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Subtitles for Country of my Skull.

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Country of my Skull

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Never and never again
shall this beautiful land experience the oppression
of one by another.
I'm not a criminal, but a devoted servant of the state.
I call upon my superiors to acknowledge that!
Colonel Henry De Jager, South Africa's number one perpetrator.
Tony, why have me fly 5,000 miles
to interview some white cop killing back folk,
I can do that in my backyard.
Go there Langston, cover the Truth and Reconciliation hearings,
we'll line up De Jager for you.
Come on, Troy!
- How's he doing? - Great.
Go Troy!
Pass it!
Way to go!
Dad, you're here!
Well done, good job.
- Did you see that? - You were great.
Can we go to Ben and Jerry's for a milkshake?
Sorry, I'm going to Africa today, I've got a plane to catch.
Will you stay with us when you come back?
Be good while I'm gone, I love you.
See you, Deborah.
If you learn anything about reconciliation, let me know.
Let's go, man.
Take care.
Johan, where are they now?
Can you hear me?
Uncle Boetie, are you there? It's me, Inge.
Pa's gone after them,
he's trying to cut them off in the bakkie.
Come quickly!
This is the new South Africa you admire so much, Anna.
- Throw him in the bakkie. - No, boss!
We always give them a warning, but if they run away, we have to shoot.
- You didn't kill anyone, did you? - No.
We got one guy in the leg.
I hate them for forcing me to pull the trigger.
I hate them for that.
Let the Police handle this.
They're not our Police Edward, it's not out country anymore.
It's open season on whites now.
Don't make us wait until next Christmas for another visit.
I'll bring the boys back on my own next time,
Anna will be away covering the hearings.
Bloody nonsense!
- You're a poet, why do this? - Because I believe in it.
She does, with a passion.
You've spoken out enough against your own people.
You should have nothing to do with the hearings.
- They blame it all on the Afrikaner. - I want to find out the truth.
I don't want to hear their lies!
Where's the Christmas spirit, gone so soon?
Don't listen to them, it's good that you do this.
- I will testify myself. - Good, Anderson.
Anderson, it's not your business.
It's everybody's business.
Goodbye, Merry Christmas.
Doesn't your baby brother get a kiss?
- Give pappie a kiss. - No!
Remember where you're from.
Have a nice trip.
They are my blood, my marrow, this is my landscape,
this is what I'm made of.
I cannot escape it, I cannot deny it.
Yet, I must.
Seat belts on please.
That's Robben Island over the wing,
where President Mandela was held prisoner for 18 years.
On the right, Cape Town and Table Mountain.
Hi, I'm Dumisane Mkhalipi, SABC.
- I'll be your sound engineer. - Pleased to meet you.
Can I give you a hand?
Amnesty applications coming in thick and fast.
- Anna, meet the boss. - What a reactionary word!
- Felicia Rheinhardt, our editor. - So glad to have you on board.
I wanted to swot your poetry, but fell asleep during the first one.
"Earth is the colour of blood, blood the colour of earth..."
Sound bites are 20 seconds, voice reports 40 seconds,
that's all we've got to grab the listeners by the balls.
We've got a contract with public radio in America.
Local journalists here, foreign media there.
There will be a press conference with the Commissioners at 4:30.
You allow the perpetrators to go free, deny the victims revenge!
It is the justice of peace and compassion
that desires to bring people together, not drive them apart.
Marlon, Melbourne Herald Sun.
Rev. Mzondo, since the Afrikaners were in control of the Police,
are they most to blame for the atrocities?
Apportionment of blame is not the Commission's purpose.
Whitfield, Washington Post.
Since only whites benefited during apartheid,
shouldn't they be held accountable?
Don't lose sight of the fact that whites were killed too,
many black people have applied for amnesty.
Anna Malan, SABC.
Haven't South Africans specifically rejected western justice,
in favor of reconciliation, not revenge?
How can there be reconciliation
when the white possess the country's wealth?
We have along hard road ahead,
who believed that South Africa could achieve what it has?
Hartley, London Guardian.
Most of the victims are black,
do they have a special capacity for forgiveness?
Or whites have a capacity for getting away with murder.
Thank you, but that's all we have time for now.
See you at the first hearings in Mdantsane.
Excuse me.
You don't understand what we're trying to do here.
I think I do.
- You're Afrikaans, right? - So?
It's not about blame, we're trying to find the truth.
South Africans want peace, we're all making compromises.
Compromises like blacks can sit on your park benches now?
Excuse me.
When this is all over, we have to live together.
I can see why they wanted to keep this place.
Look at this place!
- Are you from the Post? - Yes.
- Americans care about this? - They should.
- Welcome. - Thank you.
- I was in Kigani for 3 weeks. - I was in Burma.
Dumisane Mkhalipi,
my friends call me Dumi, and my enemies too.
- Let me buy you a drink. - Yes, please.
Anna, I've got the tape here.
I'm at the Rhodes Place Hotel, having a drink with Malcolm X.
- So what do you do? - I'm Anna Malan's sound engineer.
- That's your partner? - Yes.
- How long you've been with her? - We just met today.
You're a trip!
There's the main reason my editor sent me over here.
Just looking at him on TV makes me want to shit my pants.
There's my partner.
- Have a seat. - I have to go, Felicia...
Forget about her, sit down and chill out.
You need a big whiskey, anything for you?
I'm good.
What is African justice, just saying "I'm sorry"?
The American journalist hasn't heard of ubuntu?
Nope, enlighten me.
Why do you care, you've already made up your mind.
- Don't make assumptions about me. - Don't make them about me.
- Why'd you ask if I was Afrikaans? - You don't sound Chinese.
- The tape. - Thanks.
See you on the bus tomorrow.
This is mine now, huh?
Look what Langston has rented, a five series!
- What's that song they're singing? - It's a hymn.
"Lizalis Indinga Lakho", Let Your Will Be Done.
Well where was God when they needed him?
He was on our side.
Two places there!
It's all right.
Lord, may we snatch the victims from the death of forgetfulness,
may we tell their history, complete their ending.
Mrs Virginia Tabata, mother of Nyameko Tabata,
please tell your story.
After my son disappeared,
we were told there was a policeman in Port Elizabeth.
Who had this thing in a bottle on his desk.
When he was asked what it was,
he answered: "It's a baboon's hand,
a bottled hand of a Communist."
Before they killed my son, they cut off his hands
so he could not be finger-printed.
How do I say this?
Give me back my son's hands so I have something to bury!
In their Sunday best they come,
mothers and wives searching for a place to put their grief.
Truth has become a woman,
everybody recognizes her, yet nobody knows her.
We'll now hear the testimony of Mrs Albertina Sobandla.
Hubert had been missing for 2 weeks.
I was worried because of his weak heart,
he left his medicine behind on the kitchen table.
I begged the Police to tell me what had happened to him,
they wouldn't, they laughed at me.
- He wasn't charged with anything? - Police can detain without charge.
- Those are your laws? - Not mine, the country's.
To this day, I do not know what happened to him.
You must tell me.
Let me remind you, Sergeant Dreyer,
to get amnesty you must make a full confession
and prove you were politically motivated.
The decision was made to get rid of Hubert Sobandla,
he was a thorn, we were instructed to make a plan.
What did you understand by those words?
What we always understood when orders came down to us: Eliminate.
Permanently remove from society, "make a plan".
It all meant the same thing, kill him.
Just murder Hubert Sobandla.
I had nothing personally against him, I was following orders.
Whose orders?
We would get told to take the guy out, it was necessary.
To stab him 37 times?
- Hubert fought like a tiger. - A man with a heart condition?
He was fighting for his life.
I apologize to Mrs Sobandla.
I've told the truth, I'm asking for amnesty.
Why is she crying and they're not?
We did our crying years ago.
"Severed hands, graphic accounts of assassinations by Security Police
marked testimonies today, as the country faces..."
"The heartfelt cry of Albertina Sobandla
ushered in the Truth and Reconciliation hearings today."
Stop it!
Jonty hit me!
- What happened? - My nose is bleeding.
Put it on your nose.
Jonty, come down here.
- He's following me everywhere. - Just come here.
Hold on, please.
- It's for you. - Yes?
- Hello, Anna. - Hi, Felicia.
Congratulations, doll.
We loved the scream!
Well done, bye!
- Did you bring us presents? - Yes.
Turn around.
They sent me a black man!
- You have a problem with that? - I've got nothing against blacks.
What do you want from me?
What you did, who you did it to,
who told you to do it.
You want to get into the mind of a man who did terrible things.
Your bosses say you're a psychopath who murdered and tortured
for the fun of it,
it had nothing to do with them.
You think I'm a psychopath?
Look, De Jager...
They've thrown you to the wolves, don't you want to take them down?
Precisely, we have a common purpose, let's exploit each other.
The Commission has moved to the tiny village of Qumu
where local Security Police claimed
the local people were harbouring terrorists.
The children are off, as the school is being used for the hearings.
I don't speak Afrikaans.
- Have they started yet? - Not yet.
Need a light?
Welcome, Mr Zughufer.
Sergeant De Smidt, tell us how you applied the electric shocks.
We used those little portable generators.
You make the subject get undressed.
- Everything off? - Yes, they must be naked.
You attach wires to the subject and pour water over them,
water's a good conductor of electricity.
Mr Zughufer, would you tell us your story please.
They tied my genital parts with wire.
Then they shocked me, all parts.
My body was turned to be completely useless.
That which the machine took away from me!
He wants his manhood back.
I'm not an electrician, I didn't know it would do that to the subject.
And if you had?
I would have lost my pension had I refused an order.
They rise up like the dead on the day of reckoning,
voice after voice, story after story.
How obediently we sat in that schoolhouse and learnt a lesson,
the hidden history of a shameful past.
Anna, the bus is leaving.
You don't smoke.
You don't smoke.
I need a drink.
I know a place.
I got a car.
Wait until you see the bottle shop dude, he got so fat
he can't get out of the door no more.
He lives in there, they send food in there.
Are you okay?
- There's no jack. - Stuck in the gammadoelas!
- What? - The bloody middle of nowhere.
- What do we do now? - I'll call a tow-truck.
- I'll find a jack. - Don't be bloody ridiculous.
Say no more, I'll be back with jack.
It's true what they say about the African sky, it's big.
- Stuck in the... what's it called? - Gammadoelas.
Stuck in the gammadoelas with an Afrikaner.
Tell me about African justice, what does ubuntu mean?
It means we're all connected, what hurts you, hurts me.
If Africans want to praise someone, they say "Unobuntu',
it means they think the person's generous and compassionate.
Compassion and forgiveness, quite foreign to an American.
African American.
- I'm not talking about skin. - Well, I am.
It's all about skin, skin is what draws the line in the sand,
as an Afrikaner, you should know that.
- Don't make assumptions about me. - Don't start with that shit!
I'll stop, if you'll stop, okay?
Hey, Dumi's back.
I'm back.
You have to say it with feeling...
That's gonna take a few days.
- You teaching me about Africa! - Why not? I'm African.
No, not in my book.
I belong to this continent.
How do you belong to a continent?
I would die for it.
I guess I don't belong anywhere then.
See, if you're black in America
you're made to feel like you don't belong,
in fact, they try to send us back here.
Why would I die for a country where I'm not welcome?
Because one day things will be different for your children.
- You got kids? - Yes, 3 boys.
Me too, mine is 9, he is soccer crazy.
I try to make it to all the matches, but...
The little ones always miss you.
I locked the keys in the car
What's she doing?
Hey, the Ritz!
See if they've got a coat hanger, I can break in the car.
Is he dead?
Dead drunk.
Did you tell that woman I was married to Oprah?
I've made some room for you.
Shut up, Dumi!
Does this place qualify as the gammadoelas?
No, to qualify there can't be anything else around.
- So there are varying degrees? - Yes, it's all very subtle.
- Shall we have a cigarette? - All right.
- We don't smoke officially. - I know, but it's something to do.
Maybe we shouldn't.
Maybe we shouldn't.
- What's so funny? - I was just thinking.
A black man sleeping with a white woman in South Africa,
a few years ago, I could've gotten life in prison for this.
What about a white woman sleeping with two black men?
- What would you have gotten? - Possibly a lot of satisfaction.
Why do you think apartheid was necessary?
Simple mathematics, 4 million of us, 30 million of them.
When you're under attack from terrorists, you do what you have to.
- Including torture? - Correct, to get information.
That's why we trained the askaris out there in the gammadoelas.
- Do you know what an askari is? - Yes, I do.
- When you capture the guerrilla... - Terrorist.
You beat them until they betray their comrades, they had nowhere to go.
- They made the best killers for us. - Why?
They sold their souls.
Betrayal, when you despise yourself, it's easier to despise others.
If your people hadn't been taken across the sea,
if you'd stayed in Africa, would you be a terrorist or Askari?
Tortured to death by you, probably.
Or me, tortured to death by you.
Like my mate, Eddie Faouche, captured by the ANC in Namibia.
When they finished, you couldn't tell if he was a boy or girl.
I don't hold it against them, all's fair in love and war.
Five through six.
They had pulled out his tongue, he was mutilated.
The only way I could tell it was my son, was by the feet.
I know my son's feet.
His beard was pulled out on one side of his face,
one hair at a time.
The white policeman said: "We've got you now, kaffir!"
My son bled heavily from the mouth.
I heard shots.
I ran, I slipped, I fell, I crawled out of the front door.
My son was sitting with his father's face in his hands,
he was covered in blood.
Hi, mom.
To this day, my boy dreams of this,
he wakes up crying for his father.
Every mother's worst nightmare,
powerless to ease the pain of a grieving child.
Anna Malan, reporting for public radio in America.
The bottom of page fucking seven!
Don't bury what I write in the back of the god-damn paper!
Since when is Police brutality too remote from the lives of Americans?
How can it be news when the victims are black!
As long as it's black folk getting killed, nobody gives a shit.
It's not always black and white, sometimes it's fucking grey.
- Fucking grey? - I'm only joking.
Anna, let's show these people how to dance!
- Something to eat? - A little later, thanks.
It's for you, a woman who listens to you on the radio.
I have something bad for you.
- Your daughter's body? - Body?
We took her up into the hills,
we had to extract valuable information from her.
Here she is.
You raped her?
We kept her naked for 3 days, but she just wouldn't talk.
She asked for some panties, of course we said no.
She found a plastic bag and made herself some panties.
We asked her to kneel, shot her through the top of her head.
God, she was brave!
They're trying to convince me to electrify my fence,
they want 500 Rand just to come round once a week.
In 6 months, they'll sell you another system.
If anybody's left here in 6 months!
Dave Margolis is gone.
He's got a fabulous job in Florida.
I guess that's the end of cardiac surgery at Wits then!
- How's the architecture department? - In desperate need of a transfusion.
Can you rape with a political motive?
When the Security Police raped women in detention,
they justified it, claiming it was necessary to extract information.
So, do you think you can rape with a political motive?
Speaking as a lawyer, I suppose you can rape with political motive,
if it's used as torture to extract information.
Then logically, rape can be politically motivated.
So you think rape can be logical?
Would anyone like some coffee?
We'd better be going, it's getting late.
Technically speaking, it's a difficult one to get around...
"Just as the Nazis claimed that following orders exonerated them,
the South Africans used the same defence.
Is this the human condition that men anywhere
will willingly commit atrocities, so long as the law allows it?"
Front page!
The story about the mother who goes to the mortuary
and finds her son with his intestines hanging out...
You didn't say "She shit on the floor", did you?
No, "she slipped on the floor."
I was worried, we don't allow swearing on radio.
We're on air in five minutes.
South African holocaust?
"Every white South African is as guilty as the perpetrator"?
How dare you write this crap?
You come barging into my country with your own fucking agenda!
You're trying to prove you're not guilty for your government's action.
"I didn't know!", now where have I heard that?
- Didn't know about electrocutions? - No.
- And tongues being pulled out? - Want me to say yes?
We all knew things, but not the fucking details!
You call shooting a woman in the vagina a fucking detail?
- I don't have to listen to this. - You do.
So you'll never say again: "I didn't know."
Stop it!
You're on the air in 3 minutes.
Come on.
By sharing their pain, the victims find some measure of relief.
Anna Malan, for SABC.
I'm sorry.
No, you're right.
I was raised to treat black people with respect.
I did what I could.
Drink your coffee.
How far can we go into every corner of this land?
How much more pain can we take on board?
We'd been living on that land for centuries before.
We tried peaceful means, but they never listened to us,
they forced us to take up a gun.
Mr Van Der Weyden, please tell us your story.
There had already been 3 attacks in the district,
so we travelled in convoy for safety.
We were coming home, my wife was with the kids,
I was in the truck behind with my brother, we had guns.
The truck went through the gate...
and over the landmine.
Do you know how it feels to look for your 3 year old son,
never to find him, because he's gone into thin air?
Do you feel you want to continue?
The next day we went to look for my wife's leg.
His wife's leg?
We found my son's skull, some of his brains were on it,
I took it home to bury it.
Why did he bury the brains?
I have a question.
- I feel a fool. - You shouldn't.
I've never lost control like that.
It happens.
All the words they used to humiliate people,
the orders to kill and torture people,
were given in my own language, Afrikaans.
The language of my heart,
the language in which I wrote about love, beauty,
What does that make me?
I'm so ashamed.
Don't be.
I'm back.
It's heavy.
There is no greater pain than dishonour.
People at the top walked away from us.
"We'll get you amnesty, but you're on your own."
What's my rank in the new South Africa? Not Colonel,
but perpetrator, psychopath.
I was a professional, if there was a difficult case they called me.
- How did they tell you? - A wink, a nod, a wave.
- We knew it meant "take him out". - I need proof.
- How was your weekend at home? - Fine.
- And yours? - Dumi took me shopping.
It suits you.
- I missed you. - I missed you too.
The truth shall set us free.
Are they hungry for the truth or just plain hungry?
Maybe both.
The perpetrators, as in most cases they're white males.
This child, Peter Makeba, has not spoken since the day
he saw his parents murdered in front of his eyes.
I started to strangle Mr Makeba, he struggled.
Sergeant Schempers smothered him with a pillow.
Then I fired 4 shots through the pillow,
there was blood everywhere.
The woman was hiding under the bed, Sergeant Schempers killed her.
We didn't know the boy was there.
He just stood there, looking at me.
I pointed my gun at him, I was going to shoot.
He didn't move, he stood there staring.
I couldn't do it, I defied an order.
I can't sleep, when I close my eyes all I see is him.
I'll look after him, I'll pay his school fees.
Please, let me do something.
The Orange Free State!
These Afrikaners were the worst ones before.
Your people.
My family's from here, I grew up here, and I know them
but I don't agree with their politics.
- Can't you take a joke? - No.
Children, don't make me stop the car!
Disperse, go home.
Some of the Commissioners were delayed,
the hearings are postponed until tomorrow.
We can stay at my parents' farm.
Thank you, but I'll go back to Jo'burg.
"Guess who's coming to dinner", eh?
- What's so funny? - Are you coming?
Come in!
Hi, Anna.
These dogs are very stupid.
Mr Whitfield came from America to write about the hearings.
- He's worked for our family forever. - I was born on this farm.
It's my great pleasure to meet you.
It's good that you will write the truth about this thing we have.
- Welcome. - Thank you.
Do come in.
- I'm so sorry about the dogs. - Anderson rescued me.
You can't be too careful these days.
I hear you on the radio.
- I sneak a listen now and then. - I won't tell pa.
- Are you the American journalist? - Yes, sir.
- Langston Whitfield. - Willem Malan.
You must have a bad impression of us Afrikaners by now.
I'm afraid so.
You don't know us.
Your namesake, Langston Hughes.
He happens to be my favourite writer.
"Hold fast to dreams, if dreams die life is a broken winged bird...
That cannot fly."
I met him at a poetry conference in Paris in 1955.
He's the first black writer I'd ever met.
He had such a wicked sense of humour.
That's a signed copy, you can have it.
- No, I... - Please, I'd like you to have it.
Thank you.
- Black or white? - Beg your pardon?
- Coffee. - He likes it black.
That's Anna when she was about 10.
Here's Anton, Anna gave him the name Boetie, "little brother".
- Do you have children? - A son, he just turned 9.
- You must miss him. - I do, very much.
My mother never told me about going to Paris
and meeting Langston Hughes.
My mother has a whole history I know nothing about!
How much do we know about each other's history?
All we need.
King Mthembu begat Bomboyi,
and Bomboyi begat Seduma.
Seduma begat Mngutu,
Mngutu begat Jongiliswe.
Jongiliswe begat Sabata...
He's naming his ancestors, placing himself in the flow of time.
Sabata begat Buyelekaya, Buyelekaya begat me.
I am Anderson Dalindyebo Mbashe.
On that day my life was affected.
The Police came late at night:
"Who's knocking so terribly?"
"Police, open up!"
They were looking for my son, they said he's a terrorist,
yet he was not.
That white, bald head policeman
hit me on my chest.
Then they broke everything in my house.
I said to them: "Not even a jackal does this to the sheep."
I had 5 trees, they bore me good fruits.
They went outside and broke my small trees.
Now I want to ask, why did you break my trees?
Tell me so I can forgive you.
There he is.
Well done!
You were great, you showed those bastards.
I showed them what is ubuntu.
We are all part of each other.
When that policeman hurts me, he hurts you, he hurts everybody,
Mandela taught us this lesson.
Write about this truth you've learnt in South Africa.
Please take this stick of mine.
It's very important, it tells us we're not alone in this world,
Do you feel compassion for the people you've injured?
You talk of compassion, I see nothing but hatred in your eyes.
What do you say when you come home,
when you kiss your wife hello,
or pick your kid up to tell him a bedtime story?
"I had a nice day?"
After you cut a man's throat you tell yourself you're saving your country
from a bunch of savages who would fuck your women,
kill your children...
You tell yourself blacks will drive this country into the ground.
You tell yourself the blacks need us whites to control them.
This is bullshit! I've heard it all before!
You've wasted my time!
Goodnight, and fuck you very much!
You want to know what killing was like?
It was like fucking a woman for the first time.
Sometimes I couldn't wait to go out at night and choose a kaffir!
- You mother... - You want to kill me, don't you?
You're just like me.
I would love to kill you.
Do you know what's saving you?
An old black man with a stick
and a white woman who took your shame upon herself.
I can prove the Generals knew what we were doing.
There was a farm, a training facility.
- For the askaris? - Officially, yes.
- And unofficially? - It was for recreation.
Generals came from Pretoria every weekend to watch the show.
Where is the farm?
- Gonna torture me to make me talk? - Where's the farm?
Witorp Farm, near Krugersburg.
Go at night, your skin will protect you.
It can't be here, I know all the farms around here.
No, it's here.
- Stay here. - I'm coming with you.
Mr Tabata knew he was going to die and asked to be buried
with the ANC flag.
He was a brave fighter, I said yes.
The farm was owned and funded by the Apartheid government,
and implicates the government in murder and assassination.
De Jager exposed his superiors, thus implicating himself.
He faced trial, by showing he had followed orders,
he was confident of getting amnesty.
We are satisfied that Colonel De Jager
acted on the orders or command of one or more senior members.
His application for amnesty succeeds
on the grounds of full disclosure and a political motive.
But fails on the grounds of proportionality.
The means were out of all proportion with the objective sought.
Amnesty is hereby refused.
De Jager will stand trial on 63 counts of murder.
I killed for my country!
I did what I believed was right.
How could you possibly think what you did was right?
Aren't you Anna Malan from the farm De Rust?
You want to know how we thought we were right, ask your brother!
Which brother?
I can understand a bullet.
We grew up with guns, you taught me how to shoot,
I know a bullet.
But the pliers, electric cord, metal pipe with a condom...
I cannot understand.
I have no place for them in my head.
Help me to know, help me Boetie.
I did it for us, so our people could sleep safe.
I got blood on my hands so we could all sleep safe.
We all knew this.
Ma, we're leaving.
All those years ago in Paris, I met someone,
a poet from Chile.
Imagine that, the other side of the world.
We couldn't have been more different, or more the same.
I didn't tell your father, I didn't stop loving him
not for a moment.
I didn't tell him, but the lie took something away.
Even if the truth isn't known, the effect is there.
No more lies, Anna.
Couldn't you just keep it to yourself?
You expect me to forgive you?
You want amnesty from me?
Let's have a fucking hearing!
You can confess, and he can confirm if it's the truth.
I need details, I need to know everything, Anna.
I need to churn this over in my mind until it stops hurting!
How many times? Where?
From when to when?
- I love you. - I'm so sorry.
- Where's Anna? - I don't know, want a drink?
At the final hearings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission,
a Police spokesperson told reporters:
Those who committed abuses were over-zealous or negligent.
No policemen were asked to commit atrocities by the government...
She's gone, bro.
You've still got me.
Stay good.
Langston's coming over for the farewell dinner, come with us.
- My wife's cooking a xhosa meal. - I can't.
Is this for me?
Thanks for making me laugh when there was nothing to laugh about.
Thanks, Anna Malan.
Why don't I fill up this for the road?
- I came to say goodbye. - Sorry about your brother.
I told Edward.
You take care.
Thank Christ we're out of here.
My skin will never forget you.
Let's go.
"Out of love, no regrets,
though the return be never. "
Are you ready?
Dad, you're gonna love this.
Troy's now going to place himself in the flow of time.
My great granddad Jeremiah got my granddad Jesse.
My granddad Jesse got my dad, Langston.
And my dad Langston got me, Troy.
Anderson said: "A person is..."
What did he say, dad?
"A person is a person, because of other people."
Then he said: "Take this stick of mine, it's a very great stick,
it tells us we're not alone in this world."
- We're connected by ubuntu. - That's right, son.
I learned that word from another African,
way out in the gammadoelas.
"Because of you, this country no longer lies between us,
but within.
It breathes becalmed, after being wounded in its wondrous throat.
In the country of my skull it sings, it ignites my tongue.
By a thousand stories I was scorched a new skin,
I am changed forever.
I want to say "forgive me."
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