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Subtitles for Coast Guard 2002 CD1.

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Coast Guard 2002 CD1

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presented by Korea Pictures
in association with Mirae Asset Capital & i Pictures
a LJ FILM production
starring Jang Dong-gun
Kim Jung-hak
Park Jee-ah
Yoo Hae-jin
produced by Lee Seung-jae
executive producer Kim Dong-joo
co-executive producers Choi Jae-won & Park Doh-joon
associate producer Kim So-hee
producer Kim Sang-geun
director of photography Baek Dong-hyun
lighting director Han Gi-eub
written & directed by Kim Ki-duk
The Korean peninsula is the only divided country on earth
After the Korean War, South Korea's coastline have been surrounded by barbed wire fences to block any attack
Even now, whoever enters the coast after sunset, can be considered a spy and be killed
- Five minutes until roll call! - Five minutes until roll call!
Get your asses moving now!
- Quickly! - Yes, sir.
1st Private Kim.
Put it on my eyes.
Please stop. I'm sick of it.
We'll see. Whether I catch one or not.
We'll see what, you moron? Think a spy will come to you?
Hurry it up!
- Take center! - Taking center!
- Count to the right! - One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight!
- Salute. - Salute.
Coast Guard platoon, 23 reporting and one on duty.
All 23 ready for night watch, sir!
- At ease. - Yes, sir.
At ease!
Our country faces the sea at three sides, and all coasts are restricted.
This zone especially was intruded by spies three times since the war.
Never let your guards down here.
You'll be commemorated for killing a spy, and be specially discharged.
You'll be honored for the rest of your life.
But if you miss one,
you'll bring disgrace to your life forever.
Spies are unlike before. They'll avoid being seen,
and either shoot a poisoned dart or slice your neck off.
Hey, idiot. Are you with special forces?
Get training from them?!
If you'd like, I can do it, sir.
Want a bullet through your head? Where's your helmet?
Before a spy shoots, I'll shoot first, sir.
Sure. We'll see about that. That is all.
Raise your arms.
- March. - March.
Coffee's here, honey.
- It's a card game. - Get over here.
- Who's winning? - He is.
The pot's mine now.
- I won! - Shit!
Are you two cheating? Get away from my sister.
- What are you looking at? - Who's looking?
- Who cares if he does. Honey, look at me, too. - Yeah, army bastards never get laid.
- You low-life punks. - Go. Forget about them.
Spies don't exist anymore, damn it.
All you pigs do is play, and freeload off our taxes.
Cowards can't even shoot an empty gun.
Empty gun?
I see.
If you're brave, come and find out.
Fuck, you'll be in pieces. After my grenade tears you apart.
You asshole!
You fucking assholes!
- Dammit. - None your bussiness
Stop it! Stop it!
Fucking assholes!
I dare you to come to the coast at night.
I'll shoot you all even if you're not a spy.
Just go.
Think that bastard could shoot a spy for real?
If you test him out, I'll give you my sister.
Really? Do it Young-gil.
- He'll give you Mee-young. - Only if you come out alive.
- Duk-bae, heard that? - Sure did.
You're crazy. He said he'll definitely shoot. Don't kid around.
- Saw her worry about me, right? - Did you two already screw behind my back?!
Bunch of punks who didn't even serve.
Forget about it. They're always like that.
Fucking assholes. They better not cross my path.
Guard post 26. All is clear.
Check a strange object at 500 meters ten o'clock. I don't see anything.
It's a fishing tube, over.
Think we'll see a spy before we get discharged?
Do we really have to catch one?
Then why are we here?
I just hope nothing happens before I get discharged.
I'll lie in ambush over there. A spy might come in there.
Platoon leader will get pissed.
- Night. - Tent.
- Tailor. - Raft.
- Target. - Town.
- Name. - Eh...
You screwed up!
Hey. Pass it right.
Start over again.
You wanna die?
Hurry and go get it.
Damn turtle legs.
My kick's no good today.
You're dead already.
- What are you doing here? - Can't you see? Training for a surprise attack.
Come here 2nd Private Cho.
Get up, you bastard.
- I'll hit for real. - Then do it!
- Don't regret it. - Hit me, idiot!
I told you not to fight. Please stop.
Are you okay, sir?
Fight me! Fight me, you bastard!
You're next. Fight!
Mount your beds and turn in.
Turning in, sir.
Kang Han-chul, load your song.
1st Private Kang Han-chul. Loading song!
*Music* If that happy day could return Tracing back to that fading memory *Music*
*Music* If only I could express My feelings now *Music*
*Music* No matter how much I regret The past has already gone *Music*
Shit, you two stop it.
Stop it!
Come on, she's gonna be my girl soon. Have a drink.
Anyway, no way. Got it?
Put your arm down now.
- Let's go. - Go where?
Just follow me if you like me.
Bastards can't even shoot a fish.
Okay. I'm a spy, so shoot. Shoot, you bastards.
Why do you look so pretty today? Let's hug, and stop teasing me.
- Do you love me? - Of course.
What are you doing? Get out of there. Come over here.
If you do, I'll hug you.
Are you crazy? Stop kidding around, and come out.
Remember the old lady who got shot last year?
Bastards got commended and went on leave.
So you don't love me?
Are you crazy? Stop playing, and come out now.
They shoot at night no matter what.
- Scared you might get shot? - Aren't you scared?
I heard they shoot to get discharged. Now you're all mine.
It feels great.
Is it a spy?
Over here!
- What is it? - Check!
Don't touch it! I caught that spy!
Hurry and check now!
- Don't come any closer! - Bastard.
Looks like one of those punks.
- This is the killed civilian, sir. - Who's the soldier that did it?
1st Private Kang Han-chul sitting over there.
My Young-gil! Get out of my way!
- Didn't he look drunk to you? - I don't know.
- Weren't you scared? - I don't know.
Mee-young, are you okay? Why'd you get drunk and go in there?
Take a rest. Good work.
Why'd you go in knowing you could get shot?
She seems a bit strange.
Who killed my son? You murderer.
Is it you? You murderer! Bring my son back!
Bring my son back!
Bring my son back.
- You rotten bastard. You rotten bastard. - Take her away!
Bring my son back.
Hey shithead! Is Young-gil a spy? Can a soldier shoot anyone?
Move back and be quiet.
How can I be quiet after a civilian was killed? You murderers!
I told you not to come in here. This is a military zone.
Cut the crap, and give me that murderer!
Think I can't kill someone without a gun?
The soldier did nothing wrong. He just carried out his duty!
And if he was a spy, who response to that
You son of a bitch! Take them out!
Hands-up.Don't move
Hurry up!
If you make a trouble
- Salute. - Salute.
While 1st Private Kang Han-chul was on duty at 3am,
he used proper measures to stop an infiltrator. So we commemorate him for his loyal duty.
Recognized by 2459 Battalion Commander
- We grant you a special leave of seven days. - Salute.
Stop it. Sleep.
How dare you?
How could you smash a boy's toy? You son of a bitch.
Call yourself a soldier? Do you?
Stop looking at the ocean. It won't make Young-gil come back.
Rotten army bastards. Damn it.
What the hell are you doing? I have to sell those. Damn it.
Mee-young. Mee-young!
What the hell's wrong with you?
- Cheers! - Congratulations.
Is it a special or regular leave? What are you on leave for?
What's wrong with you? On leave, you always talked all night about soldier stories.
- That's my drink. - Drink a little.
Hey, did you catch a spy?
Or kill a drunk civilian who crossed the line?
Heard they give you a break if you do.
What's wrong with you?
Hey! Why'd you act that way? Something happen at the base?
Your hand. What's wrong with you?
Was it true what Hyung-shik said? What's wrong with you?
Please say something.
Give me the ball.
Hurry and give it.
Your call cannot be connected.
Why are you doing this?
I'm sorry.
Talk to me!
Let go of me!
It was my duty!
Hey !
- Talk to me! - Stop it.
Hey. Why'd you go in there?
Come out quickly.
Come out quickly!
Bastard, get up! What are you gonna do? You murdering son of a bitch!
What are you gonna do about my crazy sister?
Come here, you bastard.
Young-gil. No. No.
Are you alright? It must hurt a lot.
Rotten bastards went too far. Are you okay?
Hurry it up. Work faster by the fence. Hurry it up!
Private Kang, sir. How did it feel at that time?
You know, when you shot that drunk guy.
Besides a war, when could you ever shoot someone?
Did you pull the trigger right as you saw him?
But you emptied a whole magazine. If it were me, I couldn't have fired.
I heard soldiers who went to Vietnam liked it later.
They shot at whatever they wanted.
- What's with you, Private Kang? - Let go!
I'm sorry, Private Cho.
Stop doing that, you're making me nervous. Something happen with Sun-hwa on break?
Where are you going?
- Seoul. - What? Hey, Private Kang!
Who is it?
Who is it? You bastard.
Hurry up! Go!
Hey! Private Kang! Pull over!
Are you crazy? Know what you're doing now? Want to ruin your life?
His mental state is unstable, so he looks unfit for duty.
- Platoon leader. - Yes, sir.
- Don't give him a gun. - I understand, sir.
- Salute. - Salute.
Reporting, sir.
1st Private Kang Han-chul here to report that I am unfit for duty,
so on June 15, 2002, I am hereby ordered to be discharged from my service.
Take care, Private Kang.
- It's so pretty. - I'm glad we came here.
- It's so pretty. - Let's go in here.
- Hey, we're not supposed to go in there. - Who cares? Let's just take one picture.
- You're uncontrollable. - Be careful.
- I told you to wear pants. - Who cares?
- It's glass. - What is this?
Be careful.
I'll take it.
I'm taking it. Smile. One, two, three.
Miss, you can't take pictures here.
- I know, but the scenery is so pretty. - And we came all the way from Seoul.
- Then take just one picture. - Take it with both of us.
Here I go.
- Smile. One, two... - Wait.
I'm taking it. One, Two...
- Anyway, who put that glass there? - It's for the spies.
- But I got cut. - Glass shouldn't be there.
- Private Kim! - Sir, everything is clear!
Clear? Who told these girls to come in here and take pictures?
Ladies, this is a restricted zone. No pictures here.
We're not spies. What are you doing?
- We have other pictures, you know. - Be grateful we're not arresting you.
You careless bastard. Wanna go to detention? Do your duty right!
Stop coming back here. Get out of there.
Give me the gun!
What the hell?
You go back in first. I'll go take her home.
She's that crazy fish vendor's sister. He'll kill you.
Don't worry, idiot. Just give me the ball.
Hurry and go. Here.
Where'd you get that?
Who's there?
Miss. What are you doing here? It's dangerous, so go.
Give it back. Hey! Hey!
What is that?
Hey. Why do you have this?
Private Kim. Want to hear a fun story?
While carrying the infantry's password back,
- that fish vendor's crazy sister kept smiling at me. - So what?
No, just that she smiled.
- Is that all she did? - Stop asking, it's embarrassing.
- Rainbow! - It's me.
Hey, Private Kim.
Private Kang. What are you doing here in your uniform? You scared me.
- I came here on a weird intuition. - What intuition?
- Give me your gun. - Don't give it to him.
Give it back, or else we go to detention.
If Platoon Leader finds out, we're dead. Hurry and go back.
To where?
- You can't enter. - It's me, Private Kang. Remember?
Please stop doing this. You were discharged a while ago.
- Who was discharged? - Don't do this, and go back home.
I haven't finished my service yet. I have a year left.
What's going on?
Sir, he keeps saying he's here for duty.
- 1st Private Kang Han-chul here for duty. - Kang Han-chul, wake up!
Platoon Leader, I'm fine.
- We'll get into trouble, so never let him in. - I understand, sir.
Open it. Open it, Private Kim! Open it!
- Salute. - Salute.
Coast Guard Platoon. 22 soldiers reporting and one on duty.
All 22 prepared for night watch, sir!
Dispatch to duties.
Raise your arms.
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