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Subtitles for Company Of Wolves The CD2.

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Company Of Wolves The CD2

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Oh Jesus!
Wolf! Wolf!
Where's my daughter?|What have you done with my daughter?
She ran away from me!
- Get your hands off him!|- Rosaleen!
Don't you hit my boy!
Your son left my only daughter|to the mercy of the wolves!
A daughter's one thing,|a heifer's another!
I'll cool you off!
My darling! Where have you been?
And in such a state!
Look, Mummy.
Take care, won't you?|And take this.
No. This is all these beasts understand.|Kill them before they kill you.
Keep close!
There was once a village|so plagued by the beasts
they drew one up in the bucket of the well!
Hush your antique gossip|unless you want the wolves to hear it!
You're such a big girl now, aren't you?|Come on, hold still!
There you are, big girl!
Just be careful of those boys|if they take you in the wood again.
What boys?|Clowns are what the village boys are!
Your Granny spoils you...|makes you think you're something special.
That red shawl!
If you think the wolves are big now|you should have seen them when I were a lad!
Monsters they was...|that's the truth!
Veritable monsters.
Big as a man...bigger!
When will Daddy have done with the killing?
When the beast is dead,|and not until the beast is dead.
We won't live quiet until then.
Be winter soon.
Hard winter. A hard winter brings out the wolves.
Thank God we're safe indoors!
We must hide in the trees!
BOY! Quickly!
Douse the lights!
Into the trees! Quietly!
Granny says wolves may not|always be what they seem.
How can a wolf be worse|than it already is?
Not worse, but different.|Maybe it isn't the wolf's fault, Mummy.
Maybe what?
Maybe once upon a time...
Are you going to tell me a story?
Maybe I am.
Go on then !
Once upon a time...|there was a Woman in the valley.
And the son of the big house|did her a terrible wrong.
So she came to his wedding,|to put wrong to right.
My dear, she was a beautiful thing.|No one would have suspected a thing.
Ladies and gentlemen, a toast!
- To the bride ...and groom!|- To the bride and groom!
Come on, lad, kiss the girl!
With pleasure!
A taste of what's to come!
Well done, sir! Very good!
So, I wasn't good enough for you.
I was, once...
Once upon a time...
Don't you remember?
Don't you?
The wolves in the forest are more decent!
Absolutely horrible!
Where did you hear a story like that?
It's not a story, but God's honest truth!
Granny told me.
And after that, the Woman made the wolves|come to sing to her and the baby at night.
Made them come and serenade her.
But what pleasure could there be in that?|Listening to a lot of wolves!
Don't we have to do it all the time?
The pleasure would come...
...from knowing the power that she had.
Daddy, the wolf!
Praise be to God!
When I cut it off the carcass|for a trophy, it was the forepaw...
the forepaw of the biggest|wolf I ever saw.
The wolf that killed our Alice?
Aye, may be.
When I cut it with the knife|it was a forepaw, I swear,
of a grizzle giant wolf...
and then before my very eyes...
Whose is it, Daddy?|Is it someone you knew?
What do I know whose hand it is!|All I know is what I see.
Get it out!
Was it a man or a wolf you killed?
When I killed it it was a wolf,
and it turned into a man.|Seeing is believing.
Is it? What about... touching?
Get it out!
Whatever it is,|now it's dead meat!
Do we bury it or burn it, Daddy?
You're besotted with that old lady,|and her old wives' tales.
Maybe you shouldn't go.
Daddy killed the great wolf.|I'll be safe in the forest now, Mummy.
Mind you don't stray,|and take something to protect yourself with.
How about a knife?
You're not afraid of anything, are you?
You're a fearless child,|I'll say that.
I suppose your Granny|will ask you to stay the night.
You always were her favorite.
Of course I'll stay the night if she asks me|it'd be rude not to.
She is my grandmother,|and she may not have a kind word for you,
but she's always been good to me.
She's all alone out there, Mummy.
Maybe you're right and maybe you're not.|Give her that from me.
And don't stray now, Rosaleen!|I trust you.
- You won't be lucky twice.|- I promise.
Where are you going?
To see my Granny.
It's a long ways through the woods!|Let me come with you
you'd be safe with me!
Go into the woods with you?|After what happened last time?
Let me come, I'll protect you!
No. I've got this to protect me.
Where did you spring from?
Did I scare you?|I am sorry.
At least you have your clothes on.
Huntsman, are you? Lost your horse?
Lost my horse and lost|my companions, young lady.
And lost your way too.
I do believe I just found it.
I say, do you think you could|spare me a drink out of that?
It's for my Granny.
I know the very place up the way for a picnic!
I have the most remarkable object in my pocket.
That means I never lose my way in the woods.
In your pocket, you say?
This object goes everywhere with me
that is, whenever I wear my trousers.
Go on, bite it.
Don't you know how strong that stuff is?
A man in our village keeps a still...|he's the reddest nose you ever saw.
He tells lies, too.|Like you.
I don't believe there is such a thing.
Seeing is believing.
The little needle always points north,|no matter where I go,
so I always know exactly where I am.
I don't believe it, even though I see it.
It was this compass that brought me|safe through the wood.
But you lost your way in the wood.
But I found you.
Are you sorry?
I'm not sorry.|They're clowns, the village boys.
Well, then.
But don't you know you should|never leave the path?
I just got onto the path.|I was perfectly safe before.
Aren't you afraid of the wolves?
Why should I be frightened of wolves?
You must know the worse wolves|are hairy on the inside.
Old wives' tales! Peasant superstition!
What, a bright young girl...|pretty, intelligent girl like you
believing in werewolves!
But my Granny said that...
For believing in old wives' tales,
to be...
I'll show you I'm not afraid|of the wolves, Rosaleen.
I'll make a bet with you.
I'll bet you anything you like that I get|to your Granny's house before you do.
I'll use my compass to help me cross the country
while you trudge along the dreary path!
Bet me your compass.
Bet me your heart's desire.
And if I lose?
You can...
give me...
a kiss!
Here! take my hat as a token of good will.
Wear it, until we meet again.
Who is it?
Only your granddaughter.
Lift up the latch and walk in.
God save us!
Get you back to Hell from which you came!
I don't come from Hell. I came from the forest.
What have you done with my granddaughter?
Nothing she didn't want!
Who's there?
Only your granddaughter.
Lift up the latch and walk in.
So. You got here before me|just as you said you would.
I did.
Where's my Granny?
Gone out to the woodpile, to fetch more logs.
A real gentleman would never|let an old lady go out,
not on a night like this.
She won't be long.
She's not there.
Is that all you left of her?
Your kind can't stomach|hair, can you
even if the worst wolves|are hairy on the inside!
What do you know about my kind?
My Granny told me plenty!
Are you very much afraid?
It wouldn't do me much good|to be afraid, would it?
What big eyes you have!
All the better to see you with.
They say seeing is believing,|but I'd never swear to it.
You must be wet through.
Why don't you take off your shawl?
What should I do with it?
Into the fire,|you won't need it again.
Your kind can't stomach clothes either.
Who's come to sing us carols then?
Only my companions, darling.
I love the company of wolves.
Look out of the window and you'll see them.
Poor creatures.|It's freezing cold out there,
no wonder they howl so.
- Are you sorry for them?|- Yes. And for you too!
You're a bold fearless girl, aren't you?
And now you must give me back|my gun, my dear.
Are you our kind, or their kind?
Not one kind or the other. Both.
Then where do you live?|In our world, or in theirs?
I come and go between them.|My home is nowhere.
Are you only a man|when you dress that way
like Granny said?
My, what big arms you have.
All the better to hug you with.
you did win your bet, didn't you
you gentleman, you fine gentleman.
They say the Prince of Darkness|is a gentleman.
And as it turns out, they're right:|A fine gentleman.
Gentlemen always keep their promises.
Do ladies keep their promises?
Indeed I won my bet. So now,
you owe me...
I remember.
...a kiss.
Will you be honourable and pay me,
or not?
Jesus, what big teeth you have!
All the better to eat you with.
I'm sorry.
I never knew a wolf could cry.
Leaving you, are they?|You'll be all alone.
I'll tell you a story of a wounded wolf...
Once upon a time...
...when the village was asleep...
...a she-wolf came,
from the world below
to the world above.
She meant no harm... anyone,
but someone meant harm to her.
So she ran... and she ran...
...and she ran again...
Who's there?
This is holy ground!
Can you speak, my child?
Are you God's work, or the Devil's?
Oh, what do I care whose work you are... poor, speechless creature?
It will heal... in time.
And the wound did heal...
...for she was just a girl after all...
...who had strayed from the path in the forest...
...and remembered what she'd found there.
So back through the forest
she ran and ran... the well, and the village,
from whence she came...
She crept inside, to the world below ...
And that's all I'll tell you,
because that's all I know.
Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
Little girls, this seems to say:
Never stop upon your way;
Never trust a stranger friend
No one knows how it will end.
As you're pretty, so be wise
Wolves may lurk in every guise
Now, as then, 'tis simple truth:
Sweetest tongue hides sharpest tooth.
Subtitles (from script) : ArkHAnE
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