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Subtitles for Cookies Fortune 1999.

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Cookies Fortune 1999

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I deliver perfection...|and don't brag about it! :D
I oughta be bottom fishing tonight,|Billy. It's blowing... PRIVATE
I don't understand it, Lester...|Fish be movin'.
How can a man spend so much time|and money outsmarting a fish?
Cause it's fun.|- My old buddy Lou, he buys a boat...
One of them big purple ones, you know?|- Two hours, you'd be dead as a dog.
Thank you, Wanda. - He put|on a football helmet not goggles.
No life jacket, looks like a bullfrog|the morning after.
Says he's going fishing.
Here's to Good Friday.|- Good and getting better.
I always thought that fishing|was for prissies.
Tell a bear.|You ever see a bear fish?
Damn thing. Damn!
Hey, Willis! You back for more?
No. I need a big drink of water|before I head out.
Yeah, that's perfect.|- All right.
All right, I'm gone again.|- All right, check you later.
A fish knows what's in your pocket?|- What's the IQ of a fish?
Rejoice not, oh land of Palestine...
The rod of him|who smote thee is broken.
The seed of the serpent|shall come a basilisk...
Patrick, this is not Carnegie Hall.|It's a church that seats 250.
Could you try a little more|intimate for me?
Intimate?|- Bring it down.
I know, she means like Shakespeare.|- Rejoice not, oh land of Palestine.
The rod who smote thee is broken.|- Jason!
You better worry about your own lines.
The two of you seem to forget|this is ancient Galilee.
Patrick, you're playing a character|of 200% moral structure.
A man with no pretence,|no facade, no tricks.
Maybe it's the words...
More blood around the neck.|Be generous with it.
"Smote" means hit.
"Basilisk" is a monster|with fatal breath.
Okay, Patrick.
Emma? You in there?
Okay, everybody!
Let's pick it up with the soldiers|gathered around the cistern.
Just before Salome's entrance, all right?
Patrick, stay down. I don't want to see|your head over the rim. Never.
Now, Cora, are you ready?
All right.
Look, the princess Salome!|- Okay, remember to cross as you leave.
She's leaving the table!|Coming towards us!
I wanna see your face in|the audience. All right?
She's coming toward us!
Don't look at her! It's bad luck|to look at the princess.
Why does King Herod look at me|with mole eyes?
Jason, you'll step on her costume.|- My stepfather shouldn't look that way.
Princess, you have left the feast.|- How sweet the air is here.
I can breathe here, away from the|barbarians who drink and spill wine.
How I loathe the Romans, Greeks,|Egyptians and Jews.
Not a whole lot has changed since|those days, huh?
Princess, do not stay.|I beg of thee, go back to the Palace.
You must not look at her.|It's dangerous to thyself and myself.
John, it is thy mouth I desire.
Hold it! Hold it!
Everybody just hold it!|What were we working on?
Your transition from despair to relief?|- When I say the moon is a virgin?
No. I think it should come here.|Right away.
What does she expect? Casting|her half-wit sister as Salome...
Come on, I want you to be organic.|Realise the moment, all right?
Okay, I'm sorry.|- The air, the air.
Willis, goddamnit! You scared me.
What the hell you doing?|Playing Easter bunny? Hiding eggs?
I promised to clean|those guns tonight.
Yeah, I know.
It's almost 1 a.m., so it's not tonight|any more. It's tomorrow.
So you lied!
Cookie: 846. Willis: 712.
Where've you been?
I had to go over to Manny's to help.|- Bullshit, Willis.
You've been to Theo's.|I can smell it over here.
Cookie: 847.
I'm gonna make you some coffee.|- No, go back to bed, Cookie.
I can do this real quiet.
Forget it, I can't sleep anyway.
I've been staring at the ceiling|for three hours.
Listen, Willis.|Go on out back to bed.
Those guns can wait till tomorrow.
No. I'm gonna clean them tonight.
What's this? Notes?|This time of night?
This is the pits. I only wanted to|suck up to Emma's mom and aunt.
And then she left town. Women.|John the Baptist had the right idea.
Beware when the moon becomes blood|and the stars fall like unripe figs!
Sleep well.|- Night, Ms Dixon. See you tomorrow.
Tell me about motivation again.
I am so tired I can't talk.|- Oh, okay.
Eighteen down. Author of "The Lottery".
Starts with a...|- Shirley Jackson.
Greek sun god, six letters.
Last one is an "S".|- Helios.
H-E-L-I-O-S... God of the Sun.
He had a big old palace up on the hill...
...and every night|when the sun went down...
...he rode up to it in a golden boat...
...with golden wings.
Golden boat... golden wings...|- Cookie.
Why do you keep all these guns?
Those guns were Buck's, Willis.|I'll never get rid of anything of Buck's.
That one came with him|all the way from Texas.
With that rifle there. 1929.
When Buck rolled into Holly Springs,|that's all he had.
I thought he got this off that gambler|"One-eyed" Jackson.
Buck got that Peacemaker off Jackson.
Buck said that Peacemaker's|no damn good.
It's all bend and crooked.|It wouldn't shoot straight.
Story goes Jackson's wife tried|to shoot herself with it.
Held it out front of her face, closed|her eyes, squeezed the trigger...
...and missed her head altogether.
Where is Jackson now? He still alive?|- Oh, no...
He passed away two years after Buck.|- Yeah, I remember that all right.
I went to Detroit and you had to|drive yourself to the funeral.
You wrecked my Chrysler.
Willis 713.
Now, you can't count that again.
You already counted it once!|- I count it again.
I've gotta fix this thing. Tomorrow.|- Tomorrow.
Okay, goodnight, Cookie.|- Have a good 'n.
Damn you, old door.
If Buck were here,|he'd fix you in no time.
Oh, goddamn you, Buck.
I miss you so much.
My God, you're all Peacemakers,|aren't you?
A golden boat...
...with golden wings...
Finders keepers, losers weepers.
Willis will never find this one.
Now let me see,|where else will I hide 'em?
Oh yeah, let me see.
Shit. I'm gonna shoot that bunny|if it eats those flowers.
Did you lock the door?
I swear, if it wasn't for me,|you'd never get out the front door.
I'm sorry. I'm so dumb|when it comes to time.
I don't mean time, Cora.|I mean locking the door.
Here, Marlene, come take this.
Good morning.
Cora, where are you going?|- In here.
I hate to keep people waiting.
That little bugger!
Jesus, Manny, you scared me!|- Morning, Emma. Here's some coffee.
Is that what you sleep in?
Must get awful hot in all those clothes.
Hey, Cookie!
Hey, Cookie.
Oh, Willis.
That Freeman boy next door|borrowed the blue croquet ball.
Bet he thought it was a bigger egg.
Look here, Cookie. Tomorrow's Easter.
Have you talked to Camille?|- No.
I thought you'd call Camille and Cora.
No! They're not my family any more.
Have you heard from Emma?
No! She was supposed to be back now.
I hope she didn't break down|on the road. - She's back.
Is she?|- Yeah.
Her van's parked out|at Manny's catfish shed.
Now, Cookie. I'm gonna|have to talk to her.
You be gentle with Emma.|She's a good girl.
Look here, Cookie.
I could make catfish enchiladas|tomorrow.
Now, what you think?
Willis, that hi-fi in the den.
You have to jiggle the knob|to get it to play right.
I'm fixing to run some errands.|You want anything?
Under my bed are Buck's watches...
...and his old piccolo.
You want me to get them for you?
All right...
All right, I'm going now.
Nadine's cherry pie is better than|Dolores, but I'm not gonna tell her.
Well it is.
Now that was an impressive illegal turn.
Hey, guys! Can I go off duty|this afternoon?
Ms Dixon wants me to fit my costume.|- Ask the boss.
Go on.|- Thanks, Billy.
Flash? You heard Emma Duvall's|back in town?
I hadn't heard that.
Marlene, we need to fix this rip.|This is much too long, isn't it Jack?
Sure is. Make it short.|Give 'em some leg for their money.
It's a free play, Jack. Remember?|- Nothing in life is free, Camille.
Everything has a price.|Any lawyer'll tell you that.
The seed of the serpent... Rejoice not,|Palestine because the rod...
The rod of him|who smote thee is broken!
Hey, neighbor!|- Yeah, what does "smote" mean?
I forgot.
What can I get you?
Gimme half a pint of bourbon.|Make it Wild Turkey.
Daddy, look!|- Here you go, Willis.
Shall I put it on thy account?
No, it's cash on this one.|What you got there?
Emma... Willis...
And... love...
Hey, Josie, baby!|- Willis! What's going on?
How you doing?|- Ain't nothing but a party.
Wanna drink?|- No. Never before Tom Brokaw.
Lord knows.|- You looking good as ever.
Thank you, sugar.|- Yes sir.
Hey, there. Theo! How you doing?
What's going on, Willis?
All right.|- How you been?
I lost my pocket knife last night.|I might have dropped it...
You're back mighty early.|...when I came back to get some water.
I felt in my pocket and|must have dropped it.
If you find it, hold onto it.|- I'll do that for you.
I'll see you.|- Okay.
Hey, Josie?
Willis is even again.
Need some fish?|- I catch my own fish.
I'm looking for Emma.|She around here?
She's working.
That girl is something.|I'm glad she is back.
Damn you, Willis! You scared|the holy piss out of me!
Hey, Emma Duvall's back in town.
She is back and can't get her feet wet|before people snoop around checking up.
I'm not checking up on you.|Just happened by.
I'd love to chat but have lots of|deliveries.
And 30 pounds to clean before dark.
Listen Emma. I'm worried about Cookie.
Why? What's wrong with her?|- She's old.
She's old and needs you.|- Me?
No one needs me.|I'm a worthless tramp, remember?
Come on, Emma. Don't say that.|- Why not? Mother did.
No, she didn't. Your Aunt Camille did.|- Same difference.
What about Cookie?|She's been old for a long time.
Exactly. That's why I worry.|She's got no family... look after her when|she can't get upstairs anymore.
Believe me, that day is near, you know.
I know. But she's got you.|- Yeah, well...
I'm not exactly family, you know.|- Yes, you are... Aunt Cookie.|You're always family to us.
I'm working on the caboose.|It's coming out real nice.
What's he mean, caboose?|- My new house.
Come on! You can't live in no caboose!|- I can't?
No, you can't. It ain't safe.|- Willis, you worry too much, relax!
Listen to me, Emma. You can't do this.|You got family here.
Come over to Cookie's and|stay for a while.
She got room and she'd like it. A lot.
Willis, maybe later.
All right. Do me a favour.|Drop me off at the square.
Manny'll look after me and|has plenty of furniture.
Yeah, I've seen the bed.
You smell like fish.|- Yeah, you smell like "Turkey".
How long you slept in the van?|It ain't safe.
I know, I found that out in Biloxi.
That's why you came back?|- Yep. You take that for me?
What happens down there?
You tried going home yet?|- Yeah, I tried.
It lasted an hour before Aunt Camille|kicked me out for good.
Camille? What about your mother?|What she's say?
What d'you think she said?
Emma, is that you?
You and Manny have to get|my catfish over earlier.
I know, Camille.|You're always right.
Hey, Jason. That's my hat!|- Jason. Where you been?
Your stuff is on the rack.|Go put it on.
This is a real pretty.|- It's shiny too.
It's really nicely done.|- Ms Duvall?
I heard Emma is back in town.|- Oh yes, she is. She just got back...
Jason, just because you're a cop, you|can't make us wait and ask questions.
Hurry up and get dressed.
I already got one.
Oh, Buck... I love you...
All I'm saying is this.
Cookie been talking weird shit lately.|She doesn't make sense.
I think she's starting to lose it.
I'm not asking anything big, Emma.|Just do one thing.
What's that?|- Have Easter dinner with us.
Come on, just|tomorrow afternoon, please?
For Cookie. She misses you.
You're the only person|means anything to her.
We're having catfish enchiladas.
All right. I'll come.
Hot dog! Come about noon, okay?
Cookie gonna be in heaven!|She'll be in heaven.
I got your heaven, Willis!
Here I come, Buck.
I'm gonna be in a golden boat|with golden wings.
Thou rejectest me,|speak evil words against me...
Cora, I left that speech 'cos I thought|you'd do justice to it. I'm not sure now.
Get more vitality in|your voice, sexuality.
As to a harlot...|- Wait right here. I'll be back.
No, no. I'll be back.|Won't be a second.
As to a harlot, a wanton woman...|to me, Salome, why I still live...
Jewel Mae? Jewel Mae?
Jewel Mae, I've been calling all day.|Why don't you answer the phone?
I know you're here!
If you pick up the phone|like a normal person.
I need Mother's fruit salad bowl!
Why does she have to act this way?
It need Mother's bowl for Easter dinner|with the Tippetts and Hendersons.
I need the fruit-salad bowl.
You want to act like a child?|Fine. I'll find it myself.
Disgraceful! Disgusting!
If I ever...
Jewel Mae?
Well, okay, whatever.
I'm taking Mother's fruit salad bowl!
Jewel Mae?
Jewel Mae?
Are you up here?
Thy voice scattered strange perfumes|and I heard strange music.
Wherefore didst thou,|now look at me, Jo...
Camille... Jokana...
Darn it.
Dear Willis, Buck needs me.|And I need him.
By the time you read this,|I'll be with him.
Now don't be sad, Willis,|and tell Emma not to be sad...
...because I'm happy.
By the way, the final score|is Cookie: 849...
Willis: 712. Catch you later, Cookie.
Camille!|You broke the fruit salad bowl!
Darn! How can we have fruit salad now?
What are you going to do?|- I'm gonna call the police!
You can't do that.|You can't call anybody yet.
Look at what you've done. I'm bleeding!
Cora, sit down!
This is awful.|We have to do something!
Quiet, Cora.|You'll wake the neighbors!
But Aunt Jewel shot herself!|- We don't know that.
What do you mean?|- All we know is she was shot.
But the gun was in her hand.
Don't always go for the obvious!
What are you eating?|- Nothing.
You just listen to me, alright?
Aunt Jewel didn't commit suicide.
No one in the family does.|It's a disgrace.
Only crazy people commit suicide.
Any murderer trying to make|it look that way...
...ain't going to get away with it.
You just forget you saw|the gun in her hand.
It was not there. Aunt Jewel|didn't commit suicide.
Now Cora. Look at me. Alright.
Aunt Jewel didn't commit suicide.
Aunt Jewel didn't commit suicide.
Suicide...| a disgrace.
Only crazy people...
Manny, what's going on?
I'm getting you some light.|Can't have you undressing in the dark.
Hey there, Nel.|- Hey, Willis.
I heard Cookie is had the flu. That true?|- It's true. She's alright though.
I can't believe this.
I just can't believe it!
Of all the selfish, disgraceful, disgusting...
I'll get all of this out of here|once and for all.
You was given everything|and look which you did with it?
I'll tell you one thing.|You're lucky I'm here.
Lucky for you I can think so fast|on my feet.
Let go!
How dare you do this to me,|crazy old lady!
Now, how's he get out?|- Who?
I think he would come in the back door.
Then he comes over here...|from there...
Cora. Now.
Tell me what happened.
Pretend I'm the law.
Miss Duvall, what happened?|- Some murderer killed Aunt Jewel.
Good girl. Now we got to|call the police. You call them.
But he's not fishing,|he's just buzzing around the lake.
Yes, but you still...
You have 1500 pounds of boat,|200 pounds of motor...
...six fishing poles, 40 pounds of lead.
Holly Springs Sheriff's Office,|Wanda speaking.
Just a minute. You said 411 Van Buren?
Yes ma'am. My Aunt Jewel, she's dead.
She's been murdered.|Upstairs in the bedroom...
She's white like lilies of the field|the mower never mowed.
There's blood everywhere.|Red as coral the fishermen found.
Hold on a minute.
Fancy seeing you here in Holly Springs.|- What are you wearing that for?
My uniform? I'm an officer of|the sheriff's department now.
The sheriff's department. You're a cop?|- Sure am.
Congratulations. I'm a criminal|and you're the law. Our timing sucks.
I didn't take off in the night|without a phone call.
You expect me to stare at the horizon|waiting for you to come back?
What happened to your face?|- I fell.
Jason, you there? It's Wanda.
We got a 247.|Subject is possibly 10-7.
Stand by for location.
Hey, Cookie...
I came in and saw glass all over|the floor, and the gun case...
I knew something was wrong.|I called out for her. She didn't answer.
I ran up to her bedroom and found her.
Mrs Duvall, were you with your sister|when she discovered Cookie's body?
Jewel Mae, officer.|Her name was Jewel Mae Orcutt.
Cookie? What's going on here?
My sister heard a scream, came running.|I mean she's here. Someone shot her.
She's dead, officer, she's dead.
Whoever it was, maybe|they broke in the door...
...and smashed the gun case,|got a gun to rob her.
Aunt Jewel had lots|of valuable jewellery.
She had a diamond and ruby necklace|worth a fortune.
At least two or three hours.
Jason, put that damn thing away.
Wanda says there's been a murder.
Go and find Lester. Don't do anything|he don't tell you to do.
Where's Lester? Who are you?|- Who are you? Batesville forensics.
I'm supposed to report to Lester Boyle.|- He's upstairs.
Hey, Jason.
Lester! I'm here!
Jesus! Watch. Back out!
You come in.
That's evidence. Be careful|what you're doing, okay?
Jesus! What happened?
Ms Orcutt, shot in the head.|Died at once.
Those are brains?
Don't know. We haven't found a weapon.|Looks like robbery.
This is bad.
Who's gonna tell Emma?
Do we know who did it?|- You smell fish in here?
How's it going, Eddie?|- No shortage of prints here.
Got a nice set off the kitchen window.|Maybe the point of entry.
I'm going back to check for footprints.
You stay here, don't move.|Don't say a word to anybody.
Officer Cox...
I think this is how the robber|left the house.
Ms Dixon, please don't come out here.
Ms Dixon!
You can't be out here.
You're stepping all over the evidence.
Oh, footprints!
Ms Dixon, this is a crime scene.|I know you're in shock, I understand.
I just bet he crossed that fence there...|hid in those bushes here and then...
What's wrong? What is it?|- Look.
You specialise in being in the way?
I'm sorry, Ms Duvall.
This is awful.
I just saw Emma a while ago.
She'll be freaked about this.
She really cared about that old lady.
Who's gonna tell Emma?
Ms Duvall?
Willis?|I sure I'm sorry about this.
I can't believe it.|Cookie's dead. Shot.
It's a tough one.
Were you around here most of today?
Except when I had to run some errands|and buy groceries.
What time was that?
I don't know. 1:30 maybe.
Anybody go with you?|- No.
Well, I was with Emma for while.
Willis, I'm sorry to ask.
Would you mind coming to the station?|Don't worry. It's routine.
We need all the clues we can get.
Since you live here|I could use some help.
Let me put your groceries away.
You got your shirt all wet, Willis.
Willis! What you doing?
What're you going up there for?
What's going on? What did you do?
What happened to your shirt?|What's wrong?
It's Cookie.|- What about her?
She's dead.|- Aunt Cookie? What you mean?
It's worse. She was shot.|- Shot?
What do you mean shot?|- I don't know. They found her.
She was shot at the house.
Somebody shot her at the house.
Oh, God!
Look, what more can I say?
His prints are the only ones|on the gun beside the victims.
They're all over the gun case,|the back door and window.
I think that's easy to explain.
There may be not enough evidence|to substantiate guilt, Lester...
...but we ought to hold him|on suspicion...
...until we establish the time of death|and get some alibis.
He cared for that old woman.
Do you clean up and move things|round at you house in Batesville?
It's more complicated than that, Lester.|- You still live with your momma?
He's innocent.
You can trust me on that.
What makes you so sure, Lester?|- Because...
...I fished with him.
Yes, sir?
I got good news and bad news.
The good news is|Lester is right 9 times out of 10.
The bad news is we must detain you on|suspicion of murdering Jewel Orcutt.
Come on. You've got this all wrong.
I was coming from the supermarket,|I had nothing to do with the death.
I know it's a mess, but you know...
...we'll get everyone in here all|at the one time and square it away.
But Cookie and I planned|our Easter dinner tomorrow.
Look at this mess.
You think the police would take their|stupid crime tape away when they left.
Jason, put it away. You scared us!
Ms Dixon, what are you doing here?
We're going into our house.|And you?
Deputy Cox told me to stay|and make sure no one came in.
I can't let you in right now.
Go home and study your lines.|We'll take it from here.
Would you open the door?
Goodnight, Jason. Thank you.
Jason to Wanda.|- Go ahead, Jason.
I got a B and E over here... the crime house.
I'm a 10-23 requesting 10-34.
10-23 for 10-34.
I got two 10-82s J-I...
Possible 10-30...
Could you just ask Billy|to come here, please?
I knew this'd happen. You should have|left someone there beside that kid.
Slow down, Eddie. We're not|talking about Jack the Ripper.
Really?|- It's just a couple of women.
The integrity of the crime scene|has been compromised.
A smart-assed lawyer would have a|field day with me at the witness stand.
Ms Dixon. What the hell is this?
It's your stupid crime tape.|Right Camille?
Miss Dixon. I told you before...
...and I'm telling you again.
This house is off limits.|Nobody can stay in here.
You know this house is ours.|Cora and I are Aunt Jewel's nieces.
We are her only relatives.|- Well, except Emma.
Oh yes, Emma Duvall, Cora's daughter.|- We all know Emma.
Miss Dixon, for the time being...
...this house is owned by nobody.
And you might be destroying|crucial evidence.
We're holding a man down|the station for questioning.
You're holding somebody?
We're holding Mr Willis Richland.
You're holding Willis?|- Yes, ma'am.
His prints were all over the gun.|Not to mention a few other things.
Nothing's official now. We're waiting|for confirmation on the weapon.
And we're checking alibis.|- You don't have the right.
I think we're in a state of shock.
I mean, we need some time.
This news about Willis Richland|is disturbing.
I can hardly believe it either,|but he's our only lead.
Billy, maybe you made a mistake...
Damn right someone made a mistake.
Emma, honey...
Let Momma give you a hug.|- You stay away from me, Momma.
Don't touch me.
You're all nuts!
Willis didn't shoot Aunt Cookie, Billy.|There's no way he did this.
He loved her.
He's the only person beside me|who'll go to her damn funeral!
Watch what you say in this house.|- Oh, this house!
Like it's your house all of a sudden?
I'll say what I please,|because it's Cookie's house!
Emma, honey...
Cora, enough!
Leave her alone. I'll hope you find|something more tasteful for the funeral.
I hate you,|you stupid insensitive bitch!
Alright, ladies. Let's go home.
They read you your rights, didn't they?|- Yeah.
They gave me coffee...
...and a magazine,|but I can't concentrate too good.
That's understandable.
Let's talk about your whereabouts|today. Start with this morning.
You been assigned to my case?
Assigned? What you talking about?|I'm your lawyer.
I'm gonna need a lawyer?|- Everybody needs a lawyer.
Willis, did Cookie ever|show you her will?
I don't know about that.
She had a cookie jar...
...with all her important papers... if she had a will,|that's where it would be.
She had a will alright.|I drew it up for her myself.
Sorry Willis, we'll work this|out quick, I promise.
Did you hear?
Jessie hooked a 14 pounder.|Lost it.
No shit!
Hi Emma. Welcome back to town.
Did you come back to pay|those parking tickets?
I was gonna talk to you about that.|- What happened to your face?
Nothing.|I brought this shirt to Willis.
D on the double is 13.|Read 'em and weep.
Go ahead, Lester.|- Jack, pass that letter will you?
Okay, I'm taking the last two here.
Willis! I can't believe you're in this cell!
Lester, what you doing with Willis?|- Calm down, Emma.
Playing Scrabble at a time like this?|- Yes, keeping our minds occupied.
Until somebody straightens this|thing out. Isn't that right, Willis?
I brought your shirt.|- Everything'll be alright.
As long as Willis is in the cell,|you can count me in. I'm not leaving!
They can't kick me out, can they?|- Well... I'll have to look that up.
If they try, we can remind them|I'm a real criminal.
I've got 234 dollars-worth of parking|tickets. A Marshall County record.
Not to mention a few things|they didn't catch me for.
And I've been on the lam.|I'm a fugitive from justice.
I knew I smelled catfish in here.
You got a Coke machine?|- Down the hallway to the right.
Bring me another Dr Pepper.|- You're way behind.
Go on in and find Lester. Tell him|Tucker's due any minute from Batesville.
Leaving the damn lights on.|Turn them off.
Sorry about your Aunt Cookie...
...and that stuff with your Mom|and Aunt Camille.
Sorry about Willis. I bet he didn't do it.
Of course he didn't do it. Jesus!
Put another notch on your gun|for that one.
I got "demote" here.|That's 3,7,9, that's 18.
That's my original Scrabble.|- I've brought us coffee, Willis.
No, thanks.|- Go ahead. Coffee is good for stress.
I don't want it.|- Yes, you do. It's fresh.
You're right, Emma. Fresh coffee|would help clear my head.
Too bad Aunt Cookie|can't clear her head tonight.
Right now, she'd be sitting at|the kitchen table smoking a pipe.
Mrs Orcutt smoked a pipe?
She had racks of 'em all over the house.
You know, those dainty ones for ladies.
Mother and Aunt Camille|hated it too, didn't they?
They thought it was a disgrace.
Mainly Aunt Camille. She is an idiot.
I got it.
That's ten...|- What ten?
Look, look here, Lester.
Where did you find my fingerprints,|I can tell you right now...
...I cleaned all those guns last night,|so there on all of them.
Anybody see you clean them?
I did.|- You did not!
Why would I smash a gun case|that doesn't even lock?
The latch doesn't even work.|- He's right. It hangs there.
I seen it a million times.|- I've been meaning to fix it.
Willis, it's in your best interests|to remains silent.
My best interests? Hey, look here.
My best interests|is sitting here in this room.
Well, now look...
You can't even lock the gun case?
Eddie the Expert from Batesville|strikes again.
What about that jewel box?|Any prints on that?
Only Mrs Orcutt's.
I'd like to know what she kept|in that jewel box.
Ms Dixons said she had a valuable|diamond and ruby necklace.
Cookie had this one necklace|Buck gave her for Christmas.
Buck got taken every time he turned|round. The biggest sucker ever lived.
He won the necklace off|somebody in a poker game.
It had a big old C on it.|He thought it was fate... his wife's name was Cookie.
He sneaked it out of the house one day.
I drove him to Memphis to value it.
And what do you know?
The necklace was a fake|worth about 50 dollars!
You're kidding?|- Buck never told Cookie.
She died thinking he'd given|her diamonds and rubies.
That's a triple letter, 12, 14...
...and that's A-W-E.|I'm out, give it up.
Awe? Awe?|- Give it up. Come on.
"Awe" is not word!
Awe, Lester, awe.
Derived from old Norse|and the Indo-European base "agh".
A mixture of reverence, fear, wonder.
Excuse me. I don't want to interrupt.|Is this story hour at the rec. Centre?
Or is this the sheriff's station?|I'm confused. Lester, who are they?
I'm Jack Palmer. Attorney.|I represent Mr Richland.
I'm Emma Duvall, his cell mate.
I'm Willis Richmond, your suspect.
Nice hat you got there.
Our most gracious loving|heavenly father...
...we thank you for seeing us|through yet another day.
We thank you for the simple yet|plentiful bounty you bestowed on us.
Your ways are not always ours|to understand.
But we are comforted in knowing|all will be made clear. Amen.
We pray for strength to get through|these dark and difficult days.
We pray for Willis Richland...
...may God rest his soul if|he committed this terrible crime.
May God rest his soul if he didn't.
We pray for Emma|and that some day...
...she shapes up and sees the light.
And abandon her shameful|and common ways.
In the name of Jesus Christ|our Lord.
It seems like every Easter|we get a downpour.
We were talking about|how brave you are... the face of this tragedy.
Thank you, but I think|Aunt Jewel would want this.
The show must go on.
Who made this stuff?|- Lester's wife.
Thank you, dear.
Want some tea?
Jason! What are you doing here?|- Nothing.
Well, Wanda's showing me how|to run the front desk.
Did you eat it?
Want some seconds?
Why would they put a brave cop|like you at the boring old front desk?
Wanda's gone to be tied up tomorrow.|Something to do with Mr Richland.
That gives us the run of the place,|if you know what I mean.
You want a Coke?
Ms Dixons, what do you do|with these church plays?
Just about everything.
I do the casting...
...I create the set, coordinate costumes...
...and direct all the plays.
This Monday we're putting on|a wonderful play.
It's called Salome and|you all should come.
I play Salome. I ask King Herod|for the head of John...
...on a silver platter.
Wait till you see that head.|It looks great with the blood...
Sounds like a great idea|for an Easter play.
I like Oscar Wilde's version.|I did revise it a little.
We don't have any fruit salad.|We broke the bowl.
Thank you for talking to us today,|Mr Johnson.
We're holding a man on suspicion of|murder with a lot of question marks.
I'd like some answers as soon|as possible. You understand?
I understand.|- Hold it just a minute.
I almost forgot. Josie...
While we talking to Theo.|The interview is strictly confidential.
So you can't hear us,|please put these on.
Mr Johnson. You promise to tell the|whole truth and nothing but the truth?
I sure do!|- Thank you, Mr Johnson.
We're trying to confirm Mr Richland's|account of his whereabouts on Saturday.
Did Willis Richland at any point|come into the bar?
Yeah. He did.|- What time was that?
About 1:30.
Now that's exactly what Willis told you.
He said he went out to run|some errands at around 1:30.
Lester! Sit down.
Wanda, strike Lester's statement.
I can't strike it, I'm recording it...|- Wanda...
I'd love to.
Mr Johnson, you say Willis Richland|came into the bar at 1:30?
That's right.
Did he stay and have a drink?
No, he didn't. You see,|Willis is a responsible man.
And he never...
Never drinks...
...before Tom Brokaw.
Then what did he come in for?
Mr Johnson?
Nothing but the truth, Mr Johnson.
Wanda...|- I know: Strike Eddie.
Mr Johnson? What did he come|to the bar for?
He came to return something.|- What did he come to return?
Half a pint of Wild Turkey.
Wild Turkey?|- Wild Turkey.
Why would he return half a pint|of Wild Turkey?
He took it to the night before.
Took it. What do you mean?|- Took it!
Without asking?|- Took it. That's what I mean.
You mean he stole it?|- No.
I think you misconstrued the matter.
He borrowed it.
He brought the bottle back full|next day. Like he usually does.
This ain't the first time Willis Richland|took something without asking?
It's not what you think it is.
I'm trying to tell you...|- Mr Johnson.
Thank you for your time,|you been very helpful.
Man, if the electric chair|doesn't kill me...
...this jail food will.
Ain't no telling what my last meal will be.|- That's not funny.
Willis, was your family|as crazy as mine?
Yeah, some of them.
Every family's got a few loose screws|here and there...
...but there's always some keepers too.
You have a favourite relative?|- Oh, yeah.
My granddaddy...
He's the one who taught me to fish.
He used to take me|to Possum Kingdom every summer.
I'd live all year for that one week.
I was the youngest|of his 34 grand kids.
Isn't that something?|34 grand kids.
How did they tell you all apart?
16 were girls...
...and 18 were boys. That helped.
And then 20 were black,|the other 14 white.
What you mean white?
White like you.
How'd that happen?
My granddaddy was white.
We was all mixed up colorwise,|but I came out the blackest.
Hi, y'all.|- Hey, there.
Wanda and them are still out,|so I thought I'd stop by...
...and see if you wanted|coffee or something?
Matter of fact, I do.
Emma, would you get it for me?|I like the way you make my coffee.
Would you like a little cream|in this time?
Heavy on the cream.
So, Ms Martin...
You can call me Josie.
You say Willis...
...came into the bar on Saturday|while you were on duty?
About what time would that be?
I guess 2:30 or so. I can't remember.
Theo said 1:30. Looks like|we've got the discrepancy here.
Eddie, if you say one more word...
Who the hell are you?|I thought I'd answer one investigator.
I don't appreciate your interruptions.
And I don't appreciate you messing|with my train of thought!
And furthermore, how much time|do you spend in a drinking establishment?
Ms Martin...|- My guess would be not much...
We folks of the nightlife don't spend|much time looking at a clock.
What we do best is|drink and bury the blues.
Wild women don't get the blues.|- You got that right, sister.
Ten minutes recess please.
Cora, get your fingers|out of there!
Keep it closed.
How unsociable, all those guns|in the foyer. What'll we do with them?
We could learn to shoot.|- Shoot? Shoot what?
You said someone ought to shoot|old Jessie, didn't you?
That was a big mouth in its day...
Mr Freeman, can you tell me about|what time Willis came to the store?
It was in the afternoon. About 1:30.
He bought half a pint of Wild Turkey.|- Half a pint of Wild Turkey?
The same as Theo said: Wild Turkey.
Daddy?|- Not now. Daddy's busy.
Did he specifically ask|for Wild Turkey?
Probably for Easter Sunday.
I sell almost as much Turkey|at Easter as at Thanksgiving.
Get it? Turkey? Thanksgiving?
I saw something in Ms Orcutt's yard.
Stop interrupting, Ronnie.|Whatever you got to tell me can wait.
Go outside and play.
I like this room best.|Facing East is good for the sunrise.
But if you want it, that's okay.|I could take this one instead.
It has the best view of the magnolia|trees like the blasts of trumpets...
...heralding the approach of kings|and make afraid the enemy!
When you say make afraid the enemy,|you mean "make the enemy afraid".
Unless you have that in your head,|the audience won't understand.
Hey, Manny.
Hey, Billy.
Got a couple of minutes?|- Yes sir.
Lester, listen.
My health department permit|is being framed.
I have to pick up this afternoon.
Excuse me, Mr...|- Hood.
Manny Hood...
I'm investigator Tucker from Batesville|and we're not interested in your permit.
We just want to ask you a few...|- Want to swear him in?
No, I don't want swear to him in Eddie.
You get my coffee?|- Oh shit. I forgot...
No, it's all right. It can wait.
You know what, Emma?|- What?
You don't smell like catfish anymore.|More like Cookie's sweet crab salad.
I'm gonna get your coffee.
I sterilise the pliers every half hour...
...and that boxcar's getting|electricity tomorrow.
Okay Mr Hood, tell me something.
Did Willis Richland come|on these premises on Saturday?
Willis?|- Yes.
He came by. He was looking|for Emma Duvall.
He did?
What time would that be?
1:30, maybe.
How can one man be at so many|different places at the same time?
I always thought this chair|should be in the sitting room.
I tried to tell you.|- You scared me.
Sorry. Not my intention.
What's all this? You spring cleaning?|- No, we're turning it upside-down.
Camille says that Aunt Jewel had|the worst style in space and motif.
We're just reorganising, tidying up.
I thought it was still a crime scene.|Sheriff Cox is picky about his tape.
The police have had|their fair share of time.
Cora and I have work to do|before going to the church.
We're putting on a play to night,|remember?
No sweat. I'll be out of here in no time.|I just dropped by for Ms Orcutt's will.
Will? What will?|- It's in the cookie jar.
I don't think you'll find anything here.
Aunt Jewel didn't even have|a cookie jar that I can remember.
Oh yes she did. It's in that top cupboard.
Camille said it was so ugly it should|be somewhere no one had to look at it.
Well thank you, Cora.|- You're welcome.
Cora, listen. Go out the front porch|and practice some dance steps.
The play is in four hours and|you haven't got the fifth veil right.
Oh, here we are.|- Is that what you were looking for?
I'll read it out loud just as soon as|I get everybody in the same room.
Who's everybody?|- See you in Galilee!
Damn! A will! I can't believe it!|Why didn't I look?
Camille! We've got company.|The man wants his tape.
Come on in fellows. I think I left|a bunch in the washing machine.
Batesville is spelled BATE not BAIT.
If I find Ms Dixon over at that house|again, I'll get my cattle prod.
You just missed Batesville.|They called a couple of minutes ago.
There were two types of blood|on the gun.
They found a bunch of O-positive,|the most common type of blood...
...but they found a second type too.
You ready for this?
Traces of ABC negative.
ABC?|- He means AB negative, sir.
That's what I said. AB negative.|It's the least common. No one has it.
They found more on the broken|fruit salad bowl.
When does your play start?
I almost forgot. I got to go.
You guys do without me?|- We'll manage.
Break an arm.|- You'd better get down the church.
I'll be there in a minute.
My son really did see something.
Ronnie,|tell these guys what you told me.
We're gonna be late again!|There's already a couple of cars!
Are my veils back from the cleaners?|- Yeah. Marlene picked them up!
Ms. Orcutt's blood type is O-positive.|They checking the record for Willis.
Then they'll go|through the whole family.
ABCDEFG. You don't have it.
I bet Willis Richland doesn't|have AB-negative.
How do you know that?|- Cos I fished with him.
Suffer me to kiss thy mouth!|- But Salome, what about me?
Never, daughter of adultery!
Suffer me to kiss thy mouth!
Turn off your blues. You don't need 'em.|- I can't turn 'em off.
Just shut the whole thing off.|- It kills the engine...
There thou art, fair Salome!|I have been seeking thee.
Well stop seeking her, husband Herod!
She is my daughter!|- Daughter of the wanton one!
Bid him be silent!|- Wherefore is this blood here?
Whose body is this?|- Our captain, sire. He slew himself.
I thought none but Roman philosophers|slew themselves.
The Stoics do it too, sire.
They are ridiculous people.|- Yes. It is ridiculous to kill oneself.
Bear him away.
Dance for me, Salome. I pray thee.
Dance the dance of the seven veils.
I am of no mood to dance, my king.
Dance for me, and thou may ask of me...
...anything thou pleases.|Up to half of all my kingdom!
Wait a minute!
Do I hear right, my king?|You will give me anything I desire?
Camille, the veil!
I will dance for you.
Is all this stuff used in the play?|Is this Ms Dixon's purse?
Where is Ms Dixon?
Go have a seat in the front.
I'll fix you a row, okay?
It's gonna be fine.
Wonder if Jason's killed himself|over mother yet.
He's playing this young Syrian soldier|who is in love with a princess.
She just happens to be my mother and...
...she ignores him so he stabbed himself.
Oh, poor Jason.|- Tough. Sniffing up the wrong tree.
It's just acting, Emma.
I bet he's good in that death scene.
Maybe he knows what it's like|to feel that way about a woman.
I know what it's like to feel|that way about a man.
Most wonderful Salome!
Speak, so I may give thy royal fee.|- On a silver platter, my king.
On a silver platter...
What do you want on a silver platter,|my sweet?
I want... I want...
I want the head of John the Baptist.
You want the head of Willis Richland|in a cut glass fruit salad bowl.
No. That's not what thou dost desire.
Suffer me to render this unto you.|I have news.
It's good. It's bad.
There's nothing common about you,|Ms Dixon. You're rare.
You have AB negative blood.
And this means I have to take you|down to the station.
I'm detained you on suspicion of|murdering Ms Jewel Mae Cookie Orcutt.
Oh Lester, please!
One other piece of news.|I bet Willis'll let you keep this.
Please, you can't detain me.|- Come on, ma'am. You have to come.
I can't leave. My play is on stage.
Is that you Lester? Is that your cologne?
I don't know, Ms Dixon.|When we get in the car...
Does your wife approve?|Bet she buys it.
Just slide in, ma'am. Watch your head.
Lester, can I come?
No, you're not. Get out of here.|We don't even know you.
She's AB negative, you know.
Does anybody know anything?
They're bringing in your Aunt Camille.|She's AB negative.
What does that mean?|- She's got negative blood!
Right this way, Ms Dixon.
Straight ahead.
This way, Ms Dixon.
Right through here, ma'am.
Ms Dixon, you have a right|to make a phone call.
Make it short, the battery's low.
May I have some privacy?
In 5 minutes|you'll have plenty of privacy.
We're fixing to release these two.|- Well, alright!
If you come out front,|we'll get his paperwork out of the way.
Pick up the phone, Cora.
The ringing means you should pick it up.
Billy.|- Jack.
I thought you slew yourself.
Cora is not picking up the phone.|- Keep calm.
Lester, I need to confer with my client.
Sit down, Camille. Listen...
If it's all right with you guys,|I've got everyone here in one place.
I'd like to make an announcement|if I'm not interrupting anything.
No, not at all. Go ahead.
What I have here it is Ms. Orcutt's will,|signed and witnessed.
I'd like to read it. It should be a scroll,|I guess. Sorry.
Last will and testament|and it says, I quote...
The estate of|"Buck & Cookie" Orcutt... willed to the closest living relative.
Of course it is. I knew it.
To the closest living relative|of "Buck" Orcutt, his nephew...
...his nephew Willis Richland.
Willis?|- Unquote.
Yes of course. We'd never ask you|to give up your place, Willis.
Aunt Jewel's estate wouldn't|be the same without you.
You mustn't think for a minute|Cora and I would want it any other way.
May I see the will, Jack?|- Willis?
This for a real? You're kin to me?|- Yeah, sort of...
Your granddaddy? The white guy?|- And is here's the signature...
Yeah. He was Buck's daddy.
Buck and Momma was|sister and brother.
So you and I, we're cousins?
Which means I'm part black?
Not really, Emma. I'm from Buck's side|of the family, see?
So who witnessed this?|- Old Jessie and Tucker Trace.
My momma couldn't support us|without him.
Buck sent for me and|I've been here ever since.
I think it's time everybody know this.
This is the best thing|that ever happen to me.
Hey, Brutus, you're out of uniform.
Well, there you have it.|- There you have it.
Willis, cross my heart.
I wish I could take it all back.|- I know.
Well, this was the easy part.|Now the hard part.
I gotta go home and|face that old house alone.
You got me.|- Yet, I know.
If anybody's hungry...
...l've got stuff|at home for catfish enchiladas.
Scrabble!|- Oh, I'm starting!
Hold on Mr Tucker. We got|some here from Batesville. Urgent.
Let me have it.
We found the following information|in Camille Dixon's medical records.
In checking blood types|we found she had a condition...
I'll tell you what her condition is.|She's nuts.
What you doing, ABC?
Under conditions of extreme stress,|her blood won't clot.
This could lead to death.|Please take necessary precautions.
Emma, is Ms Dixon your aunt?|- Unfortunately.
You see her suffer this condition here?|- Unfortunately not.
This paper says she almost|died giving birth.
Aunt Camille?
That's impossible, cos|she's never even gotten laid!
You ain't got a cousin somewhere?
Just Willis, as far as I know.
That's interesting.
These official insurance|company records say...
...Camille Dixon gave birth in New|Orleans and needed a transfusion...
Her sister, Cora Dixon Duvall|was the donor.
That was Camille's lucky day.
April 1, 1979.
What's wrong?|- Emma, what's wrong?
That's my birthday.
My uncle is my daddy?
For the past 20 years this missing guy|has been my daddy...
...then for the last twelve hours he|was my uncle and now he's my daddy?
I'm afraid so, Emma.
Cora's husband Donny was your father.
Willis, did you know about this?|- No, I didn't.
I don't think anybody knew but me.
I couldn't tell you earlier.|Curse of a one-lawyer town, I guess.
You found another place to stay?|- Manny. With me.
I can always put you up in|the big house if you don't like this.
So Jack, tell me exactly|how this happened.
Old Donny was a good-looking hunk,|but not much of a provider.
They moved in with Camille after their|marriage and she took care of them.
At times it got pretty tight|in that little house.
Boy, I bet that's right.
No one knows what happened behind|those walls, not even me.
A few months later Donny up|and disappeared.
Shortly thereafter Cora and Camille left|town on an extended vacation.
When they got back,|Emma belonged to Cora.
He "disappeared"?
I heard he went to Africa on|a church mission to save children.
That's not exactly what happened.
He died about four years later|somewhere down in Alabama.
In a button factory accident.|- A button factory?
Seems the hole poker machine|fell on him. He had 273 holes in him.
Willis? What's wrong with these people?
Pride, officer. Family pride.
My Aunt Jewel was|a very proud woman.
That's why I tried to|cover up her suicide.
To save her embarrassment.
Let me try to understand this.
You went to Ms. Orcutt's house|Saturday to borrow a fruit salad bowl.
Actually, to get it back. It did belong|to my mother, you see.
But I went into the house and couldn't|find Aunt Jewel. She didn't answer.
So I went upstairs to her bedroom...
...and found her in bed|with a gun in a hand.
That's when you dropped|the fruit salad bowl and broke it.
Later downstairs I cut my finger|and stopped the bleeding with a hanky.
I guess I used the same one|to take the gun.
That would explain why|your blood was on the gun.
Yes sir.
Then you threw the gun|into the bushes.
Now Ms Dixon, what would|inspire you to do that?
I have extensive experience|in theatre staging.
I put myself in the shoes|of the robber and then...
...just let the moment happened.
Did Cookie leave a suicide note?
Yes, she did. She wrote a note to Willis.
Where is it?
...I ate it.|- You what?
She said what?|- She said she ate it.
Ms Duvall is on her way up.|- Cora!
Inspector? My sister was there|at the house with me.
She saw everything.|She can back me up top
Let us know if you pass|that suicide note, okay?
Your sister says|your Aunt Jewel shot herself.
My Aunt Jewel didn't shoot herself.|Jason, how are you?
She did not shoot herself.
Did you and your sister find a gun?|- I never saw a gun in her hand.
What about a note?|I know she left a suicide note.
There was no note. My Aunt Jewel did|not commit suicide. She was murdered.
Can I have a Coke?
Yes. Give her one.|- I need a quarter.
Let me push that button.
You seem awful sure|of yourself Ms Duvall.
I am as positive as|I ever been about anything.
My Aunt Jewel was murdered.|Just ask Camille.
She knows. Where is she?
Right there.
Cora, where have you been?|I tried to call you all night.
Oh that was you. Silly me.
Why are you still dressed like that?
You had the key, I couldn't get in.
All right, okay.
Did you tell them? About Aunt Jewel?
Did you tell them what happened?|- I told them the truth and nothing but.
So what did they say?
When are they going to|let me out of here?
I told them exactly what happened.|Like you and me know. Remember?
What you mean:|Like you and mean know?
That Aunt Jewel was murdered.
They asked me if there was|a suicide note, if she had a gun.
I said absolutely not.
I mean nobody in our family|commits suicide, right?
Only crazy people commit suicide.
I told them Aunt Jewel was murdered.
I did good, didn't I?
How sweet is the air...
...I can breathe here...
...away from the barbarians|who drink and spill wine.
How I loathe the Romans, Greeks,|Egyptians and Jews.
How fair the princess is.
She's hiding her face...
...and her little white hands|flutter like dogs.
They are like white butterflies.
Wherefore is this blood here?
Who's body is that?
It is our captain, sire. He slew himself.
Strange. I only thought Roman|philosophers slew themselves.
Yes, it is ridiculous to kill oneself!
Nice out here today, isn't it?
Where you going?
Swimming with Jason.
Watch out for snakes now, you here?
I'll see you all later.
That was good, Willis. Okay, give it up.|- What?
Don't "what" me.|Give it up, Mr Smarty-pants.
Willis two, Emma zero!
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City of Lost Children The CD2
City of No Limits The (Antonio Hernandez 2002)
City on fire 1987
Civil Brand 2003
Clan Des Siciliens Le - Henri Verneuil 1969
Clash of the Titans CD1
Clash of the Titans CD2
Class Trip 1998
Classic The (Korean) CD1
Classic The (Korean) CD2
Clearing The
Cleo De 5 7
Cleopatra 1963 CD1
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Cleopatra 1999 CD1
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Cliffhanger (Collectors Edition)
Cliffhanger CD1
Cliffhanger CD2
Clockers CD1
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Clockwork Orange A
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (The Collectors Edition)
Closet The
Club Dread
Coast Guard 2002 CD1
Coast Guard 2002 CD2
Cobra Verde CD1
Cobra Verde CD2
Coca-Cola Kid The 1985
Cock - A Broken Leghorn (1959)
Cock - The Foghorn Leghorn (1948)
Cockleshell Heroes The
Cold Comfort Farm 1995
Cold Mountain 2003 CD1
Cold Mountain 2003 CD2
Cold Mountain CD1
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Collateral 2004
Collateral Damage
Collector The
Colour Of The Truth
Coma (1978)
Comandante (Oliver Stone 2003)
Come And See CD1
Come And See CD2
Commitments The
Como Agua Para Chocolate
Company Man
Company Of Wolves The CD1
Company Of Wolves The CD2
Company The CD1
Company The CD2
Con Air
Conan The Barbabian (uncut)
Conan the Barbarian
Conan the Destroyer
Confessions of Sorority Girls
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
Connie and Carla
Conquest of the Planet of the Apes
Conspiracy Theory 1997
Control 2004
Conversation The CD1
Conversation The CD2
Cook The Thief His Wife And Her Lover The 1989
Cookies Fortune 1999
Cookout The
Cool Hand Luke 1967
Cool World
Cooler The
Cooley High
Cop Land
Corbeau Le
Corky Romano
Couch Trip The 1988
Counterfeit Traitor The 1962 CD1
Counterfeit Traitor The 1962 CD2
Countess Dracula (1970)
Country of my Skull
Cousin Bette
Cover Girl (Charles Vidor+1944)
Cowboy (Delmer Daves 1958)
Coyote - Dont Give Up the Sheep (1953)
Coyote - Fast and Furry-ous (1949)
Coyote Ugly
Craddle 2 The Grave
Cranes Are Flying The (1957)
Cravan vs Cravan
Crazy Beautiful
Crazy People 1990
Crazy in Alabama
Creature from the Black Lagoon
Crew The
Cries And Whispers (Bergman Ingmar)
Crime Scene Investigation 3x01 - Revenge Is Best Served Cold
Crime Scene Investigation 3x02 - The Accused Is Entitled
Crime Scene Investigation 3x03 - Let The Seller Beware
Crime Scene Investigation 3x04 - A Little Murder
Crime Scene Investigation 3x05 - Abra Cadaver
Crime Scene Investigation 3x06 - The Execution Of Catherine Willows
Crime Scene Investigation 3x07 - Fight Night
Crime Scene Investigation 3x08 - Snuff
Crime Scene Investigation 3x09 - Blood Lust
Crime Scene Investigation 3x10 - High And Low
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Criminal Lovers (1999)
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Crimson Rivers 2 - Angels Of The Apocalypse
Crimson Rivers 2 Angels of the Apocalypse
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Cristina Quer Casar
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Cronos 1993
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
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Crow The - City Of Angels 1996
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