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Subtitles for Collateral Damage.

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Collateral Damage

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OCD from engine 35. On scene at 902|Sunnyvale. Six-story, center hallway--
I.C. from engine 35.|Need additional backup.
I.C. from engine 35.|Need additional backup.
I.C. from engine 35.|We need additional manpower now!
An elderly woman is trapped.|We need another line up here.
We got Captain Brewerís team|checking in.
My grandmother canít walk!|Sheís trapped!
Weíll handle it.
Gordy, we got people trapped|at both ends of the hall.
Heads up. Letís do it.
Take care.
Help me!
I canít walk!
-Get me a baby ladder for this hole.|-Donít even think about it!
-You guys stay back! Iím going in!|-Gordy, goddamn it!
Gordy! Get that last wall|on the fifth floor!
I.C. from fire 1028!|Floor collapsing!
Captain Brewerís fallen through!|I need help.
This is engine 28.
Help me, please! Somebody, help me!
I canít breathe.
-Put on my mask.|-Thank you.
Get your ass over here|and steady that ladder!
All right, get that woman out!
All right. Inhale, okay?|You got it. Come on.
-Youíll be okay.|-Steady that ladder! Here we go!
-We have a burn victim coming down!|-I got one coming down!
Take it easy with her.|Take her down.
Then weíll put a piece in here.
And we got it. Look at that.|Wait till Mommy sees that.
We have to put the stand on now, okay?|Here we have the stand.
The blue goes to blue.
We put it right in here.|You see this oneís blue here?
Hold the wings stable.
Good. There we are.|Look at this.
-Looks good.|-Good morning.
-Good morning.|-Mom, look what we made.
-Matty, that is so cool.|-Show your mommy. Come on.
It must have taken hours.
Since 4 a.m.|He was already up when I got home.
-He has a sore throat.|-He should see Dr. Bob.
Want to see my Kobe Bryant slam-dunk?
Sweetie, I donít think|you should be jumping around.
Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble.
Matt is going to be clean|on the double.
Dr. Bob can see him at 11:30,|but I have to be at the hospital.
-I can take him. Can you pick him up?|-All right.
Yeah, great. 11:30 is fine.|Thank you so much.
-Now youíre clean.|-Come on, little buddy.
Come on, youíre all clean.|Oh, youíre so slippery. Letís go.
I told you that doctor would make|you feel better. Want a hot dog?
-How are you?|-Good.
-What can I do for you?|-Two hot dogs, a soda.
-What you want to drink?|-Orange juice.
Okay, two hot dogs.
Here we go, bud.
Itís late. Whereís Daddy?|He should have been here by now.
Stay right around in here,|okay, honey?
Excuse me, officer.
Iím just going to pick up my kid.
If you donít mind, itís just going|to be a minute, okay? Thanks.
-There he is!|-Where?
-Well done. Itís all because of you.|-Thatís my job, sir.
This way.
Hi, Daddy.
See? I told you heíd be here.
ETA on those units!
Get Gilly, Perry, Copeland|up here now.
The agent in charge is coming.|I want paperwork in 10 minutes.
Gordy, weíll need|to start an IV line.
I need to get him to the hospital.|We canít get this glass out.
Device functioned|after a motorcade arrived.
Targets: Colombian officials,|American intelligence.
Guy on the phone is Brandt.|CIA, works Colombia.
The other guy is Shrub. Undersecretary|of State, Latin American affairs.
-Not a scratch on him.|-Surveillance cameras?
-Weíre pulling the video now.|-Whereís L.A.P.D. on this?
They know itís ours. Theyíre helping.
-Whatís the body count?|-Two dozen injured. Nine dead...
...including CIA, American|and Colombian military, a mailman...
...a nurse and her little boy.|Thatís the father over there.
Gordy, we need to get you on a gurney.
Call our contacts. I want to know|whoís responsible by the dayís end.
-Phipps, counter-terrorism.|-Peter Brandt.
-I need to talk to him.|-Not today.
Get the undersecretary to his hotel.
-Keep me informed.|-Right.
Okay, Iíll talk to you then.|Someone in your caravan was a target.
-Terrorism. Everyoneís a target.|-Shovel that on the press, not me.
-I need to know what you know.|-When you get clearance.
I wonít tell that dad|the killer got away due to protocol.
Tell him what you want. Weíre done|talking until youíre cleared.
Excuse me, nurse. Excuse me.|Gordon Brewer, please.
-Jack.|-How you doing?
Hey, Gordy.
-How is he?|-Could have been worse.
The glass missed his femoral artery|by a hair. He was lucky.
Let me say, the full resources|of the United States...
... will be employed to make clear...
...that we do not tolerate attacks|on our city.
That said,|we must fight the temptation... make hasty policy decisions|we may come to regret.
We canít allow|an anonymous criminal... unravel our partnership|with Colombia.
Who was the specific target?
Hey, buddy. How you doing?
-I wonít speculate.|-What will the president do about it?
-He Ďs meeting with the Joint Chiefs.|-Was the State Department warned?
What do we know?
The presidentís coming on soon.|I doubt heíll say anything new.
Turner says the bomb was hidden|in a police motorcycle.
-They donít know who triggered it.|-I saw a cop.
I saw him.
Gordy, get back here! Goddamn it!
I saw him.
-Goddamn it, come here! Slow down!|-I saw him.
Youíre not going anywhere!
Any problems, go through|Shrubís office over at State.
Thatís right. Yes, heís one of us.|He can handle it.
Is Beckett there?|Or Moyers? He could help.
Skin of his teeth, that guy.|Classic agency mold.
Get a copy of every visa|on a Colombian passport.
-Everyoneís covering up for him.|-Thatís why theyíre called spooks.
Bastards. They must have used|some kind of liquid explosive.
If youíll follow me, sir.
I just want to help.|Used to be with Bomb and Arson.
Right this way, sir.|Iíll take you to Agent Phipps.
Gordy Brewer is here.
-The fireman?|-Yeah. Says he talked to the cop.
We appreciate you coming down.
We know this guy.|His name is Claudio Perrini.
We think heís a terrorist|called El Lobo. The Wolf.
Definitely the guy I bumped into.
I talked to him.|I told him I was picking up my son.
The son of a bitch smiled at me.
The bomb may have been triggered|by a cell phone.
-Did he have one?|-I donít know.
How long between the time|you saw him and the explosion?
Five seconds.|Maybe 10 at the most.
-Thatís enough time to make a call?|-Maybe.
This could be tough to watch, sir.
I was late.
They shouldnít have been there.
-They shouldnít have.|-No, the bomber shouldnít have.
Peter Brandt, CIA, Latin American|section. He was one of the targets.
Iím sorry for your loss. If thereís|anything I can do for you....
I promise, one way or the other,|weíll catch that son of a bitch.
How do I get a hold of you?
Weíre not at all separated from one|another. We all run the same course...
...and will find one another again.
We wonít be apart,|for we live for Christ.
Now, we are united with Christ|as we go to him.
We shall all be together|in Christ. Amen.
-This is Gordy.|-Anne.
-And Matthew Brewer.|-Leave us a message.
Mr. Brewer, my nameís Ken Barnett|with Lateline.
Weíd love to get you in the studio|to hear you tell your story... your own words.
If thatís something that interests|you, please call us at 552- 12--
Now back to Rick Garcia with more|on the bombing in Los Angeles.
Iím at the State Department, where|the counter-terrorism headquarters...
...received a videotape|from El Lobo, or The Wolf...
...a Colombian terrorist|who is responsible...
...for at least 7 bombings, including|the most recent in Los Angeles.
On behalf of the people|of Colombia...
...l claim responsibility|for the bombing in Los Angeles.
The bombing was an act of self-defense|against American war criminals.
As long as America continues|its aggression in Colombia...
... we will bring the war home to you.
And you will not feel safe|in your own beds.
Colombia is not your country.
Get out now. Sangre o libertad.
For more, Jenni Luz in Los Angeles.
Iím with Mr. Ortiz Dominguez of the|Latin American Solidarity Committee...
...a group sympathetic|to the Army of Colombian Liberation.
Sir, youíve characterized the ALC|as freedom fighters.
Isnít the bombing here just a brutal|act of terrorism?
The Wolf only brought to the U.S.|what the U.S. has brought to Colombia.
The killing of innocent people like|Anne and Matt Brewer is terrorism.
Their deaths are regrettable.
Itís called collateral damage.
Ortiz, you want the call? CNN is|holding. Washington Postís on the line.
-Am I the only one here?|-Agent Crosby will relieve you soon.
New York Times is on one.
Put them on hold. Thatís my position.|I already told you this.
-Why should I change it?|-Collateral damage, huh?
-Who the fuck are you?|-Iíll give you collateral damage.
Stop that!
It looks like the fireman.|Move in. Go now! Go!
You want collateral? Right here.
-What are you doing?!|-Want collateral damage? Here.
What are you doing?!
-Whereís The Wolf?!|-I donít know!
-Tell me where The Wolf is!|-Put the bat down!
-Fuck you!|-Take him down!
I donít know!
Turn it off.
Come on.
Just relax, Mr. Brewer.
-I have to cuff you.|-Iím Agent Collins with the FBI.
Bring your wrist right here, sir.
Take it easy.|Youíll be all right.
Just relax. Itís gonna be all right.
I canít imagine what youíre feeling|right now...
...but you canít take the law|into your own hands.
I think you already lost him.
Heís long gone. Otherwise, he wouldnít|have sent you that tape.
-Am I under arrest?|-No.
We convinced Mr. Ortiz|to drop the charges.
The truth is, weíre pretty sure|The Wolf is back in Colombia.
-I find this questioning offensive.|-You are the reason this has occurred.
You went to the Colombian consulate|with a plan to attack the guerrillas.
Then they tried to blow you up.
-Senator, if you intend to argue--|-Mr. Brandt, Iím not arguing.
I am telling you, your mission|in Colombia is terminated immediately.
With all due respect, senator...
...that is the worst thing|you can do now.
This isnít for discussion.
Peace talks are being arranged|between Colombia and the guerrillas.
This is insane.|You canít negotiate with terrorists!
These guerrillas donít want peace.|All they want to do is sell cocaine.
Senator, Peter Brandt has had|a great deal of experience--
Spare me, Douglas.
Brandt has failed. All heís done is|bring the war home to American soil.
That is completely unacceptable,|and you know it.
You have 72 hours to pull|your operatives out of Colombia.
-Have you any questions, Mr. Brandt?|-None at all.
Damn it, Pete! Come here!
Why call them Senate intelligence|hearings? Theyíre all imbeciles.
Iím going back to Colombia|and kill them all.
Weíve been here before.|You know the drill.
This will blow over.
For now youíre being reassigned|here to I-TAG.
You can find this animal, Pete.
Just do it via satellite. All right?|Youíre okay.
Iím sick of this crap. Get the plane|ready. Weíre leaving tonight.
Another guyís claiming heís The Wolf.
-So?|-He asked for you by name.
And he knows unreleased details|about the bombing. Take it over here.
-Whoís this?|-Youíre tough to reach.
-I tried for the last three weeks.|-Brewer?
Youíve been busy finding the man|who killed my family?
I understand youíre anxious.|Weíll keep you posted.
Tell me the truth, Brandt.|You owe me that much.
-Youíre not going after him.|-The truth?
The Colombian governmentís trying to|negotiate peace with the guerrillas.
We canít go in the guerrilla zone.|So bottom line is...
...justice for your wife|and son isnít a priority.
-Colonel.|-Peter, good to see you.
I wasnít expecting you back.
I wonít hand the country over|to a third-rate Chť Guevara.
-How are my boys?|-Theyíre dying to get in the field.
-On furlough from the psych unit?|-Isnít this it?
-I need to talk to you.|-Okay.
-Gordy, how you doing?|-Come in.
Meet a friend of mine, Ed Coonts.
-Iím sorry about your loss.|-Thank you.
Ed spent two years as a military|adviser down in Colombia.
He can help you.
I see youíre doing homework.
Well, if I donít do it,|it seems no one else will.
Youíd have to be freaking cracked|to go there.
You canít even land in Colombia...
...without a State Department stamp|on your passport.
You can bet you were|on their restricted list...
...five minutes after that bombing.
Oh, yeah. Well, Panama.
Back door into Colombia.|You have been doing some homework.
Letís say you managed to get into|the country without getting killed...
...youíd need a pass to get|into the guerrilla zone.
Theyíre sure not going|to give you one.
Well, letís say I got one.
It would take them about two seconds|to realize youíre not Juan Valdez.
And theyíd shove your head|up your ass...
...and bowl you off a cliff.
Are you going to help me or not?
Tell me your plan.
Iíll cross the border|through the Dariťn Gap.
I understand the jungle|is hard to patrol.
I can make it to Valencia|in one day.
Then itís 200 miles|to the guerrilla zone.
I can pay someone|to drive me to Mompůs.
I donít think so. Approach the wrong|person, youíre a dead man.
Next to drugs, kidnapping gringos|is the most profitable business.
Get on a bus as fast as you can.
If you make it to the bus,|youíre doing all right.
-Thanks for your advice.|-Itís only good advice if you take it.
-Quť pasa?|-Up ahead. Roadblock.
-Who are they looking for?|-Anyone not like them.
His passport was found in his backpack|when he escaped one of our roadblocks.
-Heís committing suicide.|-Only two ways he can go:
Upriver or on the road through Mompůs.
If we know heís here,|the guerrillas know.
Or they will soon.|I want you to make sure of it.
All right.
I give you 12 hours before we find|your fireman facedown in a pit.
Sure would show Washington|you canít negotiate with terrorists.
Los Angeles was a great success.
Finally, the hypocrites want|to negotiate.
Americans hide behind family values.|False ideals.
Theyíve forgotten the reality of war.|Not like us.
They found his passport.|Heís coming to Mompůs.
Excellent.|Take a fireman from Los Angeles.
When America hears the story,|they cry rivers of tears.
Capture him. We hold him|for ransom, and they will pay.
Two teams. One at the harbor, one|in town. Find him and bring him to me.
If they donít pay...
...we kill him.
All roads end in Mompůs.
The only way into the guerrilla zone|from there is upriver.
How do I go upriver in that?
No one goes upriver.|Not without a pass.
You said I need a pass to get in.
Tell me how to get one.
You may be able to buy|a pass from a local.
God help you if you ask the wrong one.
Look, this is where I pretty much|run out of good advice.
Thanks. Iím going to figure it out.
What are you doing?
Is the boy okay?
Yeah, heís okay.|But I donít need any help.
I was just concerned about the boy.
Sorry. You are very kind.
He gets so excited.|I have trouble keeping up.
He couldnít wait to get|to the festival.
This carnival, he loves.
-Iím Selena.|-Gordy.
This is my son, Mauro.
All right. Better get going.|Nice to meet you. Bye-bye.
Mr. Brewer.
You have to come with me.|Youíre on my list.
-Whatís this about?|-Youíre here illegally.
No, Iím not.|My passport was stolen.
See those guys over there?
Theyíre guerrillas!
Hey, no, seriously, captain.
I appreciate you guys taking me|without a reservation.
I know how crowded it gets in here.
You know, Iíd tip you, but your chief|took all my money already.
-You gave away my favorite cell.|-Put him next to the American.
Thatís not nice. Whyíd you do that?|Because heís bigger than I am?
Why are you doing this to me?|I thought we had an understanding.
Youíre calling me a pervert?
I like you too.
Sean Armstrong. Public lewdness.|At least, thatís what they call it.
But I was just standing there.|She was doing all the work.
Are you just quiet, or did somebody|confiscate your tongue?
-Gordy Brewer.|-Do I know you?
I doubt it.
So, what are you innocent of, huh?
Iím an illegal alien.
You goddamn gringos. You come|down here and steal all the jobs.
Half the country wants to kidnap you.|Half wants to kill you.
No one gives a shit|about us Canadians.
Death squads kill the guerrillas.|Guerrillas kill the military.
Peasants are killed by everybody.
But we Canadians,|flies on the wall.
Hey, man. Donít even look at them|unless you can kill them.
-Theyíre all guerrillas, arenít they?|-I did not say that.
Thatís what you meant.
You work the guerrilla zone.|Thatís how you know.
-Can I move to a different cell?|-Doing what?
I fix and sell heavy machinery.|You satisfied?
Sell me a pass|so I can work the zone.
Stick a sock in it.|Iím just a wrench for hire.
If anyone found out what I do,|Iíd be an organ donor.
My pass is not for sale.
-Thanks a lot.|-Donít mention it.
Give me a list of everybody|they picked up.
The guerrillas were after Brewer|when the policŪa showed up.
Everyone we need in the same jail.
We should put this fireman|on the payroll.
Seat belt.
I think we got some company coming.
Mompůs Jail is under attack|by guerrilla troops.
Get a team outside the jail|and two squads to clear the building.
Goddamn it, I canít believe this shit!
What about the fireman?
Claudio, theyíre coming!|We have to go!
Let him burn in hell!
Shit! Weíre gonna fry!|Weíre gonna fucking fry!
Thatís using the old noggin!|Thatís using the noggin!
Yeah! Fuck America!
Good. Thatís good, baby. Thatís good!|Get me out of here!
Letís play This Is Your Life.|I want your pass.
Itís my livelihood!|Youíd let me die here?
I thought we were friends!|Itís my livelihood!
Youíd let me die here?
Thatís the last thing|that will happen to you.
First, the airís gonna heat up|in here to 451 degrees.
Your pass will explode, your socks will|ignite, your fingernails will melt.
All right, all right!|Shit! Here you go!
Itís yours, all right? Take it.
Now get me out. Get me out|of here, please! Come on!
Witnesses heard prisoners call|for El Lobo. He was here, boss.
He was into our hands|and they let him walk out?
What goodís a tower|if nobodyís watching?
The fireman isnít here.
No kidding.|The fireman escaped the fire?
Look around. With any luck,|Gordy Brewerís dead.
Iím sorry I had to scare you.
Hey, I know when itís time to retire.
You werenít gonna let me burn.
Whatís this for?
For your retirement fund.|And for additional information.
Tell me what I need to know.
Get back to the harbor.
The guy who takes me upriver,|his nameís Omar. Heíll set you up.
In San Pablo,|ask for Felix Ramirez.
Say youíre my replacement. Say that|I was arrested for something raunchy.
Good luck. Youíll need it.
Who did this?
The guerrillas. They think these|people help the paramilitaries.
Put your hands up!|And hold up your pass!
I replace Armstrong.
-You are not Armstrong.|-Thatís for damn sure.
Heinrich Beckmann, his replacement.
Says you, buddy.|This is a serious breach of protocol.
I put in the papers,|and this is what I get?
Itís like ordering a pizza.
Ask for Canadian bacon,|you get German sausage.
If you donít want me to fix|your engine, Iíll go back home.
Come on, come on.|Donít be such a sauerkraut.
What happened to my man Armstrong?|Maybe you brained him for his pass.
Armstrong was arrested yesterday.
He was caught screwing|the police chiefís daughter.
Thatís Armstrong.|Double-dipping whore. I love that guy.
-I wish I were him.|-I still canít let him through, Felix.
If my generator isnít fixed,|I canít pay my taxes.
I canít pay,|your boss will make some cuts.
Now, it could be your salary,|and it could be your throat.
Iíll let you marinate on that, okay?
Bring him back here first thing|in the morning.
Donít forget your pass.
Your English is good|for a German guy.
Thanks. When did you learn yours?
Oh, man, I been to New York,|Chicago, Miami.
L.A. for a little bit. I want to go|back someday when Iím a big shot.
I canít be begging some corporate|asshole to put my CD on.
I want to cut an album, man.
Itís kind of hardcore campesino rap.|Want to hear a little taste?
If I have to.
With that attitude, it wonít be|a lot of fun. Here you go.
Guerrilla thrilla|Take me to Manila
What do we got?|Smooth like vanilla
Hottie, eenie-minie-mo|Tell the CIA to go
They gotta get out, you know
-What do you think, man?|-Great. I think youíll be a winner.
-Are you serious?|-Youíre in the wrong profession.
I canít believe this.|Thatís exactly how I feel.
-All right, here. Put this on.|-Whatís this for?
For your protection. You donít wanna|know how to get where weíre going.
It wonít be more than 15 minutes.
Okay, weíre here, baby.|Donít get funky on me.
So, what do you think?|Pretty snazzy, right?
-Where are we?|-My place.
-It smells here.|-Profits, baby, profits.
-This is a cocaine plant.|-I know.
Just because Iím brown and down|doesnít mean I work for minimum wage.
If I donít do it, Bolivia will.|Bolivia donít, China will.
If China donít, America will do it.|Actually, they are doing it.
Jesus! I want to put you|in my next video.
Itís the diesel generator.|I should let it cool down...
...but itís drugonomics.|I canít crank it out fast enough.
Those Silicon Valley geeks|must e-mail it to each other.
-That the one?|-Yeah.
Armstrong was a magician with that.
-Donít worry. Iíll make it work.|-Letís hope so.
He told me his name was|Heinrich Beckmann.
Heinrich Beckmann?
He had a hat on.|I didnít recognize him.
I made a mistake.
No! Please, Claudio!|Listen to me, please!
In the struggle for liberation...
...there is no room for mistakes.
Discipline is everything.
Discipline and punishment.
Find him. And no mistakes.
Come here whenever they want|and barge in. Iím not a puppet.
-I thought I was paid up for the month.|-Whereís the mechanic?
Calm down, dog.|You losing faith in me, man?
I got everything under control.
I got him working his ass off.|Germans are like cyborgs.
You seem tense. Need some R and R?
You got pull,|you can get me a new generator.
Heinrich, I got some friends for you.
My bad. I said if he fixed|that gasket, he could take five.
Heís probably in the latrine.
Heís probably buffing the helmet.
Besides, he canít blend in.|Heís this big Neanderthal--
Weíll get some rum,|weíll hang out--
What the hell was that?!
Get the mangueras! Get the pumps!|Save the kilos, come on!
Iíll work it out. Iíll cut my losses,|pay whatever it takes.
Iíll pay you three times the amount.|Iíll work it out.
No! Stay back there!
Stop! Stay back!
No! Stop!
Rest now.
Who are you?
Iím his wife.
Get out.
The fireman, huh?
The coward who kills women|and children.
You Americans are so naive.
You see a peasant with a gun|on the news, you change the channel.
But you never ask,|"Why does a peasant need a gun?"
Why? You think youíre the only ones|who can fight for independence.
Independence to do what?|To kill my wife and my son?
I remember your face from Los Angeles.
That was the face of a man|who saved lives.
Well, your face has changed.
You think your wife and son|would recognize you now?
I remember your face too.
The smile...
...just before you killed them.
Youíre gonna pay for that.
Youíre gonna pay for that.
Well, it seems weíre both|willing to kill for a cause... whatís the difference|between you and l?
The difference is...
...lím just gonna kill you.
-Why do you want him alive?|-He saved my life and Mauroís.
What is the purpose?
Heís the enemy. If they donít pay|tomorrow, Iíll kill him.
-Claudio, donít do this.|-Donít argue with me.
-Itís not the right way!|-Donít tell me what to do! Come back!
This is a satellite photo|of San Pablo last night.
We got a large heat-and-light anomaly|consistent with an explosion.
Two minutes later, building blows up.|We got guerrillas, some down.
We have a big man down on the street,|a woman and child.
And this guy.|This guy gives the orders.
I canít believe it.|Brewer found the son of a bitch.
A little later, an ALC convoy arrives.|Everyone loads up.
They travel two minutes upriver.|They stop here.
An ALC base camp.
Weíll insert a platoon here.|Use air support to box in the rear.
Weíll come in through the treetops.|Only 20 minutes.
Washington will know.
We got a wounded American being|tortured. This is a rescue mission.
-We go in at dawn.|-Roger that.
Why are you taking care of me?
Because you saved my son.
And your husband killed mine.
When I first met Claudio,|he was a teacher.
It was in Guatemala.
Sophia, our daughter, was born there.
The guerrillas were all around us,|but they left us alone.
One night, soldiers came|to our village.
They were led by American advisors.
We crawled into the fields,|but they threw grenades.
Sophia, our baby girl...
...she was hit.
She bled to death in Claudioís arms.
Mauro was orphaned that night,|so I took him in.
Claudio joined the guerrillas.
And now heís a man consumed by hate|and driven by rage.
Just like you.
Iím not like him.
Not yet.
What about you? lf you keep working|with him, you are no better than him.
-What would you have me do?|-Help me stop him.
Itís too late.
Iím trusting you with my life.
And my sonís.
What are you saying?
Claudio went to Washington|to plant a bomb.
I canít be a part of it anymore.
Theyíll protect us, wonít they?
If they wonít, I will.
Letís go.
Son of a bitch.
Eighth squadís on the way down.
Come on.
Hold your hover.
Insertionís under way.
Let her go!
Target out. Setting her up.
We have to go upriver.|Thereís a minefield over there.
Keep firing! Kill them all!
-Stay low.|-Weíre trapped.
Got them in the clearing|Firing away.
-Copy that.|-Itís confirmed. LZ is secure.
Letís go.
Looks like an officer.
Get down!
Keep your eyes open!
Stand down!
What weíve got here|is a great American.
Goddamn you, Brandt. I was your excuse|to kill all these people.
Youíre here to murder a man, right?|Iím trying to save a country.
-Keep its poison off our streets.|-By killing innocents?
I fight terrorists with terror.
What terrorists?|The Wolf isnít even here!
Heís gone to Washington|to blow up another building!
What do you mean? Where?
Iíll tell you as soon as|Iím on a jet heading home.
And theyíll come with us,|because this is his wife and his son.
Sheís the only one|that can identify the target.
I appreciate it. Thank you.
Mr. Secretary, this just came in.
All right, NSA, CIA, Southern|Command, theyíre at your disposal.
Washington Surveillance Command|will assist with our search.
Stay on station. Be ready.
We got an audio-encoded e-mail.|Itís authentic.
Run it.
My last warning went unheard.
The American people will pay|for this mistake in blood.
A bomb has been placed|in your capital city.
By the time you hear this message,|it will be too late for you to find it.
And many of your citizens will die.
Their needless sacrifice is the price|of your ignorance.
There will be no mercy.
Thereís no place you can hide.
Weíll continue to strike|until the American public...
...finally realizes|the price of this war... one they cannot afford.
Get out of Colombia now.
Sangre o libertad.
Good to see you with all|your fingers and toes.
This is Selena Perrini.
-Agent Phipps. This is Agent Dray.|-How do you do?
-Weíd like to get started.|-Sit.
Good luck.
-Something to drink?|-Water, please.
All right, David, letís get ready.
Weíve assembled pictures of buildings|with columns as youíve described.
Weíll go through them.
If you see anything familiar, please|give us a nod. Here we go, David.
These are photos of this building from|different angles. Hereís the faÁade.
Did he describe any activity|in this building?
-No, he didnít discuss anything.|-Ms. Perrini.
This is the same building,|different angles.
-Can you zoom in on that?|-I canít tell.
-Take a look at this entrance.|-Thatís not it.
Can you zoom in on that?
-How about this one?|-No, thatís not it.
Does this look at all familiar?
-Keep going.|-I donít know.
You two make quite a team.|Fireman and the refugee.
Sounds like a TV show.
And you could play the asshole.
All right.|Weíre gonna let everybody know.
Secretary Ramseyís coming over.
Wait. Go back. Go back. There.
-This one.|-That one?
-Familiar?|-Itís this picture.
Union Station. You got that?
-Yes.|-Hereís another shot of it.
Is that it?
Go back two and zoom in|on the entrance.
Look at this one,|hereís the entrance.
Oh, my God, I think so.
Eyeball footage from every stationís|camera in the last 24 hours.
David, letís go back on that, please.
Letís go! Go, go, go! Pick it up!
Donít get up.
Selena, Secretary of State|Barbara Ramsey.
We understand the sacrifice|youíre making here.
Thank you.
-The firemanís over here.|-Peter!
Madam Secretary, sir,|I think we got something.
Dave, the fileís in your active bin.
It was taken off one of the Union|Station monitors 13 minutes ago.
-What is it?|-First photograph:
Man behind the trees|with a briefcase.
Second photograph: goes behind|the trees, briefcase is gone.
Punch in on that.
On the face.
Yeah, thatís him.
Tell our team the location|of that camera.
Itís almost rush hour.
Good afternoon, this is Shrub.|Yeah, very urgent.
Thank you. Heís coming on line.
Yes, weíve identified the target.
Iíll be leaving shortly.
I saw him over there.
No media statement at all.
Iíll cover here.
You did the right thing.
-I hope so.|-No, Iím sure of it.
Look, itís something you had to do.
Right now, I donít feel very good|about anything.
Iím sorry about that.
Look, everything will be all right.
Excuse me.|Can you show me to the restroom?
Sure. Follow me.
Are you all right?
Heís gonna be fine with me.
Why donít you go ahead?
Mr. Brewer, I just want to express|to you my sympathy.
As long as America continues|its aggression in Colombia...
... we will bring the war home to you.
And you will not feel safe|in your own beds.
Colombia is not your country.
Get out now. Sangre o libertad.
Sangre o libertad.
Oh, my God.
Whereís he going?
Donít open it!
You should wipe your nose off|with that.
Stop her!
Stop her!
Open up the door! Open up!
Open up the door! Open up now!
Everybody, clear out the room!|Thereís a bomb in here!
Give me the toy. Under the table.
-What are you doing?|-Thereís a bomb!
Get back! Get back! Get back!
-Get the secretary out of here!|-Close it down!
-Take care of the boy, okay?|-I will.
Please evacuate|and proceed to the exit.
Attention, this is not a drill.
Move out of the way! Go!
Attention, this is not a drill.
Exit using stairwells only.|Do not use the elevator.
This is not a drill.|Do not use the elevators.
Itís not working.|Go back to the controls.
Itís over!
Itís never over.
So when are you going to kill me?
-Itís over.|-For you, sir, I hope thatís true.
-Whereís the boy?|-Right here, sir.
The first terrorist attack|on our capital....
Secretary of State Ramsey|escaped unharmed.
--discovered a vehicle|in an underground garage...
...loaded with explosives.
--confirmed the death|of a security official.
The bomb was placed|by Colombian terrorist, The Wolf.
The White House announced that the|president will award Gordon Brewer...
...the Medal of Freedom, the highest|decoration a civilian can receive.
Despite efforts to contact him, Brewer|remains unavailable for comment.
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