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Subtitles for Colour Of The Truth.

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Colour Of The Truth

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[Ripped & Made by Team TLF] Further editing by Db.
My name is Chen Nok Yin. My Dad likes to call me Cola.
In the summer of 1993
I will always remember the balloon
That night, I had my dinner with my parents
and dad said that he would go and find a friend.
You go home with mom first.
Dad is going to find a friend, ok?
No problem.
We like to compete in drawing guns.
But that was the last time that he played with me.
Where is your boss?
Boss? He went to Macau.
I said
Well, the man with more men wins.
Bring 400 men from Tuen Mun.
Let him come, he's one of us.
Why are you guys here? Get lost!
Why are you so free?
Why do you bring 400 people here?
Jiang Huang wants to catch you.
I said that you must go.
I know, but I have to work tonight.
If I have to go, I won't sit here
Let's see who has more men.
You've known me for a long time.
Have you ever ridden in a car before?
2/3 of my time was spent in a car.
I experienced everything except death.
Though you promise me that
The judge will only sentence me to stay in the car for one day
I still wont go back
Get it? You are right, get away with me
I know Jiang Huang's plans the best
Get away with me, then you will live
How do I know if I will live?
You and Huang are good friends.
Maybe you guys are cheating me,
in order to catch me.
and the Royal Hong Kong Police don't even have to use their guns
What a good plan.
Have I ever cheated you
since we are friends?
Good, pal, I just want to know
Whom do you stand with tonight?
We all stand beside
May i have the bill please?
I will pay, sir.
Police have to pay when they eat.
Get ready Team B
Sir, why dont you use team A?
You dont like them?
Sir, we got no reply from 7-up, shall we call him again?
No, he wont reply.
What about
since you dont trust me, you shall get my gun
is that ok?
If anything strange happens, you shall kill me
Yes, sir.
Where are you going? BBQ?
Officer Jiang
7-up, blind qiao
Good moring sir, how are you?|fine
Long time no see
yes, Long time no see
Why are you so late?
Not so late
When would you run the operation?
Tell me
em...let me say it|Good, say it
Officer Jiang
Can you set us free please?
7-up, i want to set you free too
We come from the same class and were brothers
You can leave if you hand out the suspect
You MUST hand out the suspect
But we have 2 people, and you're alone.
Can you handle him if we hand him to you?
You cant be sure|maybe we have two people and you are alone.
7-up, have I ever cheated you?
hand out people? I shall hand you out
You know everything and you can do anything.
If I know you, and I will be rich, is that right, sir?
You dont know much of me
but 7-up does
Officer Jiang, hand out the person
Hand me out
Hand me out, ok?
Fine, then him
Can you swallow him?
Give me the gun
I can't hear you
What? What have you say?
he... he said nothing
What did he say? yes? nothing
There were no witnesses on the roof that night.
We only know that 3 gunshots were fired
Jiang Huang shot twice
And Killed my father and Blind Qiao-The godfather of Mong Kok
My dad had a blank shot.
You can find his bullethead on floor
Maybe he shot at the sky.
Jiang Huang told us that he wanted to arrest Blind Qiao.
And my dad assisted him
and he shot my father mistakenly when fighting with Qiao.
The investigation lasted 6 months,|and decided my dad was killed in action.
But we got another version of story outside
that is Jiang Huang kill my father, his good friend
in order to get the honor for arresting Qiao.
He doesn't even care about my father's death.
This is believed by most of the gangsters
Relatives please stay here
Bow again
Bow again
Bow by the relatives
You are..
I am Blind Qiao's Wife
just back from Great Britain
This is not kid's business
Dont be scared, I know it all
Thank you 7-up for telling me the message
Qiao didn't make it, it was of his bad luck
Luckily, He had a good friend like 7-up
Unfortunately, he met Jiang Huang the bitch
Did your son came back?
I didn't let him
Big Wei is going to University this year.|I dont want to affect his studies.
If you need help, please tell us.
Thank you.
We'll get the pension, we'll make it.
There are visitors!
Relatives please stay here
Bow by the relatives
Please put your candles in the front
We dont welcome you.
My son, recognize this guy, get that?
He killed your father.
Jiang Huang, head of the serious crime unit.
I won't forget his face.
1997, and I'm 14.
Mom re-married.
and my surname changed from chan to choi.
Maybe because the box office of "Triads" is good
there were a lot more blonde hair guys, modelling chan ho naam
and they are cruel
I warn you
If you want to play here, take $300 here tomorrow
Where can I find $300?
Then don't play soccer here.
What are you doing?
Don't fight.
Are you ok?
Dont come here, there are a lot of bad guys.
Be careful.
I don't know who this guy is.
He would appear once or twice a year.
He helped me, and gave me money.
But I thought that
I shall repay his deeds soon.
I graduated in 2001.
And I fulfilled my wish by entering the Police Force.
And my mom once again remarried.
My surname changed to Lee now.
And no one remembers that I am 7-up's son.
It's the same in the Police Force.
That's why I keep my name "Cola" precious
My collegues call me Cola.
The name reminds me that I am still the son of 7-up.
And I bear the hatred
My dad was killed by Serious Crime Unit's Officer, Jiang Huang.
Night's dish coming, who wants the apple pie?
Let's have our meal!|Boys go left and Girls go right.
Are you hungry?
Sorry, sir.
I am asking you, are you hungry?
A bit.
I am asking, are you hungry?
Just answer yes or no.
Let's eat.
You dont eat, come here.
Take it, I know you are not hungry|so eat it later.
It's really in Yau ma tei
The guy has been stuck to the TV for 72 hours.
Is he addicted to it?
He's waiting for someone to come and get the packages.
He waited 3 days.
3 days ago someone said that there would be an illegal transaction here.
But we got no movement untill now.
Sir, this information came from my informant.
I am sure that it is true.
Keung, have some french fries.
You want to have it? Say it earlier.
Do you mind?
There is movement.
Good things!
We need more ammo.
Of course.
Where the hell is this place|There is nearly no phone signal here.
Except 5a, call all the people in floors 4-6,
tell them to stay at home.
Baau, go with Ah xi
Big mouth.
Sir, you want to sing karaoke?
You gave me fake news last time
How much did you pay me?
if i give you true news everytime|the you will be benefitted too much
You dare to speak to me like that?
We have the potential to do so|with so much people here
are you threatening me?
so what
This is MY place , and i shall order you
how about one on one?
You only got 6 bullets, but we have over 10 people
Can you kill us all?
What did you say?
Have you had your dinner? Speak up!
Why are there gunshots?
Debbie call baau down
yes sir
call for backup|235|00:19:12,160 --> 00:19:13,149|yes sir
you saw him resisting arrest?
will you resist arrest?|i wont
no problem?|no problem
go back and have a drink
Casual Wear police, wearing casual to work
so they are in for fashion
sir i told all the tenants
We cannot call Baau
Call Ah xi
baau, do you talk much
i dont think you do
if you meet a bothering guy
you want to scold him, what will you do?
Why do i have to do so
Sir, we got west online, but we heard gunshots
go with me
Simple, it will explode if you move, get that?
dont move, i will call the demolitions team
You dont move! Stand here!
Call here! dont move
Stand well, dont move
Police! put your guns down!
Yau Ma Tei Anti drugs team' member Lee Tak Yan
Serious Crime Unit officer Jiang Huang
How's situation|who?
Keung, call the demolition team
Debbie, call ah baau, and ask for his position
Clear the area, fast|yes sir
You have two choice
stop using your informants
or resign
hold the lift for me please
hold for one more minute, ok?
What should we do
what do you want, sir
You go down first
I help you
Support him!
Dont move
You dont move
Listen to me
You will act according to what i say, ok?
Dont move, be calm
Right, release now
let's go
This is the first time i say Huang again
and i did not expect it
I dont understand him
But he is not a normal guy|as he can hold a grenade like this
mom was right, he was an old fox
i must beware of him
but i did not expect something happened next week
Inspector lau, why did you transfer me out of the anti drugs team
You want me to be a Police Cadet ?
For the Mong Kok Gunfight, we have special investigation team now
You shall follow Huang Sir
Which one?
Jiang Huang
Many people wanted this job
You know that he is diligent
Consider it
Thank you inspector Lau
How's situation
It's a drug factory
Someone want to rob their goods, and killed 9 people
The people in investigation team are getting the evidences
Huang Sir
These fingers are from those corpses
Are you ok?
the nurse sucks, i prefer to work
Dont touch anything here
Any survivors
Seems to be none
Yes or no
How do i know?|i am disabled
She can move
call the ambulance
Their boss's face got a big
Their boss's face got a big
It stinks here
Yes it dos|let's get to trade
Sorry i am late
Where is the money
these girls are for you
Let's enjoy
You hair looks sucks
It does?
He speaks like a lady
Where is the money
The amount is correct
It is a good cooperation
Where are the goods
When will the ship arrive
3 hours later
You can board the ship after you play
Son, you are good
I hope that we can have future cooperation
I still have something to do|Please enjoy
Drive now!
Mr Huang, Equipment for cleaning the sotmach is ready
We are going to clean the stomach for you now
Oh god! The alcohol is posionous
Selling guns in mong kok
Robbing and Killing people in Drugs people
And then two Vietnamese were killed in the farm
Are there any relations between these?
Think and give me an answer
Sir i got it
I am crispy, you are snowberry
He is red bean drink
Dont play sir, it is cold
Then them? what are they?
He is icy mooncake, she is pineapple
We have to familiar ourselves in this harsh environment
and make professional decisions with the shortest time
get it?
Sir, Investigator Lee reporting
Who got the idea first can leave first
Buy gun and kill them all
Think it when you gets home, go now
The buy guns,killed people and rob
but they got unequal shares, and thus fight
Good, leave now
Sir, according to other collegues' analysis
I have some ideas
Last month, Thailand's Drug king was got a heart attack
and the drugs supplying chain got mixed up
Maybe the got not enough goods|so they have to rob
and they were scared
so they have to kill after they got the goods
But they didn't made the thing clean|someone escaped
Sir, i even had a conclusion
these are related with crime activities
i am sure
you have 2 choices now
Clean the roof
or buy me a few cups of coffee
yes sir
hot coffee, sir
how much
no sir, i will pay for you
Police must pay when they purchase drinks
Then $100
Drink it
Your boss thinks that you are good
and you are his best right hand for years
i believe i am the best too
Although i am not the best now|i will be the best soon
It is good to have confidence for teenagers
But i want to tell you something
You will decide mistakenly for being overconfidence
All the thing you said on the roof
is bullshit
You can tell nothing olny by their appearance
there is only one thing
the truth
What did you say?
I say¡­The three things must|have something to do with crime
Can you see? understand?
I see
Tell me
Is that so funny?|I am coming down
What is so funny£¬sir?
Wang Kun report the case himself£¬funny?
So funny£¬Let's take a look
Mr Wang
Mr Wang
why are you here for such piece of cake?
My wife Joey
We just married at Venice
Just married at Venice
Who has terrified you?
a gang of viet nam
want sell me some goods
As you konw£¬|I have been retired for many years
I don't want to wet my shoes again.
But these guys so mean that
they kidnap my servant and my dogs
on next day|they mailed four dog legs to me
Mr Wong£¬That is all
My officemate told me you come to report a case
Mr Wong took all these dog body here to report a case
Said he had been threaten
and with a message
It said: Be careful,
if you don't buy these goods
Mr Wong felt his whole family is in danger
so he want us police to protect him
What is those goods?
I don't want to know it at all
Don't you want to know?
That is impossible
You should be interesting on this
Mr Wong
This time, I report the case as good citizen
You should take it seriously
I can protect myself all by myself
all you need to do is tell me|that you don't put a hand in my case
I afraid that you will think I am a touble.|if I put a hand in your case
It is my pleasure to cooperate with police
Take Mr Wang to make his confess
Mr Wang, Mrs. Wang, please
let's go
Keung, Find out who allow them smoke here
Xi, do you see these just now?
Very huge?
Very huge
It has been Blown so huge?
Blown very huge
But just now you just stare at the other's wife
What is very huge?
Very huge diamond, sir
that must been bought with dirty money
I am sure
good progress , be at roof on 7:00 tomorrow
It is just six degree tomorrow, sir
See it? This is power
are you t permitted to get up there?
Pay more attention on it ,|do u know?
I have go through so much hard time to get this, understand?
Deren is
Are you free?|Free
I want to move something home,|can help?
Good,You don't have to
It is my pleasure
Your energy is huge, Deren
sir,you can call me cola
Cola?|Do you like to drink the cola?
I love it when I am young
One of my friend called 7-up
nice place, one floor two apartments
I inherit this house from my father
put books on the table
ok, thanks
Father, I home
This works
Mr. Huang, come back?|yes
need help?
no ¡ª I can handle these
how much do I owe you?|Three days
three days ¡­ $1,500?
Thank, Are there anything I can do for you now?|no
then I leave
sit down
Are You O.K., father?
are you allright?
something to drink?|I take
let's get in
he is called cola, my colleague
Uncle, hi
He cann't speak ,paralyzed twice
He was somebody before,|A professional disboomer
deal with the Dublin soldier
sit down, I go to change to wet the bag for him
Excuse me, do you want something to drink|or something other?
You are so nice,are there something other that I can help you?
Nothing,You can go if having something to do
You are welcome,It is my pleasure to help you
Very romantic, can you?
sir, you are very professional
I just do too much
I will cook in a while
I am good at Cook too
Are you all right?|ok
how about west food?
NO problem,what is in the refrigerator?
Are you serious?
there are some Italy noodle
ok,I take it
All right
where is Kitchen?
Go out ,then turn to the left|ok
You are welcome
ok, he like to eat these
He don't east many type of food
is it good taste?
sir, he cann't drink wine?
The pipe line will never break|if it has broken twice
He loves wine very much
I leave several days
Sister Li would look after you, ok?
I will come back to meet you now and then
Sometimes I come back to see you, good?
all right?
What means?
all right
not all right?
should be all right
His tongue stretch all time like this
The life of the Huang Sir is so normal
The man who I think is old fox is so nice
Why did he kill my father?
Not, this just his camouflage
Cola elder brother,|ground elder brother want to meet you
Take a more robust here
master Wei, your technique progressed again
Master Wei, cola the elder brother came
can You recognize me?
You were here every other a few months before
But I had n't meet you here for 2 years
I busy with my bussiness
How are you?
Who are You?
I am Big Wei , Blind Qiao is my father
Six year ago I returned Hong Kong from the Jiangwei
take over my father's site, money and men
But I discovers
business is better than gang boss
So I make my father's money grow decuple
there is nothing to do with me
there is something.
Do you feel there is someone protect you all time
My Mum tell me,I must share everything with you
Because we have a same enemy
What do you want?
I want to ruin the reputation of Jiang Huang
killed by you ¡­ or by me
You should know that I am a police?
You are telling me a crime plan
Do you ever think about revenge?
Do You ever think about to take advantage of his inattentive
shoot him in his back?
Do not tell me that you didn't ever think about it
I believe God have his plan
Maybe You can't accept what I said today
I am very fair, the Jiang Huang give my father a shoot
I will return him a shoot
Big B, give a namecard to cola
You can call big B at any time and you can find me out
Mr. Wang
Huang Sir
just routine procedure
Mr. Wang agree, my colleague will enter the house|and install the device
check everywhere conveniently
Keung install this equip
You install the movie camera,|I must got there
Ms Wang it is too early
good morning.
have breakfast?
have breakfast?
The breakfast ¡ª not yet
I will let someone cook for you
Good ¡­
Don't be fear, this dog just bite bad guys
So interesting? we will be unemployed
just let him out, there is no need for police?
you are so humor
humor?am I handsome?
pretty handsome|is it true ?
before being the police|I clap advertised
I can See, I will let someone cook your breakfast|ok
Someone here?
no, I come in
Execuse me, I am a police
what do you do here?
Protect you
My father did not tell me that
I don't know that
What's your name?
cola,and you?
Call me pretty girl
You?so so
you have no tast
Do not turn over my drawer
We have our rule
Mr. Wang,can I have some words with you?
does Vietnamese say when contact again with you?
no, I think we should wait for a few more days
Do you ever see those goods?
as what I have said|I never see those goods.
sir, clear, complete all right
let me explain to you our procedure
from tomorrow on , I'll protect you by myself
There is a woman colleague protecting Mrs. wang
There is a guard who called cola to protect Ms. Wang
how about me ?
You stay here to protect the workers
Cound it be too hard for me?
Workers are in danger too?
Huang Sir, my daughter Katie
There is a police called cola in my room
Yes, Ms. Wang, he is responsible for protecting you
since tomorrow, he will be accompany with you to go to school
unbelieveable?I would be jeered by others
Can it be more proper?
I want the up one.
Ms. Wang
What is delicious?
Wipe your mouth first
New-made breakfast by Mrs. wang"
caution,things in our house are poisonous
why do You do this?
having dinner
Come on, you too
Eat slowly
You simply let it eat the cocain
You see, being police is a bullshit thing
worse than the dog
cost of the dog monthly is much more than the salary of you and me
so sad?
That house that I rent is 10 times bigger than its house
you are wrong the whole garden belongs to it
sir, I want to transfer to be a police dog
Being a dog must be mow
Mow,too bad? Certainly very hurt
Katie, is the handsome boy really police?
yes, protect me
Is a boyfriend at dress up as the police
You bitch.
Feel strange?
on street, I am a son of Blind Qiao
On the upper-class society, I am chairman of two hospital
Here, I am a board of directors here
How do You know I am here?
It is not difficult to know where you are
I come here to remind you
The Jiang Huang participates in the kind and enmity|of Wang Kun and the Vietnamese
It is a good chance for us.
How much do you know?
some man of Fire eyes had arrived Hongkong
You protects Wang Kun, in fact,it is very dangerous
The Wang Kun is not easy to handle
He will kill Wang Kun with the mose brutal way
I don't know why Jiang Huang want to protect him
Those goods has not been appear in the market
You are to say that Wang Kun concealed those goods?
You are an smart person
Fire Eyes will action very quickly, take care yourself
Take advantage of this nice opportunity , killing the Jiang Huang
You are so powerful
You find someone to kill him
I won't let anyone touch him
You kill him,You are the best choice
What a nice plan you have
Even God has his own nice plan
So i cant help to make it
Should we collude with each other?
You have won me for $1000,unbelieveable!
You have two As
cool,We also eat these tablets,is that you?
Handsome, really handsome
cool,We also eat these tabletses
These things, I can't try
I was so handsome before
unbelievable!I am not a prisoner
I cann't even go shopping after school
It is so boring to think many people want to kill me?Idiot
You are wrong,Play the poker here?
This is my house, it is not yours
who pull up the curtains?
all in dark,there is no sunlight
Ms. Wang, do you know it is very dangerous?
Its not your business
Ms. Wang, if you died,thats is real not our business
Do not make any trouble to us, it is just our job
a job?then shut up
I will do anything I want to do
no,I should spray all your body
NO,I can't see anything
I go up to check the Cable TV
You protect the girl here,anything happened|I will call you
it is much more safe Like this
We should leave the dangerous matter to the young men
Cola listen, there is one on the roof
Hurry, go
at Your 6 clock
listen,there are two
one keeps the plait, another is ugly kind
Execuse me, both are ugly kinds
9 clock, behind the wall
Shot as soon as we fall to the ground and turn round
Cola, watch out!
Bingo!just like play vodeo games
on the left sideof the swimming pool has two,|do not neglect
behind the Tree
Still put the posture?Jump
are you OK, sir?
I am fine
where does you pairs go?
shit!Entered the dining room
Hurry!By the side of young lady
Xi, still there?
In my back, point at my head with a gun
pick up the telephone
Execuse me, wrong number
Huang Sir
I have something to do, getting off first
Baau,take with Mr. Wang
do you aim at me with Your fingers?
kill me then, that is the real gun
Who is the daughter of Wang Kun?Stands out
sir, be careful
Cola ¡­
I am so frightened that i cant sleep
Come down and lets have a chat ?
My classmate who was shooted should has his leg cutted
I am very sorry.
It is not your fault
father knows that something happened in family
He drive a car and leave
I feel that he is irresponsible
thats Parental matter, children cann't make a choice
when You just come here,|I am so rude
that is ok.
thank you for saving me all the same
you are welcome, this is my job
If this is not your job, you wouldn't save me then?
fo a soso looking girl?
just soso?
Save, of course to save you
Police!what are you doing?
You make a pile now and with such beautiful girl
Are you tired?
I cant sleep well
when i closed my eyes,I just find two grenade in front of me
Twice, unbelievable
Can I help you?
I can handle it
I am already searching the data about grenade on internet
It is the number one enemy
If I see it again.
Really not tired?
then you keep night watch for me, I go for a short sleep
Tell me if you cann't handle this
we should arrive the toy store tomorrow
it's better to buy a toy grenade for us to take cover
my son,pay homage to your father?
Tody is his festa
me too.
You haven't figure it out
the day Fire eyes went to Wang Kun's house,|Its a good choice for him to kill Jiang Huang
But you did not do it
I am disappointed to you
I don't understand why you expect me
Your father and you are black,|my father and I are white
Even Jiang Huang kill my father
I also can't use official power to settle a score
ok, then let me do it
do not make a mess, or I will catch you
Let's wait and see, frankly speaking
I do not feel your father is white
Also never fell that I am black
you know all the truth,but you pretend to be ignorant
Make no noise does not represent you do not know
November fifth,1993 hereafter
I almost know all matters that you did
Your Mum took you to remarry twice
You changed your surname twice
in the exam ,your Chinese get the A, English gets the B
The chemistry seems c
am I wrong?
Teather wei don't like you
Because you teased him once
He has been waiting to kick you out of the school
Because you said that he calculate the wrong score
I help you to get it through.
You are not afraid of me?
once a gentleman always a gentleman|once a dog always a dog
Your Chinese score is excellent, you should hear that
The big wei want to kill you all the time.
I know,since two year ago
Is there anything you dont know?
I do not know where Wang Kun put the cocain
Do you know?
You basically dont want to protect him
When did you see anybody jump into the water to protect the Shark?
Do I did not do the fool this decade?
Not, you are 7-up's son
7-up's son can't be a fool
You are my brother's son
I have duty to take you on the last moral path
But you killed your brother
The truth is not to know superficially
You mean that my father was not killed by you?
Ask him
You not afraid that I open fire in your back?
If really there is this fire, you have already opened
sir, there is something I want to ask you|ask then
Your under charges are all elites, how there will be Ah Xi?
Ah Xi's father is also a police, who sacrificed bravely
His mother died several year agos
I promised his mother to look after him
You seem to be the officer of social bureau , unlike a police
I come back
Uncle, you are good
sir, the uncle's tongue gets down to stretch
its possible too hot, seek cover
Cover me
Horse eight enter seven
The white chessman falls small eyes in right and next Cape, towarding to star position
tell me ¡­ what you want?
You cover me|Yes sir
Car eight even six, check mate in six steps
Tell me quickly, want the fuck you want?
Where is the the head of Town God
Where is it?Tell me quickly
Car seven enter a, cut the elephant
Can't be
Empress, H7, check mate
Elephant, F8, check mate
Mr Tan,We concede defeat willingly
I am lost
However this just the first round
Fascinating and incomparable
Sir ,how is Uncle?
he was so happy,but I gonna die for him
conceal the grenade
Those guys are in coma,can't get any details
Take it easy,we won't get any result tonight
Dare to come to my house and do such crazy things?!
Can you tell me what should i ask for them?
dont know yet,can't use mobile phone in hospital
Got a jollification?
So what?
Dont want to take me down
Just tell me what you want?
You killed my two brothers,and robbed my goods
So what you say?
Where is the goods?
I wont listen to your bull shit
dont think that you have your moment now
Even the police cant protect you
only 15 secs, its too short
even we find the position,its also useless
the call must be from the street
but i dont think so
Just tell me what you want?
You killed my two brothers,and robbed my goods
So what you say?
Keung,playback the tape
enlarge the BG sound,and analyze it and check it out
yes sir!
dont think that you have your moment now
Even the police cant protect you
he played the ticks
sir,after analyzing the BG sound
we find the source net should be in Tsim Sha Tsu
We find the practise voice of some band
in Tsim Sha Tsu
CHAMPAGNE HOUSE has the most practise room for bands
on Gold Barry Broad
it should be one unit in it
Sir,please stay here
Ready to action
Four people are dispersing
catch them separately|yes sir
Big B,call fire eyes catch the money from you and leave soon
come here, and take a look
Keung was a skillful guy
Do you know what is he before?
I mean what job?
he used to be a vet|955|01:22:35,000 --> 01:22:36,274|find somebody to take care of the dog
this Vietnamese
got any partner?or just be alone?
Why should we always be enslaved to him?
Are you ok??
I'm ok,stitched by 7 needles
How about Keung?
Still in there
Let me teach you one thing
take out your gun
Cola, are you ok?
are you ok?
fine,thanks for your kindness,|i'm still alive
What i have told you?
You should know you are not young people any more
If everything is ok,go to my home
let us have a dinner
Mum|Son,how about you?
I'm ok
You scared me
Do you know
You called me that your hand was hurt,Mum was so worried
I'm ok,just take some stitchs
I told you dont come here,you will bother my job
No, I must appreciate your officer face to face
Thats not a good idea|This is about manners
Why its him?
How long have you cheated to me?
Do you forget?He is a duplic wolf
Do you forget?How was your father die?
Do you remember your father was beaten to dead by him?
Did he force you to do so?
Did he force you to do so?Tell mum
Jiang Huang,I beg you....|Aunt
Set my son free,please
Mum,stand up first
You have killed my husband
Leave my son alone,he is an innocent person
please gut up|Mum..get up
Set my son free,please,i beg you
Sorry sir,i am sorry
What are you saying?!
Huang Sir,These kind of business make a lot of trouble
Katie£¬Lets go
Huang Sir,I have to go
Hope your man will be ok
Huang Sir
Just talk except the bullshit which is not relative to the case
Sit down
I am so cold
Take more cloth then
I am so scared
scared or cold?
scared for what?
for my husband
I dont know what he want
Huang Sir,can you help me?
Tell you the truth
I married him for his money
I never fallen in love with him
You also know which kind of people he is
He wont let me go so easily
except you arrest him
What should i tell him?I raped you?
I know where the goods are
in Yuen Long,but have no idea about the exactally position
Gibe me 2 days,I will inform you as soon as i find it
OK,but you should appear in court
no problem
I can do any thing to leave away form him
Help me!
Now you have nothing to scare
can i depend on your shoulder?
No way
I have seen nothing,I will leave tomorrow
inform me when you got the location of goods
Sir,take a cup of coffee
What are you thinking?
I thought the shole case was under my control
Wang Kun was foxery ,but he is not so clever
Fire eyes was intrepid,but he is not so patient
I can feel both of them become smart today for some reason
do you suspict they got supporters?
two enimies
seems to have some hidden interlocking relationships
four same Fire eyes appeared today
Obveriously,its a trap
But we scout this line from Wang Kun
can they collude?
Its hard to say
If there are benefit relationship in this world
even Bush will make brothers with Saddam
Dont think too much,the point is that the goods is on my hand now
when I found the goods,the one hide in back will come out
Do you know the location of the goods?
I didnt know that until
Wang's wife told me today
in yuen long?
Keung had knew that
He used to be a vet
He can hide the cocain in the Dog's house
We even dont know that when we walked at the dog house
and protect you for such a long time
call your wife to play tricks against me
You want to cheat me to Yuen Long by seducing me
Do you think i'm a fool?
my man was so foolish to
study why your dog never enter his house all day along
if the dog didnt sleep in the dog house ,all the garden belongs to it
of course,how can the dog stay in the dog house with virulent cocain?
Get him on the car
Can i take my wallet?
Baau,follow him|Yes sir
Debbie,be with her|yes sir
Goodbye Mr wang
be careful
Huang Sir
Where is your husband?
I have something to talk with you
stay there and speak then
I really dont know the goods was hiden in my house
I found a piece of paper in his pants pocket
I dont know whether its useful for you
I used to fell you look so familiar
I always thinking who the hell you are
You are the killer from Vietnam
You are not the wife of Wang Kun
So its not strange you never took body guards
Cola, I am Huang Sir
You come back to take Katie to Police station
Something happened in Wang Kun
Yes Sir
Sir,Wang Kun has just taken her for sick leave
Do you know where should they go?
abscond only has two ways:by car or by ship
Cola,go to the Golden Beach and wait for me now
make some call to check out where he put his plane incidentally
call me when you got any new information
Miss, i am police
do you see Mr Wang Kun?
yes,he just went to the dock with his daughter
How is the situation?
Sir Wang Kun has just gone to dock with his daughter
call the headquarters,Lets check upstairs
Help me!
Let her go
I will come to exchange the hostage
shot him if you got any chance
go to Cola
so strange?
Old fox,I just know you have two guns
Sir he is not Wang Kun,he is Fire eyes
dont move!
Wife could be fake,daughter also can be fake
you are sincerely convinced,arent you?smart guy
its not your business
all you want is in the ship
okay,be with me a little longer
Sorry,Thats not my meaning
Now we have three people left
I have been waiting for this chance for 10 years
I have this wish since I am a child
that is to shot your head on this roof
You will never know that both Wang and Fire eyes were
bought off by me
Did you kill my father?!
give me the gun
I cant hear what are you saying
What is he saying?
-He said you are ok|-What you say?
What?|everything is fine
Thats ok|He said....the gun
I am sorry
Police will come,we wont leave off
Thats not what i worried about
Shot quickly
or police will come
Tell me teach you one thing,take out your gun
Jiang Huang had taught me that
You should alway keep one bullet bu your side
Its simple
You are black,I am white
Katie,hurry up
I wont go
Are you crazy?
so what you want, Mr wang?
I will drive with you out of the mare liberum
when we reach out of the mare liberum,i will give you a buoy
If you can catch your life,swim back by yourself
the situation is simple,isnt it?
if you get up ,the grenade will explode
if you dont move,it wont be explode
Got it?
Stay where you are,I will call the other guys
and dont break wind|I will do my best
Assault 2 Calling Radio station
A37 take the hurted to the hospital
Get on
I have killed you father,why dont you kill me?
My Father was not a good policeman
But I am.
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