we don't got no damn chocolate Moos.
- This is a bar, son. - Mooooo.
- Yo, Ronnie! - (Softly ) Oh, shit.
- What's up, man? - What you doin' here, man?
You know, just slidin' through.
(Sighs) Yo, big bro. I was just thinkin' about you, man.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Yeah, well, I love you, too, Ronnie.
All right. Good. Good.
# The chick is in a hole cos she shouldn't have freakin' shot... #
Here. Try this. It's sweet.
- You know that's Ahab's over there. - What?
- You know that's Ahab's over there. - Yeah, the competition.
You know that clown that works in there? The night manager, Darryl?.
- Darryl?. No. - Darryl Adams.
Yo, the brother is bad peoples.
Now, how is, uh... How is Darryl Adams bad people?
Cos, yo, he beat up this honey Charise, man.
She's only 16, kid. She came in askin' for a job.
This nigger took her to the back office,
talkin' 'bout "slob my johnson".
And when she said no, he started slappin' her up and shit.
Yo, the brother's foul.
- A woman beater. - Yup.
A dope-dealin' woman beater.
Man, I don't know about all that.
- Who's sayin' all this? - (Sighs) Yo, man, the shit is real.
Her moms is mad stressed out about that shit.
She wants some motherfuckin' payback, yo.
She wants to see that man dead.
What if it was you, your daughter? Charise is her only child.
He just got to be got, huh?
# Yo, got ya, comin' at ya chrome to the dome... #
- Wasn't that your favourite song? - Come on, man.
Vic, why you fuckin' with me, man?
I'm tryin' to kick some serious shit here.
Should've known I couldn't come to see you about nothin'.
I know somebody.
- My Man. - Well, who that?
Look, My Man. A friend of a friend.
He'll do the job.
- How much he talkin' about? - Nothin'.
So what's the deal?.
I'm listenin'. What you want me to do?
Nothin', man. All right? Just chill. All right?
So my little mans, my nephews, how they doin'?
I miss my kids, man.
Why don't you just take your ass home then?
(# Rap, indistinct)
There's the motherfucker. What's up, Strike?
Yo, black, we closed.
Besides, I thought you don't eat this shit
because it fucks with your stomach.
This is Ahab's, nigger.
We ain't got no Di-Gel, no Kaopectate, no pussy-Bismol!
Boom! Gotcha!
Boom. Gotcha.
You still here, motherfucker? What's up?
Mylanta! We need more Mylanta out here for this girl!
(Laughing) Boom!
Probably a fuckin' triple-header.
Outdoors in the mud, 60 casings around,
and a big herd of Nubians stepping all over everything, man.
- Alla salute. - Mazel tov.
Ahh! I just don't like them aeroplane bottles.
(Man speaking Spanish)
What the fuck happened?
- Oh, that boy got shot up! - Who did?
I wouldn't know. I wasn't here, so I can't talk intelligently about it.
Yo, uh... I wouldn't want you not to talk intelligently.
(Man) The body cold already.
Excuse me. Coming through. Thank you.
(Woman) Damn! Excuse me(!)
Hey! Welcome to the show that never ends.
Bartucci, what you got?
We got a black male, dead man. Darryl Adams, 22 years old.
He's the night manager of this joint.
Kid's standin' by the door having a conversation with another male.
Pop, pop, poppity-pop. Darryl goes down.
Shooter does a Carl Lewis.
Neighbourhood says there's four shots fired.
At this point, that's all she wrote.
- Robbery? - Nah. Way too fast.
Drugs? Was he a scumbag?
To tell you the truth, I never seen this kid before.
Boys, Darryl Adams. Darryl Adams, the boys.
- Hey, Darryl. - Hello in there.
(Cop) Live by the gun, die by the gun.
- The kid had brains. - Good thing he was wearin' his gold.
Bing, bing, bing. Ricochet Rabbit.
I still think it was the food here.
Hal, get in there, tell me what you got.
There she blows.
Let's see. No powder burns on the face.
- These eyes have lied. - Looking about 30, 35 years old.
- Doors one and two. - OK, let's see.
Nothin' up the sleeve.
He might get better, but he ain't never gettin' well.
- And presto! - Hey, slapped him five.
On the light hand side.
Hey, look at that. Looks like some kind of an Egyptian peace sign.
You're right there. It says goodbye.
Hey, Moe. My main man. Gonna need prints off that door.
Fuck you, Rocco. That'll really narrow it down(!)
We'll get half the yos in Brooklyn off this door.
- What, did you eat at Ahab's Burger? - Yeah.
- You owe me six more. - I love my job, too.
More prints than my ex-wife.
- He wearing any? - Be with you in a second.
Must be his golf jacket. It's got 18 holes.
Oh, Christ!
What the fuck did he eat?
# Come out, come out, wherever you are
# The monkey's on the trolley car #
Looks like they did come out. Here's one. Two. Two exits.
What's the grapevine say?
What they always say. "We keep our ear to the grindstone."
- Was he clockin'? - I don't know.
- Hal, how ya doin'? - How ya doin', Lar.
- Check the pockets. - Yeah.
Son of a bitch! That's Darryl Adams!
(Rocco ) Who?
He worked in Rodney's candy store. I saw him a lot.
If he worked for Rodney, he was clockin'.
- Hal, check the pockets again. - Sure. Hold on.
- Nothin'. - What's up, Darryl?.
Clockin' like a motherfucker, man.
(Man) You guys done yet?
Ho! Marvello the magician!
- Catch a bullet with his teeth. - (Rocco ) What a catch!
- What a smile. - Darryl, you've outdone Willie Mays.
You got my vote for MVP.
Another stain on the sidewalk, huh?
(Detective ) Get a pail and a mop. Get it over with.
One, two, three.
All right. Show's over! Officers, send 'em home!
- See ya, Hal. - Take care.
Yo, Moe, don't make me have to come back for those fuckin' prints!
- What you cursin' about? - I'm sorry.
Beep beep.
Excuse me.
All right. I won't do it gain.
(Man) I'm outta here, man.
- Got 50 bucks? - Nah, man.
Well, all I find, all I keep.
Don't be lookin' at me in the eye, nigger.
Your ass will be on this mural, too. I know that look.
See, you wonderin' how I got that AIDS, ain't ya?
- Nah, man. - You a lyin' motherfucker!
It wasn't from fuckin' with them punks.
I ain't no homosexual.
No, man, I ain't say all that, all right?
Fuckin' with this shit.
I can't believe I got this shit.
All this time in these motherfuckin' streets!
And I'm a smart motherfucker.
I know I should've left that shit alone.
One time I was studyin' to be an accountant.
Now this shit is fuckin' my body up. I have a goddam death sentence.
That's why I don't give a shit about nobody.
And I don't wanna see your ass no more!
Cos you ain't got no business out here fuckin' with this shit.
You'll end up like me. Or worse.
My old man...
was a preacher.
And when I started messin' with this shit,
he said, "You gonna pay for that.
"You gonna pay for that shit, boy."
He was right.
You can't cheat this shit'.
Get the fuck outta here!
Why you wanna be always arguin' with me?
No, wait. Listen to me. How many pair sneakers you got?
- The pair I got on makes six. - Yo, Rodney.
- Wait a second. Six, right? - Yeah.
- How many pair o' feet you got? - Two, like everybody else.
He don't see what I'm talkin' about.
- You don't, do you? - What, man?
How you gonna make ten and spend ten, nigger? Ten minus ten make what?
- Zero. - You wanna be a zero nigger?
- I don't want me no zero nigger. - You ain't got one.
Right. Now you see what I'm sayin' to you?
Nigger wanna spend all his money like that
gonna wake up broke every day of his life.
Why? Cos the nigger don't believe in hisself.
Thinkin' like a two-minute clock instead of the long haul.
Long term. See your future.
Y'all come work for me, this shit gonna be very different.
You gonna be savin' crazy money.
You gonna buy your moms a house in Strong Island. Right?
Everybody stick out your hands like this, palm down.
- What you all see? - (All) Black.
- What you see? - You 'posed to be seein' green.
All right. You get it, man?
No. You get it, nigger? You get it?
- I got it. - All right.
(All talk at once )
Excuse me. Excuse me.
- You all have a job to do inside? - Yeah.
Well, let's go. Who trash?
What's the matter with you?
Man, you ain't heard what happened?
I ain't heard nothin'.
You told me if I wanted to get off them benches...
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
All's I hear is that Ahab's lookin' for a new night manager.
I heard that.
Look here. You gonna chill for a week or two, right?
Let the shit die down. Be workin' still at my spot.
You gonna be on the benches, but Ahab is the joint.
I'm tellin' you. I got it. I'm all right.
Nigger look bad, boy.
What we're gonna do, we're gonna mix the shit up with the food traffic.
Right? See, right now, we're doin' way too much business from my spot.
We got a crowd of black, white customers,
out-of-state license plates, what have you.
Somebody gonna check that out. They gonna drop a dime on me, call 911.
With my jacket, I can't go back to jail.
Ahab gonna be a nice front. You did good, Strike.
You did good.
Now why you lookin' like that? Somethin' wrong?
You know it's me and you, right?
What I tell you? You like my son, right?
I'm gonna look out for you. Right?
- I ain't let you down yet, have I? - Nah.
OK, then.
Come in here. I'm gonna get somethin' to eat for you.
Come on.
Strike. What's up with that train set you got?
- It's all right. - Fuckin' Choo-Choo Charlie.
You readin' a train book? Choo-choo!
Every man should have a hobby. What's yours? Collectin' welfare?
That shit ain't funny, man. Word up. Why you tryin' to play me, Strike?
I don't talk about them... Fuck that, man!
I don't talk about them toys inside your crib.
Yeah, I know, cos I'll bust your motherfuckin' ass.
Yo, Shorty, what you laughin' at?
- One time says freeze! - Fuck!
Hey, little man. Stay right there.
Stand up, mastermind.
Hmm. Oh. Is that Rodney?
- Rodney rang? - You oughtta know.
- Y'all hear that noise about Darryl?. - Yeah, man.
Yeah, well, I had to tell his moms and pops last night.
That ain't no joke. I hate it.
I just hope I never have to notify none of your parents.
Leave this shit alone!
- How them trains comin'? - (Laughter)
Little man, come here. Come here.
What'd I tell you about bein' around these knuckleheads? Huh?
Now, I'm watchin' you. Go on upstairs.
Yo, Andre. Why don't you go chase some criminals or somethin'?
Yo, Shorty. What you lookin' at?
Yo, come here, man. Yeah, you. Come here.
Come on. Hurry up. Quick. Time is money.
Come here.
God damn, Shorty! This is some nappy shit.
When the last time you been in a barber shop?
I don't know.
'Put your hands up.'
(Shorty ) Ding-ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!
Watch out. Flip. Shoot.
(Imitating machine gun)
Watch out! Duck! Now what? Come on. Throw us somethin' else.
- Where you manners at? - Thanks.
- What's your name, Shorty? - Tyrone Jeeter.
All right. Shorty.
(Strike ) Yo, there goes my brother, Victor. Shit.
- Wait here, all right? - All right.
Be right back.
Uh! Watch out! Oh, man!
Uh! Uh! Flip!
- Who did this? Huh? Who did this? - ?Qu?
Who did this? Who did this? Who did this?
Who did this? Who did this?
Who's tryin' to be my son's daddy and gave him this haircut?
Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh?
Nobody don't know nothin' now, huh?
Yo no se nada.
I know you. I know you.
Cedric Stanley Gilmore.
(Others laugh)
And I know you, too. Ronnie Dunham.
You used to live next door to me, remember?
I know your mother. Gloria.
You all ain't nothin' but a bunch of good-for-nothin', death-dealin' scum.
I find out who's been messin' with Tyrone,
I'm gonna put a bullet in your butt my own damn self.
Don't let me find Andre either.
Have a good Sunday.
Shit. I know that bitch ain't talkin' to me.
- Scientific, man, shut up. - You shut up, man.
OK, Victor? Ready to go?
Normally I'd cuff you, brother,
but you look like the kind of guy I can trust.
Like I said. I had some drinks at Kool Breeze.
- Uh, Scotch. - "Some"?
Like two or three.
I usually go in there after most work nights.
Uh-huh. How long were you in there?
Uh, I don't know. About eight-thirty till about ten.
Uh, see... My Hambones -
I'm a...I'm a manager.
It don't end till ten.
I wasn't feelin' very good, so I left early.
You weren't feelin' good, so you went to Kool Breeze?
It wasn't like it was a "goin' home" not feelin' good.
You had a headache? An argument?
No, I just...just tired, man.
Go ahead.
So I left Kool Breeze, uh, started walkin' home.
I cut through Ahab's parking lot.
And this guy just flexed on me, man. He jumped outta nowhere.
I got scared. You know the rest.
Tell me, Victor.
I just... I shot him.
Hey, little man. I like that cut.
- Where'd you get it? - Barber shop.
You know, you used to have a good head on your shoulders
before Rodney got a hold of you.
Still do.
You know, Ronald, I been lookin' out for you since you been yea high.
Now, you don't want my guidance? Fine. It's your life.
Let me tell you somethin'.
You even glance in the direction of that little kid Tyrone,
and I'm gonna fuck you up so bad you're gonna wish I had killed you.
Now, do we have an understanding?
Do we have an understanding?
(Sighs) Yeah.
Why do we keep goin' through this? I told you already.
The guy jumped outta nowhere, I got scared... Bam! Then I ran. I ran!
You mean bam, bam, bam, bam.
- What? - Four bullets in the body.
- Where did you carry the gun? - In my gym bag.
What else you carry in it?
My uniform from Hambones, a sandwich from home.
I don't eat Hambones myself, as quiet as it's kept.
OK. Was the, uh, gym bag zippered, locked?
Don't shake your head, Victor.
- (Andre ) Where's my mattresses? - What?
I told you about my mattresses for them kids.
They ask, "You say we gonna have a tumblin' club. We need mattresses."
And I say, "Well, Strike's buyin' 'em. He promised."
Now, look, I ain't busted you yet,
but till I do, you gonna be my main benefactor.
You gonna sponsor this club, you understand me?
And, Ronald, I'm only tellin' you one more time, you hear?
The store was closed. One of them Jewish holidays.
- What Jewish holiday? - I don't know. Pick one.
Tomorrow, all right? I swear, I'll swing by tomorrow.
Andre, these cuffs is too tight, man.
You and me used to be tight.
(Strike ) Am I under arrest? (Andre ) What for?
Could you uncuff me, please, and let me outta here?
You don't have to live like this.
There's more than just these projects out there, you know.
Don't you wanna go someplace you never been?
I mean, you love trains, but you've only ridden the subway.
Go on, man. Get outta here.
And get them mattresses for my kids, hear?
- Never. - (Rocco ) Never?
You never walked by on a hot day with your two kids?
- Stopped in for a soda? - With my two kids?
I barely see my two kids. I'm always working.
When I get home, I'm exhausted.
Do you have any kids?
(Rocco ) Yeah. I have a two-year-old daughter.
Have you ever come home so tired
you hated the sound of your own kids cryin'?
Your own flesh and blood.
My wife, Sharon, says, "Quit a job. You got two."
What the hell she thinks I got two jobs for in the first place?
Look, I'm...I'm tryin', man.
I am really tryin' to move us out of the projects.
You know what I'm sayin'?
I'm working, I'm saving, I'm trying to do the best I can.
Provide those ends. I gotta work.
I'm never late. I gotta work.
Victor, listen to me.
You're a good, decent, church-goin', God-fearin' kid.
And if you did pull the trigger,
there has to be a reasonable answer other than what you've told me here.
I gotta ask myself, why would Darryl, the night manager at Ahab's,
try to rob you in his own parking lot?
So I think it had to be personal.
Mm-mm. No. I never saw him before in my life.
- He flexed, you shot? - I'm through with it.
I told you what happened. What else do you want?
- The truth. - The truth is lookin' at you!
If he did something, if he threatened your family, this helps you.
You were buggin' - "can't sleep, can't eat". This helps you in court.
What did that prick do to you?
(Sighs) It was self-defence.
(Sighs) Self-defence, huh?
I wanna see what you see.
Uh. I disagree.
I don't think I do look that fuckin' stupid.
Dang, man. In the papers.
I thought Vic was legit. What happened?
Boy already had like five jobs.
Aw, shit, man! What the fuck the homo-cide want now?
(Detective ) 235 Hoyt, Mandela projects, all right?
- Yo, Tyrone. - What's up?
Come over here and watch the car for me, all right?
- All right? - Yeah, cool. What you gonna give us?
(Rocco ) Catch you in a little bit.
(Tyrone ) We ain't gonna do it for free.
(Detective ) I'll take care of you later.
(Tyrone chattering, indistinct)
Excuse me, sir. Which building is 235 Hoyt?
- Right there. - Thank you.
Is that Nintendo or Sega?
- Sega. - What's it called?
- "Gangsta." - Whatever happened to Tiddlywinks?
Rocco, don't you know this is the new sensation across the nation?
- Where you goin'? - My friend's house.
Everybody wants to be a gangsta, right?
Yeah, you like that, right? You like lookin' at that, right?
- Wanna know how much it costs. - I know that.
Yeah, I'm sure. Probably want to buy one, right?
How you know I don't got one?
- Why did he have that gun? - Everybody has one.
- Does he drink a lot? - He only drank at night.
That makes two of us.
- How about drugs? - He's clean as the Board of Health.
Did he have any new friends recently?
- Hangin' out with any new people? - Not that I know of.
You must be thinking of Ronald, but he hasn't lived here in a while.
- He's quite the athlete. - Yes.
- You boys must be proud of your dad. - (Both) Yes.
I'll bet. Something's not right.
When I'm workin' on something, I gotta make it right.
These are my two sons, Victor and Ronald.
Victor's a hard-working, handsome young man.
He doesn't lie. If he said it was self-defence, it was self-defence.
Why don't you believe him?
(Rocco ) Do you mind if I borrow these?
I have to go around and retrace his steps the other night,
- and I'd rather not show a mug shot. - Sure.
(Rocco ) You be good boys. Take care of your mother.
- Strike. - You know him?
He's an arrogant piece of shit.
Comes into my store all the time like he craps beige.
He used to work with Rodney last year in his store, with Darryl.
Now he runs the crew on the benches.
Clocks for Rodney just like Darryl. Let's bring him in.
- What up, man? - They went to the ninth floor.
Shit! I knew it.
- Did they say anything? - Asked me about "Gangsta".
- Anything else? - Nah.
(Sighs) All right, Shorty. You did good, man.
Go upstairs before your mom come down flippin'.
All right.
Go on upstairs.
- Who you hidin' from? - Come on, man.
What you sneakin' up on me for?
I'm not gonna keep tellin' you to leave him be.
- Tell him! - How you feel about your brother?
It's fucked up, man.
I heard he confessed. You been to see him?
I'm goin'. I'm goin'.
You need to have your stomach checked out.
By the way, my kids thank you from the bottom of their hearts
for their mattresses.
Now doesn't that make you feel good?
(Rocco ) You know this kid?
- Yep. He was in here. - When?
Boy was in here Friday. He had one drink.
- One drink? Wasn't drunk? - Nope.
- He was rude. - (Bartender) Yeah.
'Ooh! I'm just gettin' warmed up. But it's The Bomb.'
Was he with anybody?
He came in alone. Might've had a conversation.
Can't recollect.
Do you recollect the shooting?
Hell, yeah. Who do you think called the cops?
So that's who you're lookin' for?
Do you remember if the kid was here before or after the shooting?
He was in here before. You know how I know?
Cos I was watchin' him. I never saw him before. He was jumpy.
Thought he might have been one of those stick-up kids.
This is Strike. Jesus Christ.
(Man) They don't look alike to me.
What about him?
Oh, yeah. Victor? A regular. What's up with him?
Strike, how come you didn't tell me your brother did it?
Come on, Rodney, man. What, you forgot?
- You told me you didn't wanna know. - Yeah, you right.
Victor popped Darryl?.
Hey, I don't know if he even did it.
Victor your brother. You supposed to know.
Errol, Errol, just...
We ain't had that conversation about Darryl, did we?
What conversation?
There, you see? Ain't no problem.
Go ahead, man. Break.
That's my boy!
(Rocco ) Came in one night only, on the night of the shooting.
Has the jumps. Never sat down. Left sober before the shooting.
Yo's jacket shows possession with intent,
possession of unlicensed firearm,
and assault, for which he still owes three years.
(Larry ) Listen to me, Rocco. He's all strung out.
Has a few schnorts over his limit.
He gets fried, walks out of Kool Breeze with the heater in his bag.
The Adams guy jumps out, startles him.
Pops the first guy who steps on his Nikes.
It's like a capper on a bad day.
That's how these Nubians do it. He gets religion, comes in, gives it up.
I'm not wasting my time on this.
(Rocco ) Come on, Larry. Can't you see what they're tryin' to pull?.
Larry. Yo walks in, says he's the shooter.
No record, two adorable kids, two jobs.
Model citizen. Claims self-defence.
- OK. All right. - Who's gonna argue?
Now, this other one...Strike.
If he tried that, they'd throw the key away. He's a known scumbag.
No wonder this sounds like horseshit. He's lying.
Victor never got off that bar stool.
- Yo was taken away for his brother. - For what?
Brotherly love? Fear? For money? What?
They ran a game on me, these two,
cos this cocksucker is an innocent man.
Just because a Nubian - excuse me, Lieutenant -
got a wife, a job, kids, a dog and a bank account,
he can't be a shooter?
You did everything but stick your tongue down his throat.
The kid didn't budge. Rocco, listen to me.
Even if this Victor kid is sellin' us a line of shit on the tape...
which is what they all do anyhow, even if they're givin' it up...
this is still a good, solid "closed by arrest".
And if I'm wrong, and Rodney conspired in on this, or Strike...
or the fuckin' Medellin cartel, I don't give a fuck.
Cos we got the shooter.
We locked up the wrong brother.
The wrong brother. Yeah. Yeah. Well, it's on you, OK?
What I want to know is where the fuck did these yos get balls big enough
to think that they could put this one past me?
I'm tired of hearin' that "yo" shit from you. Back off.
I'm sorry, Lieutenant. Excuse me. I don't mean any offence.
Anybody can bust off an oowop. What makes Vic any different?
Come on, man. Papers say he had a .38.
- Regardless what the papers say. - Wait, motherfucker.
When was the last time you bust off an oowop?
I never murdered nobody, but I'm gonna murder someone now!
Yo, yo, chill. Hold it, man. Kill that noise. Homo-cide creepin' up.
How you doin', fellas?
Look who's here. Ronnie Dunham, big man.
- Ronnie? - Can I talk to you a minute?
Go on, bitch.
I'm Rocco Klein, DA's Homicide Squad.
- You got a minute? - Homo-cide.
I'm doin' the Darryl Adams job. Your brother, you know?
How's he doin'?
Wouldn't know. Haven't seen him yet.
That's no joke in there. You been in?
Just overnight on a confusion. Wasn't no thing.
Errol. I thought you were dead.
I was. I came back.
Mr Barnes waiting for you?
Nah, not me.
I'm not happy about this.
Your brother fessed up, but it was some bullshit explanation.
Ronnie, you know what he told us?
How the fuck would I know? I wasn't there.
- Wasn't there? - Where he was telling you all this.
What do you think happened?
Got me.
You think him and Darryl had some static? A beef?
- Did you know Darryl Adams? - No, no, no.
- You didn't know Darryl Adams? - Nah, man.
I never met him, nothin'. Nah.
When's the last time you saw your brother?
- It's been a while. - Week, month, year?
- Yeah. - Which one?
Two months.
(Rocco ) Two months?
You wanna get that?
What you talkin'? That ain't mine.
What do you know?
Ronnie, I was lookin' for some help, some insight.
Your brother's got those kids, your nephews.
Hey, maybe the guy was a crackhead.
Darryl?. A crackhead? Crackin' up? Says who?
Ain't nobody sa... It's just... It's just around, you know.
You know what I'm tryin' to say.
- You clocking? - Nah.
- How long you been clocking? - What is you? Deaf? I don't hustle.
Look. Here's my card.
You hear anything... boom - pick up the phone.
- Boom. - Good.
I'll be seein' ya around, Ronnie.
# Cos I wouldn't do this
# Lord, if I tried... #
(Car door closes, engine starts)
- What he want? - Somethin' about my brother.
This is from Rodney.
He say whack it up... into ounces.
He'll hit you off...later.
Yeah, all right.
- Jo-Jo. You know Rodney Little? - Sure.
- Rodney's got this yo, Strike. - Likes to drink the chocolate Moos.
I need yo to talk to me. You mind laying some cards on him for me?
- Depends. - Need him to sweat.
- What'll you do for me? - Nothin' you don't do for yourself.
Strike, my man! This is a new day, Strike.
Dinkins out, Rudy in. Law and order. Cut the budget. Party's over.
Crackdown on drugs, crime, niggers,
spics, homeless, squeegeemen, African-Americans.
Have a seat. So what's up?
Not a thing, Detective.
Detective? Call me Jo-Jo.
You like basketball?.
Nah. I don't like sports.
- What do you like? - Trains.
Choo-choo trains? You can't dunk a basketball?.
- Nah. - Nah. Get the fuck outta here, man.
You been slammin' before you was crawlin'.
All right, listen. I'm here cos I like you.
I do. Now, tomorrow night's gonna be knocko night.
We're coming down on these projects like a fuckin' broom.
So if I was you, I'd take my homies out, say 9pm,
for some chocolate Moolies or whatever it is you drink,
till about 11, bet?
Yeah, bet.
I look out for you, you look out for me.
- Yeah, all right. - No, no, no. No "all right".
I look out for you, you look out for me.
- You look like 500. - 500. That's a start.
Good. Every week, I look out for you.
I tell you when we're hittin'. Week in, week out, you look out for me.
- Cool?. - Cool.
This is my man Kirby.
Kirby gonna double back in like 30 minutes. You lay it on him.
You tell your boy Rodney I got some good stuff he could use.
Finest, highest quality.
Peace out.
I think you dropped this.
If I was you, I think I'd call this guy.
(Jo-Jo ) Larry.
Yo, Strike.
- Been waiting for 40 minutes... - Who's here to see Victor Dunham?
(Woman) You told me he was gonna come down a half-hour ago.
(Desk guard) Watch your tone, young lady.
Aw, man. I love you. I love you, man.
- Cool, man. - You look good.
After you, man.
Somebody got bored shaving.
So they decided to cut me up with a razor.
And they stole my sneakers, too.
Yo, big brother.
(Sighs) You made the papers, man.
Ronnie... Can you get me outta here, man?
- I'll try. What's the bail?. - 50,000.
50?! God damn!
- What's the cash options? - My lawyer says maybe in a week...
I can get that, um, that ten per cent thing.
- Maybe Rodney got... - Rodney?
Tell motherfuckers to stop fuckin' with you.
(Softly ) Yeah, man. Yeah. Yeah. Maybe.
Look, man, I'm gonna try to get you outta here, OK?
Ronnie, some of these brothers... some of these men...
they love jail, man.
But all this, this ain't for me, man.
I'm gonna get you outta here, all right?
You kiss my babies for me, please?
- All right. - Thank you.
(Woman) We've been open for about a year.
We've done pretty well so far.
When I read about it, my heart was broken.
Victor is a sweetheart.
- Was he ever late for work? - Never. Like Swiss movement.
- Did he ever steal?. - No, he was honest.
- Get any visitors? - No.
See him in here?
Victor was my buffer. He could talk and reason with them.
Anybody ever threaten him?
# Open up your eyes and realise things is tough
# Your shit is my rough when you livin' in the city
# Walk with your head high step with the bitty-bop
# Got to survive when you slam or you do or die
# Cos niggers try to read through a nigger's eyes... #
- May I help you? - Huh?
- May I help you? - Yeah, let me the fuck in the store.
This is a store, right? People buy shit in the store.
- What do you wish to buy, brother? - I wish to buy what you got.
Maybe we don't have what you want.
Unbelievable. What are you, the security house nigger?
- What? They rent you by the hour? - We're just trying to help...
Fuck that, man!
Cos I'm black, that automatically mean I'm gonna steal something.
Nigger, I came in here to buy a birthday gift for my mom!
But you ain't shit
and neither is this bullshit kung fu Chinese bitch store!
Fuck you, motherfucker!
I'm gonna bring my steel and pump bullets in your ass.
Think I'm playing?
You disrespectin' me on my mother's birthday...nigger!
Listen up, man. I G's up twice a day, man.
How much you make in a month?
See this? See this? It's a hundred dollar bill, right?
Use it in your kid's birthday.
I'm gonna come back here. I'm gonna kill your ass.
Thank you.
I'm gonna kill your ass.
- (Woman) What did he want? - Nothin'.
- Did that kid ever come back? - No.
- Hey, what's up, Mr Brown? - Hey, Mr Dunham.
Yo, Ty, that's my landlord, Mr Brown. Say, what's up?
- How you doing, sir? - Pleased to meet you, young man.
This is Tyrone. This is my little brother.
Anybody bother you, and his head's out here, you let me know.
I got something for the crackheads my damn self.
You do like your big brother. Leave those drugs alone.
Hey, I got some food on the stove. See ya later.
All right. Peace. Now, go up the steps. Hurry up.
Hey, Shorty. What you doin'? Don't touch that.
Buggin'. You know anything about what you're touchin'?
- No! - (Tuts)
Little buster.
Lionel Trains, right? They was built in the early 1900s.
But them cheap shits, they only ran on dry cell batteries.
But, yo, after World War II,
when more folks started getting electricity in their cribs,
boom, they made the new ones.
(Strike ) Yeah, phat, right? (Tyrone ) Yeah.
Yo, profit's all in the cut. Don't never forget that.
Yo, Shorty, if I ever see or even hear about you
messin' with this stuff right here, man, sniffin' or pipin' up...
(Sighs) Yo, come here, man.
The word to my mother.
Put a cap in your ass.
This ain't no TV movie violence bullshit neither.
This stuff out here is real.
Real bullets hurt. And real guns kills you dead.
See this right here? This is .25 automatic.
I keeps this for all them ill niggers out there.
Like that one dude Errol. Now that brother's crazy.
He will blast your ass, just won't give a fuck.
The messed-up thing is that they never find the body.
Just the blood stains on the ground.
If he ever try to creep up on me, I'm gonna gat his ass.
You best be ready to do the same shit, too.
Aw, don't think that just cos you're 12,
small and shit, that he won't smoke you.
Just last year, he caught himself a ten-year-old.
I knows you probably thinking about what Mr Brown said earlier and all.
But, chill, don't even sweat that shit, man.
He's old and po'. He don't know what time it is.
This is how you get that money right here.
How do you think I got that phat-ass train set?
From pumpin' this white shit right here.
Any fly shit you want in this world, it costs money.
And this is how you get it. Hustling. Don't never forget that shit neither.
Yo, Shorty, you're smart, right? Well, answer me this.
Boss buys him a key for $22,000, right?
Cuts it up to 3,500 $10 bottles.
Boss takes 60%, $17,000 profit, leaving up $7,000,
50% of which is mine.
How much for me?
My man, Shorty. Keep hittin' them books, all right?
All right.
If I ever catch you playing hooky, I'll put a cap in your ass.
# My name is M-O and don't you forget it
# Takin' out your boys and you don't know how I did it
# Pickin' off your crew one by one
# Don't step in my way cos I just might have a gun
# May be loaded just might not be
# Cos I'm a menace to society
# My name not Thiggy-thiggy but I still get hip
- # So back the fuck up and just - (Boys) # Chill
# Cos steppin' on me you'll be a-writin' your will
# I'm like an Energizer can't never die
# Ba, ba, ba, ba, nice try
# Ha, ha, ha, I saw you run in the building
# Throwing up my guns to the ceiling
# Ba, ba, ba, here I go again
# Ba, ba, ba, cops are comin' in
# Run into the back, man I'm fast up the staircase
# I got no time to waste
# Nobody seen my face so I leave without a trace... #
Make the drops over on Smith Street from now on.
Yeah, all right.
Oh, yeah, crooked-ass Jo-Jo.
He said he got some weight for you to buy.
Forget that motherfucker.
Fuckin' faggot. He tapped me up for $500, too.
Errol told me you talked to the homicide cop.
- How'd that go? - It was aight.
"Aight" or all right?
It was "aight," all right?
I ever tell you about the first time I killed somebody?
Errol Barnes made me do it...
cos it was three guys burned us on some bogus dope.
'Errol's already killed the other two, right?
'We got the third guy.'
Be cool, man. Chill, motherfucker, chill.
Ain't you all sorry you fucked with us?
I ain't fucked with you.
You're lucky we don't blow your ass off like them crackers down South.
- Look, I hate this shit, man. - (Errol) What the fuck is my name?
- Errol, man. - You're goddam right.
(Rodney ) 'Motherfucker crying like a baby.
'Tears, snot flying, and shit. Errol turned to me.'
(Errol and Rodney ) Says, "You got to cap him, or I'm gonna cap you."
Man, come on, that shit ain't necessary, man.
'I ain't gonna cap that boy. He's scared like a motherfucker.'
You think I'm playin' with you? Open your mouth.
You gonna take this piece...
and you're gonna put that motherfucker's brains out.
- You understand me?! - I got it.
Go to it.
I said you shouldn't have did that shit, man.
- Come on, please! Please! - (Errol) On three, Rodney.
I can't stop my hand from shakin'.
- Don't you chump out on me. - I can't stop my hand from shakin'!
- Cap him! - All right!
(Laughing) Don't you wish you'd done us right?
(Errol) Hey, hey, hey. Don't you ever, ever fuck with me, boy.
Do you know me now? I'm a bad man.
Errol couldn't have me runnin' around here knowin' what he did
without somethin' personal hangin' over my head, too.
Personal, Strike.
Otherwise, I might give him up someday, you understand?
Strike, that's the reason why
I needed you to be bloody on this Darryl thing.
You hear me?
'Errol Barnes, boy.'
Motherfucker had a sawed-off shotgun right in my mug, Strike.
He's my best friend, too.
- What's the matter with you? - Shit!
You gotta take care of yourself.
Here. Wipe that off.
You OK?
You ain't seen my doctor, have you?
- Huh? - Nah.
Strike, why I got to tell you things two and three and four times, huh?
Why you don't want to listen to me?
You OK?
To be honest, I don't really give a fuck because you lied to me.
Lied about what? You said Darryl had a drug problem, a crackhead.
I asked around. The guy was clean.
I was just speculatin'.
That's some nasty-ass speculatin'.
Damn. You're comin' at me with mad questions.
I'm just tryin' to answer them shits.
Then you said you never met 'im.
Maybe just by eye, all right?
"Just by eye." You and him never had any static?
There's no way Victor could've been cuttin' through the parking lot
in the dark, and Darryl would've mistaken him for you?
Naw, man.
Cos you and your brother, in the dark,
probably look like two peas in a pod.
What the fuck you sayin'? All black people look alike at night?
I can't even tell you guys apart in the day.
Hey, you got jokes.
- You and your brother close? - Not really.
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