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Subtitles for Counterfeit Traitor The 1962 CD2.

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Counterfeit Traitor The 1962 CD2

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All casualties go to the church!
Father, is there anything we can do?
It's very kind, but I don't think so.
Yes, you could take these and make sure they're warm.
When you get back to Stockholm,
will you have them send word to London that I must stop?
I've got to give it up.
Why, because it's un-Christian?
You're not going to finish Hitler with pamphlets and prayers.
Eric, please forgive me. I can't anymore, I've got to give it up.
You men there. You men there.
No, there's no way out, but there is a chance for you.
When they come in, look surprised and horrified
and I'll say I tried to get information out of you, but couldn't.
I'll stick to that, no matter what. You play innocent!
It's no use, it's no use.
- Open up! Open up! - Take the door off.
What do you want?
Where's the printing press?
- Get out of that drawer. - Please, please!
- Take him out of here. - Come on, move.
Is this man making this?
Go on, go on. Close the door.
When I was young, I made a vow
that someday I'd live comfortably and lavishly.
I've kept that promise.
But this stuffy little place means more to me than all the rest.
It's the only home I've ever cherished...
...because it's filled with...
...and love and you.
You still want them to notify London?
I wish I could say something that would be of consolation.
Perhaps if you saw a priest, he'd give you absolution.
For yesterday's sins, yes, but not for tomorrow's.
That's something for my conscience to determine.
And it has.
My conscience has always been like a well-trained dog.
I could tell it to go and sit in the corner and be quiet, and it would.
Since I've known you, it hasn't been quite so obedient.
It keeps shouting for me to do the very thing
that your conscience won't permit.
Then you must do it.
On my trips back to Berlin, I won't attempt to contact you.
Now that you're out of it, I don't want to place you in danger again.
But it's worth the risk.
No, it took me too long to find you.
I don't want to take the chance of losing you.
- I better go now. - Not yet.
- My train leaves in an hour. - No, please, not yet.
- I have a feeling I'll never see... - Everybody feels that way.
Don't worry.
When this is all over, I'll find you.
If anything should happen to me,
remember this.
You're the only woman I ever really loved.
Wherever you are, know I'll be with you.
Here we go!
Believe me, gentlemen, I had no idea such a thing was going on.
- If I had known... - He undoubtedly worked alone.
To make sure, we'd like to look at the other apartments.
Would you like to start here? The woman is not in at the moment.
- Anything? - No.
- Not many clothes. - She doesn't live here.
She only used this place to... entertain.
Look what I found on the floor. A piece of blotter.
Somebody must have torn it in little pieces and flushed it down the toilet.
Tried to write something, pressed too hard and it left a mark.
I confess to almighty God and to you, Father, that I have sinned.
It's been two weeks since my last confession.
- Good morning, Father. - Good morning.
We just moved into this neighborhood.
I was just coming to the rectory to introduce myself.
I don't know how to begin, Father.
I've never confessed this before.
I have been responsible...
...for death and destruction, Father.
Tell me about it, my child.
Well, I...
Don't be afraid, child. Tell me.
...I gave information.
And because of it...
...a city was bombed.
From whom did you obtain this information?
And because of her deep religious convictions,
she asked to be relieved of any further duty.
End of report.
Sorry I'm late. I found a wonderful restaurant
where they have superb lobsters.
Tell me about it. I haven't eaten all day.
Well, you'll have plenty of time from now on.
- What do you mean? - Our little project's over, Red.
You can't carry this refinery hoax any further.
They're bound to find out.
Oh, I think I can squeeze one more trip out of it.
I thought you'd jump at the chance to get out from under.
Yes, I would.
But I've seen their jetfighters, you haven't.
If they get them flying, they'll have a turkey shoot with our bombers.
The baron is very close to getting information
- on assembly plants, fuel depots... - There's another reason it's finished.
I don't suppose you know we got copies of your correspondence.
- Telegrams... - I suspected it.
Not that we didn't trust you, it's just routine.
I take it you haven't called at your office.
I came right here.
Here's a copy of a cable that came for you this morning.
If they find that letter, they'll pick up everyone I talked to.
The baron, Frau Möllendorf...
Unfortunately, they have to be considered expendable.
Not to me. I've got to go back.
I've never taken a penny for what I've done,
and now I ask only one thing in payment.
I know there are things you could do to stop me.
Hamburg first?
No, there's no direct flight to Hamburg. I'll have to go via Berlin.
You know, of course, if you're caught, there's nothing we can do to help.
We've never heard of you.
But you do have that address in Hamburg, in case you need it.
Nine Herbertstrasse.
Good luck.
Would you please come with me, Mr. Erickson?
Just follow me, please.
I had been to Gestapo Headquarters many times before to see Nordoff,
but now this was different.
This was a matter of security,
and a Colonel Erdmann was the one who wanted to see me.
I tried to figure out what had gone wrong.
Had they found the letter in Otto's office?
Had they arrested the baron and forced him to talk?
I tried not to show any fear,
but the miserable people in the corridor waiting to be questioned
seemed to be part of me now.
And I was part of them.
Right this way, please.
Very good, then, very good.
Here we are.
An overly polite lieutenant asked me some routine questions
and told me that Colonel Erdmann would see me later at another office.
I soon discovered where the other office was:
In Moabit Prison.
This way.
And don't forget, tell him I want to see Colonel Nordoff immediately.
Yeah, yeah.
Open the door!
Open it!
Mr. Erickson? My name is Colonel Erdmann.
I knew that woman.
Yes, of course. Now, we would like to find out how well you knew her.
He keeps sticking to the same story.
He was intimate with her, but he had no idea
she was after information about refineries.
He claims he told her nothing.
Same thing she said.
It's obvious he was just duped.
You can accuse him of stupidity, but not treachery.
Your province is administration, mine is security.
My experience has taught me to smell the difference
between the guilty and the innocent.
I have a strange feeling this man is lying.
Maybe so.
But as an administrator, something tells me
that you may have created a diplomatic incident.
Erickson is a prominent citizen of a neutral country.
Foreign Minister Ribbentrop
does not encourage bringing about protests from Sweden.
I didn't arrest him.
I merely detained him for questioning.
For 12 hours in a basement cell?
Let me also remind you
that Reichsführer Himmler personally authorized
Erickson's plan and survey trip.
The reichsführer prides himself as an infallible judge of men
and doesn't react too kindly when that judgment is questioned.
So unless you are prepared
to substantiate your "strange feeling" with a formal arrest,
- I would suggest... - All right, let him go.
But from now on,
he's going to be watched as never before.
I want to apologize for the treatment you have been given.
It's inhuman and inexcusable.
I didn't know you were here until an hour ago.
You are free to go now.
I understand you were on your way to Hamburg.
Why don't you go to the hotel and rest?
I'll take care of your transportation.
- Eric, I just heard... - Gerhard, I still can't believe it.
That woman, all the time, was trying to get information out of me.
- I never suspected her for a moment. - Neither did I. Neither did anyone.
We spoke loudly and patriotically for the benefit of the microphone.
Meanwhile he gave me the most important information
I'd ever come across.
On the map, every assembly plant and jet fuel depot was pinpointed,
with a few buzz-bomb launching sites thrown in for good measure.
Now it was memorizing them,
destroying the map, getting back to Stockholm
so London could be notified soon as possible.
Now that we have Swedish approval, I'm anxious to finalize plans
- and start construction. - Good, good.
- Well, goodbye, Eric. - Goodbye, Gerhard.
- Heil Hitler. - Heil Hitler.
When I reached Hamburg,
they were beginning to evacuate children
because air raids on the city were becoming more frequent now.
It was too late to go to Otto's house,
so I delayed my visit until the next morning.
As I was leaving my hotel room, I discovered that I had company.
He may have been waiting for someone else,
but I had a hunch that his job was to follow me.
I paid my respects to Mrs. Holtz and young Hans.
Otto had left instructions with her for me to go through his personal papers.
So getting the office keys from her was not too difficult.
It was quite a relief to see that no one had been there before me.
The money was right where it should have been,
and so was the letter.
Hello, Hans.
I thought you were in school.
Today is my father's funeral.
Oh, yes.
Yes, of course.
What are you doing?
Collecting some of your father's papers.
- Can I help you? - No, all finished now.
We can go home.
I'll take the other key.
There are some things I wanna go over with you.
After all, you're the man of the family now.
Hans! Hans!
I'm not going to hurt you, Hans.
What do you think will happen if you... tell the police about this?
There's nothing they can do to your father.
He's dead. He's already paid his penalty.
They'll arrest me, of course, and they'll make me talk.
They won't believe that your mother didn't know, so they'll arrest her too.
And what about you?
They'd never let the son of a traitor wear that uniform.
Shall we burn the letter, Hans?
Blessed are the dead, which die in the Lord from henceforth:
Yea, says the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors.
I am the resurrection and the life, sayeth the Lord.
He that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.
And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die.
In the midst of life we are in death.
Of whom may we seek for succor but of thee, O Lord,
who, for our sins, are justly displeased.
Yet, O Lord God, most holy,
O Lord...
No, no. Not this way.
Wait. Go into the vault.
Go inside.
- Mama! Mama! - Come on.
- My son isn't here. - So he's in the other one.
He'll be perfectly safe.
No running back and forth when the alarm is on.
He'll be all right.
Come and join me in prayer.
O most merciful savior, we are in desperate need and sorely afraid.
Thank God it's from the family.
Don't be afraid. The bombing's way down by the refineries.
Tell me, son.
Do you know that man who stood beside your mother at the grave?
If you know anything, you must tell me, son.
After all,
we're soldiers together.
If I do, will they take away my uniform?
Of course not.
And what's more, if you help me, you'll get a medal.
This man is a friend of my father.
Seek, and you shall find it.
Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.
Lord, open the door to thy peace.
All clear. All clear.
You're under arrest. You go on. All of you. Go on.
- What's this all about? - I've sent for a car. We wait inside.
I don't want you to run for it and I have to shoot you.
By what authority are you arresting me?
I don't know what that boy told you,
but I came here for the funeral of my friend.
I'm traveling under Gestapo orders.
- Get the police. - Get the policeman.
Here is the police!
- Follow me. - What happened?
They're in this vault. One man's got a gun.
I just heard a shot.
I'm glad you're here.
A man in there tried to kill me.
Let the police out. Open the door!
- He's getting away! - He's got the keys.
I managed to stay out of sight during the day,
and that night I went looking for the address Dallas had given me.
The underground contact at Nine Herbertstrasse.
How about a dance, big boy?
I'm saving the next dance for you.
Hello, honey.
Want to dance, mister?
Dance, honey?
Look, I'm from Stockholm. I...
I'm from Stockholm.
A friend of mine by the name of Dallas said that if I...
...ever found myself alone in Hamburg with no place to go,
you'd help me.
Dr. Karp? This is Hulda Windler.
I'm sorry to bother you at home, but a friend of mine is in great pain.
Ten o'clock. We'll be there.
Thank you.
- Favor that side for a day or so. - Don't worry, I will.
I think he's all right, but you'd better be sure.
He says his code name is "Red".
- But, doctor, there's nothing... - I always take an x-ray first.
Now, by train, you will go from Hamburg to Nyborg,
across on the ferry and on to Copenhagen.
The Danish underground will try to get you to Sweden in a fishing boat.
But if I were you, I'd hide out here for a week or so.
A number of people have been caught lately.
I think there's an informer along the line someplace.
The information I've got can't wait a week.
- What time does the train leave? - At 6:00.
This Frau Hecker, the conductor, where will she be?
On the platform. Be sure and hand her your ticket like this.
Folded twice. Then she'll know.
For your sake, though, I wish you wouldn't try it now.
I've got to go. Thank you, doctor.
I got a coat and hat for you, so you won't be so noticeable.
- Tarp! - Oh, be quiet.
- Tarp. - Hey, shut up!
I call the stations. If you don't like it, get off and walk.
Come on, hurry up. We only stop here for a minute.
- Where are we? - Tarp, where you are getting off.
Wait a minute, my ticket says Copenhagen.
Don't try that, mister. Your ticket said Tarp, so off you go.
- It said Copenhagen. - I haven't got time to argue.
I've got a ticket.
I'll pay you the extra...
Don't tell me your troubles, I've got enough of my own.
If you have got a complaint, tell it to the stationmaster.
That woman must be crazy. I've got a ticket all the way to Copenhagen.
When you travel by underground,
keep your mouth shut and do what you're told.
Frau Hecker threw you off because they are watching the trains
and roads very carefully tonight.
Your chances are better crossing the border through the woods.
Your wife and two children.
Danish money. Danish cigarettes.
Give me your passport so I can transfer your picture.
What's this?
It's cyanide.
In case you get caught.
There's the border.
- You coming with me? - No.
Someone else will meet you on the other side.
Go straight through the clearing.
A good night for bombing, but not for this. Thanks.
Sic, sic. That's it. Come on, sic.
Welcome to Denmark.
It's a German border patrol. Don't worry. Step over here, please.
What's that?
It's dried blood and cocaine.
Three sniffs and the dogs won't be able to smell each other.
There's a fish truck waiting at the farm. It will take you to Copenhagen.
All right, let's go.
Bruno. What's the matter with them?
Up, Bruno, up!
Oh, you might be interested.
That's Gestapo Headquarters.
- Good morning. - Good morning, Colonel Ulrich.
You'll probably go from here, around and then straight over to Sweden.
- What are my chances? - If you were Jewish, they'd be better.
The officers on the patrol boats are a pretty decent bunch,
not like the Gestapo.
How many have you gotten across?
A lot. To tell you the truth, the service is much better than before the war.
- Will you excuse me one minute? - Yeah.
Hello, Erickson.
- Look, somebody's being arrested. - Three of them.
It's good to see you again.
You don't know how happy it makes me.
Well, it's going to give me great pleasure to question you, Erickson.
- Watch it. - Look out!
Come on.
- Come on! Come on, after me! - Faster!
Stop! They're getting away!
- Come on, let's go. - Behind it.
Follow me.
- Get behind them. - Come on, we need more. Go!
- Get out of the way! - Get out, or I shoot.
- Move over! - You'll get run down.
- Move over! - Get out of the way!
- Stand aside. - Don't come closer.
No shooting here!
- Out of the way, you Danish scum. - Back!
The driver dumped the truck,
and we headed for a deserted warehouse, where we spent the night.
The next day, with a wreath on the handlebars, a black armband
and two innocent and tearful children,
I peddled north to a little fishing village.
The sight of a sad family on its way to a funeral
was too much for the guards at the roadblocks.
It was a relief to finally look up the road and see my last hideout.
The underground in Copenhagen had sent a message
to the OSS in Stockholm,
telling them when and where to expect me.
The only thing left now was to get there.
I'll take you across in my boat.
I'm afraid we have to leave him behind.
He's come an awful long way.
All right.
- Come on, come on. - Let's go.
I can't. I can't.
Look, there's Sweden. It's just three miles away.
You've got to make it. Come on.
I've got him.
What they did was, to send 20 fishing boats out at the same time.
The other 19 carried no one except their crews.
By the time it was our turn to clear the breakwater,
the guards were bored and tired of searching.
They just examined the skipper's papers and let us go.
Come to on our portside. Search party coming aboard.
Watch that stern!
- Ease it in a little! - A little more on the bow!
I've been searched once tonight.
The commander has told you about this.
If I don't get to the fishing grounds, I'll never get my nets out.
Up here. You search the bow.
Old Gunnar was cold.
He perspired quite a bit for a cold man.
It's not like a fisherman's coat, is it?
He's very, very sick.
Let him die in Sweden.
Nothing up here, lieutenant.
Nothing down here either.
Let's go.
Stand by to cast off.
- Watch their stern as you fall away. - All hands, attention.
- Is the line clear? - Got it.
He choked to death rather than cough.
- Goodbye and thanks. - Goodbye.
What kept you? I've been waiting here since midnight.
I couldn't get an outside cabin on an earlier boat.
Oh, what a pity.
He hadn't changed. He was just as sarcastic as ever.
But it was good to be back and see a friendly face,
even when it had to be Dallas'.
When I told him of the information I had,
I thought he might be surprised and grateful,
but there wasn't time for gratitude. That would come later.
We had to get to Stockholm and send the information to London
as fast as possible.
Our air forces were strong now, ready for more and bigger targets,
and we certainly had them.
As we walked along, he indulged in a moment of sentiment.
He hinted that someone else was there, and then I saw him.
The one person I wanted to see.
How on earth he found that you were coming, I'll never know.
Thanks for believing in me, Max.
Who's that for?
For so many.
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