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Subtitles for Conspiracy Theory 1997.

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Conspiracy Theory 1997

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I deliver perfection...|and don't brag about it! :D
{y:i}July eighth, 1979...
{y:i}... all the fathers of Nobel Prize|{y:i}winners were rounded up...
{y:i}... by United Nations military units...
{y:i}... and actually forced at gunpoint...
{y:i}... to give semen samples|{y:i}in little plastic jars...
{y:i}... which are now stored at Rockefeller|{y:i}Center underneath the ice skating rink.
{y:i}I wouldn't want to be there|{y:i}for the thaw.
{y:i}I mean, it's disgusting!
{y:i}You know what they put in the water?
{y:i}Fluoride! Yeah, fluoride.
{y:i}On the pretext|{y:i}that it strengthens your teeth!
{y:i}That's ridiculous!|{y:i}You know what this stuff does to you?
{y:i}It actually weakens your will...
{y:i}... takes away the capacity for free|{y:i}and creative thought...
{y:i}... and makes you a slave to the state.
{y:i}Ever wonder about these right-wing|{y:i}militia groups and survivalist types?
They say they're defending|the country from U.N. Troops.
They're yelling so loud,|my theory is that this is a conspiracy:
They are the U.N. Troops.|They're in place!
The infrastructure's ready.|It's a "fait accompli".
They'll just take over,|we'll all be toast.
Oswald.|That's what I said, Oswald.
He said, "I'm just a patsy",|which means he didn't do it, right?
{y:i}Armand Hammer goes to the doctor.
{y:i}The doctor says, "Armand...'ve only got 3 minutes to live."|And he says, "That's terrible news."
"Isn't there anything you can|do for me, Doc in 3 minutes?"
And the doctor says,|"Well, I can boil you an egg."
{y:i}I guess not.
{y:i}Ever see those advertisements,|{y:i}"Got Milk"?
Open up!
Open it up!
What's going on?
Son of a bitch!
{y:i}"Eat beef"?
{y:i}That's like saying, "Smoke cigarettes"|{y:i}or "Drive cars". It's really generic.
{y:i}This guy looks at me and says, "You|{y:i}think you're living in a free country?"
"You think it's a democracy?|Of course not."
{y:i}Web sites, newsletters,|{y:i}self-published manifestoes...
{y:i}They think we're kooks.
George Bush knew what he was saying|when he said, "New World Order".
You remember those three little words?
He was a 33rd degree Mason,|and as ex-director of the CIA...
...he knew that saying that would|send conspiratologists everywhere...
...spinning, spinning their wheels.
Then they destroy|their own credibility.
Sister, I'm sure your heart's|in the right place, but...
...somebody's got to lift|the festering scab that is the Vatican.
{y:i}A chip for identification so they can|{y:i}track down an animal anywhere he's at.
You'll insert it under the dog's skin|and it's an identification thing.
I mean,|it's only a small logical step...
...till they start putting it|in us and our children.
{y:i}Then before we know it,|{y:i}they'll come with the pretext...
Is that one of the new $ 100s with|the changed picture of Ben Franklin?
Look at him.
He looks like the love child|of Fred Mertz and Rosie O'Donnell.
{y:i}That's him.|{y:i}Get rid of it, lady.
{y:i}See the metal strip in it?|{y:i}That's a tracking device.
{y:i}If you got any more of those at home,|{y:i}get rid of them.
{y:i}They'll follow you. They know where|{y:i}every one of those $100s is going.
Black helicopters.|You heard about black helicopters?
They're everywhere.
{y:i}They're on whisper mode.|{y:i}You can't hear them till they've gone.
You know?
There's nobody there.
Where'd they go?|Oh, there was nobody in here!
What am I talking...|Why is the meter on?
- Where to, pal?|- Luxembourg Towers, on 7th.
The sound of love.
Excuse me?
That, what you just did.
That's love.
Love's just a way to say,|"I want to sleep with you."
Admit it.|I saw you kiss her.
You love her.|This is the street where love lives.
Love is bullshit.
Love gives you wings.
It makes you fly.
I don't even call it love.
I call it "Geronimo".
Geronimo.|When you're in love, you'll...
...jump right from the top of|the Empire State and you won't care.
Screaming "Geronimo"|the whole way down. It's great.
But then you'll die. You'll squash|yourself. So what's the point?
I'm telling you,|love gives you wings.
She must be some girl.
I love her so bad, I just...
She wrecks me.
I'd die for her.
She feel the same about you?
I don't know.
I never told her.
Why the hell not?
I have some problems.
- You dumb creep!|- Oh, my God!
Stop the cab!
I'm sorry.
Shut up! Wacko!
Forget the fare.
Love Street.
{y:i}Sure, it's possible that|{y:i}Lee Harvey Oswald didn't kill Kennedy.
{y:i}And frankly,|{y:i}it's possible Jack Ruby...
{y:i}... didn't kill Oswald. In those films,|{y:i}you see this other guy hanging around.
{y:i}Are you saying that|{y:i}Oswald is still alive?
{y:i}I'm not saying that. Somebody|{y:i}who looked like Lee Harvey Oswald.
She's singing.
{y:i}Can't take my eyes off of you
{y:i}I love you, baby
{y:i}And if it's quite all right|{y:i}I need you, baby
{y:i}You're just too good to be true
{y:i}Can't take my eyes...
{y:i}... off of you
{y:i}You'd be like heaven to touch
{y:i}I wanna hold you so much
Why do you do that?
Why do you push yourself?
What are you doing?
Go ahead, brother, play on.
What's up?
Look at him.
Can you swim, man?
The water main broke all the way|up on 40th Street and 7th Avenue.
They say the subway's a damn river.
What's up, Jerry?|What are you thinking?
Water mains don't usually break|unless it's wintertime.
The pipes burst open|because it's cold.
It's only the first of October.
Reminds me of life in the delta.
Yeah, Mississippi, all right.
Mekong, my friend.|Mekong.
Flip, did I ever tell you|that the whole Vietnam War...
...was fought over a bet...
...that Howard Hughes lost|to Aristotle Onassis?
And they used my legs for a wishbone.|Nearly snapped my butt in half.
- Yeah, they owe you.|- No, you owe me!
I'll get you tomorrow.
- Peace.|- You too! Take it easy, Flip.
73, 74...
...75, 76...
Not bad. 1:31.
I can do that a couple more times.
More if I have to.|Don't think I will.
Someone's got a roof garden.|Ripe for the picking.
That's it. Health food.
That's disgusting! What is that?|You really don't need it.
I didn't leave this open.
Somebody's been up here.|Oh, I'm not the only one with a key.
Right where I left you.
Return to sender.
Jerry... keys.
How come this is safe for me,|but not the keys.
Smart girl.
- How's that, Jer?|- Justice.
She wears a blindfold.
- You have an appointment?|- Naturally.
- Can you show us a slip?|- I'm not wearing one.
Good morning, Claudia.
This is what you wanted.|Your coffee's on your desk.
People, give me this room.
Not you, Miss Sutton.|You stay.
This is a request|from you for 18 wiretaps...
...on the Ezekiel Walters case,|a case we are no longer investigating.
I'm doing it in my spare time.
This is the Justice Department,|not Alice Sutton, P.I.
Walters got life on the bank bombing.|Until we get new evidence...
...this case is closed.
Do you know what it's like|to think you know what happened...
...but to never be sure?
I've been here 20 years, Alice.|I know what it's like.
Until you've investigated your own|father's murder, you have no idea.
Alice Sutton knows me.
You're making it hard on yourself.
{y:i}Ms. Sutton's psychotic's here again.
I want him out of here right now.
I have a right!|I am an American citizen!
I demand to see Alice Sutton!
This guy's a restraining order|waiting to happen.
Can I see Alice Sutton?
No, he can't.|He needs an appointment.
I have a right to be here.|She'll tell you that.
Get him out.
I haven't done anything wrong!
Officers, I'll take him from here.
I'm Alice Sutton. Sorry.
Hi, Alice.
You need to make appointments.
Can I make one now? In a few minutes?|I can wait if you're busy.
Come around.
I don't see the connection.
Come on! Six major earthquakes|in 31/2 years and the space shuttle... orbit for every one.|Don't you think it's strange?
Testing some top secret|seismic weapon?
Not testing. Using.|Nukes are passÚ. We're talking...
...the weapon of the future.
What's it got to do with the President?
The President's in Europe at the moment.|Tomorrow he'll be... Turkey,|right here along this fault line.
And they sent up|a space shuttle yesterday.
How about $50 billion?|How's that for a motive?
Here, let me get that.
The President's cutting funding to NASA,|the milk cow of the aerospace industry.
So you're saying that NASA's going to|kill the President with an earthquake?
- Do you still ride?|- Not for years.
Why do you keep the picture of you?|Kind of wish you hadn't quit?
The earthquake.
Not exactly the kind of thing...
...a Secret Service agent can|just throw himself on top of, is it?
Mr. Wilson needs you.
Thank you.
She always burst in like that?
Yes, that's her job. I have to go.|My boss is looking to yell at me.
You want me to talk to him,|smooth things out for you?
No, I want you to go home|or wherever it is that you go.
And make appointments.|You can't just keep bursting in.
It's just what they'd be expecting.
I have a serious job here.|I have a boss I must answer to.
Do you understand that?
I'm sorry. You're right.
Use your common sense.
Deal. So are you going to warn him?
The President.
I won't promise you anything.
You think I'm crazy.|She thinks I'm crazy.
No, Jerry, I think you're different.
You know, to be normal|in the real world...
...and to drink Coca-Cola and eat...
...Kentucky Fried Chicken... got to be in a conspiracy|against yourself.
Want to go out sometime?
So, what's your horse's name?
Johnny Dancer.
You've been here a dozen times,|you never asked that before.
I was waiting till|I got to know you better.
I'd say eight, actually...
Times I've been here. Eight.
Hey, pal!
Don't these water mains|usually go in the wintertime?
All I know is it's "beaucoup" overtime.
No, not Feds.
These guys got a purpose.
It's government plates.
There's something fishy going on.
Bet my balls.
Here they come.|Camera!
Sir, he's in the building now.
Spooks! I knew it!
Yes, sir.
Surprise counts for something.|You're good.
You've been watching me a while?
I'm told I have eyes|in the back of my head...
...but I didn't even|see you guys coming.
You must be spooks?|Spooks?
CIA spooks, right?
Say something.
I was right.
Right about what?
No, I wasn't right.|I was wrong.
You guys are from NASA! That's right!|You're from NASA! Come on!
No, not the eyes!
We've been looking for you|a long time.
Do I know you?
Very well.
Have you ever...
...been in a place|from which hope is gone?
Where all that's left... patience?
Now, Jerry... whom have you been talking?
I talk to lots of people.|I drive a cab, you know?
- I meet people all day.|- Who else knows what we know?
What we know, Jerry.
Tell me what?!
What do we know?
If I know what we know, I could tell you|what we know and if someone else knows!
You got to be more specific.
What is that?
Gravy for the brain.
Not gravy!
Not gravy.|No, not gravy!
Don't do this to me, please!
Now, Jerry... whom have you been talking?
No, I've had gravy!
I know you.
You know now, Jerry.|Now you know.
- I don't know! Help me!|- Who else knows, Jerry?
Who else knows?
- Who knows?|- Help me!
What do you know?|Who have you been talking to?
Help! Help!
I know I must share|some of the blame for this.
I wish it didn't have to be this way.
To whom have you been talking?
Who else knows?
I believe.
I believe!
- Who else knows?|- I don't know.
Jerry, names!
I don't want to dance!
To whom have you been talking?
Now he knows!
Now he knows!
He's flying!
You wouldn't do this if you knew!
I want to see Alice Sutton!|There she is.
There she is. Alice!
Alice, this is it!|They tried to...
I don't know what they tried,|but I know...
I don't know what I know,|but I know that it's big.
Will you let me talk?
Cut it out, will you?|Get back!
Get back.|Please, just give me that gun.
And roll it over here.
Will you get back?
I need to talk to you.
You want to talk to me?|Here I am.
Get back!
I have to tell you something.
Why don't you just take it easy?
Take it real easy with that, okay?|Just take it easy.
You have blood on your shirt.
I bit his nose off!
You bit somebody's nose off?
Don't get in this thing where|you make me repeat myself. I hate that.
I'm sorry.
Get back,|you dumb complicit sons of bitches!
You're looking for a man|with no nose, not me!
I need to tell you there was a... a fish tank. No goldfish!
- And I was in the belly of a whale.|- Just calm down.
Wheelchair!|I was crippled and...
Look at me. I want you|to put the gun down, please.
There was a goldfish.|There wasn't any gravy and I...
I don't know what to...
Put the gun down.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I'm sorry.
Okay? Perfect.
Take it easy! Take it easy!
My God, you're bleeding!|Call an ambulance!
A piece of a wheelchair|poked through me.
Back away! Back away!
Put it away!
- Oh, Christ!|- Tell me what happened.
I can't.
I can't remember.
I can't remember them.|I can't remember me.
I can remember you.
I remember you.
It's on the tip of my tongue.
I'll remember in the morning.
I'm just tired.
I just need some sleep.
Open, please.
She's for you.
No, nurse. Don't!
What is it? What is it?|I told them...
Something to help you sleep.
I don't want to sleep,|I want to check out.
Why am I handcuffed to this bed?|I'm not a criminal. Please, help!
Alice, you get me out of here.|They gave me some stuff.
You're under arrest.
What's the charge?
Jerry, you were there.|Figure it out.
Try to remember who stabbed you with|the wheelchair or where it happened.
I wish I could explain it|so it all made sense.
It's all right. Just relax.
You got to switch the charts.|Switch my charts with that guy's charts.
Don't make me repeat myself. Switch|my chart or I'll be dead by morning.
Relax. Go to sleep.|I will see you tomorrow.
- You want to bet?|- You're just being paranoid.
Only because they want me dead.
Please, Alice.|Please, save my life.
Switch them.
Switch the charts.
Could you open this,|please, ma'am?
What happened?
Guy came in with a stab wound|and died of a heart attack.
You Miss Sutton?
They want me to bring you downstairs.
Who does?
The FBI, the CIA. You name|the initials, they're down there.
Any special reason?
They said to bring you|and the body to the basement.
And the body's on its way,|so come with me.
I just need one minute, please.
Thank you.
For what?
For switching the charts.
I didn't switch the charts.
It's okay. The guy traded bullets|with an old man in a liquor store.
He had it coming.
You expect me to believe|that someone came in here last night...
...and gave him something|to stop his heart?
You switched the charts,|you tell me.
I've got to go downstairs.|The CIA wants to see your body.
I won't be here when you get back.|I'll keep in touch.
You're handcuffed to the bed.
I'll have to chew through my arm.|It's better than hospital food.
Thank you.
You saved my life.|Thank you.
Heart attacks happen.
I didn't switch the charts.
Yeah, you did.
You switched them.|You switched the charts.
Let's see here.|This is a grueling experience.
Put that out!
There's a government man now.|This is Miss Sutton.
Miss Sutton, Agent Lowry, FBI.
We're waiting for jurisdictional|problems to be cleared.
- Fletcher's something else.|- Tell me about it!
Police want him for assault.|Secret Service for counterfeiting.
We want him for a string|of bank robberies.
No one knows|what the CIA wants him for.
This CIA shrink... here to I.D. Fletcher.|They knew each other somehow.
Take off the sheet.
- This isn't him.|- The chart says "Jerry Fletcher".
- He's...|- He's what?
He's having a heart attack!
Where's that goddamn cop?
Get a crash cart in here, stat!
- A dog bit it.|- Excuse me?
You were going to ask about my nose.|Poor animal is to be destroyed today.
- And you feel bad for it?|- It's my dog.
Oh, no! I'm sorry.
There he goes!
- Open the goddamn gate!|- No, and you watch your language!
FBI, lady!|Open the damn door!
Hi, Alice.
You never saw me.
Shut up!
There he goes!
Lady, open the damn door!
Open the gate!|Will you open it?!
You! Get hospital security.
- Block all exits.|- Yes sir. Let's go!
Is this guy a psychiatrist|or a field agent?
You want to put your foot down|and get out of there?
Come on, buddy.
If you only knew|what really happened to Serpico...'d be helping me out right now.
Get out of there!
Come on, now!
Give me a break.|I'm wounded.
Hands behind your back!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
He said a dog bit his nose.
You got to help me out of this,|Alice, please.
I can't make any promises.
I'm in a tight spot here.
You look really pretty today.
Your eyes look kind of different.
Please, Alice, make an exception.
Please. Alice, are you there?
Come back.|Please, don't leave me here.
Thank you.
There we go.
Have you seen him?
- No. Did you see him?|- No way to shut this place down quick.
You have a half-naked man chained|to a bed rail. Just block the exits.
Good idea.
Will you keep me company, please?
- David?|- Carl.
I'm sorry, Carl. Dr. Fine.|I want your advice about something.
I had a middle-aged guy,|operate on his gallstones...
- Do I know you?|- Of course. Dr. Fine, proctology.
So Jerry thinks that NASA is plotting|to kill the President?
You already asked me that.
And you have no idea|where Jerry lives?
You've asked me that 3 times.|Why keep making me repeat myself?
All right, here's a fresh one.
Why you?
Your colleague, Mr. Wilson, tells me|Jerry won't talk to anyone but you.
That seems...
...oddly possessive behavior to me.
I'm sorry, what was the question?
Why do you insist on|having me repeat myself?
I think he has a crush on me.
How charming.
He has great taste.
Now, why him?
Why do you tolerate|his visits to your office?
About 6 months ago, I was leaving work|and 2 guys tried to mug me.
Jerry came out of nowhere|and rescued me. That's how I met him.
He probably is crazy, but|there's something about Jerry that...
I don't know.
I don't have the heart|to tell him to get lost.
I didn't know the CIA had psychiatrists.
We're very specialized.
May I?
What is it they say about truth?
The truth will set you free.
"Catcher in the Rye."
Chapman had that book|when he shot John Lennon.
I was just thinking that.
Remember the guy that shot Reagan?|John Hinckley?
They found a copy of that book|in his apartment.
Weird coincidence.
Thanks for your input, officer.
...and a book.
Maybe apartment.
This one's odd.
What do you think?|It's got paint on it.
Safety deposit box key.
I'll take that.
And that.
You're welcome.
What do you say we...
...I don't know,|compare notes on this guy?
No, don't!
Let me have the ticket.
No, I'm here, I'm here!
- There's a "no parking" sign there.|- I see it.
- Two cops to give a ticket now?|- These days it takes 2 cops.
I'm sorry.|I didn't mean to frighten you.
Tickets have been coming all day.|Didn't know what to do.
- How'd you know this was my car?|- I didn't. It was a lucky guess.
I feel kind of naked.|Could we get out of here?
- Don't tell me you're naked.|- It's a figure of speech. Can we go?
Please. Hurry.
People are looking everywhere.
What took you so long?|I was here all day.
It takes time to search a hospital.|A lot of people are after you.
They'll put me in the same place as|Oswald. Another lunatic acting alone.
Oswald killed the President.|Is that what you're planning?
No. Did you call him|about the earthquake?
I'll do that.
- Can you sit up so I can see you?|- No. I don't want them to see me.
Them who?
Them back there. Change lanes.|Watch the rearview mirror.
It's a fun experiment.
Did you see it?|Wraparound headlights?
Crown Victoria?|FBI. It's a legitimate tail.
As opposed to?
As opposed to serious people.
Can you drive this thing,|or do you just like looking good in it?
I suppose you think I should speed up|and try to lose them.
It's what a man would do.|I'm not a man.
I noticed.
What are you doing?
Agent Lowry.
It wasn't my idea.
It's his show for now.
You want to get dinner?
Interagency cooperation and all?
When I'm ready to compare notes,|I'll tell you.
It's your call.
Good night.
See? Wasn't that easier than squealing|tires and knocking over trash cans?
Nothing's easy.
You know that guy they arrested in...
How long have we known each other?
Six months and 11 days.
Six months and 11 days.
I'll give you one more hour.
Where to?
Why did we have to go down|to go back up?
'Cause I don't like to come|and go in the same way twice.
I just live in there. I have to get...
- Here, you should have this.|- What is it?
It's my union pin.|I figured, the way you drove... should be in the union.
I'd be proud to have you|drive me around in a cab.
Come in, please.
Give me those.|I'll put them up.
Let me shut the door.|Sorry there's not more room in here.
My keys!
I'll just get the light.
The Jerry Garcia file.
I didn't...|Yes, I did!
You know why The Grateful Dead|are always on tour?
Because they're all British agents,|intelligence agents. They're spies.
Jerry Garcia himself has|a double-0 rating, just like James Bond.
Jerry Garcia's dead.
That's what they want you to think.
Is this supposed to protect you|from aliens or something?
No, it's just a beer bottle.
Follow me.
Come into my humble abode.
Here we go.
Want something to drink?
...if that's okay.
No, coffee's our friend.
Coffee's our friend.|It's fine.
I keep the beans in the fridge.|Keeps them fresher, makes better coffee.
Papa Leoni told me that.
He's dead now.|Nice old guy.
"I love the delicate shadow...
...of she wanting me to be."
I can't seem to remember|this combination. Want some juice?
If my universe had a hub...
This would be it?
"In the Irons"?
Yeah, I've been reading up|on it lately. Equitation.
Are these yours?
But I think this is|what's been causing the problem.
This is the third issue this year.|I give you "Conspiracy Theory".
This is my newsletter.
I think it's got them scared.
I must have hit a nerve|with one of those articles in there.
They're pissed off about something.
"The Space Shuttle's Seismic Secret"?
"The Oliver Stone-George Bush|Connection"? Oliver Stone?
Sure. I mean, he's their spokesman.
You think if anyone|had the information that he's got...
...and had a podium to shout|it from, they'd actually let him do it?
No, it's quite clear that|he's a disinformation junkie for him.
That he's still alive says it all.|He should be dead.
Can you prove any of this?
No. Absolutely not.|A good conspiracy is unprovable.
If you can prove it,|they screwed up somewhere.
And if that's the case...
They who?
"They who"? I don't know.
That's why they call them "they".|And "them".
Where does Jonas fit in?
He's one of "they". He's one of them.|He's them. For sure.
They. Them.
They must have a secret handshake.
That's it?
No. How would I know?|I'm not one of them.
I'm just horsing around.
How many subscribers?
Let's see.
But I think it's probably got|something to do with the economy.
You think one of them|is not who they seem?
You think it might be one of they?
That could be.|Of course!
You have a list?
A subscriber's list?
Yes, right over here.
I thought you meant|some other kind of...
Big Holden Caulfield fan?
Not really.
You just like the story?
Not especially, no.
You've got a dozen copies|of this book.
I know.
I know.
There's more of them in here.
Under the bed too.
I don't know why,|but whenever I see one...
...I have to buy it.
And if I don't see one...
...then I have to find one... buy... I can feel normal.
I don't know why.
Did you ever read it?
Yeah, you read this in school.
No one ever gave it to me|to read at school.
That's what they start|when you're young.
When you're little, at school,|they Baden-Powell all the boys and...
...they Betty Crocker all the girls.
Then they air condition you.
And they put you in an Easy Bake Oven|and you can't breathe anymore.
You must think I'm crazy.
Yeah, right!
4, 23...
That's the combination of the coffee.|Do you still want some?
You idiot!
We're made. Gas them.
Go! Tear gas!
Don't breathe!
{y:i}- Delta team, are you secure?|- Delta team, secure.
Take it down!
On top of the bed!
Move it! Come on!
- Are you coming?|- I'm right behind you.
Close your eyes.
What are you doing?!
Torching my hub!
What is that?
That was here when I moved in.
- What are you doing?|- Always be prepared.
Get out now! Go!
The fire's two flights up on the left.
Excuse me.
Clear a path.
Is that who I think it was?
Has this ever happened before?
No, but I've been practicing.|Let's go.
Who are you?
I'm a guy putting out a fire.
Let's go.
See this aluminum-looking stuff?|It's firewall.
It's amazing. The guy designed it|so it could be an incinerator...
...leaving the rest|of the building untouched.
Dr. Jonas.
Something else you should see.
I want to hear more.
Let's go. Wrap it up.
You mind?
In one hour...
...tell me how she eats, she sleeps,|her kindergarten teacher's name.
- Home, safe and sound.|- It only looks safe.
- You can't stay here.|- They're not after me!
Don't turn the lights on.
I can stay here with you,|I can sleep on your couch.
- Don't turn the lights on.|- You're going, okay?
- I don't want to go.|- You're going!
I want to ask you something.
Ask me to stay.|I could sleep in the bathtub.
- You can't be here alone.|- Shut up.
Get down!
What are you doing now?
You don't want to be seen here.|Always make sure these are shut.
Please, just be still, be quiet.|Listen to me, okay?
I think we can make some progress...
...if you just answer|one question to my satisfaction.
I'll try.
It's about the painting|on the wall in your apartment.
I didn't mean for you to see that.|It's like looking in someone's diary...
...and taking it all out of context.
That's fair.
It's just that... was so big and you obviously put|a lot of time into it and you seem to...
...know me so well.
How is that possible?
So, what's the question?
How is that possible?
This is you and your dad.|He was...
...murdered, right? He was that judge.|It was in the paper.
Did they ever find out..., who did it?
You don't mind me asking you?
You're changing the subject.
He's why you punish yourself?
Please, don't start.
You get on the treadmill,|turn your back to that picture... you're running away.
Sometimes you sing|with the music...
...but most of the time,|you punish yourself.
I don't know where you get|the energy after a full day's work.
- You run like a maniac. Why?|- What are you talking about? Music?
What are you talking about?|Are you watching me?
What do you do?|Sit in your car?
Do you wait in an alleyway?|Every day?
- It's not like...|- What is it? Tell me what it is!
- You don't ride your horse...|- Don't change the subject! Get out!
I will give you $100|to get out of my house.
I don't need any money.|I got plenty for a rainy day.
Guess what?
- It's pouring out.|- All right, you're tired.
Just don't be mad at me, okay?
Use your dead bolts, Alice.|Okay? Just lock up.
I'm going to empty my bladder.
- How's your bladder?|- I got to go. How's yours?
No, don't do that.
A lot of folks are looking for you.
I guess that makes you|the smart one.
Put your hands on the wheel.
Both your hands on the wheel.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Don't mention it.
Where's my partner?
He's okay.
But you got a gun to your head|asking how your partner is.
You might be okay.
He'll have a headache|a couple of days.
Are your intentions honorable?
I'm not sure what you mean.
With Alice. I mean...
Think of me as her guardian angel.
That's ironic because we're here|to protect her from you.
No, you're here because you thought|I'd show up, so that's why you're here.
Seemed like a possibility.
What about your intentions?|Are they...
I'm not a violent man.
By nature...
...I'm not a violent man,|Mr. Lowry.
But if you hurt Alice in any way...
...or anything like that, I'll kill you.
Does that seem honorable enough?
Well, maybe.
Are you pretending?
Yes, yes...
It's got to be here.
Thank God!
May I help you, sir?
- I need to scan it.|- Put it through.
No, this side.
I'll do it.
Bingo! "Catcher in the Rye".
Location is 33 East 17th Street,|Barnes and Noble.
- I'm putting it in a bag.|- I don't want one.
I got the exact change for you.
Make life easy for you.
Your receipt.
Thank you.
"Catcher in the Rye".
It's a classic.
Have you read it?
- Never read it.|- Never?
No, I haven't.|I never read it.
We're going silent, guys.
Confirm silent.
Could I have a pretzel?
I got him.
There he is.
Just one.
Hurry up.
Bomb!|There's a bomb under my seat!
Be calm! Remain calm|and move out in an orderly fashion!
There he is!
I'm not sorry.
Leave me alone, will you?
I'm turning into a Jerry.
{y:i}I've got a cease and desist...
...on Jerry Fletcher matters.
We're not to discuss him with the press,|NYPD, or anyone else.
Building security|is arresting him on sight...
...and we're to report any attempt|he makes to contact you.
I don't like it.|Something's not right here.
Dr. Jonas thought you might be|inclined not to cooperate.
Why is that?
We don't know who Dr. Jonas is.
Nor who we're cooperating with.
I've had many credentials|flashed in my face.
And after yesterday,|I know not to ask questions.
We're out.|We're shut off.
We're terminated.
They can't see|the trees for the forest.
{y:i}Hi, may I speak|{y:i}with Mr. Ketcham, please?
{y:i}This is Mrs. Ketcham.
Hello, Mrs. Ketcham.|Your husband receives our newsletter.
Would he like to renew|his subscription?
{y:i}My husband is dead. He was killed|{y:i}last night in a car accident.
These just came for you.
- Want a vase?|- Yes, please.
"Go out the building to the right.|Take the first bus."
Tell Jill I'm expecting|a call from Milwaukee.
- Transfer my calls to my mobile.|- Will do.
Got her.
Subject is on the move.
She's on the bus. Go!
Subject on bus 1648.
Will follow.
What the hell?
Keep going!
- Like a Roadrunner cartoon. See that?|- No, what?
You didn't see it?|Nobody ever sees what I see.
Where did you get|your five subscribers?
Bulletin board, through library|computers so it couldn't be traced.
They're dead.|4 out of 5 of them.
I checked.|All in the last 24 hours.
1 accident,|2 heart attacks, a stroke.
This one I can't reach.|Henry Finch.
They're dead.
I did that.
Heart attacks and strokes, it's CIA.|Henry Finch!
Oh, my God!
I should've realized.
They monitor absolutely everything.
Elaborate on "they". They?
There's lots of groups, actually.|Lots of initials.
CIA. FBI. IMF, you name it.
They are part of the same|two opposing factions.
Which are?
Some of them are very wealthy families.
Their goal is to maintain stability.|That's what they say.
The other is Eisenhower's|industrial-military complex.
And they want instability,|so they say.
So you're saying group one|is warring with group two?
At some levels. But at others,|it's the same group.
Scary! It's hand and glove.|Cold wars, hot wars.
They sit and watch the whole show.
Take a breath.
The latest casualty in the whole fiasco|is one of America's richest men:
Ernest Harriman.
He was murdered.
- Murdered?|- Here in Manhattan.
I read in the paper...
...he drowned in a swimming pool.|It was an accident, in Newport.
Nobody dies in Newport. They couldn't|even kill Sunny Von Bulow there.
He drowned,|but not in Newport.
{y:i}Where, then?
Here, at the 7th Street|subway station.
A billionaire on the subway?|Why didn't they drown him in his limo?
Don't you read the papers?|Don't you watch TV?
Last week,|this place was under water.
- A water main broke.|- I know.
You know what's above this area?|The Harriman Building.
The whole substructure was flooded.|He didn't drown in a pool.
Call the coroner|in Rhode Island or wherever it was...
...and ask if he had chlorine|in his lungs.
- Okay, I will.|- You will?
If you want, I would.
I don't know what to say.|I love you.
It's like I resolved to... you up 1,000 times a day...
...ask you if you'll marry me... some old-fashioned way.
Everything you do is magic.
Those are song lyrics, Jerry.
Yeah, I know that.
I'm nervous. I reached out and|grabbed the first thing I could think...
I know they're song lyrics,|but I know how I feel...
I think you're confused.|It's been a long day.
You wanted to know...|that picture on the wall.
We shouldn't talk about it.
Yes, we should.|It's Geronimo.
That's love.|And love gives you insight.
Love lets you see things|that you wouldn't normally...
I just know that I've loved you|since the first time I saw you.
You don't love me.
Sure I do.
I don't?
I thought that...|Well, I thought...
I just thought that maybe...
I'm sorry.|Jerry, I'm sorry.
{y:i}We have a call|{y:i}from the Milwaukee post office.
{y:i}The mail for Henry Finch|{y:i}is being forwarded here to Manhattan.
{y:i}Foley Square.|{y:i}The Criminal Courts Building.
I'd like to see Mr. Finch, please.
- Who?|- Henry Finch.
Is he expecting you?
I'm Sutton with the Justice Department.|I want to see Mr. Finch immediately.
He'll be right with you.
What the hell is going on here?
I'm very impressed, Alice.
How's Jerry this morning?
A more important question is:
Who are you?
Those are bigger questions|than you think.
Please sit down.
For reasons that will soon be...
...regrettably clear,|I'm going to tell you a secret.
Then you can judge|what and who I am.
Years ago...
...I worked for|the Central Intelligence Agency...
...on the MK ULTRA program.|You familiar with it?
It was mind control.
"Manchurian Candidate" kind of stuff.
That's a vulgar generalization.
But yes, you take an ordinary man...
...and turn him into an assassin.
That was our goal.
MK ULTRA was terminated in 1973.
...not the...
...the research.
That, I continued.
Shall I go on?
"The truth will set you free."
It involved hallucinogenic research...
...electroshock to induce|vegetative states...
...terminal experiments|in sensory deprivation.
As in, "resulting in death".
I'm now trying to pay my penance.
These things that you're talking about,|you did them to Jerry?
MK ULTRA was science,|sanctioned by the government.
It all ended...
...the moment John Hinckley|shot Ronald Reagan.
No, that wasn't us.
But the technology had been stolen.
Pandora's box opened.
My subjects were taken from me,|used in the private sector.
Jerry was one of them.
One of your subjects.
It is imperative that I discover|who stole the technology.
Alice, I will do what is necessary... stimulate Jerry|into telling me what he knows.
Jerry is very dangerous.
Jerry has killed.
To find who programmed Jerry...
...I have to find Jerry,|but I can't do that without you.
Do you recognize this?
Where did you get that?
You do recognize it, then?
Of course I do.
It belonged to my father.|Where did you get it?
What do you know|about your father's death?
He denied a man in prison|appeal for a new trial.
Ezekiel Walters.
Walters had nothing to do|with your father's murder.
They found him holding his wallet.|The only thing missing was this photo.
Where did you find it?
Jerry's safe deposit box.
When do you think Jerry|first took notice of you?
What is it the two|of you have in common?
I was mugged and he saved me.
He may have saved you,|but that was no coincidence.
Come on, you're a lawyer.|You think like one.
Your father was assassinated.
And the sick son of a bitch|has been obsessed with you ever since.
I am so sorry, Alice.
I truly am.
Miss Sutton?
Hold on one second.
Alice, you order pizza?
Hold it.
"Go to the northeast corner...
...of Greenwich and Battery Place."
"Bring the pizza.|I have something important to tell you."
Call Bill in Security|and tell him Fletcher's in the area.
"I have something|important to tell you."
I have tried everything|I know to get Jerry to talk.
Would you try?
I promise you,|you'll be perfectly safe.
No way.
You don't have to do this.
I will.
Good girl!
I want a bug in this box,|audio and track.
That still hot?
Hop in. Doesn't pay|to stand around too long.
This is 42-K.|We're on him.
I'm starving.
This is good.
Have some.
- Do you have him on that?|- We still got him.
{y:i}You okay?
No, you're not. I shouldn't have said|all that stuff I said before.
I won't do that anymore.|I'm sorry. I can't help how I feel.
What did you want to talk to me about?
I can feel what I... I mean,|I can think... no, I can feel...
...what I want to say,|but I can't get it out.
I've heard enough.|Stop the car. I want her out of there.
Keep driving.
It's kind of like...
...if you sing along to the music|you know the words with the music.
But with no music,|you're helpless.
{y:i}I don't understand.|{y:i}Is something wrong?
{y:i}No. Don't worry about it.
I want to take you|where the music's playing.
The music is playing in Queens?
No, not today.
- Did she say Queens?|- Yes.
{y:i}This is air unit one.|{y:i}We've lost visual.
{y:i}He's on the lower level.|{y:i}We'll pick him up on the other side.
- Where is he?|- Straight ahead.
About 300 yards.
- What?|- Nothing.
You see something?
Hang on.
What are you doing?
Let's go.
The pizza!
Leave the pizza.
I'll get you another pizza.
- What's this?|- He stopped.
I have to go back and get the pizza.
It'll all make sense in a minute.
Stop, stop, stop!
This is ours. Hop in.
All mobile units watch him.|What do you see?
Just slide across.
Air unit one, what do you see?
{y:i}We see no traffic.|{y:i}We'll go down and take a look.
{y:i}They have exited the vehicle.|{y:i}The pizza box is still in the car.
Where are we going?
{y:i}We shut the bridge down.|{y:i}All off-ramps. Both levels. Got it?
{y:i}Roger that.|{y:i}I'll take the west end.
Where are we going?
You hear it?
The music,|I almost hear it.
I almost hear it.
We will.
We will.
Mr. Wilson's office.
David Berkowitz.
Ted Bundy. Richard Speck.
What about them?
Serial killers.
They only have two names.|You ever notice that?
But lone gunman assassins...
...they always have three names.|John Wilkes Booth.
Lee Harvey Oswald.|Mark David Chapman.
John Hinckley shot Reagan.|He only has two.
Yeah, but he only shot Reagan.|Reagan didn't die.
If Reagan had died,|I'm pretty sure...
...we probably would all know|what John Hinckley's middle name was.
Mr. Wilson's office.
It's her. The line's open.|Get a trace on it.
- Hot one! Line three trace.|- A cell trace.
This is my father's place.
This is where the music's playing.
I just thought of another one.
James Earl Ray.|The guy that got Luther King.
Then there's Sirhan Sirhan.|I haven't figured that out.
Maybe it's Sirhan Sirhan Sirhan.
Here we got the stables|and the house is over there.
I guess I should just follow my nose.
What's your middle name, Jerry?
What do you mean?
- Did you kill my father?|- No.
I don't know.
You don't know?
You were at the horse show|that day.
You never rode again after that.|I think maybe you blame yourself.
God, it's on the tip of my brain.
He died right here.
He... died right here.
Did he see you coming, Jerry?|Did he beg for his life?
You put a gun to his head|and you shot him!
He died in the dirt, like an animal!|You killed my father!
Answer me! I have to know!|Tell me, please.
Please tell me!
I went to the court|to kill your father.
I'm sorry.
I was programmed to do that.|The Ezekiel Walters hearing.
I had a gun...
...and I couldn't shoot him.|I couldn't do it because I saw you.
That was the first time I saw you.
That was the first time we met.
And, I knew that if I was to screw up...
...Jonas would send|someone else to do the job.
So I decided to watch him|and make him safe, make it safe.
He had to carry a gun.
I know.
He stuck it in my face the|first time I tried to introduce myself.
I had to...
I didn't kill him.
I didn't kill him.|We became friends.
He made good coffee.
He helped me remember|all of this stuff.
One of Jonas' guys... no!
When I got here,|he was already dying.
He was dying when I got here.
What does Jonas have to do|with Ezekiel Walters?
Ezekiel Carl Walters...
Ezekiel Walters is a Jonas fall guy!
He's the three name thing!|Ezekiel Carl Walters!
He was innocent,|innocent of everything.
Your father was going to reopen|the case because...
...he didn't accept the official story.
Because he believed me.
He believed me.
He believed that I couldn't do|what I was meant to do to him...
...and he was going to|blow it wide-open...
...before Jonas sent someone else.|He was going to...
When he was dying...
...he was still really worried|about you.
He took your picture out of his wallet.
He called you his baby.
I told him I'd keep you safe.
And I kept your picture,|and I've been watching you ever since.
I didn't kill him.
But I was late and...
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I believe you.
I believe you.
He made great coffee.
They traced my phone. Sorry.
Oh, my God!
I have to ask you one thing.
You switched the charts?
Now is not the time.
Now is all I got!|Did you switch them?
I knew it.
- Freeze!|- Get away from her!
- Get off me!|- Leave her alone!
Get off me!
Let go of me!
Get off her!
You embarrassed me, Jerry.
You made certain people|take notice of me who shouldn't have.
You all right?
You shouldn't watch, Jerry.
It's a moment without hope.
You've never seen her run.
This will put my words in your mouth.
Once this does its job, you'll swear|that you killed her yourself.
She's dead, you know.
Well, then you can't hurt me anymore.
I'll be the judge of that.
Come on in.|I'll get the lights.
Holy shit!
We need to talk.
When I was in here last night,|there were desks.
I'm going to call the management|right now. This is not good.
You guys, I'll meet you downstairs.|Go ahead.
Come on.
Who's the Deputy Director of the FBI?
You think we have time for 20 Questions?
Hold it right there.|Put your hands in the air.
What gave me away?
Nothing.|I just wanted to make sure.
Who are you guys?
If the intelligence world|was a family...
...think of us as the uncle|no one talks about.
We watch Jerry.
Jerry's the bait for Jonas.
Jonas has shown himself.|Why don't you take him?
Jonas builds assassins.
We need to know who and where|they are and who Jonas works for.
Jonas had my father killed, didn't he?
We think so.
- Do you know where Jerry is?|- No.
I wish I did. Honest.
What are you going to do?
I'm going to find him...
...because he'd find me.
- Let's work together on this.|- I don't think that's a good idea.
At least take a number|where you can call if you need me.
Hands in the air.
I'm sorry.
Everybody's sorry.
Son of a bitch!
{y:i}The President had left the area|{y:i}only moments earlier and is now...
{y:i}... safe in Germany.
{y:i}The quake in southern Turkey|{y:i}measured 7.3 on the Richter scale.
{y:i}Thousands are feared missing or dead.|{y:i}More on this story as it...
Can I help you?
I'm with the Justice Department.
I need to see any male patients|brought in... the last 12 hours.
Justice Department?|You got credentials or something?
Treasury Department.
But it'll do.|Come on, let's go.
{y:i}You're just too good to be true
That's better.
Yo, Marie!
Those two guys in today?
Transferred to|Mount Vernon immediately.
Jerry, can you hear me?
Can you hear me, Jerry?
{y:i}You're just too good to be true
Jerry, tell me where you are!
{y:i}I love you, baby
{y:i}And if it's quite all right
{y:i}I need you, baby
{y:i}Through all the lonely nights
Hi, Alice.
Hi, Jerry.
Alice, I'm sorry you're dead.
Jerry, tell me where you are.
Right here.
Where's "here", Jerry?
On the floor.
Behind a waffle or a...
The paint is peeling on the ceiling.
That rhymes.|Peeling on the ceiling.
Nice views, and I can...
I can see the smokestacks in the light.
Good views.
Where can you see|the smokestacks from?
That would be the power station.
You can see it from the north wing,|but that's been closed for two years.
Take me there, right now.
I'm coming to get you.
You can fit through there?
Around this corner.
Down the hall.
Just honk the horn.|I'll come out.
This is it.
- You have a key?|- I don't have a key.
Can you break it open?
$100 doesn't cover this.
I'll clean the place up.
No, wait!
Let's think about this!
This is as far as I go, lady.
Call the police and this man.|Tell them where I am.
I'll call for backup.
I'll call for backup.
{y:i}Call Roto-Rooter, that's the name
What'd you think this would do?
How would I know?|I'm tied up on the floor.
I don't know,|maybe I wanted some attention.
I was lonely.
Are you all right?
This is, like,|the best dream I ever had.
Could you untie me?
Yes, of course.|I'm sorry.
- North wing?|- Can I see some I.D.?
I.D. him, Flip.
- Through that door, but it's abandoned.|- No matter.
Oh, God! I'm sorry.
Can you walk?
I think so.
Kiss me.
For luck.
Kiss me and...
You're crazy.
I'm certifiable, I know...
...but kiss me once.|Kiss me, then we'll go.
Jerry, you continually surprise me.
I always seem to come between you|and the men in your life.
Somebody help me!
Help me!
Freeze!|Drop your weapon!
Don't shoot!
Get an ambulance here, now!
Is that this place?
No, not anymore.
It's love.
Love gives you wings.
And helps you fly|and we can fly away.
Yes, I do.
I do so.
I love you.
I do.
I love you too.
Now you tell me.
Somebody help me, please!
Somebody help me!
I'm right here.|I'm here with you.
It's going to be okay.
No, I want to go with him.|I want to stay with him!
Stop pulling on me.
Jerry, I'm right here!
Look at me!
I miss your face.
I'm back...
...if you'll have me, Johnny.
Is that a "yes"?
As long as they think you're dead,|she's safe.
I kept my end of the bargain.
What about yours?
I'll tell you all I remember.
I'll give you all the gravy on Jonas|and his operation and...
You're going to have to help me.|It's coming back, but slow.
You got it.
By the way,|my real name's Hatcher.
Pleased to meet you.
- Go easy on me.|- Sorry about that.
I guess nothing was|what it seemed?
Guess not.
Except her.
Son of a bitch!
Brought the paper for you.
- Thanks, Flip. It is Flip, isn't it?|- Yes, it's Flip.
Don't even think about it.
At least not for now.
{y:i}I need you, baby
{y:i}To warm the lonely nights
We got a future.
Subtitled by|GELULA & CO., INC.
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Childs Play 3
Chimes at Midnight
China Moon
China Strike Force 2000
Chineese Ghost Story A 3
Chinese Ghost Story
Chinese Odyssey A
Chinese Roulette
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Choose Me (1984)
Chori Chori 1956
Choristes Les
Choses Secretes
Christiane F
Christine CD1
Christine CD2
Christmas Carol A
Christmas Story A
Christmas Vacation (National Lampoons)
Chronicles of Riddick The - Dark Fury
Chunhyang 2000 CD1
Chunhyang 2000 CD2
Cider House Rules The
Cinderella 2000
Cinderella Story A
Citizen Kane
Citizen Ruth
City By The Sea
City Hall
City Heat
City Of God 2003 CD1
City Of God 2003 CD2
City Of The Living Dead 1980
City of Lost Children The CD1
City of Lost Children The CD2
City of No Limits The (Antonio Hernandez 2002)
City on fire 1987
Civil Brand 2003
Clan Des Siciliens Le - Henri Verneuil 1969
Clash of the Titans CD1
Clash of the Titans CD2
Class Trip 1998
Classic The (Korean) CD1
Classic The (Korean) CD2
Clearing The
Cleo De 5 Ó 7
Cleopatra 1963 CD1
Cleopatra 1963 CD2
Cleopatra 1963 CD3
Cleopatra 1999 CD1
Cleopatra 1999 CD2
Cliffhanger (Collectors Edition)
Cliffhanger CD1
Cliffhanger CD2
Clockers CD1
Clockers CD2
Clockwork Orange A
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (The Collectors Edition)
Closet The
Club Dread
Coast Guard 2002 CD1
Coast Guard 2002 CD2
Cobra Verde CD1
Cobra Verde CD2
Coca-Cola Kid The 1985
Cock - A Broken Leghorn (1959)
Cock - The Foghorn Leghorn (1948)
Cockleshell Heroes The
Cold Comfort Farm 1995
Cold Mountain 2003 CD1
Cold Mountain 2003 CD2
Cold Mountain CD1
Cold Mountain CD2
Cold Mountain CD3
Collateral 2004
Collateral Damage
Collector The
Colour Of The Truth
Coma (1978)
Comandante (Oliver Stone 2003)
Come And See CD1
Come And See CD2
Commitments The
Como Agua Para Chocolate
Company Man
Company Of Wolves The CD1
Company Of Wolves The CD2
Company The CD1
Company The CD2
Con Air
Conan The Barbabian (uncut)
Conan the Barbarian
Conan the Destroyer
Confessions of Sorority Girls
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
Connie and Carla
Conquest of the Planet of the Apes
Conspiracy Theory 1997
Control 2004
Conversation The CD1
Conversation The CD2
Cook The Thief His Wife And Her Lover The 1989
Cookies Fortune 1999
Cookout The
Cool Hand Luke 1967
Cool World
Cooler The
Cooley High
Cop Land
Corbeau Le
Corky Romano
Couch Trip The 1988
Counterfeit Traitor The 1962 CD1
Counterfeit Traitor The 1962 CD2
Countess Dracula (1970)
Country of my Skull
Cousin Bette
Cover Girl (Charles Vidor+1944)
Cowboy (Delmer Daves 1958)
Coyote - Dont Give Up the Sheep (1953)
Coyote - Fast and Furry-ous (1949)
Coyote Ugly
Craddle 2 The Grave
Cranes Are Flying The (1957)
Cravan vs Cravan
Crazy Beautiful
Crazy People 1990
Crazy in Alabama
Creature from the Black Lagoon
Crew The
Cries And Whispers (Bergman Ingmar)
Crime Scene Investigation 3x01 - Revenge Is Best Served Cold
Crime Scene Investigation 3x02 - The Accused Is Entitled
Crime Scene Investigation 3x03 - Let The Seller Beware
Crime Scene Investigation 3x04 - A Little Murder
Crime Scene Investigation 3x05 - Abra Cadaver
Crime Scene Investigation 3x06 - The Execution Of Catherine Willows
Crime Scene Investigation 3x07 - Fight Night
Crime Scene Investigation 3x08 - Snuff
Crime Scene Investigation 3x09 - Blood Lust
Crime Scene Investigation 3x10 - High And Low
Crime Scene Investigation 3x11 - Recipe For Murder
Crime of Padre Amaro The
Criminal Lovers (1999)
Crimson Pirate The
Crimson Rivers 2 - Angels Of The Apocalypse
Crimson Rivers 2 Angels of the Apocalypse
Crimson Tide
Criss Cross
Cristina Quer Casar
Critters 2 The Main Course 1988
Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles
Cronos 1993
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Crow The
Crow The - City Of Angels 1996
Cruel Intentions 3
Crumb (1994)
Cube2 Hypercube 2002
Cube Zero
Cure (Kiyoshi Kurosawa) CD1
Cure (Kiyoshi Kurosawa) CD2
Curse The
Custer of the west
Cut Runs Deep The 1998
Cutthroat Island (1995)