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Subtitles for Confessions of Sorority Girls.

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Confessions of Sorority Girls

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[ Radio:Loud Rock ''I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday'']
[ Radio:Loud Rock ''I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday'']
Hey, hey
I'm gonna be a wheel someday I'm gonna be somebody
I'm gonna be a real gone cat Then I won't want you
Everything gonna go my way And I won't need nobody
I'm gonna be a real gone cat Then I won't want you
You can cry-y-y
You're gonna cry hy-hy-hy
[ Sabrina's Voice ] I know what you're thinking.
Beautiful car. Beautiful girl.
Pride of her mother's eye, right?
Hmm... wrong.
I'm gonna be a real gone cat Then I won't want you
[ Dog Barking ]
[ Woman ] Come along, baby.
Come, Fi-Fi. Come to mommy, dear.
Come on, baby. Ahh.
[ Car Radio ]
Come on. Fi-Fi! Here, baby.
Oh! Ah. Fi-Fi!
My mother says that everyone has a certain measure of good and bad in them,
but that I have too much of one and not enough of the other.
I'm gonna be a wheel one day I'm gonna be somebody
Oh! Fi-Fi, come! Hurry!
I'm gonna be a real gone cat Then I won't want you
No, no, no, no, no! [ Screams ]
[ Sabrina's Voice ] My mother doesn't know me at all.
Oh, nasty ol' car.
You'll be wonderin' why I don't look at you when I go rollin'by
[ Piano ]
[ Sabrina ] ''Teach the young, and set them free. ''
[ Chuckles ] They haven't met me.
[ Car Horn Honking ]
[ Man ] Look at the car!
[ Horn Honking ]
[ Horn Honking ]
- Hi. - Hi.
- I'm lost. - New girl in town, huh?
Yes. My first day.
- Where're you headed? - The A.B.P. house.
That's just right around there.
Great. Thanks.
That's a real nice chassis you got here.
Well, if you'd like to take it for a spin one of these days,
just ask for Sabrina.
[ Horn Honking ]
[ Giggling, Cheering ]
[ Girls Together] Sabrina, we welcome you.
To Alpha Beta Pi, forever be true.
Every sister across the land,
forever united, hand in hand.
[ Cheering ]
- Did you just make that up? - Oh, of course not, dear.
- That's the Alpha Beta Pi cheer. - Oh. Ha, ha.
I'm Mrs. Billings, your housemother.
- Nice to meet you. Sisterhood forever! - [ Girls Cheering ]
I'm Rita, the sorority president,
- and your new roommate. - Lucky me.
And this is Tina. I'm her sponsor.
Oh, and the best friend a pledge has ever had. Welcome to A.B.P.
- Thank you. -[ Rita ] And this is Ellie.
She'll be your new little pledge sister.
Oh, it's so great to meet you!
Where did you get this incredible car? I would die to drive a car like this.
Well, how 'bout now?
Would you park it in the back, little sis?
- Well, let's go inside. - Oh, thank you.
Oh, I can't believe I'll be rooming with Julie Masterson's real-life sister.
[ Cheering ]
[ Mrs. Billings ] Your sisterJulia was my favorite.
Finest president this sorority ever had.
[ Sabrina ] You know, I'm nothing like my sister.
You know, I've always suspected I was adopted.
-Just kidding. - Oh.
Come on. I'll show you to our rooms.
Well, this is it.
This is my bed, and... this is all my stuff.
That's your bed.
And this...
is our closet.
Oh, and the bathroom is down the hall and to the left.
Down the hall?
Well, you'd think the sorority president would have her own bathroom.
Yeah. Well, we have to improvise a little around here.
Um, I made this shirt myself.
- Do you sew? - Not if I can help it.
Gosh, this closet is tiny.
You don't mind if I use the extra space on your side, do you?
Not at all.
Wow! These are all French designers.
I love this! ''Coco Channel.''
It's pronounced CoCo Chanel.
And I don't share my clothes.
I didn't ask you to!
Oh, wait.
It's just that I had a bad experience with my last roommate and...
I guess I'm a little jumpy. I'm sorry.
[ Sabrina ] I know that guy.
Really? That's my boyfriend Mort. How do you know him?
Well, I met him when I drove on campus. Isn't he a student here?
Oh, not anymore. He owns this little joint by the beach.
Well, maybe we should go for a drink there sometime.
Well, what are you doin' tonight? There's a frat party at Mort's.
Oh, I'm not very good at parties.
Shy, I guess.
[ Music, Party Chatter]
Cherry Lips, Cherry Lips Whisper in my ear
Cherry Lips, Cherry Lips Whisper loud and clear
You drink cherry wine
Sweet as the grapes hangin'on the vine
[ Boy ] This is for you. Will you wear it?
What does that mean?
Means you're my girl.
- Yes. -[ Continues ]
Yes,just tell me do
[ Music, Chattering Continue ]
- Oh, that's such a cute name. - Cherry Lips, Cherry Lips
Whisper in my ear
Cherry Lips, Cherry Lips Whisper loud and clear
- All right. Excuse me. - You drink cherry wine
Sweet as the grape hangin'on the vine
- How 'bout that spin? - [ Chuckles ]
It doesn't take you long to make friends, does it?
Well, you can never be too popular.
- If you like someone, let 'em know. - Next dance is ladies'choice.
So, what do you do around here for fun when you're not working?
Run around with Rita. Excuse me.
- Hi. - Hi.
Mmm, the place looks great.
Thanks. Yeah, I put up the tiki lights just for the party.
- They look great. Leave 'em up. - Thank you.
I have some good news for you.
- What? - I got into medical school.
- Oh! Congratulations! - Thank you.
[ Rita ] That's great. But what about the bar?
- The bar is just my fall-back plan... - No.
in case I realize I don't like the sight of blood.
You're gonna be a great doctor!
And you are gonna make a great doctor's wife.
Hey, doll, this oughta loosen you up, huh?
I don't need loosening up.
Excuse me. I believe it's ladies' choice. Do you mind if I cut in?
Some other time. Right now I'm dancing with my girl.
Now my heart's no longer empty
Those happy days are here
[ Giggling ]
My face is full of gladness My eyes get no more tears
Don't take it personally, Sabrina. Mort never dances with anyone but Rita.
So, doll, a bunch of us are going to the lake next weekend. You wanna go?
- Hi, Ellie. - That sounds great! Let's go, Sabrina.
Ellie, that cake looks delicious. Would you go and get me a piece?
- Sure! It's got chocolate. - Mm-hmm.
- [ Screams ] - [ Laughing ]
That is not funny! Come on, Ellie.
Tina, I love you.
I love you too.
I want you. Is it okay?
Do you have, uh, one of those things in your pocket?
No. I didn't plan this.
Bonjour, Mama. Ah, no, I can't hear you.
Bonjour, Mama. Ah, no, I can't hear you.
- It's a terrible connection. -Sabrina, I can hear you perfectly.
- How's school? - It's wonderful here. Thank you, Mama.
- Did you get my letter? - Oh, yes, yes, I got the check.
- How's Daddy? - We're all fine. We miss you.
Oh, I miss you too.
- I have to leave with the tour tonight. - Wait, I can't hear you.
Tomorrow we're going to--
- Wait. That's a better connection. [ Dial Tone Buzzing ]
Oh, Mama, I need your permission.
A few of the frat boys are going up to the lake and they invited me.
Can I go?
- Thank you. It's so good to be trusted. - [ Dial Tone Buzzing ]
- [ School Bell Ringing ] - Well, I have to go to class now, Mama.
Yes, send my love to Daddy and my beloved sisterJulia.
For me too.
Oh, and Mrs. Billings sends her love. Right. Au revoir.
That is a lovely shade of lipstick, Mrs. '' B.''
- Whoo! - Ya-hoo!
- Whoo-hoo-hoo! - Whoo! Yea!
So long, suckers!
- Can't this go any faster? - I'm tryin'!
- Here, move over, angel. Let me drive. - Oh, come on.
Let me drive!
There's a good marker.
- First one to pull away buys dinner! - Yeah!
All right! Go!
[ Shouting, Laughing In Speedboats ]
Whoo! [ Laughing ]
- Watch this. - Go ahead.
Shit !
- Come on, Sabrina! - I'm no chicken.
- Hurry up! - Mommy!
- What are they doin'? - Mom!
- Damn! Keep goin', keep goin'. - Sabrina, what're you doin'?
[ Laughing ] We won!
[Joe ] Hoo-hoo. Come on. Let's go celebrate.
[ Sabrina ] Oh, you got it!
I realize that some of you may find the reading a bit difficult.
Just be glad you're studying French, not German.
Instead of just masculine and feminine nouns, there are neuter.
[ Mispronouncing French ] Well, vive la difference.
On the last page of Huis Clos,
who can tell me what Sartre meant when he said '' Hell is other people''?
[ Sabrina Laughing ]
Mademoiselle Masterson?
Did you read the assignment?
I hardly need to study elementary French, Professor Leland.
I've been to Paris many times, and I speak well enough to get by, thank you.
Mademoiselle Masterson,
please read the first paragraph on the last page and explain it,
in French, of course.
[ Clears Throat ]
''Je n'aurais jamais cru.
''Vous vous rappelez:
''le soufre, le bucher, le gril.
''Ah! Quelle plaisanterie.
''Pas besoin de gril:
-l'enfer, c'est les Autres. '' - She kisses better than she speaks.
- And, what did Sartre mean? - if you know what I mean.
Well, you're the teacher. You tell me.
- I know the answer. - Mademoiselle Summers.
''L 'enfer, c'est les Autres, ''
which means '' Hell is other people.''
I think since Sartre didn't believe in an afterlife,
he meant we create our own hell with the people we choose to be friends with.
Magnifique, Rita!
-[ School Bell Rings ] - [ Clapping ]
Sabrina! Sabrina!
I'm sorry if I embarrassed you. I didn't mean to.
To what? Make me look like an idiot back there?
Look, I really want us to be friends.
I've always been an overachiever, and I don't think before I open my mouth.
I'm really, really sorry.
Okay, Rita. I wouldn't want us to be rivals.
Anyway, ''sisterhood forever.'' Remember?
Rita, there's a letter for you.
[ Mrs. Billings ] Rita!
- What's wrong? - She must not get much mail.
[ Crying ]
- Bad news? - Oh.
I just-- Letters from my mother make me very homesick.
Unless there's a check in it, right? It takes the edge right off.
No, it's... it's not that kind of letter.
Oh, come on. It can't be that bad.
It's just I, uh, I don't get to see my mother very often.
And I miss her very much.
Well,just go home and surprise her.
Um, she's not really home right now. She--
She kinda works at this hospital, and she's gotta live in there.
Well, then,just go there and see her.
I can't. She's real busy and it's... weird to see her there.
Huh. That is weird.
My mom and I are so close.
- We're more like sisters. - You're so lucky.
There's so much that I'd like to share with my mom.
You know, like about school and boys,
and what I want for my future.
But it's so hard to write that in a letter.
I tell my mom everything.
She takes me shopping, on long, lazy lunches.
It sounds like your mom's a lot of fun.
Yeah. You'd love her.
[''Express Yourself Back Home'']
[''Express Yourself Back Home'']
[ Giggling, Laughing ]
That train won't stop till we're rollin'into New Orleans
Express yourself back home
The trains may come alone
Ah, the water's great, girl. You should really take a swim.
[ Wolf Whistle ]
Get your booty on home to me
[ Wolf Whistle ]
[ Wolf Whistle ]
Well, the boss keeps yellin' Sees the work's not like before
Well, the boss keeps yellin' Sees the work's not like before
- Where's Mort? - Surfing. Why?
Just asking.
Come on, Ellie, let's go get some more iced tea.
- Yeah, I'll come too. - I'll have one with lemon.
Express yourself back home
Before I scream and moan
Oh, Mama I done need to be
Get your booty on home to me
Hey, baby.
[ Wolf Whistle ]
Well, the boss keeps yellin' Sees the work's not like before
- Well, the boss keeps yellin' -Just put it on the table.
-Sees the work's not like before - You're in my sun.
- Mother! -[ Music Stops ]
What a surprise.
I thought you were in Paris.
Thank you.
- What do I owe this honor? Someone die? - Not yet.
How was the lake? Did you catch any trout?
I'm sure I don't know what you mean.
I spoke with Mrs. Billings last night when I returned from Paris.
She told me about your little weekend excursion...
to which I supposedly gave my permission.
You lied, Sabrina. I thought we had an agreement.
It was a harmless little camping trip, Mother.
And hardly worth bothering you about. I'm sorry, Mother.
I'm ashamed of you.
I won't allow you to humiliate our name again, and the memory of your sister.
What are you gonna do about it, Mother? Spank me?
As of today, your allowance is terminated.
What is the matter with you, Sabrina?
You behave like a brat. Your grades are atrocious. You're failing French.
- Why can't you be more-- - LikeJulia?
Sorry, Mother, but God was only able to make one perfect daughter for you.
Now you'll just have to suffer with me.
Don't bring God and your sister into this, my little darling.
If it weren't forJulia's impeccable reputation,
you never would have gotten into this school, let alone this sorority.
I'm warning you, Sabrina, don't blow it.
If you want my respect, you'll have to earn it.
I'm going now. And by the way,
don't bother trying to use your charge accounts.
They've also been frozen. Good-bye, my darling.
But, Mother.
Mother, I'm trying. I'm trying as hard as I can.
Try a little harder.
- Out of lemon. I hope you don't mind. - I'm not thirsty anyway.
Can I borrow one?
- Oh, sure! - I thought you said I could have one.
-Janet, I put it on your bed. - Thanks.
Curfew, girls.
[ Clock Bonging ]
[ Mrs. Billings ] Curfew.
[ Clock Bonging Continues ]
[ Tina ] I don't know. Jimmy,just tell me what to do.
Curfew, girls.
[ Knocks On Door] Good night. Curfew.
Can you help me? Tina is going to get in a lot of trouble.
[ Tina ] It just happened. You don't have to marry me or anything,Jimmy.
I can go away. I can have the baby by myself if that's how you want it.
-[ Tina ] Is that how you want it? -[ Jimmy ] I don't know.
I gotta think.
- I'll call you. - [ Motor Revs ]
-[ Mrs. Billings ] Curfew, girls. - Good night, Mrs. Billings.
Lights out, Sabrina. Good night, dear.
[ Door Opens ]
- Uh, Mrs. Billings? - Yes, dear ?
- Can I have a word with you? - [ Mrs. Billings ] Certainly.
I was wondering...
if it would be all right if I ran for sorority president?
Oh, your mother would be so proud of you!
Yeah, I know, but I don't want to cause any bad feelings between Rita and I.
She seems like a good sport, but, well,you know her better than I.
Oh, I think it would be perfectly fine.
A little competition... it's good for the race.
Oh, Mrs. Billings, thank you. I feel much better now.
Well, I better get to bed now, curfew and all.
Good night, dear.
[ Knocking On Door]
Curfew, girls.
- Lights out. - Good night, Mrs. Billings.
Good night, Ellie.
- Boy, Sabrina really saved your butt. - Yeah.
What are you gonna do, Tina?
What do you mean?
I heard you and Jimmy.
I know about the baby.
I don't know, Ellie.
I'm really scared.
I don't think Jimmy wants to get married.
[ Crying ] What am I gonna do?
Don't cry, Tina.
Girls have babies without getting married... sometimes.
I can't.
My parents would kill me.
I'll get kicked out of school.
[ Crying ] I think I would rather die.
Well... there's other ways.
I knew this girl who got pregnant in high school.
She got it...
taken care of.
Even if I wanted to do that,
it takes money, and I don't have any.
What aboutJimmy? Won't he help?
[ Sighs ] No. He's on full scholarship.
He works two jobs just to buy books.
He doesn't have a cent.
I heard about this place...
-in Mexico. - Where?
It's cheaper, and it's not that far from here.
I'm... dying to ask you this, Tina.
What was it like? The first time?
What do you mean? I only did it once.
Yeah, right.
No, really. I only did it once.
Where'd you do it?
On the beach.
You're kidding!
- Did it hurt? - No.
It was great.
But the sand gets... into everything.
[ Giggles ]
[ Sound Of Ocean Waves Breaking On Sand ]
The happiest times at this sorority have been since Sabrina arrived.
She is the most supportive and selfless big sister I could ever have hoped for.
[ Door Opens ]
Hi. I'm sorry I'm late. Mort's car broke down.
Okay. What did I miss?
- Ellie was saying something. - Oh, good. The floor recognizes Ellie.
I was just saying that... I thought maybe it would be good...
if maybe, ah, Sabrina was nominated for president too.
That's so sweet, Ellie.
I had no idea you were going to nominate me to run against Rita. I'm honored.
I don't think that that's such a good idea.
I mean, Sabrina hasn't been here very long.
It doesn't matter how long somebody's been a sister.
[ Girl Mumbles ] That's right,you know.
Is there any other sister that would like to second this nomination?
I second it.
Sabrina... would make a great president.
[ Tina ] Don't you think?
[ Rita ] Fine.
I don't mind the competition.
I accept Sabrina's nomination for presidency of this sorority.
[ Excited Chatting ]
Good work.
Thank you. Oh, thank you.
Sabrina dear, according to the sorority charter,
you must maintain a '' B'' average in all classes in order to be president.
[ Mrs. Billings ] So you better do something about those French grades.
Oh, oh, oh!
Oh, Prof. Leland, I'm so sorry. Are you okay?
Yes, I'm, I'm fine. A-Are you all right?
Yeah. I think I just sprained my ankle.
- Oh. - Oh, ah, yes. Uh, here.
Ow! Oh, I'm so clumsy sometimes.
No, no, it's, uh, it's my fault.
I, uh, I never l-look where I'm going.
Oh, well. Oh! I think I need to sit down.
Y-Yes. My office is... is right down here.
- Oh, I'm really terribly sorry. - [ Groaning ]
Okay. Ow. Careful.
Oh, I'm sorry. There.
I'll... go get some ice from the, uh, teacher's lounge.
Oh, thank you, Prof. Leland. You're so kind.
Oh, uh, uh, it's nothing.
Oh, ah-- Here.
What, no French poodle?
[ Snickers ]
[ Door Opens ]
Oh, y-you poor thing.
I feel terrible about this. There.
Oh, that's very... very good.
- It feels... better? - Yes.
Professor, I wanted to apologize for what happened in class.
- Well. - I guess I was just showing off.
I just wanted the kids to like me.
And I'm very, very, very sorry.
- [ Crying ] - Oh, no, no, no.
Of course, of course I understand.
Why, uh, actually you show...
a good deal of promise, Sabrina.
I'm sure with a little work, you'll do magnifique in French.
I love when you speak French. [ Sighs ]
Oh, do you really think so?
Oui, mademoiselle.
Oh, Professor, could you move the ice a bit?
- Yes. Oui. - Yes.
- Yes, like that. Maybe a little higher. - Higher.
Yes! Just a little slower.
- Slower. - Yes, like that.
Oh, that's very good.
Oh, Professor,
it's very hot.
[ Sighs ]
- Are you hot, Professor? - Oh.
[ Moans ]
- Oui. - Ahh.
Oh! Oh, Professor!
- Sa-Sabrina! - Yes?
- Ferme la porte. - Oh, oui.
[ Snickers ] Well, well, well!
I guess we won't be having any more problems in French class now.
Will we? [ Snickers ]
Au revoir.
[ Girls Chatting ]
[ Chatting Continues ]
[''Every Night'']
[''Every Night'']
Oh, every night Oh, every night
Hi, Tina.
- Hi, Rita. - Hi.
- Hi, Mort. - Hi. What can I get for ya?
- A beer, please. - Very good.
- I thought you were studying tonight. - Oh, I was... but my mother called.
She felt so bad about what happened at the pool, she wanted to apologize.
She's actually sending me a check...
to buy a fancy dress for the mother-daughter tea next week.
Is your mother coming?
You know, Rita, I still haven't met your mother.
She wouldn't miss the tea, would she?
- Excuse me. -[ Mort ] Rita?
- What happened to her? - She saw a ghost.
[ Music, Chatter, Laughter ]
What do you want, Sabrina?
I want you to pull out of the race for sorority president.
That's ridiculous. Why would I do that?
Otherwise, everyone will find out about your mother.
Wh-What about my mother?
I guess she won't be able to make the tea...
unless they let her out of jail for a day.
What are you-- What are you talking about?
Oh, please, Rita. Don't try to deny it.
Your mother is a convicted felon.
- It wasn't her fault. - That's not what the jury thought.
Wait till Mort finds out.
Well, no one can blame him for dumping you.
I mean, your mother is a jailbird.
A lot of people will feel differently about you when they find out.
I will not let you blackmail me, Sabrina.
- Fine. Mort! - Wait.
[ Sighs ]
Okay... I'll do it.
Just give me some time to back out gracefully.
[ Music, Chatter ]
Hello, Sabrina. What a surprise!
Skipping classes? James. Why didn't you call?
Well, I have an announcement, and I wanted to tell you in person.
Well, hurry up, dear. I'm running late.
Mother, I'm going to be sorority president.
Really? Well, that's very nice.
-Just likeJulia. - I'm very proud of you.
- And what about your French grades? - Oh, not a problem.
I've been working on it, and the professor and I have an understanding.
That is wonderful news.
Where are you going?
I'm meeting your father at the airport.
An impromptu business trip to London. Ten days at the Savoy.
It didn't sound too bad. Oh, look at the time.
But what about the mother-daughter tea next week?
They'll announce the sorority president then.
I'm so sorry, Sabrina. I'm not going to be able to make it.
But I told everybody you were gonna be there.
Well, I said I was sorry. I'll make it up to you.
Listen, I'm late, and you know your father hates to be kept waiting.
Have a safe drive back to school.
[ Soft Rock ]
Hi, Mort.
- Hi, Sabrina. - Have you seen Joe?
No. You're early.
Can I get you something?
Well, I could use a friend.
I don't think you make that an easy job, do you?
How 'bout a soda?
I think you'll find that if you're nice to people, they'll be nice back.
Like Rita.
- Yeah, she's an angel. -[ Trey ] Hey, Mort!
Five beers.
- Sabrina, you want to join us? - In a minute.
So where is Rita anyway?
She's gone home to visit her mother.
They allow visitors there?
What? What are you talking about?
- Gosh, I thought everyone knew. - Knew what?
Rita's mom's in jail. Murder, I believe.
You're crazy.
Don't say things like that.
It's true. Rita's mom mowed a man down with her car.
What's the matter with you?
Don't you have any feelings, any loyalty? She's your roommate.
- Yeah, and her mom's a murderer. - Shut up, Sabrina.
What about you? You almost mowed a family down on the lake.
They don't give you ten to fifteen for that.
Yeah. Come on, gang. There's a nice table outside.
And you wonder why you don't have any friends.
[ Sighs ]
[ Radio ] Baby, I miss you
I long to kiss you
-[ Continues ] - Hi.
-[ Door Closes ] - Oh, hi.
- How are your folks? - Fine.
They're fine.
What gives? I thought you were gonna stay the night?
Yeah, well, I decided to come home early.
Did something happen at home, Tina?
I didn't go home.
So, where did you go, then?
[ Tina Sobbing ]
-[ Sobbing Continues ] - Oh, my God.
Are you all right?
Oh, I'm sorry. Please, sit down.
Oh, Ellie.
- I couldn't go through with it. - Ooh.
I was fine on the bus all the way down there.
When I walked into the clinic...
I was so scared that I just ran all the way back to the bus station.
Oh, I don't blame you, Tina.
I wouldn't have had the nerve to go to Tijuana for,
you know.
[ Sobbing ] What am I gonna do?
We'll think of something.
Maybe... you should ask Sabrina for some help.
No. I can't tell anyone else.
Sabrina doesn't know about the baby, does she?
No. Of course not.
I wouldn't tell anyone a thing like that.
You're my best friend.
[ Rita ] I wanted to tell you about my mother. I didn't know how you'd react.
- I was too ashamed. -[ Mort ] You don't have to be ashamed.
- It doesn't change my feelings for you. -Sabrina pretends to like me,
and when I turn my back--
You could have told me. I wouldn't have cared, and neither would anybody else.
- She's so mean. - It doesn't matter.
The gang laughed at Sabrina when she walked in and made her announcement.
- Really? - Sure!
Oh, I wish I could've seen her face!
It's, uh--
[ Mort ] It's kind of warm tonight, isn't it?
Oh, Rita. Rita.
[ Rita ] Mort, stop.
I mean it, Mort! Stop.
[ Sighs ] Rita, I can't take this anymore.
- I'm sorry. It's just that I'm not-- - I know.
You're not that kind of girl. I've heard it before.
- I should go inside. - Fine.
- I'll see you tomorrow? - Yeah. Good night, Rita.
[ Sighs ]
[ Car Door Closes, Engine Revs ]
[ Car Pulls Away ]
Is it closing time, or can a girl still get a beer?
[ Clears Throat ] Make it a quick one.
Hmm. It's warm tonight, isn't it?
- Drink up. It's late. - Hmm.
We have all the time in the world, Mort.
What are you up to, Sabrina? What's going on in that mind of yours?
- Hmm. I like you, Mort. -[''For Your Love''OnJukebox ]
- Do you like me? - For your love
- Why do you do those things to Rita? - Oh, I
- Because of you, Mort. - Would do anything
I want you.
- I would do anything - I guess I get a little jealous.
- I'm flattered. - For your love
Dance with me.
I can't do that, Sabrina.
- For your kiss - Tell me you're not that kind of boy.
Oh, I would go anywhere
I want you.
-I would go anywhere - All the way.
For your kiss
More foolish
I grow
With each heartbeat
But we all get foolish
That's why I repeat
For your love
Oh, I would do anything
I would do anything
[ Moaning ]
For your kiss
- Going somewhere? - What's it to you?
- Mort and I are going for a bike ride. - [ Laughs ]
I doubt that.
He had a pretty late night last night.
- How would you know? - I was with him...
till very, very late.
- I don't believe you. - It's true, Rita.
You know, you don't know what you're missing.
Mort is a fabulous lover.
Shut up!
I fucked his brains out.
- [ Car Horn Honks ] - You're a liar.
Why are you so upset? You know it's true.
Go ask him yourself.
Is it true? It can't be!
- Rita, what are you talking about? - Is it true?
Sabrina said that-- Sabrina said that you--
- It isn't true, is it? - [ Sabrina ] Is it true, Mort?
Tell her.
Rita, I'm sorry.
- [ Crying ] - I hope you can forgive me.
Rita, I'm sorry! Rita!
[ Door Slams Shut ]
Well, I-- I guess you're free today.
You wanna do something?
You are the biggest mistake of my life.
- You'll be sorry, Mort. -[ Car Door Closes, Engine Revs ]
[ Car Screeches Away ]
Real sorry.
Real sorry.
I'll kill you, man! I'll kill you!
Joe, what the hell's goin'on? What did I do? I didn't do anything!
- You fucked Sabrina, man! - What?
She said she couldn't even stop you, man. That's my girl!
C'mon! C'mon! C'mon!
Agh! [ Coughing ]
- Goddamn it! She threw herself at me! - Liar!
[ Coughing ]
[ Gasping, Coughing ]
[ Gasping ]
I'm tellin' you, she's bad news,Joe.
This girl hurts everything she touches.
No, Mort. She wouldn't lie to me, Mort. She wouldn't lie to me.
[ Gasping ]
Joe, I'm sorry.
I did not rape her.
I... I love Rita.
- I'm sorry. - [ Panting ]
Hi, Tina.
I haven't seen Jimmy around lately.
What are you talking about?
Come on, Tina.
I heard you and Jimmy talking.
But it's okay. Your secret's safe with me.
Have you told your parents?
[ Crying ] No.
I don't know what I'm gonna do.
I know a doctor.
Oh. I tried the Mexico thing.
It was a nightmare.
No. He's a real doctor.
He's a friend of my parents, but--
Well, he's expensive. Do you have any money?
I'd lend you money, Tina, but...
my allowance was cut off.
Oh, Sabrina, I'm so scared.
I'll help you.
But you're gonna have to do exactly what I say. Do you understand?
Yes. Anything. Just, what should I do?
You say that Mort is the father of your baby.
Why Mort?
Well, he saved all that money for medical school.
- But he's not the father. - Who cares?
[ Door Closes ]
I gotta go.
Oh, hello, Rita. Forget something?
I have nothing to say to you.
Please, Rita. I did you a favor.
Mort's not the kind of guy you think he is.
No, he isn't, thanks to you.
It's not just me. What about Mort and Tina?
Tina? Ha. She's his waitress.
And what do you think those two do after closing time?
Wash glasses?
You are despicable.
Have you no limits?
Wake up, Rita!
Tina's pregnant, and guess who the father is?
[ Siren Wailing In The Distance ]
It would be in the best interest of the college and the sorority...
if you left school immediately.
- But it wasn't my fault. - It doesn't matter.
We simply cannot have a pregnant girl on campus.
It sets a bad example for the other students,
and we'll lose donations from the alumni.
I've spoken with your parents. They completely agree with me.
You can't imagine how disappointed they are, Tina.
[ Sobbing ]
[ Sabrina ] Tina, no!
Tina, no, no, no, no!
Don't worry, Tina.
- No, it's not worth it. - Leave me alone! Leave me alone!
- Tina, stop it! Tina, no! Tina! - Leave me alone!
- Leave me alone! [ Sobbing ] - Tina, no. [ Gasping ]
Nothing will ever be the same again.
I can't stay here, and I can't go home.
Well, we can move to a new town and start a new life. I could go with you.
[ Sobbing ] But where are we gonna get the money?
I told you... Mort.
[ Dog Barking ]
[ Knock On Door ]
- Hi, Tina. - Hi.
I was expecting you. Come on in.
- Why don't you come sit over here? - Okay.
I just... hope this won't take long.
- I really have to pack. - No. This won't take long at all.
Do you have the money?
Tina, why are you doing this to me?
I'm not doing anything to you.
You're the father of my baby.
Tina, I never kissed you.
I never touched you. I never even thought about it.
I've gotta go. Just give me the money.
Tina, I trusted you, and I was your friend.
Now, I'm gonna give you the money anyway, okay?
All you have to do is tell me the truth.
Now, that's Jimmy's baby, right?
Tina, it's okay. You can tell me.
And you know what? I'm--
You can just think of this money as a loan, and just take it.
- It is Jimmy's baby. - [ Sighs ]
I was alone.
I was scared.
Sabrina made me blame you.
I'm... I'm sorry, Mort.
It's okay. You can go.
It's all right. Thank you.
It's okay. Bye.
- Nice job. - Ooh, baby,you treat me so good
Crazy 'bout your charm
You love me like a good girl should
And when I'm in your arms you make me snap crackle and pop
-Snap, crackle and pop - Hi.
Hey honey, Ooh baby Don't stop
- I like the way you hug and squeeze - Hi.
And every kiss is sweet
Don't ever leave me Please, please, please
But when I tell you it's me you make me snap crackle and pop
Snap, crackle and pop Snap, crackle and pop
- Hey, thanks for voting for me. - Hey honey, Ooh baby, don't stop
Rita, I... need to tell you something.
- What is it, Ellie? - Uh, mmm--
[ Loud Chatting, Laughing ]
I think... Tina is lying.
I know she is. It's Jimmy's baby,
not Mort's.
Snap, crackle and pop
Snap, crackle and pop
Hey honey, Ooh baby Don't stop
I like the way you hug and squeeze and every kiss is sweet
Don't ever leave me Please, please, please
But when I tell you it's me you make me snap crackle and pop
Snap, crackle and pop
Snap, crackle and pop
Hey honey, Ooh baby Don't stop
- Hi. - Hi.
- How's the rally goin'? - Good. Good.
I think everyone's havin' fun.
But when I feel your touch you make me snap crackle and pop
- We need to talk. - Yeah, I'm glad you came.
There's something I want you to hear inside.
Hey honey, Ooh baby Don't stop
When you press your lips to mine
Chills run up and down my spine
[ Crying ]
[ Knock On Door ]
Tina, dear,
there's someone out front to see you.
I don't wanna see anyone. I don't want any good-byes.
No, no, no. This is different, dear.
Come on. Come on.
Go ahead.
Tina. You look beautiful.
I've missed you so much.
You're the one who left without saying good-bye.
I'm sorry.
I had to get away and think. I had to be alone.
I've been kicked out of school.
I know.
Why did you come back, Jimmy?
I came back for you, Tina.
What do you mean?
[ Sighing ]
Tina... will you marry me?
Oh, what I did to Mort. It was so horrible.
[ Tina On Tape Recorder ] Do you have the money?
[ Mort ] Tina, why are you doing this to me?
[ Tina ] I'm not doing anything to you.
You're the father of my baby.
I've gotta go. Just give me the money.
[ Mort On Tape Recorder ] Tina, I trusted you, and I was your friend.
Now, I'm gonna give you the money anyway, okay?
All you have to do is tell me the truth.
Now, that's Jimmy's baby, right?
[ Tina On Tape Recorder ] I was scared.
Sabrina made me blame you.
- It is Jimmy's baby. -[ Tape Recorder Clicks Off ]
[ Rita ] You slept with Sabrina, though, didn't you?
[ Mort ] It was a mistake.
It didn't mean anything.
[ Door Squeaks ]
[ Sabrina ] That'll teach you!
- You killed him! -Stupid bitch! I'll take care of you!
No! No! Get off me!
Get off me! [ Screaming ]
Get off of me! Get off!.
Get off!.
- Oh, Sabrina! - Oh! Tina!Jimmy!
The bar's on fire. I'm, I'm gonna go get the fire department.
- Where's Mort? - I, I don't know! I haven't seen him.
[ Tina ] Well, his car's in the parking lot.
[ Rita, Muffled Voice ] Help!
- Jimmy, no! - There's somebody in there!
- I don't hear anything. Don't go in! - You don't hear that?
- No. - I gotta go in.
- [ Sabrina ] Wait,Jimmy! No! - Jimmy, no!
[ Rita ] Help!
- [ Yelling ] - What's goin' on?
Is somebody in there?
- [ Gasping ] Jimmy.Jimmy, no! - [Jimmy ] Mort! Mort!
[ Crashing ]
-Jimmy! - No, Tina. Don't go in there!
- No! - What happened?
-Jimmy's in there. Go get help. - Rita and Mort.
I saw them go in!
- Sabrina, what happened? - How should I know ?
I saw you follow Rita.
[Jimmy Coughing ]
[ Rita ] Help!
[ Grunting ]
- [ Explosion ] - [ Screaming ]
[ Man ] Get back,Jerry! Get back! Get back!
Jimmy? Jimmy! Jimmy!
- Jimmy! No! No! - Tina!
[ Crying ]
[ No Audible Dialogue ]
[ Soundtrack Music Plays Over Following Scenes ]
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[ Skipped item nr. 941 ]
[''I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday'']
[ Skipped item nr. 943 ]
I'm gonna be a wheel someday
I'm gonna be somebody
I'm gonna be a real gone cat
Then I won't want you
And everything's gonna go my way
I won't need nobody
I'm gonna be a real gone cat
Then I won't want you
Well,you can cry-y-y
'Til you are high, high, high
If you are wonderin' why I don't look at you when I go rollin'by
Well, I'm gonna be a wheel someday
I'm gonna be somebody
I'm gonna be a real gone cat
Then I won't want you
Well, I'm gonna be a wheel someday
I'm gonna be somebody
I'm gonna be a real gone cat
Then I won't want you
And everything's gonna go my way
I won't need nobody
I'm gonna be a real gone cat
Then I won't want you
Well,you can cry-y-y
'Til you are high, high, high
If you are wonderin' why I don't look at you when I go rollin'by
Well, I'm gonna be a wheel someday
I'm gonna be somebody
I'm gonna be a real gone cat
Then I won't want you
No, I won't want you
Then I won't want you
I'm gonna be a wheel
I'm gonna be a wheel
'Cause I won't be a nobody
Everything's gonna go
My way
Gonna go my way
It's gonna go my way
You can cry Cry
Cry, cry
Oh, me
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