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Subtitles for Conversation The CD1.

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Conversation The CD1

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# Won't you come home, Bill Bailey? #
# Won't you come home? #
# I moan the whole night long #
# I'll do the cooking, honey, I'll pay the rent #
# I know I done him wrong #
# Yes, you did #
# Remember that rainy eve #
# She threw me out #
# With nothing but a fine-tooth comb #
# But I know she's to blame #
# Yeah, ain't it a shame #
# Oh, Bill Bailey, won't you please #
# Bill Bailey, won't you please come #
# Bill Bailey, won't you please come home? #
# When the red, red robin #
# Comes bob, bob, bobbin' along #
# Along #
# There'll be no more sobbin' #
# When he starts throbbin' #
# His own sweet song #
# Wake up #
# Wake up, you sleepyhead #
# Get up #
# Get up, get out of bed #
# Cheer up #
# Cheer up, the sun is red #
# Live, love #
# Laugh and be happy #
# What if I've been blue #
# Now I'm walkin' through fields of flowers #
# Rain may glisten #
# But still I listen #
# For hours and hours #
# I'm just a kid again #
# Doin' what I did again #
# Singin' my song #
# When the red, red robin #
# Goes bob, bob, bobbin' along #
# When the red, red robin #
# Goes bob, bob, bobbin' along #
# Along #
# There'll be no more sobbin' #
# When he starts throbbin' #
# His own sweet song #
# Wake up #
# Wake up, you sleepyhead #
# Get up #
# Get up, get out of bed #
# Cheer up #
# Cheer up, the sun is red #
# Live, love, laugh, and be happy... #
I want to go over to my place...
and start, you know, getting it on...
I was terrible.
Did you ever, uh... take ballet?
Be thankful.
Do you have a quarter for them?
Yes, I do.
# Bob, bob, bob, bob, bobbin' along #
# Wake up #
# Wake up, you sleepyhead #
# Da da da da da da #
Well, what about me?
You'll see.
A lot of fun you are.
You're supposed to tease me...
give me hints, make me guess, you know.
Oh, look. That's terrible.
He's not hurting anyone.
Neither are we.
Oh, God.
Every time I see one of those old guys...
I always think the same thing.
What do you think?
I always think...
that he was once somebody's baby boy.
Really, I do.
I think he was once somebody's baby boy...
and he had a mother and a father who loved him...
and now there he is...
half dead on a park bench...
and where are his mother or his father...
all his uncles now?
Anyway, that's what I always think.
How's he doing up there?
When they had the newspaper strike...
We're gettin' better than 40%.
How about second position?
It's not so good.
Uh-oh. What have we here?
Come on, babies, wet your lips there.
Give me some tongue.
Just a little tongue.
Come on.
How about a nice wet French kiss now?
Come on. A nice wet one.
Pay attention to your recordings.
She's coming in loud and clear.
Look, Mark. Do you see him?
The man with the hearing aid like Charles.
There with the shopping bag.
Well, that's it for Paul.
They spotted him.
Give me the phones.
He's been following us all around.
It's nothing. Don't worry about it.
We're spending too much time together here.
No. Let's stay just a little longer.
I got burned, Harry.
She looked at me.
I know. We heard.
Oh, did we hear.
What do you think?
I got some good pieces, maybe 25%.
Paul, I'll call you in a couple days...
if I need you.
Paul, you going to the convention tomorrow?
You bet.
Hey, how about you, Harry?
Yeah. Maybe.
Little party like we did two years ago?
Hey, Stan?
See you, Harry.
He's a nice guy for a cop.
You go.
I'll stay here a while.
Who's interested in these two anyway?
I don't know for sure.
The Justice Department?
I figure it must be the Infernal Revenue.
Their tapes always put me to sleep.
Since when are you here to be entertained?
Sometimes it's nice to know what they're talking about.
I don't care what they're talking about.
All I want is a nice, fat recording.
Hello, Mr Caul.
And happy birthday.
Happy birthday, Harry.
Happy birthday.
Hello, uh, Mrs Evangelista?
Uh, yes.
This is Harry Caul from upstairs.
Uh, uh...
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Yes, well, you're really very nice.
Uh, but...
I know, uh...
Yes, I found it. Yes.
But what I wanted to talk to you about was, uh...
How did you put it in the apartment?
Well, what about the alarm?
Oh, you did?
I thought I had the only key.
Well, what emergency could possibly...
All right.
Well, see, I would be perfectly happy...
to have all my personal things...
burned up in a fire...
because I don't have anything personal.
Nothing of value.
Nothing personal except my keys...
which I would like to have the only copy of...
Mrs Evangelista.
Mrs Evangelista...
how'd you know it was my birthday?
Nah. I don't remember telling you.
Would you like to take a guess how old I am?
44. Well, that's a very good guess.
Mrs Evangelista...
as of today, my mail will go to a post office box...
with a combination on it and no keys.
Morning, Harry.
There's an article in here...
about the convention.
It mentions your name.
You're one of the notables...
who's going tomorrow night.
I told them I'd be there.
Listen to this here.
"Among those pre-eminent in the field...
expected to attend...
are Hal Lipset and Harry Caul...
from San Francisco.
Kenneth Sperry will speak...
on Surveillance and The Law.
Wait a minute.
Listen to this. Where the hell is it?
"Also attending will be William P. Moran...
of Detroit, Michigan."
Since when did William P. Moran of Detroit, Michigan...
become pre-eminent in the field?
Oh, he's very big there.
You want some coffee?
He's the guy that told Chrysler...
that Cadillac was getting rid of its fins.
It was a while ago...
but it was a big thing at the time.
December 2nd, 1 p.m.
Shopping bag...
unit "A".
December 2nd, 1 p.m.
Parabolic, unit "B".
December 2nd, 1 p.m.
City of Paris, unit "C".
# Wake up #
# Wake up, you sleepyhead #
# Da da da da da da #
What do you think?
I don't know what I'm going to get him for Christmas yet.
He's already got everything.
He doesn't need anything any more.
I haven't decided what I'm going...
to get you yet.
...get him for Christmas yet.
He's already got everything.
He doesn't need anything any more.
Well, I haven't decided what I'm going to get you yet.
Well, you better start looking.
Well, what about me?
You'll see.
Whoo! A lot of fun you are.
You're supposed to tease me...
give me hints...
make me guess, you know.
Does it bother you?
Walking around in circles.
Oh, look. That's terrible.
He's not hurting anyone.
Neither are we.
Oh, God.
Every time I see one of those old guys, I...
Every time I see one of those old guys...
I always think the same thing.
What do you think?
I always think he was once somebody's baby boy.
No, really, I do.
I think he was once somebody's baby boy...
and he had a mother and a father...
who loved him...
and now there he is...
half dead on a park bench...
and where are his mother or his father...
all his uncles now?
Anyway, that's what I always think.
I always think how, when they had the newspaper strike...
more of those old guys died.
50 of them froze to death in one night.
Good afternoon.
May I help you?
Yes. Extension 746, please.
One moment, please.
Director's office.
Uh, yes, this is Mr Caul.
I have the material.
I'm calling for an appointment.
I'm sorry.
The director has already left for the day.
We'll call you back tomorrow morning.
May I have your telephone number, please?
I'm at a payphone...
and I don't have a home telephone.
Hold on one moment, please.
Mr Caul?
2:30 tomorrow afternoon.
2:30 in the afternoon?
Is that payment in full?
Whatever was arranged.
Thank you very much.
I'll be there.
Hello, Amy.
I didn't think you were coming.
I brought some wine, um...
someone gave me as a birthday present.
I didn't know it was your birthday.
You want some?
I do.
How old are you, Harry?
Does something special happen between us...
on your birthday?
Like what?
Something personal.
Like, uh, telling me about yourself...
your secrets.
I don't have any secrets.
I'm your secret.
You do have secrets, Harry.
I know you do.
Sometimes you come over here...
and you don't tell me.
Once I saw you up by the staircase...
for a whole hour.
You think you're going to catch me at something.
You know?
I know. A woman can always tell.
You have a certain way of opening the door.
First the key goes in real quiet...
and then the door comes open real fast...
like you think you'll catch me at something.
Sometimes I even think you're listening to me...
when I'm talking on the telephone.
What are you talking about?
I don't know.
I just feel it.
Really, I do.
# Wake up #
# Wake up, you sleepyhead #
# Get up #
# Get up, get out... #
Why are you singing that?
It's pretty.
What's the matter?
It's just that, uh...
somebody else was singing that today.
A girl?
Who is she?
No. No. If isn't...
I'm jealous.
Just somebody at work...
and she, uh...
She reminded me of you.
Where do you work, Harry?
Oh, different places, different...
jobs, you know?
I'm kind of, uh, a musician, you see.
Freelance musician and, uh...
Where do you live?
Why can't I call you over there?
'Cause I don't have a telephone.
Do you live alone?
Why are you asking me all these questions?
'Cause it's your birthday.
I don't want people asking me a lot of questions.
I want to know you.
Yes, I live alone.
I don't feel like answering any more questions.
Your rent is due.
Here's the money for it.
You never used to ask a lot of questions.
Harry, I was so happy when you came over tonight.
When I heard you open the door...
my toes were dancing under the covers.
But I don't think I'm going to wait for you any more.
I have a package for the director.
All right. I'll take it.
No. I'm supposed to hand it to him personally.
I have an appointment.
Are you Mr Caul?
Yes, I am.
A Mr Caul is here. All right.
Make yourself comfortable.
The director's assistant will be right down.
There are some nice Christmas cookies I made. Want one?
They're good.
No, thanks. I...
What do you see?
Oh, not much.
Here's your money.. $ 15.000 cash, as you asked.
These are our tapes?
I had an arrangement with the director.
I was to give those to him personally.
I understand. He's not here this afternoon.
He's out of the country.
He asked me to get the tapes and give you the money.
I guess I can just wait on this.
Now, look, don't get involved in this, Mr Caul.
These tapes are dangerous.
You heard them. You know what I mean.
Someone may get hurt.
Mr Caul, be careful.
Well, what about me?
You'll see.
Whoo! A lot of fun you are.
# When the red, red robin #
# Goes bob, bob, bobbin' along #
# Along #
Who started this conversation anyhow?
You did.
I did not.
Yes, you did. You just don't remember it.
Pretend like I just told you a joke.
Ha ha ha ha.
Does it bother you?
Walking around in circles.
Oh, look. That's terrible.
He's not hurting anyone.
Neither are we.
Oh, God.
Every time I see one of those old guys...
I always think the same thing.
What do you think?
Yeah, what do you think?
I always think that he was once some--
Hey, Harry, what do you say we take a break?
We'll go to AI's Transbay. I'll buy you a beer.
No. I want to finish this.
I thought you turned those tapes in.
Stan, be quiet, will you?
Do you think we can do this?
I'm tired of drinking anyhow.
What a stupid conversation.
Stan, please. I'm trying to work.
I'm tired of mostly everything.
Tired of me?
Tired of you... but not today.
What the hell they talking about, for Christ's sakes?
Stanley, please, I'm trying to get this done.
All right. Don't get excited.
Well, I'm getting fed up.
About what?
About your asking me questions all day long.
Don't say that.
Well, for Christ's sakes!
Stan, don't say that again, please.
Don't use that word in vain.
It bothers me.
What's the matter, Harry?
Your work's getting sloppy.
Later in the week, Sunday maybe.
Sunday definitely.
We'd have a much better track...
if you'd paid more attention to the recording...
and less to what they were talking about.
Why do questions about what's going on bother you?
I can't explain the personal problems of my clients.
Jack Tar Hotel.
Room 773.
If you filled me in once in a while...
Ever think of that?
It has nothing to do with either of us.
It's curiosity, goddam human nature.
Listen, if there's one sure-fire rule...
I've learned in this business is...
I don't know anything about human nature or curiosity.
That's not part of what I do.
This is my business, and when I'm...
I'll see you later.
I think he's been recording my telephone.
I love you.
We're spending too much time together here.
No. Let's stay just a little longer.
I think he's been recording my telephone.
He'd kill us if he got the chance.
He'd kill us if he got the chance.
Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.
It's been three months since my last confession.
These are my sins.
I've taken the Lord's name in vain...
on several occasions.
On a number of occasions, I've taken newspapers from the racks...
without paying for them.
have deliberately taken pleasure in impure thoughts...
I've been involved in some work...
that I think will be used...
to hurt these two young people.
It's happened to me before.
People were hurt because of my... my work.
I'm... I'm afraid it could happen again...
and I... I was in no way responsible.
I'm not responsible.
For these and all the sins of my past life...
I am heartily sorry.
Hi. Can I help you?
You could explain your system to me.
Mr Caul, I'm Jim Storey.
How do you do?
Come in and take a look at the system.
This is for the surveillance...
of telephone communication systems.
I see.
Now available.
Here's the new LT 500.
If you're in surveillance, you belong into the LT 500.
You can hear...
and know exactly which door has been violated.
And you got your local alarms on the doors...
which I'm sure you've heard.
It's quite noisy.
It has a Super 8mm camera in here...
and the dot, the 10:00 dot...
will show exactly what the camera sees on the back.
It's a magazine-loaded camera.
Super 8mm...
William P. Moran.
William P. Moran of Detroit, Michigan.
House courtesy telephone, please.
That's your automatic recorder actuator.
It undetectably starts the recorder...
when the phone is lifted...
and shuts it off when the receiver is put back.
It's real nice, you know.
It's not your old-fashioned voice actuator...
you know, always starting the recorder...
when nobody was talking...
or shutting it off in the middle...
of an important conversation.
Is it like the Moran actuator?
The Moran E-27 is a copy.
I won't let him even smell my equipment any more.
You in surveillance?
Law enforcement or private operator?
You mind if I take your name and address...
for our mailing list?
Harry Cau... Harry Caul?
I didn't recognize you.
Say, I wonder, would you take a Model 510-A?
Free of charge. Just to test it.
You know, say, in return for...
that we could print in our flier that you use it.
I build all my own equipment. Thank you.
Maybe we could take a picture of you by our booth.
It would be a great honour for Spectre.
This is not helping crime.
It's helping justice...
That may be affixed to the subject's automobile--
and will transmit a pulsating tone signal--
which is highly detectable.
Harry, good to see you.
Beautiful suit.
You like it? It's French.
Let's go get a drink and talk.
Requiring no knowledge or skill in electronics.
Come on. It's a bore.
The TA-30 may be installed and concealed...
under the dash in a matter of seconds.
Hey, come on. There's somebody I want you to meet...
a competitor of yours.
Hey, Bernie, old buddy.
Yeah, Paulie, what's up?
This is Harry Caul. William P. Moran.
Harry Caul, my pleasure.
My friends call me Bernie.
I heard a lot about you.
Bernie just moved in from Detroit.
He's the fella that let Chrysler know...
Cadillac was discontinuing its fins.
I heard.
You're a tough man to get ahold of.
I've been wanting to talk to you for a long time.
Take five. We'll get a drink.
Maybe in a couple minutes.
Honey, sweetheart, show time, all right?
I'd appreciate if you stuck around for the demonstration.
Um, ladies and gentlemen.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Ladies and gentlemen, what we have here...
is the Moran S-15 harmonica tap.
This electronic marvel can be installed...
in a matter of two minutes.
Notice here it has its own nickel cadmium power source...
so it cannot be detected on the line.
Once installed, it can be phoned...
from any telephone in the world...
Singapore, Karachi, even Moscow.
I say Moscow 'cause you look Russian, sir...
with the beard.
Just dial the target's phone number...
pause before the last digit...
blow the harmonica tone into the phone...
press the last digit.
The phone will not ring in the target's house.
Instead, the receiver...
will be turned into an actual room microphone...
thus enabling surveillance to take place.
And now, by way of an actual demonstration...
we've installed one of these units in my very own home.
I will now dial that number.
Thank you.
I pause before the last digit.
I dial the last digit.
You will note the phone does not ring.
Can we get away?
I don't know. Maybe I can.
Where's your husband?
He's out at a convention.
When will he be back?
Not until late.
April Fool. Just a little joke, folks.
That shows you the possibilities...
Larry Peterson Burns. Telephone call.
Thank you. The demonstration is concluded.
I'd like you to take some literature on your way.
What did you think of that? You like it?
That's a good item.
Good for the catalogue suckers, huh?
Here you go, Harry. Have a free pen.
You, too, Paulie.
I'd rather have a free drink.
Hey, me, too.
Stanley, do me a favour, huh?
Mind the booth, all right?
That's what I pay you for.
Just a couple of minutes to get a drink.
Hi, Harry.
Hi, Stan.
That's right.
You two used to work together, huh?
That son of a bitch stole my latest idea.
A lot of nice ladies are here tonight.
Forget it. She's a part-time nun.
Hey, Harry, where you going?
Go on without me.
I'm going to talk to Stan.
We'll meet you at the chrome-dome exhibit.
Don't be long, Harry.
Since when are you working for Moran, Stanley?
Since yesterday.
Listen, that wasn't serious.
That was just a stupid argument.
That wasn't it, Harry.
It's just time I moved up.
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Cube Zero
Cure (Kiyoshi Kurosawa) CD1
Cure (Kiyoshi Kurosawa) CD2
Curse The
Custer of the west
Cut Runs Deep The 1998
Cutthroat Island (1995)