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Subtitles for Clockers CD2.

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Clockers CD2

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I forgot. Long-lost brothers. When was the last time?
A month.
Strike, you told me two months before.
If you know so much, why you keep asking?
- You know what Alzheimer's is? - Some kind of beer?
Wise guy. You visit him yet?
He's claimin' self-defence.
He goes to trial with that, those two nice kids of his,
by the time he'll be gettin' out, they'll be goin' in.
Did it ever occur to you maybe he didn't even do the shit?
You know who did?
Who did it?
Come on, man, I gotta go. I'm sick.
- Here's my card. - Got two already.
You better have that checked out.
Hey, what the fuck y'all lookin' at?
(Man) Oh, shit!
You all right, man?
(All talking, Strike coughing)
Strike! Strike! You smokin' crack, motherfucker, huh?
Get the fuck up!
(All shouting)
Get an ambulance, man! Let's get an ambulance!
(Man) Let's get him the hell outta here.
He'll be all right. He'll be fine. Watch it, guys.
(Paramedics) One, two, three. Let's go!
Here you go. It's all right, man.
- Hit that pipe today? - Dice that shit. He don't use.
Anyone ever tell you not to do drugs? Where do you live?
(Andre ) I'll give you that. Just get him to hospital.
(Woman) Welcome to Ahab's. May I take your order, please?
(Man) Yes, we need a Double Whaler on a bun.
(Woman) 'With cheese?'
Yes, with cheese. A fried shrimp boat.
'One fried shrimp boat.'
- Two. - Yeah, two.
'Two fried shrimp...'
Uh, could I please get my Captain Ahab with a clam roll?.
- Captain Ahab, Captain... - What's up, boys?
Hey, it's a nice car you got.
- Yeah, it's my dad's car. - How ya doin'?
Power windows, air bags, cellular phone.
Bet he paid a pretty penny for this.
Oh, yeah. We were lookin' for the Short Hills Mall.
- It's not here. - No?
Come down from Connecticut just to buy some whiting?
Some golf balls.
You buy anything else around here I should know about?
- Some gum. - No.
You like soul food?
Can't say I do.
- You like to wear lipstick? - Todd, why don't we get outta here?
McCauley does in the back...occasionally.
- You like skirts? - Something we did wrong?
- You ever suck a black man's dick? - Let's get outta here!
A big, 16-inch tar baby?
- No? - No.
If I toss this car and I find any drugs, I got 12 baboons in a cage
who are gonna be callin' you boys Mary all night.
- Come on, Todd. - Shut up, man!
- Who's got the drugs? - We don't have anything.
- You got five seconds. - Todd's got the drugs!
- Shut up, man! - Todd's got the drugs.
- Fuck you guys, man! - Put your hands on the car.
- Take it easy! - Fucking cocksucker!
Fucking touch him again, I'll rip your throat out. Get your hands up.
- (Laughs) What's up? - You tell me.
What you up to, man?
You the one involved in all the drama out here.
How you always know when I'm comin' out of somewhere?
Don't you know I know everything?
Didn't I tell you to go see my doctor?
Didn't I tell you to stop drinkin' that Moo shit?
Yeah, you did, you did. No doubt, man, no doubt.
- How you so smart and so stupid? - Cut me some slack.
I heard that Homicide came back on you again yesterday.
He ain't sayin' I'm in. He's just fishin'.
You and him fuck buddies now?
- You got jokes, man. - Come on, get in, get in.
- How do you feel?. - I'm all right.
You better be, cos we got another big order come in.
(Woman) Hey, Rod.
(Rodney sighs)
If God created anything better than crack cocaine,
he kept that shit for hisself.
I mean, that shit is like truth serum.
It will truly expose who you are.
I mean, you happen to be a low-life rat bastard motherfucker,
who will sell off his newborn for a suck off that glass dick,
crack will bring it right on in the light.
I don't care you black, white, Chinese, rich, poor.
You take that first hit, you on a mission.
And that mission will never end.
Even when the house, the money, loved ones are gone,
they send you to the joint, you still gonna try to cop.
No doubt.
Only time it ends, Strike, that mission, when you six feet under.
That's the reason I don't ever want to hear about you using this shit.
- You understand me? - You crazy?
All right, then.
Cos it's also the reason why I ain't never goin' outta business.
I'm a great businessman, Strike.
And I got me the world's greatest product.
Now you think about that.
Yo, so what up?
I'm gonna see you at the store.
- Go ahead. - All right.
You believe I used to deal with that woman when she looked like somethin'?
Yeah. You didn't know that, did you?
She used to look good, right?
She looked better than she look now.
- Finest shit we got today. - Let me see.
- Yeah. - 50 dollars.
But ain't y'all pregnant, though, y'all?.
- You got to maintain that, man. - We already know that.
That's the last I'm gonna sell to y'all.
Y'all got to take care of that little girl.
Got red caps?
I'm getting tired of these nickels, man.
Where the dimes at, Lou? We don't got it like that.
(Speaking Spanish)
Come on, let's do this.
You got it?
I got reds and I got yellows.
- What you need? - Two yellow ones.
- Want two yellows? - I want two reds.
All right, Veronica. Slow down, girl. Why you in such a hurry?
- Because I wanna get out of here. - Wanna get outta here?
- Let me see this money. - No, I said two.
- Let me see the money. Chill. - I want yellow.
- You want yellows? - I want reds.
It's the same shit. Both of 'em just to crack your ass up.
- I want three of 'em. - And I said two.
You notice the tablecloths out there, with the African prints?
The nice carpeting and the plants hanging from the ceilings?
It's all Victor's ideas.
You see, Victor always wanted to make this place like somebody's home.
He treated everybody with respect.
The workers, the customers... even the clockers.
Like, you asked me about last Friday night.
'We got three cocolo chocho face maricones
'trying to set up shop out there, right in front of my business.'
I reach for my...trusty Roberto Clemente Louisville Slugger here,
and I'm ready to bash in a head, I'm ready to bash in an arm.
But Victor, Victor, he says...
No, Jesus, no. Let me handle them, please.
(Customer) We set somebody up in the bathroom there.
Put somebody over there as a lookout in the window.
Sorry, but you brothers can't clock in here.
This is a family place, and I need you to respect that.
Here. Take these jumbo sodas. This is a Pepsi.
An orange. A root beer.
I would appreciate it very much...
if you would leave when you finish your jumbo sodas.
Usually they would just be happy to get the free jumbo sodas,
but on this night, Leroy pulls out a roll this big and says...
My boss says that he'll pay you $300 a week if you let us set up here.
What did he say?
Victor puts please and thank you into every sentence. So, it was either...
No. Please, thank you.
- Or... - Please. No, thank you.
What? You tryin' to be fuckin' burger boy of the month, man?
Wait. Your girlfriend likes you smellin' like burgers?
No. My wife...
Oh, your wife, your wife. Got it. I see, OK, look.
We're tryin' to do something here.
I can respect that.
You take your business outside, and I'll handle my business inside.
You can't even smile, man. You don't like this job. Feel that money.
- It's power. - I need you to respect that.
I'm gonna miss you, man.
So, I have to check the floor. I got a business to run.
- So, Hay-sus... - I pronounce it "Jesus".
I feel more comfortable calling you "Hay-sus".
My mother called me Jesus, my father called me Jesus. You call me Jesus.
All right, Jesus. So is that why Victor left early Friday?
He said he wasn't feeling well.
- Fuck. I gotta make a call. - There's a phone out in front.
Wasn't feeling well?.
Would you feel well after working 65 hours a week in a place like this?
It'll make you sick. Try it. Give me your badge, I'll give you my apron.
How much cheese you make yesterday, yo?
I made like a motherfuckin' yard. I did all right.
- Yo, Strike! - Here comes Shorty.
- Take this. - Shorty, what I told you?
It's yours.
I told you!
- Here comes your moms. - Oh, shit.
- It's yours. - You crazy?
- What did I say? Huh? You hear me? - What are you doin'?
You hear me? I told you! You leave my son alone!
Don't you ever put your motherfuckin' hands in my face.
I will put my hands wherever I want to!
You stop buying him shit.
I ain't buyin' him shit.
- Fuck! - Go home. Go!
The Nikes, the Sega game, the haircut!
You thought you were slick, right?
I saw him riding the bike. You wouldn't let him bring that home.
You best stay the fuck out of my face.
I am not scared of you. Maybe you're scared of Andre.
You get Andre. I don't give a fuck.
You are sellin' your own people death.
All of y'all. I'm not gonna let you take him with you.
You hear me? I can't let you do that.
I can't let you do that.
Can't! You understand?
I'm gonna go get Andre.
(Man) She took a pop at him, the ho.
Yeah, here come your friend, man.
Now you're beatin' up on defenceless women?
- What gives? - Come on, man. She attacked me.
Can I talk to you a minute? Have a seat.
Don't look so depressed. Worse things could happen.
Hey, Ronnie, have I treated you like a hard-on out here?
Have I not treated you like a man out here?
Talked to you with respect, courtesy, huh?
What you talkin' about?
Why you tryin' to make a fuckin' fool outta me?
- What you talkin' about? - What am I talkin' about?
You told me you didn't know Darryl Adams.
I'm running around like a horse's ass on that.
Not only did I find out that you know him,
but you worked a year with him at Rodney's store.
Why the fuck didn't you tell me?
I thought you meant this other Darryl.
What other Darryl?.
If you knew some other Darryl,
you should have said, "Yeah, I know him," right?
- I don't get it. - I only know one Darryl.
You said you didn't see your brother in two months.
- Oh, God. - You got all kind...
What? Ronnie, don't "Oh, God" me.
You got all kinds of pissed off at me just like you are now,
- cos I forgot you said that, right? - Yeah.
Well, guess what?
I go into the Kool Breeze,
the bar your brother was in just before the shootin',
the bartender ID'd you in there that night.
He even remembered the drink he made for you.
Pina colada, straight out of a can. Does this ring a bell?.
Why did you lie to me?
- Cos man, it's my brother. - What's your brother?
Your brother made you lie?
Tryin' to look out for him.
Explain to me how lyin' helps him. He's locked up.
What you sayin'? You tryin' to pin this on me?
I didn't say that. You said that.
I asked you why you throwin' me a line of shit. Why did you say that?
Oh, man. See, you fuckin' with my words.
You confusin' me. Twistin' my shits around.
Me? Oh, who's twistin' who here, Ronnie?
All's I'm askin' is why did you try to play me like a jerk?
- Please, stop fuckin' with me. - What's in it for you?
What the fuck is this? 20 questions or somethin'?
We already spoke about this shit.
Hey, Ronnie! I just want to know what you know.
Am I under arrest?
Fuck, no! If I arrest you, I can't talk to you.
Then the conversation's over.
Fine. You don't have to do shit.
But if you wanna continue to do business here,
without Jo-Jo and his crew puttin' their hands in your pockets,
I would think about takin' a ride right now.
What the fuck I look like?
I ain't goin' nowhere with your homo-cide ass.
Are you comin' or what?
How you doin'?
Man, you crazy, man? I ain't goin' up in there.
Yo, Rocco. Yeah, yeah, come on, come on, man. I ain't got nothin' to say.
I was prayin' you could help me out here.
Because to tell you the truth,
I've come completely around to your way of thinking.
- What's my way of thinkin'? - I know your brother is innocent.
If Victor was my brother and I knew what you know,
every day of my life would be a living hell.
You think we can do something about this?
- About what? - All bullshit aside.
You, me, Victor, we all know who did Darryl Adams.
Who do you think?
I don't know. You tell me.
- Me? - You little fuck. You did it.
I know it, you know it!
- Your brother knows it. - Shit.
What's the thinkin' on this, that if Victor claims self-defence,
he'll get off because he has no record?
His life is over!
I know it's rough out here for young, black males
with racism, no jobs, single parent families...
- Fuck that. - Don't fuckin' gesture at me.
Have some fuckin' respect.
But you're the fuckin' king snake!
You're a low-down, cold-blooded, evil junkyard nigger...
- I've never seen in my life. - What you talkin' about?
What'd you do, offer him money?
Who the fuck are you kiddin'? You're not the Mafia.
You're not even Rodney Little! You're a skinny-ass snake motherfucker.
You think you're hot shit. You ain't nothing but a cold, fucking fart.
You don't know a motherfuckin' thing about me.
You just a racist-ass, nigger-hating cop.
You don't know how it is for brothers.
And you motherfuckin' definitely...
- Don't point... - ..nothin' about what's goin' on.
Don't you fuckin' point your finger at me.
What's goin' on? What don't I see?
I ain't tellin' you shit till I see my lawyer.
Listen. I talked to...
Look at me. I got something nice to say.
I talked to all your brother's people. He's one of the decent ones.
Probably in his deluded decency, he thinks he's doing a noble thing.
But you and Victor playin' me for a patsy? Usin' me?
Back up with that shit.
I read you like a Marvel fuckin' Spiderman comic book!
I been inside your bald pea brain since you were born.
20 fuckin' years!
You don't play me, I play you!
(Larry ) Rocco, you can't do this in front of our house.
Understand? It's no good.
- Strike. - (Beeps horn)
You want to make yourself crazy goin' after someone else on this?
There's your man, right over there.
(Rodney ) Hold on.
Man, get your little ass in the car.
Fuck Rodney. Yo thinks he's gonna okey-doke me.
He's goin' down, Larry. Down for the fuckin' count.
Take it easy.
- How ya doin'? - Fuck you, too, Rodney.
- Come on. Hey! Take it easy. - I'm gonna cripple that cocksucker.
I swear on my mother's grave, I'm gonna cripple him.
You were supposed to be at my spot an hour ago.
What am I supposed to do? Tell Homicide I can't talk now?
I gotta go bag up some ounces for my boss, Rodney Little?
- He arrest you? - Nah.
Why didn't you tell him to go fuck hisself?
Well, what did he want?
Nothin' much. You know, same old, same old.
- He ask about me? - Nah.
- Huh? - Nah. Damn.
Cos I never said nothin' to you about shootin' nobody.
All's I said, you want Darryl's spot, you got to get it for yourself.
- Shit, I didn't even say that. - Fuck you, Rodney.
Excuse me. Who the fuck are you talkin' to like that?
You outta your motherfuckin' mind, hmm?
You think I'm one of them little crew niggers sittin' on a project bench?
Open your mouth, nigger. You feel that?
I put this gun in your bad breath smellin' mouth,
I will pull the trigger.
I'll splatter what little brains you got
all over the Corinthian leather interior of my car.
This is my wife's brand-new car, so you know I don't give a fuck.
- You understand? - Yeah.
- Do you understand me, bitch? - Yeah!
Let me tell you somethin' else.
If I ever hear about you talkin' to that Homicide one more time,
that Rocco, I don't care if he asks you the time of day,
if I hear about my name comin' up,
I'm gonna know it was you and I'm gonna kill ya.
I mean, you are 1-87 on the street, understand?
- Do you understand me? - Yeah.
Word is bond.
Now get your motherfuckin' ass outta my car.
Who bought you this shit?
Strike bought you that shit?
Where your mama at? She know you out here?
When I was a little boy,
my daddy would have kicked my butt all over this street.
- I don't have a father, all right? - You got one now.
When Errol is talkin' to you, you listen.
- You're not my daddy. - I'm your daddy now.
You get your butt...
You little motherfuckers, get outta here!
Hey, look here. Now I got to deal with this.
Look at this.
What the fuck is he doin'?
(Beeps horn)
(Errol) I'm a bad man. (Rodney ) Errol!
(Errol) Get your hand off me.
- (Rodney ) What are you doin', man? - Get the fuck outta here.
(Rodney ) Errol, come here.
Step off.
Hey, Shorty. Now, fun and games is over.
I warned your ass about Errol, didn't I?
- Huh? Didn't I? - What's goin' on here?
I don't want to see your ass hangin' around me no more.
- What'd I do? - Now take your ass home.
I don't want to see your ass no more!
You a little nigger. This is real nigger shit.
You need to be in school. Get your ass up...
- I thought I was def! - Shut the fuck up!
Take your ass home to your moms.
Get the fuck up them steps. Hurry up, man!
- Hurry the fuck up! - Shouldn't have taught me then.
(Shorty ) Punk.
I busted these four yuppie dickheads over at Ahab's.
They drove down in Daddy's Benz to cop.
So fuckin' what?
I'm gonna use them to pinch that motherfucking shinehead Rodney.
I got 'im set up.
You got Rodney set up?
Got that fuckin' yo set up just like the movie.
Let me do a favour for ya.
Me and Mazilli know the prick. Let us pick him up.
You'd owe me two favours.
You ain't gonna let me forget. I ain't worried.
(Chuckles) No, I won't.
# I wash my face in dirty water
# Cos it gives my mind a little order
# And I play that game just like I should do
# But my whole world slips away
# I live my life, I live it slowly
# And I take my time, I'm in no hurry
# Yeah, I'm livin'
# And when I go then I would surely... #
Hey, Mr Mazilli.
Klein. What you need, man?
- I need you, brother. - Oh, yeah?
- For what? - I got me a warrant on ya.
- Warrant for what? - Arrest.
You want to arrest me? For what, Mazilli?
You must have sold to an undercover, man.
Oh, man, please!
You so desperate you sellin' shit yourself?
Excuse me.
(Sighs) All right.
- Who tryin' to set me up? - What do I know?
- Come on, man. - I'm Homicide, man.
(Sighs) How long we been doin' business, huh?
All of a sudden it don't count for nothin'?
All I know is, somebody says Rodney's your buddy.
He's not gonna break balls if you go in. So?
Right, Rodney?
Rocco Klein, Rocco Klein. I always wanted to ask you.
You Italian, you a Jew? What are you? You can't make up your mind?
- Me? - Yeah, you.
I'm from the lost Black Tribe of Israel, the Yos.
Now put the rag away, lock up, get your shit, and let's go.
I'm a businessman, all right? I'm tryin' to make a dollar.
- Yeah, I'm proud of ya. Let's go. - We got a job, too, OK?
Skyler, go find Errol.
Tell him to come down and mind the store for me.
Tell my wife to get my bail money together, too.
Give Errol my best, all right?
Better put a leash on that psychopath.
(Whistle )
(TV presenter) 'The Santa Fe F-3.
'Considered the most attractive paint scheme on any railroad.'
"Dear, Mr Herman Brown,
"I had to leave suddenly, but I'll be all right.
(TV) 'It wasn't long before the Santa Fe dominated...'
(TV) 'Today, we're going to examine all 12 F-3 road names...'
(Sighs) "..he...can...have...
(TV) 'Western Pacific, Southern...
'Texas Special...Wabash... Illinois Central...
'Baltimore and Ohio...
'Milwaukee Road...Rio Grande...
'Canadian Pacific and the New Haven.
'We will concentrate on the characteristics
'of the shells and the paint of over 40 original variations.
'We will make our point-by-point analysis of actual...'
God damn, man! Who stole my gat?
- Who set me up, Mazilli? - Ho-ho.
Yeah, you better not tell me.
Save my ass from a homicide charge.
Don't tell us before, man. We like to figure these things out.
Takes all the fun out of the investigation.
On the real side, who served me up?
What do I look like? One of your hos?
Yo, genius. Who do you think?
He's in a jam. It must've been the chocolate Moos.
(Woman) Get the ball. Yeah, get it. Good.
(Woman laughs)
Got it? Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Good, good, good! - Yo, Sharon!
Hi, Uncle Ronnie.
- Yo, what's up, Mark? Chillin'? - Yeah.
All right.
So, how Victor doing? What's going on with that bail situation?
- Down to $5,000. - Word.
Good. Good. It's about fuckin' time. Check this out.
Strike, somebody's gonna see you.
Put that away. Hurry up.
That's $5,000 right there, all right?
Give that to Mommy. Tell her to get her son up out of jail.
Don't tell her I gave it to you, all right?
You goin' somewhere?
I might, but I don't know.
Ronald, you need to talk to your mother.
- You listenin'? - Yeah, I hear you.
- All right. - Later.
OK, let's go. The Dunham brothers are up, and he catches it. Yes!
- Yo, Scientific? - What's up, B? What's up?
What you guys just sitting around for?
What the fuck you yellin' at? That nigger Rodney got locked up.
- For what? - You don't know why?
- No, I don't. - (Shorty ) Strike!
(Scientific) You know.
- Yo, Strike! Yo, Strike! - Y'all hold on.
Yo, Shorty. Get out of here, man!
I gotta talk to you. I said I gotta talk to you!
- Get out of here! - Hey, Ronnie.
- (Shorty ) Stop iggin' me! - Ah, fuck!
Put it here, pal.
Let me talk to you for a minute.
So you wanna fuck with me?
Let me show you what fuckin's all about.
(Strike ) What the fuck you talkin' about, man?
(Rocco ) Your man is in the joint. I just came by to thank you.
Yo! Yo, fuck you, Rocco. You can't pin this shit on me!
Oh, no? All I know is that Rodney makes bail tomorrow.
He'll be back out on the street.
What do you think your homies will tell him?
If I was you, I'd fly down to the DA's office, get my ass protected.
I don't even be fuckin' around no more. I don't be hustlin'.
Ronald, do yourself a favour.
Tell me what really happened.
How your boss Rodney pressured you into doing Darryl.
I tell you, that nigger set Rodney up, man. I know it.
Nobody wants you on this. You had no choice. Rodney had you scared.
Kill or be killed, right?
You don't even know what the fuck you talkin' about.
You just got me killed on some dumb shit.
Black man say he didn't do somethin', you don't believe him.
Say he did do something, you still don't believe him.
(Rocco ) Have a good life.
Oh, fuck!
(Sighs) Yo, y'all. I know you niggers know I wouldn't diss Rodney.
Homo-cide is buggin'. Word up.
Word to Allah, man. You a motherfuckin' punk ass lyin' bitch!
Fuck you! I'll fuck you up!
You a fuckin' snitch!
That nigger snitched on Rodney! And you punch like a bitch!
(Strike sighs)
Your mama's in her bed.
Well, I ain't gonna wake her.
You don't get it, do you?
- Yo. - (Rodney ) 'Errol.'
- I'm in the lockup. - Lockup? For what?
I don't know.
I'm still trying to figure it out myself.
'But I know who put me here.
'That little...punk ass Strike.'
- (Errol) 'Strike?' - 'Mm-hmm.'
'You know what you gotta do, right?'
- 'It's done.' - 'I'll see you tomorrow.'
Yo. (Coughs)
- You still around here, nigger? - What you think?
All right. I guess Errol ain't find your ass yet.
- Errol?. What he want? - (Shorty ) Yo, Strike!
- What he want, stupid? - How the fuck I'm 'posed to know?
Maybe he wanna play with your fuckin' train set(!)
- Man, fuck you. - Fuck you, nigger! I mean, snitch.
Yo, Shorty, how many... How many times I gotta tell you, man?
Stop sweatin' me. You a kid.
This is grown-up stuff. You gonna get hurt out here.
Now, take your little bag of candy, take your little bike
and go find some friends, all right?
Damn! Fuckin' kids, man.
Oh, shit!
# Boogie-Down was performing
# Down with the sounds called VDP
# Boogie-Down was performing
# It ain't no joke
# Back in the days I knew rap would never die
# I used to listen to Awesome-2 on WHBI
# I used to hear all kind of rap groups
# Before samplin' loops rappers wore bell-bottom Lee suits
# Me and Kenny couldn't afford that
# So we would go to the park while they was jammin' to hear rap
# I used to listen till the cops broke it up
# Always thought to myself "Damn, why they fucked it up"
# But nevertheless I was in love with the microphone
# And it stayed that way until I left home
# On the streets of New York now I'm free
# But with freedom comes big responsibility
# I used to walk around driven by the force
# I remember how large Super Rhymes was when he fell off
# I used to wonder about crews that used to rock
# They were large but none of them could manage to stay on top
# Do you ever think about when you outta here
# Record deal and video outta here
# Mercedes-Benz and Range Rover outta here
# No doubt BDP is old school but we ain't goin' out... #
What you want, little...
(People screaming)
Yo, Ty! Ty!
You little motherfucker!
# Some years went by, I signed myself into a group home... #
What the fuck is wrong with you, huh? You buggin'?
(Andre ) I don't know what happened.
I've known this kid his whole life, his mother, too. Good, decent people.
Now, whatever happened out there, it was a big mistake.
I mean... I mean, Tyrone's never been in trouble before. He's like...
He's like, uh, 85th percentile on the national education test.
I mean, uh... Now this thing could ruin his life.
Just help him with his moms and his statement.
You know what I'm askin'.
Does my son have to go to jail?.
Would you permit me to talk to him?
If you talk to him, does he still have to go to jail?.
(Rocco ) Tyrone, you know what you did, don't you?
- Yeah. - You know it was wrong?
- He knows. - OK. We got that outta the way.
You did wrong.
But you were scared, right? You couldn't help it.
My son was terrified.
Tyrone, you're a good kid, but it's tough growin' up in the projects.
Drugs, crime, peer pressure. You know what that means, peer pressure?
- Yes. - I hear you're real intelligent.
Don't your friends make fun of you
when you get straight As, speak correct English,
attend school, go to classes, don't hang out?
Don't they call you white boy?
Don't they call you soft because you ain't hanging with them hard?
I know they do, but all you want to do is the right thing.
But they keep threatening you, threatening your mother.
So you get a gat. So you, too, can be hard-core.
Protect yourself and your mother.
- Do you know the man you shot? - Yeah.
That was Errol Barnes, a stone killer.
He did time for killin' a kid your age.
Here you are, riding your bike, minding your own business.
You have a gun for protection.
All of a sudden, there's Errol, that kid killer,
standing right in front of you.
He's got this horrible look in his beady eyes.
You see him reaching...
Tyrone, look at me. Look at me, Tyrone.
You see him reaching for that .38 stuck in his waist.
You know he's gonna gat you. Then who's gonna protect your mother?
You never fired that gun before, but Errol was about to pull that trigger.
You're scared.
All you wanna do is ride your bike. It's either him or you.
But this killer in front of you. There's no time to think,
his finger is on the trigger.
Boom, boom. The gun just appeared in your hand.
That's what happened.
That's what exactly happened.
And when I ask you what happened with the tape recorder on,
that's exactly what you're going to tell me, right?
Because you always tell the truth.
Now, one last thing.
We need to know - again, tell the truth - where'd you get the gat?
- I found it. - Where'd you find it?
- In the bushes. - Where in the bushes?
I'm not turning it on yet. Where in the bushes?
- What bushes? - The bushes near my building.
Tyrone, you gotta help me out here.
And your mama.
The truth.
OK. I borrowed it by accident.
From who? Remember, you always tell the truth.
I borrowed it by accident from Strike.
(Andre ) Strike?
All right, son. All right. You did the right thing.
I was tryin' to give it back to him, but he doesn't speak to me any more.
I keep trying... but he keeps iggin' me.
All right, son.
I'm gonna put the recorder on now.
You state your name, and you tell the story, relax,
just the way you told it to me.
- Your name? - Tyrone Jeeter.
Oh, shit.
(Man) Fuck that nigger up, man! What the fuck you doing?
You ruined that boy's life, you fuckin' parasite!
I had nothin' to do with that shit!
I'm tired of excuses!
Tired of excuses.
- (Strike ) 'Mommy!' - You know nothin'!
"It's not my fault." I'm not hearin' that shit!
It's motherfuckers like you mugged Rosa Parks.
- Who the fuck is Rosa Parks? - Who the fuck is Rosa Parks?!
- It's hard on the brothers. - You stupid, ignorant motherfucker!
Brothers?! Brothers! Is this the way you take care of your brothers, huh?
Real brothers take responsibility. I'm gonna make damn sure you do.
I won't be fuckin' around. I'm done with that.
Done with it? Done with that?
You bet you are. You are done from these streets.
You're gone from this project, and you're gone from New York.
You hear me?
(Crowd) Oh, shit!
Come on, you son of a bitch!
Yo, why don't you stomp that nigger too, man?
- Come on, man. - Get back! Get back!
- Gonna shoot everybody? - Get the fuck back!
Come on! You want somethin'?
You got it, man! You got it! What?
Get up.
Get up, get up, get up!
If I ever see you again, I'm going to kill you!
I'm gonna shoot you in your dome, put a gun in your hand
and say you tried to raise up on me for this beat down you just got.
Do you understand? Do you understand?
(Strike ) Shit!
# He wants to fly but his wings won't let him go
# He wants to travel but don't wanna go so low
# Oh-oh, Daddy, when I grow up
# I want to be a silent hero... #
Ah, look who's here! I was just comin' to get you.
Rodney or Andre?
(Tyres squeal)
Rodney! Take a number, you're next!
(Rocco ) What'd you think you was gonna do? Become president?
Yo, man! Why did Tyrone do that stupid shit for?
The boy did it for you. He was protecting you.
Rodney ain't no fool. He sent Errol after you,
and this poor fuckin' kid stepped into the breach.
David and Goliath.
Now he's a 12-year-old murderer. Way to go, Strike.
Yo, don't lay that on me, all right?
Don't lay that on you?
- I had nothin' to do with Tyrone. - You had nothin' to do with it?
Can you look yourself in the fuckin' mirror and tell me
you had nothin' to do with Tyrone?
Why the fuck you have to come shake my hand anyway?
Didn't I tell you not to play me? Did I not tell you that?
I don't give a fuck what you said! You can't put this weight on me!
Nah, why should you carry the fuckin' weight?
You must be a wonderful fuckin' guy,
everybody tryin' to protect you - Tyrone, Victor.
You know what? They all went down protecting you from the same guy,
and he's still out there.
I'm the only one that can protect you now.
That's right. Me. Me.
So you tell me how Rodney pressured you into cappin'...
Oh, man!
..Darryl Adams, and we'll drop him down a hole.
Don't tell me Rodney pulled the trigger if he didn't.
All's you gotta do now is tell me the truth.
Did you shoot Darryl Adams?
No, man, no. Damn.
- Who did? - Scientific.
- Who the fuck is Scientific? - He's with my crew.
- Did you see him kill Darryl Adams? - No.
- Did he tell you he killed Darryl?. - No!
- Did he tell anybody? - I don't know! Why you sweatin' me?
It was Errol Barnes!
Get up! Get up, you fuckin' lyin' cocksucker!
You crazy?
I'm gonna hand-feed you to fuckin' Rodney myself!
I swear to God! It was a nigger named My Man.
My brother said My Man would do it.
- My Man? - I didn't have the heart to do him!
- I didn't have the heart to do 'im! - Victor said My Man would do it.
We was in Kool Breeze and shit, a-a-and Victor,
he just told me, he was like, he said, "My Man".
Maybe Victor was so drunk he did tell My Man to do it.
Bullshit, bullshit! Let's go see Rodney.
(Mazilli) Rocco.
If you don't get your hand off my son, you better...
- Victor called me from the bar. - You ain't gotta tell him nothin'.
Victor called me from the bar.
Mom? I think I'm gonna do somethin' bad.
Ma, I can feel it.
Look, I'm just tired, that's all.
I'm just sick and tired.
And somebody's gotta pay. Somebody's gotta pay.
He came back into the house an hour later.
Victor! Baby, what's wrong?
Oh, Mama, I shot somebody!
I shot somebody.
'He was throwin' up all night.
'I didn't even know that other boy was lyin' dead in the parking lot.'
The next morning...he says that he can't get out of bed -
his legs are cramped, he can't walk.
Mama, let me tell you, it was just like a dream,
like somebody else was pullin' the trigger, you know?
And that's what happened.
Mommy, I swear, I'm gonna help Victor.
What is going to happen to my son?
Did you get the money from Sharon?
- Huh? For the bail?. - She wouldn't take it.
My son Victor...
said it was self-defence.
Believe him!
" is dead."
(Sighs) Motherfucker stole my bags, too.
Yo, Strike. Your boy Rodney took a piss in your car.
So, where do you want to live, Ronnie?
(Sighs) I don't know, man. You tell me.
We's goin' to the Port Authority Bus Terminal.
Please, Rocco, man, take me to Penn Station.
Same difference.
(Thinks) 'Self-defence. Self-defence.
'Victor is pleading self-defence.'
(Sighs) So, what's up with Tyrone? Does he get bail?.
No bail on juveniles.
His mother has him until the trial.
So, how much time is he gonna get?
Maybe a half-year in a youth house, if he's lucky.
Yo, Rocco, before I get out, man, just answer me this one question.
Why was you so gung-ho about all this shit, man?
Most cops...
Brothers killin' other brothers ain't no big thing. BlasÚ, blasÚ.
What made you care about me, my brother Victor, Darryl Adams, Tyrone?
Huh? What made you give a shit?
If I ever see you again,
I'll book you on charges of criminal solicitation
and conspiracy to commit murder.
I'll let Andre beat you down again,
then pick up Rodney on the same charges,
and I'll make sure you two share the same cell.
The same fuckin' bed.
Do you understand me clearly?
Yeah, I understand you clearly.
I just wanted to say thanks, for gettin' me outta town, that's all.
It ain't mine, man. I stopped doin' that.
(Beeping stops)
Get the fuck outta the car.
(Man) Final Call newspaper! Get your latest edition of Final Call!
Sir, how are you doing today? Get your latest edition of Final Call.
Justice In Black And White, sir.
No, thank you.
Thank you very much, sir. Have a pleasant and good day.
Final Call newspaper! Get your latest edition of your Final Call newspaper!
How about you, sir?
(Larry ) "I'll kill you."
I guess somebody read his shirt the wrong way, huh?
Whoo! Right through his fuckin' mouth.
Another stain on the sidewalk.
- Hal! Lunch. - Another dead motherfucker.
DMF. All right. Well, Hal, let's go to work.
- Take it away, Lieutenant. - OK. Catch you next time.
Hey, guys.
They should blow these projects to Timbuktu.
Why bother? They kill themselves anyway, like a self-cleaning oven.
No fuss, no mess.
That's how the Nubians do it. Cycle of shit.
- Take it easy, guys. - Take it easy.
What the fuck happened?
One snap, that kid Scientific got shot up.
What's a Scientific?
(Larry ) That could be you next. Mr Scientific.
(Officer) Nothin' you ain't seen before, eh, fellas?
Did you see anything over there?
(Tyrone ) Back in the early 1900s, when trains ran on batteries,
when people had no electricity in their houses...
After World War II, right?
- Tyrone. - Huh?
- You know I love you, don't you? - Yeah.
- After World War II, right? - Yeah.
When people started getting electricity in their houses,
they made these - the new ones.
Wanna hear a whistle?
(Whistle )
# Here is my hand for you to hold
# Here's a part of me they have not sold
# I've wandered far, I've had my fill
# I need you now do you love me still
# Only you have seen
# The hidden part of me
# Call me foolhardy if you will
# I loved you when do you love me still
# So many smiles and lies surround me
# Empty expectations, faceless fears
# Sometimes this life is a bitter pill
# I love you now do you love me still
# You have been mine since time untold
# Our love is immortal don't you know
# Others will come and they will go
# But I loved you young and I'll love you old
# Only you have seen
# The other side of me
# Call me naive, I think you will
# But I loved you then do you love me still
# Here are the eyes that only see you
# Here's a mouth that only calls your name
# Here is a song they cannot kill
# I love you now do you love me still #
Subtitulado por Avengers Usando SubTune 1.2 2002 Bs As ARGENTINA
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